The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1952
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVTLI.E (ARK.) COUKIKR KRW8 TUUnsnAY, SEPT. 4, 1952 --KGR LESS Fresh Limes, Lemons Make Pie Favorites Let's mqke the most of our opportunities. Now that fresh lemons and limes are rolling into mar. ket and while eggs how a,b out a few old-Iastiloncrt homemade lemon pics? Mix In the coloring for lime pie. Coo! until thick bub not set. Add salt to r:>tj whites and beat until stiff. Arid rest of su^nr slowly, bcivtinj? ironstuntly. T hen blend with (lie moled gelatin mixture. Cooking experts of the United! Pour into the pie shell and chill. Btates Department of Agriculture! Keep cold until served, have wrestled with lemon and lime Mote: Graham cracker shell, problems and come up with which requires no bakmg aiul is pie . this time-tested recipe: Lemon or Lime Chiffon Pie One tablespoon gelatin for a firm filling, or 2 teaspoons of gelatin for a fluffier filling or for use with small CBRCS; M cup cold water, 3 eggs, separated; ?i cup stipar; H cup unstrained lemon or lime juice; \& teaspoon grated lemon or lime rind; \'< teaspoon snlt; a few drops of green coloring for lime pic, a 9-lnch baked pastry shell or a gralmm cracker she!!. Sprinkle gelatin on water a n d soak a few minutes. Beat ops yolks sltphtly, and add half the sugar nnd the lemon or lime julre and rind. Cook over boiling water, stirring constantly until thick, Add softened gelatin to the hot e?g mixture; stir until dissolved. easy to siake, Is a good choice for this summer pie. Use 15 graham crackers; '.-^ cup mcHcd table fat; r T cup siif^r. Jloll crackers fine. Mix v.ith oilier ingredients. Turn Into pie pan and pat Into a solid smooth, j-hell. These Recipes Are in Demand Corn-Chip Veal Roll And Hot Potato Salad Liked by Readers Eggs and Milk Give Nutrition To New Bread Loaf Is Developed By Experiment Station in Missouri liv OAV.VOR M.MViOX NEA Food anil Markets Mtlor The Missouri experiment slut Ion of Ihe . S. Department of A'-'ri- culturc his developed a new bread that hns its whole poiinrl weight packed with balanced nutrition. It's lusty news. Here it is in their own words. Fruits, Fresh Vegetables To Be Plentiful in August i whrn fully ripe. | Remember that ripe peaches arc If yon delight in fresh fruits nnd : Ms hl >' perishable. When buying a ° By GAYNOR MADDOX N'KA Food and Markets Editor vegetables, August, will be your '™ lo lls ° a day or BO for , month. The Department of A-ri- : dcs'ert. breakfast or (or the lunch culture's lists of foods to be | n ' ptill. choose those that are ripe, mel- nbundancc Is mouth-watering Let's I™ to " I0 touch and sound. It's take ft menu's view of It i 1'lenl also to buy ripe peaches for » »« " First, peaches fttid pcar.i are list- ; rd. Among other fruits, oranges, j and, limes WJH he In plentt- | ful supply. There will nl*o be lib-! cral amounts of orange nnd U-mon \ concentrates, j Sweet corn, tomatoes niul snap j beans will be plentiful, too. Of i course, there will be lots of other vegetables, too. In your local . markets. EgRs and milk offer the nmrlrnl.s | There will be generous supplies needed to combine with rnrlrhprl | o f turkeys; citao » good supply of flour to make bread t\ baljincerl ! stewing hens. Fresh and frozen fish food. Hera's a newly drvelriiied e;;g I and rhcd.hir cheese and sklrn milk! and milk loa!, alnitrt to carry Us' products will be In the markets in' quota National Otherwise, those at the firm-ripe stjtfie are a safer choice. These may be kept to ripen In a coul basement or, lor faster ripening, at room temperature»-around 10 degrees P. If you have a .small quantity of ripe pearhrs lo hold for a few days era tor—Just above freezing, If possible. But don't Vry to ripen peat-lies or a week, keep them in the refrig- I hi the refrigerator. Students Need Big Breakfast For Work, Play Activities Let's face it. Too many school-rise cause they cannot take a large youngsters are not eating enough breakfast. Now, with schools reopening. Is the time to attack this serious problem. America's maker, Dr. No, 1 Hazel official home- K. SUebcHng, chief of the Bureau of Human Nutrition find Home Economics, Uni- Here are two good recipes many leaders have asked for ngRin. Corn-Chip Veal Roll (Serves 4) One slice veal round steak (approximately Hi pounds), I cup «orn-chlp dressing. Pressing—?i cup corn Chips, 2 1 ,-! allces bread, 2 tablespoons onions (chopped), 3 tabl espoo ns celery (chopped), Yt cup stock or bouillon, % teaspoon poultry seasoning, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon baking powder, y t tca- epoon salt. SoaJc bread In water. Add rerrmln- Jng ingredients and rrxlx well. Salt and pepper steak. Place 1 cup of dressing In center, spread over steak and roll. Tie with string. Plnce in casserole, add H cup water, Cover end bake U4 hours at 325 degrees F. Bake remaining dressing In R greased pan to serve as garnish for the roll. Hoi Potato Salad With Bacon (8 Mrvtnrs) Two quarts diced, cooked potatoes, 8 slices bacon, 1 cup chopped onions, Vs cup bacon fat, 3 tablespoons flour, 3 tablespoons sugar. 2 teaspoons salt, ^ teaspoon celery seed, ft teaspoon pepper, 1 cup "wa- • ter, 2/3 cup vinegar, U cup chopped pimiento, parsley for garnish. Place potatoes In 2^-quart heat- resistant glass bowl. Fry bacon until crisp. Cook onions in \$ cup of bacon fat over low, direct heat for - about 5 minutes, or until yellow. Mix together flour, sugar, salt, celery seed and pepper; blend Into onion and fat mixture over low, direct heat. Gradually pour in water and vinegar, stirring unit mixture boils. Boll for 1 minute. Pour over potatoes. Add 5 slice: of the crisp bacon, broken inti email pieces, and the chopped pi miento. Mix lightly. Cover bow with waxed paper and let stand fo 1 hour. Heat- in moderate oven 325 de grees F.) for 20 minutes or unt heated throughout. Garnish wit remaining bacon and parsley. Citrus Drinks rst Lemon 'Coolers' Rank with Iced Tea When I'm thirsty find lint, Rive me n tall, tinkling Rlass of, strong Icctl ten. No lemon, no sugar —nothing. H's the best quencher I know. Try It on a ton-id day. Of course, citrus coolers do their Job beautifully, too. Here's a suggestion to take your mind off the heat, California Jnlrp Crush a sprig of mint (about 10 leaves on euch sprig) with 'i tablespoons of sugar in a tall glass. Easy to do with hack of teaspoon. Add 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice f about. J lemon) nnd stir until .sug:ir Is almost dissolved. Pour in 1 cup of cold wrter and fill glass with Ice cubes. Use lemon slices and sprigs oX mint for garnish. of vitamins, mimial.s and protein in proportion to Us calorie fuel value. This pound loaf was calculated lo supply ahtml half Un* ilnily food allowance of a moderately active m;.n, with the exception of vitamin C. The recipe call.s for no synthetic vitamins or minerals. liw.redlf.uts for the loal winde with dried ey:^H and milk are: 3 cups enriched flour, '„• nip dried whole milk. 2/3 eup dru'd whole c%w, 3 table-spoons mart^rine or built 1 r. 2 \ volume, too. i Here's the official ! of Plentiful* for August: List Key, Corned Beef Turkeys, dewing hens, chetldar j chcoe, skim milk pvmlutts, frtsh \ nnd fro/en lish; sweet corn, toma- i tor^. snap beans, other peirs. fro.^h i oranges, loir.OILS, Umcs, orange and j lemon concentrates, j The Department of Agriculture! {fives pointers on buying peaches; \ For a good buy In poaches, in:tkel *,ure (he fruit is mature but not! over-ripe. The background color tablespoons sutrar. 1 cake cnmpre'ss-1 ™(hrr than the blush of the peach , ^'oiK Spring." cd or dried yeast. 1 U-a.poon salt. 1 j ^ thn K" 1rtp ln .^"Vr 11 ^ U)Ok Iol [ 1 Q 1 ' 1 ^ Cor "^ (l R = cr ^^ Cnblia K e run w ter ^ creamy or yellowiKh bacKpround ted States Department of Agriculture, says; "In places where many children come to school hungry each morning. B school breakfast may be more useful Uiun a special lunch at noon." The first day of school is the time to set (he pave for the rest of the year. Stick to the practice of M regular time for rising, for e; breakfast, dressing and rioitiR enough quantity of food at the other two meals to supply their dally needs." The forgotten or hasty breakfast and the skimpy lunch may be responsible for Junior's drowsiness nnd low grades at school. Jane's poor appetite and loss of weight, fa- ' tlier's morning temper, mother's overweight, ai\tt even grandma's edcjness or "hurt feelings. 1 Here are some easy baek-to- j-clioo] breakfast menus for your family's Better - Breakfast Monrji. Tticy will pay dividends In more heulth arid improved school work: 1—Honey-bnked pear .crisp corn ing! puffs, milk, whole wheat toast, but- the j ter or margarine, coffee. other things that belong on the| 2—Tomato jwlcc, ready-to-cat oat morning schedule. <\ Rood Uvewklast; cereal \viih splcecl milk coffee cake Is a big "must" In that M-hrrlule. squares, butter or magrarine, co- 4-Orapefruit juice, rals ontmeal (for 4 seringa, stir I Ua- spoon eiruiainon, M teaspoon nui- g, nnd % cup raisins fn the boiU ing sailed water before adding rolled oats), buttered toast, plum preserves, milk, coffee. 5—Grape cluster, shredded vheet, milk, baker's sweet roll, butter or margarine, coffee, G — Fresh-frozen orange juloe, farinn wilh bran (lakes, toasted English muffin, butter or nmrgi- j'ine, milk, coffee. "must 1 NutrlUonisLs of the Department of Agricultui'o worn that, "Chllrtrm who KO with little or no cao, roffee. 3—Shrcdricd rice, ringed around a bukoft apple, com muffins, butter arc likely (o be undernourished be- j or margarine, milk, coffee. For "old fashioned" dishes such ns thrive Grandmother ivsed to rn;ike, you can bring pni i- e closer home with an easy corned B^ef and C:ibbape dinner. This old timer tr.kes on n modern slant and can uiw be ready for the table in te» \ minutes. The sL-.r of the dish is caned corned beef which needs only hciLliti? through, The co-star L^ cnbba5;e which Is In abundant sup- RED CROSS MACARONI PRODUCTS Guaranteed Better IN 3 BIG WAYS- OR YOUR •MONEY BACK- Honeycomb Tripe Both Delicate And New TVeat Honeycomb tripe is far more delicate than most Americans realize. Here's a European method: Honeycomb Triiio Two pounrts tripe, cut in 3 x '£- nch squares, 2 teaspoons salt, U easpoon pepper, 1 clove garlic, dtc- d, 1 cup water in cooker, U cup elery. diced, 1 tablespoon corn- tarch, I ten spoon Worcestershire itiucy, s ,2 teaspoon prepared mus- ,ard. Wash tripe thoroughly in warm vnter nnd soak in cold water. Cut n 3 K ^i-inch pieces. Place on rack vith water in cooker. Add salt, pepper, garlic, onion and celery. Place cover on cooker. Allow st-enm to flow from vent pipe to To combine ingredients, firsf, sift 2 cnps of the flour with the drier' \ milk. Atid half cup of wnter io the dried eprgs nnrt licat slowly unlii smooth. Dissolve sugar and salt Iti a fourth cup of water. Soften yeast In the other fourth cup of water. Melt butter or margiirine in n bowl over hot water. Combine eggs, sutrar, salt, yeast and butter or margarine. Add half • flour-milk mixture nnd beat about 3 minutes. Arid the rest of the flour-milk mixlure nnd stir. Finally nrtcl the last cup of flour, half at R Lime, stirring after adding. Then knead, shape and bnke, according to directions, To make the brcud with fresh milk and eggs, use: 4 cups enrli-h- whltc flour. *i cup whole milk, 3 eggs, 3 tablespoons butter or margarine, 2 tablcspomis sugar, 1 cake yeast, 1 teaspoon salt, no water. To combine Ingredients, sift flour before measuring. Scald milk, add sugar, salt nnd butter or margarine. Allow lo cool to lukewarm, add yeast nnd hcnlen eggs. Add half the'flour, and beat 3 minutes. t Add the rest of the flour, half cup Vt a time, and stir after adding. Knead, shape and biike. sure B1 ' c ture enough lo ripen. A dark green ground color Indicates thai peaches nrc not mature, lack flavor and fire likely to .shrivel before ripening. As for that blush. It's attractive but some well-flavored \arietirs never have it, even sa without 's? n When it it pours richest in comtK^uivc tests in the areas of worst reception acrojjs the country Here's What Zenith Quality Means... Proven Performance. New "K-53" i developed at a coil of nearly S1.000.000. TeiteJ and proved lK« b*rf «n orca* of v-onf recepircn. H»r» It Our Cworanfe* lo Buy and try any Red Cross Macaroni product. II you don't find it superior in flavor, lexiure and uniformity to any other you have ever used, return the un- ustd portion ol ftie package to your dealer. Full pure base prict will be refunded promptly- cut a h^lf head of cabbage into weorres and place in a small amount nf boiling, soiled water. Slice the canned corned beef and lay slices in a strainer over the cooking cab- bnyc; do not allow the corned beef to touch the water. Cook 8-10 minutes. As the cabbage cooks, the corned beef will heat through. Buy IT di your grocers priit PtckTnq Co., Limifed Time Only release all air from cooker. Place indicator weight on vent pipe and cook for ?5 minutes with stem at cook position. Let stem return to down position. Remove tripe and rack. Thicken liquid with paste nuide of cornstarch and water. Add Worcestershire sauce and mustard Pour over tripe. Special Offer Limited Time Only » coupon inside (For a Limited Time Only!) New Ztniih "Tudor* TobTc lY-Modd K181JR. 17-inch <HR sq. irU cj-lindrical B iture tube itrccn. Frohly modern ufrs«J.fir>od l.vMons cabinet in rich Marrofr . 'Ir.clodet Ftdrfvl E . ijlin covered oorf Wjrr Con7« in WOW iof your personal demon sir of ion ... in Fineil TV Reception. 70% br^grilor picture. 25% grccfcr diifancc. RefT«liort- pr oof pfctur B rubs. E^cluiive Fringe -tot V. — »cl il one* for b*it r«cp1ion in frirto« arcol and forgei it] ... In Now Efforllcu Tuning. Tuning all but eliminated by Super Aulamatic Station Selector. l!«ctronic Diitonc* Adjui'or permit* tuning station ro (lotion withoul furlhcr cd[yitfnen1. ...In Built-in Provision far UHF. Every Zenith ever laid hoi builr-in proviiion for Tuner Slripw to rcsciva new UW jtelio«l wilh- o«t a converter ot odop^of. * . . In Superb Cabinetry. FlawleM crafts moftihip uehicvei shinning odcf lo your fines' fumishingi. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. 208 W. Main Phone 2071 Look for the 10£ coupon in every can of OLD JUDGE COFFEE with the big yellow label on top. Your grocer has o limited supply $o get your share now/ OLD JUDGE

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