Lubbock Evening Journal from Lubbock, Texas on November 16, 1954 · Page 5
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Lubbock Evening Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 5

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 16, 1954
Page 5
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Coast Attacks Are Indicated Bv STAXWAY CHENG TAIPEH. Nov. 16 (tNS>— Nationalist China's armed forces were given a “shoo* to kill" order today to retaliate against the Chinese Communists for the sinking of an American-built destroyer escort. Nationalist President Chiang Kai-shek ordered his army, navy and air force to go all-out and shoot to kill in stopping any Communist moves alone the sea and air lanes of the China mainland coast. Chiang ordered all of his island bases protecting his Formosa headquarters to maintain an alert against possible future “sneak*' attacks. There was no action reported today in the wake of the sinking Sunday of the destroyer escort Taiping, formerly the USS Decker. The Nationalist warship went to the bottom with guns blaring off Tachen Island, some 200 miles north of Formosa. Four Red Boats Four Chinese Communist torpedo boats, reportedly Russian built, sent the Taiping to its death with the loss of 23 men. (A report from Washington said that the Nationalist Navy has been supplied with an undisclosed number of American P-T boats which were so valuable in World War Two against the Japanese. Informed Navy sources said the patrol torpedo boats may be the best weapon against the new Chinese torpedo hoa*s. The Chinese Nationalist crews were trained by American crews to use the boats.) Out of a crew' of 130, 152 men j were rescued from the stricken Tasping by other Nationalist ships. The sinking of the 1.150-ton Tai­ ping was the greatest Chinese Communist success in the current \ a A# y BUFF ^ ano huff r ANO PUFF 2 3«*-, : BtXBYfS Chiana Orders Armed Forces To " Ubbeck, (Tn.l, Events? Journal, Too«., Mov. lé, If 14 loo. !, NfO S ■W I/# I iff NEW DE SOTO SPORTSMAN—Introduced for the first time at De Soto-Plymouth dealers Wednesday will be the 1955 De Soto Sportsman hardtop, pictured above, all new in every detail and powered by the new Fireflite 200-horsepower hemispherical combustion V-8, the most powerful De Soto engine ever built. The new cars will be shown by Hub Motor Co., 901 Ave. H. Two Completely New Lines Of De Sotos In 1955 Models To Be Displayed Wednesday / t tistically the longest, lowest, roomiest and most powerful in the history of the company (exclusive of special purpose vehicles). Built on a newly designed chassis with a w’heelbase of 126 inches, the 1955 models have an overall length of 217.9 inches; heighe has j been reduced in the four-door mod- I els to 60.6 inches and to 59.9 inches in the hardtops and convertibles; , hip room and leg room has been j substantially increased in all mod- j els. with front seats over 64 inches wide and driver leg room measuring more than 44 inches. New Exterior Features Among the new exterior features i that distinguish the 1955 models, are listed: New body lines—slim, clean, taut, expressive of great power and performance, massive grille integrated with bumper; recessed headlights with a distinct Switch Target j Continental flair; functional air In recent weeks, the Commu- scoop incorporating the De Soto nists have switched their atten- emblem; full wrap-around “New tion to the Tachen Island group dnver complete range of vision at and have staged periodic air raids eye level where it is needed; sun against the Chiang Kai-shek in- cap visor of heavy chrome; javelin-like chrome strip running the full length of the car, accentuating body highlights; semi - flush push-pull door handles; colors- brilliant metallics and soft pastels, 13 solid colors and 42 two-tone and tubeless tires. Two completely new' lines of De Soto automobiles for 1955 will mark the showing of the new cars at Hub Motor Co., 901 Ave. H. and in dealer showrooms throughout the nation Wednesday. They are the Fireflite series of four-door sedans, Sportsman hardtops and convertible coupes, all wholly new’ in every detail and powered by the new Fireflite 200 horsepower hemispheric combustion chamber V-8 engine, and the equally new* Firedome series with a new' Firedome V-8 engine rated at 185 horsepower. longest. Lowest, Roomiest The eight new De Soto models for 1955 are dimensionaily and sta- fight which began Sept. 3 wh^n the Reds opened fire with their ar- tillerv on Amoy Island against Nationalist held Quemoy Island. stallations. The Nationalists, always mindful of the Communist threat of invasion against Formosa, pointed to the Taiping sinking as another provocative incident. There were no official reports [ comt>inations: “ ' The new De Soto interiors offer »ate™ at the time the Taipins 39 combinations in a choice of SMOC POUSH Dries to a shine that realty shines. Covers scuffs in a ¡iffy. was sunk. Apparently from all reports, the American warships were not in the vicinity. fabrics—nylons, vinyls, buffed and grained leathers, exclusive patterns—many hi them entirely new to the indusery. Fireflite carpets The Seventh Fleet is chared ye luxurious and colorful of heavy u ith the duty of protecting For- denier nylon loop pile backed by mosa from a Communist invasion a layer of sponge rubber, by presidential directive and its Other Improvements part in anv such action as the Tai- For the first time the new De ping would be questionable. Soto models with Powerflite trans- Greetings at Thanksgiving... Say it with Flowers-By-Wire If you can t be at a family gathering this Thanksgiving, your Flowers-By-Wire will represent you beautifully instead! Your F.T.D. Florist guarantees delivery worldwide, telegrapb-fast. Look for S peedy and the famous M ercury E mblem . Cost* So littlol You pay only for the flowers you select, plus telegraph charges. Sale« tax extra where applicable. Visit or Phone Your F.T D. Florist T* •s'oe* Du V«ev AMooefte*. M*eeawert«'i< C«"©* M;e CALL ONE OF THESE FTD FLORISTS Baldwin's Flowers 1102 Ave. K Phene 3-4684 Mac's Flower Shop 809 College Ave. Phone 2-3171 Perry's Flowers 1723 Broadway Phone 5-6654 Ribble's Flowers 1631 19th St. Phone 5-5744 Sharp's Flowers 2605 Boston Phone 3-0491 Hoy's Flowers Brownfield Chisolm Floral Littlefield Green Thumb Florist 2447 34thPhone 4-5888 missions will have a “Flite Control” selector lever mounted on the instrument panel directly in front of the driver. The panel affects a “gull wing” design, with divided, deeply inset faces suggestive of a modern aircraft dual cockpit that is exclusively De Soto, exciting story—new. Front Tread Wider The frame has been redesigned and is heavier and sturdier than ever before Rear springs are mounted on the outside of the fully boxed rails, 5.6 inches wider apart than on previous models. Front tread is nearly four inches wider, and the combination of wider tread and spring suspension reduces cornering roll to a minimum. Windshield wipers are variable- School Has Large Foreign Contingent TROY, N. Y.—UP—About one of every 15 undergraduates at Rensi selaer Polytechnic Institute this fall came from abroad. Fifty-one foreign countries are represented by 193 students, re' ported Dr. Richard A. Waite Jr., dean of students. Sixteen Central and South American nations sent 82 students. Venezuela and Columbia leading with 19 each. Cuba sent 18 and Brazil nine. Eighteen students are Canadians; 16, Chinese, 11, Burmese. Greece leads the European representation with six students. Eleven others are former residents of Iron Curtain countries. speed electric; blades park off the glass when not in use. Steering linkage is also com- 1 pletely new with a new symmetri- | cal idler arm design providing nearly constant ratio at all times land making steering virtually un­ iaffected by vertical wheel action. Optional Equipment Available The brake pedal has been nearly doubled in width and is suspended from above for easier action and readier accessibility from accelerator. Fireflite models have a new four- barrel carburetor which employs two barrels for economical cruising and all four for high speeds or a burst of acceleration. Firedome two-barrel carburetors have been redesigned for maximum efficiency. Available optionally are: De Soto Powerflite transmission, Full-Time power steering, power brakes, four­ way power seat control, electric window lifts, Airtemp air conditioning. search-tuning radio, and power operated antenna. Production Starts At Egypt's First Small Arms Plant CAIRO —(UP)— Egypt is on the road to military self-sufficiency with the recent launching of the first small arms factory designed to supply the Egyption army’s requirements. Premier Gamal Abdel Nasser inaugurated the war plant, which is situated in a Cairo suburb and is already turning out rifles and machine guns. Future production of the factory will be enlarged to include a wider range of armaments, according to Maj. Gen. Hassan Ragab. Egyptian undersecretary of war. Will Help Arabs The director of the new arms plant said its maximum production capacity was designed to provide small arms requirements not only of the Egyptian army but, i eventually, of neighboring Arab nations. The operation of the new factory is capable of a quick switch to civilian production in the event of easing of the present international tension, the director revealed. A large part of the machinery for the factory had to be purchased abroad, and local manpower was trained to handle the highly intricate production. The director of the plant said he had a number of “foreign assistants” to help him and his staff in laying out the plant’s blueprints and initiating Egyptian labor to the skills of armament making. The prime minister remarked at the opening of the new plant i that it was contributing to fulfill T. A. Pool Elected Head Of Auto Club T. A. Poole was elected president of The Rebels at the second meeting of the “hot rod” club Monday night in the home of Wallace McAfee, 2627 20th St. McAfee was elected vice president of the group. Other officers elected were Jimmy Cope, secretary; W B. Dillard. treasurer: and Joe Bearden, sergeant-at-arms. i The group is being organized in an effort to cut down on teen-age traffic accidents, although club officers say the idea w'as formed before the recent deaths caused by teen-age drivers in and near Lubbock. Among the prinicpal objectives is ending the racing of automobiles on streets and highways. Twenty members and six visitors w'ere present for Monday’s meeting. The Rebels are to meet each Monday night, but a permanent meeting place has not been established. New York Farmers Aid Conservation SYRACUSE. N. Y. - UP New York farmers have established more conservation on their lands so far this year than in any ’ previous similar period, according to I. B. Stafford, state representative of the U. S. Soil Conserva-i tion Service. He cited the 25 miles of diversion terraces built: 44 miles of open drainage ditches constructed, the 700.000 feet of the drainage installed and the 188 farm ponds completed so far in 1954. promises he had made to the people that Egypt w'ould operate the plants that turned out the armaments her army needs. Process For Rore Metals Discovered COLUMBUS, 0.-(UP)-Scientists at Battelle Memorial Institute here have announced a new process for the recovery of thorium and the rare earth metals from monazite sand. The institute says the process, developed under a project sponsored by the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission, is simpler than present processes and may aid in developing new markets. Best known deposits of monazite are beach sands of Brazil and India, although there are some in Florida and Idaho and other scattered parts of the United States. Thousands With Insomnia SLEEP Sound All Night-Awake Fresh Users of new safe Dormin Sleeping Capsules have found—as you cut- blessed sound sleep. Dormin has been clinically tested for safety and is guaranteed non-habit forming. The world of medicine progresses— so why tolerate a sleepless night that makes you tired and worn out the next day. Now for only 6Vc per capsule you can find the rest you want. 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It gives you the true tobacco taste you’ve been missing in other filter cigarettes. Filter Tip Tareyton is unique among all filter tip cigarettes. It is the only one that incorporates Activated Charcoal, renowned for its unusual powers of selective filtration,—used far and wide to purify the air we breathe, the water and beverages we drink. Look for the red, white and blue stripes on the package and for the distinctive gray (Activated Charcoal) filter on the cigarette. They identify the best in filtered smoking—Filter Tip Tareyton, the cigarette with a time-honored reputation for quality tobacco and the only filter cigarette with a genuine cork tip. NOW 2 WAYS REGULAR or FILTER Both King Size with Genuine Cork Tip IlLAWJW CrtAIITTIS *# H00EÎN size A. SUPERIOR FILTER AT A POPULAR FILTER PRICE HERBERT TAREYTON, PRODUCT OF AMERICA’S LEADING MANUFACTURES OF CIGARETTES DAT. CO.

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