The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1949
Page 5
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Business Again In the Middle' Businessmen Feeling Simultaneous Pull of inflation and Deflation "y Sam l)av.suii NEW YORK. Dec. 5. M',-11,,,,1- ness is In the undine a»t,n Busl- ncssmcn an over the countrv feel J?.i P ,°' both Illf J<»J<m mwl deflation, fortes that appear to most nol"" bC doicly m « i --"«l J"- 1 "Winter rosort owners In Tucson, Arizona, are asking if inflation is In the cards — meaning easy and plentiful money back east, ami more customers for winter resorts A secretary ; n San Fram .j..' ( . 0 as |j s II Inflation ] S n,i the way back— •f'OnnliiB fi.vlna prices for tile things Tne buys, iviiils- her own pay rises much more slowly, if at nil o, J'JIU Jit.! ""•' " *f i II 11 I illl, H may fop spring before we know: whether we're headed for another boom; whether we're In for n Hu'-per bust than last spring: or whether we somehow or other have achieved the unexpected — an almost painless retreat from iHKtwar inflation (o a lower but still prosperous plateau of business activity. Sume Think Inflation SlroriKi-r Perhaps more persons think that OUUKli^K I All II IN I' of people of all faiths answered with Iheir prayers when Betty Lot, Murbllry of Brownsville, Ten,,., asKed for prayers to help cure her of a bone disca.n, which threatens her rishi hand. She made her appeal in a letter lo the editor of the Commercial Appeal in Memphis. Many Churchmen Share Child's Faith in the Poy/er of Prayer Pupils In Hie Sunday School members of Temple Israel •'••'."••I's more persons think that lilytheville were among the many milation is Hie siroiiger force just I churchmen in the United States o["°"\ citc tlu> l lll:k "P '" orders I fering prayers yesterday for the recovery of a little girl in Tennessee ich revived backlogs in such industries as papcrboard. shoes and tciiUes. They list the rise in prices, here and there—such as. tires up seven per cent In a month. Dn Pom's four per cent hike in rayon viscose yarn over the weekend, and coffee prices bumping the sky. Supporting the view that inflation is coming is the ciuick rebound o! steel production after the si like, mid the word today that Jones & Laiighlin. the nation's fourth larg- p.'-t steel producer, expects a hike In price'on this basic product. Other Items are the easing of the fncat ol a coal shortage and the prospects of labor peace: the bnilci-l" boom: the slowly mounting cost of production in many Industries: and Hie steady climb of Installment buy- Ing to record highs. fer the essence of inflation \vhic Is the Increasing of the supply money and the cheapening of it biiying value. Businessmen Slow SncmUnj: On the other hand, many observ ers cite their own list to show tha deflation may still have quite a wa to go yet, and that the recent up turn in business may be temporarj Businessmen themselves hav slowed down their own spendin for new plant and equipment. Th building boom reflects largely gov ernmeiital and institutional con itruction. and the revived boom li home building, spurred by the higl marriage rate. But the expansion o production.facilities is slowing dowi Also, farm income is falling am the government 'predicts il will fa: farther. Food prices are weakened Bt the farm level at least, by sur pluses. Some even question the tibll Ky of the government to siipnor prices if another bumper crop nex year piles np additional smplusc. in government bins. ennessee whose faith has attracted attention across the nation. The child's belief in the power In piayer was made the subject of the sermon by l)r, Alfrel V:se. rabbi of Temple Israel. He preached hist niKht on "Why \Ve Believe in the Power of Prayer" and offerings taken during the Sunday • School and night service were sen! by Dr. Vise to ihe child, Hetty Lou Marbury. 10, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Marbury of Brownsville Trim. Betty has what doctors have termed a "highly malignant" lesion on one of her lingers and It Is feared that amputation may be nec- Sr.AYJ.VG VICTIM — 17-year-old Mrs. Lenoic June Angle, labovei bride of 11 months whose body was found on a dark street at Grairl Rapids, Mich. Police were search;:!;; for her husband. Langdon Aimlc. Jr^| 22, an optician's apprentice and eBjcrviceman, for questioning. The couple have been estranged but ho- came reconciled only last Saturday (AP \Virepholo). ALSO IIANXT KAVIMn "Si:cni:r i.n - K WAI/I'ICH MITT fi L Y T H EVILLES ONLY" ALLWHITE THFATI3F •'AST 1>AV Two Terlmicnlor Hits "Man From Colorado" —ALSO— "KISSING BANDIT" M:\VS • CARTOON ~" '""I. 1J^L'.,V V\;t.' ) micd by many in her prayers, and - similar wide churchmen in c re- "lly Grove Baptist, Church she prayed: "Dear Lord, we thank yon for let- ling us come to church, and for each one present. "Bless all the sick people and help them lo get well. "liless the preacher and help him to bring us a good message. "We ask it in Jesus' name. Amen " Reports here In Blylheville this morning indicated that Betty was joined by n that there spouse amons ,....„,.- gregations in other cities. Negro Church Keeps Marathon Service Going MEMPHIS, Tenn., Dec. 5. <\[>> Ail around-the-clock roar of hymns shook .Mason Temple today as some. 7.000 delegate.-, kepi prayers and srr- • K gomg for the nth .straight nay. 'he religious marathon opened '. 25. Delegates from -10 states Africa, and islands in Ihe Caribbean will work in relays to continue fcr- vice.s until it ends Dec. In. U'.s the 42nd annual Holy Corn-o- LUXORA NEWS' «>• Mrs G C. Driver i il rs. H. c. Davidson of Giecnc- t'lie home"' "^ " "' L ' C '"' Visit01 ' '" Otu-of-ioMi friends and relative! 01 Ulxorans visillng here over i tianksjjiving weekend included- Mr anri Mrs. G. H. Stanford of lulsa, okl:i. : Mr. and Mrs. W. L. t-lai-K. Jr., and daughter Cale. ol Vlcfobius. Miss.; Mr. and Mrs'. C. M. Clark of west Memphis- Miami Mrs. Charles Marshall of'Wal- nut Ricfcc: Capt. Louie N. Rotifers of Canliagc, Mo., a ntl his S i stcj . Miss Peggy Miss Kadi Roilgers of Memphis Tennyson of Mern- — — _,.. it,nj>^i,ji u, .\iem- Phis; Miss Prances Reed Eowcn of Church of God Blytheville: Mclvin Hall or WCSL Memphis: Miss Hetty Shirlev of Calhoun city. Mi S s, : all( l Mis,'car- Kemp of O.vforcl, Miss. Lii.\oraiis spending (he holidays out of town with friends and relatives included: Mrs. Julia B. Owen in Little Rock; Mrs. Raymond Pate in Hnnler and Booncville, <uk • Mr and Mrs. Edwin Hays in Pine Bluff-' and Mr. and Mrs . J(lck L , ; Mule Hock. Students attending various out- of-town schools returning home for the holiday weekend with their parents included: Misses Hetty Mif- flm and Wilma Layne from' Arkansas State Teachers Collccc; Miss Evelyn Hill from Blue Mountain- Mi.s-s Wade McHenry from Memphis. Miss Dorothy Rozcllc from M. S. C. W.; Miss Sarah Laneslon from Univ. of Ark.; and Jimniie Driver from Arkansas State Misses . Emm.ilee Kcnnamer and Ciretclicn Barnes were the guests of Miss Christine Culvert. ami "her p<ir- cnt.s in Marked Tree last Thursday io and Friday. Miss Calvert ai-coi panied them back to Liixora spend .Saturday before returnm- to the University or Arkansas in Fay- ctteville, where she is a .student Howard Swine-hart and Mrs Mabel Way of St. I.ouis were the nouseguests last week of Mr and Mrs. f. M. Castilo . Law Student Admits Slaying His 16-Year-Old Sweetheart EVA.NSV1LLK, llid , Dec. 5—M',-* 32-year-old law .student yestcr- confessert the hammer-slaying Hi»li School w cut to joined by The map searchers . . members and guests of ' . ! p B """"«s Men's Sunday School ci " -atlon of the . Christ. Necro. ci ' ls s or tile First Baptist" Church The sect was founded « vcars " c " <i( ' <i a barbecue last Sunday ...... • ailernoon at the church with their "'i>,s.[:ll t,> \<_-;IIS a SO by 84-year-old Bishop Charles H. Mason, ft was baptised with a, of rifle fire when he opened w er tocher, Joe Olive, as host, and Rav Olive, assisting. "''' ""? M '"' vi " S(m Us first church h an abandoned ,,"''' ""?, M '"' vi " S(m '-5™" aiul Kinmill near Lexington Miss Vi ° Mem " his ™'"-' miesis of ' " i \ , J" cl SIrs - M.urry Richardson ' " d!ly - ng 'gainst popular opinion rti Today the sect •hurche.s and missions iiembers. Million . g Mar MASan j Temple is its headquarter!; *'"' Bt>b Olire Battle Mountain state park near 'emlietoti is the 5itc of the last -iidian battle fought in Oregon It occurred in ifj78. Olive. Mrs. Bowen ThompMin cntert.iin- ?<l her two table bridge club la-it '. hur.sday afternoon, v-nh Mrs Conrad Garner of Osceola Game prize.* w(; i e SERVICE fOK IHDCPCNDCtIT GAKAGIS DfilVIKlD TO yoUR SHOP Noble Gill Ponliac, Inc. M. W. "Bill" Spencer, Mgr. 21(5 S "" (h '- ilh - I'hnnc M71 of his Eransvllle sweetheart who lie. said had entreated: "Let's die In each other's arms." The body of pretty 16-year-olrt Mary Ellen Harmon, five months pregnant, wns found beneath leaves and bushes in a deep sinkhole near Hopkinsville, Ky. rranklin Tlioinas Slay of Griffin In<i., a student at Florida S'.ate College, made a wrllen statement to Evnnsvillc Police and Ihen drew a map showing where the body wis found. Kvansi-illc aullioritlcs Iloiikinsville and were Kentucky State Police. was so accurate lliat vM'ut directly In the spot where I lie body ol the (till had lain since her head was .spill open on the afternoon of Nov. 26. Sl,iy mis extradited from Athens. Ala., hist Saturday. He is held on a charge of investlgalliii! for kidnapping, but Evansyilte Police said ihey expected murder charges to be filed at Hopkinsville, Detective Chief George Hnnscli quoted the youth's statement as .saying 1 that he and the girl left Ev.insvillc a week aso Saturday "fully agreed on mairinne" the next day in Florida. He said they planned to complete their schooling there. But he said Miss Harmon was silent for about two hours after they Mi and that he finally asked her what was wrong. His .statement quoted her as saying: "Prank this is wrong and If we do it il won't risjbt our first one—meaning lirint; as man and wife previously." "So I asked her what she wanted to do." slay staled, "and she said 'let's die in each other's arms. 'I was shocked, and asked if she was sure, and she replied in the affirmative." Slay said he took the hammer from (lie tool chest and told the gn! to bend over in the car. "She did an I struck her. I don't know how many times." Officers who lound the body said Hie girl halt been struck four or five times over i eve with the rounded end of mechanic's hammer. The young student said he drove « a bridge and tried to jump off but "My last nerve cracked and J couldn't iio It." He said "She and I were nearly out of our minds at :he time and I hereby plead guilty lo the unpremeditated minder of Mary and ask no leniency (sic) whatever." Mrs. Tye Adams and Mrs. Clarence .raw-lord, after which the hostess aclved a dessert course. Mr. and Mis. Tommy Odom and laughter. Jeanette, of ML Clemens Michigan, were guests the past vcek of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Oriom Mr. and Mrs. T. L- Sanford have isl returned from a week hunt- if (rip at Pocahontas. Mrs. \V. C. Howard entertained ilh a dinner party at her country lome last Thursday ni s ht honoring even guests. Mrs. Harry Stanford Misses Grctchen Barnes and Km- nalcc Kcnnamer. Mrs. Raymond Pale. Mrs. G C. Driver. Jr.' Mrs Charles Howard, and Mrs. John Thweatt. Ronnie Lynch of Memphis was a recent visitor at the home, of hi grandmother, Mrs. J. \v. l,ynch EW "ox Opens \Veck Days 7:0(1 p.m MiiUncc Salurilay ,t Sundays .Mat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Col ,i Showing Manila, Ark. Last Time Today "WHITE HEAT" ivftll James Carney one of Ihe .»ulslaii,li,, K ,,, nv i cs of Hie. ye;ir. •M-«i SJiurls Tuesday 'TROUBLE PREFERRED' "ilfi Tom Coinvay Also .Shorts RI1Z THEATRE Manila, Ark. -Monday & Tuesday 1 JT f r My »"••"• .Iriencl LUrJD.LYNN-DtFORE - MARIE WILSON „'.'. "'.liner News ,t Carloon Officers to Discuss Charge in Dual Murder MEMPHIS, Twin., Dec. 5. <AP)_ A confcj'pncp of Inw oflli ors loday wns to tlecide the eliarnc.s lo IK- iimdc n inidtlln-iifjpii Inc . cluinic held In coniieclion with tin. ri/lc slaying of his wife ami diiu-ii- tcr here Thursday night. Slicrlff j.imcs E. Tlioiiipson has said he will confer with Ally. Gni John HcLskpll on rharijcs to lie pluc- od aeniiusl William p. lU'im. 51. Thonip.son sni<[ Bc;oi lias lultiiit- leit fatally sliootitip his wife, Mis Rinnle Ficnn, 35. nnrt his ll-jvar- oltl daughtct 1 , Donis Jean. The mother and daughter neie buried near City, Ark., vi-.s- terrtay. A . son—nliie-yciu--iilcl 'lioii- iild nay—is in R critical comliuon from woimd.5 received in ihe shout- Bridge Commission To Discuss New Span CI.AHKSHALE, Miss., Dec. 5. (,]•, The Arkansas-Mississippi Hrldpe ( 'uiiimissio]i meets here tomorrow to rtisc-uss possible sites for another *|JNh across tlie Mississippi River. The commission was organi/ed to wt up plans for another bridee between (he present spans at Mern- l' 1 '^ and i,akc Village, Ark- '•ri'i'iivillp. Miss. •Sites to be discussed include llcl- |'na. Ark., where a toll ferry now is "jifiaied: Montczinna llenit, five ;1 "<l one-half miles downstream 'I'nn Helena, and Friar's Point. Miss. eif-lit miles downstream from Jli'lona. At I Kile Ilou'k. Chief KiiRinecr A h. .Johnson of the Arkansas HlBh- »'»y Department said location of npiuciachrs tor the proposed bridBc »:n lie a faclor In selection of the Papyrus, _ (,o,n wh|[|i ancient Egyptians ohuiinrd paprr. Li R Mi'oJiS. reeillike seduc lound fjruw- UIB; in tiui MI| O vsllcy. New Microscope X-Rays Penetrates Solids I'HILADKU'llfA, Dec. 5. IAI-) General Klmrlc Company Saturday (li.sclo.-ed prodiiciion of an x-ray micmscope that can show the Inside of thlnn.s tliroiiBh which liglit cannot p;is-s 111 other words: H can li-v>k into a liar of steel or a bar of candy. The new instrument was shown for the first time al a mneiins of Die American Society lor X-iay and Electron 1)11 It-action. Cliarlys M. Luclit of the O-K ,e- •enrch latmraiory told ihe stoup the x-ray microscope is still in the laboratory .sUi«e ol development liead courier News Want Ads llli truly Mmt,lill, !,„ M [,ir r ,tl [Irmnlly Liquid Cjpudin* fc'irQi rtlitf fiom hridathe Btinj Nuid it i inprtiiru ut >I,, W , aiMohid—ill ma, | 0 sa 1 0 wwk 1( wtt c <"ni II 1 prnrridion !», hlufxlii niKliiini !l toollirii low >,Kiill, ,,l«|<d !„,,,(,,„., 1IK1 r,,'i J W K", l'.'" n ''"">< ""<• u " " <>• ricled on Ikl litil. 15e. JO,, 60t linl. PAGE FIVE In television an actre« '.vlth blonit lialr Is called a "blizzard head" That's because this tint tends to cause [lares In the camera, Tiio -BBC" in radio means th« British llroadcaxtinit Co. New Hearing Device Has No Receiver Button In Ear Chtcajto, lll.-Dcafened people ars iiailini; a new device that gives them clear hearing without making lliem wear a receiver button In the ear. They now enjoy songs, sermons friendly companionship ami business success with no self-conscious fcel- I»K that people are looking at any but Ion hanging on their ear With ihe new Phantomold you may fr ce yourself not only from deafness but from even the appearance of deafness. The makers of Beltone Dent 40. MSI) W. 10th St., Chicago 3 III' are so proud of their achievement ih.-y will gladly send you their free nrochiuc in pin In wrapper) and ex- pluni how yon can test this amazlne deuce In the privacy ol your own home without risking a penny. Wrii. Hcllone today ' V '>\ >>'-*} v . ! '1^11 LINED CAPESKIN GLOVES 1. iMeii's warm, rolliin lined tfloves like Ihese lake Hie l>ilo out of winter winiLs. (leMcriiii.sly si/.ed I'iiirroi-.s. strnnjr seams an<l smarl capesliin .leather .in l)rown, lilitek, torli! MEN'S KID SLIPPERS 3.98 Here's a Hue kid leal her opera slipper any man would love in own. . . .!» slip -info .and .re I a x. Snidnlh lining, hard sole . . .made like 11 line shot. Hroivn, men's A MEN'S GIFT BILLFOLDS 1.98 Choose from . . . smooth Ki'itin cow.side . .. natural .slccrhidc. . .heaver jfrain sheepskin. ]-;acli uilli /jp. per hill pocket, rjird and change coinparlnienl.s. < WHITE DRESS SHIRTS FROM PENNEY'S WORLD OF THRIFTY White is right! It's tiic one tlress sliirl men look frirwan) to al And they'll S o for these Towncnifl* whiles more thai,: ever, bcciitise I'enney's tailors every sliirt from new highi' quality Sanfori/edt Itroiiddoll. ... 220 threads of fine combe/ cotton lo each squiire inch. The Nii-cnifl* collar sets rijjlil, it's' co.nforl will, a capital C... won't will _ after a har.l .lay's Jcar. Harrel or freneli cuffs, si/.es 14-iZ-' IShrinVngc will nol txcccct 1% •Hc K . U. S. Pnl. Off. TOWNCRAFT FANCIES I'c.'ilnnnir I|,P i; n i|.l,,.|r m] [! r ,, n ,| ( ,i,, (1 , in S(||j(| O.lnrs. I.,,, 1K Wcl ,ri,, K - Sn l*, sy f,, l.aumle,, TOPFLIGHT SHIRTS H.-ivc Ml realm-PS or higher prirccl shirts <;,„- «--'-'"isI.v full <•„!. x u .c rari ,. wi|( f u . s am| '••iiiliiii/.i'il fur perniaiu'iil lit. 98 198 a BROADCLOTH PAJAMAS Kvery man |i| vt , s p ; ,j :inias ,,,.,, (||p|| . m>e|, up and hind wl, CJ , | u , hlnls ;„ ,,,.,, S 2 98 INITIALED HANDKERCHIEFS 98<z (lift ljo\cd — :i iii each hox. Fine comlii'd cotton 'IliaI sfaycrinp after laun- tlcrinj;. TOWNCRAFT ROBES I.iiMirinns Kayon .Tac<|uai(l in lilitc anil .Maroon. Fully lined. 1,, .s m; ,|| niodinni anil lar^c. A t;if| most sure lo please tin- man <>u your KM. Only 17 More Shopping Days Till Xmas

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