The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 8, 1952
Page 10
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' / AGK TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rat* per line pet tomieculire Insertion: Minimum chare* Me 1 lime per line ,,,.,,.. ISc 2 limrs per line per day l?c 3 times r« Jine j>er day 9f 6 limrs r" line per day 'c 12 times per line pet day if Month prr line 90c Count fire art-niTf ironis in Ihe Hue. Ad ordetvd for lliree or sit i lines and l topped before c* pi ration Mil be charged fo; the number ot limes DIP ad appeared and adjustini-nti ot bill made. . All classified Rrtvprlislnc cnpr suh- xniltrA by pel-son i residing oiiulele of the city jnuil be .irrnmpanJfrl I>.T rub Rates may be cjillj- be computed l/om the above cafc|r. AdTertFsInit nrdfrrrt for IrrpjEiiUi insertions iskt llii- imr time tab!*. N*0 rffponsllHIity t>p (aken fctr moce than on* Incorrect insertion ol any classified art. All ads are restrfrtert to thfir proper rlassifir.iUon, stylo and type. The Courier XPWS H-HTTPS the rich! to eild or rpj?ct an? »d. We bur UBtd furniture, del more for yours by fulling Moore's Slore 2660 308 East Matn, Hlythevllle. 8.30 clc »,IJ n1«no tuning »nd repair. .c«ll JOT! day. 3053 nlghu s;a« tf For So/*, Misc. Used rlpctrlc *tove. Rood. 125 Kaat Asn. Phone 4168, g'5 «j( g '48 Stnriebnker coupe, >60Q. Write box n-1, % Courier News. 9 5 pit 0 tirorory *tor<>, Including lot build- IriR. «ock, fixtures and llvlne au»r- trrF S08 S. 2Ut St Doln K K ood biifil- P rss - 8,27 p3e 9.27 Ffre-Bnrtftar proof pnfrs Vault doorg .my sl/c at faciory prlc«. Frelphl palrt. Ph. JW7. _^ 8,2'J pit 9 23 Sc-en barley, nny amount. Not Back- -•rt. (i tni James V, 1 . Tcry, Stcelc, Mo.. Ph. 17F2 8-23 pit ff 22 UhPd doors and windows rnr Bnlo. Rrn While and Sons, 933 w «\j(ilti ph 8112 829 ck U Apartment for Rent New disproof Bales, Impossible to pick the lock. \vt. 226 ib« Frctgtu paid price j75. Also tarncr sizes Ph 1037, fl[iepX9,l9 USED COMBINES Pbonc W1 or 3398. George M. Lee. Kealtor. 9'8ek 15 __-— , ^ you noe( j j | |p 'l^^ri^J 111 ^; T"°" C '! ««»«Wne . . . «co u» /irst. Cliooss from Alasscy- Ilarris, Iiiternationnl llarves- tcr, John Dccre and Case. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Hiway Gl Phono 2142 7ji9 tl 4 room "nfu Lilly, call 6035. D R r^^it SS 2 rm. Turn, nnt ., nil udlUlos Central srh^oL l,ndLc« only. 3 Nrat rm. [urn. apt., nrv.1v I.Jc;ht 2520. . rooms Phonr 9:3 cfe 10 Four ( room modern turn. Rpt. dpcorfvtcrt. Phono 2452 or 32,19. 2 room liirriKhpc rnted. Phone 2920. , N'ewlv dcro- 95 r>* 0 3 room ftirn. Private bath. rJcclrlc ltrhen. 2 people. 125 Enst Ash, Phon* 3 modern room und bath fnrn. Apl. Newly ttecorajert. Phone 3193 or fi»22 92 pk 9 Modern cabins nn<l Hpattnif nts. Ix>st Bor court, Phone 9951. Coup] PS only 8123 ck 10 23 Siive Money When You Buy — • Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FUKNMTURK CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2552 1-1 rk Nicely film. ant., pvt. entrance. Neu errlBciator. Utilities. 10(1 W Ky ' 8 29 pV 9;i 3 rm. \mt\irn, apt. pvt. bnthj automatic hot water heater, Ph 3325 8:?0 cX 9 20 . 3 unfmnfshnd Cherry. apartments 112 E 8;11 pk 9:11 4 room unfurnished batli. Phone 984S. with nrlTtite B.i? ck tf Modern 3 room fur. apt Ph 2593 or ' Modern apt. 3 rooms and bMb. newly decorated, uoori fmnlttire, pfts enillp- . mem. Ph. 3373. F. Simon. o;il ck tf Small. Apartments, furnished, f 8 up per week. Bedrooms ?4 up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2S33. 8-4 ck tf Scrv/ees TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. tn W. WMnut Plenty of Parking Space Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms V» down, balance in the fall. Formerly Arnold & dailies. Ph. 6357 4117 ck tf Edwards Barbecue, Stock, fixtures. .Cash. Ph. 210, Maa. 912 pk 16 THAT YOU'LL ENJOY DRIVING '49 FORD $995 '46 NASH ... $395 This sharp (fray Tudor firrian ha* everything; overdrive, radio, heatrr. It 1 * (he one you'v* been looking (or. * "MO" Z-rliwr Btdan. H»» liealfr. We'll idmil (he bent thfns about Ihls rar ii lh« price—but what a price! '47 FORD $695 '48 INT'NAL $395 This Cluli Coupe Is a might? tood buy for Just f695, Rttdlit and heater, too. Come lo Phillips in Blythevllle. This -Hi-Ton International fab * C'hasslj Truck it IU re ••orlh this low price—J395. s« It tflmorrow, '47 CHEV ..... $795 '46 CHEV. Vou'Jl -Ilk* Ihls Cluh Coupr. Has joverdrfrr, r:idfn, Jicnler mid hew tires: Bolter see tills one tomorrow. .$495 '46 CHEV. $595 Kqulppeil with l m th radio nml neater, Ihls J9is Chevrolet \. Aaor Sedan h a fine buy at 5595. See II iotliy. A I (4-Ton Pane] Truck, this 1.1IB Chevrolet Is right-priced it Phillips. See u» for a mon- ej-savlng trade. For a Good Deal— & a Good Deal More! 300 Iroadway oropany Phon* 4453 4 used llrfs, HO, 7.60 x 8I2J ot !j<i03. It. V. Mallory. 15. Phonn 9.8 p* 11 and T.V. Set. 712 K, Rose n.a !T ,i a I" « " " c. »407. Mrs. J. B, Holland. .o;i ilk KaTo your oil Btorcs and rurri'ncos clran nnd rcndy for winter. C.1II Hnr- • rj M ffr , t3K. S : tl pk 9 , 12 EXPERT REFRIGERATION REPAIR SERVICE _*! or .quick, expert aenlce on «tr con- aitlonlr.5 rotrlBcrntlon nnd npnllnncM . . . cnll 69S6 or S064. SROFF HEFHIOERATION CO kaunrjry'ln ray home Ph 6147 7|li pk : Watch and Jewelry Repair l-nny jcrUct on Jtwclrr—3 dnjs on wntches »n<l clocks. Gunrantecd work ccr.e br ezp«rt r«pulrmen Lowest "PAT 6'BRYANT Main & Second lOiSck it Plans-Estimates repairs" 6 " COI " tructl T.H.A OR O. I. LOANS N'O OBLIGATION rhone odeling or e Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. B condition, ph, 892B. 0:2 3 9.16 seats 2f) bus type. Linos. passengers. Schoo! Dlytheville Coach n;3 ck tf Blx room Viou.oe bnrgaln. Sco owner 3U Wkl5on 8t A Rlincr Crott. 826 pk 83 ChMKCllor wheat (or sale. *3.00 per toll. Whistle Qln Co. 2751 Drll. 8:29 tt Good locatiot^ in M a n i 1 a, Auto Parts Slorc. Walkout proposition. ?a,000 will liait- dle. If interested call Manila 56 or contact FIARLEY BRA- J)EiV, MANILA. 9] 6 pk 29 tuntt Norse 5-rm. oil br-Mpr. 5-«nl. nmctied. pli, H()7 n |tpr 6 P. M . pk 10 Pigs (or sale from !7CO to (10.00 onc s. 21st St. Mill yard or O. S. Roll!*o Phono 3309. s ; 6 pk Stark Bros, roses, shrubs, fniil niiri shade trees. Phone 3857. So. Iliwy. 61. Fail-view Acres. 0!3 pk 10S3 ntintilp Will sell rr Ipanlni; nnrt Mo, Ciood business; lenlth." Phono 17FI4 01 Cleaners. fully equipped 'hop tn Cootftr. "Owner In 111 Inquire Hunt's (1.6 pic 13 iri ICE 5 UTE p!!OT 05TATItJ HFMV~ ThKX's STUDIO 115 W MAIN 12:4 ck tl Moving Closed t'nn truer.* Eaf c ircrlcnccd hrlp iv w Brrkhnm. tla Second Phone 8i>2s. ~, y k 99 Him .s -ccl. Tcnr .lor! iiserl piano . n,i;- ph. 2071. Brnrilx !<•»•. The nlomallc washer l!P5n Ciyramatlc ! Ounrfln- nlcrht 2US9. i) 6 r.k 10 G 5I2.S Like ncH-1 tlinl OFKJCK F 1X T U K K S — biecl dome—if' J'^lecinc time cluck, nearly new— IZb.OO Oiik typewriter desk—?;W- .5U Steel posting machine tray and stand—^3,-j.OO Hobart Steel 5 drawer fling cahinot—539.50 Umlerwood-SnnslraiKl posting ninchinc—?375.L _ Remington typewriter- Swivel office chain—$17.50 Uriderwood-Snnsrrnnd elcc- •ic adding machine National electric cash Autographic sales ticket machine—$25.00 Small size oak desk—$25.00 Schwab safe, nearly new— $165.00 Venetian blind, 60 inches x 60 inches—J12.D5 ThesdTfixtures all in very best condition. For sale due to closing our auto parts bus- ines,s. See them at MODERN HOME ECONOMY STORE 109 W. Main St., Ph. -1585 918 ck 13 For Sale, Real Estate simrtry - biilldlntr a-lth nil equip, ""•ru Inrlmllni: 13 machlnr*. 3 dryers rntl ono CKIrnctor. Can htr tiovicrht with M.OOO. c«..h. balanct mnnthly Laundry bunding with nil equln. ncnt. cost Jin.nao : a room tioust one il>«rtment hirnUhrrl: 2 room home urnlshcrl. nil (or JU.OOO. I.P«'Sn Rrnlty Co 111 n. D.ltU Phons 3Sfi5 r Mnvnsr out ol town, (-nil Die* . 40.3. nller 7 p m. 2024 Chlrka- 98 pli. tf ;o lu^uyo Reductions On AH Paints! Air Base Reactivation Forces Us To Move! Drive oul ,„ lhc Air n , sc mondou, , t , ings , n pain . rlecreasr our proscm stork now, lak( . Vou'll finrl Tronkl. c TRENKLE PAINTS Co., INC Blylheville Air Ifase Phone 3S53 I-morn. A room house for snip. Mod* rn. harrtixoort floors, iloor furnnrp orftiort m Ed HVIUInmn Addition lo -.noisx. t^000.00 for quick siUe Terms ^n hs> arninefcl. ImmtcUnte po.i^r^slon l^o fiiTtn lfliifl!= in many IOMUD« )n ti«so'ir1 nnrt ArkanMS. A. T Fnrls Etonl K»im c v t Ixi^n Co. Uaytt. MIsourf. Phone 555 95 pic 3 T-jp boBinilul lots on North Fank,. °; rfft ' On « on corner 51) lect by 130 U. "rlliced from $1050.00 to »850,TO S?''" « -« '!>» "". Rcd,,ceri Irom S125MO to $1050 [or quick sale. Will marfe R loan to build your Jibme W. JI. Burns Realtor- Insurer rhone 3:sol __ »;e ck 13 Modern 3 bedroom house and bath at 905 Pecan Ave Hardwood floors, floor furnace, 50 gal. elec, hot water heater. Extra large lot. This house is in good condition. ?1800 cash will handle an assumption of loan balance at |52.50 per month- Possession July 28, owner leaving town. ' Modern 4 room house and! hath at 2225,, Birch. Large j kitchen with dinette booth,' pins lots of extras. Newly decorated inside, and out. ?V 000 cash — $42 per month. Will rent to couple only JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd Phone 4111 Residence Phone 2596 8(26 ck tf Lost A Found Bllllaia. Sat. etenlng. loVntlrlcntlon »pers tn It. Ph. 2349. 98 pk 15 For Rent Cotton office upstairs over Snider's Cafe, 116 North Second SI. TOM LITTLE RBALTV CO. Ph. 2323 . 109 W. Main St. 9'8 ck 13 2 room fnrn. . rltchcn. Ph. 29^fi 41« Kast Main t In ni.ila ull 4fit2 1,19 c* tl 3 room house, ^todern ulet locfxtlnn L. O Thrt i*nklln. ph, 31M. ^nn .521 437 cl Modmi 3 bedroom house located at 00-1 Hoarn. KcccnU ly rrdpcorntcd. Also houso- furniture. A. B. Jaggers. 9;-i ck tf Newly dprornle Si. Ph. 2fi(i,i Rite l 2-room 5 p.m. apt. 201 l,rtXe 9 6 ck 10 Ho\ise and apt. Ph. 3M9. 9 G pk II Store building located 105107 \V. Main Street. 50 ft. front by 1*20 ft. deep. Will divide into two rooms 25 ft, wide by 120 fl. deep. Long time lease at reasonable rent. TOM UTTLK REAI/l'Y CO. 100 \V. Main St. Pb. 232 0 8 ck 13 For ^r .,r own«r-l«0 "i^rrjiTt Rood irm ]«n<i. .ill in (-\iltlvntlon. Good traltiasf .T honsr,*;, 2 hnrns. 3 trAftors met all frirm rqiilpmcnt. Srhcol hn.i i o front cloor. Good All wp,ilb«rr rond \ 'riling due to d<-at!i of hush^nd Mrs. J William Hnllnnd Rt ?. Brace Clly. Mo i 92 pk Ifi S Grorcry ?,lorc with llvlnp; qimrlrrs In i iftck Will *?\} noth or Krll fixturr;! und rflfr the properly Alrpartr fln.iiirfri j 'an hf hniidlhd with KmAll" rtntvn p:ty- | : <ii<*nt I.orati'fl close lo nr-a 1 lilch 1 1 school. Ph -B29I. R26 pk 99 * REAL ESTATE Farms—City Prorjerly LOANS INSURANCE II tnlfrrstfd In Buying or idling see Nobie Gill Agency Glencoe Bldg. Wonted to Buy will CASH tot .K-s STUDIO i is" n < . Want (o bxiy KmAll lot ?20o Wcltr I Box C-l. f ; Conrlor News. 9 5 pie 9 Help Wonted pli. • 3d A pood salesman lo sell In- triirks and favm;tll tractors. Also a pood oxpev- ienced inectinnic to work on liotli tnirks and (vnctovs. Contact Ben F. Butler Co- in Osccola. f>;2 ck 9 Notice r«n \itr « o, M colon plrki-rj rt»llr Cnll K. R. Dlrkprson. jih 2932. 9 6 pk 10 Bargains Used washing machines. $5 and up. Used electric refrigerators ?.sn.95 and up. All merchandise in (rood con dilion. B. V. Goodricli, .117 W. Alain, Phone 6331.' 9,5 ck 9 FARMERS ARE SAYING: "i Don't Intend to Mok« Another Crop Without a FERGUSON TRACTOR" Jack Robinson Implement Co. BlytheriHe, ArkarwNu — Ph»ne 2371 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection OUSNCOE HOTEL BUILDJMO 124 W Alh 5t. Salesman Wanted 'oulcl live to be«r from jntm with mr who would like lo Mop Into n >li«(ru'*» of lila own In Central Mississippi County. No capital iiprdod. <;or- wlu Crow. Arkansas, .clnssltylim alwiit *'™ wMtly- Writ' Rnwlnlnh-f. AKI-210-2I6A, Menn>)ll,i, TCIIII '9!5 Jik 8 Ailvertlslpi; Book Matches DEMOCRAT OH REPUBLICAN or pirty. evyry candUlate boon matches. Cash Iji with the UN10H LAIIEI, Hue. Hottest telling In 1952 Pull line of regular and nal matches. All styles, SIMS' FREE ter Cnlaloi;. Advance aall/ coni- nlulons. SUPERIOR MATCH CO 7534 -.. Greenwood. ChtcaKo 19. 9'a pV 9 Female Help Wanted Csr Hops. Apply In person. Krcam K>sl ' e '_ 93 ck tf COLUMBIA XMAJTCARDS SO FOR 51.25 NAME Ii\[PRINTED Sell fast from Free SamplM. Over 00 oihrr mc-ney-makcrs «cll on slcht VO>| Make up ,o 100", profit. Bin ,ell^ ng Jtrason noiv. Direct service trom Dallas No waiting. Rush requeil for emotional Sample KU and Deluxe As^ "o"" °" Approval. COLUMBIA. 3101 ROBJ. Dept. N., Dallas. Texas 98 pk 9 Private Rooms I.r\r K e well lurn. convrnlrnt lo batn. bcitrooniB. J'hotie 313s or 6 | 2 2. a 2 pi 9 Bedroom convenient to bnth 611 w Mfit/i. PJi. 3325 820 cfc 3.20 comfortable front heclroom" ntlj tocated. ph. 2514. SjZ pk 10;2 FHOPOSKn CONSTITUTIONAL AMKND.yKNT NO. 43 BE IT RESOLVED by llie House ol Representatives or the State of Arkansas and by 11,e senate of the Slate of Arkansas, a Majority of All tnc Members Elected to Ench House Agreeing Thereto: rliat the following is ncrehy ]>ro- posccl as an amendment to the Constitution ol the state o( Arkansas and upon being sutonlltcd to the electors of the state Jor approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and ScnnloM, if a majority of tJie elcc- lors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to-wit: Amendment No. is to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas adopted by the electors of this State at the General Election held and conducted on the 6th day of November. JS28, ts hereby amended to read as follows: • SECTION 1. it being most apparent that prlvntely operated factories ndiistries and traiis iwr tatlon facilities are nettssary for the development of a community and for the welfare ol Its inhabitants, an annual lax of not exceeding one tier cent ot the assessed valuation of all taxable property within the corporate boundaries therrof may oe levied by cities of the first and second class for the purpose of providing limds to be used for the acquisition of sites within or without such cities and for the construction ot such sites of buildings and other facilitic-s, for lease or sale, for the aforesaid purposes, or for the amortization of bonds bearing'in- terest at not more Uinn four per cent per annum -isiied for such purposes. ' SECTION 2. when petitioned by not. less than ten per cent ol tlie qualified electors- residing therein, the City Council or other governing body ol any sucn cn.y shall call MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 19« MOTOR OVERHAUI Chevrolet Cars and Trucks FOR SALE NEW BRICK HOME Locafed 504 E. Hardin. This home has 2 bedrooms, l'/2 tile bafhs, knotty pine den, large living room dining; rorfm, attractive Geneva kitchen, breezeway a tached garage and storeroom. Equipped with Frio-I idaire air conditioner, central J.ennox heating svs- in"?' S !o el coml)ina(io » storm sash and screens. Lot 100 x 185, on paved street. Open for inspection. Sundays from 2 (o 5 p.m. Weekdays by appointment. SEE OR CALL JOHNNY MARR Of fie. Phon. Const. Phone R cs . Phone 41" 8341 2596 FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land the Peach Crop Is Short! It's Now Half Gathered We now have Freestone Peaches Wholesale or Retail BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Mam Street Blylherille ALFALFA SEED New Crop OKLAHOMA APPROVED RETAIL 46c PER LB. NO WEED SEED BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 856 1800 West Main Sh Blytheyille, Ark, INCLUDES 10 OPERATIONS • Install IMW tings on oil plltoni • GrTnrJ vofvaj • Cl«an out carbofl • Clean carburetor • Ti'gh(«n and adj-jsf corttaect- In0 rod! • Tighten and adjust moin' bearings • Rsface ro<ker armi • Clean roclor arm shoft > Clean oil lin« ond jfrainer, ' Tune and odjust molor ONLY 40 45 HERE'S HOW YOU SAVE Get more power, foster pickup, save fuel. Give your car or truck like-new performance. All these operations ars done by Chevrolet-trained specialists using factory- ' approved methods and Chevrolet parts. You'll really save at rhis bargain pricel SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West W»lnut — Phone 4578 /or an election to be held not more than ninety days thereafter tor the purpose ol having th? qualified electors vote tn the Deposition SECTION 3. The General Assembly shall enact such enabling legis- lation ns shall be required to elfec- tuate the purposes nereor. APPROVED: March 20. 1951. Secretary of Stat« C. Q. HALL J OE ATKIN MACHINE WORKS MMUWAM . MACHtm BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 FOR SALE C»iMret« Hlrerta, 1Z luck t* M inch, plain cr ree>f»rced. Alto C.mret. BxiKlit Bl*<ka cheaf- » lba> l»«il>er for bfrmm, cklak- r» h»»»e«, ttmr k«uM. teuit h.«t»., tot} ske^i. W. d«Hrtr. C«U >i [.r Ire* Mil nuto. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. FkM« 1M CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sfets >p U 36 in. Corrugated Metil CulTerf s' Stif. rf l, 14 im . A. H.AVEBB AcUmilie FI..S Gat» CMKTcte & Metal'Septic T»nki Sewer Tile Btst Trlcej w p DeUrer j «I it sutV Li>< Phone 84U Take Your Choice 1951 CMC 2-Ton SWB Trk., 2-spd. axle. 900 x20 (ires, cab lights, wonderful condition 1951 CHEVROLET '/,-Ton Pickup wifh de- $1AAC luxe cab. Has heafer. See this low mileage truck I (Hi3 1950 CMC 1-Ton Pickup with a big bed. At Horncr-Wilson it's priced at only 1912 CMC long wheclbas* 11/2 - Ton Truck. Good, motor, good tires. A znighlj- good price! 1946 FORD 1'/ 2 -Ton Truck with bed. New j paint job. Good tir*s. A real buy at 1916 FOUR '/ 2 -Ton Pickup—for the buy O f your life come NOW to Horner-Wilson "... ? 495 1950 OLDSMOBILE WITH ROCKET F.NOINE If you've been planning lo buy » Rncktt Olrl.smoblle. here is a savings 0|>pOiUniUy! This "!1S~ 4-iloor Seilan hns all Ihe accessories liirhirilnir while iMcwall lircs. Low milo.iKt. City driven. Two-lone color. 1946 PONT!AC If you're Innfci,,,, , or ^ rcd hoi buy rm a used car. Ihis Ponlnc I, U! RUhl-cylinder -door Sedsr,. Radio, heater. Clean: Priced al only $695 SPECIAL NOTICB-Horner-Wikon can now give you im mediate delivery on new GMC Trucks frnm '/i-Ton Pickupa t« 10-Ton Diesels. Come'in now! HORNER-WlLSON EAST— ^jggpgssgggi^ MAIN Rocket Uldsmobile — G.MC Trucks Phone 205S Used Car I.nt — Phone 6151

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