The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on February 13, 1930 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 4

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1930
Page 4
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V THE OTTAWA EVENING JOURNAL. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 13, 1920. ml : 11 r Surprise Feature For Minto Follies Mrs. W, B. Grander and Ouuncey Bangs To Ap- pear As pair In canuTai. : 'to vsjrpris featur ef the Minto Tellies program th .production comma bow announce that Mr. W. B Granger (termer r Ml Marie st DougeU end Online Bang will appear as pair .feature skater la th CamivsL Tbry ware . formerly plr champions e Canada and North America and kv always bn on of th most popular teatmree of the Minto rollis, --',. - - When Mr. Granger and Mr. Bangs appear bath in straight pair tkalinf aad aa loioirlf in ana at th beautiful Minto . aautU th Ottawa pubiie will have aa. oppertunitr u coo par their gracelul etyle with that of th European atari who will ala aa oo th af ogiam. Mr. Granger ha caena from London purpoaely to take part la th Follies. Although the veriest luropsea atari who will tk part in th foUies pro-tram era all cheaipioae tbey r not likely to overshadow some famous Ottawa skater rh an siiirsm wherever figure akatinf I popular. . .. Mr. aad Mr. Melville Rogers, wh rautseautae1 Ottawa in the International eanpetitiana reoaatlr in New York and who received tMhlthr prais from th lud ' are to b soloists with th large Minto ballet of graceful and beautiful girl. The - Mint ballet la reoagtused a one of ,tba Onset mArnerite. w: In the "Moonlight Court." on of th big faaturaa of aha lollies being arranged by Minto, abater, th famous Minto Club Four will appear aa selo-lata. The Minto Four are being se-as-sembled especial for the Folliaa as Paul Belcrurt had left Ottawa and baa been. living in Moaaraal. Others ia th four are Mia Franca Claudet, Mia Kay LopdaU and Jack Horn. Th Mint Four agve bean Canadisn and North amanra nhasiipi in and th premier attsstcnon at erseral ice ear-nhfala. - -.. r - . m another aeanavCuy Owerk. form-erly novice champion of Canada, will appear aa alnisl v Ottawa skating enrlrusiest wilt b pleased to know that Miss Cecil Smith, of Toronto nd'. nuassr-up far the women's chainpUHnruip of the world in the New York corapetitteas, will afcst duriag the loUiea. miss Smith ha "alsreys bean popular with . Ottawa : " -.: . t STREET RAIEWAY WANTS mQHZE FARE Canadian' Praat by IMract Wire.- '' WrWNUTCO. lab. It Increeaed street war aoaght ST th Winnipeg MatUat Company, gsrasr at Winnipeg's areas service, at aualiag, ef e City Council carraruttas, -saney. 'r . ,s -, an th vnt that operation-coat re-ajuaate war not ranted, the company stated ft would mate a'scrieoul of treat car fare as foUowr' - nWsn-cant cash fere, fiv tickets or X cants; children's tickets, eight far Js cants. At present cash far is seven cant, four tickets for B cents; children' ticket, eight-tar s cents ' . - p Nofc the OaUtantUnc Twmr -, OUtni lor This Event - J0 Do. '. '- - vird Balanra) ia ., ... , 12 Eejtul , ,' MmtUy Paymentf ;j ; On parchasee of $35.09 or ever. Ooods delivered oa first payment. No interest or extra east of any', kind If paid within one year. Free storage grtvihgne it desired. -. 1 aAj-dcbil Sarouk " ! at Lcsw Thai Wioseeafci Prfce. 1 Th rugs are authentic reproductione of Oriental : msatarptece. ' Exsjuisit patterns and rare colors. t Bias 1 ft, I m. x 11 ft," h . ftl 1 J fTC lUgulsr for j...., dllOelO ,1 Sim 1 ft t In. a ley, fL. . v frvr rf f Ilegulsr I1M.W far ............i 3l7i7.DU, Sim I ft, I m. x I ft. , tTQCAA-Kegular tlUM for r....:....., JrOD.UU ' Bisa ft. In. B ft. .. ttJO Bcrilar IMJ for 40O.ld Sisa ft to. x JVi ft . . . ; tfCQ OR ' .' Regular tltfa) for ei)f3reawtj .' t Sim 4 ft to. TW ft .ite-r gansw tegular M0a far 9OU.0U Sne 4 ft 4 In. s ( ft, - , - ttO'7 iC Segular for ...... daatleaU CmnCe.Han 1 i'-My rotored Chinae Ruas to rose, brut and ' taupe beksTounda, Colorful Chirms designs dls- ' hns-v th rus. 1 Hi - ''. HtZH. $101.75 '; Sne 4V x i; n. ntguusr siw.u, for ..- Size 4 x J H. ,Besailar .lk (or ...i...i....i...k.i.t..k. bta I 1 I it. Regular w .f!f.:.!tt.r:;. S11.75 J DEATHS AND ; FUNIBAL OF MBS. CBAWFOBD. Lnprsaaiy tributa 't thai memory of Mrs. rYan Crawford, wuiow of Alfred B. Crawford, whoa death occurred at a local hospital an Sunday, foUowing a brief IBnsas, waa paid by rabtivaa and frierKaj yastaraay arternoon. wh attended in large numbers the funeral held from the residence of bar son, Harry" tfcaBdereand. - W BaraweMr atrenu. t Beechwood oametery. Mr. Crawford waa born In Bradfard. En land. Sine coming to Ottawa aha bad wen a high peace in th esteem of wary rata. She . waa married twice, Mr. Crawford, prodeceoadng hr by IT The funeral service at bar son's resi dence waa .araaduoaed by Rev. H. L Horary, who aisa conducted the ser vice at th arsvesicie at Beechwood Chiaf aaournecs at the funeral and aumvora incrud five sona: Harry Sunderland. Albert feusteland and George E.-Crawford, of (.Ottawa; Jack fiundarland and Fred .H. Crawv ford, of Pitteburgh; three deughstrs, Mr. P. B. Bowan and Mrs O. MadiH, of Bdsaanton, Aria, and Miss Minnie tsindareud. at stomas ana auMr. Mrs. Oaorga A, Powreui. of Toronta Tesufying t the high aateem In which Mrs. Crawford was held war the many floral ceTarirass and meesaaea Of sympsshy norivod by snasnbars of the Imaavad family. Thar war floral h-ibulea . from the "Brtuah-American Bank Not, from the Engraving De-kwrtmeot of the came firm, also from the Steal Plato Transfer Oaparuaent; from trie International Association of SidarogMphers, Ottawa local: the press mment Pruruna Bureau: TS Club and also from many relatives and srieraas. FUNERAL OF MBS. ITNDEBWOOO. ' Marked by th attendance ef a large lumbar of friend and relatives, the funeral was held yesterday afternoon at her lata residence. It Spruce street, of Emma, Chapman, wife ef A. R, Underwood, wh died on Monday last. Rev. E. Richardson Keller, of Western United Church officiated at the funeral and the principal mourners her husband, two arms, Jack C W. tinder loud. - Ottawa, a daughter, Mrs. W. X htaveneen. Wind sor, unL, two sisters. Mrs. w . J. Frost, Montreal, aad Mrs. W. Judd. Ottawa. Mrs. Underwood waa bom kn Greet Yarmouth. England, daughter of Mr. and Mr. J. Chapman. She cam to Canada seven years ago and had made her horn In Ottaw aver since. She attended Western United Church. Many beautiful floral offerings testified to the sites as In, which Mrs. Under wood was held, these including wreaths from the Brotherhood of Railway Clerks; Railway Union Lodge No. llil; J. K. Connors and. Son, Ltd, Sunday School class of Western United Church, St. Luke's Women's Auxiliary, Woman's Association of Western United Church and the ofOeers and msmrsri at Darby Lodge, Sons ef England. , Interment was at BMChwaod osme- FUNERAL s)F CV ,4 HOBB3. The funeral of Gaorge A. Hobbs. well known and highly ester mod raat- ant af Wertboro woe sued est Monday, was held yesterday afternoon at the residence af his brother, W. A. Hobbs, 4 -Birch street. Wastboro. Rev. A. S. McOrath of tr asr Sdmb of the Finest Rugs r :i In tKe February Sale; It's not too caTljr'td thiiik of your plans lor Spring decoration, and, as always,, the first .'-.thing, tor consider Is a Rug a luxoricfiis back- ground ior the beauty of your furniture and hangings. So right now is ait excellent time -'. : to. choose these gorgeous Hugs t unportant i , savhigs. With 'sf small deposit we will hold " aud insure Bugs until wanted.::'' i ' Sir I x I ft Itotular $, ' far .t...... i.e.. ..t......A . .'. Stte 9k x ltH tt Rsgular BX M , for. s.i. Six M i (or Stre 4H x Vk for Sis n x M ior. r j t ry i. TfotsTl Bke the i U tel t. .:i:J$78X0.v .......k.iJ LvaM , 8tas4ftsTa Sim I g 4 ft FUNE1ULS Park Baptist church officiated at lb funeral service and the stwurnert were his wire, three brother, & M. Hobbs. af Detroit, Mlsh-t J. W. Hobbs. of Ssalutohearea. . and W. A. Hobbs. Wsatboroi two sisters, Mrs, A. M. Livingston. ef Florid; end Mrs. Joseph Lewis, of Oagnode Station Out.-, two daughton, th Misses Mildred and Elai uobba, ' ' Many besuliful floral offerings testified to the esteem to which Mr. Hobbs waa held and these included a wreath trow the Waatbare fWaman., ktarroant era in Mart vale cemelsry. ' - FUNERAL tF g. ARBIQUE. Many friends and relsUves sttended the funeral held yestardsy morning, from bis lata reeldsiua. ' Montcalm street, to 84. Joseph s Roman Catholic Church, af Kdmond Arbique. well known and highly esteemed resident of Hull, whose death occurred on Mon- olmo renuiem blah mass for the repose of bis soul was chanted by Mgr. Hilaire Chartrand. V. G.. following which tovarment waa made In Notre Dame cemetery. At the ' church, Faroat's requiem mass was sung by the parish choir, under the direction ef A. Puotte. Chief mourners were hi widow, and three daughters. Mr. R. Gingrss and Mrs. Donalde Praula, both of Ottawa, and Miss Rita Arbique, at borne; three sons, Edmond and Lorenio Arbique, of Hull, and George of Saskatchewan. Testifying to the high esteem In which Mr. Arburu was held were the ssesw iinsMgia af sympathy, spiritual arm floral offerings received by members of the bereaved family. ; . MRS. BOSS LATOIB. - . Mia. Ron La tour. JI years old. and a life long rendenl at th Capital, died early yestardsy morning at her residence,. M Empress avenue, Mrs. Lstour bad retired Tuesday night , In her usual good spirit, but early yesterday morning suffered a weak spelt, expiring before " ' aid could be secured. Mrs. Latour lacaivsd her education at the Rideeu Street Convent and was a devout attendant afSLJaan Baptist Catholic Church for the past 14 years and wis held in high regard by all In additton to bar husband, aba is survived by seven daughters Mrs. B. Paquin, Montreal; Ron Lartour. teecher riMi mis aw- Uia.. Mary, Carmaina, Ceoie. Loretts and Aivma uaour, au ai nosnei re ata- Mrs. A. G. Leveeque. Montreal. ine reneraj win oa new inosj ssarnulf at I o'clock from the family laaiusms. M Empress avenue, to SL t 11 .:. r... 1. 1 ......,., Mill be at Notre Demo samstoiy. . FUNERAL OF L OROIDGE. BUCKINGHAM. Feb. U The funeral as Isaaa Ordida. weU-lnsawn resident of Buckingham, wh died here today after a week's I Urates, will be Held to morrow asornlng from his bans to Fapinaaovilkr Baptist Church. Rev. Matthew Dougherty will conduct tin Mr. OreUdae. who was H veers of age. was one of the loading members ef PapinaauvUU Baptist Church, For years be had bean a deacon and was also ssjpartossndant at the Burma y BrheaL In addition, ha bad also bean church treasurer for roars. Surviving him are two sens. Bar- . as 'Q, ' Biurymore aboninster . 1 Squares 'u , - . at Lean Trvan TVholcautag Prkw -Woven by America' finest carpet woanois. Even then vary inexpenaive rug show their 'style-con- ; sciousnsm by their bosutiful desigrsl aad warm colorings. .., ;: , fr-)" ' " . . .' '. Sisa t Jt II ft' Regular tN.W ; ra. sj,-"' -to .v.:....M,..i... wOUslU Sit tW A-Regular . sJQI "OC" for , r. . 1 :...(...'...... i .. e?0 1 ,Lo . $285 $24.75 i... ft Regular PM , $19.95 ft Regubrr ITTJt ; ,$1U0 1st. Bafular $3e55 1 , Mohair Eniir Rugs dees sisa, th rich sheen aad the -.glwieue esbw awiibineiimsi sheree ass satis r gaasuane .-. vCriental ruga in these Uoheir, (mlr . Orteowa espies. 1 " Sim 4 ft 4 to. X, I ft M In.. , tf 1 JI rTR 'sbsguksr.ttlMI tor ...,.a,:..v., Regular. IJO.W t L and Edwin.' . Iran Mountain! 1 Uictk, and on daughter. Mrs. C. t. Fraser, Burkuujham, , j ' " ' MRS. JOHlf HOACK. f PEMBROKE. OnU Fab, a-tSoac. Ul-rTh death, occurad today of Mrs. John Noack, of SUatfard Township, at uw Mttsga Hospital, attar ssrurury Ulnaas. Mrs, Noack. who was only M years of age. came to Pcmtsnauj star yaarr.aga from Germany and was married shortly after bar arrival bar. A sister, who accompanied bar to Pembroke, , residee m town, . Th funeral will take nlaca pvu.. allernooa 40 Oraee Churok gad mm ssry. ai lMr, , (. boeb war vrrrjUNS. The Otlawe Snulh IhW. Association wilt hnbta ll- . ine mt mtmht m'ImS L1 , , wue evening in UTO -at ' . oauaitors, Elgin street " Mwie evenuv. 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GsUrpase, iTFeaa, R. Ruwiing, and Wm, Bald win. The funeral was largely aiianoeo. Mrs. McOlllis had been a resident of this town for 31 years. She was born in KemptvlU. 15 years ago. a daughter ef Mr. and Mra. L, Courrier, now of Smiths Falls. Besides her husband and parents, she leaves five daughters and three eons to mourn, namely: Mrs. t-unoro oeunoers. PRICES TO ENTICE St. William's . Australian reacnes Haives or Sliced ROWATTS English Pickles In Pure Malt Vinegar. NEW PACK i aK c 1 lfc. Sealed Carton. WASHINO , : Coda 0 : '. rt a T aaam ssw ga I VTUBSk avVtll TOILET a PaperT - I v ' m CASTILE Gcap --f BIO. KVE acanscr!) : r i '' ' nnr ; f Value 35 c: Kingston; Mra. it Norman. BerrWneldj Mrs. A. Finn and Verla and Bealrue McGlUia. Kingsum; Georgs and Lee, la Toronto and Harold In Oshewa. . There are five slaters and two brothers, namely: Mrs. Geo. Miskslly and Mrs. W, Whiting. Smiths Fslls: Mrs, Wm. Jiles. ef Hamilton; Mrs. A. Beth-well, of North Bsyj Mrs. D. King, af Ottawa: Mr. John Ceurrter, of Ottawa; and Mike Ceurrter. ef this tow. SEEK LARUER PAYMENTS.? , Anrhtrrasas In the scale of faayasernt under the Workmen's Ccenprnsatlon boards af the different ptuvincao la being urged by the various International railway rirotherhoods of Canada, and the ssattar wag under discussion here yesterday at a conference of the Joint legislative oouuuittece of the brother -hoods, Th easiaarane was held In the esVa of W. L, Bant, legislative representative of lb Brotherhood af Leco- snotive Firemaa aa FRIDAY, 14th YOU-QUALITY TO KEEP AYLMER.f. PURE- Value ORaAaNGE laWfe Jar' Large. She . FIVE ROSES : Value 35c Large Bottle LIBBY'S QUEEN ; Olives Value 40c NEW PACK Shrimps Saw base ra an ef the Re- 1 seheters. And reach af all, j't t y Deep tu3 OF ...For Fine.; &J.., - Woollens ' . -!, ' V . f Does the Duty vgJ : Work Lifebuoy. Coap -talinolive Coap faifanU' Delight jy ' q ' re ' ' J5'16 . ml c MBS. 010. BBANNAN ' . ... DIES IN PEHBBOKS ' tperssf to lb Jeer!.. PEMBROKE, Out, Feb. 11 -Th death occurred last aught ef Mrs. Georgs Brsnnsn In bar list year at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Robert C Knott, Maple avenue. She bad been HI only one day. Mra. Braswan was bom In Alice, a daughter ef the lata Mr. and Mrs. George Atchison, bar maiden name being Janet Atchison. - After her marriage she moved, with her husband, to Petawswa, remaining there until two years ago. when, she came to resid with Mrs. Knott. Bar. husband died seven, years ago.- - Sis da ugh tars suisirs Mrs. Jformaa A. Morphy end Mrs. R, C. Knott. Pembroke; Mra, F. Mclnemev, Portage La Prairie, Man.; Haiti. Toronto; Mrs. SATURDAY, 15th Marmalade . 7 LB, BAG A C' Value 43c. v Royal Jar Value 39c Value 34c (0)9 this yrlre Red Appetizing Color Good Olze Value 30c RAYMOND'S r . 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