The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1949
Page 8
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U.iUU.1 1JI1M-JU.I'' CUUKU'JK MMYtt MONDAY, DKCEMB10U 6, 1949 Bureau Reports Births in Missco State Agency Lists 150 Registrations From This County Nearly 150 births In Mississippi County In recent weeks have been recorded in the Bureau of Vital Statistics of the Stale Health Department in Little Rock, it ivas announced today by Dun D. Stephens, bureau director. The list of babies and their parents follows: Dolphus and Hazel King. Oscooln, boy, notlger Dale; Robert ami Hetty Cantrell. Lnxora, vlrl..Umla SUR; James and Madiieo Jotios. Oceola. boy, James Daniel. Jt : William and VenelU Roberta, LearhviUc, girl, Sliela Ciiriola- Ertrlio and Cleo Fires, River-dale, civ!. Melnula Ann; Earnest find Edna Tluvontt. Lcach- vllle, pirl. Phlllis Ann: Kenneth and Walta Cook, Tyronza. boy, David Lee; Jumes and Jo Davis, Leachvillc. boy. .lame- Anthony ; Billy and MiuMene Flippo. to. boy, Ciarey Wayne: Willimn and Annin Ashley. I.e»ohville. boy. Lurry Kdward; William ami Annie Mc- Dnnicl. Tyroiixa. filrl. Gloria Joan; Earl and Annie MrDnnfrt. Ke'^er, boy, Jark Randolph: Winer and Emma Jones, l.epanlo. yhi. Bronclr "STATE OF AHKA:< Connty ot ^!^^siF,*.lJl I. Wllltain Hcrrvinaii. A: Ex-ofllclo rolled or nf Mlt.s- -issipj)! Couiuy, Arksinsas. tlo liorcliy comfy Him I!IR hLiitrh- ptl is a true and cnmpraocl list or aJl iirrsons. (irni-s :iiitt cnrpor- ntions who?e pecmnal taxes for the yr.'ir. li>48 w«-tP ilf«- pnU »s 01 Novcmhf-r 14l,h. 1BW. find H»c fume are hereby reiucnc<l tlt:)- !iK[i:ei)t W He-rryinaii SDcrLft <t Kx- CoilPCtOt 5i:hscrlt)t'd mid sworn t lore me tills Hth <lny of N bPt. W4!) BJylho County Court Cle SCHOOL DISlltlCT NO. LUX OH A C R. Harcoin 1^0 Jack Bishop James CMIders \V. E Cockraii John Coin Cti^ster Cirlrtpr ft, J. Diiulpls A. -Vt. Densrnore Oscar Dcnsinorc J C. Ootibs Ert nutwil-str Milchell Forrester A L. Greenbcll Xxr] Hicks Rosco Hill R A. Hubbard E CJ. Hudson Arlie Ilumh!e C. C- Johnson R. C. Jones J. E, Koontz Holniid Lo^'ery - j M Met a Mnv Mlnyard I, E. Miu'in C E PrentSs C. \V. Frenns Hubert Huevea IIcnr%- Rhymes R. L" Holers Ed Keattorn J. \V. Shaw Cecil Southard Raymond Slanflcld Fred Stewart G S. Stokes Oocfl r Lee Thorp \V I Turner V.'. F- Wenks John Dlsirlbllllng Co. AineT RrlrLgeratlon Co. 13. H. Arney Asiiby Ca(e Charles I.. Aslnnnre Flcrmnlng Aug\isiiin W \V. Austin B. C. Bfilly illlly Bskpr L. B. ilakcr Kay; James and Delpha Turncy, Lepanto. boy, Jimmy William; Louis and Wanda Ussery. Dyess. Kir], Wanda Ixmise; Wallace ami Mav- oui'leen Burne.s, Gilmoie, ssir], Nancy Ann. Howard and Martha Selby. Leacliville, boy, Joe Stephen; 10. I,. and Katnerine Winn, Uyess. Ijoy. Jerry Waytie; Roger and Ruby Uoyd, Dyess. slrl, K :a llianne: Henry and Juseenn Davidson, Senate. Mo., boy. Jackie Curtis: James ami Clara Chancy. l.epanto, boy, Jerry l")ale; Willis and Pauline Urasfield, West Memphis, hoy. \Vil- tic Gene; George and I.ela IIURtun, Dye.s.s. Kir]. Nancy James and I.eah Autrey. l.epanio, boy. William Kdfiar: Orils and E<lna Hamilon. Turrel. girl. Mary Kuthiyn; Culvhi and Clara Fstcs. Lepanto. Ijoy, Cal- vt]i Houston. Jr.: Jamr* and I.a- verne Richardson. Dves boy, .lames Frederick: r.oyce fm<] Nnrma Daniels. Wilson, boy Hu\\:>]-<] Kay: Louie and Eliza Graham. Ormla. boy. Herbert: Chester and Nellie Allen. Dyess. nivl. Kalhy .lean: John and Kmoeene Rarion. Oceola. boy. Hilly Hownrd; Albert and Saphnmia Clay. Kei'-er. boy, Cletus "nthanlel: Flenoitl and Nellie demons. T.e- panto, l)oy. Doyle Preston: RUelljy and Jo^ey Lrinyston, On' I, any Denn; Jessie unci Viola Whcelcss, Rlvervale. pill, Patricia Ann: James and Kd;lh Willie, l.epanlo, girl, Marilyn Until; I,, B. and Dorothy Mills. I.epaiiio, boy. <'ary I.oslcr; William and Mary [.awii'iicc. Dyoss. Kill, lionnie l.ynn: Thnnnan and Cora Nii'lioliis. l.eiwnio. boy. unnamed; Hilly and Aliic Morrow. Manila, f;irl. Deborah Kuihleen; Etliel and C'lirisilne Mi'Cliive. Osre- ola. buy. William Joseph and Vivian llaupniiiin. l.epanlo. girl, Rebecca Ann: Rn^ell and Ki-plyn Lee, I.epanto. boy, Hrhaicl llnssell; Charles and l.auni Clanton, Dyess, boy. Harry l.ynn; Orion and Jo.sie Grlinsley, Arbyrd. Mo., bov, Tommy Joe; Ilnycl and F.loise Hennessee Marked Tree. sir]. Hrenda John and Lilly Lancaster. I.oy: West and ttlrl, limirlii Relhal Sims. .Sue: liurton girl Dorothy Nell: KH)JMI and Muriel Dollar. Ij'pnnlo. girl. Hnndra Sue; flufus and Slella Mulllns. I.epanto boy, Juim's KMx'il; ParnrH and Kf- fie Thompson. Miuiila. hoy. .himcj Anthony: Rny and Maxinc Hall Manila, girl, Haibant Carolyn. Aubrey and Durthv Honnsvall, O scrub, tjirl, imnium-ii: Jumps and India Phillips. Lmilsville, Ky.. boy .Slevr-n \V:iyne; Klilnie and Iflrl, Betty Sue; Noah and Mae Ca-1 to, Dyess. girl, Linda Joyce; Wil-' Hum and Km line Thompson. Le- pnnto, Blrl, \A\\t\\\ Hue: Hiutoi aiul Mary CiwitL, Lejjunto, boy, Oniey Dunn; Atno.s and Bulah IVp^ers, Earie, buy, James Larry; Jaitirs and Mnttic Sharp, Tyron/u. »jfrl, Wanda •Sue: Uobfit and Dorothy Htakcly, WHson, girl, Cinlhla Mae; Keimcil) and Dora Mail hews. Manilfi. girl, Dorothy Janiece; Lynn and Alice Cox, Dyess, boy. Mtrhiel Harold; John si nit Nora Holmes, linnet t. Iwin.s, Ilenriclta and Lorctta, James and Her lh;t Hi id^e.s. I.oa- t'hvillo, sirl. Kaihken Nell; William anrl Mildred Howen, Joiner. Kill. Melvln l/jvi; John and I,ora Jnr- vt'tt, Wilson, boy, John Wi\yne; Mi'lton and Eura Honnoll, Leach* vllle, girl, Marsha Ann. Clarence and Grace Hojice, Lake CUy, girl.-Lana Kayc; Herbert and Ruby Miller, Manila, boy. Alvin Ray; William and Betty Jones, l.oachville, girl, Linda nianne; Calvin and Goldic Dallas, Dyes*. Kirl, Uila Irene; Billy and Kalhcrine Sain, Manila, boy, Larry Dale; Oscar and Cotata Brown, Para- gonkl.j boy, Oscar Aden, Jr. Allen and Kihel Walker, f^ach- vttle, boy, ijirry Allen: Jessie and Ruby Terry, Keiser. (wins, Carolyn and Carroll; J. B. and Helen . . Hillie Sharon: WilKim and Bettye t nice, Manila, girl. I'amella A ri; Jessen, Osccola. «irl. .ludilh Jan- Dewey and Anna Jackson. Manila. elte; C5ny anil Nancy Becker, Os-jbny, Robert odell; Rollle and eeola. B irl, Donna Sue; Ham and , MaRgie Anderson, Black Oak, boy, Wand.i Fleeman. l^achville. boy. I Marion Kill; J. D. and Goldle Hobby Allen: Edward and Alua . Young, I.eaclu'illc, girl, Cathy Loil- H/nith, Osceola, boy David Larone. j Ciarvin anci rlelen Holland. Wilson, twins, Donald Glenn and Ronald Gary; Early and Ruby Oakes, Charles and Eva Williams. Manila, girl. Evelyn Gene: Homer and Mary Ellison Rlvervale, girl. Ruby Hassett, boy. Roy Donald; William '' lee; , Leonard and I/>raie Boxx, and Je.-^ic; Shannon, Jolmjr, girl, Vehtia Kathcrine; Wiltiam and DL'lpIua Harris, Ix*panlo, ftirl. Betty Hue; Mai-!-: and EH/abftli Chisetn, \'/.i'., «irl. Eli'/abrih Dlann; Lee I'lfleu l.otnhig, Klov/ah. tx>y. Oscoola, lx>v. Michael Eugene; Charles and" Hetty Wallace, West Rid^c, boy, James Ralph; Mark and Nora Gardner. Marked Tree, boy, George Ilaywood; Howard and AIUIH filet]soe. Dve:-s. xir]. Nelwyn Ann; MnrifJti and June Hall. Kto- Jne. Jatnc.s and Ruby Bahb, Manila, | Haley Chlldres, Manila, boy. Billey Wayne; Hubert and Lucille An.stin, Greenway, girl, Judy Ami; Mar- gariUj and Magdalcna Cauba, Ridge, boy, Robert; Hei.shcl and Hay.sie Franks. Joiner, boy. William Her.shcl; J. E. anU Correne Halfman, IjOachilie, lx>y, Tommy Lee; Leonard and Noa Jennings, Manila, boy, Alln Neil. , Olllc and Lllllc Smith. Dyess, boy, Jerry Ray; Jack and Jewell Mansell, Leachillc", boy, Michael Tony; Willie and Etti Wait-s, Ridge, boy, William Walker; Wilbnrn and Smith, Leaclillle, girl, Zella Marie; Arthur and Mary McMullin, Lcpan- tcj, girl, Judy Darlcnc; Aiidreu 1 and Hetty Ford, Manila, girl, Wanda Kayc'; Cloia and Nola Rose. l.epan- lo, boy, Gary Don; Joe and Vcrna Woody, Hulfiiinn, girl. Shlrly Diane; Mackcy and Johnnie McCullough, Manila, boy, David Joe. Ftosay and Alicfa Rodquiez, Osceola, boy, Housay Louis; John and Mildred Owens. Etowah. boy. Billy Wayne; Dee and Lcarlenc Hcrrod, Mothers FIND NEW REUEF! For STUFFINESS, Wise mothers know how really effective Vicks VapoRub Is when you rub it on. Now, for amazing new relief when colds cause coughing, upper bronchial congestion, or that * 4 stuffed-up" feeling, modern ^package. Then . . . breathe In soothing, medicated vapors. Every breath eases coughing. mothers use VapoRub this spc- cisl way, too — in stcaml It ami brings relief almost Instantly, relieves that "chokey" feeling. Put 1 or 2 good spoonfuls of VapoRub in a vaporizer or howl of boiling water, as directed in For continued relief—even while you sleep —rub it on, too. WICKS ViVAPoRUB Canhvoll, Mo., girl. Ruthie Dlanne- Lloyd and Audrey Les'.or, Leachllle' Ixjy, Jolin Richard; Owen and'Ken{( IMllcy, I^achillc, girl. Rebecc* LouLw; Pual and Vlnglnia Tyler, Manila, boy, Don Lehman; William am! Gerlle Duncan, Poughkccpsie, girl. Glora Taye, EinH-1 and Betty Uutilan, Leachillc, girl, Linda Fern, The teletype, modern teleBraph iraiismitting typewriter, had Its be- gimilngs as far batk as 1816. Clarence ISIovlns w. w iiimch Clarence Dawson E. H. Fi\ll Arnold Fowler Clifford C-allPgby L. H, Giles R. S. Giles J. O. Hart Civile Holt Nf-v Hunt (Midway Knnns) S-1ii\ Junes n t,. Johnsnn Haul Jones Charley McDntiLels S. C. MllllKiiTi Carl Morils Eii Murphy W. M. Qunlls Fi. J. Towel I Marcus WUXinsou J. A. Wllhiitns Roy Wortluim J. C. Wright Bnrticld. Wibon, elrl. Kalhy Klla- Hummer. Osreola. uirl, M:i/y l>b- Clyde and Cleatns Willis. Lep- ah 1 !, llonna Kay: Ulies anlo. t;iii, Linfla !/)Uisc; J. B. and orah: Clyde and Aline Shortnricv. and Alice Rouse, o-«ola. boy. John Mi-Knight. Oscenla. Lepajito, bri 1 ,'. J. and Ida Walley Smith, U'achillr. Iwy. .lorry Mullens. Keiser, boy. E<t- Linda Carolyn; Manuel and Gcr- ward . Marshall and I nnlsc K>'! Tyroir/a, Ix.y, M !..: .S:un iel Gladys Cook. Ty Wnvnf; Lfruy rind No'.tic Mnnita, sir!. Carolyn June; Q. C. Use if in steam— Rub if on, fool i, iioy, 'Mi>., boy, Danc-U Alan: John and K. I,. Thornton W. F:. ThornUm C. L. 'I'yer T. L. Wiirreii H H. Wnrreti T. ii. W <; H w Whittle Store fJevi-l WillUtrns Joe Woody R O. \VooIclrktee SCHOOL nis-itii'T NO, SliADV GHOVK I l.lovri K«lwyek .jii.k J.iiiv,: Attains i J. r' Arnold : u K Barcotn ] KUit-l N. H«L3itis;cr Bnllhiyer SCHOOL nisncrn NO. is out MAN I [.A J H Itrown tnO. W. BuiK-h W. I). CiOW C It Crousc Rnvf-ti CurtwrlRht Clitiidc Davpupoit Cliarlf-s I>avls 31,1] H. Hrlloy Ii Hrtlpy FT K Cmter W. H Carter Ai thur Church U' Ln'lhT Ctewa Henry T, Crown CL;u:<le D^v.-nport Rnyinotiil Donner Hussell Flics Amos Clarence Clover W C. arLTMtl A nil row Hnnriers C O Eioi'-zard Houston McCi\»n O. 15. Mnssey Orvitl Miitneny H. W. Melton Chester L. Meyers Oscar Hoe C. O Shoi'kley Frank D. Short Lee SlirnbLe Dallas (.'on Jtinn-s (.iooillnw Hrnihtd E' (irnh Uas'K*;!! Ontluun Felix (rn'i:v! (.ifilflu's Ororcfy < 5 rlu irs -Siun <.ir1 Joi> H. W. \i C. L. Hrttlotd A J Elinor Hall John C Hnr«f-t L. S MuTts/og U. F Hatty Kinyd Maillu 1 ovcLiro H. C MJittiitws I C Muy M.irion 1. Merrill W. 1. Mlti U.-ll Mrs Kllu Mlltiorn i.own Moore IIISTltlCT NO. I.ONK OA K Nl Tiylur T:ivl«ir K. Tiivtur t'OId'i' Cil i. 'riKiii f.porsin Jiirkson H n. Kotchnm Marlcn MoC.inn Jnhn O MuHory liutspll O Mosscy W C. Munuhn A M -\T1Tflln O IJ Wanner J M Walters J. R. Whistle. Eltoti WlLllanis Klmer WlllUuus Kfirnlr- Wilson Csr] Morris Ed Mutphy I, B Oats Rice -^a Rice. -Ir. Curtis nohmns Harvey Etotlt;crs W. M Si:ott \ El G. Krlhy T H. Sleel Tihylor Tllllos ,V Wt-Mlill . .Service TliMKT'S CnlO Jl. K Vati N T. Wi J. K. Hdftson Hawkins Service O. C. Hnwk* Iterron Hoily Sho Joe HfSlCT's Rune James HLchniKn Clifirlp?; 1^. HLcknian Ei H. Illusion Roost-veil Hlnsch Hy 61 GnrnL!e Knyninnd HCK!R« Holierc. 1.. Holt Mis HHrn Hnrtye Homer Ho<1i?e OPII>-I! Howard R. H. \VitLlrtCc WaJl's 'IVrrnltc Servi E^ie \Vnlls \V C. \Vaifelns t Koonte L. S. Lane A F l.iplord Winfrrcl Miller Jack Moody Elav:uoiul Mosle C. A. ('off K L- Hay T. J. P,-\iil Stnplry Doyle Shumate Andy A, Spencs W. E. Stark J K. Stevens Laf nLte Ht evens M. V. Stevens W. F-. Still w. w. Stokr.i W. W. Wat;ncr Jim Webster James Williams H. l>. Siadini. Sr. v: A, rf-.i. C W S-.rortilie '! nom.Xi Ntfir Co, KrrcUlle Welts . Ceell Home Pewey Honcycutt Hot'fi Bony Shnii MrKTnJcy Bowiird Jots T mights N. J. Humphrey Ney Hun: Ivy's Cironcrr Torn rule .InckMm Jim James JeiikLnn Store Sam Johns Jotinsnn's Cnfe- J. E. Johnson. Jr. Knymoticl Johnson E E. Jones Ervln .IiMifs P IJ. Joync-r C. T. Jmld O. W Keener C B K1ttlri'.Tcr Orortry Piiiil Klmbrmigli Ted I.nke Htrt-et Market Ira Lnintieti Jr. fk-anty Shop l.coiiHrcl While F. L Wl.-k.-r Cooper William J. B, WlIJtJHM.S Emit' \VintAriis Rohrrt Williams W R- Wilson J, E V.'cilTPrtori Buriielt Tucker crmrley Wilson Tliurmon Wilsoi Kon Wolford H C. Wyait Hud Snlcklln W. B. sums ulf Sliitlon 1'. Roticits. Jr. liny linbtnson ie.«i ROKPrs i'Kt Rogers »ru>s linssell SCIIOOI. IHSTHHT NO. 10 1» — I.F:ACIIVILI.K Herbert Alexander 175 5 i Auto supply co. :ns 12.75 Joe llakor l'J5 4 7.1 George Blshoft l.nster E. Dnlley John P. Davis Turinan A; Dm rurnlture C^ Mrs W. M. Edgln 3 4-> i SCHOOL IHSTUITT NO. 1 45 i IK KK.MAN 1.-13 | William Banner 73 1.45 j J. L. Branch 95 SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 5 HI.YTI1EV1L1.K I STRICT N't). 30 — Aaron T6SI HermFin Adalr O H. Alexande Bernard AHen ery l> F. Wo H W Wootr vvi.-n s t:rot Haiold H S( IKtUL IHS lltirj" NIK 3 oill— ui.v ruryihi.K Ki-oit AlU'V P. E. Conk-y K F. Elnm i nest. T. Giles om fiuthrtf* John P. H:i min Koihull Ar Dnylc Avfurk Fluvd E!iil< iiUne Nint-hltie Shop Hipp IlviItrtcrJ! Su]»pl>* Co. J. I). Hongcs. Jr. Mrs. E. L- Klni* lfs' Tocsjery (Msibrl \VUllams) Rotjfrl O- Dr. ,J A MnrJln Myrl Mavuard Motor Service l.uthrr O'coinier Luther O'Coniif r llavninm) Pri'm-e^s M. I'OC Oi-if I,. Taylor nnvinotid Walker Cecil Wlndborry <i K. SinUli J- H. HiHltii w. E-; ,t. lt«»v fii win smith (No 2) w F; siuph Km It tunnel K. M. I.nslib Lawrence & Taxi II I STRICT NO, LAM" J«f- Woortey Arthur York Barber Mis. A. C. Barker Mrs. Finiirrs Bar H H C. J. Alton Jack AlAiip R L llowlliiK 4 25 I Ed CHl.srn 425 j R L. Uimlap 0 01 A J Daniels U HO (.Tra.Ha in KIH^ J X Rohcri C. Mrs. Kay Jftrrcii Snn JoklnR Siarllnc JpnV;ln J. M. Terrell 300 son 100 A. E. I-rsTrr 50 Lilly New i Coirlon L Mut.'Ptllch 230 \V. A LOUR 125 C. D. I.oriK -2M JoTin 1 on Ixjvehirr Siios dara^c J. W Mrs- J W I.ui-y J D. LMtislord l.ucv Mi -Adams JISTKH'T Nfl. 21 In-- ItKI.I. SCIIOni, IMS TIIITT MIl.l.lCAN I Harvr Adklius l.c-l-nifl Bnrkrr A 1., H:i-»ftl H R. UirV:t'tt \v, H nmts Edyun Units R W Casey C. CJ. Ciuidill. Jr. \\'. W rtirntlmin K;tri Cross O, K llavr-nptirt FrankUn Store K Allen BtdtUe Bill's Placi? C S. Birmingham K. H Blakemore III lie's EHctrlc Simp Cabinet Shop lvfhcvilie (iaratj icy Bobb'.tt Jstrip BomhalOf-XJ To:n II Bo swell Leo Hour-hind L. B Boyd SCHOOL IHSTRHT NO. M'.MlEUt N1NK Ftiu-l Hhllev H5 Alheri Huche.s 13f> T. N Jiiliii'.ou 3'iO Knperie Sims - 11 ' E O. Sin is IS' r KICT .VO. 2 hi I I. Taylor Tin J. 1> Wilkl J. M It t, Wright l Alslon L Austin H F. Austin .SCHOOL niSTiircT NO. 10 out l.R\CHVI].l,K E-; T. Ainsu-oTth a;> 2 -tfi H A. Antlumy Hnsf-op Am hony i C. Bright. Brin^le Gfliasie Mrs. Alum Bruofcs Mr.= tiro. «rown Carl C. llrviiut J. J Bryant W W Bryant. Jr. t> P; MrCor •I 3^ I Hiirve Rnln 5L1IOOI. IHSTRIC'T NO, 35 — 1U EiniVl'TK M 2:12 J. K. A»P> W O. Alky Clarence Aldi Tom Amirrpo j. n Aye01 k J. \V Bspwrll J. F. Rnnks Bruce Harnrtt KcUx Htook5 Bush Ij. H. Dynum B. O- Cnlile Ft nicy Carbon Hnymond Chofttc Cl.xud Cook T. .1 Crump W. V Dnvls P. L Dn.sler Mnlcniuh Herman Onuc S. E FIuliHtiks Clyde Ftnrti A " H Fo-A'lrr Arthur E A Hlfirkshear U'HI Boyrt Luther Hriirtpn Home- RrluihaU Slnnlcy BiO' k Delnnnr Elrnvvn HiiriH'lt Auto SMrs E C. Burnett H W Burnett 5T.S Jp.'i^le 1. Burns loO Mr.s John - l bums Iw M;iry Ifurrrll Joe L)nwnln« J. B. Kstrn C I. CUalmm C V Grren Mi-lvln Harriso Arlie H Tntnnn Otha l.ff 3 R K E IV l.ovcll Rrthrrt t.iisler louls Munley Wm T Martin ."*-OS j Lynn Marvel! Mis Ralph raixllc C A- H CiiTr t;i;y M, cr.Annctl (.'li.irl. y 3 Mrs Knrl S Crer A. W (.it'll: ps Alien tlnll. Sr, A- C Mrmly R I, H.i r rts ru\ud lleiKler.'otl John Hlrks WllUe Hicks 111 STRICT M>. CUSNFJ.r, fl It Itamplon Ei1 Mnrrltn Mn \V I> Harrl.i Hnrvey Unit XTrs O Or Moore H. W Nichols (' F. Oclom Terry Richardson ,\UP F H Uobrrta W ^t Hos* A<trtaii HusArll Dl.xoti A- Russell W. L Smith Henry Strele* StvUlcts E.otils Tlllnian Carl FJ Walton Max Walfon Walson A: Roberts D V. Jordnn Mnlrolm Kcwnre WIllLnrn Kelc-h Wesley Lrwts rani l.on-den A, C MfCa=.3ln Claud McOrn \V1M MrKlnnry C G MrNntr Krttc Mnhnii Jltn Orr y Parnsh J L. ! Powell itnnti E'richnrd J. D Rrcil w i- Hew Flhcl R T ItohcrtR Anril ttoiirrsnn W. R Ftnllrdse V. t, f^iiwyrr O. w Kcrnpe K. K StuHH W C Slrwarfl Lultier Tiion;pson O El Mar Kurt E K C May Jnrk Mny Phillip L ti I^n MrtlUI Mnrlor Mlllrr l» I,. Moore \V E? MOTE srttooi. IHCTHICT \o 11 MANILA Eddie D Ashltraniirr :• i Mrs Joe Ashhtfinnrr ion CJ C J ff, Ctiulc Orvii CniuvrlRht J W. Dunn J y. Kiifilish l.rr Flnlry (\V T..> f \- n Grocery \V Hrrtao .1 I 1 Hnrnrr Earnest Korsley lirovor Moslry J. H Mosler JCSSP J Pnltnrr t ponard Pow K s Hay Eilc Rnv A. J. Hhoads ARE YOU SUffERIHG NAGGING , .. STABBING PAIN RIGHT NOW? If rheumatic pain, pain of sdatica simple neuralgia, lumbago or muscle aches nro causing your misery you're probably too uncomfortable to want to read much. So just tea* out Oils advertisement anU hand it to your driJKKlst . . . tell him you I'DJ want to buy famous C-2223 and you'll lie headed for the blessed liappinc-s.s of FAST, El^PECTIVP' TAIN RELIEF. Y C3j scientific C-2223 contains the famous beneficial herb "Black Snake-Hoot" And it's especially IODIZEC) to speed up the Kalicylate Action that makes it penetrate tissues better- give you fast, effective pain relief, AiVD: c-2223 will do AI^TEirS or that first bottle purchase pftce v, : 'l be refunded! Ask {or C.2223 today, J. V. Scott 230 R. E. Shaw MS C. H, Snrarer 630 W. E. SheUon 440 H, V. Smith 420 Lfitir I-. Thompson 315 J. H. True 90 V. L. 190 F. E. WLl&cm 205 H. L. WJl.= on 250 A. H V/olfortl 125 R. W. Wortl-.itiKlon fi5 667 420 1327 12,18 12 13 ».ia 261 551 5.95 7 25 363 SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 4J1 — FOR TV AM) EIOHT AdkUson G t cicery 300 Jack AdklA=on 75 Jim Berry Houston iiroivn Lawrence Cassldy Arnold Clayton Harold Fisher Roosevelt. Fisher J. U. Otv«ns Willie Hartlin Lynti Hays J. D. Hicks Hohert, W. Hucy N. H. Hughes Richard Jolinson W. K, Freddie Maihenp Charley Mnsertiva Uave Nelson C. E. Odoni i,ee, Ortom iillly Stmgeon Harrifi'ori Thomns A. M Wells 50 1.45 Clarence W lit in R5 243 John Williams 115 3 34 Austin York 125 3.63 150 140 BS 575 110 110 75 130 65 SO 75 1050 175 325 60 115 155 J50 130 135 87f> 2.13 4 'J.S 406 2.4fl 16-63 3 15 3,19 2.18 522 1.89 2.32 2.18 30.-55 5.03 9.-i:i 1.7-1 3.34 2.13 3.34 4 50 4 3f» 3.19 niSTitrrr NO. ao — UllOWNSriUK f\v .I'M 377 2.61 5 66 6 32 11.45 8,41 1.45 150 550 90 195 235 3.95 100 295 60 1225 380 65 135 15(1 225 50 13S 205 130 . 4.35 1.60 1.7; 35.53 11.02 2.16 5.36 •1.35 fi 52 2 13 305 1.45 391 145 391 5.95 377 SCHOOL niSTKIC'T N*(>. 5? — LOST CAXK Warte Honrlnnd ciiuui ?: cox J. N. Crcssip N. J, CinHey Hurry Johnson M J. MrCann J. W. Moody \Val;er Moody Lmhrr I'arks E. Sinllh x. N. Stmt.i J. J. Ti'irker , Roy Vcat-h 100 55 ir>0 225 i in 140 50 105 -250 115 400 2.30 1.60 2.30 4.C8 3.91 1.4S 1.45 5.GR 503 11.16 7.25 334 11.60 SCHOOL IIISTIllCT NO. 33 — IlLACKWATKR Henry Q, Arrlicr T. F. Arnold Wiley Flnrfcs H. Ho/arth Johti B:nvvn V'lr^ll Hro\vii Wtutam J. linrpett ELI Ca.stlctnnn . 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