The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on December 13, 1930 · Page 26
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 26

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1930
Page 26
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i i i. 28 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL To Formally Stately Glebe Church Impressive Ceremony New St. Matthew's Anglican Church I Archltctur ally One of Most Beautiful Edinces In city-Has Ample Accommodation Tor All - Parish Activities. AX epoch in Um kitlory of St Mat. thews Anglican Church, Fir avenue and Bank ttreet, wUl to closed toBtornw. whtn the final mica will to told there. On th following Sun. day th congregation will enter upon ' new era when the mafniffceat new church edifice which they hive erected at cost or about jnS.OOO at the twth-wetV corntr"ot'th Intereertion .of Bank itreet end Carting avenue. wiU to dedicated to the wotthlp of Cod by Hu Lonkhip. the Biahop of I .. Ottawa. " '-. I The new church It Inunediately north of the edifice hi which the congregation hu worshipped aince July, JIM. The intention li to demolish the present building tome time in the future and to level the alte. It is . hoped that in the aot ioe distant future aha the congregation m"r ''"d It possible to use the old tile for the KttiMine of a rprtorv. The new edifice constitute one of the fined additions in recent years t ecclesiastical a-Thttecture In the city. Its exterior la of modified English Gothic and the perish hall which adjoin the church on Its eastern end, , and la nearest B'nk street, haa been built to match. The cluster of build, ins present a moat picturesque appearance viewed fronr any angle and have been much admired as they neared comnleuon. Beautiful Design. ' Indiana limestone was used for the exterior of the church and pariah halL -The room art of slate. In form end color the new buildings leave little to to desired even by th moat fastidious taste in church architecture. Surmounting the church edifice le a fine square tower with mcccmaode-tion for eight tolls. Seating accommodation for about 1.000 worshippers baa been provided la the church, Including about U in. the gallery at the western end of 'the church and at choir Bests in the chancel. " The aeatx are of oak, and art band-carved. - . The interior of the church I orthodox cruciform, and la of haod-lexture nlaster with artificial stone trimmings. The ceiling and floors are of B. C fir. Similar furnishings feature , the small chapel to the east f the chancel ' and . which will . accommodate about 1 people. This will to used for week-night services and for vat meditation. Adjoining the chancel and on Its east aide alao la the rector's vestry, and opposite to the Istler la th JBoate room for the choir and organist The chorea, baa direct lighting by mean of at hanging glass electric fixture light which can to varus Uy dimmed a needed. Four concealed floodlight Illuminate th ceiling f the chancel. The) baptistery of the church 1 di rectly underneath the tower eat the ear and I locate on the Childi irens Golds : Gentle Positive Action b "quickly wear la rartegvlaf A cnabwal aftd CCeaejeatJca ejeajenjat hi . lh wrLsasooi penewetlae, cra CM ka Uattesrtjy I ! ll I I B J - amaalA --- , , all I fTeWMwafVI 19 tfaafSf WK9t&f yVVwaWIII kbM wrtVoat awpM Mj tVw. patrtk vtle. . a kf. f r-eeooeea a r-T, Safe SpetdyRdief frt2 SCIATICA a teat gl at eel eVeajejiat Best Remedy for Cough Is Easfly Mixed at Home Voe'll never know tow nicely . etubbor couth or cheat eol can to conquered, aatil yea try tela taatoua recipe. It la aaed I atiilloiia of boar, beraiwe at gives mere are rapt, positive .' relief the aaytkiag east.. It's ae are, hi et all to aui and coat bat a triia. Into It oa. bottle, pour 2V, oesret of Plan: then add Plain translated enter syrup or etraiaed honey a auk Jo ounce. Taia eaves two-third eg tee moaey aaoaliy eprart lee cough Bardlet, aad give yon purer, better remedy. It never epeila. Bad easts good children like It. ...... .. lea eea actually feel Hi aeaetrat-In, asetblag etlo ea th innemed throat m breast. It la aha absorbed late the bleed, where U art directly an the krearklel take. At the UM tisae.strnmMlyleeeeaeraeeeiBl Is in Bblrgae. This three-fold aetiea expleiaa why It briars each quirk relief erva ht ever bronchial aaogto akick fellow Cold epMemicav . ----- -. line to a blrtty reave atistod gee. ewnnd ef geaaia Norway Pate, Bea ten" th active atrem et r.nMi nalebibat form, aad k ae awe of toe evo4aa aaeita aeat (. ranieaa, cheat oeUa aad aronrhial treeniae. ' ii ' I not aeewot eub-eltute tee Praar, ft to gnaraateed ta give aweeaat reuaf 14 Dedicate- east tide of th main entrance to lbs building. Transferred Ones. ' The organ has been transferred from the present church building end has been installed in a very Ana, csoacloua organ loft. The console la in the chancel with the aeat for the organist facing aha congregation and the choir on either side of the chancel in front Tnia will enable the organist to com pletely direct the choir In frcnt of him. Adorning the church also are two Urge auuned gists windows which hive been i-anaerred from the present building. That in the west end the Easter Thanknfferlng gift of the congregation in 171. The window in the eastern end over the chancel la the memorial window erected in honor of the inoniboia of the church who served nvsrssei in the Great war. The Harvey Memorial window has alao been transerred from the pre sent edifice to the new chapel on the east side of the chancel. Formerly it comprised four small window. These have been worked into one In the new chsneL The window Is In memory of Charles Henry Harvey, captain of the Roval Engineer, who died on June 1 INI as a result of Injuries et Dow' Leke, In corinection with work being done on the Ridceu CanaL In the basement of th church are the choir room for men and women, the kindergarten room, which I direct-ly under th chancel, also the utility rooms, and accommodation for the beating plant etc. Two urge nana. The pariah hail adjoining the new church comprises an assembly hall la of 84. Matthew's Aafticaa Chsrreh. who wul fsraaally take ever ass a . Ka) people. Including gallerie at th and. and ea one aide There It slso a large auuja. Ia th hasiminl of th pariah hall It th kanquet room, napshlo of seating N ptrtont, bS kitchens, and aaen'a dub room. Th aa-armbly toll wiU to used for Sunday school piauasis also, and there are about It cUaaraamt e valla bie. The sextan' quarter era on ah ftrst floor. Adjoining th aassmbly hall alt la the LedW Guild room. The conxreiaboci at St Matthew church noma las about IW famibea. Th Sunday school haa a membership of about M scholars. The church edi-Ace in which th ceogragatloa has been worshipping for more then M years, and whtch wiU to closed after tomorrow's tenluat, had accoeamodttlon for about 1M worshippers. The new buildings war started in May, IK. Th first sod was turned by Bishop Roper on May 1 IK. About two month bur, an July 1 ' 1Kb. Biahop Kopar kid lb foundation atone at th eastern and of th church in th presence ef a larue assembly ef clergy and 4alty aad ia glorious sua- DeaUrase Oa Hit Lordshl will dedicate th new church an Sunday morning, December 21. at a special servtot eommencing at 11 e clock, ia which he will to assist ed by Rev. Archdeacon C O. Carson, of Morrisburg, and the Rural Dean of Ottawa, Rev. Robert 1. Turley, of Holy Trlnitr Church. Ottawa South. A number or clergy, including former rector of St Matthe-Ws Church, have bean invited to attend tb dedica tion.. Th orsasnt rector to Rev. Canon Robert Jerrerson. B A. B.D. He eppoinlad in May. IKf. to his present charge. Parr. 1. W. L ataakln, former, br rector at Montagu. Out, waa re cently tppointed curat. . Th tervlca at aecucauoB wiu do broadcast for the benefit of many me a of th corurreaatloo who It ta known will be nteieuttd from ttnd- lni through ticknees or etner mnrmiiy. Keeular aarvice trill to broadcast also from time to time, according to Canon Jefferaon, The following memorials, thank ofli Inga, and other gift will to dedicated at tb epenlnr ceremony alao: tatfa aa t u a aUmorials: 8talnad glaat window, in memory of Edith Bewtrie Strong, wife of t former rector; tasstnted by th Ladies of the Parish. Prie-EHeu. ia memory of Harry Georat and Mary Jan Sexton Letch: presented by their daughtera Four hymn board in mem ory of &. r. D. Ward; presented by Bit sister. Mis Ward. Alms dish, for chapel k kt mam err at Daley Warner; presented by momboit at the Evening Branch of the Woman' Auxiliary. Offertory plates, tar chapel use. In nesioccr ef Robert - Herman wrtgni; presented by bit perenta. Biahop' chair to to aaed at Cooflrmation vices, la memory of Mrs. T. A. Palmar; presented by Major and tb Mian Palmer. Altar vases tee chapel use. In memory at Juke Ford Perkins: pre sented by hat aunta. the den. Chalice veil and Bursa, green art, m memory of Mrs. Robert Jeftartan; Presented by th Altar Guild. . i i - Aaaa Digliatod. ' Thankofferlngs and other gift: Lectern Bibsa, for chapel vet, rjesetnV. ed by th Young Men t Bible Cleaa Altar and chancel steps, pttiiuud by Oram Davidson, Challe vefl end Burse, while gat, areeented by the Altar OviM. CbaUte veil aad Burea, red set - esntad by Mr. and Mr. C -A. Olmsted. - T. Green set of ribbons, u-cttntrd by - Church Sector . . . i .It saiat juai Aismerat, Beautiful New Church Group Ready for Worship : - i -. , -.-;. . v ., . .. . ) ' ' ...... ' - ' , - ; v . . . ' . - - . ' ...;. .:. ' . . .r- v ' i 'J ,-.,., - ay- v J. ,i , , i r : ila 1 "M s ev ) , n-. '. --e. - ... r -. . . . - : : J v , L . f j Pursla Bet of ribbons, presented by Miss Gertrude Palmer. White set of ribbons, presented by Mies Mildred Woods. Red act of ribbons, presented by Mrs. Mary B. Tniman On complete linen set embroidered nd presented by- Mies Gertrude Pelmer. Fsir linen cloth. chsUre veil and purifies tors embroidered and preeent- ed by Mrs. CS.ll Holmes. fair linen cloth, for chepel use. pre sented by J. H. Barker. One linen art presented by St. An na Guild, and ernaroiderea rv Mrs. L Clarke. Mrs. Holmes. Mi as G. Loucks. Miss Gertrude Pslimr. Mies J. Church,' Mis M. Woods, Mn. Q. A. Johnston and Mr. F. A. WoiUnor. Cbarcb Caaaaartlrev The building and finance committee responsible for the erection of the specious new edifice and hall adjoining was com net red of the following mem bers of the congregation: Rev. Canon Robert Jefferson B A.. B O., rector. George T. Barrett and Frederic T. Gordon, churchwardens, O. W. Dawacn, G. W. Taylor. J. A. Robertson. H. R. Tyner. E. G. Browne. G. A. Clark. V. S. Castledine. 8. & Holden. F. W. Fee. Mayor Frank H. Plant. Arthur Bennett H. B. Hill, H. A. Plant. E. C. Holloway, F. J. PUnt J. H. Barker. B. Oorsett. i. & Crawley, vestry clerk. R. - W. Kennedy, treasurer. Major F. A. Palmer, Mrs. F. G. Wait Mrs. E. A. Band, and Mr. A. Bennett Th architects of th new buildings were Cecil Burgess, and bia associate, E. A. Gardner. Following were' th contractors: Tsy lor and Lackey, general; Murphy and Morrow, plastering; Fred W.lson. electrical: Hollowav and Son., plumbing and heating; Ottawa Sheet Metal Co, roofing, etc: Dominion Bridge Co, steel: Georae T. Green, painting; Colonial Art Ulaaa, windows and mem orials; valley ity Beating t-o- uunoaa, see tine C leghorn and Beattie, floor material In chancel. St Matthew's Anglican pariah waa first constituted In ml. On January . latt. the first church service waa hell with 13 person attending. On February L IMt, Rev, J. A. Tann'xk was appointed th first rector, and on July 11 of that year th first service in the newly-etwcatd church waa conducted. In IMt th church waa enlarged, and waa reopened an September 22, of that year. The new organ was dedicated on November 11, net. The iriortgag an th church was di-charged on October M, 111. Rev. Canon Bobart Jefleraon. B.A-B D.. waa appointed rector on May 1. 121 and inducted eat May at. 1327. He waa bora in County Down. Ireland. At an early see he commenced hie teaching career as assis-tant master of Broadway National School, Ireland. At th age of 21, he waa appointed head master of St Simon a School. Belfast He it a graduate of the Church of Irelani Teacher' College. Dublin. In l0f ha graduated In mathematical and experimental science from the Roysl University of Ireland. On coming to Canada the earn year, he Was appointed mathematical end science master at Westward-Ho School, Edmonton. Alta He waa ordained a deacon in the Church of God in 101 and priest in Summer Villa of Roman Pontiff To Be Reached by Motor Tunnel Many Changes Planned At Not Been Used By Is Now a CASTEL GANDOLFO. lUly.-Con- struction will start soon an a tunnel suitable for ttalomobilat to connect th old papal villa, Castel Gondolfo, with the Villa Berberinl recently , acquired by th Holy So through the Lateran Treaty of )2.. Pop Piu XL will us this tunnel when to makes hi expected viait to Castel Gandolio next Summer to spend th bat months there. : The bora will be 11 U K feet wide. iH by Ht Kev. Dr. Pinfchara, biahop . of Calgary. He waa curat of All . Saints. Edmonton, In 101 and 1M. I In 190 he waa appointed first rector of Christ Church, Edmonton, which was built during his first year a rector and had to to enlarged the following year. Upon the invitation of. Archbishop Hamilton In 114 to cam to the Diocese of Ottawa and was made incumbent of the Mission Pariah of Montague. In 1U ha graduated B.D. with first class honors, second division from St John's College, Winnipeg. His next appointment in the Ottawa Diocese waa rector of Holy Trinity Church. Ottawa East in1 UleV A new was appointed examining chaplain by church was built and renamed the Church of the Ascension in ISA He the Bishop of Ottawa in 122, a position which he sull holds. , He waa ruraUdean of Ottawa 1323 to 192 and was made a canon of the Cathedral in 1924. His appointment as rector of St. Matthew't took place in May. 127. Thus he haa been rector In three perishes during which new churches hav been built Castel Gondolfo Which Has Pope Since 1870 Museum. and about half a mil long. It will to wide enough for two automobiles to pat and still leave room for pedestrians. It will eliminate th necessity at th Pontiff's driving through th oentr of the conge tied little town with Its crooked narrow streets. An tinder-ground passageway connecting th two villa now exists, but it to big enough only for pedestrians, and haa long sine fallen Into disuse. Soma part of it hav crumpled in. This smaller bore will b utilised ia drilling tb larger hole. Construction of tb tunnel win to 1 evvaejyi I t?ee5V4Mr' w - .s ntcrAn a -v- 1 nc AK19 l UV,In A L SAIUBDAY, DECEMBER 13, mZ. L ' SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1930. ' ' Hoiking finer for. - W I & 9 (Eiirfoimas I I " mJ0) Ma I - . PARt TOILETWAR? 8 n "V I ' n Ciwnning Styles including : ft' llk (p 'The Palrida" ll b VS. All h'r X - h'ifbrnah, comb and otbcf KCtatorit- f it i C. f VTy f ' ' W pieces to the art and comet in Ax W ft I v'v jAaL ' - wlot-Mttom.bat,otddd.muz ft J ' -iValfeltv -" (7ow) ,ms PpU-gtetn. : i i Ik " V. Uniformity erf colorinf ti giurantctcl fi JJ If , I lV, - 71 caa taftlw bay 4uco by tb pice ' Vf Jf iitf ctotirrcl ... an opea gtock patura. J W Aa-co tka U- ' JM . Vl AT ALL BETTER-CLASS STOKES ft' Si . tare away to , IS k "T" y Carl Austin 8 Co. Limited - - - - Toronto g n t"oS I ECONOMIZE . I 1 v eg Bank at. only one, although tb largest of hundreds ef jvatnt at repair and reconstruction before th pontifical villas will to habitable. Caste! Gtndolfo, because f It long lack of aorupation-th Pops cetttd to betake themselves there In Summer following the fateful year of 11. and the lata Cardinal Merry del Val wee th only eorbmt-attic to liv there, aad to only briefly It In great need of rebuilding. . - At present it to little mora than gold and red museum, redolent of Pope Piu IX, th last pontiff la visit it Th visitor sees bia writing desk, bis throne, hi dining and sleeping rooms, and even the bed In which he died, it having been carried back from the Vatican. But th paper ia falling ciS the wells; there are aa sanitary conveniences, no bathrooms; and only the few rooms occupied by Cardinal Marry del Val are fitted with electricity. Work has not yet been begun to modemire th place. Architects are just now drawing their plan and submitting them to Commends tore Sera Ani. Governor of Vatican City, and to the Pope himself. Many months will elapse before Cartel Gandolfo to fit for residence. Work haa already been begun at the Villa Barber ini. Workmen are busily engaged In I em doling th arrangement of room, and la tnstailing a little greatly needed plumbing. Tot Villa Barberinl Is not In th tame stats as the Villa Cute) Gandolio. tine th princely Barberinl family lived ia It off and on during the passing Summer. But it too, require considerable rebuilding. before it to suited for ut by the Pope or hi court. Work at th of tb DRESSING TABLE U Par your convenience you win find a complete aaaortmtnt of AUSCO TOtLTT WARS oa display at . ECONOMY DRUG STORES Ltd. Keith Theatre BaUdlag. TriIni22iHoraTK Barsy Taats Tw . . FLORIDA Other Fast T1weark Tnsiaa Daily Fwassjas Uaatad HI eea, tew UeeVtsrMe Mall a.m. Thm Kteealeaea . It St, Tte PmHiTie lis I as st teaas Atlantic Coast Line Taogli I ifMsaVisdeyeaeaVaek Tkkm.m 1. 1 Si mat B- p. runts, a. u. r. Was) sOrkBl, New tsa far "Teeeleal TitB villa will not to finished until the autumn. Five papal gendarme are aa duty at the Villa Barbarini. At the Villa Cast! Gandolio caretaker Ig the only one In char at. Following record haul ef herrings recently the fish were told In Deal, England, at two for a cent. Home Secretory Clynet, of England made hi Aral flint appearaaot recently ia taking part in a ttlki illustrating health and welfare in industry. . Qacen M) TliaaxbMr.V.' a4f tat, tea easeeal , . , taut P-aa, Fleet ggiaaal . . . game) aja. rrn wtxa TO CCONOM1ZE Y u"!" ' " : "" ' '' ..!--J.. ..V." !" ''I -""M II.':' ""!.""!.!. I. "'!'" " .11'" ". I" "i.;;! .!!..'!:: ".'J' .L.,1'! T, il..,JI..B!!L,,.U!l,' lUI"." tif'ir "II l'.;i'n. IJaiiaiatyJI'tJ I :v' ; :yr : il-K TI The Story of - introducing-' jlSfil ficrElilK iiSilll ' Beth Shannons : 0T . ffiffll Great Love SSs J Philip Dane Q ... J,:-.;A:..:-y J-V W '.'?. aW I .,: ru. u:- c.l, H i 1 keseaae tea aleyt tb latdiad rata: I i f 1 1 t.vSJ I , n Ii(WwP. I . . t Ul liU aJCLXbC M 1 F,l la this griaaia aew - I f fK 1 1 fl . MrV III I". . Fl , FIRST . - 7fMM tur'j -Q!H) r ; " '- u 1 i. r TODAY'S n XeNT nvf(? a ' -e-b.v frbf A L 3 ' l- Y ' , . . .1" tir-- f'v. v, AHaAtmtVJ)V-J)" . iM L3 i ' ,' V ' You 5 Wffl Read it Daily M j tr . U Uj U 4 V 11 J L3 Ua 1 " F4 : , rn rka rt.r1 . : ' . . -. , , r - ' ' ' - -',' J S : .'. -' -' V -' "--'a,, ' ' . U

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