The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, September 6, 1952
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPKR OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XLVI1I—NO. 141 Ely they llle Courier Blyiheville Dally Ne»« Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald BLYTHEVJLLB, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1952 EIGHT PAGES SINGLE COPIES JWB C&fft ' UN Pilots Smash N. Korean Army Headquarters Communist Attack On Sandbag Hilt Is Hammered Back HOSl'lTAl, I'UOGRKSS—State of construction work on tlie new County Hospital is shown In picture above, taken yesterday at hospital site on North Tcntli Street. East wing of building, pictured above, is nearing completion of exterior work, while west wing is less advanced. The county hospital is being built in two units, one here and one in Osceola. The Blythevllle structure will be a 10- bed unit, and the Osceola building a 40-bed unit. The unit here, located in Country Club Addition between Tenth and Rogers Streets south or Highland Street, will cost approximately $900,000. Baldwin Construction Company of Little Rock holds the general contract. (Courier News rholo) Ike Makes Bid fof U.S. Vote; Stevenson Ridicules GOP NATOMayOneDayGet Atom Arms Support, Army's Gen. Collins States SEOUL, Korea W—The U. S Fifth Air force said U. N. fighter bombers today smashed ft big North Korean army headquarters in the second straight day of withering assault on northeast Koren At the eastern end of the brittle ront, U. S. 25th Division fnf&ulry- 11 en hammered back n Comrmm* si attack with fists and bayonet. 1 ; on Sandbag Hill, nn Allied outpost. U. S. Air Force, Marine and Australian planes hurled high explosives, rockets and machine gun bullets at the North Korean fifth corps headquarters near Kowon, the Air Force said. Pilots said they set 10 large fires, demolished 5G structures and damaged 20. ISuildings Collapse "The buildings Just seemed to collapse Jike they were made of playing cards," said Capt. Felix Fowler, Cleveland, O. Other fyfhtcr bombers and B-'2G light bombers blasted a tungsten mine southwest of the northeastern Korean port of Wonsan. Fighter bombers also pounded west coast and other baitlefront targets. U. S. Sabre jet pilots reported they probably shot down out- Russian-built MIG and damaged another in air battles involving 39 Pledge Made To Wage War On Corruption SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, ALLIED POWERS IN EUROPE (/Pj —Gen. J. Lawton Collins, U. S, Army chief of staff, said today North Atlantic Treaty forces in Europe eventually will be supported by atomic weapons. The general told a news conference that discussions are under way lor Integrating weapons, including artillery and guided missiles, into the European forces. He 'added, however, that such wespons "were not Immediately available." Collins said such weapons "can add materially -to the ability of Western Europe to defend itself." He warned, however, that "it would be a mistaken idea to believe that the number of divisions Immediately required in Europe could be reduced" by use of new weapons. Collins said the weapons would, of course, lessen the size of future defensive forces but that for the present Europe will need to live up to its schedule of military expansion, in order to tie more effective in defense against possible attack. The general explained that atomic weapons can be brought most effectively into place against an attacking force, for this force, obliged to mass Us forces for a lunge, presents a concentrated target. Collins refused to say iiow soon atomic weapons would be coming I latter off U. S. assembly lines but conccd- 1 kill. ed it will be in "less than 10 years." He added that "we don't believe DENVER (AP) — Gov. Acllai Stevenson s t o r m o <1 throng h the West today, heaping coals of ridicule on :he Republicans for "ill-fil- ting self-righteousness," and i, pledging himself to an all-out 1 war against corruption in gov-1 eminent. The Democratic presidential candidate hurled cutting words at the GOP on three major campaign issues. In Denver last night, he talked About "crooks hi government, mid kidded the Republicans for their slogan, "Its Ihtic for a change. He was due Jn Kasson, Minn., before noon today to stale his position on B farm program. His aides said that in this speech, us well, he would carry the fig]it to the Republicans, pointing the differences between tlieir farm program and the Democrats. Prnm thorn, following a gruelling schedule, he planned to fly to Cheyenne, Wyo., for a night speech, Allied fighters and more than 60 Red Jets. In Tokyo the Air Force saici that Sabre pilots last Thursday rolled up/ a new unofficial record for a single day when they 'downed 14 MIGS—13 shot down and one which crashed without being hit. The isn't listed officially as a Full Parity' Favored Jy General the Russians have any atomic artillery but we cannot be certain," and said that all planning is based en that they migh t the a ssumpt ion have it. Special Grand Jwjj^Quli 'Crime McGranery Against Idea, Calls It Bit Of 'Showmanship' WASHINGTON ijsn —The Justice Department has dropped the plan to have special federal grand Juries In all parts of the country sit once a year to survey local crime coiidi tlons. Atty. Gen. James P. McGrane.rj gays it smacked of "showmanship and that he believes regular granc juries thai and month out can handle things just as v;ell He has disbanded the !3-mai "racket unit" which his predecessor J. Howard McGrath, set up In th Justice Department last January t n,, evaluate reports from the specie* f/ Juries and keep the program in mo lion, i McGranery made It clear today h does not think much of the specir granO Jury idea, originated by Me- 1 Grnth and strongly recommended by the Kefauver Crime investigating Committee. Asserting that his faith lies with (he rep"Iar juries to maintain federal law enforcement on a continuing basis, McGranery told newsmen: "Showmanship ought not to be any part of the administration ol justice. Such administration calls for dignity and cfirtainty." As to the "racket unit.* the attorney general said: "I don't subscribe to the name •racket unit/ Labels won't do rhe trick. Wf* have lot* of units In the Criminal Division, functioning effectively, nnd not known by Hollywood names." Voters to Elect Seven jcials Nov. 4 lfo4t"ii * -"''"" MR ku to daife been held by the presidential •ampaigns but local, politics are due to begin stirring during the coning month. Seven city officials are to be elected at the municipal election which [alls on the general election date, Nov. 4. Filing deadline for s Oct. 6. In addition to the presidential* — and gubernatorial races and state,' initiated acts and amendments, Blytheville voters will choose four aldermen, a "municipal judge, city attorney and city clerk. All city offices are for, two terms cxcupt municipal judge, who is elected for four years. Aldermen whose. terms expire this. year are Jesse White. First Ward; Jodie L. Nabers, Second Ward: J. L. Gunn, Third Ward; and Leslie Moore, Fourth Ward. Mr. Gunn moved from Blyttievme last month to Bakersfleld, Calif., nnd a successor to serve the remainder of his term has not yet been named by the City Council- Two Sabre Jets Lost The Air Force reported the first Sabres lost in aerial combat since Aug. 1. Two F-8Gs were shot down by Communist warplancs during lie week ended Friday. Five other and then go on to Billings, Mont., ;o spend the night. Stevenson was a different man in Denver. Up to this point in the campagn, he has devoted his speeches largely to definitions of his views on the main issues, hence, trie "foundation speeches" about which his lieutenants have been talking. He Uns taken <itUe, if any, notice of the Republican charges against the Democrats, nor of the direct attacks-on his own record in gov eminent. But in Denver, the governor let U. N. planes-including two Sabres E1 >' with so ™ sharp-pointed shafts —were lost to other causes. i The pre-riawn flareup of bitter ground fighting followed a triple attack on Communist war stdckpiles on -Korea's east coast Friday by American bombers and carrier-based Navy planes. Although the Communists pulled back atter three hours ol bruising battle on Sand Bag. Brig. Gen. Samuel Williams, Dallas, Tex., assistant commander of the 23th Division,-said it appeared that- the entire Red force "stayed, because they were" Other city officials whose terms expire this year are Municipal Judge Graham Sudbury, ST., City Attorney Percy A. Wright and City Clerk W. I. Malin. City ofilcials elected Kov. 4 will take office Jan, I. at his opposition. And. although S spoke quietly and with restraint, he showed genu inc I e e 1 ing when he replied to some of the attacks on himself. | On the corruption issue, Stevenson said: "They (the Republicans) go on I to say that I am indebted to some, that-,1 would have no freedom, and that T could do nothing if-1 found dishonesty. "Corruption in public oEIk-e is treason to Democrats as well as Republicans. "Any crooks I can find in the Forty North Koreans supported government will be exposed and by artillery attacked the outpost ^ punished as ruthlessly as Ive done cast of the Satae Valley shortly j in Illinois, lo Republicans and after midnight. Red reinforcements Democrats alike. And 1 think I were thrown in the fight as Jnfan- know more about catching them try men came together in furious than my opponent, hjmil-lo-huttd fighting. "i followed eight yevus of nwgnl- The Communist force withdrew ficent Republican rascality in II- three hour:-- later, bub Reel artillery continued to bombard Sand Bag. The U. S. Eighth Army said the Communists fired 1,200 rounds o! mortar and artillery during the SEEKS COTTON BKAUTY TlTI.K^-Miss Dixie Kittlvui, of Mr. and Mrs. R, W. KiHian of Manila, will seek to adci another beauty crown to the one she now wenrs as "Miss Manila ot 1952" when sh« competes in the beauty competition to be held here in conjunction wlU the National Cotton Picking Contest. The beauty content, first to b held during a National Cotton Pic-king Contest, will be singed the nlBill of Oct. 2. Miss Killian, vrho attends Stephens College, Cohunbiu, Mo., was chosen the "Miss Arkansas" entry Tor a "Miss Stephens" contest. She plans to attend the University of Arkansas this fall where she will major in interior decorating (Courier News rhnto) Frisco Drops Rail Abandonment Bid Tl)e St. Louis-Sad Francisco Railway ' y*«tpvtlny^ wit drew its application for a permit to abandon the poVtion of its line in Mississippi County between Manila niul- LcEiclwillc and asked cancellation of a heaving which had been set foi Blytheville next week to determine whether or not the abandonment would be permitted. The h cur ing was to hn v e been * fight. During the battle, four U. N. Chest Board Meeting Reset for Tuesday The meeting of the Community Chest Board of the Chamber of Commerce originally scheduled for yesterday afternoon has been moved up until 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Chamber manager Worth D. Holder said today. Yesterday's scheduled meeting ; eoiiMicted with the King Cotton ; Open Golf Tournament now under[ way at Blytheville Country Club, nd many board members are entered tn the tournament, Mr. Holder fighter bombers swooped over the hill and knocked out one Commu- See WAR on Page 8 hnoia.' Whals more, I used an axe for misconduct, and Ive used it on my own party men without fear or favor or hesitation. Stevenson then hit directly at Eisenhower. Heretofore, he lias refrained from uttering any very personal remarks about his opponent. But he said he "resents See STEVKNSON on Page 8 Miss Lawrence, Stage Star, Dies New York Hospital Scene of Death After Brief Illness NEW YORK ttV-Gertrude Lawrence, whose ability to do almost anything on the stage and the toast of two continents, died tn New York Hospital today at the age of 5i. Miss Lawrence, a top star for more than a quarter of a century, left her Broadway role In "The King and I" on Aug. 16 for treatment of yellow Jaundice. However, a family associate said j the jaundice was'not the cause of her death. He said an autopsy would be performed in an effort to determine the cause. She went to the hospital only nV the insistence of her husband. Richard Aldrich, after going through her performances painfully for four days. "She wouldn't give in," said Aldrich, a producer. He and two i pa , Court this morni^ on rtmrgcs ] '«£>"• ^^7^™™^™- olnrn fT-ionrle KVirinv onrl TVii'iri „* ,!..;..;.,„ ..-1,JI« ,.„,*,,,. IV,- Ut<t.,An*.a I 50110010 TOOSt OI T11C plCMHL UJH r.i conducted here by Inter-state Commerce CO'iitnlssion Inspector Romero. Abandonment was being opposed by Blytheville, Manila. Leachville and other Interested cities. Os- Speck Maintains cnr Femlltr, Blytheville attorney 'f "I -.I,./* — r *. ri'pn'.senling opposing interests.) \jlpnrP III I f«\P handled organized opposition lo Ihc | Jtt VII\r V III \*UJw 'Corruption' How It's Lt. Gen. Harrison — Senior Truce Delegate Wins Promotion, Assignment in Japan MUN'SAN, Korea f/Pj—MaJ. Gen. ( tenant general and given a nnu as- William K. Harmon, senior U. N. j cignmcnt. delegate to the Korean armistice] Gen. Mark W. Clark. U. S. Far talks, was promoted today to lieu- Drivino, We anon Fines Total £150 Jim Sle.'idnian was assessed fines , . „ r , ...i _f i m^ * n.i\.« L« ,n.u..-.v... .-..„, ,—. -totally S150 and COstS In Munlcl- SS''«1 ,!^ ±""1^ ","L'! «H of Ihe oM JLO* E line. Wo .,- Ea:-,t commander, said Harrison will continue temporarily as chicl Allied truce negotiator. His new assignment commanding general of the soon- j to-be-nctivateci U. S. Army Forces j Far East (U3APFE). with heiitl- abiuuIoiuiK'iU. Main point in the railway company's request for nrmmlonment permission was n financial report which demonstrated that the company Jpst money regularly In operating the Une. Other considerntions also Inclutlctl v.-hcu the company filed nn information with the IOC earlier in ihn summer. Mayor I. D. Shecld of Manila, who led opposition lo the Frisco proposal, salt! after Frisco had withdrawn its proposal yesterday that "the City of Manila to delighted with the action of the Frisco in withdrawing Us application. This rnilway line through the City ot Manila and the other cities between nol be sllbpoen ., cd bpc!lllsc hc Blytheville and Joncsboro is an in- dldnt bc|Lcvc s fcs , tecral factor i.) mure Inrtustria | wcre suftlclcnt ,„ wnrr!ult Orlmd development, of ail of these small, Jury acUon c " it;s - . 1 In a ittle Rock address reccnt- "I shall urge all shippers In the iy_ speck claimed he had inforrna- Kut He Insists Proof to Be Shown 'At Proper Time' LITTLE ROCK I/O — Republican Gubernatorial candidate Jcf( Speck yesterday declined to tell a federal Grand Jury about his gllcKalions of "corruption" in the Internal DODGE, CENTER, Minn., AP)—Dwif/ht D. Eisenhow- r made his bid for the im- lortaiit farm vote today with plan which he said would uarantce present price sup- iorts for another two years r»d then would lead to high- ir prices for the farmer. He called for a wider range of nrm crop supports including •greater protection" for producers if perishable products such BS neat, milk, eggs, fruits and vege- ablcs. Eisenhower said the formers re,urn must he boosted from the aresent 00 per cent of parity to EL :ull 100 per cent—but in ways that, would "minimize government cor* trol and protect farmers* independence," The Democratic platform calls for -price supports at "not less'* than 00 per cent of parity. The GOP presidential nominee- outlined what he called ft "sound, farmer-run" plan while charging that the Democratic administration hiul tried to make the American farmer a "political captive." "I firmly believe that agriculture is entitled to a fair, full sharo of the national income," Eisenhower stud, **. . . and a fair share s not merely flO per cent of parity —but full parity." (Parity represents a fair return or the farmer hi wlmt he receives for his crop in relation to the .hlngs he must buy.) Eisenhower unveiled his ne\v farm plan in a speech prepared or delivery at the national plow- ng contest here—only a short time before Democratic presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson as due to discuss hid Airm program. Ike's SsW^Vv Vi ¥(CTt Eisenhower's speech was first on the program and it was an open challenge to the Democrats for the farm vote which in 19-18 was cred- (tj>d-by^some with v^'viTTj? president •'il-uniiin 1 Jits Surprise Victory.' • The bci.sic farm commodities now under price supports are wheat, corn, rice, cotton, tobacco and pca- niLs. Eisenhower said supports should be extended to such crops is bats, barley, rye nnd soy beans. He said some way must be found to give greater protection to the producers of perishable products such ns meat, milk, eggs, fruits nnd vegetables—wh^h arc not now under price .supports. Then he called for expanded farm research; strengthening ot farm co-operatives; up - to - tlate farm roads; and, "developing rural electrification and telephone service." Eisenhower spread his farm proposals to public view for the first time alt?r making these moves in Chicago yesterday: 1. He indicated strongly he might possibly name a Negro to the Cabinet or "to any place' if he found one with "the qualifications needed Revenue Bureau here. to serve the United States well. a. He held out an olive brancVi to Sen- Robert A. Tnft—whom ho defeated for Hie GOP nomination— by saying: 111 try to draw him t- TMIIUU: UIIL tiiu nui (.;. t - •" "J *" ««• And, U. S. District- Attorney Jim !<"'*<> " |V team llot " nly as H con " Gooch said the candidate would i suit tint but as a man lo lead be important man section of the Manila community lo make greater >iise of the railway facilities." Mayor flepiilS j shcd(1 a ddcd. "We need the Frisco ' railroad In Manila and we hope this is the end of any attempt by ! the Frisco to abandon any part or Weather Arkansas forecast: Generally fair this afternoon, tonight and Sunday; ^ot much change in temperature. Missouri forecast: Partly cloudy north and east and fair southwest portion itnt- cooler north and east central portions; Sunday partly cloudy and cooler over most oE state; low tonight in 50s; high Sunday 70s northeast to 85 to 90 extreme southwest. Minimum this mornlni?—59. Maximum yesterday—86. Sunset today—620. Sunset tomorrow—5; 37. Precipitation 24 hours to 7 t —none. Tokyo. Thp new command will con- rriends—Fanny nnd David Holtzman—were at her bedside when she died. Death came shortly after 7 EST today. Taxicab Proves 'Bit of Heaven For Marine, Pretty Girl Friend Total precipitation since January 1— 27.SO. Mran temperature <mid\vay between hi?h aixl low — 725. Normal mean temperature Av.gustr-80.2. This Dale Last Year Minimum this morning— 65. Maximum yesterday— 87. Preripitifion January 1 to dale— 3099. NEW YORK UV-A New Yorfc City taxicab was a bit of heaven] last night for a Marine sergeant' and the pretty Bronx girl he had thought he wouldn't see again before leaving for Korea. Their meeting in a taxi, with a kiss, ended a week of longing for Sgt. Hugh E. Kidd Jr., 22, of Baton Rouge, La., and Patricia Hayes, 20. of the Bronx. But the young couple said there will be no engagement Just now. Kidd arrived here yesterday from Camp Lejcunc, N. C., on a special and final four-day pass. He leaves for Korea Monday. He had spent his Labor Day holiday in a fruitless, 1.600-mile hunt for Patricia, even going to Boston f or ] on a lip she might be there. It turned out later she was off for the week end with some girl friends. But his pass was up and he had this ho return, dejected, to camp. Then the special pass. of driving while under the influence of liquor and carrying a concealed weapon. Twenty-live dollar? ol the fine \\as suspended during good bfihnv- | iour. Officers said Stcdmnn'.s arrest he was carrying a blackjack In other action this morning, hearing for Ed Martin on a charge of ^rand larceny was continued until Scot, 27. He is charged with the theft of painting equipment from the Jesse White Si?n Compo- Uons of the Japan Logistical Com- sure l He lion.' railroad ot oar coopcrn- mand ami the Headquarters and Service Command, the Army said, j UsceO/O Attorney Harrison, of Washington, D. C-. Admitted to Bar . .1, *i «r i was pitching liorscslions whi>n word j at the time of, o( h(( . promol!on rea cbed the Allied [ truce camp. 'Thrre really isn't much to comment about." he told newsmen. very fight. Thuse statements came during a pep rally of Republican lenders in which Elsenhower told them: '^If we can get cormnoti honesty in government. I believe we can conic close to bnlnncintj the budget . he hail proof of his charges j without ever once reducing ncces- - sim undisclosed publicity - *ary expenses for the armed lion "that would rock the Internal Revenue Bureau here. And, he For .awhile yesterday drcum-j ny wn tch has been valued at $125. stances continued lo keep them j apart. Patricia was waiting in a ' newspaper office while the ser- j geant expected her at a television 1 Stock Car Race Driver Hurt- Here studio. Then they managed to get to James (Sonny) WcfctbrooX, 21, He grabbed a Uxi and picked i was painfully bul not seriously In- "Naturally, like any soldier, I am tickled to death lo be' promoted." Honry .J. Swiff of Osceola was mtmR 12 new lawyers formally ad- j mitttd to the Arkansas Bar In Arkansas Supreme Court ceremonies j J| held in Liitlc Rock yesterday." Five members of the seven-mem- in his "hip pocket Reason Is Given Speck said he refused Goochs invhrilinn to appear before Ihe Jury because lii.s testimony would | be secret and be would not be' allowed to "divulge tbc infnrmu- tton to the Gooch replied that Speck revealed lo him confidentially the information on which Speck: based forces." The general continued his campaign in this farm state by promising Ihe Republican purty "is going forward with positive, aggressive, farmer-run (arm programs," And he acUlcrf: "There's gomff to be a spring house denning 1 of the unscrupulous leadership thru would use farm See KlSIiXnOWflK on I'afcC 8 his charge B ^«> «>"<• Charles B. him A We:,t Point graduate, Harrison | her supreme Court broke their served with the U, S. 30th Infantry Division and later commanded the Second Infantry Division In Europe during World War II. summer rccrss to qualify the state's new attorneys. The action enables the 12 to ^tart practice Immediately If they wish, of irregularities. He ™ 1 - u - s - W; Gcn ' Murray agreed wilh telephone conversation thai Specks information furnished j no basis for possible criminal charges. Speck consistently bas n See SPECK on Tngc ;[ti3ed I Georgia Peach Is Favored at Atlantic City ATLANTIC CITY. N. J. if —Oneilo this morning. Winners tn the tic K' duutru n in AI »uu Lm;jti:u | jjniiii u«ij .,.. v •!"- «-. .v........ --- ........... — . mvirni- her up oulsldr the newspaper otlice j Jurert la->t nlirtit In a smash-up al ol 52 lovely gills, the plcV. of tha I evening sown divlsio» "c l wcr as newsinen stood by on the Bide walk. It was their first brief moment of privacy. Minutes later the two returned to the television studio and ap-1 pcared on the "It's News to Me" show. i Kidd said that they had decided i country's beauty crop, will be crowned Miss America tonight but a Georgia Peach was In B favored spot. Brunette Neva Jane Ijanglcy, 19. of Macon. went up to the finish line with a double win in the pre.., „ iff was rushed to Blytheville Hos-! liminarie.i alter her victory last against making any plans because i pltal immediately followin E Ihe »c- I night In the bp.thmi? suit contest. of his Impending departure lor Ko- ' riclput wlme his rendition at ( ( As Miss Cicor^ia, she won a Inl- the Walker Park stock car races. Vounp Wcstbrook suffered multiple and extensive lacerations and abrasion n'wiit the head and face when his 1039 Ford "hot rod" overturned on a curve In the fourth race. rea. Bnt he added:' "As soon as I get back, the first place I'm going to head for is lighl to New York City." He arid Patricia left for "a quiet dinner together" after the televi- | Marine officials came through with | slon program was believed serious. However, this morning an attendant, at the hospital reported him as "resting well." X-rays repealed no fractures, the attendant said. He ts the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Westbroolc. enl show Thursday She Is 5-fect. 6!i niL'hl. inches toll. weigh? 118 anrt mcas.ircs 35 at the bust. 23 at the waist anrt 35 at the hips. She was the only aspirant known to win two preliminary contests up i nounccment of announced but their points are computed in the finals. Tl was to be a gruelling day lor Ihe contestants in their quest for the Wle which carries with It s S5.000 scholarship. $4,000 In cash and an automobile. The program called lor them to leave their hotels al !M5 a. ni. for breakfast conferences with Vhe judges. General rehearsal Mas set lor noon and after sandwiches and milk came final rehearsal find general Instructions at 12:15 p. m. By this time th<? 10 semifinallsts have been selected but no- fin- their Identities is made nntil the course of the evening performance. At 6 p, m. the girts all have dinner at their hotels In formal gowns. At 7 Hall, they leave for Convention report back stage at 1:15 and at 8 p. tn. the finals begin. Crowning of Miss America scheduled for 11:30 p. m. Winners of single preliminary contests were the Misses Alabama, California. Chicago, »1sltirl ot Columbia and New York Cilv. Owen Harmon of Birmingham. Ala.. Jeanne Shores, of Azilsa, Calif . Jo Hoppo ot Chicago, Iris Anne Fitch ot Washington, and Joan Elizabeth Kayne of New York were the single prelim winners. Inside Today's Courier News ....lake roTMlrrn in driver's scat as Kins J'ollcin Open enters second rounil.. -sports. .. Page 5. . . .Snricty. ..fase 2. ...Arkansas News Briefs... rase S. ...Fascists in induslry? W« h.inlly (hlnk so., editorials... rage 4. LITTLC LIZ— the prices on restouro todoy. *"**

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