The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1949
Page 11
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2,1949 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS J\ OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople WELL.TH' DOC SAY£ I'M ALUEKS1C-- I SET A THOUSAND CHILLS A PAY HAMDUM' TH' COLD HANDLES OM THIS MOPERM MACHIWE.' KJOA/ I GET A THOUSAND CHILLS A Wk3KT WHEN I'M HOME *JBED. SO VMTRYIM' SOMETHIN 1 / EGAD, MARTHA,MV DEAR! COULD ypO USE THIS F1PTV FOR YlPOR CHRIST «A6 SHOPPING ? T. HAPPert To BE ItJ FUNDS 305T KIOVO — HAR-RUMPU/ SOLD MY STATUE TO A FAMOUS Acrr COLLECTOR' WT .TILL 1 GET IM WIKJD VJH6\M/-<~ AMD I'LL SAYVes AND THANKS.'-"-AMD WHO SAID -THERE'S NOTHIhlS HEVi WORLD ? TH& OWLY "' R£6EM6tflK)CiS TO SANTA ClAUS YOUWe SHOVOtJ UP To WAS IM TUA SIZE OP SToMACM/ i rt*rr ftLAMe HIM--4JILLV STTUFF CAM START EXPENSIVE WOOCEM MlTTEMSi OR EVEN PLUSH, ! WONDER HOVJ MUCH THE BIG £ DOM'T KMO\M HOW MUCH EITHER, MARTMAb Germans Flee to Yemon By Virginia v Teale CAIRO — (,1'j — Fifteen Germans who escaped from EUiopia by boat in 1841 when it was liberated l>y British troops reached tlie little known Kingdom of Yemen and today from the nucleus of its tiny foreign community, an Arab well acquainted witli the country said here. _ He said .some went back to Germany but others Inive become Moslems and settled down there. A few Swedes nnd Italians are the Protect Your Family's Health with Expert PRESCRIPTION Service WOODS DRUG 221 West Main Shoe Repair TUB STORY mur.Urrd TV Il pointed rlln R.Krr ««•« lk » • mntl, «knrp irnrnt whlob kim not f»-rn found. HIM dr.ilh *r«-ni»« In Involve n 11 :i 1.1 r en ni ro « h 3 1- h hr linil trlnf to -.-II. 1 hi- luuly hjiil lit-rn rt-porK-rt in |intlrr liy Tnm O'Xpfll. who.*- %,-If*- Nell TVII- «up- pn«n-d in o»vw Ihr cnmro. llnl hr- fttrr ihr rrporf t<t puller. Ilnprnr JMnlr nnd Mrphanlr Smith, her viitunl. hntl found the- hitrl j. fcuvr thf* Ijut THE FINEST YOU CAN BUY! UBLITY SHO€ SHO IZI W. M « 1 N ST. HII-T ilo not know lhar Hiijznr Infe fnii ml (}i roll co (Inn 1l wn* pu ffr. who *v;ift cnmmlHMlnnrJ h; t'nllrr lo nrll (he i-;imro, A"IM- Injc CfcrV* r>f Pollri- IVIcr- tin ihr mtf \m Charlie llritdj. n r minis linvvrr. nnd I.nnxlnjr Trol Irr, it frdrrnt ncru [. Thr <•»••* hn» In. 1 rrnntlnnnl root*, nn j» Trntlrr. *nd Martin Fiiltcr hnd nrfvlnualy - .XVI QHARLtS RKDDY swerved the car away from a day-drcnm- ing cocker spaniel. "Even the dogs are asleep in this town," he -said to Chief Pelers. "S.iy! Did j the coroner find what put Martir ! to sleep?" "The good old stand-by, sleeping pills!" caine the reply. "Same dnd that knock people off all the time. Ought to be a stricter law on those tilings. Coroner Hughes said the pills alone probably wouk have done for Falter. That's the one good clue we've got. The murderer must'vc been drinking wine with Falter—granting tha the same person did the poisoning and the stabbing." As the police car pulled up In front of Fatter's, Reddy found parking place after some difficult and followed the chief through swarm of people to the porcl where Police Officer Abrams wn keeping sightseers away. The entered the studio and Redd rammed his hands in his pockets and turned toward the bedroom. "Think I'll take another loo! around in here." The chief plodded after him "Fingerprints won't tell us any thing. Probably ino ditfcrci people running in nnd out of he: within the last week. No clues, n •capon, no— H He broke off, noticing that ediljr wns gazing nl the blood- .ained bed. "Funny looking pillows. Mnn'd el a kink in his neck sleeping n tho5e things," He ambled over ml idly banged a huge fist on one nd of the bolster. It sank a few nches and the chief worked to traighten it, "Look at that,, now." e fusseci, "man'd spend half the ij^ht standing on his head in this .railed bod." Ho gave the bolster mighty tug and then took an stonished step backward. The two men stared down si- enlly into a rectangular hole be- ween the edge of the and he headboard. The chief reached lown and explorer! a wood frame lt in neatly on a level with the jollom of the mattress, "Kept something here." Redd> chewed his undcrlip thoughtfully 'Box of some kind, probrjoly." Suddenly he made a dash for lie other room. 'Chief!" he called. "This is it,' rie strode through the door carry- ng a narrow box of unpaintec wood. The two men saw at once tha it fitted the hole perfectly- Peters scratched h is head "Question is, what was in it' Murderer made ofT with whaleve it was. Money, d'you think? 1 ' "Maybe. But remember wha Trotter said about blackmail Seems to me we're faced with th problem of the Missing Papers." * • * ANDREY YAKOV, sitting com forlably in front of his hearth stretched h i s stockinged fee toward the slow dancing flame. The firelight was absorbed by th dull red of his flannel loungin robe, but it was reflected vividl En the cobalt eyes of the Siames cat sitting on the arm of his chni He stroked the cat's taffy-co! ored fur: "When we return to Russi Babushka, I will provide you wit caviar. Occasionally. It is th ity Uiing you will u- sin." He walked over to the painting R had been working on: "Have you examined Ihis, my lend? For one afternoon's work, is a remarkably good piece. [ 10 w something here, n certain ualiiy, which is the essence of ie American — man or woman. A ombination of fiu^lilifs. perhaps: ofiancc. aggressiveness, 'deler- ination. Look here nt these eyes, 3abuslika: Dark and sharp and uniting like a fox! And even this nhcamiful hair, like steel wire, liows Ihc character of the woman. .ml note the chin: Like n rocrkf "It is what you see in this face, Inbushkn. that will change the cie of destiny. II is typical of vhat you may see in millions of aces in this country. In some, nore; in some, less." From the canvas nn (he easel, Ingar Rlair glared at him chal- BABUSHKA, who hnd been strolling aimlessly around the opm, stiffened suddenly, her head ilert. Voices were approaching he front door. Yakov knil his heavy dark cye- irows and glanced at his watch: So! They had come, even if not it the polite calling hour. Halm.shka growled and' Leaped o a vantage point on the htah Dack of a chair. Yakov opened the door. Three men stood oulside. One was an exceedingly large man. he ad a bland, moon face and wore a dark green uniform with a Sam Brown belt, police badge and a bolstered revolver. Of the other two men, Yakov looked first at the dapper, middle-aged one with sandy hnir who held n fragrantly smoking briar pipe in one well- kept hand. The third man was young, handsome, well-built, and had sharply intent gray eyes, Yakov gave the trio a pleasant nod: "Yes, gentlemen?" Chief Peters was equally pleasant: "Mr. Andrey Yakov? Peters, police chief in Dolorosa. Mr. Trotter, here, and Mr. Rcddy arc working with me. We have a few questions to ask you. Won't take long." (To Kc Continued) "Getting married doesn't worry me one bit, Dorothy—• since I've been baby-sitting so much, I'd kind of liko to be a career woman and travel a tot!" FRECKLES AWD HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSBB This Ja It So THEYRE <5Oir->& ~K> BU YOU AT W SPA** ? I THINK THATS UTTERLY QUAINT' PUSSCILUVS POP Why Take Climu-cs? HY AL VERMEER only other foreigners hi the "Shangri-La" kingdom, he said. Yemen is situated In southwest Arabia. It Is almost totally isolated from the outside world. 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