The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1952
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLF. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, SEPT. '4, 19M ' New Way to Use Old Stand by- Hamburger By CIICTLY BKOWNSTONE f milk, I ton spoon .salt. 2 cups drained Associated 1'ross Fonil Kdllor cooked or panned pens. If rising food prices nrc up^ettinp Method: Melt butter in lar^e hf-avy your budget, try Oil* rcctpf next' skillet. Saute, onion and prrcn prp- White Sauce Needs Pre-Heaf Unseemly Lumps Disappear From Sauce Recipes By r«AVNOH M.UUIOX SKA I'rmA ami .Markets Mitor You should novor, never have lumps In yo'ir \vhiip Rnurr. arroM- inp In Miss Tnqa Nielsen of J.nrnaj- ra. Lone Island. I'll shnrc with yn Shrimp Creole Is Top-Note/) Summertime Surprise Treat pound of sromu! beef. ; fni dry milk and snlt over siirfaee. : Yon puck nutrients Into tHe dish [ ncnl with rotary be.itrr until bv usilic ivonomlc-al nonfat dry blended. Pour Into skillet am, <U j ft'?* "i, 1 ^ 1 ",,!,""'?/""' ^"""T* T iii mi. lake no onnvie. as similar "My blond prnssurr io>e Dint hr.ndiinr water for Hit; liquid that soft riouch. Serve n combination pslart of preens, tomntors. and rnrmnlvi'S with the Bwii-l Biscuit Bake. It you like, and accompany thc salad uilh n tancv French dressine. Prars ayd fruits at this time hot '-12^r.> oven until bisahts about ?5 minutes. [ Srivc at oitco. Makes 0 set-vines. ; SHRIM1* CHEOI.E. prcrrarccr in Ihc style at Tarantino's «r San Francisco, is shrimp served In iomafo sauce on a bed of rice. f-rcen pepper, onion BISCUIT TOITINfi incrrdirnls: 2 cuns sifted [lour. '•; "'i"'»i: WARM YOUft cnp nonfat dry milk. 3 teasnoons FFFJ VT—no mal'r-r whnt of vear. will make n fine deport., bakmc powder, 1 teaspoon salt, ", i Serve the. fruit whole or In n com-1 cup shortening 2/3 cup cold d! "lot compote pe.-l ! tabnut). ', pound process American cnn--i<;irney «-hitc and dice Ihc pears, then mix 'them I cheesn fnod .finely shredded. 1 la-; cl jj™™<* *»!"' with the crapes and some strained! Wesnoon finely chopped parsley Ky OAYN'OH MAPIX1X I - NTA rood .111(1 Markets Frlilnr I garlic in butter until tender; do have a mother «-hr> eai-e you the Succulent morsels of .shrimp j not brown. Add fo'.ip and lemon of life' about white saure. My j nesllert in a Inncy tomato s-;uee. ! juiro; simmer; nbout 15 minutes •r dl'l—nnrt 1'iM'o is the Mmnle | fervert on a lied of fluffy ri.n 1 . Is a i Add shrimp: heat thorm.chh. Servo MQITHXS ! specialty at Tarantlno's, a populai \ m a rinir of hot buttered rice liquid is : restaurant on Fisherman's Wharl j .Molded Ocean 1'errb Salail ! In San Francisco. (Serves CI lake Ihc simple, thin-j T |,p restnurnnt was opened In! T'-o cups linked ronked ocean 1!HG by iwn rx-scrviccmon, di-ne ; peirh, 1 t;tb!o.-pr:on L'F'!:itm, 'i osp MrAlcrr and Dan Sweeney. .Ir ; cold water, 'j cup bollui? water, l *t Here's Picnic |SKortenine With No Shortcomings, TimeCheckList Lard ls Both Thrifty . and Of Food Staples 3\t* crusis. For the next hvo months, picnics 1 foM ' what's i often will be on the agenda of lam- .. . . lly excursions. It's a good idea to on the market. reserve n shelf for picnic supplies so, ... , ." - -' oiiahty of the pie I.ard Is a shortening with no) 4/5 tablespoons cold water shortcomings. It makes tender Sift [lour and measure; then slff cakes and cookies, (laky biscuits --- "'- - nciun with sail. Using a pastry Mender or two knives, cut half the lard Into flour until It resembles coarse corn meal. Add remaining half of lard and cut in until the slm of small peas. Sprinkle water, thai, you'll be always ready lo co '• 1" alit - v of tnc P ip ""«* It produces.! a tablespoon at a time, over differ.! at a second's notice. In a box or! P as " y made, with lard not only is lent areas ol the mixture and com- irior fried 'c. it's the most shortening ol its kind ' famous for the open air sandwiches. Economical and easy to use canned meats are idea! for these. Here's a list of staples to keep on hand for whenever the picnic mood strikes. 1. Canned meat spreads. 2. Canned luncheon, meat to ^rlll and serve with barbecue sauce on buns. 3. Canned frankfurters to 'roast" and serve in buns. nrt 1' p " cl:!! R Fd cookle.s and potato Hhubarb Pineapple Tie Crust 2 cups sifted all-purpose Hour 1 teaspoon salt 2/3 cup lard Here's a New Dish for Liver —Chow Mein 5, Jars of pickles, barbecue sauce j Liver appears In a surrtrise dish— and mustard: j chow mein. Here's a different For a simple picnic, all you have to ii'ltl to the=r> stanle= is Ill-end, a heveraci? and fresh [rutt, and you're on your way. thn JlGW f Simply heat it through and you : have 5Avory stew ready to serve when you use the hand canned version, For one variation, place the. stew in a casserole and top with biscuits. Bake in a hot oven for 12 to 15 minutes, green pepper, l'pound ground beef.; inch pieces. Place on lop of meal ^ cup water, 1 A cup nonfat dryland peas. These Hungarian Meat Balls Combine Ground Pork, Veal By GAYNOU MADIIOX NEA Fend anil Markets Killtor These HungFitiRn meal, balls are. outstanding. Thc meat mixture Is a combination of ground pork and veal with a hint of grated lemon rind nnd nutmeg held together with rolled oats. In traditional ItunRa- rlan fashion, the ment balls are browned slowly nnd simmered gently in a rich sour cream sauce. If chilled in the refrigerator for « while before handling, thc meat mixture Is easier to move from heaf. and arM one tablespoon flour and slir to paste. Add Hie warm milk a limp at a lime, stirring It smooth afler each addition "5—Place hack on medium heat and stir until It comrs to a boll. : Von Just can't Induce a single lump ; to appear. | "Won't you star! a crusade to small balls and brown In hot, fat. in, eliminate thc word 'lump' from all a frying pan. When well browned, j and sundry white sauce recipes? It .add sour cream; cover ana simmer 20 minutes. Serve, over noodles. Sprinkle with a dash of paprika. Deep Ohh Cherry I'lirldlnjf (Makes rj servings) Fruit Base: One tablespoon cnrn- Iras become such a 'rrdllcht: flantrer sicnal to yoiinc brides that they never even try lo make It." starch, cup sugar. teaspoon; An salt, 1 pint red pitted cherries (No. 2 can). ' To mnke fruit base, combine | cornstarch. sunar nnd salt. Drain cherries nnd add to dry Kasy T>ish fnr unnnrr Hostess If your turn is coming up soon to Sauce Will Add Zest to Chicken Broiled on Backyard Grill Ily flAYVOR MAPIIOX hlespoons Worcestershire sauce, 2 NDA Fund atul Markets Kiiitor | cups tomato juice, ^ cup vinegar Chicken broiled between earth ; or lemon juice, U pound butter or and sky Is something special and' mavuavine. •our! Quick Version Corned beef and cabbage need no introduction. And here's a quick version of this famed team—canned corned beef nnd seven minute cab- baire. Heat the beef thoroughly. of M-rvine this nutritions variety meat that's sure lo meet with family .approval. If desired the meat mixture may he served over rice for chop sticy. 5<iasc.5ts horn" economist- Reha I.her C'hmv Meln : - pounds sliced liver 2 tablc.snnons lard or drippings 1 cup diced ceferj' i cup chopped green pepper 1 No. 2 ! i can tomatoes 1 No. 2 can Chinese vegetables 6 tablespoons cornsiarch 3 tablespoons brown sauce 2 tablespoons soy sauce !L> teaspoon salt '.'* teaspoon pepper Chinese Noodles Dice liver and nro\vn in lar : inch thickness. Line a 9 inch pia Filling l l l cups sugar H teaspoon cinnamon 0 tablespoons flour H teaspoon salt 3 ", cups diced rhubarb (4 cup drained, crushed pineapple (9-oz. can) 1 tablespoon grated orange rind 2 tablespoons butl<?r or margarine Combine sugar, cinnamon, Hour and salt. Mix with rhubarb, pineapple and orange rind. Pour into pastry lined pan. Dot with butter. Place top crust on film", seal edses and gash top in several places. Bake at 4S5 degrees F. 35 minutes, or um'l rhnbaib Is lender. Pie Crust Pick-TJps Fruit flavored crust for cream or custard pies: Use fresh or canned fruit juice instead of water in making crust. If desired, add. add 1H tablespoons crated orance rind to the flour-shorfenlri? mixture. Spicy crust for apple pics: Add 1^ teaspoons cinnamon or a combination of ".; teaspoon cinnamon and a ' ; teaspoon allspice to the flour and salt before sifting. Modern Meat Loaf _ _ vi i Here's a meat loaf serving you'll drippings. Add celery, srcen pepper i havc ready in a win!-:. Cut a canned or and tomatoes, "nnd allow to simmer | P° rlc , about 20 minute?. Add drained Chi- S and lo ' lf into individual servings a baking dish. Top nose vegetables. When h ea ted i each elicc with a pineapple ring, through, thicken with cornstan-h i centered with a pitted prune, Sprin- extra delicious. Better allO'.v half Combine dry Ingredients, add the 2',-pound bird lo each hungry per-; i llicp and simmer for 10 minutes, son 'Jsc mixture of 'i teaspoon'salt! For steaks, franks and juicy ham- and 1'IC teaspoon black pepper t o: >>uiaers, try this old southern re- senson each half. Brush wiih melt-i c ip p ed butter, margarine or fat of anyj Combine 1 teaspoon salt and kj tlr ] ~ l teaspoon dry mustard in sauce pan. Place skin side down on rack j Acl(1 n , b0 "' H , C "I! vinegar to make keep heat low. turn occasionally-" I""": Gradually stir .in ». cup and' brush with fat severa, times, ™ --- ^^m.ncec, ^clove 'hires n\icc, l '- teaspoon Tp.hasco, I Broiling time is 35 to 50 minutes. eurdlinp. Hungarian Mcal Balls (Makes 6 servings) Meat IBalls: Three - quarters pound ground veal, y pound ground lean pork. '.4 cup rolled oats (quick or old fashioner!, uncooked), 1 egff. I'.i teaspoons salt. V\ teaspoon pepper, 1 teaspoon grated, lemon rind, teaspoon nutmep. Sauce: One cup sour cream. Combine all ingredients for thc meat balls. Shape the mixture into "6 toaspnon mnrr, 1 rup p^nrnkc f rrMp If 1 !turn Jorives For n brprr ! bri^j.;? or pvrn prpen f^r-:cd .^i^fis' rendy-mix. S^o ll P, make one lnrt;e Jollict! ring, i driven into thc ercmnd. A Vird nf: To mtike bnllrr, crciim shnilen- Cold Cuts .Mold clowinc coals \mdcrnenth, inndoj InR^ EKid sugar nnd egg; combine l cup finely chopped summer 5:1115- - from vrood picked up nrarby t\ce or bolocna well. Stir milk nnd mace Into mix-) lure. Add pnncnke ready-mix. Stir only enough to cnmbitip InRrocJlents. Drop by tfthJcspoons over hot cherries; then spread batter to distribute ovcrUly over surface. Bake in hot ovnn <4(1H rirgrers F.' 30 to 35 minutes, or until sorlacc is firm. Serve warm, Turkey Is Ideal For Sunday Meal Small, plump turkeys, from t\vo- nfid-n-half to 10 pounds are ideal lor the small family Sunday dinner. Select a Bcltsvillc Small White for best results. They v:ere develdpcd in less than 20 years by Ehe U. S. Department of Agriculture at Bclte- villc, Md. Here's how to cook tlic very small ones, from t\vo-anrt-a-hnll to 5 pounds. Rmnll young turkeys, about 3 iron tli s o!d, mnv be split or dis- jnisiTtd for broilinc or fryinc. The smnller vprteties u-Uh inccn?pieuous Seafood Medley Hot-Night Treat Here's nnolhrr hot -night treat that's really a trrat. Seafood Mcdlny 31 ;i Ices 25 servings) \ Four cups cooked rloanert shrimp; 4 7-ounce cans tuna, flaked; 3 cups cooked tofostcr or rrab. flaknd; 1 cvip French riret^ix:?; 2 minced celery; 4 cucumbers, diced; 1 7 cup mincrd onion; 1 cup s tiliiffrd olives; 2 teaspoons salt; '•: teaspoon popper; 2 1 - nips mnyon- 2 cups tomrtto jlliCR t pnrkace limc'gelntinc ; ^ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce k teasponn TahaKco 2 tfiblc^ponus lemon Juice ': eup finely cut celery Heat tomnto juice, pmir over pel- atlne and stir until dissolved. Add remainsm; Ingredients nnd pour in- Chi i rch or cjub c roup to serve' Urom charcoal complete the equip- Here's * clover choice. Purchase f . j ciuincd ham nnd hnvc your men [dealer slier it, then tie it back ir You ure now rc^dy (o barbecue - ^ Abollt 0]ie hour befnre 5crv thn hroilert chicken. Allmv a half | i nB timn> nlacc lhe ham in a roast . person. Dip m' Mm , rian nnri mnir n c .., n ol pine to molds \vhirh have brcn rinsed In rold writer. Chill in rcfrigcrntor iit\til firm. 4 servings. cuicKcn far each bnrheciie sauce and cook as in broiling Baste every few minutes until done, Here's a tangy sauce for I iim pan and pour a • apple juice over it. When hcatc< vou can mafco nt home in through, remove the siring n . , ] place the hnm on a Larsc tr: ^^iGaylv Karnish with crab-apples and j pnrsley. bleuded with brown and soy sauce-: '^ u 'i*b brown- siipar. Rdd aboiit - . hen place it- in the center of aj and enough water to make pouring i 'i cup of pineapple juice and bake ar?e platter, and surround it with j consistency. Season to taste. Serve I in a moderate oven for about 30 abhnge. j on Chinese noodles. 8 servings. I minutes. .dd Corn at vo 1 - . . Dixieland'* own favorite the ncu' puck is ready for you, with all and flavor, Fconomical — ^-holesome— at and serve—or, make mouth-watering ings or chowders. Gel Vride of lllinoi* •ur grocer's today. THE ILLIHOIS CANNING'CO., Hoopesfon, Illinois Packers of famous Joan of Arc Kidney Scans dan tnkft nlont; in a quart lar: ! One Inrize onion cut fine, one clove cinrHc cut line, 1 tmspnon If yon to niLikc sandwiches i sucar, 2 teaspoons dry nni-iiirri. IS! fr«m very fresh bread, chill the; ten.ipnono salt, 'n ten?pnnn bl.ick j brenH iti the rolri^erator one or Read Courier News Classified Adp t pepper, 'i teri.spoon Tabnprn, 4 la-lt-.vo hniirs before nsinp. piii feather-; arc most Renrly lo rook, ihcy ucic Comhinc with c«i!ci y. 'iii^n and olives. Compounds. Broi] or fry them like f bine MI If. prpprr and niayonnaisn chicken, but, nrijust the cooking nnri Jold into M^.ifnnd iiilxture. Chill time ;o the Fi? inc. ol rour; turkf THE GOLDEN RULE FOR "BACK-TO-SCHOOL" rt sininip lima ai^d lobster. Pour French drossinc over (his. T.rt srinid in refrigerator 1 re - \ thrr that cnn be u?' -j f .o ncum'ii:e in fnrrnh- me.Ti*. ft*:\ (hrm -inMl tender. ^T.-ipr ;r.i; : v r]li? F-V^n--. tilCII dire p.iifl serve in a MACARONI-SPAGHETTI PURE EGG- NOODLES AREY* Don't Just • RICH IN ENERGY Serve ycur children plenty ot Golden Royo' "ito feili ihow 'hoi tchool eMIdren *ho <JrinV four g'o«e* of miiv each day ore mor» oler( and olfentive Ihart when they do not Hove it. Help your children b« be!t«r iludenli. Give [He Ihe heolfhful nour'nhmeni of plcnly ot Goldtn ftoyol Vilom^ D milk for sfrong bones, sound le«lh and heaHhy Alwayi have pfenty of Go'den fioyol Mill* or; hand— sold ol better food stores everywhc'e. MIDWEST DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATION Special: lOc coupon in each can! - Ib. WEEK END SPECIALS J/KKK! J. Iteg. Si/.c Hkg. of KIX \Vilh ' 250' CJuunlry Style I'ork SAUSAGE 11,5. i i Hib or liriskct BEEF STEW 3 Fresh GROUND BEEF 490 fresh, Home-Killed TENDER HENS „, 490 Lean liuslon Hulls PORK ROAST Sliced BACON ENDS ,,,250 Fresh Green Colorado 2,, )S 150 Large Heatls, California LETTUCE 2 , or 290 i;!2 Size SUHK2ST LEMOKS, 290 No. 2 Can IJlucbircl Cure ORANGE JUICE 2 for 190 Anv Flavor ICECREAM Q , 290 I 2 m. Can Clicf LUNCHEON LOAF 290 .Monarch I'ic-l.-.loy SW PICKLES PI. Jar 290 The Gentle HI each PUREX Full Quart 150 'It Pays To Shop at Mays' SUPER MARKET 421 South 21st

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