The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on November 11, 1939 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 5

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1939
Page 5
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SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 11, 1935. THE OTTAWA JOUKNAU B.C. to Retain Scale ! VICTORIA, Nov. 10. CP) Hod John Hart, British Columbia Flht ance Minister, told Legislature; tot- day there would be no increase ia taxation for the fiscal year begin nisf April I, even' though unemi ployment relief costs were so great they prevent a "fully" balanced budget. j In his budget speech his 14' " in a long political career ' Hart said be expected a surplus of current revenue over current expenditures amounting to $31,359, in 1940-41, but ine province would "again be compelled to defer full debt-redemption provisions." Tht .budget does not make provision for unemployment costs.. The Minister budgeted for rev en ues of $29,300,141, and ordinary expenditures of $29,268,790. The revenue figure is. $479,300 greater than the estimated income for the current fiscal year, while ex4 penditures are Increased b; $303,333. f . After payment of fixed am semi-fixed charges against ih Government, only $8,869,191- wt be left for general administratioi and governmental services. The balance sheet at March 3 i .1 , ntm a 1 snowed a surplus or assets ove Labilities amounting to $22,077, 543 S2.798.BZZ greater than : a March 31, 1938'. - . j During ' the year ended Marc: 31 last, revenues amounted $32,639,825. an all-time high foi the province and $1,602,882 mon than in the preceding 12 -mon' ' Convalescing After Sickness -- After, but serer fllnmea, j oi anions operations, tb patient! ia Try of tea left ia aa extremely wakij aerroos, rua . duwa and exhausted oxtitma. I J j. To all I boa eonraleaeeaU ho aeetl some kind of a tonic to streagt)ica and build up U weakened tan would recommend Milburn'S Health and Nerve Pills to aaritf the-n tmek to the full enjoyment o tV r tirerioos robust health. -1 . These Pills supply the very iele Soents s aeeenary to build up !th shattered nervous rrstem, and Mini ' back Jwdily strength sad rigor J A tnal wm eoBTiaea you of sserits. , Tat T. XUbara Co, Ltd, Tnoato. Oat. MONDAY SPECIAL! SIEliOIN STEAK 23c u. A & P SELF SERVICE STORES . M' ATTENTION I i w nr now tn a poatOon to ro root and umlato your bom oa a oeferrod oaymaot DlaOr J.R.DOUGLAS LlaJU ( 2M SLATES ST. .$-133 COAST-TO-COAST o-rrr mt.nm m m wtta -OB. B4TMOLX FtSrXCT TISIOH ttLASSBS" 181 SPARKS STREET Optical Pm liars la maclpal Cttirs Thee generations have served . the people of Ottawa i- : and vicinity. 1 H FUNERAL 172 ELO CEOKOE 1 - n . - J J 1 ' i I - . . . - ' t t t " ' , " f " I i' ' '(-- - , - , jt K -i . . - " "V - k ' ' ' ' " ' ' i I .. . 'X ' j I -t-,- - ,: '- -j 'I v . The Dutch artillery emits, like strength on the border as the government prepares to resist the threat of a German Invasion. (Wide Worki photos). x- :- .J . ! I -i t- '.' Expenditures on current accounts were) $28,684,443. . Gitxs expenditures for the year were!- $36,137,883. since an additions:! $2,974,379 was spent on spe cial debt redemptions and $419,- 061 On unemployment relief. - Mr. Hart did not include these extraordinary expenditures in fig uring his $32,350 surplus for the coming fiscal year. World Premiere Of, "Royal Tour" A unique and authentic visual record of the Dominion-wide tour of Their Majesties King George and jjQueen Elizabeth is embodied in the official picture, "Royal Tour? which wiU have its world premiere at the Capitol Theatre starting next Saturday. Scenes highUghted by the simple dignity of the King Emperor, and the win-someness and spontaneous charm of jiis beautiful Queen will be shown as the Royal visitors make theirf triumphal progress through theirj North American Kingdom. Intone hour and a half of se quence ': "Royal Tour" will be shown, a photographic diary of two people deeply touched by old loyalties quickened into life by theirj presence. In" city, village and hainlet Their Majesties will be shown. All the gorgeous pageantry of Empire with its age- old appeal is contained in uie pic tureJ Troops coming to the pres ent, flattering cavalcades with the ponnanted lances of the cavalry heralding the Royal progress are only; part of the shifting scene. Throughout the warp and woof of Ithe picture the volume of Canadian loyalty runs like a silver stream ever widening . in scope as countless thousands are captivated by their King and Queen. . Ottawa people will be able to re-live the scenes of glamor ana enthusiasm In which they played a part. 'And they will find the story repeated all across Canada with its varied background xorm ine a marvellous composite pic ture I of a nation stirred to its denths. . ' Much credit for the official mo tion fpicfure goes ia uapiain r. v,. NEW WAE SONG. and George were here They won our hearts galore. His Royal greetings so sincere, Her smile we all adore. Across this wide Dominion, Alike both rich and poor, . We'l back them up, yes, every fnan , '; ... And llove them more and more. We love our King and Country They never will be lost. We'll give our very life-blood- And never count the cost. At home, abroad, yes every man Is heeding England's call. To do the very best he can Whatever may befall. Chorus: i March! march! Over to the fray. March! inarch! Twill be a happy . day ' When We break the Seigfried line And (go camping on the Rhine, Then we u raise uie oerman .' tein l . To Britain for all time! To freedom for all time! Hurrah! Words and music by Hazel McKlnnon, Ottawa. H ROGERS t ; Elizabeth - 'I T If DIRECTORS IN j STREET The Netherlands Mans the the one shown In action In this picture, have been brought up to full Conservatives Reorganizing MONTREAL, ; Nov. 10. CP) A resolution that a central Conservative organization to work 'in Quebec be established was adopt ed tonight at a meeting of repre sentatives of Montreal ( district Conservative organizations. The resolution, moved I by W. R. I Bulloch, defeated Conserva tive candidate in Montreal-Notre Dame de Grace constituency in the provincial elections last month, asked "that a central organization be set up, with the personnel to be chosen from amongst i members of different local Conservative organizations". I Mr. Bulloch, who formerly rep resented the Union Nationals In the Quebec Legislature but with' drew from ; the party during the election campaign, was chairman and convener of the meeting. . Mr. Bulloch 'submitted i motion that the meeting dissociate itself from the Union Nationale and for mer Premier Duplessis, leader of the Provincial Conservative party until the Union Nationale was formed in 1936. No action was taken on this motion nor on an amendment submitted by A. C Cordner that the delegates take back to their associations the resolution contained in the Bulloch motion. After considerable debate, Mr. Bulloch introduced his resolution that a central organization be formed and this was adopted. It was understood that the new body would function In : co-operation with, the organization at present set up here by the National Con servative Association. The v-inema By 'W. McL. . ;; Capitol Theatre , "THE crazy Marxmen. are loose again this time under I the Big Top in "At the Circus", If you like the peculiar j comedy style of Groucho, Chico and Harpo. you will find much to laugh over in the most ambitious of their comedy spectacles. ' Like all the Marx screen pro ductions, this one has a sketchy plot. Briefly, it concerns a young socialite who buys a half interest in the circus with borrowed money in , order to be 1 near a pretty equestrienne with! whom he had fallen in love. Threatened with foreclosure of a mortgage on the outfit, the lad with a lot of social , background and very little money permits Chico and Harpo to call in Groucho to straighten out his financial 'difficulties. Groucho manages to sell the circus for one performance to the wealthy ; aunt of the Park Avenue half-owner. The lady had originally contracted for a famous symphony orchestra for t her gala performance at Newport, so you can I imagine how surprised she 1 was when Groucho pitched the three ringed circus on the well-kept lawns of her i country mansion. I The plot is frequently lost track of as the Marx brothers scamper through a series of fags, some of which arc 'familiar but always good for laughs. Groucho is the origins wt of most non sensical interludes, Chico takes time out for his famous piano routine, and Harpo does; his solo on the instrument from which he takes his name. Kenny Baker sings several numbers in pleasing voice when not battling with the Marx I trio or making love to Grantland Rice's little girL Florence. For the I moat part, however, "At the ! Clrtus" is broad, ribald screen fare, with little story or logic and a lot of Groucho, Chico and Harpo. GLEBE TABLE TENNIS CLUB. In the interests of-promoting table tennis a number of clubs have joined together to form the Ottawa Table Tennis Club with quarters in Stevens Chambers, 185 Sparks street Those participating in activities to date include groups from the Dominion Bureau of Statistics, Bank of Montreal, R.C.M.P, ! Tel Aviv Tennis Club. An invitation is extended to all others interested in the game to become members. A tournament for members ..lit w vu -wA.iu i:..- close November 12.. j . . lit UUU 1 VC11 HUM! 4 .v pjn, to 11.30 p.m. daily.! I CHIEF- JUSTICE DIES. , ORONO? Me, Nov. 10.--Chief Justice" Charles J. Dunn, 67, of the Maine Supreme Court died at his home (here today. Taken HI at the court house in j Bangor. Frontiers yesterday, he was brought to his home and had. since been in a serious condition. - vantage of -MONDAY y j I 4..JI jlL j ) Many Are ONE-OF-A-KINd' MODELS " vT VJ l ' This ; is "the first sale this ; season in our Fashion &il i Keen buyers whfi i f know the quality and fashion-rightness they ma ' icxpect in Fashion- , ' v- Salon i Dresses will realize the opportunity involve lin-a sale at this low1 I "T- price.' Smart women will f eel they should have twt (ir more of these ad- Jav-vanee style dresses at such a saving ... ! , o A Fine Wool for-Club'; and Connlry W'r ; . ' : ' ':T : :'jyx o A Fine Crepe for Afternoon and Casual Town Vesri ? f y i ;; - . ; ' I u h'7y In Lovely Colors: 'is Blue, Black, Brown, Wine, O esn . . . v i j J Also multicolor woollens, for yoi r selec ; ion. -i .. -;; ; U (hJf : -' V ' 1 .' .." ' l alyr? Many are one-of-a-kind models, ' Don't niss this chance to ; , SS F If ' enhance your wardrobe and economize at the same time. '- f! f1fl I Frelman's Fashion Salon l , '-'"VC yx Silt! I S. THE FASHION FLOOR ;' - ; VY' ' . . ' '-'II i' ' j T' T" . . SALE "MARTINIZED" . : I .. .. l i w : 1 V ur m . - 1 M - I . w t n I 1 ; I ; Is Committed On Charge Of Manslaughter i CORNWALL, Nov. 10. (Special) Robert Arthur, 22, of Cornwall, was committed for trial on a charge of motor manslaughterlffo-lowlng preliminary hearing before Magistrate P. C. Bergeron today. Arthur was the driver of an automobile which went out of control oh a curve at Millerocbes,' October 1, skidded from tne highway and crashed into two trees. Harry Towsley, Cornwall, was killed and another passenger seriously . Injured., ' Provincial Constable J. L. Whitty testified Arthur, had told him the car had been travelling "45 or 50". Albert Alkerton, who saw the Arthur car just before the crash) estimated its speed at 70 and Garneth Galllnger swore it wan going "at high speed". Stanley Loucks and Gerald Lawn, passengers in the Arthur car, said they had been sleeping at the time and knew nothing of Crease-Resisting Velvets What is more clamorous than Velvet for evening wear the low price asked for this famous make, crease-resisting and martintzed. colors include Black,. Larks' Egg Blue, Peacock, Copper k Clay, Castillean Red, Moss Green, Lagoon Blue, Teal, Plum, Malacca Brown, Porto Wine and Golden Brown AH 39 inches wide. Very Special, yard Pure Wool TRAVEL Regularly $5.50 100 pure wool shrunk. Fringed Fawn, Red and rugs, fully scoured and. ends in plaids of Blue, Green. So handy ; to have, around the hom and for use in the car. Buy) now at this saving. Special, each .. . . . . ....... Mrs. Chamberlain Will be War Godmother to French N.C.O.s LONDON, Nov. 10. (CP) Mrs.' Neville Chamberlain, wife of the Prime Minister, has agreed to a request of a group of French noncommissioned officers that she' act as their war god-mother, it was announced here today. v . The French officers recalled in the accident until they were rudely awakened by the crash. They said they had been to Ottawa and Hull. While other members of the party, had consumed several bottles of beer, they swore Arthur had but one. Extra Guards Placed At Barriefield Camp. KINGSTON, Nov. 10. CP) Extra guards were ordered at Barriefield camp, where troops are In training, when fire was discovered in a pile of lumber at the rear of the huts today. A sentry reported three men rushed out from behind the huts and sped away In an automobile. The fire did no damage. Donf faU to Uke ad- Save .79 The and of colors RUGS ' .90 1 1. 1 1L h.'S . fri; Ait i rrelrMn' J third floor . , HP a letter to Mrs. Chamberlain the comfort war god-mothers were to the soldiers in the first Great War Mrs. Chamberlain replied she was "deeply 'touched by this let ter, and happy to be . given a, chance of showing her "friend ship and admiration towards the' soldiers of France. j Etienne Girardot' Veteran Actor Dies HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 10. (PJ-J Etienne Girardot, 83, ' veteran stage and screen actor, died to-j day. He became ill two days .ago with an intestinal obstruction, j - Girardot, who played in scores! of New York stage plays after appearances In London, had tak en character parts In many nio-j tion pictures.' He had just finished a role in "The Notre Dame". " Hunchback of He was born In London and! came to the United States f In 1893. n - 38" ANGELSKIN Begularlt A 20c a yard Monday on Angelikin more you buy, the more youftevle, this lovely fabric has such aS vatieky uses. Make up your own ploisis. Dresses. Lingerie, etc. A large rang bf to choose from. Special BEAUTIFUL LACE I Ordilirily $2-39 Si Well woven In EngUid I - f I 4 In natural color" irt x 90, finished With flolible edge for long wear. . as this, will add and charm to-. Special, each .1 . U)th ior Connors to Aid Treasurer XL Nov. 10. CP) Five ministers1 without portfolio' will collaborate with ministers in the administration of various departments. Premier Godbout said today In an Interview. JHoh. Frank L. Connors, Minis-r without portfolio, who represents M intreal-St. Ann in the legislature pnd is formerly of Ottawa, will work with Provincial-Treas urer J. I Arthur Mathewson. H Hon. Leon Cas grain will work w&h Attorney-General Wilfrid Girouard, Hon. Wilfrid Hamcl with Labor Minister Edgar Ro-chettc, Hon. L. J. Thlsdel with the Pterhier, who holds the port- j folios of j Agriculture and Coloniza- j tion, anid Hon. Georges - Danser- eau with Hon. Oscar Drouin, Mln- . ister of j Municipal Affairs, Trade ' and Commerce. ijj 1 I j Joe Louis says Tony Ga lento is an! easy Iflghter to hit, but that he has a good stiff punch. ir t (Trade Name) i J. 49c i i CLOTHS ', la of good wearing cotton very aainiy aesign. one I75 oth such dign: ty table.

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