The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1949
Page 7
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NRWS HAVUA^f* COOK THET COUtD Rice A nosa.' rr RUINS UV APPETITE WHEN I LOOK AT HIM, PER WE GOT 70 SIT HIM BACK HOME.; [viA THAT we GOT SLICH • ! '£^ Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople 6EVKN we SMOKE SIGNAL TrtAT VOU P6DDU6D 5TATUARV/ -_ BOUGHT (T ? X'O LIKE To SELL THE UCKER A SAiSAFRAS ISA FORMULA FOR CURIMG HICCUPS/ IP Vfau'Re CKOOCHIM6 BCHIMDA STACK OF BUUS CHIPS. COME- WITH METOTH& AUDITOR'S OPFICS.' REMEMBER THAT LAST "<2iticK, BUSTER.' FN£ BUCK'S YOU ,~ x SIT ME FOR 2 y— -tjjj% T MEAMT TO TELL You -~") AS/-~A FAM.OUS \ , COLLECTOR. ) 1 Oi »O/"i I r*.t* r~i^*~ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS B* MKRRILL BL08SEB RealisUc, Eh? AW SCULPTURE -~ IT'S TO < "STANDIM , THE- LOUVRE, 1 _ -THE LOUVRE-? • SAV, THAT'S V.'OMDERFUL- Wanted to Buy price p&ia ror CHKJKENS- xn street Urocetr <k MmKel for Sa/e, Cars and Trucks 1943 KO International truck A: 24 ft. traitor (750, Pn. 2566. 1I;2D pk 12,6 CHRYSLER WINDSOR 1941 sedan coupe. car. Needs some molor work, x bargain lor S350.00. 116 N. 2nd. Universal C.I.T. Corp. 12 2 ck 12 5 Read courier News Want Ads Protect Your & Family's Health ivilh Expert PRESCRIPTION Service WOODS DRUG 221 ^Ycst Main Shoe Repair THF FINEST YOU CAN BUY! QUBLITY SHoe SHO IZI W. MAIN ST. TIIR STOKVt I'olliv *r<- Invrn- flciiiijifT ihf tlrnth of Mnrlln Fuller In whirl, n rnrnrlltin fiturr* prnmliir ritly. Simper f* In I Jir <-n »r nrr ll/jjrnr Illnlr, n s I r i ,, I. n [> n iv n r r i K < i-T»li n n I r 5 in Illi. Tier ns>.I<.liuit: Trim O'.NVlll nnd hi. vi [|r. Xr-lt, w|in nirnrrl • I run if. nrrvnuK mini, who v*nn (he (Nimrrt, «nH Anil r«-y Vnkov. n n<t»*rnn. nhn *<-<-rn« (n hnrr hft cninro. .t owlHliner Difi-r of T'ltllrr In ivi-c r. n nrf C,n n «.(nt= i'rn 11 r r. n fprff-rnl nir^nt. who vnyo <lif en"* 1 ftJiw Inirrnn [|<mnl roiKw. I'nlfcr nilxxluc from MH hnunr. Nr>w ihr t- knnivn Ir, hnrr vlsllrrl the f.crne porlca. XVTT pETKRS selected the largest chair in Yakov's sifting room and sank into it with a sigh. Yakov remained standing, as did Reddy and Trotfcr. "Mr. Yakov," Peters begnn, "you've probably heard of the murder committed here in Dolorosa night before lost?" "Yes. I was sorry." y Yakov 1 s mustache curved over a mirthless smile, he glanced pointedly at the portrait of Ilagar Blair: "You have talked to Miss Blair?" Peters nodded. "Yes, we've talked to her. We asked for and got all the information she could give.** "So? Then you have learned that she.Mlso,.visited that night at the studio of our poor friend?" Reddy gave a short laugh. "We have teamed that she and you and also a whole darned parade passed I through Falter's house that night. | Why did you go?" Yakov reached up to stroke Babushka who had arched to his shoulder from the mantelpiece: "I do not like to mention this." he said regretfully, "as (here is a lady involved. But, under the circumstances," he shrugged, "I cannot keep silence. I was acting as emissary for Nollya — Mrs. 3'Ncill, She wished for me to try to recover a niece of her jewelry v.-hich «Iie inadvisedly had given to Martin Falter." "What kind of a piere of jewelry?" a<=kcd Pelers. "A valuable brooch. A cameo." Roddy wanted his head triumphantly: "You went up there on (hi? errand Filter didn't answer your knork and von walked in and found him dr.nd?" Yakov nodded. "A terrible thinq." "Why didn't you report to us?" the rhifif snapped. Yakov's fare showed offend ed innocence. "1 thought of r nurse Mis* Rlair would do that. Did she not?" chipfs small eyes had become slits. "She did not. You searched for this rameo. didn't Then you hoard Ha gar BJsir's car drive up and vou lammed out. Ri£»ht? Through a window, mnybe?" Receiving a nod from the Russian, the chief continued. "Then you spied on Hagar Blair while she made her search Did either of you find anything?" "I cannot speak for Miss Blair I, myself, found nothing." Reddy .took the ball: "Not even a box of letters?" "Letters?" Yakov looked puzzled, Peters stood up and confronted Yakov: "There are several things which we believe were taken from Falter's studio the night ol hi; murder. The premises of all suspects will be searched. If yoi: don 'I mind, we'JJ go over your place while we're here." Yakov frowned. "I agree to the search. But may 1 request that you allow me to spread out my painting equipment personally fo your inspection? I have thing arranged in a certain order." Trotter spoke: "I'll take on th< job of the art materials, if you'l 20* thorn out. Mr Ynkov." The rhiRf nlnrtrfcd out to the kitchen. nnhn<;hkn. hor (nil Im=hv vifh snsnirinn. »j.tlkoH nffpr him Trot I or ^fiusHpH dou'n to in:i)p^( thp hoxf"; nf nnint?: "How one hnvo von hnon in the Unitctl Tlnfr.T, ^T^ Ynknv?" "T Ihink i( in nino vrnrs now. 1 -nnl^u-isli It (n hp tbrpo limes Hint "Von'ro n cili?.pn?" "Oh. vcs, T>i,nt nrtvtlf>(?p was »cr'Mlr"f jo rru-. mnnv voars nen " Trnltpr rirricc! dip Dncrs of a \v;ilerrolor nnr]: "You eivc tlto mnrcptfon. Mr Ynkov. (hat yon n re Li-nil nlf^'fpf] with vonr nrlnnlcd 'ountrv What nrc vonr for lines Y^knv ihrtin'-cd. "Riis^in? JP «fiy. r am «vmnnHietir 10 !icr 'fTnrt; 5 Hut. Int us nnv. that por- mn<: «hp i^ trvinn to (to loo much n loo short a time. I,p| us say that <=hp hpgnn a slmrUire with a indnfion Hpcionorl to support a irh I i ttli for weiclit than Fhc is now apkinc it tn holo* I am sometimes afraid that one dny (he oln thing will rrnsh Hown liko a trpo whn c o ronl? have hccn (imlnr- mincd. Rut." hp phruqged a ?rhspF t am wrnnt*." A SLOW hour pnsscH. containing •* only the soft noises of slow foot.stop?. the sounrl of opening and olosint* drnivcrs and boxes, ami an r^^ional brief nuc?tton anci nn- Yakov apparently was do?.ing xvhcn Chief Petprs and Reddy ap- >neiiecJ his chair. He roused himself hastily. "We'll rail it a day. Mr. Yakov." Peters announced. J '"Everything's been left in order. Sorry to dia- uirb yon. but we've got to see no stone's left unturned in this case. Mi?hl have to call on you again before it's aJ] over." He wagged nis head significantly at Reddy and Trotter. "All sot. boys?" They were escorted to the door by a genial Yakov and an imperious Babushka. The Russian bowed them out. "And now," Yakov explained lo the cat when llioy had gone, "we will lake a more thorough look at the letters we found in Martin Faller's box," (To He Continued) COVER THE EARTH Complete I'iitnl Service On llic Finest Line Aviiilahle Sherwin Williams BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. \V. II, "Hill" I'case J. Wilson Henry Highway 61 South The garden pea, originally from western Asia, has been cultivated wnce remote antiquity. Read Courier News Want Ad:, RENT A CAR Urtvr Anywhere Vnu ripasr Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 FOR SALE C'inicri-1* culverts 12 inch Ui 4* inch, plain ur rt-cufurc c.J Also Cnm-relf KuihJm; hln^k^ cheap cr th;in iiimhri lot harni cLt.-ken hulisrs pump hnusrii. trnanl house* lool slirds V» drltrcr Cal) il^ for free tMimatf 1'hnne 6!51 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO SICK? Stomach, I.iver and Gait Bladder upset, Tongue coaled, Bad breath. Bad tasle. You have heartburn, gas and dizzy spells, gas in your bowls, may press upon your bladder, causing backaches. 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CAPTAIN KASY BY I.KSI-IB TURNER I STILL CAW! BEI.IEVE IT, EASY! VOU FfWPI WAV DOWN HECE AT 1H' JUMPIU' OFF IW TH' HICK. UOVJ. HE DIABLO NOW> TOCFASE 1H1S IHIJO FEO Conic lo 1'iipa, I!iil>y IT'S NICE OF YOU TO A TEACH A\E TO SKATE, ...KIPS TWALK/IT KNOW? YA AIN'T OUGHTA HELP >tx IS FUN//1PONE ANV YET' •< Mtirvir"" 1 " " t u' 10 U'^'^KT.SO-EARN T IT WAS GONNA BE Ito.scuc of a Uinosaur BY V. T. HAMI, IN STAES. DZ. B5ONSON ! / HE MZ. COP KcALLY A DINNV. I CM-L C D HIM, SOME SIXTY FEET LONG. HE VAS...A WHO OWED HIS TO ME liOOTS AjNI) IIKH Hl!l)I)]KS l!Y ICDUAH MARTIN T TEU. ^ OVi OWN HOMt !'.'.

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