Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on November 20, 1968 · 373
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Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada · 373

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Wednesday, November 20, 1968
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Ottawa Journalist From Page 29 "And the bargain was sealed with the election of Trudeau)." Mr. Lynch, who writes a daily column for The Herald and other Southam dailies, said tfofnewPM has dedicated him- 9.1 to saving Canada as a sm- natioti. He has taken over the unifi-ciion task which his predecessor, Lester B. Pearson, had at-twpted with remarkable success, he added. Jhe New Brunswick-raised jOOrnalist said Trudeau propc eCto save Canada by offering Ftfench-speakers a larger stake icCthe Canadian game, and by i&iting English - speakers to nSve over and make room. 3lf you don't believe our hist-o& is being re-written," he said, invite your attention to the wSy in which France's role is being upgraded to equal status wSh Britain, Jo the way the monarchy is bjjng phased out of our text-bflfks, our laws and-our proced-uiws: 3nd to "the changing tone of oi r wartime recollections, wjjjich now attach as much importance to the anti-conscrip-tijjn riots in Quebec as they do tqJ,he deeds of our fighting men off the global battlefields. Out of all this must come a I Teachers From Page 29 mm bStis as their 5.06 per cent estimate oi the conciliation proposal. 2The second issue teachers are difcatLsTied about, Mr. Hodgert aSfied, is the 16-month contract pjfiod, "The school board has sprung tftis 16-month period on us at the eleventh hour. It came as a real surprise to our teachers. Ad it appears they are not willing to accept anything more thiin the 12-month contracts of recent years," he said. Mr. Hodgert said the third disputed item in the current negotiations was the lack of sufficient time for teachers to prepare lessons (spare periods dur-iiM school hours). jThe conciliation board failed tiv jjerijwsitively with this matter of critical importance to teachers. Teachers are vitally interested in getting this matter resolved especially due to the implications of the new level system and expanded semester system on teacher work loads," he said. The Public School Board is reported to agree that mediation should be set up, but department of labor officials have not yet announced plans to do so. new Canadianism, (one) that promises unprecedented rewards for French-speaking I Canadians, and confronts English-speaking Canadians with unprecedented challenges." Mr. Lynch said there is nothing in the programs of the Progressive - Conservatives or the New Democrats to match Trudeau's unique unifying style. The latter two parties subscribe to the main principles of bilingualism and biculturalism as set out by the B and B commission, he said. But the respective party lead-es Robert Stanfield and Tommy Douglas have been unable to bridge the two cultures as has Trudeau. CO-OPERATON URGED Mr. Lynch urged Canadians to co-operate with the prime minister in upgrading "the French fact in Canadian life" by making the necessary bilingual and cultural adjustments. All segments of Canadian society must co-operate, he said, including provincial governments, business and industry, schools and universities, the public and the military. He said Mr. Trudeau intends to expand relations greatly between Canada and French-speaking nations, and added that if some Canadians object to this they should speak their minds now. Those who do not wish to see changes made in Canada's foreign policy in respect to the U.S., Red China and other countries should also voice their views, he said. "Are we going to be friends with the U.S., or mere acquaintances? Do we view the U.S. as a menace to our security, as Mr. Trudeau seems to be hinting, or as a bulwark to not only our security but our economy? "If you have special feelings about our relations with the United States, it is time to voice them now. "Should we carry on with (our alliances), particularly NATO, or should we start from scratch with a policy of no international commitments, treating all nations in terms of equal friendship and intimacy? "If you have special feelings about our alliances and our place in the mainstream of world events, it is time to voice them now. "The question of recognizing Red China is a live question, soon to be acted upon by our government. "So is the question of our joining the Organization of American States. Citizens' views should be heard before our revolutionary leaders make these decisions for us." Goren On Bridge GOREN ON BRIDGE BY CHARLES H. GOREN WEEKLY BRIDGE QUIZ Q. 1 As dealer you hold: AAKQ4. AQJiO OAK J 4 6 What is your opening bid? Q. 2 Neither vulnerable, fs South you hold: K10 ;.AKQJ4 C 7 J 8 6 4 2 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East IV 2 0 IV pus T What do you bid now? Q. 3 Neither vulnerable, as South you hold: AK2 c?KQ10 3 0KJ5 Q72 The bidding has proceeded: North East South ' 1 Pass ? ' What do you bid? Q 4 As dealer you hold: 9 7 64 ?AKJ OAQJ AK 5 What is your opening bid? Q. 5 As South, vulnerable, you hold: A.I 7 5 2 ZKJi 08 3 AKQ The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 1 Pass 3 Pass 3 V Pass ? What do you bid now? Q. 8 East-West vulnerable, as South you hold: 4JC4 ?J72 0QM3 AJ The bidding has proceeded: North East South West 1 1? Pass Pass 1 3 0 Pass 4 0 44k 5 0 ? What do you bid now? Q. 7 As South, vulnerable, you hold: 4Q104 CA1095 O432 J108 The bidding has proceeded: North East Sooth West 1 Pass 1 V Pass 2 Pus 3 4 Pus 3 0 Dole. ! What do you bid now? Q. 8 As South, vulnerable, you hold: 4AJ10 4 v A10 6 C A Q10 9 4 The bidding has proceeded: South West North East 1 Pass 1 0 Pass 1 Pass 3 4 Pass 3 V Pass 3 NT Pass What do you bid now? Look for answers Monday Coming Events Jjpoimcemenfs appearing in the C4JNM19 Events column are charged SffjW" ftJf the first 25 words or less and tich additional five words or p4jr thereof. 1rie Rowness 'Ladies' Auxiliary Tea and Bazaar, Saturday. November 23rd, 2 5 p.m. at Community Hall Candy sale and bake tables. Admission 35c. Raffle tickets 10c or 3 for 25c. Square dancers. Dudes-'n-Dol is have planned g "fun niqht" for you, Sat . Nov ?3rd, 8 30 P m , Brentwnod Elementary School, 1231 North mount Dr Bob Hamlin calling Lunch served. Don't miss HI Saturday bingo, 7 30 p m Virtoria Community Hail, corner of 15fh Ave ano 3rd St. S E. 6 cards for tl; extras, 3 for 50c, ?0 qames, S6 and up 3 nickel jackpots, S50 and up. Free $100 lackpot. Free letter E, $50 and up. 12 door prizes. Everyone welcome. ft Square dancers, Parkdale Promenad ers invife y'alf to their dance this Saturday, November 23rd at Parkdale School, 32nd St and 5th Ave. N.W. Caller Ron Refvik Coffee and lunch served. Square dance Saturday, November 23rd with Jack Stewart and the Gads-bouts at St. Vincent De Paul School, Varsity Drive and 4h St N.W. Coffee served. Richmond Reve'iers, square dance again on Saturday, November 23rd at 8 30 pm at K Niamey Glengarry Hall, 28th Ave and 28th St S W Gerry Stuart calling Beiseker Square away and Orval Martin invite all square dancers to an eveninq of fun, Saturday. November 23rd at 8 30 p m at the Be-seker School. Lunch Toys. Toys. Toys, Toys for Indian youngsters (Eden Valley) your adrmv s-ort to Banff Trail Square Dance Club, second Chr.stmas Toy Dance fV)QOfl Mter Ron Revk railing Sat, Dec 7th, Branton Junior High, ?0fh &v . 20th st N W Value of toy !.50 plus Pease tr-ark toys hoy or Bingo every Monday, 8 p m., Montgomery Community Association, 5003 16th Ave. N.W. 24 games, new bigger and better jackpot game. Admission 6 cards $2. Children under 1 not allowed. Charity Bingo played December 16th. Rmqo every Monday at the Gardens 610 17th Ave S W 8 p.m. Good cash prizes. Progressive T. Door prizs $1 lucky ball Regular games $10 mini-mum $3. Extra games minimum 160-$70.-580. Free jackpot $50. All welcome. Bmgo, Hillhurst - Sunnyside? Community Hall. 1320 - 5 Ave. N W , every Monday and Saturday, 8 p m 6 cards $2. 9 for $3. etc. $50 game to po e.ich nicht. 3 jackpots included in admission. Door prizes. Everyone welcome Afternoon Monday Bingo at I 30 pm in St. Ann's Hall 80 - 21 st Ave. 5 E Admission 6 cards $1 Buses 6 and 24 at door Everyone welcome. ft Bingo, South Caigary Community Association, 31st Ave. 4 16th St. S.W. 4 cards for $1. 3 nickel jackpots. 2 free $25 jackpots. No children please Crescent Park Bingo every Wednesday and Saturday 8 p.m. 11 Ave 2 St. N W. 5 cards if. Nickel jackpcs. To be pa id at door. Free 150 bid'kou4 in 57 numbers. Consolation 115. Pro gressive Letter C 330 Door prizes. Bingo Inglewood Community Hall, i mo 24m Ave S t., Saturday. 9 p m Admission 6 cards $1 Extra cards 3 'or 50c Progressive jackpots consolation $75 Free jackpot $30 Chtdren under 16 not admitted minimum oames $10 Everyone welcome Square dancers' mark the date, Wednesday. November 27th Place: Capitol HiM Community HaM Time 8 30 pm The Aces & Laces will be visited by C and D Danny Finney cai'er Come one, come all! it it O anrj lark Squar Pi"- '-iav Nov 23rd Glenmore Ha'L Dn F "ney ca'iing showing the weather situation across the West early this morning WEATHER MAP prepared for THE CALGARY HERALD OEPARTMcNT OF TRANSPORT METEOROLOGICAL BRANCH 000ff 1 e4eeee WmJ Hffc Pre itur H JkA4Va)t CM . S I hi m a Frsnt Forecast Long-Range TEMPERATURE: PRECIPITATION: 18 (night). 6.1. Total 63 inches. NOVEMBER 1-30 Abova normal. 30-year averagt: 37 (day), Moderate. 30-year average: rain, .02; snow SYNOPSIS: EDMONTON (CP) - Cold Arctic air remained north of Fort St. John early this morning, temperatures ranged from zero at High Level to 41 at Lethbridge. The dividing line between cold and mild air will continue to show fluctuation in Peace regions today and Sunday Grey Cup Parade From Page 29 However, it now appears that the Calgary cheerleaders, the Stampettes, stand a good chance of travelling to Toronto. The Narrow band of rain showers i group has decided to take the and snowflurries will move matter into its own hands, and thrnneh southern reeions todav. i set out this weekend to seek Sunday a few cloudy periods are forecast for most southern regions with brief periods of light snow continuing in cold air farther north. FORECASTS: CALGARY Cloudy, few rainshowers or snowflurries this morning, mostly sunny in afternoon and Sunday, mild. Winds SW-15. High-low 45-25. Edmonton Sunny, cloudy periods today and Sunday, mild. Winds SW-15. Hiah-low 40-25. Rod Doer Variable cloudiness today and Sunday, showers and continuing mild. Winds SW-15. Hlqh-low 45-20. Lotnbridg Cloudy, few rainshowers, mostly sunny this afternoon and Sunday, mild. Winds SW-15 pusting to M near mountain passes. High-low 50-30. Medicine Hat Sunny, few cloudy periods today and Sunday, showers in afternoon, mild. Winds SW-20 and gusty. High-low 50-25. Banff Variable cloudiness, few light snowflurries today and Sunday, mild. Winds W-15. High-low 35-25. TEMPERATURES: ALBERTA HI Lo Prtc Peace River 32 15 Nil Edmonton 43 23 Nil Jasper 43 30 .02 Coronation 45 27 Nil Medicine Hat 50 33 Nil Lethbridge 54 37 Nil CANADA Victoria 53 40 .38 Vancouver 51 42 .19 Kamloops . 54 40 .03 Penticton .. 56 44 NI1 Swift Current 44 31 Nil Prince Albert 26 22 .11 Saskatoon 44 24 Nil Moose Jaw 51 30 Nil Regina 50 25 Nil Winnipeg . .40 25 NH White River . 31 10 Tr. Fort William 36 31 Nil Toronto ... .44 29 Nil Ottawa 39 21 .01 Montreal 37 20 .04 Fredericton 30 18 Charlottetown 35 29 St, John's, Nfld. 34 30 Old Country Soccer LONDON (CP) Satjrday's Old Country soccer results: SCOTTISH LEAGUE Division I Aberdeen 2 St. Mirren 0 Airdieonians 2 Dunfermlhe 2 Arbroath 3 Hiberniar 4 Clyde 1 Rangers 1 Dundee U 2 Morton 0 Hearts 2 St. Johnstone 2 Kilmarnock 1 Dundee 0 Partick 0 Celtic 4 Raith 3 Falkirk 1 Division II Brechin 0 Forfar 3 Clydebank 1 East Fife 4 Cowdenbeath 3 Dumbarton 1 E Stirling 5 Alloa 1 Hamilton 0 Queen's Pk 2 Montrose 0 Motherwell 2 Stenhousemuir 1 Berwick 3 Stirling 1 Albion 1 Stranraer 0 Ayr U 2 ENGLISH LEAGUE Division I Arsenal 0 Chelsea l lpwich 2 Wes Ham ? Leeds 2 Everton 1 Leicester 1 SJieffield W 1 Liverpool 2. Coventry 0 Man City 5 West Brom 1 Queen's PR 2 Notts F 1 Southampton 2 Tottenham 1 Stoke 0 Man United 0 Sunderland 2 Burnley 0 Wolverh'pton 5 Newcastle 0 Division II Aston Villa 1 Middlesbrouqh 0 Blackburn 0 Charlton 1 Blecpco1 S Bury 0 Bolton 0 Birmingham 0 Bristol C 0 Norwich 1 Derby 3 Carlisle 3 Fuiham 4 Huddersfieid 3 Hull 2 Portsmouth 2 Millwail 0 Crystal P 2 Oxford 0 Cardiff 2 Sheffield U 4 Preston 0 Division III Barnsiey 0 Plymouth 0 Barrow 1 Walsall 1 Brighton 1 Northampton 1 Gillingham 4 Shrewsbury 1 Luton 1 Bournemouth 1 Mansfield 2 Swindon 0 Oldham 1 Hartlepools 7 Orient 2 Bristol R 1 Rotherham 0 Watfo-d 7 Division IV Aldershot 1 Doncaster 2 Bradford 0 Brentford 2 Darlington 0 Scunthorpe 1 Grimsby 1 Port Vale 1 Halifa 2 Exeter t Lincoln 2 Chester 0 Newport l Chesterfield 2 Notts CO York City 0 Swansea 2 Colchester 0 Workington 1 Peterborough o Wrexham 3 Rochdale 2 IRISH LEAGUE Bangor 4 Distillery 3 Coleraine 2 Cliftonville 0 Crusaders 3 Ards 3 Glenavon 2 Baliymena 2 Glentoran 2 Portadown 0 Linfield 3 Derry City 1 nipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver have already sold out their allotments arid only Regina has some left, but the demand there is still brisk. A season ticket holder was entitled to apply for as many Grey Cup ducats as he had season tickets, Mr. Lehew said. He also warned that unlike McMahon stadium, a Grey Cup ticket doesn't necessarily mean a good seat in between the end zones, and many Calgarians may find themselves in relatively poor seats in CNE stadium compared to the McMahon seating arrangements. Rally From Page 29 As the players and organizers huddled together against the 34 degree temperature and brisk breeze on the playing field, the cheers rang out while all the time in the background the electric scoreboard showed the final score of Wednesday's game, 25-12 with three seconds remaining. The greatest cheer and the longest, over 20 seconds, lasted for quarterback Pete Liske who has played his last game in McMahon Stadium. He has played out his option and becomes a free agent, probably winding up in the U.S. professional leagues next season. Drawing cheers as loud, if not as prolonged, was the venerable veteran, Don Luzzi, who has labored for 10 years in the red and white uniform to get to the Grey Cup. The program opened with welcome remarks by Mayor Jack Leslie and Albert Ludwig (SC-Calgary East), representing the provincial government. Fred Colborne, Calgary's lone minister in the provincial cabinet, will represent the province at the Grey Cup in Toronto, Nov. 30. The crowd then heard briefly from Roy Graves, cup committee chairman, Miss Calgary Stampeder. Pat Cooper: and three veterans of the 1948 cup show. Ed O'Connor. Fritz Hanson and Tom Brook. "I want to tell you the same atmosphere and electricity that was in the air in 1948 is right here now." said Tom Brook, who was club president in 1948. "I don't think there is any question when we go down there that we are going to take those hillbillies again," he closed to a rousing cheer. Police Rescue Mini-Clad Girls DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) Police had to rescue two mini-skirted Tanzanian girls Friday when a crowd chased them into a dry cleaning store here shouting, "Look at these shameless girls strip them naked." It was the second such incident here since the governing Tanu party's Youth League decided to launch a "cultural revolution" against mini-skirts, tight trousers and wigs. THE CALGARY HERALD Saturday, Nov 23, 1968 39 Announcements Births CUNNINGHAM Jim nounce the arrival of Harrison.6 lbs., 8 ozs 1968. Thanks to Dr and Marm an-their son Scott November 21st, J. Mofla and staff of the Grace Hospital. (Insured). JORGINSON George and Marlene are proud to announce the arrival of their second son, Aaron Michael, 6 lbs., 12 ozs. on November 16th. A brother for Nelson. JORDISON Mel and Geraldine are pleased to announce the arrival of their baby girl, Jacqueline Christina, 6 lbs , 9 ozs. born at Foothills Hospital, November 21st, 1968. Many thanks to Dr. Brody, Dr. Anderson, Donny and Staff. PROKOP Bill and Beryl announce the arrival of Michelle Joy, 8 lbs., 6 ozs on Nov. 15th, 1968. Thanks to Dr. L. P. Malloy and Holy Cross Nursing Staff. WALLACE Born to Mr. and Mrs. G. Craig Wallace (nee Taylor) of Werl, Germany, formerly of Calgary and Edmonton, a daughter Tamara (Tammy) Lynn, weight 7 lbs., 10 ozs. Sister for Kendy Leigh. BABY BOOK A souvenir Baby book is given free to each family announcing a new arrival in the Births column. Announcements $1.60 for first 25 words or less. 37c for each additional five words or portion thereof. Deaths BERGGREN November 21st, 1968. John Richard Berggren, aqed 92 years, 3612 - 1A Street, S.W., beloved uncle of Mrs. John (Winnie) Mitchell, Vancouver. Mrs C. Aubrey (Svlvia) Weir and Miss Marguerite Flood, Calgary. Also surviving are two nieces and two nephews in Sweden. Born Dalsland, Deaths contributions to the cause from various companies and individuals. There ia also growing support for sending Calgary's Stampede queen and the two Stampede princesses. Also, it appears enough Calgarians will band together to arrange for a horse car to move their horses and gear to Toronto. Several owners of cattle liners have offered their vehicles for a fee. The cup committee has indicated it is prepared to assist in organizing transportation for horses hut is reluctant to assist in financing it. MORE FUND NEEDED A campaign is being started to raise funds for the Calgary Safety Patrol singers. There has also been mention of inviting former mayor Don Mackay, a key figure in 1948 celebrations to participate. Mr. Mackay is now a resident of Phoenix, Arizona. There is also a possibility that the Canadian equestrian jumping team which won the Olympic Games gold medal will saddle up for Calgary. Dressed in the scarlet livery of an English riding outfit, it is suggested that riders Jim Elder, Tom Gayford, Jim Day should act as an honor guard to lead the Calgary contingent headed by Mayor Jack Leslie in western dress and on horseback. The GCC shipped out its hardware Friday for Toronto. A last minute change was the inclusion of a stagecoach in place of one of the cbuckwagons. A float. W. S. Herron's western car. chuckwagons, saddles and tack made up the rest of the shipment. Funds are also starling to come forth from unexpected Bums Food Limited became ! Sweden, Mr. Berggren hemesteaded at j tors. Phone 289-l? VTT . , Wetaskiwm in 1897 then resided in Cal- me ursi privaie company iu contribute to the Grey Cup fund, presenting Roy Graves with a SI. 000 cheque Friday. The committee was also a recipient of a $1,000 cheque from a private individual who wished to remain anonymous. To date, the major contributors to the cup fund have been the Caigary Exhibition and Stampede Board. $4,000. the Chamber of Commerce $2,000 plus, the provincial government $5,000. the football term $2,000. the city $2,000. However, there are signs that the city contribution could be increased considerably. Tickets remain a problem and neither the committee nor football ticket office have any for sale. R o e e r s Lehew. Stamnerier - i -;j .!, i,,u i hpid todav 3 n m gcucioi MidiKiKci. sdiu uic iiuupel of R,membrance- nas naa .iki applications ioi j tickets and the Stampeders' total j allotment comes to 2.300 tickets The ticket office has had "00 applications for tickets since: Wednesday's game, even though all season ticket holdfrs were Warned thai the deadline for Grev Cup came ticket qary since ITO2. He was a mernoer or First Lutheran Church since 1905. Services st "The Little Chapel on the Corner" (JACQUES Funeral Home) Monday at 2:15 p.m., Pastor Robert Jacob-son officiating. Interment, Burnsland Cemetery. If desired, donations may be made to the First Lutheran Church Memorial Fund. BIRNEY Nov. 22nd, 1968. Kate, aged 99 years, beloved wife of Mr John A. Birney, Ste. 1, 721 - 13th Ave. S.W Also survivinq are two sons. James D., Calgary and Ronald G., Winnipeg; a daughter. Jean, Washington. D C ! J grandchildren. 3 sisters. Mrs. Maraart Dy-nond Dstrnil Mich , Mrs. Hattie Seymour, San Francisco. Cat and Mrs, Ruth Sinclair Vanouver; a brrvher. William Watt. Vancouper Born at Glasgow. Scotland. Mrs Birney came to Ontario in 1883 and to Ca'gary in 1902 She was an original member of the Southern Alberta Old T mers ?nd Pioneers Assoc-atinn Service, at "The Little Chapel on the Corner" (JACQUES Funeral Home) Monday at 3:30 p m . Rev C. Howard Benta'l. D D.. officiating Intermerri. Union Cemetery CAMPBELL Nov ?0. 1968. Gordon William, aqed 55 years. Charter Towers, 6U 5 Ave S.W Services were at L c Y DEN s "Cha- MAXWELL Nov. 20, 1968, Emma aged 5d, beloved wife of Mr. William (Bill) Maxwell of 130 17th Ave. N.W. Born in Russia she immigrated to Alberta with her parents in 1927. residing in Calgary for the past 27 years. She was a member of the Ladies' Auxiliary, Royal Canadian Legion, North Calgary No. 2W; also the Loyal Order of Moose. Besides her beloved husband she is survived by a son, Dennis, and a daughter, Dianne, both of Calgary; a brother, Carl Altenhof, Calgary; a sister, Mrs. Erma Stacey. Toronto; her mother, Mrs. Anna Harrison, Calgary. Services at the "CHAPEL OF THE BELLS" (2720 Centre St. North) Monday, 1:30 p.m., Rev. Pastor H. M. Steinert officiating. Interment Mountain View Memorial Gardens. McHUGH and TIGHE Directors of Service. Phone 276-2296. MOYSE Nov. 22, Mrs. Rachelle Moyse, aged 84 years, beloved wife of the late Dr. Acram Moyse, formerly of Winnipeg and beloved mother of Mrs. W. C. (Adele) Rowe of 10515 Bradbury Dr. s.W. and Dr. John Moyse, London, England. Services conducted by the Rev. Donald C. MacMahon Monday, 3:30 p.m. at "THE HILLSIDE CHAPEL" (17 Ave. and 16A St. SOUTH WEST i CY FOSTER - GOODER Funeral Service. Phone 289-5577. Interment Mountain View Memorial Gardens. ORCUTT Nov. 22, 1968, Bradley Allan, aged 5 months, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Allan Orcutt of No. 327, 7711 Elbow Drive S.W. He is also survived by a sister, Barbara Jean, at home; his maternal grandmother, Mrs. Lucille Gates, Courts, and his paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Orcutt, Warner. Services were held at the Seminary Building. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Sains, Cardston, Alta., today at 2:00 p.m.. Bishop Harry H. B. Smith of the Coutts Ward of-ficit-d Interment Cardston Cemetery THE GARDEN CHAPEL (Foster's Fu neral Home) 540 16 Ave. N W., Direc PATERSON John MacPherson late of Avelina Barford Canada Ltd., Toronto, passed away on Nov. 20th, at his residence "Seawynds," Teign-view Road, Bishopsteighnton, Devon, England, after a prolonged illness. Beloved husband of violet and dear father of Joanne (Mrs. Ron Dales) of Leeds and Ian, of Belleville, Ont. Funeral on Monday, Nov. 25th. 4 Dcoths SERADA Nov, 20, 1968, Nick Ser-ada, aged 61 years, 225 13 Ave. 5.E Services were held at 10 a m. at LEY-DEN'S "Chapei of Remembrance". VESTERDAL Nov. 21, Mrs. Guro Vesterdai, Cedars villa Nursing Home. Announcements later by "THE CHAPEL ON THE HILL", 16 Ave. and 16 St. NORTH West (opposite Simpsons-Sears) CY FOSTER - GOODER Funeral Service. Phone 289-5577. WALLZ Nov. 20, 196, Mr. Robert Wallz, aged 49 years, of 510 - 6 St. N.E. Services were held at THE GARDEN CHAPEL (Foster's) 53 16 Ave. N.W. today at 10:00 a.m. WORSNOP Nov. 19, 1968, Walter, aged 86 years, beloved husband of Mrs. Mary Worsnop, 1908 3a Ave. S.W. Services were held today, 1:30 p.m. at Leyden Chapel of remembrance In Memoriam In Memoriam ADAM In loving memory of a dear husband, dad, and grandfather, Erwin, who passed away November 23rd, 1965. Rest in peace. Sadly missed by his Wife, Children and Grandchildren. BURROWS In loving memory of a dear husband and father, Alfred, who passed away November 23rd, 1955. Always remembered and sadly missed by his loving Wife and Family. CLAPHAM In loving memory of Bill, who passed away Nov. 24th, 1966. Mildred, Bill, Sheila and Kyle. CHAMBERS in loving memory of a dear husband and father, Howard Chambers, who passed away November 23rd, 1967. "Thy will be done" seems hard to say. When one we loved has passed away; Some day. perhaps, we'll understand. When we meet again In that better land." Fondly remembered by his wife Nora and daughters Barbara and Janet, sister and brother-in-law Oriol and Lance Hardie. DATOS In loving memory of a dear husband, Jim Datos. who passed away November 24th, 1962 "In life, loved and honored. In death remembered." Sadly missed by his wife, Maxlne. HALL fn loving memory of a dear son-in-iaw, brother-in-law and uncle, Willis Hall, who passed away November 23rd, 1966. "Days and years pass swiftly by, But love and memories never die." Always remembered by Mom, Russ, Pat, Jeannette and Jackie. HALL In loving memory of a dear husband and son, Willis Hall, who passed away November 23rd, 1966. "Sadly missed along life's way, Quietly remembered every day, No longer in our lives to share, But in our hearts he's alwavs thrp " Ever loved and remembered by his "hc mime, ms viorner ana Aime. hall in lovina memorv of dear dad, Will is, who passed away Nov, 23rd, 1966. "We who loved you, sadly miss you a it agwn5 angrner year, In our lonely hours of thinking. Thoughts of vou are ever near' Ever loved and remembered by his Son and Daughters. HOLDEN In loving memory of my dear friend Mrs. Edith Holden, who passed away Novmeber 23rdr 1967. Memory Keeps you ever near us. Though you died one year ago." Always remembered by her friend Dorothy. HOLDEN Ever loving memories of my dear wife Edith (Babs), who passed away November 23rd, 1967. Also Ivy, my first wife, who passed awy May, 1960. "Never will their memories fade " Jack and daughter Jin, HUDSON In loving memory of William, who passed away one year ago today, Nov. 24th, 1967. "You left sweet memories to blossom. Bearing fruit for years to come; In the lives of those who loved you. Precious memories of days that are gone. Calm and peacefull you are sleeping, Sweetest rest that follows pain; We who loved him, sadly miss him. But trust in God to meet again." Sadly missed by his Wife, Children and Grandchildren. JACk In loving memory of a dear mother, Mrs. May Jack who passed away Nov. 23, 1965. "Two dear bright eyes, a tender smile, A loving heart that knew no guile. Deep trust in Good that all was right, Her joy to make some other bright. If sick and suffering one she knew. Some gentle act or love she'd do; No thought of self, but of "the other" ; I know He said, "Well done, dear mother." Ever remembered by her loving daughter Isabel and friend Dorothy. PICKEN In memory of son and brother, BOB, who passed away November 23rd, 1958. "Ten yearshave passed since that sad day. When our beloved boy was taken away." Sadly missed, sister Jean and Family, Dad. Mother, daughters Joanne, Betty Jean. MORRISON in loving memory of Fern, who passed away November 24th, 1964. A ways remembered and sadly missed by The Gorrell Family, REED In loving memory of dad and Mom, James and Lucy Reed. "Resting at God's will " Sadly missed by Hazel, Joe M .Mm. j WILLF In loving memory dear mother and arandmother, EM who passed away Nov. 24th, 1966.' "Without farewell she fell asleep. Leaving only memories for us td keep; But in our hearts she will always stay. Loved and remembered every day." Ivey, John, grandsons John and Allan. MILLS In loving memory of Gecroe Mills, who passed away November 23, 1946 Sadly missed by his wife Francas. WILLS In loving memory of our dear mother and grandmother- Elei who passed way Nov. 24th, 1966. J "The flowers I placed upon yur grave, Have withered and decayed; The love for you that sleeps beneath, Will always be the same. Memories or treasures no one can steal, Death leaves a heartache nothing can heal; Beautiful memores are all I have left." Always loved and sadly missed Dot, Ken and Family. WILLS In loving memory of ouf dear mother, Ethel, who passed away Nov. 24th, 1966. "We lost a mother with a heart of gold. Who was more to us than wealth untold; Without farewell, she fell asleep; With only memories for us to keep. Her heart was the truest in the world. Her love the best to recall; For none on earth can take her place. She is still the dearest mother cf all." Lovingly remembered and sadly missed by Mary and Lloyd. WILLS-ETHEL F. In memory of a dear Mother and Grandmother, who passed away November 24th, 1963 "In our hearts your memory lingers. Sweetly tender, fond and true; There is not a day, dear mother. That we do not think of you." Remembered by Millie, Stan and Family. FREE BOOKLET To assist readers in preparing 'ln Memoriam" notes. The Herald has prepared a booklet of appropriate wordings. Call, write or phone for yeur copy. 6 Card of Thanks ELLIOTT We wish to express owr heartfelt thanks to friends and neighbors for their many acts of kindness in the loss of our dearest husband and father, James Albert Elliott. Joan Elliott, Bill, Linda, Che Brian. EMSHEY We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to our many friends and relatives, the nurses and doctors at the Foothills Hospital and the Bowness Fire Dept. for the cre and help we received during the loss of our beloved son and grandson, Allen. The Emshey and Jones Family. 7 Crematorium Calgary Crematorium Ltd. Visits by appointment. 288-2208 10 Lost and Found 4 LOST, November 12th on llfh Ave. be tween flh S, 5th St. S.W.. Royal Ctr adian Legion Beret, Branch No. i ward. 25-3200 or commissionaire LOST, female German sheph and black in color, half g ty of Beacon, 16th Ave. North. Reward. 276-7492 LOST, hydraulic pump between 821 Ave. - Macleod Trail and 3 miles waMt on highway 22, about 2 - 3 p.) Reward. 255-4825. epherd, gry rown. ViciB-, Centre ft. giass, LOST, boy's black framed vicinity Haysboro, 12th St. - 14th and 82nd Ave. S.W. 255-0947. , 1 FOUND, bottom plate of teeth on 2) St. between mh and 17th Ave. S. 249-4634. LOST, black puppy, male, vicinity 3flh Parr spaniel, pff Ave., 1st St. N.E poodle. 277-1216 LOST, Man's Gruen wristwatch. larney Pool Reward offered. 242-611 LOST, Blue taxi hat with badge, bow Drive Reward. 277-6548. LOST at Acadia swimming pool, boffs glasses. Reward ottered. 252-rjHu. FOUND big orange friendly torn m' in Highwood area. 289-8222. t LOST, set of keys, 7th Ave. betwskn Centre & 2nd St. East. 277-5362. T FOUND abandoned trailer, 96th A 14th St. S.W 262-4062. LOST, tan miniature Pinscher m dog, Currie area. Reward. 242-051 INDEX TO CLASSIFICATION tions was Nov. 15. Mr. Lehew said ii was unMk-elv that Calgary wnuld receive extra tickets unsold in other western football centres. Win- COLLEY Nov 14th, Bfrtw Flizahpth (Batty Irvine) CoMey of Victoria, B.C. in her 87th year, survived by her step-vn John of Vancouver. 2 nephews. William L Irvine of Cran-brook, George Irvine Of West Vancouver, 3 nieces, Mrs F. R i Nan) Van Schaick, Wembley Albert M s Bar baaa I Irvine and Was Marparpt Irvine both of Norh Vancouver Prcte I l K.. . -k,- I D .--.r.. nn apOll"a- I wnv eth, IMI Funral vrvic was PR AG NELL Nov. 21st, 1968, Frank, aged 79 years, beloved husband of I Mrs. Sarah Pragnell of 631 Uth Ave. N.E. Born in England, he came to I Canada in 1912 and settled in Calgary. I During the First World War he served i overseas with the Canadian Armv. and was wounded at the battle of 1 Vimy Ridge, in 1919 Mr. Pragnell , becmp dam terder of the Bassano 1 Dam. retirina in 1959. He had bee a ; res dent of Calaarv since 1961. Mr Pramell was a member of the Roval Canadian Legion at Bassano and Cal- cary and was a member of the Golden Age Bowlinq Leaaue. Bes'des his wife I he is survived by two sons. Harry. I Bassano. and Tom, Medicine Hat; two : daughters, Mrs. Hugh (Dorothy) Gay- ford and Mrs Mary Brown, both of Calgary; nine grandchildren; one areat-arandchild, and a sister, Mrs Viyra Andrews in England. He was predeceased bv a son, Robert in 1933. Services at THE GARDEN CHAPEL (Foster's Funeral Home) 540 16th Ave N W , Monday at 1:00pm. Rev D. S. McKinnell of All Saints Anglican Church officiating Interment Mountain Vjpw Memorial Gardens Phone 289-1944. SAUNDERS Nov 77 193 E I Grant, aoed 7A years, beloved husband of Mr- Freda Saunders, 2026 8 Avp S E Further announcements by JACQUES Funeral Home Deaths Ca-adian Press! HOLLYWOOD Cathy Lewis, 50. co-star of radio's old My Friend Irma show, of cancer. VALPARAISO Luis Domin-; so Roa. 30. Chile's third heart transplant, a few hours after En-1 the operation con-i PHILADELPHIA Dr Ham- ducted an updevground nuclear son F Fhppin. 62. prominent test of low yield equivalent to physician rredilcd with rii.-cn less than 20,900 tons of TNT al ' critic the sulfa druc Suisameri- hetrl rvn Monday Nnv lfth. 196S fll Kamloops B C. wrh interment af Hill bide Cemetery. Burrard Funeral Chapel. Norm Vancouver, B C in charge of arrangements DONALD Nov 23r-l. James, be-loved husband of Mrs. Mary Donald, o 2648 Capitol Hill Crescent Resting at THE CHAPEL ON THE HILL", 16 Ave and 16 St. NORTH West (opposite Simpsons-Sears). CY FOSTER GOOO-er Funeral Service Phone 28 5577. Underground Blast WASHINGTON (Reuters The I'nited States Atomic erey Commission Fridav its Nevada test site. cine TATE - Nov 71, Mrs Elisabeth Gardiner (Bethl Tate, ot 134 12 Ave N W Calgary Boro in Brison. Quebec, she moved to Toronto at an early age. comma to Calgary in 1911 with her "usband. the late Frank 5 Tate of the Calgary Herald. She was predeceased by two daughters. Audrey and Esther and by her husband in 1V"4. Following her husband's death, she opened a small general store in northwest Caigarv which she operated together with a Sub post Oftice until retirement in ivj5 Mrv Tate was a member of Knox United Church and served on the executives of the Calgary Canadian citizenship Council, the Caigarv Women's Canadian Club and the Caigary women's Progressive Conservative Association being a life member of the latter Besides her LAYDEN November 21 at Cal daughter. Verna of Ca'gary. she is sur-gary. Linda Louise, aged 26 years, j v.ved by two sisters, Mrs Art Sharratt beloved wife of Raymond Layden, 1 of Wiliowdale Onario. Mrs Ted Eiii-Olds Funeral services wi:; be held on son ot Toronto and a brother Gordon Aondav. Nov 25 at 2 p m from the i Gibb of Weston. Ontario Services a-t East Olds Baptist Church Interment I "The Lrttle Chapel or. the Corner " Church Cemetery In lieu of flowers, fJACOUES Funeral Homel Mondav a it friends desire, donations mav be 10 p m , Rev D A Greenough ofttci-made to the Heart Fund MOUNTAIN i atmo. interment, union Cemetery K VIEW Funeral Chapels. O'ds, entrusted desired, donations may be made to the w,th arrangements. Caigary, Y.W.C A. Building Fund. CLASSIFICATION Acreage Lots for Rent Acreage Lots for Sale Acreage Lots Wanted Agents, Salesmen Add Machines, Typewriters Aircraft Antiques Automobiles for Sale Autos Wanted Auto Body Auto Wreckers Automotive Cars, Trucks Beauty Salons Bicycles Motorcycles Births Block and Head Repairs Board and Room Wanted B.C Property B.C. Rentals Buildings Building Supplies Business Opportunities . Business Directory Cattle, Horses, Pigs Cards of Thanks Cemetery Memorials Crematorium Child Care Babysitting Coins Stamps Hobbies Commercial Property Coming of Age Cosmetics Deaths Domestic Help Dressmaking Duplexes and Apts. Duplexes for Rent Entertainment and Dining Farms and Ranches Farms Wanted Farms to Rent Farms Wanted to Rent Florists Food Basket Foundation Garments Fuel For sale Miscellaneous For Sale or Exchange Funeral Societies Furnished Houses Furnished Suites, Apts. Fur Bearing Animals Furniture Wanted Garages Garden Needs Glass Hay, Grain, Feed, Seed Help Wanted Help Wanted Female Help Wanted Male Household Furniture Housekeeping Rooms Houses to Rent Houses Wanted to Rent No. 3 41 41 17 61 6ta 6ib 71 7 82 2a 15 121) tl 1 83 31 43 32a 62a 63 47 14 54 6 6a 7 10a 63a 41 2 tub 4 21b 13 45a 33 tod 44 44a 49 40a I 65a 12a 64 66 60 33a 26 S6 6 36 5 65 55 20 21 22 M 24 33 34 No. 45 46 19 27a 5 50 4 23 54a 54b 10 CLASSIFICATION Houses for Sale Houses Wanted to Buy Hospital Personnel Hotels - Motels In Memoriam Investments Industrial Property Instruction Livestock Cartage Livestock Wanted Lost and Found Lots Wanted to Rent .... Ma Machinery and Tools 70 Machinery Wanted 7ta Miscellaneous Wants 67 Money To Loan 52 Money Wanted 53 Musical Instruments 71 Office Equipment 41c Parking Spact Trailer 35 Pasture 3a Pet Stock, Birds 5 Personal U Pianos and Organs 72-Poultry, Eggs, Supplies 51" Poultry Wanted 5a Professional Directory ...... 15 Radiators 13a Radios Television 73 Real Estate Trades 46a Rental Equipment 73a Repairs, Parts, Tires 64 Resort Property ... 11a Rooms With Board 29 Rooms Without Board ... 30 Rooms, Suites Wanted 32 Saddles Riding Gear 73b Sewinq, Knitting and Diversified Machines Situations Wanted, Female Situations Wanted, Male Sporting Goods, Boats Sports Imports Snowmobiles Stampede Accommodation Stocks, Bonds Storage Space Stores Offices, etc Teachers Wanted Tent Trailers, Campers Trailer Rentals Trailer Homes Wanted Trailer, Mobile Homes Trucks, Trailers, Buses Trucks, Trailers Wanted Tutoring 74 24 25 75 71b 75a 26a 51 36a 37 II la lb lc l to Ma 23a Vacation Spots 12 Vintage Cars 7la Unfurnished Suites . 27 Uniforms Warehouse Space wearing Apparel 13a 3t 77 Wearing Apparel Wanted . 77a ELOFF Nov 22. 196S. aged 76 vears. beloved HMfH Ralph Eio'f, 1810 - 8 St. S E are entrusted to LEYDEN'S AL HOMES LTD , Funeral ments later. Dorsey. Of Mr. ! Re 8 ns FUNER-nnounce- READ THE CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE FOLLOWING THE CLASSIFIED SECTION DAILY . . . FOR WONDERFUL GIFT IDEAS FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION CALL JEAN STARR 8:30 a m. 5:00 p.m. Men. - Fn. 2o-411 ARE winner JSr;

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