Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 11, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 11, 1897
Page 23
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Wa h«Te«250,000 capital and fruaramce to euro every cue we treat or rcf nnd every dollar you pay us, or feemmy ho deposited In any bs.nl!.to bo paid at Wben a curb 1« effected. Wrtto for full part.lcu!«l. MKDlCAli CO., Omaha, Nek. f WOMAN'S WORLD. A COURAGEOUS WIDOW WHO HAS GONE ALONE TO THE KLONDIKE. Women In Switzerland — Governes* or Cook—Women a» Jnrors—Tlie Xew fig- ' nre—The Economic Condition of Women. ' Food for Infants. I Possibly no more courageous, self re- • liant and confident person ever ventured j £a a hazardous voyage than Mrs. Marie ; A. Riedeselle, bicyclist, equestrienne ; and farmer. She started recently from ! bring in three times what is offered by ti« generous rector. Although conditions in America are not quite as bad as this, the educated street for Seattle, from which city she took a steamer for Dawson City and thence will penetrate to the Klondike regions. She is determined to make a fortune, and she says that she never yet failed in any project that she undertook. Mrs. Eiedese'lle went alone. She has lived alone for several years and de- as much appreciated as those of the domestic servant. The demand for cooks is very much greater than the demand for teachers, and while the market for good teachers is adequately supplied the supply of good cooks is ridiculous. It is just this question of a market which regulates not only the price of the Isfbor, but also the treatment of the laborer. In the average house the position of governess is not to be compared to of the cook. The latter is respected, or at least feared. She gets about double the salary, she has more liberty and more leisure than the governess, and if she knows her work and does it there is hardly anything she may not do. The obvious question is, Why do not some of the girls who spend many years and thousands of dollars on what is called a ASK THEM, If You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Agents of the Pennsylvania Lines will furnish information regarding Home- Seekeri' Excursions to various points In the Northwest, West, Southwest and South. It will pay to investigate If you contemplate a trip. Apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent, or address W. W. JRichardson District Passerger Ajient Indianapolls.lnd EnnsulvaniaynBE, tlO:20 Cwatrai Use* CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY. Leave for Chicago's :05 a m;" (!: 00 a m ;*1:25 p m *2'OOpm;*4:SO p m. Arrive from Chicago *li:30 a m;*12:SO pm;«l:00 p m: *1:10 p m; *8:15 p m. BRADFORD AND COLUMBUS. Leave for Bradford '1:10 a m: t7:40 a m; -1:45 pm"M:30pm, Arrrre from Bradford "2:45 an»: *l:20pm; t4:15pm. IFFN1CR DIVISION. LMTe for Kffner t8:15 a m; t9:00 a m' t2:05 p m 5pm Sunday only. AlTivefrom Kffner-"7:85am; +12:50p m; 12:46 p m; 8:30 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. leave for Richmond +12:55 am; t5:SO a m; «1:05 pm;t2:2l)p m. Arrive from Richmond *8:80am: tlltOOam •l:!SOpm;tlO:50pm. INDIANAPOLIS AND LODI8VILT.«. * Leave lor Louisville 1J :45 a m; •! :10 p m. Arrive from Louisville *2:40 a m: *1:K p m. J. A. McCOLLOTJGH, Agent, LopuiBport, Ind. to them, often contribute of work to the support at the home. Mrs- Stetson's plan of increased wage earning for wives and more care of children in child gardens is scarcely as "advanced" as at first glance it may seem. The most radical and really advanced students of child culture are approaching nearer to the simplicities of nature in regard to the care and teaching of little children. They are in consequence putting infinitely more conscious responsibility for the children's rearing upon parents, both fathers and mothers. IU Ui The ancient Athenian idea of the rear- that ing of children by the state is not in the modern Athens highest creed of child culture. Mrs. Stetson's saying that it is too much nowadays to expect a man to provide for his wife and family is good economics to the extent that it is good morals. Granted that it is improper to marry for a living, either for a woman or a man, it is equally bad economics for either to fail in contributing in the o^hTuT^S r^S making of a genuine horn, in money or is not half as destructive to the LOOANBPOKT NO. BOUKD, Kastorn Express daily .................. S:SS a m Mail and Express daily ............... 9:48 a n. Atlantic Express dftUy .................. 4:lSr« m Fort Wayne AOCO Ex Sunduy — 6:32 p m Local Freight Ex Sunday .......... 4:1S p ui w*8T BOUND. Western Express daily ......... - ...... 10:24 p m Fast Mall Daily ............................. 8:18 P ™ Mall and Krpreas dally .................. 2:40 p m Pacific Express dally ..................... 11:38 a m Decatur Acco Ex-Sundar ...... ----- ~:S5 a in Local Freight Ex-Sunday ...... , ...... ~:3o a m ML mrria DIVI§IOK, WBSMIDI. BITWWSS LOOAJIIIPOBI AKD CHTU. W>8T BOTTHD. KO.U- ......... ---- irrivei ---- ....... - 8:» ». u Ho,BI _____________ arrives ----- . ---------- S:SO p. ir • i«T BOOKTJ Mo. I6™...~..— ._- Leavoa. ............ ---- 8:08 a. n. HO.M ----- ...... — Leaves ................. S:46 P. a VANDALIA LINE. Time Table, In effect Dec o. 1891. Tr*lM .Leave Ixvumport, FOR THE NORTH No. 8 — - ..................... - .......... — .10:85 a. m. No. 6 _________ ................. - .................. 8:35 p. m. FOR THS SOOTH. No. a...- ........................ ............... -V% a ' m ' No. S ...................... - .................... - :1S P- m For complete Time Cart, giving all tra *nd rt»tion>, and for full information a> nttet, through oars, etc. , address 3. 0. XixawOKiH, agent, Logansport. or • 4.. FORD. General Passenger Agent, St. Lou'l. Mo MES. MARIE A. KIEDESELLE. Glares she basalways found herself good company. She is a cheerful, pretty and sturdy widow of about SO years of age. She was born in Canada, of French parents. "You will not be there six weeks before yon kre married," said several of her friends. "No.no, no. That would upset all my plans. I will come back single and •with plenty of gold," she answered. Mrs. Eiedeselle's plans are to extend her possessions near Griswold, Conn. She has a farm there, which, with her own hands, she has made into a veritable garden spot. For sis years she has maintained the farm, avoiding expense by tilling the soil herself and building her own fences. During the winter months she has employed her time as a professional nurse. Just before the train started from New York she said: "You see, my baggage is small. I am taking no food vvith uie and very little .clothing. I have two revolvers and the large rubber boots which I wore on the farm. My friends have told me that I can get everything in Alaska. I will buy furs and blankets. I will not want for money. I have saved up plenty of that. I believo that I am eminently fitted for an explorer. My experience has taught nio how to take caro of myself and I am in the pink of health. No, I will not take iny bicycle. When I get to Dawson City, I may purchase one, but those who go looking for gold cannot give much attention to the wheel." Mrs. Biodesello was attired in a black cloth gown which fitted her. A jacket and small alpine hat completed a costume which looked hardly heavy enough to do rough service in the Klondike.— New York Journal. Women In Switzerland. The women of Switzerland are hoping to arrange a congress of women from all the cantons, to take place during the exhibition at Geneva next year. They look forward to being able thus to lay a foundation for the formation of a national council of women—not an easy thing to do when one considers that the inhabitants of Switzerland consist of three different races, with different languages and religious creeds. A society now existing in Geneva, with branches in other towns, has much the same spirit and aims as a national council. It is called I/Union des Pemmes and has taken up the question of women's wages, of co-operative stores, of technical education, of dress reform and woman's moral elevation. Connected with this union is the Society For Woman's Legal Eights, which last year achieved a great step in advance" by procuring for married women the right to dispose of their own fortune or wages, as the case may be, and to bank the same under their own nama Louis Bridel, professor of law at the University of Geneva, has been most helpful in this matter, as in all questions relating to women, in which, aided by his wife, he takes the greatest interest. Feminine education, as every one knows, is far advanced in Switzerland, Cookin_ more endearing qualities of a woman an are teaching and the thousand drudgeries of a governess, and to compare the expressed satisfaction of the family in assimilating a delicious goose, served with its native apple sauce, with that o!! the same family listening to Tommy d-roning "Anna virumque caco" would be ludicrous.— New York Commercial. ^^— i Women as Juror*. j At Boise City, Ida., women have re- j oently served on a jury. As it is the first time they have done so in that state the experiment has excited considerable interest. The press correspondents have , made the most of the opportunity. That sense of justice which is possessed by the majority of correspondents compels them to say that "in the end snbstan- : tial justice was rendered the litigants," , and that brief sentence tells the whole ; story. The women jurors were a sue- j cess. The San Jose (Cal.) Daily Mercury says: "Judge Belcher of the San Francisco superior court gives as his opinion that women would make as good jurors as their sex sympathy,' and even in connection he is not sure that would not do better than the average . jury of men. The history of trial courts, ( he asserts, shows that men jurors are j prone to render verdicts in accordance j with their sympathies. In a certain class . of cases, in'which women are the de-1 fendauts, it is almost impossible to convict, however conclusive be the evidence of their gnilt." The judge says: "In criminal cases you can scarcely get a jury made up of men to convict a, woman unless the woman happens to be a notorious, habitual criminal. This, I regret to say, has been my experience and the experience of many other trial judges. Here especially the value of women jurors would be demonstrated. They would not, I am satisfied, be so swaved by sentiment as to render a ver- dict'contrary to the testimony. I most in work, according to worldly condition, in addition to the various virtues expected of both. ________ Food For Infants. A great deal of attention has been devoted of late to growth and development of tho child and to infant feeding. Sleep, exercise, bathing and the prevention of disease have received a large share of attention. For example, in the most recent American textbooks on children, by Holt, 89 pages are devoted to these subjects. The artificial feeding of infants is a study in itself of no small proportion, and marked advancement has been made. While the mother's milk is the most acceptable diet for the infant, there are many mothers who cannot nurse their offspring. To such we can now give a most favorable prognosis as to the outcome of artificial feeding, thus doing away largely witt the unspeakable wet nurse. The child has the right to demand the mother's milk, and when this cannot be furnished him it must be our object to give him as accurate a substitute as possible. Tbe analysis of the milk of many thousands of mothers of healthy infants has established a standard. We know they ! milk should be. We also know the con : stituents of cow's milk. Mother's milk and cow's milk differ in important de tails, but cow's milk, with the addition of water, cream and milk sugar, can be made to conform very closely to that o: the mother; hence the term "modified milk." We thus have a working plan The cow's milk, the cream, milk suga and water cannot be mixed in the same proportion for all, but must be varied to suit the individual peculiarities o the patient in question.—Charles Gil more Keeley, il. D., in New York Inde pendent. Fur Trimmings. According to French authorities, fa is "as good as anything else with which to trim gowns this year." One migb add "as costly also." French gowns ar being festooned more lavishly and adorned with more rich furs than thos certainly favor placing women on juries i Qn c]ais side O f the ocean. Here we hav on equal terms with male jurors and shall always give effect to my opinion by voting for woman suffrage." The women jurors of Idaho havo made a good beginning. They have demonstrated that they know what "substantial justice" is. — Woman's Journal. WONDERFUL MEDICINE FREE! PROMPTLY SENT TO IVERY MAN WHO NNDt A GENERAL BRACING UP. II Brings Perfect Manhood to All. The Greatest Discovery of the Famous PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, of Chicago, III. GRATUITOUSLY, GLADLY SENT to all men who need It and who will write for it. A lar*e percentage of the men of today are sadly to need of the right kind of i2-<llcal treatment for weakness peculiar to men. Many cases »r« due to early vices, others to excesses, while many of the cases are due to overwork worry and general nervous debility. It matters not, however. whal the cause may have been, the tact still remains that they all reduiro proper medical attention IMMEDIATELY. Write us at once, pivins a description of your case, and we will prepare YOU a course of treatment specially adapted to your condition, and Mud , «. vou aBSOtUTHLY FREE. monwls from all over 'he world. READ WHAT THESE PATIENTS SAY: • //ufiMfe, CHcago.- BLAXCSASO, WASH., March S, 3396 :an. May'Sod"bless you'and yonr work. Yours truly. C. E. P. Phfifiarjf I*stit,<U, a,«n<»; 'LOTEC, LA., June 19,1896. JIT DEAB FKiEXDS.-Pleass ocWDt ^. ttlu ^ tor ,5jj*j nd "^ 5 2" Q*™ dono H-_. -- - . [tin better than I have been for 16 years. f -my friends wiwn thoy m.ct me, say, " What have you been doing? min come oat 1 ike yoa." Evar yoor friend. All M. r. C. nanS Iiuliailt: HiVASA, N. !>., Jon, 23.1335. GESTLEMKS.-I wish to eipress my bnartfsll thanks for tho result of mj treatment. DnrinB the last two woekn thnt I took TOOT treatment the improve- mont nas remarkable. I hav o had no emissions or other sympwns since takinz yonr medicine. My friends nr» nil Hiirprised at the improvement ja my Keneral » Hoping that you may ever prosper, I remain. Your» sincerely. Hundreds of similar letters are now on file in our business office, and all are bon» fide expressions of permanently cured roes- Oo not delay writing to us, and remember that we are not only a responsible institution In sv£ry way, but ours is the largest medical institute in America that makes a specialty of SEXUAL AND NERVOUS DISEASES. Inclose 6 cents for postage on medicine, which is always plainl, sealed. PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, 1751 Masonic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL Home Xeetera Excursion.. . FOR November and December'97 - -THR -- What The New Figure. with its low bust and its lines of sable and edges of mink and fo and chinchilla. In Paris entire raffle and epaulets, sleeves and revers are fur, and this for gowns, not street jack ets or mantles. One of these furry creations is a Boccaccio bodice, the vest of sealskin having jabot revers of the fur. The bodice proper is of silver gray cloth. Tbe skirt, of silver gray, is adorned with three one around years have been all dominant upon such subjects. A number of new figures are to be seen upon the street now. At first they had to put up with much staring. Now they may be said to pass unnoticed. In drawing rooms and in all other precincts compassed by those mysterious words "going out" the new figure is no longer a novelty. All thejnp to date gowns are constructed according to its principles, and as "going out" is chiefly indulged in by women given to new gowns it is the new figure altogether. The dressmakers endeavor to make the innovation acceptable by dnb- it "French." It remains to be seen trains to R. & W. Time Table, Peru, Ind. Bolia traind between Peoria and Sandu&ky and Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct connection* to and from all point* in the United Itatac and Cfinada. ARRT»1 BOUTH BOtTJOl No a Indianapolis Srp daily 7 :10 a m No'B " MalliKxp_ll:SSam (dal'j except Sunday) No « lndpr» Kxp ax Sun — 335pm No 151 Bochewer local arrive :45j>m except Sunday, NORTH SOUND. No 8 Michigan t'-ilpmNoM Detroit Kip Kx Ho ISO Acoom except Ban. <.45pn •:« a m •cent. L. X. * w sure a long lived popularity for the fashion. Tbe chances are that it will nnt. and for the simrjle and sufficient basque of chinchilla, while a frock of blue velvet has revers of chinchilla. Sealskin is much used in Paris this season, although seen here infrequently. It is combined usually with sable, astrakhan, ermine and chinchilla. Opposition to the Overshlrt. Like the gowns of the past summer, the cold weather frocks will show elaborately trimmed skirts, and a strong suggestion of the double or over skirt has found its. way to some of the newest and handsomest creations for both house and street wear. This effect is, how- some kind employed so as to give tbe desired effect without the additional A not appe, ed in smaller ies to any great ex tent. The few times that it has done so it has been because some provincial has seen fit to get her frock in New York. The effect of these few new figures np- 013 the susceptible provincial mind can well be imagined. In many cases, until fully explained, the pioneer has been looked upon as having become suddenly deformed physically. "It : sa straitjacket or a plaster coat," more than one set of village gossips have declared, "and against and positively refuse to wel- . j come the return of the old time overskirt, with its loops and bouffantly draped effects, which once were the cause of aching hips and tired backs, to say nothing of the extravagant measure of materials used in their complicated construction.—Woman's Home Companion. Tbe nmbrellg, purse js new. .Women aud the University of Zurich has many ., T0n nee( j n ' t tell me that she hasn't bro- worueii students, inost of whom come, j- en b er ritlS or twisted her spine, or however, from other lands. It was here that Dr. Emily Kempin, the first lecturer of the woman's law class of the University of the City of Xew York, was trained. She had a long and hard strussle before being allowed to prac- ticelior calling, but tho fight has been a successful one, for she is now not only engaged in active professional work, but is also professor.at law at her alma Governess or Cook. Sir Walter Besant waxes sarcastic over a clergyman's advertisement for a governess. "Her qualifications are that she be a lady, and young at that, and strong and "healthy, able to teach English, French, drawing and music to two children of 4 and 8. She must also be a good needlewoman. The salary offered is $30. Sir "Walter calculates that such a lady would spend $400 a year for eight years on her board, clothes and education, which amonnts to over 18,000, wad this at 3 per cent would something dreadful is the reason she's had to put it on. Nobody ever looked like that that wasn't physically deformed. " In every instance it has been most difficult to convince those unfamiliar with the new figure that it is not due to a physical, but a mental deformity.— New York Stm. The Economic Condition of Women. The address before the Suffrage association recently of -Jrs. Charlotte Perkins Stetson on the "Economic Basis of the Woman Question" was well reasoned, says the Boston Transcript Mrs. Stetson's declaration that a wife should be economically independent of her husband has an original sound, but in practical life thousands and thousands of American women who "do their own work," in colloquial phrase, are wont ,to consider that they contribute an important economic fraction in the support of a genuine home. Women of inherited incomes and women who earn money in the various professions, trades and craft* have authorized reduced rates to many points in the West, South and Southwest. Tickets will be sold November, 2nd and 16th, December 7th and 21st. For particulars, call on or address C. G. Newell Apt, Logansport, Ind. Low Rates to North Carolina, Virginia and Other States. Pennsylvania Lines. Lines Dec. 7tb and 21st. For special information apply to W. [ W. ' Richardson, Bistrio passenger Agent, Indianapolis, Ind. Holiday Excursions Yia Yandalia Line, •mOR the Holidays tbe VandaHa Line wilt sell Excursion Tickets at reduced rates Irom all stations, to local points on its own line, and also to points on connecting lines. For full particulars call on nearest Vandalia Line Ticket Agent, or address E. A. FORD, Gea'l Passenger Agt, St. Louis, Mo. The Central'Passenger Association 1000 Mile Interchangeable Rebate Ticket lg for sale at principal Ticket Offices o The Pennsylvania Lines. It is honored one year from date of sale, for Exchange '1 ickets over either of the louownff named Lines: ^ Arm Arbor. Baltimore i Ohio, Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern, Chicago & Eastern llunoia, ChiCB*0 &;West Michigan, Cincinnati & Mueklngum Valley, Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton, Cleveland & Marie'.ta, Cleveland, Canton & Southern, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & 8t L Cleveland, Lorain & Wheel!n»r, Cleveland Terminal & Valley. Columbus. BocKing Valley & Toledo, Columbus, Sandueky & Hocking, Detroit;& Cleveland Steam Navigation, Detroit. Grand Bapide & Western, Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley & Pitisburg, Evansville & Indianapolis, BvnnsTille & Terre Haute. Findlay. Fort Wnyno & Western, Flint & Fere Marquette, Grand Hapi-is & Indiana, Indiana, Dccatur & Western, Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, Louisville & Nashville. Between Louisville * Cincinnati and between St. L and Evansvl)l» LouiEVll';e, Evansvllle & 8t Louis, Louisville, Henderson & St Louis, Wichlean Central, New York. Chicago & St Louis. Ohio Central Lines, rennsylvarua Lines West of Plttsbuitr, Peoria, Decatur & Kvansville, Plttsburg i Lake Brie. Pittsburg: & Western. Pittsburg. Lisbon & Western, Toledo, St Louis 4 Kansas City Vandalia Line, Wabash Railroad, Zanesville 4 Ohio river. The price ff th< se tickete are Thirty DoIMso each. They are not transferable If thetlckM s used in its entirety and exclusively by tb» original nurcbassr. a rebate of Ten Dollar* M >aid by tbe Commissioner of the Centre! PM- longer Association, K. A. Ford, Gen. Pass. Agt. Pittsborg, Pa Sept 30,18B7 S ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cored by these Little Pills. i *^bcy also relieve Distress iioul Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Kansea, Drowii. was, Bad Tasie in the MooSt, Coated Tongoa Piin in the'Side, TORPID UVER. They Regulate the Sowds. PureJy Vegetable. •mall PHI. tmafl Do«e« iny'it becanse'lt is so "convenient. It is a simple device that is fastened to the handle of the umbrella, and when the owner is overburdened with parcels or the day is rainy and pockets are in remote and secluded folds beneath the gossamer the purse is accessible in an umbrella handle. No woman is ever too old to learn anything she wants to learn. At 40 one's mind is clearer, brighter, qnicker and more skillful than it was at 20 unless the person slumps down and gives up through sheer laziness, A large number of women, many of them of high position, were among the exhibitors and won many of the prizes at the recent London dairy show. Miss Jane E. Harrison, who •won the language scholarship at Cambridge, England, has received a degree from the University of Durham, Iteich women have discovered that white veils best conceal the defects in the complexion, so they don them early morning now. Do You Love If so, secure one of tbe latest and pretdert Two-Steps of tt e day. by mailing Teu Cent* 'silver or stamps) to cover maillot and pottage, to the undersigned for a copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Two Step.) We are giving this music, which i« refnlar fifty-cent shfist music, at this exceedingly low rate, f jr the purpose of advertising, and test- Ing tbe value of the different papers as niter- tistag mediums. E. 0. McCormick, Passenger Traffic Manager, -Big Four Koute." Cmcia. nati, O. Mention this paper when you write. All the way From the Missouri River to Buffalo, tne^Wabasli Railroad Operates Trains over its Own Tracks. Having le««ed tbe track* of th« Trunk BaiTfvay between Detroit and Snrp«rt- gion Bridge and those of the Brie E. K, from Suspension Bridge to Buffilo, 'ie Wabaak » X •will run iw own trims from KanMi CUT Omaha, Des Motoe-, SU Loiris, Qnlncy. Haw* bal. Keokuk aud Chicago to Buffalo, beta* ti» only road frem Missouri and Ml«tf«nppl Krm points having 1 it« own line and trains runziBC nto Buffalo. Through cars froaiKmnioCatT. St, Louli and Chlo«,go to Buffalo "I wu ran orer by A lumber wagoo. Did not expect to live. WM terribly bloated. My triendi bathed me with Dr. Thorn**' Eclectrie Oil, and I was cored. We hare frett Hth in Tcomai' Eclectrie Oil." Mn Wm. V. Babcock, Borreli, Mich.

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