The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1952
Page 10
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»ACE TEH FARM jLTTHBVTLLg (ARK.) COWWER WBW9 FRIDAY, JULY 18, 195S REVIEW . SY-E NEW TRACTOR — fiwpectinB" Ine" new' Model 60 John Deere tractor at MJSBCO Implement* are above James L. Bowling (in tractor seat), »nd (left to right) C. D. Moore, A. M. Brittaln. Har- vey Parrtsh. manager of the implement, company Iknceli/igj, James Aubrey Bowling and E. B. Pntchard. New Model John Deere Tractor Goes On Display Here; Many New Features Listed A new-model John Deere tractor, «0, will goo n display asturday at Missco Tinpbment. Company, Hnr- vey Parrish, manager, staled today. New John Deere models 50 and BO will replace the old models A and B in the John -Deere line, Mr. Parrish pointed out. A number of new features, which the company describes as "malor advancements," ore Included In the neM' tractors. Among them are duplex carbu- rettor), live power shnft, quick- change wheel tread, effortless steering and more practical styling. "These new textures," Mr. Parrish stated, "mean stcppcd-up tractor performance, easier handling. On Missco Farms by Ajent Keith J. Bilbrey Tops In <-H Next Monday at 5:30 about 2i of the outstanding 4-H Club hoys and Klrls xlll take off for a week's State •f-H Club Camp at the UniverMlv of Arkansas, FayelUn'illf. Roys' and sirlB from North Mississippi County to make the trip include: Linda Bunch. Yarbro; Jo Alice McGuire. no* to 1 feel perfectly safe in going to the Slate 4-H Club Camp with ynnr champion boys and girls next week. a* you had acreage controls thoss farmers to the w«st of us fought over their acreage allotments and continued to Insist that, eastern Arkansas was grabbing their acreage and forcing them out of business. Without acreage control you see they quit voluntarily and started Browing or producing something pise that was more profitable to them. Sow More Vtlrh Yarbro: Uura'Airc,"H7mb7"Ya7-'i; f "' Un(t ^ S(a(fs wh ™ th '« » s bro; nor,, K(!nnell , u,e hvjlte . | ~^,^ ^ ™^ Chan,,, Under Freedom Thls was one of |hfe besC Hace j-ou ever noticed how crop ; for vetch seed production that I can acreages, livestock numbers, and remem'orr for the MantU-Lcachville other types of agriculture change in ' area. They combined a considerable H.D. CLUB MEMOS Mra. Ocrtnri* B. IHorn* Demon strathn State 4-H Camp Monday morning at 5:30, outstanding 4-H girls and boys from North Mississippi County will start for Fayettevllle to attend the State 4-H Camp. Mrs. Gene McGuire will accompany the group as the girls' leader. These girl« and boys will take part in various activities. Jo Alice McQutre is the slate song leader and will lead songs to a group of about one thousand 4-Hers. She will also appear on B panel to discuss "Mind Your Manners." Jo Alice has been one of three 4-Hers asked to explain camp traditions to new campers. Other outstanding activities In which the girls will take part ore: Doris Kennctt, talent contest; Laura Alice Hem by, dress revue; Glenda Hicks, dres.s revue; Jo Alice McOuire. dress revue; Barbara Pinch. candleliBhtinR ceremony Jo Alice McGuire, handicraft demonstration; Glenda Hicks, clothing demonstration; Lindn Bunch, canning judging. 4-H Rally The 4-Hcr.= who missed the rally! out at Walker Park last Friday missed a good time. Plan now to! attend next year and be prepared] to tal;e part in some contest. County Council of Home Dem. Clubs Sixty-lour demonstration club' ladies e-njoyc-d an outing down at! Big Lake last Tuesday. A thing j featured for the day was a dress revue In which about thirty-five! liutlri modeled dresses that they had made. 'Mrs. Howard Bowen demonstrated putting a cane bottom in a chair. After » delicious picnic lunch the group enjoyed games conducted hy recreation leaders and the home demonstration agent. The Lench- ville Home Demonstration Club was hostess to the council picnic. I.earhville Donation The Leachvillc Homo Demonstration Club has donated a large box of small gifts to b* sold at the Livestock Show In Little Rock to help with the 4-H House Fund. Other clubs that have promised such packages should turn them in to the home demonstration agent's office as quickly m possible. Keep \Vhh> Nylon White While nylon garments snd household articles tend to turn gray or yellow after many washings. Prevention Is better than a cure after damage Is done. | A mild commercial bleach con-! tatnlng sotilum perborate is recom-! mended to bleach dingy nvlon. It helps some, but will not. complele- ly remove the dingy color. If .some of IhR Wench Is added to the water ench time the gnrmont. Is laundered, nylon cnn he kept, white, | Here's another tip on lanndcrlnc I while nylon: Never wn.ih or rinse any colored article, not even hose. In the snme water with white nylons. Nylon absorbs even the faintest, tinge of color in the irjifnr Even colored labels in Ihe garment cand Iscolor white nylons. Rinse nylon IhorowJily In lukewarm water to be sure all foap or detergent, is removed. Suds dull colors and may cause nylon to vellow if Ironed. To avoid unnecessary wrinkles In nylon, squeeze out excess moisture by hand or roll in a towel to remove moisture beforeh nncine. Ny- Irm may be dried either inside or oul-of-doors, hut should not be ex- greater comfort and all-around 1 economy." i The new carburetor is designed) to provide livelier power, smoothes performance and faster cold- wealher starts. Mr. Parrish stated, "New steerine ease Is another of: the mi/or Improvements the company has made In the new models " he said. posed to hot sun. If nylon is ironed, set Ihe iron at rayon temperature (about 275 degrees Fahrenheit), as a hot Iron will melt nylon. Ironing time afler tlmem ay cause nylon to turn yellow. A steam iron may be used if the temperature IB kept, on rayon. Olenda Hicks. LeachviHe; Barbara Pinch. I-eachvllle; Robert Karl Davis. Gosnell; Donald Hodge. Promised Land; Fred Abbotl, F!al .Uke; Jim Taylor, f.cachville; Freddie Vrach, l/>st Cane. They will spenri the week l«ur- : Ing, viewing, demonstrating, singing, playing, polltlcing .and otherwise having a good and educational lime. • i The Blytheville school district has ! ktndls- consented to furnish a school i bus this year, the Farm Bureau will ! pny the transportation and driver; expense, and the, 4-H children will pay for their meals and lodging, which is furnished by the University at cost. I Cotton Outlook Is r.ood ' I will make the prediction that tomeone In this county will gin a bale of cotton on or before Alienist 20. also, weather permitting, we can have the biggest September ginning ; season In history. Cotton looks very good in four-fifths of the county i and Is blooming the most profusely i I have ever seen for this date. Two areas thai, i know of ln,' North Mississippi County have been 1 exceedingly dry and needing rain | very badly. They are the Milligan Ridge and Dell communities Deli • ciist and north, has not had a drop ' of rnin since planting. Cotton is I very very small. i We just, can't find any Insect*! that, are rioind harm lo cotton right i , western two-thirds of Arkansas has only a per cent of the cotton acreage this year, compared wilh 12 per cent In 1951. 34 per cent In 1040, and 40 per cent in 1030." So Ions volume of vetch and rye and some of it will be for sale. Indications are thai, all veteh producing areas had a better crop than average this year. Why not make your plans now to sow more velch this fall? It looks like the cotton plnnt.s will be small enough to permit seeding In September without damaging the cotton, It wiu cut down on your fertilizer needs. I see no rejson why I should argue th« case, h6wever. All of you know what vetch will do for your land and the crop* that fol- • low. j There are dLsanvantaipM. Sometimes it's hard to get a good «tand following a vetch crop. I have never recommended the ! use of vetch on the heavier lands I and gumbo soils but I know at least j four men who have used vetch on this type land and are expanding their vetch acreage this /all. They are: William Wyatt, No. 9; H. C. Knappcnberger, Green Briar Ridge; E. M, Regenold. Armorel; and J. W. Rayder, Huffman. Workers Get Vacation Benefits in New York NEW YORK Wh-More than 3D5,- 000 workers In the men's clothing Industry throughout the country received 40 million dollars In vacation benefits under niim-menta between employers .inrl the Amalea- mateil Clothing Workers of America. CIO. The entire Industry, engaged In trie manufacture of men's and hoys' garments, shirts, underwear and re. Inted items, shut down for two weeks recuiitly before starting on fall and winter lines. KILL JOHNSON GRASS with Sodium Chlorals, M% nnr«! Fint treated fnr dry application. 512.50 per 100 tb«. A. H. WEBB CULVERT TILE CO. *aj SI, suit [,inc— I-hnnr M14 Wew/ OLIVER Model 3 Self-Propelled Grain Master A r«»I profit-producer for -^^^ gtowtrs of grain, beans, seeds and custom operators is the Oliver Model 33 Self-Propellcd U-Fooi Grain Master. Modern jrrain.<aving and time-sai-ing features include six forward t r«eds, hydraulic header lift, tfmi. nvolving r«cl. flat-deck rotary strav wallers, " n<1 ,! <5 ^ bushel « rain tank ^at dump? on Slop in and vt'tl show yow «, C K exclusive •«h«iHS»( a« tKe double-clutch pov-er taVr- of tfciH tontroii ground travel >nd thresh- *f FARMER'S IMPLEMENT CO. B. F. Bro^don E. R. W~,j.«. F. SIS E. I. i. Woodson Phone S166 •»vfc)i i»r"«atioV for qiuliiy- thai's <vhr we recommend lhc« famous paints. There's a Dutch Baj finish for rtwry paint jobl »«•«•« Prf«H- Bright Whit< & and Tint* ........... **,„,,, _Ofl Base Flat Wall Paint ------ 4 P«d I FVw» ........... ^ *<M*I S Tn'm, as low as. .. 4 --- .4 Uruforteot ...... ,,< >f.H.lin s Phone 4551 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. 'Friendly Building Service' Self-Propelled COMBINE ore Beans! M» 7 j Hmj! H.yl When w« have hty In' thta county no on« w«nu it. Now, no one ha» any hay ind «veryoo« in tht «outh w«nU to buy hay Irom Mississippi County. My d»d i§ in th« d«lry business over it Imbod«n. I couldn't find «ny hay here Jor him »nd. believe it or not, I helped him unload ten tons of .Haifa hay last weekend that came from thirty mile* jouth of Chicago. With this year of dry weather, what alfalfa we have did very well and there are pl»ns for m considerable Increase in acreage this tail James Jackt, head of the tltajfi research at Osceola, told me that he thought the alfalfa acreage wouM be doubled in South Missis- sipi County thin fall. Ready mix CONCRETE For Patloa , , , Porches Drivewayi . . . f\non . . . . Alt concrete work. BLOCKS Concrete & Hayditc All types and sizes . SWe Curb fks . . Gntten CULVERT , Metal A ConcreU All size* in stock JOHNSON BLOCK CO. Bl.vthevillfl, Ark. Phone 238« p. o. Box »1I NEW COMHHES HAVE YOU SAVE MORE OF YOUR CROP... HARVEST FASTER if The slraw-waUcer» In new Masaey-Harris 12 foot "26" and 16 fool "27" are longer, wider to provide more separating aroa. They pitch and toes a loose ... open . . . Unify ribbon ol straw to get every last bit of your grain. Straw moves right along covering every inch of the walkers. That's 101 inches long in Ihe "26" and 124 inches long in Ihe "27"—Irom Ihe cenler of the cylinder to the discharge point. You get complete separation . . . more grain. As an integral part of Ihe new Balanced Separation, the walkers have a capacity relation to the rasp bar cylinder. Whatever ths cylinder can handle, the walkei* take with no effort. Being longer and wider, the walker* har« bkj capacity ... let you harvest falter. You predue* more, cover more acres easier b*cau»« there's no bunching, no thin spots, no slugs to slow you down. Special lingers on the walkers keep the straw open so groin falls through directly to the siersj. There's no mat of straw on which the grain can rid* ... no chance for waste. Look into these new Massey-Harris Self-Propelled» the next time you're in town. Ask aboirt Balanced Separation with iU longer, wider straw walks«m. NATIONAL SALES RECORDS SHOW: More Mossey-Harris Combines Sold in the Past Ten Years Than Any Other Make Combine ! 61 IMPLEMENT Co North Highway "The Farmer's Home of Satisfaction" * t «i

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