The Daily Item from Sunbury, Pennsylvania on December 17, 1976 · 37
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The Daily Item from Sunbury, Pennsylvania · 37

Sunbury, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1976
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THE DAILY ITEM Sunbury, Pa., Fri., Dec. 17, 1976 91 Continued resolves to "take him away from It all.' 10:00 0(D CHARLIE'S ANGELS "Death On Wheels" Jill becomes the hated star of a roller team when she goes undercover to Investigate the "accidental" death of a beauti- " ful skater. O THE QUEST Portrait Of A Gunfighter" Quentln Baudlne teaches a young orphan to use a gun In self-defense, then comes to regret It when the youth turns Into a cold-blooded gunman. O NEW YORK REPORT flJNEWS MUSIC HALL AMERICA Starring Tom T. Hall t BEST OF GROUCHO CINEMA 29 Miracle On 34th Street" (1947) Maureen O'Hara, Edmund Gwenn. Kris Krlngle is hired by Macy's to play Santa Claus. 10:30 O MEET THE MAYORS BOOK BEAT "The Court-Martial of General George Armstrong Custer" by Douglas C. Jones. ANYONE FOR TENNYSON "The World of Emily Dickinson" Claire Bloom stars as the reclusive poetess. THE HONEYMOONERS 11:00 OPC3 NEWS , , ' - O TOPPER I THE ODD COUPLE - 'To Bowl Or Not To Bowl" 12 MILLION DOLLAR MOVIE Arabella" (1969) Virna Llsi, James Fox. A larcenous, beautiful woman takes advantage of her looks to extract money from those trying to use her in order to help her Italian princess grandma pay taxes dating back to 1895. B CAPTIONED ABC NEWS THE SILENT YEARS 'The Iron Mask" (1929) Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., Marguerite De La Motte. MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN 11:30 O m THE ROOKIES "Walk A Tightrope" Two law students plot to execute Terry Webster, whom they hold responsible for two deaths at a campus demonstration. (R) O 63 TONIGHT SHOW Host: John Davidson. Guests: Sandy Duncan, Dr. Jack Wheeler. CAPTIONED ABC NEWS DARK SHADOWS SUPER BOWL REPLAY 12:00 CD BURNS AND ALLEN m MERV GRIFFIN m NIGHT GALLERY 12:30 CO 69 CBS LATE MOVIE "The Hound Of The Baskervilles" (1939) Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. 0 THE F.B.I. 1:00 p TOMORROW Guest: Telly Savalas. NASHVILLE ON THE ROAD VALLEY FORUM NEWS 3 VISIONS "Pennsylvania Lynch A family Is torn asunder when a twelve year old boy witnesses the lynching of a black man. His father sees It as the boy's duty to identify those guilty, but his mother is violently opposed " to his becoming involved. O LATE MOVIE ' "Saboteur" (1942) Robert Cumm- ' Ings, Prlscllla Lane. A young factory worker accused of sabotage and the murder of his best friend, sets out to find the real criminals in a breathless chase that moves cross-country. 03 (B 63 CBS LATE MOVIE : . , 'Dirty Dingus Magee" (1970) Frank Sinatra, George Kennedy. A slippery crook, who keeps sliding through the fingers of the law, finds himself in possession of a strongbox which he's unable to open. (R) m THE HONEYMOONERS LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE m MARY WARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN m LILIAS, YOGA AND YOU m DARK SHADOWS 12:00 (D BURNS AND ALLEN MOVIE "A Countess From Hong Kong" (1967) Marlon Brando, Sophia Loren. MERV GRIFFIN NIGHT GALLERY 12:30 (D THE F.B.I. BURNS AND ALLEN 12:35 Q MYSTERY OF THE WEEK The Werewolf Of Woodstock" (1975) Michael Parks, Meredith MacRae. Terror follows on the heels of a peaceful rock festival after an electrical discharge transforms a farmer into a wolf-like killer. 1:00 O TOMORROW 25 VALLEY FORUM CD TAKE TWO "Stormy Weather" (1943) Bill Robinson, Lena Home 1:20 Q3 EDITORIAL (TIME APPROXIMATE) 1:25 03 LATE SHOW "Big Jim McClain" (1952) John Wayne, Nancy Olson. 1:30 O JOE FRANKLIN Q3 NIGHT FINAL 0 S3 NEWS 2:00 Q PENNSYLVANIA: PERSPECTIVE NEWS NEWS MUSICAL NIEGHBORS OF NORTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA 3:10 CD NEWS (R) 3:40 JOEL A. SPIVAK (R) DAYTIME MOVIES - 1:00 Q3 "The Holly And The Ivy" (1953) Ralph Richardson, Celia Johnson. 2:35 O "Commanche Territory" (1950) Macdonald Carey, Maureen O'Hara. Jim Bowie introduces his famous knife to the Indians and becomes their friend, fighting out laws planning to rob Commanches of their silver-rich land. 4:00 O "Six Bridges To Cross" (1955) Tony Curtis, Sal Mlneo. A young rookie cop and a young hoodlum develop a strange relationship, until a $2,500,000 robbery is executed. 03 "Because They're Young" (1960) Dick Clark, Michael Callan. EVENING eoopp NEWS O VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA "Deadly Waters"" (D STAR TREK Requiem For Methuselah" 09 VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA 'The Creature" I ABC NEWS I BEWITCHED ' I WEATHER WORLD I STATE OF THE WEATHER I EMERGENCY ONEI 6:15 PHONE 44 6:30 O 03 ABC NEWS I NBC NEWS i si m CBS NEWS if.b.l I THAT GIRL I ZOOM ' 7:00 p TO TELL THE TRUTH I HERSHEY HIGH CHRISTMAS PROGRAM O BOWLING FOR DOLLARS J NEWS ) THE ODD COUPLE "New York's Oddest" I EMERGENCY ONE I THE ODD COUPLE IADAM-12 ROSS-WITS 1 1 DREAM OF JEANNIE 3 m MACNEIL LEHRER REPORT 7:30 P O 63 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES P LIARS CLUB ANIMAL WORLD The Crafty Coyote" CO THURSDAY NIGHT MOVIE "The Bells Of Saint Mary's" (1945) Blng Crosby, Ingrid Bergman. A priest and a mother superior join forces to entice a wealthy skinflint Into building a new school. 03 TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES AMERICAN LIFE STYLE ' "Henry Ford" Host and narrator E.G. Marshall takes a look at the " life of the man who invented the 20th century. Marshall visits "Fair-. lane" as well as Greenfield Village and other places of interest in the life of Henry Ford. BRADY BUNCH J25.000 PYRAMID S ODD COUPLE E) HOGAN'S HEROES ANYONE FOR TENNYSON "A Quiet Evening With Mother Goose" The First Poetry Quartet presents favorite children's poetry. . CD ONCE UPON A CLASSIC "Heidi" (Part 5) Heidi returns home to a joyous reunion with her grandfather, Peter and his grandmother. When winter comes, grandfather and Heidi move down into the village and Heidi begins school. 1:00 0pEjp WELCOME BACK, "Hark, The Sweat Kings" The Sweathogs get the Christmas spirit - when they go out of their way to . help an old hobo make a new life for himself. P NBC SPECIAL "Doug Henning's World Of Magic" The acclaimed magician returns for his second special which features his envelopment in flames and the disappearance of an elephant with guest, Joey Heatherton. P RANGERS HOCKEY Rangers vs. Boston Bruins SD Q3 THE WALTONS , livia, frustrated with the monotonous life she is leading, desperately decides to alter the way she looks. -Q9 OF LANDS AND SEAS "To Catch A Porpoise" 6) JACK VAN IMPE CRUSADE CINEMA 29 Miracle On 34th Street" (1947) Maureen O'Hara, Natalie Wood. , Kris Kringle is hired by Macy's to play Santa Claus. MASTERPIECE THEATRE "Five Red Herrings" On holiday in Scotland, Lord Peter Wimsey and his right-hand man Bunter stumble across the body of Sandy Camp- cell, the most unpopular man in the - district. Before long there are six suspects, all of whom recently . quarrelled with Campbell. FILM 44 "The Keys Of The Kingdom" (1944) Gregory Peck, Thomas Mitchell. MOVIE "We're No Angels" (1955) Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray. Three convicts break out of Devil's Island and take over a French shopkeeper's store just as the auditors arrive. . 8:30 O CD 63 BARNEY MILLER 8:57 Q NBC NEWS UPDATE A one-minute summary of the latest news. 03 03 QD 63 BICENTENNIAL MINUTES , J 9:00 P 0 TONY RANDALL SHOW "O' Come All Ye Wastrels Judge Franklin gets more than he bargained for when he brings home a convicted felon to spend Christmas with his family. P NBC'S BEST SELLERS . "Once. An Eagle" (Chapter Five) While on a vacation visit to relatives, Sam Damon is offered a high-paying job managing his in-laws' business, but turns it down to stay in the Army. 03 03 69 63 Hawaii five-0 Paraplegic as the result of a police bullet, Nathan "Sarge" Purdy, a vengeful ex-con, turns sniper and begins shooting down police officers. -03 9:00 MOVIE The Indian Fighter" (1955) Kirk Douglas, Elsa Martinelli. A tough Indian scout is called upon to guide an Oregon-bound wagon train through hostile territory. VISIONS The Phantom Of The Open Hearth" Jean Shepherd's nostalgic portrait about the dreams of members of a steel town family. Ralph dreams about taking a beautiful girl to the prom, father about a fortune ,. to be made and Mom wishes for dishes from the local Orpheum. . 9:30 P 03 63 NANCY WALKER SHOW "Kenneth's Memoirs" An elated Nancy and Kenneth plunge into a project they feel is the perfect " combination of her career and their marriage, but Nancy will be lucky to escape with either. 10:00 P 03 63 STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO "Castle Of Fear" A man with a paranoid fear for his life is driven to murder. . p GIBBSVILLE -"Andrea" Andrea Cooper, fiancee of Walter Mulligan, receives another proposal from a former boyfriend. 03 03 63 BARNABY JONES Barnaby tries to track down the missing child of a girt recently paroled trom prison. I NEWS I REX HUMBARD SPECIAL -"Christmas In Jerusalem" fREX HUMBARD CHRISTMAS ECIAL REX HUMBARD SPECIAL BEST OF GROUCHO 10:30 P REX HUMBARD FROM THE HOLY LAND JEANNE WOLF WITH..: "Clorls Leachman" TV's "Phyllis" is seen with her uncle Jack Albert-son and rehearsing for a stage performance. MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS THE HONEYMOONERS 11:00 p p 02) CS 13 69 63 61 NEWS CO THE ODD COUPLE 12 MILLION DOLLAR MOVIE "Mister Corey" (1957) Tony Curtis, Martha Hyer. A slum boy from Chicago builds a bankroll and reputation as a gambler. HOLLYWOOD SHOWCASE "For The Love Of Mike" (1962) Richard Basehart, Stu Erwin. CAPTIONED ABC NEWS VISIONS "The Phantom Of The Open Hearth" Jean Shepherd's nostalgic portrait about the dreams of members of a steel town family. Ralph dreams about taking a beautiful girl to the prom, father about a fortune to be made and Mom wishes for dishes from the local Orpheum. MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN 11:30 P STREETS OF SAN hHANUSUU' "Rampage" A decent family man becomes a murder suspect after he and other residents of a crime-ridden neighborhood stage a vigilante raid. (R) ,. P TONIGHT SHOW C 1 Host: John Davidson. Guest: Cindy Williams. P RACING FROM YONKERS KOJAK "A Souvenir From Atlantic City" An eyewitness to a political bombing turns out to be a police informant who is suddenly unavailable foi questioning. (R) THE HONEYMOONERS LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE " MARY HARTMAN, MARY j HARTMAN THE PICNIC (R) DARK SHADOWS 12:00 P THE LATE MOVIE "Silent Night, Lonely Night" (1969) -Lloyd Bridges, Carrie Snodgrass. Two lonely adults try to find happiness outside the framework of yesterday's memories in a New England inn. BURNS AND ALLEN MOVIE Behold A Pale Horse" (1964) Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn. MERV GRIFFIN NIGHT GALLERY 12:30 CBS LATE MOVIE ' "They Call Me Trinity" (1972) Farley ' Granger, Terence Hill. A lazy drifter-gunslinger and his outlaw brother join forces with Mormon farmers to rout bullying outlaws. (1) THE F.B.I. INSIGHTS , 12:37 p DAN AUGUST VV "The Meal Ticket" Det. Lt. August investigates the mysterious murder of a young fighter. (R) 1:00 P TOMORROW The "Tomorrow" set is transformed into a discotheque for a Christmas show. Guests Include: Norm N. Nite, Van McCoy, Lou Becker and several of the New York metropolitan area's leading hustle dancers. m VALLEY FORUM MYSTERY MOVIE "Sleep My Love" (1947) Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche. 1:30 1:40 1:45 2:00 NIGHT FINAL NEWS DAVID NIVEN'S WORLD DELAWARE: PERSPECTIVE NEWS NEWS JOE FRANKLIN EDITORIAL 2:05 3 LATE SHOW Woman Obsessed (1959) Susan Hayward, Stephen Boyd. 2:30 P NEWS CRIMSON GHOST 4:00 NEWS (R) 4:30 JOEL A. SPIVAK (R)

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