The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on June 20, 1947 · Page 11
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 11

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, June 20, 1947
Page 11
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Pope Says Congress Memorable In Proud Annals of Canada .VATICAN CITY, June 20. (CT) following it uio iexi 01 me radio speech in. English given yesterdayby Pope Pius to the - Marian Congress at Ottawa: Beloved Children in Christ ' Jesus: . You have opened a Con- - in' the proud annals of your counts- " . This is not the first time that - Canadian skies have been pierced by paeans of praise to honor her w;bom the King of Kings has wished to honor. More than three centuries, ago Mary's sweet name was given to river and lake, to mountain' peak and bay' in your land, and devotion to her most pure heart 'was- sanctifying the family hearths. ' A .first settlement might be little more than a "Jew rough cabins along the lower banks of the river, but a chapel was there dedicated to Cod to honor the-) immaculate conception of Mary. Other brave spirits came to pene- . irate lanner - up me nver ana their city was td be Mary's own: Their battle cry against the savages of the Jorest was: "Ave Purissima" - ' ' But those early champions of Mary's honor to the glory of her "Son for all their adventuresome fervor could never have imagined the scene that Canada presents today. " In the national Capital before most eminent representative of Church and State thousands have ga uicrtra w mane wu. f thoir faith in Canada's rich heritage from Old France and to rededicate to Mary Immaculate the country that they love and with whose future are bound up the happiness and welfare of their children and children's children. Tribute to Archbishop. Vachon. With keen ioy we feel coh-J scious of our own -presence in your midst in the person of our Cardinal Legate. UUi I vi.hi.u.v - (Archbishop Vachon), the devoted shepherd, had an inspira-. tion when he planned to commemorate the centenary of the Diocese of Ottawa by Marian Congress whose sessions - and liturgical functions would help you to know better and love more araenuy creations jntujiiyoiiic glory and - whose crowning act would be the consecration of all, town, city and province, xo wary the Mother of God. Mother of Cod", what an Ineffable title! The grace of the divine maternity is the key which opens up. to weak human scrutiny the untold riches of Mary's soul as it is likewise a challenge command- Hi 2 lor uer me uuuuoi of every creature. i She alone by her dignity transcends heaven and earth. None among created beings visible or invisible can compare with ! her in excellence. She is at once the handmaiden and the Mother of Cod a virgin and . yet a mother, But when the little Maid of ... . . . . . . nazaretn unerra ncr ni ui wc message Of the angel' and the word was made flesh in her womb, she became not only . the Mother of God in the physical order of na ; ture but. also, in "the supernatural order of grace she became the mother of all, who through the "holy- spirit would be made one . unrfrr the headshin of her Divine Son. - The mother of ;the head . would be the mother of the mem bers. The, mother of the w vine would be - the mother of,, the branches. - -Our ftlifcl love of Mary prompts us to dwell for a space in prayer ful meditation with you beloved dliim CIl VII UiCK VHUkUUl HUM - but time will not permit us. You will ponder them in your hearts ' anr a race which- are beginning .lor you. - Take Courage Let the sin-laden soul take coura ge 'and know that a mother's heart filled with mercy is plead ing with her Divine Son for the needed grace of repentance and -forgiveness. Let growing youth '" of both sexes know that a loving ' mother's eyes are always on them. No path of circumstance is hid -- - den from her anxious care.' Go forward then with deter . ' ' Clearance . - s Bedfoom Suites Floor Samples "OttatPtT Largest Furniture Store" lurmruii co. 4SS-S.7 Baa SI. at' Waverley -2-MC1 ' -' Frea Storage '. c- ;l iti j! Sharing BariTUa Big tab 13e ' Tha n doubt o-tOM tub Ivs j- month ot atsootb having I DA DRUG STORES Ottawa members .are Hated In the ertone book yellow section, pace 36 DO YOU HATE TO GET UP in the MOMIIHG? Doesn't it ieei grand to wake up dear- c-recl. relreabed. reaay tor a dust oa Yet. many people ret up tired and gTOuchy, orrrr really fed their beau The reason, ia often a very common casie a eturpalr rntnti clogged witn iood mate. It rou are hke meat people, you need help every to ottea to dean out vour tyecrm. jet back pep Yotj can do h? ba renihr with the extxa-inild action COLONIAL of purely vegetable BILE BEANS the hrreat-aeUinx over pilla in Great Britain, for a peppier, brighter tomorrow, try - BJe Beans at beduroe. ' Over T million bnaea acid yezriv. proof of aenaational rvrnaantv. Ak your druijut ior BILE BEANS today- - 70 mination, O dear young men and young women, and vindicate the glory of your Immaculate Mother. In the face of a vicious world prove that young hearts can still be chaste. And oh, how .much depends on the genuine active Catholicity of the home!' We rejoice O most Pure. One, Mother of God, in the holy desires and resolutions of thy children of Canada. They are thine, they wish to cling ever to ihy- guiding hand. Protect them under thewlngs of thy affection and mercy. Defend them against the peril that threatens the human family and menaces especially those who wish to be faithful to thy Son and His Church. As a pledge of these precious blessings beloved children and as token of our paternal affection, to you and to all who take part in this congress and who have as-sisted in its preparation we impart the apostolic benediction. g'V.,' ROSS WILLIAM POTTER, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Potter, 208 Flora street, who received his degree ofL Bachelor of Business Administration from- Clarkson College of Technology, Potsdam, NY. Mr. Potter formerly at tended Ottawa Technical, School, where he won the Mayor Lewis Trophy. A prominent - Ottawa athlete, he formerly -played with the Montagnards in the Ottawa Senior City Hockey League. He was also captain of the Clarkson hockey team this year, and won the Paul Pilm" memorial award, as the outstanding hockey player on the Clarkson hockey team. CHANCELLOR RETIRING. LENNOXVILLE, Que., June 19. George H. Montgomery, chan cellor of the University of Bishop's College, announced at . convoca tion exercises today he planned retiring at the end of this year owing to impaired health. I - ' . yBka f i . - . . . BORDEN'S INSTANT COFFEE is 100 pure coffee. A special process takes the finest coffee, roasts, grinds and brews it right away. Then, while it steams at its flavour peak, the water is taken out .J. the freshness locked in! ,T 7, Every jar of Borden's makes at least as many cups as a pound of ground coffee. Vf ts rWM..'''imWtiai.''iti!P'l.!l'. a'aTPSJfiwii. aayawastlaiawffi a;'a -, . tll'- tf It ' - 1 la V I ' KING'S MEN ON PARADE A general view of the famous Horse Guards' parade in London during the recent ceremony of the trooping of the color in celebration of the 51st birthday of King George. The King is at lower left, riding the inspection tour. He is followed by Princess Elizabeth, who wears the uniform ' . of a colonel of the Grenadier Guards, and the Duke of Gloucester, his brother. The ceremony lacked much of the pre-war coiqr because the Brigade of Guards is still wearing wartime battle-dress instead of the . brilliant ceremonial uniformsof former years. ' ' Presentation of Religious Drama Draws 6,500 at Two Performances Attendance figures for yesterday's presentation of the religious drama, "Jesus, Son of Mary", at the Auditorium, reached 8,500, Marian Congress officials reported last night. The evening attendance remained on the same level as on the previous night, when close to 5,500 persons crowded into the Argyle street arena. In the afternoon, however, only i nnn adult. aom of them accom panied by children, viewed the sparkling penormance as against 4,000 enthusiastic Separate school children on Wednesday. Congress officials attributed Thursday afternoon's slump to widely - circulated rumors that seats were completely sold out and impossible to obtain. The Journal was informed that "plenty of good seats" were still available for the remaining performances this week. In both matinee and evening presentations, however, "the play was the thing" for the pageant's producers, the Cathesplan Guild ot Montreal, one of the foremost organizations promoting the Catholic drama revival in Canada. Fourteen glittering scenes de The ip. Borefens its W&K! Ibis telflsfeflf - V" - -r ' 1 - . picted the passion play, with each tableau showing author-director Paul Gury's efforts to "give the Blessed Virgin due honor and show forth her real role in the Passion of Christ". Technical difficulties that de tracted from the acting the first night were, In the main, solved yesterday. Lighting and sound effects were well co-ordinated, though the public address system was not quite satisfactory. Perhaps the most interested spectator at the matinee performance, was Miss Ann Roblin, an invalid, who saw the passion play from a bed placed in the front row. Expressing a keen desire to see" this Marian Congress event, she was taken from her home, at 38 Grove avenue, to the Auditorium. ' . "Jesus, Son of Mary", will be given afternoon and evening performances in French today, Saturday and Sunday. '. ; : k. 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Got to 6e Good Spectacle at Midnight Mass Is One of Great in the early - hours this morning, a day of the Congress devoted especially- to reparation .began with midnight masses at the Repository and in the Peace Chapel at Lansddwne -Park. Although the evening had been damp, the night grew bright and clear, with stars rival ling the flickering flames of the altar candles. In beauty, the spectacle far ex ceeded any ceremony previously seen in the Capital, and rivalled anything ever presented in the Dominion. i . Of the seven -Princes of the Church attending the Congress, three attended the midnight mass chanted at the Repository by Most Rev. .Ildebrando Antonlutti, Archbishop of Synnade, Apostolic Delegate -to Canada and Newfoundland. One of these. Cardinal McGuigan, Archbishop of Toronto, celebrated a low mass at midnight In the Peace ChsfpeL which ended In time for him to take his place among 1 the hierarchy at the , Repository. . The others were Cardinal Tisserant of Rome and Cardinal Stritch of Chicago. i - Just at midnight, to the music of chimes, the lengthy procession of the officiating clergy preceded by the cardinals, archbishops and bishops, wound its way from the east side of the Respository, down the aisles through the congrega tion and back up to the magnificent i white and scarlet altar-. Among the prelates was Mar Ivanios, Archbishop ot Trivan-drum, India, resplendent in flowing robes of white silk with a huge black velvet collar and wear ing a crown of scarlet and gold shaped like the' dome of a Russian cathedral, and around his neck a gold chain from which hung the heavy gold cross of this office. . i Then came the cardinals with their brilliant robes with lengthy trains, and escorted by guards in traditional medieval costumes and plumed hats. They were fol lowed by the officiating clergy and the Apostolic Delegate. - At the end walked a guard. of 100 Fourth Degree I members. ' of the Knights of Columbus of the Ottawa, and Hull i Assemblies. They proceeded up the centre aisle to the white steps of the Repository ' covered . with red carpet The white altar was hung ATTENTION ! In order to allow aU. ear employes to follow all demonstrations in connection with THE. MARIAN CONGRESS our plant and offices will be closed Jane 14 to 38 CAPITAL-LUMBER CO. PHONE 2-5349 Coffee with to the savory om ! twinkling! i ' Think of III All you. do Is measure Borden's into a cup, add boiling water, and presto I . . . perfect coffee every time! Perfect? Borden's are that sure you'll be out and out delighted, they offer you a 'guarantee. : '.' So for goodness sake, . why not try, Borden's new Instant Coffee today? , etsit NlY COSrTl eTaaBordaaCo. Beauty witfl red curtains, and the officiat ing clergy wore vestments of cloth-of-gold. : The Apostolic : Delegate was assisted at the altar by Msgr. G. D. Prnd'homme, pastor of St Patrick's Church, as archpriest; Rev. Father Mayor, of St Benedictine, Ont. as deacon; and Rev. D. D. MaeDonald. of St Theresa's Church as sabdeacon. Monslgnor Moran, vicar-general of Montreal diocese, was assistant to the Cardinal Legate. The sermons were delivered by Most Rev. Philippe Desranleau, Bishop of Sherbrooke, in French, and in English by His Eminence Samuel Alphonsus Cardinal Stritch, Archbishop of Chicago. Cardinal Stritch stressed the importance of basing peace en the principles of justice and charity if it were to endure. He reiterated the theme of the Marian Congress, to seek Divine guidance in creating a lasting peace, and asked the people to pray Incessantly for that object ' Just after 'the GospeKof the mass, M priests began to give out Communion ; at - the communion tables in front of each block of seats. For the service i 50,000 hosts were consecrated. The vast crowd of communicants was so efficiently handled that the Com munion was finished Just after the Consecration. . During the Communion, Raoul Jobin, Metropolitan Opera tenor, sang a liturgical "Ave Maria", and at the end of mass the beautiful "Pauls Angellcus''. After mass the people crowded abOut the altar steps for a closer glimpse Quebec Zouaves Will Form Guard QUEBEC, June 19. CB By special request of Most : Rev. ! Alexandre Vachon, Archbishop of Ottawa, the Quebec Pontifical Zouaves will form a guard of honor June 22 at - the pontifical mass of the Marian Congress in the Dominion Capital. They will also, escort the religious floats during the two processions. The Zouaves, -numbering some 2,000 in the province, will bivouac in Bayview Park, near the Ottawa River. They will hold their annual convention there, the first since the Second World War. EASTVIEW, ONT. ua. . THE OTTAWA ; JOURNAL, of the Princes of the Church, and knelt for the blessing given by the Cardinals and archbishops as they left the altar. . The next problem was how to get home. Street cars allowed people to board them only in front of the park, and empty street cars were lined around the loop and over the Bank street bridge, and even along Grove avenue. . At four o'clock this morning the last remnants of the crowd were still leaving the grounds. G. T. P. GOES TO ATHENS POST. The Minister of National Defence announced today the appointment of . Col. R. P. Rothschild MBE, of Montreal, as Canadian Military Attache to Greece. What '$ new in fashions at Steins ? .HI f ivy 149 BANK 8TREET 'mrrrA'fi. - 'aS45tUi a ' -i ' 0te4e QUAKER fatM BRAN SCONES I ewQokrNoffWSraa top Wawa sr 1 cwa Ovokar Flaar 3 IWaaa. ahailaainf 4 ha. Baktofl PawaV 1A nRk Makes ebouf 1 dox. delkieut scones Sift together flour, nit, brewo tuar and hking powder aad oombiaa with tha bran. Cut in thort.nios and add milk ra maka donah that can ba bandied. Turn out on board pprinkled with bran, roll to H inch thickneu, and cut in tcona ihapaa. 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