The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY, DECEMBER B, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams I CANT BEA! VOL) WORKING •OUR HEART OUT--IF J GET STUCK OH IT ILL B«JM<3 (T INTO ) -OU FOR AW1CE: I CANM FIC.UR6 HIM OUT-- 6OBUS6O THE UTMOST TACT AMP DID You SNSIPF STOCK!YARDS oi -THE BReez WMCM tue MA3OR SWD HIS STATO& WA«, GOlWS •to Be PARKEP 1^ rue LOOVRe ? IF |T WAS £~ , £MS A LMOST Like AW UMPEE COV6R DEAL/ He OOSUT TO Be SURKOUUDED 8V REPORTERS I ., OF;EDUCATION, BUT THE FAT-HEADEpweSS CX=.INEXPERIENCE.' j HE StVXILP NEVER. / 5 UFTEP HIS. FATHER AWAV LIKE A BABY. ABOUT HIS POLAR t>ASHESA\'C> WAR Be Moee HORW- Wanted to Buv VI ay be she went directly lo the louse." Hlgn«M price pflld lot CHK'KENS- LUOS Asn street (jrncery A- rhluikel for- So/e, Cars and Trucks Virginia Teale Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople ' * ~^"~^ i_u > _. BLYTHEVtLLE (ARK.) COURIER FHKCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY HERR1U, BLOSSE1 Ali> Yes, Livcrmorg 1!HJ KC International truck A: 24 I!, trailer S75U pti 25G6 Hj2S pk 12; CHUYSI.EH WINDSOR 1911 scitm coupe. Clean rar. Needs some mnto ^ork. a barsaln lor SJ50 00. 116 ti. 2nd. Universal C.I.T: Corp. 122 ck 12,6 Private Rooms Bedroom. Gas heat. Ph. 2875. 123 pk 1!3 Comfortable bedroom convenient to town. Men only. 310 W. Walnut. 122 pit 112 Bedroom, close In. Phone 2101 12.2 pk I2.B front bedroom private unlracm* Close In. 622 W. Main. 122 ck 129 J bedrooms, Men only. Mrs E f Btoni«y<T. ph. 2660. HIM pic 12,10 ' For Rent Small rur. house, mono 3393. 12.3 ck 12 10 Warehouse 30'jW on railroad awing Midwest Dairy Products. Pti 44-n 11|16 c'x 11 Klasfi cameras (or till occasion! O-BTEKN-B STUDIO <]5-ck-tl FOR RENT: Frozen Food VockeTT BlaylocH's Highway 61 Phone 3172 8J23 ck ti i-room rurnlshed A-. bat]i Ph «B97 yarbro. . upo pk 12,7 3-rooms A: bath located at Yarbro Cull Milton 1-arbro. 716. after 6 .p m" 12J1 pk S COVER THE EARTH Complete E'alnl Service On (he Finest Line Available Sherwin Williams BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. W. H. "Bill" Cease J. Wilson Henry Highway 61 South TlfK STOHVl I hjirllr Unfit?. » rminir Inwj ,-r n>,.Uiinir Cblrr IVI f rn' I n vi-v t I^n I In u of 1 li e ni u rd «• r il r M n r 1 1 n t-'n h t- r. fc ti •. r n 11 r d •Hum Slriihnnip Snilih, t-jii|ili>.r fd I'? llniiriir illfilr iviin culU-fl> rnnirtJM nnd FIIIIM n jilfl »kop, 11 i-d il v m n n i n I o rt nil will u lj ti u I M inUsliiK I'.-niN-n. ivliI.-L Fnhirr »N> (ry[ji K m .-.i-ll jiml «lili->i Nrll O'XrJll, '.tnmhrr KUs|irei. rlninird Id KMH. S<«-|ilinnlr liiiil cjirller r«-- vi-nlrd to JI UK " r t h ;i t »>n- wn» Nc IJ '• n I !-<•<• « N J I li il I X fl 1 A t n ] r Ihe rninro frum >tfr rnnllicr nflcr tnthrr «li.i IT n* rii-rutril diirltiK riftrrihrK tin- rumen m Hi-ililj. uhct clrif^ .not • kniiiv ih.-it Hiinieiinr XIX A1A CTEPUANIE made a little sketch ^ of the cameo. Standing at her shoulder. Charlie Rcddy let his eyes rest on the smooth shining wing of hnir which fell forward across her check. "Yon see," she pointed with the pencil, "the carnelian itself is carved with the figure of a weeping woman. Around the stone is a narrow gold frame set wUh tiny diamonds. This frame has what you might call a super-frame'ex- tending into Mtle points, like a crown, and on top of each point is a small pearl." He was'noticing how blue her eyes were. "Those diamonds—in the pin, I mean—are they what makes it valuable? Or the pearls maybe?" "It's valuable because of what it is, because of what it represents. It has a history like something out of a story book. The locket was made for Isabella d'Este in the 15th century—" "Did you say 'locket'? 1 thought it was a pin." Her eyes averted, she spoke slowly: "Hagar and I have reason to believe it is a locket." "Either it is a locket or it isn't. it it is, it opens, and usually reveals family photographs or a lock of someone's hair." | "But it won't open. Not unless .jt.ii know how. v And we can't— that is, we haven't had a chance to find out how." Roddy's gray eyes searched her face. "I understood that you and Miss Rlnir only saw Ihe cameo twice." 'But we looked at it very close Ihe day Arnold Pfeiftcr brought it here." "Look, Stephanie Smith, how about breaking down and letting me be your friend—I have a hunch you could use one. 1 guarantee you can trust me with whalever's nn your mind." He came toward her. She backed away from him. He looked with surprise at the tears in her eyes. 'No," she said shakily, "no, I can't trust you! You're investigating this—this mess, aren't you? You're part of the police department, you're not interested in me except as a source of information." Her blue eyes flashed fire: "I'm not giving you any! I wouldn't, even if I could!" He shrugged, sighing. "Believe it or not, but 1 am interested in you! And as a person, not as a principal in this case. And 1 think we could be good friends. But, until this thing is all cleared up, we apparently haven't got a chance of establishing a personal rapport." Her eyes locked with his. His grin returned and he released her; "Because you're one of the suspects," he said lightly, "it wouldn't be ethical for me to invite'you out (o dinner, so we'll just put that in the Happy Anticipation department. But nothing in (he books says I can't drive you home. Isn't it about closing time?" CTKPHANIE gave him a relieved smile. "It is," she agreed, "and I'd love a ride home-." She moved around the shop, turning out lights, adjusting blinds. "I can't imagine whal's happened to Hagar. She said she'd be back around 4. RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere You Plrast Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 FOR SALE Concrete calvirli 12 inch to 4g inch, plain 01 reenlnrced Also CoiirreU Building Block* cheaper than tninlici tor barns chicken houses pump hnuses, lenanl houses, ton! slieds «> deliver Call us for (ret estimate Phone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO ^s^ggp?*"? 'iO^'' '^ "Wait, Jonas, wait! Don't sell it f- CONTRACT PURCHASE lend you money on the car!" THE r Real Estate DSCLOLA -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc All Work Guaranteed For 12 Moulds , 531 Norlh I'luinc (ill 01 UJ * < CO u Q => h- S TUDEBAKE Reconditioned Used Trucks • ALL ARE GUARANTEED • 301!) Sluclebiikcr '/ 2 -Tnn Pickup—This rmc looks and runs like new... don't miss it. 1917 Slurlel>aker I'/i-Ton Truck— good (ires, motor, and cab. 1917 Ford '/,-Ton Pickup— gnod hotly with tarpaulin cover. . .runs and drives perfectly. Ifltfi Dodge 1-Ton Pickup—fires, motor and body arc all excellent. All il needs is a driver. 1!HG Chevrolet l^-Ton Truck— excellent condition and really a hargaln price. FINE SELECTION OF USED CARS Chamblin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash CMC MUST BB FATiesU We'll cut the first treatment short—we don't want to startle your friends too much!" PKISCIIXA'S POP Secondary Hijycofl WfcLL, WHEN I'M THROUGH BEING MAD AT SHIRLEY THEN I'M GOING TO BE ' MAD AT JENNY LU! AFTER I'VE GOT TO WAVE ONE >LAY WITH The Talk Looks »Y MICHAEL Q'fllAU.EY and RALPH LAMB /T..rMAT YOU CAM 51dY MR.fUNT.MYPOOR HUSBAND IS ACIIHG SO WORRIED I'M SORE ' HE'S MUCH xlFffflID OF SOMETHING ' HIM AND PUOirCI HIM WirHOUl HIS KNOWING HE IS BEIMG GUARDED. , THIS ISA WEIRD JOS, EVEN rofi . ,,ui. HAS TAKEN SUCH A LIKINS THEY WON'T CATCH US HOW! THE HUE EVERY VEHICLE IN CAMP! JOWES. PEKKAPS I LEASE VOU THELAND TO GET EIC OF YOU 1 . On \Villi the Hlor\ BY V. T. HA.MUN '>/ i-^S* U TURNED £7uT. HELPING THE DiNOSAUR: TO FREE S LF P(?OM THAT TRAP Or MB .^aseg^^as They locked the shop door bo- them. Neither of (hem looker) back. They did not sec the black convertible which crept up n ft out of the shop and swung into the side driveway. When they reached the house, Stephanie accepted Charlie's hand as she climbed from the car. She turned a "rave face toward the "lark house: "I'm worried. 1 wander if Hng;tr could hnve had an accident. She drives that little car of hers at top speed all the time." "Tell you what," Keddy said, "why don't I come in and wait with you a while. If she doesn't come hack, we can drive around and hunt her up." Stephanie nodded. "Come in then. I'll make a sandwich and some tea. Or, there's beer, if you'd like that." • • • T TK walked toward the kitchen. " "Look, Stephanie Smith, this is after-hours, let's use first names. Mine's Charlie." He stopped in (he doorway. "What's so on I Ihe back window?" Without turning, she s a i d: "There's a Li^ht c in Hagar's studio. I was trying to see if she's walking around in there." She leaned closer to the window screen: "Hagar!" she called, "Hagar, arc you working?" They listened. There was no sound except the rustle of the wind m the tall palm trees. She unlocked the back door and switched on the outside light. They picked their way silently across the damp grass. They found the door to the studio standing slightly ajar. Stephanie pushed it open gingerly. He followed her In and they looked about them in the cluttered sludio. Stephanie shook her head >n puzzled fashion: "She never leaves ihts door unlocked, or Ihe light on. Most of her cameos are in .'that case over in the corner — they're quite valuable, too. She's always so careful about protecting them. Sec those bars across the windows? And that big window has a burglar alarm on the sill." (To Be Continued) ph one 888

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