The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTFIEVn.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, DECEMBER B, 1949 THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H, W. HA1NES, PubllilMI JAMES U VERHOEKP. EdJtor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Uaniger Sol* MiUonaJ AdTertlslng Representatives: Wallac* Wltmer Co. New Xott, Chlcaso. Detroit, AUinU, Memphis. Entered u tecond c!«;5 matter »t lh« post- olllM »t Blytheville, Arkansas, under sot cl Cen- tres*, October 8, 1817. Member oi Tiie Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION ftATES: By e»rriej in the city ol Blytheville or any tubutbtn town where carrier service U maintained, 20o per week, oi 850 per montii By mall, within B radius ol 60 miles $1.00 per year »2 00 lor six months, $1.00 tor three months; by mail outside 60 mile tone »10.00 per year payable In advance. Meditations Forbear lo cry, make no inmiritin: fur the dead, bind the lire of thine head «|ion tliec, and jut on thy slices upon thy feet, ami cover nut thy lips, ami cat not the lircail of men.—lieticl 24:17. • * * Excess of grief for the deceased is madness; lor It Is an injury to the living, and the dead snow It not, —Xenojinoti, Barbs An Oklahoma, town spent $1000 cleaning the streets. A tidy sum! up Hare jou diiR out your winter clolhes— anrt discovered that the mollis also lull a nice lime last summer? * + * Airplane stunt men who think Ilieic are no thrills left should take a ride in some ol our busses. • t » It's sirange how a He can (ravel so fasl ivhcn It hasn't a its to stand on. t * » Too many people think that a tot of noise Is all it takes lor EL sound argument. further increases." But the commissioners won't be the ones to settle this dispute over rail rate policy. The traveling public, by their response at the ticket windows, will lull us which side is right. Is This All You Hove?' It's a Rough Life A few movie stars arc faking exception to that old saw which goes: "New York is a wonderful place to visit but I wouldn't care to live there." According to Frank Sinatra, Gary Grant and others, New York may bo all right for the people who live there but it's no place to visit. These people complain about being mobbed by celebrity-hunters, trapped in embarrassing episodes, and gunned for by ill-tempered critics in many walks of life. To tis this catalog of troubles sounds like something that will fade away with the passage of time and the inevitable drop in the complainants' box-office standing. Eastern Railroads' Fare Boost May Be Harmful With the 12.5 per cent increase in passenger fares just allowed by the Interstate Commerce Commission to eastern railroads, those rates now have climbed 44 per cent above the 1946 level and 50 per cent above prewar times. During the war all the nation's railroads got a 10 per cent hike in passenger fares. Since then the eastern lines have had three additional boosts, including the present one. Southern and western carriers have been content to keep their rates fixed at the wartime scale. The natural question is: How long can this go on without doing the eastern roads more harm than good? By a 6 to 4 decision, the ICC decided the limit has not yet been reached. It said in effect that these lines had made • out a good case for rate advances. The carriers contended they are losing about ?100,000,000 a year on passenger business. The volume of such traffic in the East has declined steadily since June 1, 1948. The fare increase granted is expected to cut into the passenger deficit by some §37,800,000. Though that would be well short of making the business a paying proposition, it would at least reduce the gap between intake and outgo to less alarming sixe. The danger in continued rate increases is, of course, that at some point a substantial amount of prospective traffic will be diverted to competing means of travel rather than pay the higher fares. Then the loss of traffic will more than ot'Cset the rate gains. In the current situation traffic officers of certain eastern lines argued that a hike in fares would produce only minor diversion to buses and planes • and private automobiles. The Pennsylvania Railroad set 5.5 per cent as an "outside figure." The 6 to 4 vote in the ICC indicated, however, that some members of the commission view these estimates doubtfully. Chairman Charles D. Mahaffie and three of his colleagues filed a vigorous dissent to the ruling. He said the rate ceiling already lias been hit. lie attributed a good share of the eastern lines' drop in passenger revenues since 1948 to the rate boosts authorized last year. The railroads blame general business conditions for that slump. Mahaffie insisted that the revenue decline is fair \vaming that the carriers must find some other way besides repeated fare increases to meet their passenger deficit. He said the evidence suggested plainly that a further falling off in revenue instead of a gain would follow from this new advance. The time has come, Mahaffie argued, for the eastern roads to "experiment wilh reduced fares rather than Views of Others A Stain on Congress Representative 1. I'nrnell Thomas ol New Jersey, who set himself up as a Judge ol me Americanism of others, now admits, in cllen, that lio defrauded his Government. The man who as chairman ol the House committee on Un-American Activities in the Eightieth Cuneress destroyed men's repmnuons with neither justice nut mercy now throws hlmselt on the mercy ol the court. K is a piece of sordid irony. The enemies ol democracy all over the world will be pointing to [he J. Parnell Thomas case as evidence that all democracies are Corrupt. What has the House ol ncprcscmatnes to he prowl of in having a man ol Thomas' ilk In Its midst for 13 years, for several ol those years a. member and then chairman of. one ol the committees that had the most power to do good or evil? Each House shall be the Judge ol the Qualifications of its own Members. Each House may punish its Members for disorderly behavior, and, with tile Concurrence ol two- thirds, expel a member. That is what the Constitution suys aiiout It. Up to the early part of the present century expulsion for disorderly behavior was so probable that more than one member'resigned \n dctercnee to the prevailing sentiment in Congress—perhaps in Nvholesome fear of it. In more recent years, the moral climate in House and Senate lias deteriorated. Senator Bilbo of Mississippi was accused ol taking bribes from war contractors but the Hen- ate allowed him to keep on receiving his salary without taking his seat, Representative May ol Kentucky was indicted for taking bribes but served out his term before he was convicted and sent to prison. Representative Eugene E. Cox of Georgia, while head of a speciul House committee investigating the Federal Communications Commission, was proved lo have accepted a check for $2500 Irom a Georgia rartio station for services before the commission lio was 1 Investigating. He was forced off the committee but otherwise unpunished, and still sits in the House. All these scandals have occurred in Hie past nine years. They were preceded, in the comparatively recent past, by those of representative. John If. Hocppel of California, who sold an appointment lo West Point; Representative Harry E. Rowbottom of Indiana, who sold lour Post Office appointments; and Representative John w. Langley of Kentucky, who violated the prohibition laws, Congress tllci nothing about any ol these cases, and Rowbottpm 'and Langley went straight Irom the House ol Representative to prison. Of this record, Congress should be heartily ashamed. Every individual member of Congress should be ashamed. The honor of the parliament of the American people Is in their keeping .furthermore. In these times the good name ol government by the people, as opposed to government by dictator or polithnro. Is in their keeping. They have not kept it oi laic as well as they oiiould. Assuredly they should avoid pre- Jmigmg charges against their Icllow-mcinocrs, but that would not lie too diflicult: A special commhtee could conduct hearings, and decide on the basis of the proprieties, short ol a crnnnuii finding A member with due i"ec.:ird lor Ihc proprieties should want lo aljscnt himself pending the clearing -of his name. As for those who lack tnat conscience, there is no alternative but the conscience of Congress. The J. Parncll Thomas case is a repeated call for a rlurn to the conscience w'hich Congress manifested In Us earlier ycarsll —ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH Democracies Showing Create* Influence in Western Europe SO THEY SAY The DOCTOR SAYS :>>• DeWIU MacKenzle AP Forecast Affairs Analyst The failure ol the communist in- simatod genera; strike in Ituty Is another forceful indication that the Some people who complain most i Western democracies have contain- Ittciiy about colds and similar in- ! ctl Ule Rcd ofleiisive aru! are gain- ectlcms .ire. themselves, among the [ inp m Europe's cold v,-ar, vor>l offenders when it comes to I ''"liis was 'he second serious de- preading germs around. Tl.:s j lent of it.s kind lhe Bolshevists imrt hotiBlillcssness consists In! ! >"' lt ' l ' cd '" a WCf K. the oilier being ssary at public places.' tllc " <>1> °'. a pomniimlst-supnorKMl il:c the movies, when In the mid- i EN"'" 1 ' 1 strike in France. The two Ic of n bad cold. Snec/.lm: nml' si*vb:ic!:s are particularly .signifl- ouKtiintj all over the place exposes;™"' in "'"thinly and France have veryone nearby to millions ofp jorn l * ie chief .slrons- uerms. \ holds in Western Europe. Moscow Especially to be condemned Is the I has leaned heavily on the Red or- lanpcrous and filthy habit of pro- "anizatiom of these two important mscuous spitting. The health hM- countries. " ^ mi of .spitting Is recognized by The Italian sinxe was called by min.cipat governments and health. Communist loaders ostensibly to •minorities. Spitting in street cars, protest Hie death of two peasants in elevated trains and similar public j fj^tils with police arowin- out of places Is generally prohibited by i m\ of farmlands by squatters ordinance and violation is sul.jccl, However, the proclaimed purpose of the move \vas of .small moment. The^rcat im|K)rtance rested in (he demonstration that llic Italian nub- .n the place j;,. no | 0 ,, sl?1 . nms f or cuvilr w!lcn Spitting: Spreads Germs Spit contains millions of germs. A person who steps where someone else has just spit| tl , e R ris ctM± the whip lnn camps the serins into the office the ' , r , il , stormaUou h ., 16 lakcll p ;u . e ' u ^ '«~ ~ '$™J& ^i^^^sra.s? as . drills Indrpd -iRcr drviilp thp r istl.u. ~. . -.^,, ltll , nol'ms c^e'ptckcci upby U,er Communtab In the .918 election, and breathed into the nose, throat **<»'« i"'™ ?'»"" c ". 1 . or hmgs particutarly easily. This is 'onr svay iliscflEC genus are carried horn one person Lo another. The habit of promiscuous spjl- i:n™ is certainly not beautiful. H is also, ail [u:tiial health hn/iu'tl and froms to be grUEng worse. A more strict enforcement of city ordinances and a campaign of education spitting would certainly cut down some of the colds -and olher nfoctiotis which arc spread In this way. Cleansing tissue or a handker- PETER EDSON'S Washington News Notebook Capital's New No. 7 Hostess Credited With Starting Off Barkley-Hadley Idyll tograsihEc Industries buy toi 1 com- i WASHINGTON (ME A) — Mrs. Gwcn Cafrilz—Washington's new number one hostess—is being given credit for a big assist on the Vice President, Biirkley - Mrs, Gailtnn Hadley romance. The Veep and the St. Loui-s widow first met, through counsel nnd Mrs. Clark Clifford. Bui shortly after they met, Mrs. Cafritt threw a lawn party at her big estate. It \vn-s July Jl—a beautiful midsummer night with a breeze, the moon and Ihc .stars placed just right. Assistant Secretary for Air C, V. Whitney'.*; wife was out of town, so he came .stag. Mrs. CafrLU invited Mrs. Hadley as his dinner partner. Vice President Barklcy was seated at their table. The moon and stars the rest. Perfect Time of Year for It One of the consre.ssionrtl Junkets of all time is being planned for Hou&e Agriculture Committee, just after Congress reconvenes In January, Puerto Rico Gov. iMunoz Marin Invited the 27 members to come clown and see what he was | doing. He also invited them to bring heir wives. Acceptances were more hnn he planned. So far, vc.sevva- io»s have been made lor '2G con- vef.smch ami 25 wives. Hop. Cecil mittec \vlU have Just three days ou Lhe Lslaiul. The Puerto Rican government will have to foot the bill. but figures it's worth lhe cast. In November, two other House .subcommittees on Ways and Mentis and Education and L:il>or I me pc ted thc- island's progress. Kevins CoimoiruR Kxricrt Dr. Edwin G. Noursc, recently resigned a.% chairman of ihe President's Council of Economic Advisers over a difference on ixrticics, will open an office in Washington. Dr. Noursc .says he will beconie an "eco- at large" with no clients and no fea.s. He is writing to friends tcllin gtiicm he will soon announce a source of funds giving him "the moral nnd financial backing with which to carry on his work." He says this source of fund. 1 ; will not "trammel" him in his brnnti of economics available to worthy and friendly Institutions. Onhlen Opportunity U. S. Tien.swry has 511 U. a. -silver ininer.s to the tune of S15.GOQ,0<K) In the last three years. ThfU'.s one reason why Treasury Secretary John Snyricr recently told Congressional Econormu Committee chief could should be vised Coincident with this of course lias been the development of ths szrnve conflict between the Kremlin and Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia. That fiery Balkan .state hud heen •.mother stronghold of communism, and Tito was one of Moscow's pets, So we find the Communist, offensive held along a line from north to south through central Europe. Bui that isn't the whole story by a long .shot, for there Is bitter discontent among the Russian satellite states. Wholesale purges a.nd liquidations are being carried out in when necessary. Spitting aught to most of these Eastern European avoided in public mercial use. Treasury, however, has had to pay from 17 to 19 cents ounce more on the 83,000,000 ounces H lias bought in IJH7-49. Sen. Theodore Francis Green of Rhode Island is considering introduction of jeylslntion to repeal this act at next Congress, and save the government some money. Samtr Old Tricks \ be completely places, Note: Dr. Jordan is unable to answer imtividaul questions from readers. However, each day he will answer one of the most frequently asked questions m his column. QUESTION: My heart skips beats quite often. Sometimes it seems to flutter for several seconds, although I feel no pain. Is tills a sign of heart trouble? ANSWIiK: This Is a sign that your heart should be examined by a physician. It does not necessarily mean serious heart trouble, since a condition known as extra systoles which is ordinarily not serious, can be 15 Years In Blvthevilte — Dick Tin ton, end, and J. \V, countries. The situation Is particularly in Poland and Czechoslovakia, But Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria also are having their troubles with disaffection. As a complement to these developments the defense ministers and chiefs of staff of the 12 ALlarj^ pact nations have met In Paris and without fuss or feathers have agreed to a general defense plan involving Was tern Europe and America. ThLs plan .still has to be approved by the Atlantic Council. After that a billion dollars worth of American, armaments will be released for defensive purposes in Europe, provided President Truman certifies that the plan is acceptable to the United States. Tide Serins to Have Turned Definitely the tide has turned in the European coUl war. However, while that In a matter of extreme PUT- gratification it needn't encourage Ail U. S. diplomats and Mar.shaH j tie. center, were named on the .sec- ' complacence. One of Moscow's chief 'Ian administrators in France havejonri and third teams respectively of > aims has been to produce economic Fl been alerted against possibility ol a wave of crippling strikes this winter, led by French Communists. The plan, according to intelligence reports, is to wait for a cold .spell and then strike workers in coal and power industries, as was clone in 39-18. The aim a^aiti is to .set tack the Marshall Plan as much as possible. the all state high school selections of the Arkansas Gazette, released yesterday. Hershell Mosley, quarterback of the Chickasaws was given honorable mention by the Ga- he would have no objection to re- , Alphabet Asciiuy fur Mitltllr East Tennessee Valley Chairman Gordon R. Oapp's special United Nations mission report on Arab relief d 1 will probably be ready about mid- December. His preliminary report, recommending an 18-month, $-18,000,000 program to aid 650,000 refugees driven out of Palestine has already been dubbed a "WPA for =\ White of California Is ihe only I peal of silver purchiuse legislation. •ommilteeman not goins. The com- nlllce will take along five staff nenibers. The party will leave New YorV: Jan. 5 by boat and will return Jan. .7. As the -sea voyage titke.s lour Congress in 1936 required Treasury 10 raise the price ou sill newly-mined domestic silver from p (l to 90 cents an ounce. But foreign-mined way. In today's hand South opened the bidding with one sparie, North, who had two and one-half tricks, or nn opening bid opposite an opening bad. knew there was a ?amc In the hand. But why make a bid ns strong' ns three spades? That is a jump bid, which not only demands a game, hut. suggests a slain. North should have made a constructive bid of two diamonds, which his partner could not pass. After North's rjid of three spades, South bid foitr spades, signing the hand off. She had heard her part- chaf>s among the democratic nations, and she has succeeded to an extent which likely far exceeds her expectations. Still Bolshevism hasn't profited politically. For \vhUe the Red, ism theoretically thrives on - economic dress, the peoples of that western world have recognixed Moscow's .scheme with the result that ttejy have turned even more firi*.V against communism in most cases. possibly Bolshevism haR-gained some. time whiclx. we .shall see reflected in the Far Eastern offensive. But democracy is doing well in trig West. a.skcd lo contribute it.s customary 40 per cent share of UN costs, it would amount to about 510,000,000. Chairman Clupp is cxpecied back in tliUs country early m January, Mlver has beeti available since the ; to explain it all in detail. This year r at from 71 lo 73 cents an ounce. I the U. S. is contributing SIG.000,000 .. - uul a half days each \viiy, the coin- I That's whnt U. S. jewelry and pho- I to Arab relief. IN HOLLYWOOD IJy Krskhie Johnson Ni:.\ Slaff Corrcspumlcnl Crosby can take three free- lesson^ v.p cur. expect Don "Rctl" Barry at one of Fred Astaire'.s dance stu-' .11 'The Trail of the Plim^itii; Ncck- his reward for placing sixth'lino," Rny Hogers in "High Fashion in a dance contest at the Mark j in thr Buddie" and Gmie Antiy in Hopkins hotel in San Franrisco. i "He Wore a Powder Blue Shirt," IV happened while Bin? was ii\\ * * . S. F. recording his radio slvw hr- ] Bnb Williams, formerly nf the fore slartmg work in "Mr, MIIMC." j Kny Thompson-WiJhanu. Fires. act. He was dining with a crowd at the j is now selling insurance. . . - Kasl,supper room. The M. C. | rrn (heaters me reviving the oldie the Middle East." If the U. S. were, ncr's bid, demanding a game and inviting a sbm, but her response said, "Partner, I have no additional values." A typical trap -oia of rive spades was made by North. South should have passed this; even that contract cannot be made. But there are few players who, with South's holding, would not go to six spades. If you want to overbid occasionally, as North did with the three f,pade bid, that is all right, but then do not later on in the bidding find another bid. If you do, you can expect to trap your partner into a bad contract every lime. announced a dance contest. As BiiiR tells It: "I grabbed a girl—T ncvrr ii:d find out her name—and prrtty >ouii| a guy taps me on the .shoulder ;unl says,"'Stand over there.' Then they announced Ihe winners. There were six finalists. We Rot sixth place. The prize svns three free lessons at nn Astalre studio." Tlic film version of "Cheaper by the Dn7en" sel.s more confusing every lime I think nbout it. Clif(of Webb and Myrna toy |>lay the parents of 12 children. Webb is a confirmed bachelor and Myrna is childless. One of the 12 children la Jeanne Grain, who plays a 15-year- old. And anyone knows, of course, that Jeanne is the mother of two children! McKENNEY ON BRIDGE zette as was Blackwell,-end and Ray tier, tackle. Members of the Business and Professional Woman's Club were entertained last night at Goff Hotel with a Duck Supper. Hostesses for the occasion were, Mrs. H, L. Reynolds, Mrs. J. G. Barnes and Miss Cora Lee Coleman. Mrs. W. F. Brewer was* elected Church yesterday, Mr.;. C, L. Wylie Is the retiring president. I cannot sec how tilt Kremlin can even liold what slie now has. unless Western Kuropc is brought into her orbit. Slic cannot siucecd even in consolidating her present position.—fcCA Administrator Paul Hoffman. * » * The (miners') pension and \\cllare tunri has broken do«n completely and — u is Congress' responsibility alone to find out wliat happened to the money.—Sen. Homer E. Capchart. H., Indiana. * » » We uiuimtand perlcctly well the obstacles which arc bring put In the way ol recovery in Germany. These obstacles we arc determined, as you arc, with complete resolution and without winning of any sort.—Scn'rtary of stale IJcon AUicatm, speaking to Benincis. A child tjrouii up rr- licarsirp ,1 srrnr for a pirlurr In wbirli she Imi* to |>1ny j.irfcs, Shr nmdc sucli a (rrrililc mess of Ilic "Iin tritinn nf Life," with mi ad campaign lifted from "I'inky.". . . . Th-? Bnb Cummm^s-Arleuc Da hi .v.;rr. "Hcisn ol Tenor," has a MV tide—"The. Black Bonk." Wonderful story abnul Kay Ky- srr He and his ncnnt were in his NVw York hotel suite leaking at his new TV contract with Ford when the telephone ransj. It the hotel manager asking if he ro'ilri brintr up a prospective tenant, 5;nre Kay was only staying temporarily. K n- snEcl okay and n few niin- Mtri inter the manager avriveti \\it.ii a v" ni:in "Mr. Ky>rr," he said, "tiiip is Mrs. Henry Ford II." "lust tlir l;idy I want to sw," Ji'Odnd Kay to the pur/Id Mrs. t'nrit. "Now about lliis conlract. 'I lirro nrc n few cl;liisc.S I tliink si i on Id lip rliangr<l." Ily \\ r illiam K. McKcnnry America's C'^rd Authority U'ritlrii for NKA -Snvicc 'Trap Kids' Often Had for I'artncr \\ r hilr 1 rcces\'e a great dpa] of j fan mnil from my readers throughout the country, I am sorry to say' :hat many of the hands sent to me I cnanot vise. Hov-evcv, U\ir 5 v.cck I h^ve gathered together six liamis Radio manufacturers report that television receivers constitute 65 per j cent of the dollar volume ol their t output. National Banner l.r<lve nminiiiR. sister-in-law of •'.me Ru^cll. will get (lip full clam- hiddic came dial Ilie ilin-ctnr | n > Rirl buildup at ur. whore she ftall.v salil: r"' J" sl s-pnerl to a contract. "Oh come or. Timv. you rrairm- - -'" u " H»>'1 fays he's disappointed her when you played jacks as a j '" Mir >erlnt of Ills lalesl. film. "Out " I MM." Me thought : 1 " 1 " documentary * A 7 6 5 V 7 4 A J 3 1 * K J 5 2 •SKQ 10 I V K 6 « 10954 * A 9 B Lesson Hand —Neither Soulh West N'orlli 1 A Tass 3 A 4 A Pass S A 6 A Pass P.-iif Opening—V J •ul. Pass P.TSS I'ais •I'm winy." said the former kid: slar. wistfully, "but, I never was a! child." From lhe Deep Soulli Virsinin Mnison at I.irry Potler's Supper Club: "Urtte Davis plays a southern girl In 'Ileyonrt the Korcst.' I saw It with my own eyes. She had Col ten. In her cabin." nf living. it was sonic to about tile lil^h Tm tt-niKlcrlnpt whether "Slw Wore a Yellow Ribbon" will set .1 Iri'ntl lowntfi westerns wHli feni-j :L-;n i! UUJie Ullcs, Any day now, I succs. at. TICJ Serves on Submarine W:il;or Yfite«. electronics tcrtmtc- ifiii in tlm United Stales Navy and *<>n of Mr. and Mrs. E w. Yalos o( Dve.-s, has reported fro duty on Hie USS Tilefish, siibinarinc". in lhe Pacific Fleet. Before reporting Tilefisli lie v\j5 arcuhuucd \.it I'iU'cIi-nnii-i Isl.ind, Calif. from my readers. Some of thciv have fine plays, uhllc others we unusual IrcaKlsh hands. 1 cannot give you the name llic reader \vlu> heiH in today's Uand bcca\]se she and her partner po Into a terrific: nrsumr-nt o\'cr it After looking over the hiddin which they submitted, I do no think cither one has bid it correct ly. but there Is a good lew.n ir.n i ii) bidding for yon. One of tlio pitfalls In bidding for the beginner Is termed "trap bidding." The point 1, want to impress upon your mind today is this: Heinle yuu m.ikr a b.d. nsk .No'.u.T^lf i( il will trap your partner in any HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted is the flag of 6 One of its large cities is 13 Respect H 15 Decay 16 Abdominal r.ain IS Greek letter 10 Form of Esperanto VERTICAL 1 Consecrated oil 2 Bewitch 3 Preposition 4 NegativeVeply 5 Principal G Horseback game 7 Heroic 8 Irritation 9 Mixed type 10 Chills 11 Disposition 26 Cloy 43 Unclose 27 Covers 44 Repose 28 English school 45 Comparative 20 Liquor (sbr.g) 12 Body organs 21 Heavenly 5 body 22 Thus 23 Road (,ib.) 24 Cvypiogamic plant 27 Dress 29 Medical suffix 30 Pronoun 31 Lieutenant (ab.) 32 Accomplish 33 Dessert 35 Clip 38 Correlative of cither 30 Depart •iO Afternoon social event 42 Centers 47 Mongvel •!8 Peak 49 Drama set lo music 50 Cereal prain 51 Oicic acid esters 53 Wading bird 55 Developing oti Pei'twining to tlni sun 33 Fabric 34 InlsrsliCC 36 Lizard 37 Attendant Egg (comb, form) 25 is one ol 41 Imitates its products 42 Dove's home suffix 46 Pouches •U Fuel 52 To (prefix) 54 Artificial language

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