The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE SIX CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION IHllj r&t* p*r nnr ici coneeout'.vi Minimum charge Me 1 Urn* per lint , i5c I times per line rxr day J2c » Wme« per IJD« p«r day .,..,. 9c 6 times per line per day 7c 12 timefl per line p«i d*y ic tionib per Un« Me Count TITS «terag« words to the noe Ad ordered lor Ibrce or «li time* and •topped before expiration will be c!iatg- *d for ra« number or Hme« tft* «d •ppearea and adjustment ol bill tnsce AU classified Advertising copy «ub- mltted rjy person.* residing outride m in« cuy be accompanied oy CBKQ Ratea may easily be computed from tft» above tab In. AQrent&lag order for ltr*KUiaf insertion* lafces the one time table No responsibility will oe tHfcen foi mor# trion one incorrect insertion o) any classified ad All acts are restricted to tfielT" propel clt»a,ii Mean on style and type T h f L-ourler Kews reserve* ttie rtght to «dii or reject any ad _ BLYTHEV'lLLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Services AUTO AND fUHNlTUHK LOAN* Prompt I'erson&i tierrlce U«ceral Contract futcoaie Corp 1U6 South Stb Piion» 803 olt OlotbtJ road*, Mrs: Ceo Jn- grvim. 623 Walnut l'b 2319. 11W pt IV iuaat fjnlsfilng 24 nourfi cerrlce O'tiTfcHN'S (STUDIO fl|2"a ck II Notice A GRATEFUL THANK YOU to nil my dear friends who rfniembcr- eq me wnh their prayers and cheerful greetings during IUF stay In the hospital. Again 1 thank yon Mother Rice 123 12!-! Apartment for Rent Apart mem. X rooms snd bnth. [imi J short or imtitrnlKtsed. Adults onlr 4 -rcio ni api , (or tet i 1 . Ifl 1 Ja tu Iso u L2.3 pk 127 One room apt. I'lione 3102, 123 cic 1210 Apt. (or rent. Ph. 3:iQ9. Modern en bins &. apart mentis. CafR service. Ph. 951. 121 pk 3 ISO Apt. WHey SmH!), PJ], 3224. 1 pfc 5 3 lurnlslied rooms. J310 West Ash St. I pt 5 3-room apt. unlitr, -118 E Vine 11-28 jJlc 12 ; 5 2-iooni Jur. apt. PrlvRle bath Coupl only. Ph. 240S. H;2S pk 12, Service CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main A: Division Ptiorjt aibi uon't endangei rout iiuinly wltb raulty tire*- BUS LEE TIRES Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection D4 w ASH a i GltENCOB ffOTEI GUILUiNCJ Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Ray&i, amlth Coron& and ttemington ForiHble DON EDWARDS The Typwrllfri Mao 110 N. Second SI Pbooe 33Bi Loans Money to Loan Da you neca a ronn to repoar or n- model? Nn flown payment QD mortgage, no rca tape FHA APPROVED RATES ^ 0 ASK FOB DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor PAono 2034 bvnch Biii|rttn ff Can eell you pkitnblny f I it i] res and liLstnll iljem. Ko down payment. 1-ow monthly paj-nienta, PIi. Harry My era 634V. 11|!9 pk J2|IO inacnints repaired ck tf fJijJtn laji cieunmg oj ceicmgis, WKIIB floors, carpets window** and upnolM- try WLl'S WURA-CL£AN pti MW 10>I2 ck U For expert oil stove cleaning and repairing call Harry Myeis. 6^49 Also nave » lew U50 Kullon water pniinis HiFliilleu jysuCf 11,22 pH J2 ( 23 PLASIERING" BOB MALONE Ciill 4159 mytheville or 407 Osceula 30-6 ck 12-6 Oil, STOVK SERVICES Oil coi^rol valv*-s cleaned and art- JUhCed. cartjon rtniovtil by new meth- ott w/ille hot. Ph. 3B50. 1|;3U pic 12.22 for Sale, Misc. l i]si-cl sale jsu lc refrlReralor Gee SRles Co L/sec/ Tractors ALIJS CHALilEKS Motlel \Vi WHO culllvnor. dlRe An 1»'I8 A VERY TRACTOK a'lin ciiltivMoi. planter meaning plow, ana ousters ........ X1050 .MASSE V-H ARRIS fony i'racloi very SLIRIHIJ niilllvator disc breaking p wllti inn I8U1 1 ( .MO AIASSEY-HARRIS Jtscoiint Si-c It 61 Implement Co. No. Kiway Gl Phone 2142 JU-25 Ck 11 beautiful, rcKlsttrprt, hlonrto cocker jis. WnrJd (unions siocfcrtale nrclluice ol cAumplinri ttot, U'llliHm. SI4 Lake One KvfmoLI. 7HOOI) O.T.U. C Mnrtltlon. Cull 2 FOJ! QUICIC~SA LK~ AT BARGAIN. One Kelvinnlor, Deluxe elocli-ic range. One 2- 'loor 15 Cut. I'l. 1'Yigiclaire refrigerator. One IS en. ft. Kcl\'i- naloi- frcuxcv. Pli. Mrs. E. B. Gee, 258-1. 11-18 ck U ^o Ulsroutit on ill pre.wnt blocks o! General Elecltlc »nil Kltclitii Kr»n Metal D«SB anil Will! Cnliliu-ls. We closing 0111 thpse llnpj; ot caldnets HuliMrd 41 lloke A|)))ll»nrn Co Phone - n;28 ck 12,12 _ Ttior.elcculc Ironcr; HO Kallon unl- .im/ecl Wftter healer, I'h. 205S Soybean Seed clrnnerB otie hatmncr nl I] I'h: 76<?. O M. MltrliHI. H'.i l)k 12,11} Ton tli hi-d. [iiatiipwi anrt siirLnes *13.nO.J^«Hff 3819. ' ia |3 pfc ,27 T-l> 9 Otawlev tractor. I Roam dlss; 1 -5-t.otIoiii breakhiK plow. Clyde Miil- (Jleton, Stp^ie. ,\to., pli. BFaa" 12:1 ].k 8 '-i 5fll.i used Imb fixtures Al.ii>' ^; incti kltciicn shit. I'rk-ed rli?hi. i']i f^ble-Nelson ii|irl|:lit pluno Cull Recce Mogre. C630 or 6S70. 12.2 nK 9 Ci. E, Television Sr-t. PntcUcnMy New $150.00 I'll. 2176. 12 2 |jk 12,7 Used luintjer for liotj pens or i'o;U B fl e a s. BaryHln. O. S. ROl.MNFON NUMBEH CO. 123 ck 7 Here's How To Pick A Good Used Car • THE HARD WAY » THE EASY WAY The Hord Way 1. Wilh (lie inolur rlitiniii nnrl ri:u<- ,,m, f , m c «nl, ng. ; ,<rHt,.,l,. s l,»rply a f,« timcs •'> <"« "I'^isl l"|.o. Hr;,v.v bluish , i,,rmM K ,,il. llll(1 ,, s , N1 ,i v it , ....... ,,.,. w(lnl of f".. c I piston rings Heavy blankiM, sm( , k< - , s frmn ,„„ , jr| , « f .el iniMurc, i.n.1 ,,,,,nls rilhcr In ;, t,a,lly n.ljuslo.l a,,| 0 . •ti:Kic choke, or * c;vrl,i.rclor that is fiiulrtl'or vr.irn rut At the samp tm,c listen for worn iTai.ksh.ift hr; lr i af \. ,vrist I'", .e.nn-s. nr e.tmsl,:,n raltlr. O.her point* to he cltetke,! pump * """"' « riul '- ltor ' "» I>""T. ra<li.,ti>r a.irt water 2. T^kr nul llir sr.its an<l look ovrr Ihc- tn.luilstrr.v llu,n,,,<hlr 3 " l,n's r tM's" y CM """' (l " llnli - v f " r ""I' "Menc. «f serin,",! 4. Mrilp inid,T tl.i- <Mr. ,.r h:,,e II lilln! ,,n a lioist a ,,d e-< =.n....r thr ,,,,i,, f ram(r iln( , ;U , rIl . 1M ., ,„,„„,„; ,„,. , iilij-ninrnt. m n II,, i e, ...... ,,.,, ,, f a i,.,,, (.,,11^;,,,, 5. fhcrk lir.iilli t lil> for iirep.-r f „,.««. aim 3n ,| hrillfcince 6 'lesl thr- hraki-s. the clulch. tltc l.r.iln niotnr. -,. Sl.ake Hie frotil v,l,r,-ls by thf (op of fa,-b lire lo sec wl.rth- rr_kiii«,,,n s ,, r t,iishrii BS arc won, and !„„„. t; xi(millc (or cviiloiH-c of steering niisaligmrujit. The Eosy Way I. Conic lo see us-j« U r (,li,ible Kiii.l, ,]e.,ler. On e.orv i,sr<] c.,r «e sell. «,- havt already ,,, a ,| r ,,,,. M . t ,. sLs _ a ,, ( , aV,,,,,,,,. «f il,»ni more. ,x,,,l ,,e l,., v< , tlior»..,t,lv rernntlilinnp,! e.iel, <'=«r lo rlnninatc Ihf qurslinn marks, the .tm.o.vlng and ••oMIy 'l,,!^- that ttiiKhl ,.«ini- o,n later. Whatever »e ti'll >o,i xbiiut a rar's rixiilillim. «e stand brliimt. !. All .son |,ave t,, ,lo is «alk 3 r,,»n,l ami sre thai yon likr Ilir cimr. ti,vr ll.e lir,-v a (nml-naliirril kick, thi-n slillf nn.ter Hie «lirel,anrt .srlllr loursell. ami fiil.iein« !„>« you'll feel «,,,,„. that beauts no«n the street to park ft promlly in "mil of jour home! 3 Conn, in today and feast ,our eyes uu Hit buys we feature! Larigston-McWaters BUICK COMPANY at Uroadway 5: , 5 f()r S(lrvtre • Runt Like New Engine • Hat been completely torn down and rebuilt to our exacting specifications • Worn parts replaced with New Genuine Ford Parts • Immediate Delivery 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 odern 2- btid roo tu lioine In good condition. Out rarHKotilrl highway a- miles from Arkansas State College. h'nni trees, clik^en Donne, ham, 20 HCte.s or Innrt. Priced rcasonanlc. Mrs Ntnl UeseJI, aiycljevllle. Ark. I'h. 4W2, 11-23 pk 126 bushels ot corn. Can oil burner nacltr. In ei™lto.t 2. E02. I2.:i |>k rn 33. Stecli; 3D pk 4 HAKGAIN. I,ovefy play- lionse. Deluxe chicken bouse. McCall. 1037 Ash. l^-l pk 16 For Sale, Real Estate Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS U miffre*ieo >.r> UufHig or **M]ng ^e« Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Ccc-il Earls Kldg. F. B Joy tier Ph. 81SI J room tioiiKR. l.Rrup lot. NVar .sclinol lll^i-k lop sir.>ft. Slrleuvill;* ntitl ntv \vutcr. Si-e Clmrlp.-; HIMVPS Phone 21S M. Sli-He. Mo. 29 ,,k 126 [raru . 5-room nousn for MI!,.. ur w j I block smith | u-hvlllc Hi^li SvhODl Ciit-l 12.1 ,,k 10 0[ l.c Urge rooms nn nn-e rorm-r lot Otio.l inrntlon Von must sr« lH1s notKe to apprerlatc u. hns 5 Iiirt;c nlosfuls, pan rr«Jar Itti^il Rveryihlix.- '"sUie new tnchirtinB hp«Uiip plmu thronm, k)trhe» H »ri h K ht fittuiW '"••fie r>aih ruhbpr tile Tloor 'I'hls rmn:e n.i^ npcpr hrru oflrtcd lor Irss ttian Si,V(ii)f) El sold ihls wrck ran IIP dad lor 512.500. Mrs J. [.. Lewis. RraLlor til K. UftVls St. Phnnp 4fir,<| 29 |>fc 12 IS for Sale, Real Estate Oltj- inopDrly — 7 houses antl (.tore. Will sell Jor cash or trade for farm. ">• •"26. 12.2 pk 1C 41) «cre« Inrul t ml Bra^arlaelo, Mo. travel Ho«d, school bus. Good School, i-room house. Electricity, Good Improvements Garden & pasture. Fenced, wo pumps. I'hotie anallable. Priced lo 4<Jll eea Waller Palmer at place. 11.22 pk J2j7 &-room homo on corner lot 50x150 ft. All fenced. Chlckeii iiotise. Karsge. Next to new school filte Pnceil lo belt ' Jamison Jl]23 pk 12'J _el( service laiindy, Beat location In UlyUievliie, Ark. noin^ Kuod IniHlneM every week m the year. Walk om pro- MOslllo/)., (Vice ^M.OOO.WJ Se. H, II. LiB-metl. owner, J!J or 319 N 2nd St. 29 pi: U KOR SALK Mr. American: This is your country, why not own some of it? This is a jjreat opportunity to buy and own a good farm, these farms are choice, with good locations in good country. POSSKSSION FOR 1050 1HO acres, near OosneM, pood road, ml mid school ro»!i*, iik-p hojrie and vo tenani houses, Rood hnrn. bhir-k ixed tnain soil. I'rlcc SUHO 0(» per «cre. Kl* Hcifls npur Sicr-le. two^ «[ie barn, One of tlie best ftO firto rnrm^ In ejiuscoL County, price to *ell. S'l'OODAEi]) COUNTY 161 acres, beautiful fi-room horn^ Uti hoc and rold nintHns water <^ bath, rot:It wont Insulated. Good out '>UI Mings, two car garage, concrete Moor. Black ml sod Roll, very productive, on good road, near Block IO[> Highway, improvements cost Sl^OOO I'rJce «175.00 per acre. •2'>U at-r«s on BLuck top ro:id. with i|J cotivciiienres. line Roll, makes moi-e haj) bate (o acre, ils a bargain fti SUM IMJ per acre. lou acre hill rurrti. near ntootnflpfrt. has n\ce 5-room lionie, MRH' C'ypre,ts smoke lionse nurl lar^i; new barn. -10 acre Up land. 60 acre Cn.stor Hlvpr til lantt, vcip;ti«'p. RV the tow price of SftSOO per at-re. «ud the improvements are vnlnctl at Sfi.SOOflO -/ yon want life easy Increase your hank atcmmi, se? this [ilace beforr von flt-ckLe. NEW MADRID CO. HI? acres joins town of CanaloM, 6- rooin home. lartje barn, tenant House gotitl black mixed noil. 515000 ppr nere' iKd-at-res on Hlghivfiy 61 north at tileele. nice 6-rootn liome and other troort improvciiicnts. tills Is choice, let us show you this fnnii, W. M. I3UKNS. FIEALTOH Phone SJiGl. ft. T. Hubhaixl—Phone 4120 12 I pk 12 Wanted to Rent 4 or 5 room 'hone 49HU, BARGAIN li-ruom house jtud bath o Uitvi.s Street. Good i;on<lition, hardwood floors, attic I'nn, two propane gas furnaces, Venetian blinds, kitchen large, nice and light, with built-in ] jn'ne'""™ cabinets. Nice screened-in side! ™'" 5I> ""' """ Jii»«is«iopi na i Can Inrush re[erp[ifes. Wrile K porch, large back yard. Three- ]'''""'"i""" 1 - St " "o" 1 " K <™\™£ , room rental property on rear' side yard will iiboui cover yum loan payments.' 100',;., 0. I lo;i». Price $7,800. . 12 3 pk 12 7 Used piano Cor 3 or 4 months. Will " " 0 ' ..... "" "* r JOHNNY MARR 112 South Second St. Phone 4111 or 2596 10-18 ck tf i reninrert. rn. No 12 i;t Lost 1 inild's pet. Kevell-Month-Old leni.ile one-liair rollle. Answers Manny, call 6021 after 5 p.m. 12 2 rk 12 6 Female Help Wanted Want to tmy » farm? Wei have it. Farm -10 acres up loj large plantation in iNor-Uirnsl I Ark. and Southeast Mo. Sue' us f:n a tann loan j CATKS WORTHINGTON CO.j RRAI.TOHS 115 So. 3rd SI Blytheville. Ark. Two young latilo.s. lltnlpr U6. travel '.vlth iiian-.ilacturhig (Onceni UKSI of oiarartcr antl rrcp [» imvH p.^riuial SHi'l lour weeks' untiling; aftir irain- Inii, jfji rvceUy antl up. Ttiivpl eK- |>eil.s,.« iiijl,| Apply In person. Mr U I, rmilips. Hotel Xol.le. This is not n 30 Dk 2 VonnB l*<lv- to Ho «.it stfiinsrapliln -.vort: ,v IJOnkkeeilLHi; Muse he goo*l on ceiepuone V.'rlic box 5'J8 ror Inlor- vlcw '- 11,30 ck tl * Crier- LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, iallen and crippled animals picked up free oi charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blythe. ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DRAD ANIMAJ DISPOSAL CO. —BAZAAR— Beautiful handwork, reasonable prices! Buy your Christmas gilts at our animal bazaar at the Lpgion Hut, Wednesday, Doc. 1. Sponsored by the ladies of the Catholic Church. 11-15 ck 12-6 Private Rooms Bedroom. GHS li*-Rt. I'll. 2875. 12,3 pk 1;3 omjorlahle hcrtcoom convenient to town, Men only. 310 W. Walnut. 12 2 jjk 1,2 Hi-droorn. Clo^e In. Pilous 2IOT 122 pk 123 l-'ront bedroom private I'nlrai-ui' Close 111. 622 W. Mnlil. 122 ck 120 2 hprirooms. Men only. Mrs E F Uloiney^r. ph. 2ofj(i. 11125 pk |2;10 t'loiu Ofdroom Ph 23:ta ue .stpDin heatefl bttlroom arijoln- rjacn. soi Asti 11,11) yk 12;-! Salesman Wanted We need z \^ K h type men for an unusual professional! selling job in lilytheville. Prefer men from ^5 (o <I5 to be selected for company training program. And mint men who are capable of earning upwards of $5,000 annual income. Write to Box 058, Joncsboro, Ark., and personal interview will be arranged. 12-2 pk 4 For Rent SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1943 OURUSE1KARS MAKE GOOD.... OR WE DO! DEPENDABLE CARS— BARGAIN PRICES l'J17 Chevrolef KJcetmasler Town Sedan, black finish radio and healer, city driven. . .see illis one today. ' ]!)/« ClicvroJet 4-do»r Sedan, 2-tone green, he-ttrr and scat covers... a beauty. 1!)I7 IMymoulh 5-Passenger Coupe, grey color, deluxe radio, seal covers, healer and defroster,' runs like ,,ew. 1011 Ponime .j.<| 0 6r Sedan, black, equipped with radio swil covers and heater. . .$535. Ill 10 Nash -i-door Sedan, beautiful maroon finish, healer and seal covers, runs like new. . .$;i!)5. 1910 Ford 2-door Sedan, black, one-owner car wilh very low mileage. . .see this car today. 1918 Chevrolef </ 2 -Ton Red Pickup Truck, deluxe cab soul covers, fresh air healer, oulside visor, tub lights' irindsliield washer, signal lights and (i-pl.v Air-Hide li res. Ibis is a beauty for only Small rnr. Phtjne 12 3 ck 12 HI 1-iootn House. 6Ui .*». 5(li. 12.3 pfc 12.7 Wuremntse 3U'\-5I]' on railroad tilit- Iti5{ Midwest Ofilry Prodilcls Ph H47 1IEI5 ck 11 t'lasti cameras tor all orcuMons aLKKNfc H1UUIU ^S-CK LI EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Kcmcnibcr, 1'uu Caji Always Alake a Good Oca! at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 Wesl Walnut Phone 578 toil KENT: rroyen Food Incxerf I tilaylnck s Hignway 6) Prmne ill'^ i 812:1 c« 11 ! 5-room riirnlslied house & balh Ph 4HII7 Yirbro. njj pt; i2 ; ; i-iooins ^ biuti Jocaled aL Varbro Can Milton Yarnro, 716, arier 6 12,1 [ik 8 Help Wanted, Male ATTENTION SALESMEN PAST 40 Is a^c your employment problem-' Mhliv [ fi.i (iultlv wd] u .i t (j ,, s v. c r welcome all fioin 4t) to 80. Sel] 'furtn , nnd Lndustrlnl poor riinlinoiiancc iimt- j erlsl. Hhor^i fonunis.sloji. I'ftvs well. I IJrniiaiHMU. ^1-ycnr-oUi factory-tilrect KiihtnH business qualifications. Box 17M, Cleveland. Ohio. U.S.A. 1J.3 ilk 12-1 Man '.(-ith car wanted /or route work SIS to J2U In a day. No experience or 1 i-aiutal rrqitlrcil. Sleacij-. VJrite tnilay. Mr. Sliarp. 120 East Clark Street) I Kreeport, m. 12 3 |>fc , 2 Job Wanted Regular Job as otllce worker ot saleslady. I'H. 4251 II 29 pk 12,6 Loans 6 REAL BUYS f!ir]s I'or waitresses HIK! car hops. Experienced. Pleasant workinjf condilion.s in completely remodeled Uustic Inn. Apply in person lo Mrs. Iv H. I "avid, David Real Kstate vt Invostmonl Co., phone 8(i: j ,:5. Personal \VANT A FARM LOAN | I June one of Hie Ijcst loans In l>e had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rale of interest. Will refinance your place or help yon to buy one. RIAI.ES LAND CO. W. T. Barnetl—Russell Uialea — Ercy Williams— 22(52 two phones '180!) 11-25cktf OVER STOCKED! — Your Time to Save! 1947 U TON TRUCK Long Wheelbase 2 Speed Axis - - - IHIfi .Jeep with pickup hcil. , .5195. 1!)I7 CJA1C ki-Tun Pickup. . .575(1. 1!M« Ford 2-door Scd;in, new motor. . .§395. 'Jil-Ki Oldsmobile .i-door, r;ulio & healer. . .5945, l)M(i Chevrolet short wlieclbase J'/j-Ton Truck, H iHJKhly smart liu.v. . .^USO. 1918 Olilsmohile 2-door Sedan, has radio, heater, Knri while sidewal! tires. . .$I3S)5. 10-10 Chevrolet >A-'\\>n Pickup, a good truck and a welcome price. . .§325. 1!MB i'miliat 4-door Sednn, an tituisnally clean car priced to give you real value. Ml IS Ford '/.-Ton Pickups, jusl like new, radio & healer. . .2 lu chdose from. LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile 30(i East Main GMC Truck* IMuine filnl In Good Used Cars HMO Clny.sler •l-i]iM>r Sedan e(|iii|)|)p<! «i(li K mnl lieat- cr. . .priced lo sell! I!>:t7 I'ord Coupe, a Kiiixl-lociking car wilh holh radio \v heater. I93S Oldsmobile 2-door Sedan, S cylinder, has K oo<l tires and healer. I!)IS Plymouth Station Wajjon wilh onlv 22.00(1 miles radio, healer, and spotlight. . . a bargain. 1-117 PlymovHh special deluxe 2-dooY Sedan, has both radio & heater. . .new l« w priee. 1918 Chrysler Windsor Town & O, lln |r.v, low nulea^e. briRli Rreeii color radio & heater... a h! R car at a draslically reduced price! T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main phone (Continued on Next Page) I Select Used Cars For the Best Buys in Town come to Motor Co. These Salesmen Are at Your Service! • HERMAN LOVELADY • P. A. YOAKUM • INLOW WILSON • ROB PRICE, MANILA • SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 Big Trade-Ins 19 IS Packard 2-door, radio & healer. . ..?1,1!I5. ]!)I2 Oldsmobile 2-door, a bargain at only S Ifln. Ifllfi Dodge Pickup Truck. ..yes, it's only Sf)!)5. Iflin Alcrctiry Dcnionslrator fully einnpped and now offered at a WG DISCOUNT! I!) 16 Mercury l-door, radio &- bc.iicr. 1!)I6 l-'ord 4-do«i- Sedan, radio & hcafcr. 19-lG Ford Sedan Coupe wilh radio & heater. JillS Nasli 1-door Sedan, has holh radio K heater. 1!K!7 Oldsmobile .I-door. . .at a bargain price. 1!)l(i Oldsmobile 2-door with hydtamalic drive, radio &• healer. STILL and YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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