The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1949
Page 3
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 5, 19.19 America's 30-Year War Against Communism Find 'Ern, Try 'Em, Deport 'Em Theme OfWaronU.S.Reds (Editors Note-: Tins is the seventh in a scries of 12 stories by NBA Washington Correspondent, Peter Kelson on the Communist Party in the u. s., Us successes and setbacks, and where the current mucks on It may lead.) A JSy 1'ctcr Kdson ~ N'KA Washington Correspondent Although charges that, the Federal government, was well-slocked with Communist and fellow-traveler employes have been frequent since the first term of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, it took n far and Its backwash to drive America into doing anything specific BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS tion. The loyalty investigation, for example, was not launched milII October, 1947. The Attorney General's about sell-prcserva- the year, when the investigation Is expected t« end. is not likelv to be much greater than 1000. Snbvcrsive List, intended to air in lMii n n th fr CO ,"" m "\ t i i ^ fr ^ U °' gim ~ In 3n """ lr " Ml " 1 '<•'"" s «tor Is 'ir n ™KO " h ,,™ '° t '"'" 1 (h ?i T " c Attorney General's official list ot. rlnnnn^n '•,7'" C aS imt "' Subversive Organisations. This 01 'np SJO.OOO.OOO loyalty program. The Uniled States hns had Red .'Pies for years, but it remained for | Canada to arrest (he first of them i Lieut. Igor Sergeivitch Gonjenko. ! w 'i« confessed to being a member I of five A-br>rnb spy groups wllh J headquarters til the Russian em- | bassy at Ottawa. .1 But now that the country is rela- I lively awake, it can do the needful ; 'or protection to the tune of a parn: phrase: Find 'em, try 'em and de.! porl 'em. • Here's how tlie Eoveriunent lias •{ been finding 'fmt j The first temporary commission \ on Government Employe Loyalty ! was set up by President Truman. j shortly after the 10-16 election, i largely as a result of such charges J as (February. 19451 the Army had j commissioned Communl.sls and [ (April, 1!)!G> the State Department had at least 108 Communists or | sympathizers on its payroll. The rte- j ^j'Ms In both cases staved off in, vestisntions for the time, but proved 1 to be the ample Incentive for the i loyalty program. i !u December. 1816, a lew weeks after appointment of the first temporary commission, the U.S. Court of Appeals held lhat the govern- 1 ment had every right lo fire any employe of doubtful loyalty. With this test, case behind him, Mr. Truman went ahead, in February, 1947. to revise Civil Service, rules in such a way that Commie, employes would nn longer enjoy the protection of obsolete regulations. In the^ following month, with (lie way thifs. paved, -the President set came into lieing as to tlie loyally check. It called for scanning six categories: Totalitarian. Fascist, Communist, subversive, advocates of acts of force and violence to deny others their Constitutional rights, and advocates of government alteration by other than Constitutional means. Under Attorney General Tom Clark, the Justice Department totted up a total of more than 100 subversive organizations. These ranked from the villain of the piece, the Communist Party, U.S.A, through the Trolzkyists (Socialist Workers Party), the Soviet friendship blocs (of which there are at least four!, the friends of the Spanish Republicans (roughtly 10 groups", to the fronts working ostensibly for peace. It is neither possible nor necessary to list every one of these subversive front organizations hern Sush listing, unless undertaken on the exhaustive scale of the Justice Department, would be pretty futile anyway. Most of the. older, fronts have gone through several names and have changed their the political temperature Underneath they all coats as varied come to the same thing—Njcoli Lenin's merit: "The dictatorship of the proletariat cauot be effectively realized without -belts' to transmit power from the vanguard to the mass of the advanced classes and iu-:covi:itv INVI:STIGATI;D — The story of the recovery of Herbert Theriot, (above) of Franklin, i,a., is being investigated by the Catholic Church to determine a possible miracle. Theriot was operated on in April 1948 and when it was discovered he had gmigrenc was told his case was om of medical hands. Theriot said he then turned to prayer and placed a relic of the Church on the wound, lie added that his condition improved until he was fully recovered. (AP Wirephulo). Irom the advanced class to the mass of those below. Iiicidemly. if the attorney gen- , T ,. • T 'if "try 'cm" phase of govern. immediate investigation by the. 1 mem strategy against Communism iTKestigal ions have been . •onduc -ted. ! If there Is' am- fl-vv in thi< is with 13,001) cases s.ipsestins further,' pect of the camp., ,, I h i' the ,eld work by the FBI. Of the Ki.OOO. lean-over backward efforl to give here have been found 102 persons the defendants the fairest of an Ineligible for Federal employment, possible shakes-as wiinels Juriee An additional 814 withdrew appli- th.rnld A. Medina's pat e coin New cations. Grand . c ew total at the end of York, over nine wearv ear-s itte, ing mo.nils, and the admission Into evidence at Judy Coplon's trial of secret items found in her purse over the government's protest that their publication might, endanger national security. Now. having drawn a pretty picture of some skilled maneuverings on the battleground, yon come again—and it seems inevitably, in dealings \yiih the Communists—to the bng-dowii. This Is in the third, or "deport 'em" palise, of the government's program. As or January. 1949. the Justice Department had some 800 alien Communists it wanted to deport. But because of weaknesses in the law, a niggardly Immigration Service appropriation, and the absolute discipline of the Soviet regime abroad. nothing much could be done about them. The Justice Department needs the Hobbs Bill, which would permit holding alien subversives ii custody until they are deported. But opponents call this establishment of "concentration camps in peace-time." The immigraiiun Service is supposed to operate on appropriation of S27.ocm.0000, with which to maintain 7(100 employes and patrol 8000 miles of bonier. Finally, the Soviet refuses to m-cepl a deported person unless the U.S government can prove he was a Russian resident before the revolution of 1017. and the Iron Curtain satellite conmries have taken a similar stand. The U. S still has a crops of professional rcvohuinnists, known to the officials to be so danuerous that nothing but deportation will nullify their lineal, rim this comes iu> against a bis ml refusal from .1 o c Stalin's countries to accept them. And finally there is a squca- mishness which says. "To put these men in custody would be to destroy VVe h:tvc rntcrnntional Truck transmissions, differentials, clutches, brake shoes, crankshafts, and other units that have been reconditioned strictly in accordance with factory methods. You can buy these units from us and install them yourself, or we'll make the installations. Either way you save money. You get practically new unit service from the reconditioned units because of the expert way they are reconditioned. And the cost is much Jess than the new unit cost. Take advantage of this money-saving opportunity now. And take advantage of our complete truck maintenance service, too. All International Truck high quality. And for any make or model. Any job from lubrication to overhaul. 3/2 SOUTH 22JP ST. PHONEPX* Engli Doctors Decide ish Twins Are Inseparable ROYSTON, Eng., Dec. 5. </Pj—The doctors have decided II.til a set of English—not Siamese—twins ate ln- serjcruble. They have ordered that MI S Siitcliffe and Mrs. Elhel HoUinson —40 year.s old and twins—are to be reunited permanently, even at the expense of their husband's jobs. The sisters were married to [jcon- ard Snlclifie anil Sidney Robinson in a double ceremony in 1026. m 1933, Robinson's work as an employment agent look him to Gains- bcroiiBh, 40 miles from here, snt- cliffc stayed In noyston as an insurance agent. For the past 1C years (heir twin wives have exchanged more than 16.000 letters and have made 800 weekend visits to each other. But (litritjg their absence from each other they have iiined awav until now they are twin shadows. "Every mntnont we ate apart we fret," said Mrs. Slilclifie. "We can't help it." snid Mrs. Hob- inson. "\Vc arc n part of each other." The dot-tors decided the only cure would he for them to live together again. So Sntcliffc and Roumson arc clinking their jobs, uml j n i-'clnn- ary ttie' four will start running a hotel together In SkCBiicss. Neither Easterners Nor Anyone Else Can Sec LA I-OS ANGEI.KS. Dec. 5. l/1'i-Ymi die-hard Easterners who Just cnn'l sec I.os Angeles will be llappy to know thnt las Angeles can't' see itself either. The city of shrouded angels Siit- urctay hud its nth consecutive round of fossuy nights, smosuy days. And some of its citizens were moved lo more than tears. County Supervisor John Anson r-'ord said that l,c will ask his board Tuesday to shut up oil refineries for the duration of the eye-smarting emergency. He agreed with oil com- liany spokesmen that Hie refineries were not entirely to blame for air jwllution, but said tlie situation Is iiitulorahlc and musi be mcl with prompt action. i.osi:s C:IISTOI»Y OK SONS — Mrs, l-'lorcncc Walton, Los Angeles society woman, weeps as she leaves court where a juili;e awiU'iled her Inisliand, Delvy T. Walton custody of their three sons in deciding their contested div.ncc case. The Juduc commented: "The evidence Is so conclusive that Mrs. Walton was guilty of adultery (with Richard Pi we.s, a real estnlc uncut ai.'j ior- mer movie actor. thnC I must awitrd custody to Mr. Walton." (Al 1 Wire- photo i. Courteous Stronger Turns Out to Be a Heel, and Not a Good Samaritan PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 5. (AP) — Walter Bowc was struggling ; to posh hts Mag model auto out of an Intersection in South Philadelphia when a courteous stranger stepped up and offered lo help. The two pushed' together a while, trying to start the car. Then the stranger silBKOsled that he. us the llBhler man, might Ret in and work the starter while I3owe continued to push. Howe pushed, and pushed, and luishcri. The stranger ground away on the starter. At last, the motor turned over. The courteous stumper just kept his srat, and drove ojf with Houe'.s car. PAGE THREE H.iilcd gras-hopper.s are said to la.ste something like lobster. frenchman, Expelled From Poland, Kills Self HAMBURG. Germany. Dec. 3- -Onc of the l-'renclnncn expelled Irom Poland was klllc.l Saturday when he threw himself from J, Freiuh military train in (he Am- reican ?.one of cicrmuny. it was officially revealed. The Frenchman was M. liny Al- li'iiy. 0,10 of nine | n>m-]i f-Mpl|, expelled [mm pol.iinj as a reprisal for French expulsion of Pules Tile 1,'reiii'li rail Haiti,: oflicei at HchiiMi'dt. Iliiiish /.one, said that .suicide uas Mispei-ti'd. The duors of the train wcie kicked and the Bill of Risths." What it all adds up to Is a (act made more self-evident every day the war asaiilst the Communists goes on—the Constitution, while it is America's bulwark, is also Achilles Heel. Tomorrow: What the rlnirelirs, sc-lu.nls atitl colleges arc doing to fight C' WHEN rafs YOUFEEL WELL ' STEWART'S DRUG STORE Alain & Lake I'lmne 2S22 Uly[hcviHe Affray had apparently smashed a window to get out of the train. Authorities said his body was later fmmu |,y tho railway lint near Offenbach, In the American Zone. Model 587 SO EASY on your ClmstiiKia lnnl«!Cl — ii wonilt'iTiil »ifl to rrri'ivu. This new sitpcr-pow- croil tattle model It us fi'rry- l/ini,!; — u civ uncoil eU'drouic imjirovcmrnls — Supcrliclcro- tlymi AC-DC euouil in a ile- luxe Kluiuy |il;i.stio cabinet — full vision sliiir-mln itial —iMirlosril super loop ;intciuin. A miracle buy. 1^f THIS Christmas fke gift she wonts f? gSve Issr a LANE t that says ' ?! 1 9f4?^ .^* Ma!<e her Hope Chest rfrsoms come true with a IANE Codar Hope Chest-the tjift that starts the home! Choose now—pny lalor! Low, easy terms. Styles lo hlcnd with any room, any furniture MoUi Protection Guarantee with every LANK purcliase! I-ANIi is Uie o;i/y pressure- tesled aroma-tight cedar clicst in Hie world! / ^~'X^-> «l* *& yK$&?z> ;%'pls^^^ * ™t L°V«.G;I, t ol iweelhearl -v^). /-)„.• tmnc <• • , %1=HJ' w./e, daughter, ,,' J(( ,,, mo lherl & ?fcjT'i ViinSTITIOS 3061101 ^£X^•--. '&" T\v,''1 '.akifJSr" ""'""'-' *--•--•* ^ tyStf^ ^ ^-* ^^ W ^O?s ££-.^»."aa f »L f / K^ */tKfli.istsRi'Airfcs-i, T: "'• * sTt^rji M".',""' 'v 1 ' ''""<"'•' ""I' ^ ..'i"i:";i;". r vVn•':•;": '/9«s As Advertised in UFE, LOOK and SEVENTEEN COME , N rooAv, Ch ..,. now lhe rome , nlk loye _ ».»,, --^,^,1 <M|j 'hnl ,lart, .h. home. S.leclion, » mp lel.l M < ^~.*r£-l£X$ ^ ^^ DOWN LANE rf?^ HOPE CHEST The Chri.stmii.s J'r<;s«nl To <;ive Y«n» -Hoiniil l'!<-ii.snre! TIIK IMCK ol t| le I ] ort:tl)!c Knilio values . . . lightweight, easy- lo-carry — o|>creilcs on AC, DC anil Uallcry i 1'nck . . 1 in proved Superheterodyne in a smart, nlli"ator- Ifijwvi Drained plast ic case. «$JJ!&\ 'Hiis i, an i.lcal per••$$$ '""""'Sif- ijjiifjti Zmffl I'nnd m n low Super Portable Model 559 Lcss batteries EASY TERMS-SMALL DOWN PAYMENT Furniture "TradeWitkWade&Save" SEE WADE FOR ALL YOUR CHRISTMAS NEEDS FRIENDLY SERVICE 7 Laundry-Cleaners Phono 4474

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