The Courier-Gazette from McKinney, Texas on January 9, 1976 · Page 4
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The Courier-Gazette from McKinney, Texas · Page 4

McKinney, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1976
Page 4
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Page 4-McK*nney Courier Gazette-Friday, January 9, 1976 BERNARDI'S GUN SHOP CUSTOM GUN WORK Ropolr • Rebuilding — ftobluing Alt Work Guaranteed 916 S. McDonald542-3542 HENDERSON'S FURNITURE CLINIC Quality Workmanship • Raflnithing • Repairing • Upholstery Free Vlcfeup And Delivery - tit ¡mate* Hwy. 5 Falrvlaw 542*1124 THE YANKEE CLIPPER And THE YANKEE DOODLE DANDY Cate Open 7 Day« • S A.M. To 11 P.M. Snack Bar Open Mon-Frl 7 To 4 MICKEY HAMM FIRESTONE ?iresrone 1830 W. Virginia Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed 542-0271 MAXIES CAFE tünchet Mon-F ri 6 ¿30 A.M. To 8i30 PM. Home Mode Pie* Hv*y. 5 Anna. Texas 924-8203 _ WYATTS ¡2SSi MEN'S 8 BOYS WEAR 206 E. Louisiana542 5221 ROY G. ROBERTS & SON insurance & Real Estate 207 N. Kentucky 542-4433 Dallas 235-1173 AIR COOLED ENGINE SUPPLY Barn Pumps For All Purposes CHalnsaw Service 3442 Louisiana 542-3311 DAVIDSON'S CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Repairs-Addltloni-Remodeling Free Estimates Hwy, 5 Anna, Te*. 924-3327 COMPLIMENTS OF Or fwciMnney MITCHELL'S CLINIC PHARMACY 1314 vV N Central E«preitway 545 0305 FURNITURE COMPANY "Wkrrf Qucdtty ana Beauty Count’ 213 I VIRGINIA J.W. Thompson Owner McKinney 54 2 5 541 ANNA LUMBER CO INC. See Us For Your Building Need» iHwy. 5 Anna, Tex. 924-3351 O N (RAL NAÍIONAL BANK Íhe Big Friendlyj MFMBFR FDIC • IF YOU UK f you» FOOD FRESH to. A, STEPFEYS JIFFY DOG Chicken • Shrimp » iondwithet 1211 N Tennessee Phone 542 4032 LONE STAR GAS 301 W Louisiana McKinney J¿awrencf ¿Jewelry j I. jcky 542 6631 FSÜC TOWN & COUNTRY SAVINGS ASSOCIATION ■% Ws Want & Appr.tlot« US 75 * Mhltk Sir«»«*« Your tusines* MtKtnnay J4Î-0361 HOWELL'S McKINNEY PANT Manufacturing Co, MAKtf* OF HAGGAM SLACKS McKinney, Te*ot TEXACO INC. H,L Coin Contignoe COURAGE The soldier on the battlefield stands as a sytiiliol of eoura"«‘-yet more courage is required to meet the problems of li\iu<: than to meet the enemy in battle. Setbacks in business, unforeseen illness, personal problems—thc*e are the thiiiiis that defeat most of us. To meet the challenge of the nccuniu- lation of small problems, courage is required. To li\e with courage \sv need a firm foundation of faith. Flic source of this faith i* (¿od. Courage requires a constant renewal through prayer, reading the Bible, and regular church attendance. If you find your courage failing—renew vour faith '11 (¿od—attend the church of vour choice tlii* Sundav. ASSEMBLY OF GOD FULL GOSPEL CHURCH East Side of Square. Princeton Rev Nell Stevens, Pastor Sunday School IDA M Services HAM Sundav Night Service 6 ¡0 PM, Wed N.ght Service 7 30 P M Pub'ic Welcome FU'-L GOSPEL ASSEMBLY OF GOO 309 N Chestnut Street Rev jimmy Uselton Pastor Sunday School 9 4S AM Services 11 am, 7 00 PM Christ Ambassadors 6 00 PM, Midweek Services 7 30 PM Wednesday FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH 109 W Mam, Allen, Texas • Rev O J Andrews. Pastor Sunday School 9 45 A M Worship 11 AM 7 P M SOUTHSIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOO 130S S W.I cok Jolly E Terry, Pastor Sunday School 9 4$ AM. Worship II AM, 7 PM CA 16 PV Wednesday Services ’ 10 P M CATHOLIC ST MICHAEL'S CHURCH 41) Paula Road Re. Francis 3 Becker Pastor Masses Sat 5 30PM, Sunday 9 A M U A M ST FRANCIS CHURCH 3rd K Elm SI Frisco, Texas CHRISTIAN EAST CHRISTIAN Cor Anthony and E velyn Sts Bible School 9 45 a m Worship 10 45 AM 7 PM Youth Meeting 6PM Midweek B ble Study ? 30 P M Wed FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Disciples Of Christ 1800 W Hunt St ,‘im Simpson. M mster Sunday School 9 44 A M Worship ¡0 50 A M Wed 8'bie Study ? 00 P M NORTHWEST CHRISTIAN Bradley and Pear sor st Bill Ward, Minister Sunday School 10 A M Worship HAM ■ P M Wed B 01* S*udy ? 00 P.M CHURCH OF GOD 10! West Davts Church Street Pastor B L Thornton Sundar School 9 45 AM Morning Worship 11 am Youth Service 6 00 P M Evangelist >ervice 7 00 PM Aednesda/ Evening Prater Meeting » 30 P M EPISCOPAL ST PETERS EPISCOPAL CHURCH College and W i. amar The Rev Pr G Douyias C beriy Rector H 0 U Con n Jt .Or >0 arid !0 00 A M Parish » am ly School at 9 10 A M Other noi» Communions t uesdd» A 00 A V 9 10 A M and ’ ' u'sda < -T 10 p v Spec •» Serv es Added CHURCH OF THE HOLY FAMILY SC. l • coin St Rev Ronald C Robertsor Sunday ** «* 00 ! Í nglisr, ME THODIST WESLEY MEMORIAL UNITED ME THODIST Rey Dav d B Dav s. Pastor .”05 /. V rg n a Church School v 45 A V Mornmg AorSh g 00 A V Nursery both hours Adult B tiie study U V YF 5 00 P M first united mi tmodi S t jac* BuSby day V i 'Jt/ , A M A r&r p H A V FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Prosper Rev Fletcher Owenbey Sunday School 10 A M Worship Service HAM CHAMBERSV1LLE UNITED METHODIST & Miles N McKinney Rev David B Davis, Pastor Morning Worship 9 30 AM, Church School 10 30 A M , B Die Study S 30 P M FIRST UNITED METHOOIST Church St at Lamar Dr Wilson Canafax Sunday School 9 45 A M Worship 10 50 A M 5 P M MYF 6PM FIRST UNITED METHODIST Farm Rd 1378 Lucas jerry *.. nnet. Pastor Sunday School 10 AM Worship 10 45 A m Evening Service 6PM FIRST UNITEO METHODIST Princeton. Te*as Rev Daie Swain Pastor Church School 10 AM Morning Wor Ship, HAM MYF 6PM Evening /Worship 7 P M NA/ARENE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1008 W Erw.n S* Pastor Michael L South Sunday School 9 45 AM Morning Worship 10 SO A M NYPS6 1JPM Evangelistic Worship I 00 PM M.d Aeek Prayer Meeting ( Aed } 7 00 P M PREBYSTERIAN FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Rev Wm I Boand ?000 w white St Church School 9 45 A M Worship II A M TRINITY UNITED PRESBYTERIAN Cor Church and Oav-s Sts Donald Andrews Pastor Bible Study 6 10 PM Church School 9 45 A M Worship MAM WALNUT GROVE UNITED PRESBYTERIAN f arm Road ?478 Rey Charles Dowell, Mmiter Church School, 10 AM Worship 11 A M CHURCH OF CHRIST LA IGLESIA DE CRISTO 717 Rike anaico Rutl, Evangelist Worsnip 10 A M 6 P V Sundays CHURCH OF CHRIST Jupiter Road Jupiter 600 S Allen Tl oyd i 5m,fh. Minister CHESTNUT ST CHURCH OF CHRIST 1220 S Chestnut A T Smith, Minister erviC* 10 10 A M 6 30 P M M dwr» Service 7 10 P M Wed AESTSIDE CHURCH OF CHRIST ?»00 White I ran, Morgan Minister B ble School 9 00 A M Morning Wor » p ¡0 00 AM E venmg Worship 6 00 P M Midweek Service ! 10 PM BIBLE CHURCHES BfBLE MISSIONARY , u , Cnestnut St a! GerriSh Rev O f ioftirt. Pastor ,unday S< hool 9 45 A M Preathing II A M * 45 PM Youth Service 7 15 s■ m M i 1 *mi< Service 7 45 p M Aed first P entecostal church upc »• 1'.tor Rodney L Driver • day >< hoo* ) 00 * M Sunday Vi/'f ing A'.rsn p ' ; 00 AM Sunday ’ 1 y ■ r P M Aed B ble Study IGLECIA OEDtOS PENTECOSTAL 4 S A street * I rtf It. >-.l..*Or r ^ites ID AM 7 10 PM >1 P V ,a jado, ' JO p M Aid JOE LEDBETTER MARINE N. Hwy. 5 5«2 3505 THE FIRST SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION McKinney, Te«ai CARL COPELAND USID IOUIPM1N! Homm 2«S3 H«, J*0 w*.t lui 716 306 1 Prin(«l«n CANTRELL INSURANCE AGENCY “InHJ'B And tm iurm" Prlncwton T». 746 2SJ1 Dolio. «374470 FIRST UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH 1100 Florence Rev A P Kay, Pastor Sunday School 10 00 am Sunday Morning Worship. II 00 A M Sunday Evening? 00PM Wednesday Evenng 7 00 PM ST JAMES CHRISTIAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH 316 Watt Street Rev C E Mill Pastor Sunday School, 9 30 AM Morning Worship 11 AM Evening Worship 6 P M Wed Prayer Service 7 30 PM Tuesday Choir Rehearsal 8 PM Everyone welcome REVIVAL TABERNACLE NO 3 90* N Hamilton Henry Spencer Jr., Pastor Services Nghfly 7 10 PM Sunday School t* 9 45 A M Mormng Worship 11 A M APOSTOLIC CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST I Miles East H.ghway 380 24i Rev Jim Austin, Pastor Sunday School 10 A M Worship 7 30 P M Services ’ 30 P M Tues 7 p m Sat BAPTIST FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Melissa, Te*as Rev Richard ivy Pastor Sunday School » <5 am Aorsh.p 11 A M Sunday Eve Services f 00 P M Training Union 6PM Wed Prayer Meeting 7 P M WADDILL ST BAPTIST Cor Waddift *• Wh te St Rev jimmy G ¡bert Pastor Ron Snagg Music •• Youth Director Sunday School 9 45 A M Worship Services 10 50 A M 00 P M Training Union 6 00 P M Prayer Meeting ! 00 P M Wed All services interpreted for the Deaf Ml** M NE Y HEIGHTS BAPTIST CHU - H West University Dr H G Higgins, Pastor John Martin. Music Director Sunday v hOf'! 9 45 A M Aorsh.p 10 45 AM 6PM Aed Service 7 MJ P M FIRST BAPTIST CHURf » Prosper Rev Jimmy Walthall, Pastor Sunday School 10 A M Preaching AM * P M CENTRAL baptist church 3 M les f ast Hwy 110 «4 Jim Rich, Pastor Sunday ,< hpo' i ..AM Aorsh p i AM 7 M CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH 806 N College Sunday '.(hoot A M Worship 0 50 AM 7 00 P M Wed , 7 10 P M F A IR VI E W t *>.1 BAPTIST i atrview • «-it. State h* , 5 ►rev Dori ana Pastor Sunday School MS 4 M Preaching Ser y ■ i", M 00 P M ! ra ' • g Unioni P 7/ rd N-ght S#ry.t < ' •' 7/ first baptist church r hrotkir orlon and Drene: Sts Ri-v jofin H Sanders Pastor Sunday Sc hoof 9 )0 A M Worship 10 50 AM PM Training Union 6 P M ST MARY BAPTIST CHURCH Alien. Te* as fei V H A Howard M ruster Sunday Sì hoo1 10 A V Worship ' A M 1 M A*-d .■!< i es 7 P V templo BAUTISTA 8Í6 Green n lie Rev Jo Del i o* Sunday School 9 45 A M Worship A M PM Brot* er hood 5 P M B T U 6 P 7/ Midweek piarer Service ' PM FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF BRANCH F arm Road 546 Milton Greer Pastor Sunday School 10 00 A M Worship II A M 7 45 P M Prayer Mee' ng Wed ' »PM MT PILGRIM FREE WILL BAPTIST CHURCH Rev Leonard Campbell, Pastor Sunday School 9 45 Worship HAM and • p m Y P C L 6PM Prayer Meeting M ssion and Brotherhood Wednesday night 8-ble Study Thursday FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH farm Rd 1378. S E of McKinney Rev Robert Clement* Pastor Sunday School 10 A M Training Union 7 P M Wed Prayer Meeting 7 JO P M EAST FORK BAPTIST CHURCH Route 5 McKinney Lonnie Murphy, Pastor ‘»unday School 10 00 A m Preaching II 00 A M Training Union 6 W P M Prayer Meeting > 10 P M McKINNEY BAPTIST TEMPLE 50* WilCO* Malcolm Cave Pastor Sunday School 10 A M Worsh.p 1!AM 6 p M Midweek Service I »I'M first baptist Corner Church ana Louisiana St Mat« Roark Pastor Sunday School 9 45 Preaching II A V and 6 10 P V Prayer Meeting 7 15 Wednesday FOOTE BAPTIST Rock Hill Road West Don Mill Pastor Sunday school 10 A M Worship Services II AM Evening Worship 7 p m Wednesda. Services 8PM NOR 1H BAPTIST 401 West Eiw n Rev Carol Norton Pastor Sunday iChool r 45 A V worship II a m p M Training Union 6PM M d **•«*« 5 p M IMMANUEL BAPTIST i S8Cl Corner k nrade and Moore Sts Harold Wasson Pastor Worship 11A M ‘ 30 P M Training yn.ori 6 P M Prayer Service 7 M} P M Wed GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH ¡Cjid M'ligan Church) Lbwry C rossing Bro Malcolm Certain Pastor Sunday Vhoot 10 00 A M Prea<h>ng II AM t venmg ,*-rvice * P M Wed 7 JQ P M ST MARK S BAPTIST t ; tus Street Rev Chi les L '■ . ne» Pt*‘,tor • unday '.thool 9 45 * M Preaching 11 A M 7 30 p 7/ Union 6 f* M TRINITY baptist * ,r si and Bradley Sts m A Coo* Pastor unday .i hooi 10 A M Worship II AM 7 oo p M altoga baptist church ai toga Road R*'v P' ■ k A i>>a«iV Pastor jiKicjr 'hoot 10 00 AM Worshp . i . • ii i>. A M Training Union P M Worship Service 8PM KING MEMORIAL BAPTIST Cor : «p< • ■ /.a < and Cim St Royce t Riad Jr Youth Music Sut^day tiool 9 45 A M Aorship 10 S5 A M • -* p M Training Ufwjn A P M /•• nr • via# prayer Meet ng 00 P M DUNN Ml MORlAl BAPTIST AHoga Road Sunday St noo¡ io * M Worship II A M ' P M Training Umori 6 P M Wed Servi e 7 p M f j r ci_D first state bank 1 *05 Gravai In McKlnn«y MIMMI »OK THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ANNA Hwy ) Compiate »anliinfl Vary«« Ml Mil a M Of ■ A l 01 POSIT insuranci CO»P Anna Taiai Phone 814 lltl AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 216 N Tannata««. M< K inn• y 5 50 15»h St Plano JION /V % TEXAS POWER & LIGHT A Tat Paying Invtilor Ownsr ILICTRIC UTILITY McKinney, Texas THE SOUND CENTER On* Of Tha Largest $ail*<flon» Of »»cord» And Tap*« In Collin County. Starwo equipment W»«tgata Cantar 543 1821 SPORTSMAN S GLASS CO. • Window Glow «Mirror* «Stor* Front* «Door* «Auto GIom "Ol wa U* A Brmak" 916 S. McDonald Dallas 321-2194 McKinney Phono 542-3366 HORN FUNERAL HOME HARRIS CROUCH 3351 Featuring Men's And Boy't Wear N. Side Square 542 4341 BILL SPORTSMAN REAL ESTATE INC. Collin County National Bank Suite 201 542-0209 , GRANNY'S FRIED CHICKEN *»WUy Cookad Coldtn Iromi Don« & iuky (vary Tima Horn« mad« Roll*Cook«d fr«#t Daily 1037 N. Tennetseo 542 7111 FARLEY GARAGE & TEXACO Old F a »h to n Qualify Work W Hwy 310 At Oak 542 2342 RAY & CRAIG CO. SERVING THE McKINNEY AREA SINCE 1990 ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE 202 W. Virginia 542 2241 r v TERRY S bODY SHOP fou Wreck Em . W« F Im im Boy T«rry Ominar E Hwy 380 »*¿7171 A M. SCOTT & CO INSURANCE RE Ai (STATE * mn«y triturane« Mar» Wm« 1*10 216 N Kentucky 542 5591 Dal. 235 *530 COLLIN COUNTY SPORTS CENTER Athl«fli fq«ipm«nf And Vwppl**» Piato Horth C«nt«( |3»0) 543 1*11 McKINNEY ROLLER RINK Ska a Fur Fu,, A Hea!th Specio' Partim* 1433 N Church 542 9035 or 542 46*1 ROBERI ANDERSON tN fERPRISES *«a I («tat« Voi«« 4 («nlali 542 3064 McHinn«y T«i«« H W Bt.(knu(l ARCO SERVICE STATION • Hi,aä Wi<M« • Wh«*! Alignment » Brak« Wrvk« M«(fianl< On Duty ♦O* W Unl»«r»ity 54 3 31 71 A E. McGRAW REALTY CO. Atftociatat Comburimi farm R«ti(l«nftol 543 1*31 »00 N McDonald Dalla» 335 •*» 1 LANE REAL ES1ATE APPBAI5AI COMPANY PROF I SSION AL RI Al EST ATI SIHVICI 1414 So. Tennessee McKinney Phon*« 542 0 160 Compliments Of BOLIN OIL COMPANY BOMAR'S PLUMBING SUPPLY AND HARDWARE • A Compl«t« Hardtwar« ll..« « 310 W Unl*«r«ify (Hwy 310) 5434774 JUDD'S GROCERY & MARKET FRESH PRODUCE 327 I. Louisiana 542 5432 McKINNEY OFFICE SUPPLY A Comp!«t« Choic* Of Mod« m Ottii« turnltur« 117 W, Louisiana McKinney Phone 542 5571 YOUNG OIL CO.

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