El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas on January 10, 1918 · Page 4
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El Paso Herald from El Paso, Texas · Page 4

El Paso, Texas
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Thursday, January 10, 1918
Page 4
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Thursday, Jan. 10,1918. EL PASO HERALD SNOW LID FLIES DEPORT YAQUIS CITY GLAD TOHOTOOUNTRY Low Pressure Area Covers Light Rain Precedes Two; Movement of 10,000 From Sonora Said to Be for the Yucatan Hemp Fields. Scarcity of labor in the hemp grow-1 This Region; Flagstaff j Inch Snowfall in Valley Is But Eight Above. j and Mountain Ranges. Denver, Colo., Jan. 10.—Minimum ; Old Man Boreas successfully sat on temperatures for this winter were re- j the lid so far as 151 Paso’s real winter ported from many points in the Rocky j was concerned, until Thursday rnorn- mountain area to the weather bureau | ing, when city and county waked to here today and officials held out little hope for a material rise in temperature until several days had passed. ▲ low pressure are which was causing the cold, they said, remained central over the southwest, there was an “anti-cyclone” central ovep Montana. Today’s minimum temperature was reported from Willison, N. D., where It was 28 degrees below zero. see two inches of snow, wet, but welcome, coating ground, trees and build- MTS MO FLIES STREET NUMES City Offers Five Cents for Bead Rodents and Five Cents Quart for Flies. “The city of El Paso will pay two ing fields of Yucatan, Mexico, due to i cents each for rats slain in the city, the desertion of the fields by Mexicans from the interior states, is being remedied by the importation of 10,000 Yaqui workmen and famHies ings. It followed a few hours of light. from Sonora, according to newspaper rain Wednesday night. By noon the thaw was noticeable in rivulets in whilo! streets and roads, slush greeting pedestrians on their way to wrork in the morning. The most noticeable feature of the storm was the universal pleasure it afforded to every one. It was a nappy day for children, Montona temperatures ranged from especially students. Every fellow got 2 to 28 degrees below zero. In Wyom- s sn°wbail as soon as breakfast was ing the mercury registered from 2 to over* or shoes on. The lowest tem- 16 degrees below zero, the latter at Yellowstone park. In Denver the thermometer reg iste red six degrees below. At Santa perature Wednesday night here was 32 above zero; precipitation, .32. High wind for a few nours shortly after noon Wednesday signaled the Fe. N. M.. It was 28 above but at Ros- 1 meaning of the moisture, but did little well. In the southeastern corner of the j damage m the city, apart from a f»ao* state, the mercury stood at IS. At Flagstaff, Arizona, it was eight degrees above. Snowfall so far has been very light. HOWE GOES TO VAX HORX. Judge W, D. Howe, 34th district court, left Wednesday night for Van Horn, to be present in an advisory capacity, if he was needed, at the local option election which took place Thursday. Hair Often Ruined By Washing With Soap Soap should be used very carefully, if you want to keep your hair looking its best. Most soaps and prepared shampoos contain too much alkali. This dries the scalp, makes the hair brittle, and ruins It. The best thing for steady use is just and five cents a quart for flies caught in the same territory,” announced city health officer Dr. H. S. White Thursday. The announcement followed a conference with mayor Charles Davis and, the the offer of bounties was made at the suggestion of the United States army, added the health officer. The dead rats and flies must be de. , , . . - livered at the office of the city others had volunteered to work m the boartl of heaUht flrst noor, city hall, advices received from Mexico City, which said some of these were Yaquis who had been connected with the rebellion of tribesmen in Sonora, while ordinary mulsified cocoanut oil (which is pure and greaseiess), and ers returnin_ is better than the most expensive Thursday morning. _______... , ysleta Eastern Limit pole or two and roof gutters. A re- i port from Grandview said that one or | two residence roofs were loosened. At 2:15 oclock Thursday afternoon | observer R. W. Shaver, of the weather bureau, received a wire to look out for colder weather tonight than that recorded Wednesday night. Confined to El Faso Valley. Reports taken by the Tri-State Telephone company early Thursday indicated that the'rain and snow did not extend far east or west from El Paso, but appeared principally over the Rio Grande valley and east, of the Frank- j lin and Organ mountain ranges, which were capped with white. Alamogordo [ reported snow and temperature of 34; j Roswell, light snow and 30 above;» Ysleta, light snow; Las Cruces, cloudy, j light snow; Denting, clear, after light iain and snow; Tucson, clear: Pres-; cott, cloudy; Phoenix, clear; Tucum-; eari, cloudy, and only 14 above zero; Albuquerque, 21 above and cloudy. D. D Clark, commercial superintendent of the telephone company, compiled the reports for The Herald. Wednesday afternoon, after a high wind, Deming and Camp Cody had slow rain early in the night, travel from there reported hot country. It was reported that thej where first 1090 families had arrived by steamer in Progreso, Yuc., having been moved from Guay mas to Manzanillo by steamers, transported through the country by railroad through Mexico City and on to Veracruz, where they embarked for Yucatan. a proper orcer on the city treasurer will be given. Rats Scarce Here. Dr. White said he did not believe there were as many as 500 rats in the entire city, and he had been informed by old residents that ten years ago there was not a single rat in the city. The rodents, thought the doctor, had been brought into the city in recent years, but even now’ do not thrive. , , , Alderman J. P. O’Connor said he Henequen, or hemp, is largely used had lived iiere 25 years and could in the manufacture cf sisal. The'count ori his fingers all the rats he Mexicans quit, it was said, because of had ever seen in ill Paso. It was the prevailing hot "weather. Presi-‘ said, Mr. O’Connor added, that alka­ lies in the soil and water here precluded the flourishing rat colonies. At any rate, any boy desiring pin money and to perform a patriotic service, is free to go after the rats and flies, and the city will pay as outlined. The offer will hold for an indefinite period. The offer does not include mice. dent Diaz and governor Torres, of Sonora, were responsible for big deportations of Yaquis from Sonora, but the present deportation is*said to be the first since the revolution. It is claimed that the Yaquis are easily acclimated in Yucatan, and also get along well with the Maya Indians, natives of the henequen districts. TOLL BRIDGE Postmaster Calls Council's Attention to Duplication and Numbers. That there is in certain instances confusion in tho names of E! Paso streets and that there are a number of streets on which house numbers are badly mixed up was the substance of a letter received by alderman R. C. Semple from postmaster E. A. Shelton and presented at the city council meeting Thursday morning. The matter was referred to the streets and parks committee for consideration. Mr. Semple is chairman of this committee. Mr. Shelton presented the following specific instances of confusion; Points on Street». "There are two Elm streets, one in Wood lawn and one in Manhattan heights; there is a Grand and a Grant avenue: Laurel street begins at 429 at San Antonio, going to 406, 400, and I mornlntr HI ■DSWlj 0 UIE«D EIIIPTi; 10 BOOZE semedt isihS Street Car Company Is In-»Mayor Nordhaus Says That ON MY GUARANTEE stalling Three Turnouts to Speed Up Traffic. ‘The street car company, realizing that its great problem is providing better service to the suburban residence districts east of Cotton avenue, many of the inhabitants of which have been without jitne service the past few’ days w’hile the new routes are being arranged, is installing more trackage, as well as speeding up cars, has begun the construction of three long turnouts on East Boulevard, from the Cotton avenue junction to Piedras street and may arrange to give more track room between Piedras and the Government Hill junction at Copia and Hueco,” said W. E. Wood, traffic superintendent of the El Paso Electric Railway company, Thursday 401 to Olive, then going from 316 to 308 to Magoffin avenue; there are two Palm streets, one beginning at San Antonio and irregularly numbered, and one In Latta addition; there is a Park street and a Park avenue. “On San Jacinto street there are three numbers 230, three 232, three 311, two 400, two 601, two 414 and two 715. On South Stanton there are Practically Doable Track Boulevard. “Our worst difficulty is between Cotton avenue and Copia street, where the track is single, with turnouts. The company will practically double track the line between Cotton and Piedras, putting in one switch between the El Paso and Southwest- j ern crossing and Cotton and two more i between the Southwestern rails and three numbers 305, two 305^, two 401, ™Teen * bornJ7o-«Tn two 505 and two 505^. j £?edras \cost of ?2„,000 We have — 29 cars in the service east of Cotton Two Walnut .Street». “There are two Walnut streets On » over these tracks during rush hours, one the numbers are badly mixed, j * have not been informed if the com- starting at 329, then going to 219 , Pany has the idea of building the then to 82, then to 106 to 214. Willow ] Highland Park line to a connection street is mixed the same way.” with the Fort Bliss line in the Grand- The postmaster suggested that it: view addition, or of extending the would be of benefit to the city and Government Hill track to connect an accommodation to the postoffice with Fort Bliss loop. department if these matters were corrected. Raise» Service Car License. Trying Hard to “Speed Up.** ‘The street cars have experienced no difficulty in handling the people Civilians, Helping Army, Can Clean Up Any City fiiere is No Apparatus, Inhehrs, Salves, Lotions, Harmful Drugs, Smoke or Electricity "Tho cooperation of the city and county officers with the military la ail that is needed to clean up a city.” said mayor Morris Norhaus, of Deming, N. M., Wednesday noon at Hotel Sheldon. “I would not go back to an open town In Deming for anything. There is 50 percent less work for officers to do and at our recent session of the grand jury there were no cases to come before it. The to^n has been cleaned up by the work of the officers in conjunction with the military authorities, and it is being kept clean. So far as results are concerned the town is a better, more orderly place to live In, and evorvone is satisfied. Business is better and banks are receiving bigger bank deposits. Say» Old Argument Erroneous. “The old argument against a closed i town has been that it would hurt business, the same argument that was used against the abolition of gambling. Why, they said that we woudn’t have enough money to run our schools. But the schools are running just the same. The fact is the saloons have never been of benefit to anyone. "Many men of standing drink for the sake of sociability, but they are willing to give it up if it will help the poor man who spends all he has in the saloon. It is a new way. If is something absolutely different. No lotions, sprays or si ckly smelling salves or creams. No atomizer, or ar.y apparatus of any kind. Nothing to smoke or inhale. No steaming or rubbing or injections. No electricity or vibration or massage. No powder; no plasters; no keeping In the house. Nothing of that kind at all. Something new and different, something d eligrhtf u 1 and healthful, something instantly successful. You do not havo to wait, and linger rnd pay out a lot of money. You can stop it over night—a n d 1 will gladly tell you how-— FREE. I am not a doctor and this is noi so-called doctor’s prescription—but I am cured and my friends are cured and you our”Suifering will stop Two automobile traffic ordinances i on the smelter or Arizona street were enacted by the council. One was ! lines,” said Mr. Wood Thursday morn Give* Local Men Pointer«, ____ Mayor Nordhaus talked with a num- j can be cured, ber of local ousiness men Wednesday I at once like magic. XWiSS.S’h-bSJTSySiSwi guarantee is “We have the best town in New1 Mexico,” he declared, and he credited the closing of the saloons with a considerable part of the improvement. “If you are going to have prohibi- My catarrh was filthy and loathsome It made me ill. It dulled my mind. It undermined my health and was weakening my will. The hawking, coughing, spitting made me obnoxious to all, a Juarez Council May Name Santa Fe and Southwestern an amendment to the old traffic laws ing, “though a number of extra cars j have it all the way through,” i and‘ ¡ny foul breath and disgusting increasing the yearly license of pub- had to be put on the Washington Park j -a>d mayor Nordhaus. He does not fa- aabjts made even my loved ones avoid lie service automobiles from $18 to j line to carry crowds who had no i vor the California plan of selling light n,e gecretly. My delight in life wa* $25. The change had been in effect; jitne transportation. The storm nat- wines and beer in bottle houses ana; IuJ]e(i and my faculties impaired, since the first of the year and about’ «rally slowed down the entire system i cafes. He declares that the cafe life icnew that in time it would b 27 cars had taken out the new license, rr,r a few hours We understand the i has been responsible, for much of the jsoap or anything else you can use. Southern Pacific officials reported One or two teaspoonfuls will cleanse that Ysleta was the eastern limit of the hair and scaLp thoroughly. Simply moi3ten the hair with water and rub it in. It makes an abundance of rich, creamy lather, which rinses out easily, removing every particle of dust, dirt, dandruff and excessive oil. The hair the snow-fall, but that there had been I a previous snow at Sierra Blanca, with : none at Alpine or Marfa. R. M. Shaver, United States weather bureau observer here, said that wires down in the Panhandle prevented getting reports of the storm from ! that section. He said there had been dries quickly and evenly, and it leaves j snow at Santa Fe, Roswell and Dal- the scalp soft, and the hair fine and las. silky, bright, lustrous, fluffy and easy ; SNOWFALL VT FLAGSTAFF Commission; Names Minor Officials. The question of the proposed free toll bridge between El Paso and Juarez was discussed at the meeting of the Juarez city council Wednesday evening. No definite action was taken, but it is expected at a subsequent meeting that the council will appoint a commission to represent the city of Juarez in the matted. Get Orders to Resume; Schumacher Coming. Officials in the city ticket office of the Santa Fe railroad received a telegram Wednesday night from president E. P. Ripley, telling them to resume freight amf passenger solicitation at once. Eugene Fox, of the El Paso & for a few hours. We understand the j jitnes handled about 20,000 people per day here. Now that East Rio Grande , , ,, . street and Montana street jitne lines j *ater forts will be made to enforce all pro- are operating again, many people will I loons afe closed in El Paso, I uo to about noon Thursday. It was announced at the city hall at the same time that strenuous ef- visions of the traffic ordinance applying to public service cars, one of which is that they operate from designated stands. Three police officers would attend to this work next week, it was said. Denis With Chanffeur*. Another dealt with chauffeurs’ licenses. It was required that applicants for licenses must pay $3, must state if they speak the English ian- Southwestern railroad, received a tel- guage, must have state chauffeur’s cgram Wednesday night from T. M. license, must state if they are sober to manage. You can get mulsified cocoanut oil * few ounces will supply every member of the family for months.—Adv FEEL FINE! TAKE A communication from the Juarez | Schumacher the president, saving to anti bonest and must present recom- öenumacn r, me pressent, say.ng mendations of two reputable disinter- be probably ride them, but the crowds along Boulevard will continue to expect our best service, which we are trying as hard as we can to improve to meet the conditions.” Mr. Wood said there are 62 motors and six trailers used during rush hours over the whole system of the traction company here. Luke Bradley, district manager of the Stone-Webster cooperation, residing in Houston, has arrived here on a short visit. Derailment Cause* Blockade. Derailment of an inbound Govern- He declares that the cafe_ life , (cnew that in time it would Ibring me :o an untimely grave, because every loment of the day and night it was lowly yet surely sapping my vitality. But I found a cure, and I am ready ;o tell you about It FREE, and I am .cady to let you try it for fifteen days ■»n my guarantee. Yes 1*11 guarantee t, and If you are not satisfied it won’t oat you cne cent. Writo mo promptly. abuse of liquor, and states that money is spent chiefly for liquor during the later hours of the evening, after sa- Mr. .Schu- given in granting licenses to English ! ment Hill street car at the junction BREAKS 1 , 0 XG DltOlTH THEBE J chamber of commerce was addressed j resume all passenger and freight so- ■ ested parties. Reference shall Flagstaff, Ariz., Jan. 10.—The; to the city council asking them for, imitation immediately _ ’ « pharmacy, Ira very cheap, ^d^outh^^th^section^as been , the appointment of such a comm!,-» her „ ezpected to' arrive In ¿1 «¿“Si j Livestock men now see relief from a sion. the city or El Paso rms already j pas0 during the next week . situation which threatened heavy j appointed a commission on the bridgo ; , losses. There had been no rain since» j project. ju**». ______ last August. The snow fell yester- Appointments made by mayor Fran- otflll„n day. J c ,sco D* Gonzalez and the city coun- T. & P. CHANGES TIME ON ' cil w’ere made for two principal of- ! Say« Clubs Responsible. Clubs were attacked specially by mayor Nordbous as being more responsible in El Paso for the bad effects of the liquor traffic than the early closing saloons. With Mr. Nordhaus was J. W. Phillips, one of the Luna county commis- • _ , sioners. “I endorse what Mr. Nord- Send no^oney Just anj haus has to say about the reduction in ' rrntz- ideas© tell mV how* you the court business and work for of- ga“,Katz- Please t.U me now yoa SEND NO MONEY ficers,” Mr. Phillips said. Liquor is not shipped in for personal use in Deming. It is not re- cured vour catarrh and all about your 15 -day*guarantee.” That’s all you need to say. I will understand, and I will write' to you with complete informa- ceived by the railroad companies, it tion FRED, at once. Do not delay, was learned from the mayor. ’ * * ** —- * - — INCOME TAX OFFICER WON T LOOK YOU UP; BETTFR WATCH From January 14 to March 1, an income tax officer will occupy room 23, federal building, to decide all questions relating to taxes from incomes. Postmaster E. A. Shelton has received a notice asking his cooperation in making public this news. ficials and five minor ones. Daniel PASSENGER TRAINS SUNDAY Campos was appointed manager of the ! q*b ulateu. If license is denied, the $3 or ten fee will be returned. This ordinance j is effective immediately. File* Paving Estimate«. City engineer B. M. Williams filed the following paving estimates: La Luz street from Hueco to Marr, $39, PROHIBITIONISTS MEET TO CHOOSE COMMITTEE FRIDAY A meeting of the men who are lead- , more than an hour, while the wreck-! ing the fight for prohibition in El 2909 Indiana Are ers of the company worked to clear Paso city and county will be held*. ____________________ the track. More than 100 persons,! Friday in the 34th courtroom at the i many of them women and children, courthouse to select an executive com- Hueco and Copia streets Wednesday afternoon blocked six carloads of people from proceeding to the city for Send postal card or write me a letter today. Don’t think of turning this page’ until you have asked for thi« 7 onder?ul treatment that can do for ,-ou ^on© for re. SAM KATZ, Room H. A. U>0. Ckicago, 111. i trains will change time arriving and from Seventh to north leavinJF Ei Sunday, January 13, paving to be of cone: nector. The other officials named were clerks. Police Chief Has 42 Men. “The work of organizinig the new e Texas & Pacific passenger Santa Fe, $6,524.69; South Santa Fa ; end of bridge, concrete. $14,472.88. according to George Deck, city pas- Resolutions adopting the estimates seriger agent. The schedule follows, and setting February 7 as date for Sunshine special, east bound, No. hearing protests were adopted. Sanitary commissioner L. D. Hul- jrti a~. T *■ ûnm ctroût IF 1 Pacn t A wuiucu ciiiu liuuhcii. t eve ocicti c x cv.a ^ LUiU- iania RV 1« 624 69 - Sh Santa Fa I ,eft the stalled cars in the cold wind rnittee to manage the prohibition cam- to observe the blockade. There were paign, prior to the election on Jan- cltr wvernment ia ncrunvlne- th© ad- 2- wili leave E1 Ptlso at 6:15 P- m- U sanitary commissioner L.. u . mi- miLftraMoTIÏ r?e”em,"yÌafd^ïîaîor I Paso t"»«- «»««><» « P- <** « ! !»? d“r,1? no jitne busses in sight on Montana and Bliss streets, passengers reported. Auto Mechanic Remll« Car. At tho corner of Tularosa and uary 30. A bitter fight for and against prohibition was predicted by leaders on each side Thursday. The liquor men ! Spend 10 cents ! Don ;t stay bilious, sick, headachy constipated. Piedras streets the derailment of a I no 1 announce<i their campaign j Fort Bliss electric motor tied up the j p_______________________________________i aiung puuuc mis ntws. j Vhirr«ri^V_'''*‘T’n i present. |me wees enuuig »* euuvou»or >.« ww traction line upward of an hour, company "were passed across the river j Collector A. S. Walker, of Austin, Gonzalez Ihur,.qa 3 r. Later we win. Sune.hinfl t5neri_1 vest bound No 1 » 610>700 pounds garbage, lo9,00u neither that crew, another on a Ft. to inspect the lines on the Mexican I wrote: “This officer’s duty is to a&elst take up much more important „ub-J &u:nsh ne special,^.cs*,lN^o. L p°unds a^hes and 18,000 pounds ma- Bliss car inbound, nor another on a side, but it was stated that the stop-! fhonMnar»Hnn«fthdr tects connected with the city. .will arrive in LI Paso at U.45 p. m., Manhattan Heights car having the page was due entirely to the water | proper rerailing “frog,” a merchant! at Seventh street. This also hindered . reported. A mechanic from the Cac- ¡the operation of the Second w*ard cars, j tus garage brought out a four byj?1» became necessary to operate cars j four timber and helped “slew” the de-! in relays. Gars were run to the railed truck, whilo th« motorman j water* and then passengers walked annlied the “mire” remiltintr in the «round oil foot to another car walt- applied the juice, resulting in the | [ng beyon(L m this way traffic individuals in the praparation of their e^i,s connected mt.i the city income tax returns. All persons t T , . ° . P°l*ce at present is should confer with this representative Capt. Eulogio Aguirre. 1 here are *» instead of 11:30 a. m. instead of 30 a. m.. duty to look up the officer. He will not'call on the taxpayer. Failure to make reports, if liable, subjects tho Can’t harm you! Best cathartic for men, women county after March. 1. and children. Women Distribute Fuel. Tho sudden cold spell The^e changes wore announced person so failing to seveS penaltSS caused some suffering* to the poor in j pcrintendent The officer will “not return to El Paso ! Juarez, Thursday, it was stated. Wood -Springs. and snow’ I Wednesday afternoon by division su W. M. Kent, at Bi WORKING CITY PRISONERS IN CHIHUAHUITA CLEANUP! and fuel was distributed to needy ¡persons by the woman's commission MANAfiFR WAYD OF S P I which has charge of matters connect- «lAWAtjlLK WAID Ur d. r. li | ed with charity. Soldiers off duty went about the streets w'ith scrapes and blankets Enjoy life! Your system is filled, , , , * , with an accumulation of bile and1 ChihuahuKa is being subjected to . wrapped about their shoulders and general manager or tne southern I a- bowel poison which keeps you bilious, j another ^dose of sanitation at the j tliroiits. There was considerable mud Lexa*' I A . Lb headachy, dizzy, tongue coated, breath ' bands of the city health department, j in the main streets, war* stomach sour—Why don’t) At the orders of Dr. H. k White, city I f ;et a 10-cent box of Cascarets at » health officer, one of the inspectors, MA^ATRF OF 1R AMFRIfAN rug «tore and feel bully. Take i C. E. Taylor, is working a gang of ; 1 «V^VT/V* enjoy bad you the Cascarets tonight and nicest gentlest liver and bowel cleansing you ever experienced. You'll wake up with a clear h* ad, clean tongue, lively step, rosy skin and looking and feeling fit. Mothers can give a whole Cascaret to a sick, cross, bilious, feverish child any time —they are harmless—never gripe or sicken.—Adv. the [ city prisoners in the south side, clear* ing rubbish from vacant lots and using It as filling for holes. Vacant lots and dumping grounds ore usually the same thing in the south side, and the workers are clearing all high spots, placing the refuse in holes and then filling with dirt. The work will require about three i weeks, Mr. Taylor said |P MINING MEN IS RECALLED Thursday the second anniversary of the Santa Yeabel massacre, in which 18 American mining men lost their lives. The Americans were en _ §Jj_ _ f I route to Cusihuiriachic, Chih., from j the 'city ’ticket” office of the South- Chihuahua city to reopen the mines j western railroad, is now employed in at that place. Bandits under Pablo | the American Trust and Savings Lopez and supposed to be a part of j bank. Francisco Villa’s command, attacked , --------------------------------------the train at Santa Ysabel, killing the \merieans as they fled for safety, j pure. w«- r i Petitions referred were: Property New train, N . *5, formerly No. ] boiders for street light on Baltimore street in Kern place; of Joe Dunne, for sew-er connections corner Crosby and North El Paso streets. Death« Exceed births. Thirty-eight deaths and 25 births constituted the vital statistics record for El Paso during the week ending Wednesday, as shown in the report of the board of health to the council. The deaths were 12 Americans, 25 Mexicans and one negro; W’hile the births were nine Americans and 16 Mexicans. There were 31 cases of contagious disease in tho city at the time of the report, 15 measles, two scarlet fever, eight typhoid fever, four diphtheria and tw’o chicken pox. Inspect 24i»0 Children. Food condemned during the week consisted of 452 pounds of meat, one cow and two hogs. The report also revealed an Inspection of three 1 schools, containing 2490 children. In HERE, WITH WAGES OFFICIAL George S. Waid, vice president and supervisor of wages ror the Southern Pacific lines, of Housion, are in the city. A. K. Bailey, formerly employed in the city ticket office of the El Paso & Southwestern railroad in El Paso, has left to take a position with the New Mexico Midland railroad in San Antonio. W'heels going back on the rails. 'TlieikeDt uo mechanic said he would send the; y p street car company a hill for hisj timber, badly cut. Car “Doe** a Snlit.” Highland Park electric street car was DR. A XXV RE I'M CONVICTED. Dr. Anna Reum, in whose case great interest was evidenced, was found i guilty before judge W. P. Brady, ‘tL Sroi-fi SIJLt county court at law, Thursday on a tho North Oregon and Texas street lines Thursday morning at 9:39 oclock, the front truck going up Oregon and the rear east on Texas, ail wheels remaining on the track. Wrecking experts soon got both trucks on the Oregon rails. charge of practicing medicine without a license, and sentenced to $250 fine and three months in the county jail. HABIT reliable home treatment Thousands of w’ives, mothers and sisters are enthusiastic in their praise of Orrine, because it has relieved their lcved ones oi the “Drink Habit’ am! thereby brought happiness to their homes. Can be given secretly. Orrine is prepared in two forms: No. 1, secret treatment; Orrine No. 2, the voluntary treatment. Costs only $1.09 a box. Ask for booklet Kelly & Pollard, Sheldon Hotel.— Adv. LICENSED JITNES ARE 101; ;I 5 ON BLISS; 2 ON MONTANA 1 , . . . - - ........................... One hundred and one jitne bus op- = Sigfried Erickson, who has been in . the case Gf throat cultures were ! erators had secured licenses under ~ A ♦ i A. f- A f f i AA Of f Vl A » - . . ^ . I At. _ .. i i. _. i ’ -T' Meet me at the Toiler. Only More Days Of. . OUR MIDWINTER CLEARANCE SALE of Women §= The bodies were later recovered and Ml brought here for burial. Those killed == { includod Charles R. Watson, manager Ig of the Cusi Mining company and well HI known in the southwest as a mining J= | man. 1 PASSPORT HOURS ONLY IN AFTERNOONS, CONSUL SAYS ~ i Passports will not be vised at the the hearing was continued. American consulate in Juarez from HEARING OF OFFICERS IN KING KILLING CONTINUED Preliminary hearing of V. Hogan j and Robert Mulhern, special deputies j held in connection with the killing j of an alleged intruder in Hotel Dieu ! Monday night, was started before j justice J..M. Deaver Thursday morn-j ing. Only one witness was heard and : iearing was continued. Deputy sheriff Ivy Finley testified i taken, while 23 were referred to parents for treatment. TROUBLE GOST now on except in the afternoon, save I he went to Hotel Dleu following the on Saturday. The hours when appli- i shooting, and saw the body of the cations can be made are from 1 oclock | dead man, whom, he subsequently until 4. On Saturdays they can be found out, was identified as Ed J vised up to 1 oclock. The rule was made in order to allow consular officers to attend to more important matters, consul E. A. Dow said Wednesday. King, a visitor in El Paso. Deputy Finley saw only one wound on the man’s body, but had made no detailed examination. Sheriff Seth B. Orndorff, who will be heard when the hearing is continued, was present. Witness knew that Mulhern and Hogan were on duty with arms at the time of the shooting, he said. 1 U. S. TROOPS FIGHTING 1! YAQUI RAIDERS IN MEXICO ||j (Continued I^im Page One) SS5,aISSS!| The Young Lady ¡i' .*ronnnmniiiiiiin>n»HnnnitnmninTmiiiHiniwwniiiiinntunimmaiiiiii¿ the new city regulations up to noon s Thursday, announced jitne inspector == G. N. Gorham. On some of the lines == only one or two jitne busses were =§ licensed, while on three the quota =§ had been filled. The latter were Fort == Bliss. Washington Park and Rio =§ Grande. ;§? T-he number of licensed jitnes by s lines follows: Fort Bliss, 25; Wash- ¡g ington Park, 47; Smelter, 1; Sunset g= Heights. 1; Bliss street (same route g§ as Fort Bliss, but going only to Stev- *=g ens street, %vith Five cent fare), 5; = Montana, 2; Rio Grande. 20. ¡== HIGH WATER ON 7TH STREET TIES UP MEXICO CAR LINE | Street car service between Juarez !=§ anti El Paso by the Stanton street == bridge was interrupted for more than Woe rrmfinprl tn FinrilP fnr an hour Thursday morning, duo to s VY db Lüluineu bU nume IUI Vìsh water at Seventh and Stanton, g four years —Goes to JSST^S, u* movies now, she says. ; :soar JSSk , ... were then made to operate two cars W hen my friends and neighbors» Gn E1 Paso and ganta Fe streets to see me going out to the movies with and from Juarez, and this service For Value, Ser- 1 vice, Home J Comfort. H of an armed band invadin? and coming into conflict wi can troops. my daughters and enjoying lite once more they tell me they can hardly be- I lieve I am the same bed-ridden woman 1; they have known me to be for the last = 'four years,” said Mrs. G. A. Andrews, 1 j of 6007 Missouri street, El Paso, Tex- Included in this sale are several styles of Laird-Schober shoes of exceptional values. Every pair we offer is of the best style and latest pattern, and each and every pair is a splendid bargain. These shoes are appropriate for early Spring wear and you can buy them at less than factory cost. New Arrival Frost» LAIRD-SCHOBER The express just brought us a new Colonial in black French kid with genuine steel buckle, hand turned soles, Louis Quinze í MMUunui ai ! m h mmjv 203 MESA wirmitmtmiimtir heels. GtìiATg# fi PASO *5 fùKATfirSttQt STOPS I $ 10.00 iIlHUUtllllUltlíllUlIüin. 203 MESA »ns? Across The Way I jas*, the °thor day. started about noon. _ .Several employes of tho street car | = AND HE DIDrl NEW HOTEL TULLER Detroit, Michigan. Skin Comfort For Our Boys Found In Cuticura The Soap to Cleanse and Purify the Ointment to Soothe and Heal These fragrant, super creamy emollients soothe and heai eczemas and rashes, stop itching, the skin of pimples, the scalp of dandruff and the hands of chaps and sores. P'orcuts, wounds, bruis es, bites and stings of insects, sunburn or windbum they arc most effective. Sample Each Free by Mail. Address postcard. “ Cuticura, Dept, D, Boston.” Sold every where. Soap 25c. Ointment 25 and 50c. '¡immiimimminmfimmmiiiwmmniimiitiiinintuiiiiinmmm-uitMimT T|h> young lady acro«* tl*e u;ij »ay « agriculture is going to oiler a splendid field for educated young men for many yearn and she imagines thm Drug stor after the war more of them than ever tion of a M before «sill go In lor phnrmaeeulie«. 1 ve - Adv. I was laid up for more than four years with rheumatism so I was unable to leave my house, and fully half the time I lay Hat on rny back in b< u unable to move. Mv boclv nn i tirn*"> were so sw’ollen they seemed to be twice their natural size and my face was puffed up so I could hardly see. My back hurt all the time and 1 could lie on neither side with comfort. My kidneys gave me no end of trouble, my head ached all the time ’ike it r-o.U i arid finger tips tingled like they were asleep. My nerves were all on edge so I would go all to pieces at any little noise and what little sleep I got didn’t do me any good. My appetite failed and I got so I had to force myself to eat enough to keep me alive. “I had spent all of a thousand dollars trying to get well, but nothing did me any good and I was about to give up hope when 1 heard of Tanlac. I was actually amazed to find I was getting better from the first few’ doses. I have taken three bottles so far and the swelling has entirely disappeared. My nerves are all right and I can sleep all night with comfort. I am so hungry I can hardly eat enough to satisfy my appetite and i have so much life and energy I want to keep on the go all the time. I help with the housew’ork and the sewdng and I signed my name today for the first time in four years. I could not have believed it possible for any medicine to do so much good in so short a time as Tanlac has done for me,” , Tanlac is sold iri LI Paso by Kelly ■v Pollard company. Inc., and People’s under the personal direc- i;H Tanlac represent»-1 I'LL WEAR MY HE 10 Cy-)U3N LOW THE J3D5TLE T0Hiq;-\Tj IbYWTj W HU5BANHTO«5EE- IT» J Center of business on Grand Circus Park. Take Woodward car, get p off at Adams Avenue. ' =3 Absolutely Fireproof. -'OO Room«, Private Ruth. $1.30 Single; $3.00 Up Double -’Oil Room**, Private Rath, $2 00 Single; $4.00 Ip Double. 100 Room*. Private Rnth, $2.30 Single; $4.50 L’p Double. TOO Rooms, Private Hath, $3-50 to $3.00 Single; $3 I p Double. Mi HE DID' TOTAL 000 OUTSIDE ROOMS. Two Floors— Agents* Sample Rooms. YLL ARSOLI TELV QUF.T New I nltjue Cafos and Cabaret Excel leni e. Trust Me! Try Dodson’s Liver Tone! Calomel Harms Liver and Bowels Bead my guarantee! Liven your liver and bowels and get straightened up without taking sickening calomel. DonT lose a day’s work! 'inerc s no i't*auu u person mexcury ana attacKs your oones. TaKe should take sickening, salivating a dose of nasty calomel today ar.A calomel when a few cents buys a large you will feel weak, sick and nau- bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone- feet substitute for calomel. a per-¡seated tomorrow. Don’t lose a day’s work. Take a spoonful of Dodson’i It is a pleasant, vegetable liquid Liver Tone instead and yo^ will wake which will start your liver just as ( up feeling great. No more bilious- eurely as calomel, but it doesn’t make : ness, constipation. sluggishnes: you sick and can not salivate, headache, coated tongue or sour Children and grown folks can take stomach. our druggist says if you Dodson’s Liver Tone, because it is don't find Dodson’s Liver Tone a't~ perfectly harmless. better than horrible calomel your Calomel ¡s a dangerous Iran. It 1* money 1» waiting for you.—• Adv.

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