The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1952
Page 11
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8EPT. i, fHXf.J Truce Talkers End Recess, Call Another EISENHOWER By SAM BUMERLIN MUNSAN, Korea W) — Korean armistice negotiators today ended one recess and called another utter trie U. N. Command suggested Commodity And Stock Markets- Ntw Orleans Cotton Open High Low Close Oct Dec Mar May 3942 3924 3912 3895 3950 3334 3922 3906 3880 3900 3917 39 C 8 "3928 3097 3920 Ntw York Cotton Open High Low Close Oct 3310 3950 3517 3935 Dec 3922 3934 3907 3925 M ar '. 3912 3921 3895 : hat the Communists really don'tfr- want to end the fighting. The delegates met for 51 minutes at Panmunjom In their first session since Aug. 21. No progress was reported. The Reds agreed to U. N. request for a recess until Sept. 12, the sixth straight recess n the- orvagnin off-attain talks. MaJ. Gen. William K. Harrison, senior Allied negotiator, told the Communists. "There is a widely held suspicion that you do not de- Little Rock Woman Gets Eisenhower Hat LITTLE ROCK (ffj— A short, wiry lady got the apple at the RepubH- sire an armistice and Ilia! your'can's political harvest here yester- negotiations are mere camouflage to conceal your real purpose to " continue the conflict." ultimately cd. If this suspicion ives to be true," HE 'the world will have dlscov- day. Gray - haired 70 - year - old Mrs. Dausa Weir of Uttl" nock—a lle- puulican all of her life—asked Gen. ~ ' " might tan And he • hst. it to her. cred once and again and boyond £^ ^rs" Weir «5d?d hrritatinsly New York Stocks A T and T Amer Toty\c"o Anaconrla Copper P-th Steel ,., Chrysler r-en E'eetrte '• -. G?n Motors Mon<fromerv Ward .... N Y Central Int Harvester J C Pennev RemibUc Steel Radio . , Rcccnv Vacuum Studebaker Standard of N J : Texas Corp Spars U s Steel " So Pac Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 5n 1-8 56 7-8 61 ft s-'a 6'! 7-8 61 1-2 any doubt Ihc futility of attempting to negotiate with Communists on any reasonable and honorable grounds." '4-FV to Face Draft Service Hershey Cites Need For More Manpower after she receiver! the gift: Only one thm^ kinria worries me. I hope he didn't when I told him he won't need his hat much lonper. "I meant that it was nenr the end of the summer, and bis hat would be out of KpaFon .soon." The Genei'M's sharp-witted comments- weren't out-nf FMson as far as reporters V.TTP conerrnrd., On? p.^kec! Eisenhower If he \voi! lr i " r t = n ho Ike" or would he bp "Mi'. Fironho'.ver" if he is elecicd (Ooutlmi*<i frotn Page 1) Speck of Frenchman's Bayou, OOP gubernatorial candidate, who in turn Introduced Eisenhower. Speck termed Ike a "dauntless hero" and "leader of integrity and honesty," The u'ell-controUed pandemonium that characterized the entire reception broke locwe when the general stood RS the band struck up the "Battle Hymn of the Republic." While the applause and cheering \Vfls spontaneous and loud, It never quite bordered on the mass jubilation which has attended the candidate In sonic sections. One Ike stalwart, likely a GOP veteran of many years, could be seen well above the central portion of the crowc leathered in front of the platform, his sevrn-Ioot frame accentuating the bat lei nci strft\v hat \vhtch he waved '.vilrily above his head. It \v»s a hard. U not near impossible task to estimate the size of the group which overflowed the park lav.n, stretching back into shade trees bordering the drive where many Ptnycd to withstand the hot sun. Others remained in park- Thc general's visit registered ed car.";, several hundred yards deeply with Republican National i away from the stand, satisfied Lo CommiUenman Wallace Townsend.} hear what Eisenhower hat! to say STEVENSON (Continued from Page H worried us." Wy»lt said. "\Vhy should It? He has hid Urge crowds ant that doesn't necessarily mean president. The general grinned, grabbed the reporter's hand and quipped: "Son, if I get to be president you can call me &nythin&." The General—as red as a garden radish—from the South's blazing .sun, said he considered U "significant" that he spoke In a Park named, for "an officer whom I once served in an intimate capacity." The park, scene of Eseuho\vei'6 speech, was named for Gen. Douglas MflcArlhur, who was born in officers' quarters at the time the park was a military post. Eisenhower also slopped tvl MacArthur's birthplace to sign a visitors' register. McCarthy Starts Campaign With Attack on Stevenson \V \SHTNGTON CT) — Selective I go | .4: Service Director Lewis B. Hershey \ 1!) 3-8! ta >' R snmp men pre5ently rejected j ' as "4--Fs" will have to be tnpned! to help meet the armed forces'; manpower needs of 1.200,000 men 39 3-4 G7 3-8 4\ 1-2 Lion Oil Co. Aqain Offers POLITICS 27 3-8- during the* cominp year. From the 4 4-F' croup xxx and j 37 3-8J other sources xxx Is w-here we will 7R 3-4 | have to find our pcoplf." Hershey 5t 1--V .said in a tMk to the 60th annual f>3 7-^ meeting of the American Psycho- 3!) 3- 4 ! loelcaf Association last night. He 42 1-8 offered no amplification of the 'other sources." In the fame III. «>,_< USD A >— Hogs 10,000 active to all Interests after slow ptnrt: burrows nnd gilts mostly 10 io 15 lower; few opening: sales off more; sows steady Io 25 higher: 130-230 Ibs one price 20.50 choice: few sales early 20.35-20.40: three load choice 210-230 !b 20.60: 180-WO Ihs 50.00-20.25: 1M-170 Ibs 11.75-19.35; 120-140 Ibs 14.75-16.75: choice 240270 Ibs 10.50-20.25; 200-325 Ins 13.0018.75; BOWS 400 Ibs down 11.0017.75; ' heavier sows 15.00-16.50; boars 11.50-15.50; stags 13.00-15.00; good early clearance. Cattle 2,500. calves 1.500: opening steady all classes; moderately active; cutter to low commercial bulls under pressure, however; f few high choice steers and mixed publication that Eisenhower Blytheville Hi^h School students, as well as the city's elementary and hitch school teachers, arc being offered an opportunity i* 1 share In S30.000 worth of collczp scholarships and cash awards to he presented (Continued from Page audience: "We must approach . , . problems in the spirit of co-operation and read£ne.=5. ,to accept (he responsibilities by each of us that arc group in character. from a distance. The difficulty In detonmmnt! the M/.P of the crowd was evidenced ny lark of coordination in official estimate. 1 ;. 1-ittie Rock Police Cliipf estimated the anything. "I remember that four yeara PRO n Louisville, Ky., Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York—who might be called otie of Elsenhower's eastern managers •— had a territic crowd. Do\vcy (fr'eeted ibis crowd by saying they couldn't**!! be Republicans. As it turned out, lie was riyht on election day. Wyatt noted that President Truman carried Kentucky in 1948 b> a substantial margin. Reporters suggested lhal Gov Stevenson may have been talking over the heads of some of his listeners on his (rip lust week en through Michigan when the Kir. and response of his crowds were disappointing to some party mew hers. Asserting llmt the governor \vl' continue to write the final draft of all of his speeches, Wyatt he doesn't believe IU« ordinar voter will have any trouble in iu tJerstamiing what Stevenson is talk-1 ing about. I "I rion't think you've got to write; dmvn to (he American people," MILWAUKEE UP) — Sen. Joseph McCarthy launched his drive for e-election last night with a fierce Attack on Gov. AdlaL Eteveuson, the' Democratic presidential nominee. At Ihe same time McCarthy, one if the prime targets of Democrat's n the national election campaign, told listeners, "I need your votes i«xt Tuesday. I need them badly." The time for carrying his speech over 31 Wisconsin radio stations elapsed before McCarthy struck At Stevenson for what he called the Illinois governor's "all out" support R liar. "You swore under oath that Hiss has an oni'-trinding reputation for Integrity—you say McCarthy has no Integrity, "You swore under oath that Alger Hiss Is a great American—you say McCarthy is un-American. "Well, niter your record Is given Ihe American people. If they want you, they can have you, I don't think they do." McCarthy'.'; campaign was de- Inyrrt by 7«njor sundry in July and he has been recuperating in North- of Alger Hiss, convicted of perjury i em Wisconsin before taking fictlvo for denying he has passed State part in the hot .*tate campaign. Hla Department secrets to Whit taker Chambers. "Mr. Stevenson, you went out of your way to berate me," McCarthy told his overflow audience at suburban Shore wood. "You swore to your almighty God that Alper Hiss hRs a reputation for truthfulness—you say' McCarthy IK principal opponent In the Sept. 9 primary Vs Leonard Schmltt. attorney, of Merrill, Wis . 1 vho hn.i been holding radio talkathons in , the state. "This is a' close fisht." McCarthy said, "It Is an Important fight to the finish. I>?t me assure you I need your votes next Tuesday. I need them bndly." \Vynlt declared. He ! Sto\'(rnson had innrfp no speech. Hershey charRed psychologists with some of the responsibility for the fact that 400,000 men so fur have been rejected for military service, for failure to pass thp armed forces qualt- ficntinns tests. Those are tests de- fUinert to measure educational and other mental capacities but have nothln? to dn wHh measuring emotional stability, Hershey said. DEMOCRATS (Continued from Page 1) during the current school year by the Lion Oil Scholarship Fund. The scholarships and awards will co tn winners of a series of essay contests conducted by the Fund in the interest nf better education the South. The contnsts arc 1 opei to hieh school students and to ele- menUrv and hl^h school teach°rs, in public, private and rnrochtal sclionls t^rorebnnt. tlip Ponth. The subject of the fir=t essav nf | the current serif? for h^W prhool| students Is "Mv Dr-f"iit!on of Onod Citizenshin." Three students who*e essays win a top nlin^ in thi^ contest will each receive n SI.000 scholar :-Vtiv> to the, university or college of Ms or her choice.. The teachers who sponsor the three first-place student essays will ea^h receive a S200 cash award: In addl- toin to the scholarships, student "is [ p;csavJ5*<: v.'ill com^te for forty-five 5lw of the cro\vd at 15.000. while Polire Captain L. V. Wiiherspoon croup ! frue^sed the number gathered at the park to top 30.000. General Besieged Following the speech. Eisenhower was besieged behind the band- If we'do not do that, then there] shell by men, women and children comes that creeping tide of law,! who wanted a better look at the for- cnntrnl law, that finally results in j mcr Supreme Commander of Allied the all-powerful state and we do it Forces in Europe, As is always the because we arc regimented . . Eisenhower's audiences sat silent when he the passing references to the civil rights problem. "\Sabres Take | Near Record Toll of M/G's with men there ivrre Ihnse as Eisenhower, who wanted to shake hnnris. those who wanted Ike to "meet Junior." and those who would settle mfroly to touch the man. Ei^'nhtnver rave his panama straw hat to B 70-year-old Little Rock woman, "a Republican : life." who nsked for the hat be"he \von't need it much long- yearlings 33.00-33.50; good and choice steers and heifers 27.50Sl.OO: utility and commercial 20.0027.00; utility and commercial cows well and favorably known to the merit awards of $25 cash each, with public; his personal popularity is a similar av.'tird for each wntiler's 17.50-21.00; 13.00-17.50. canners and cutters Obituaries still high." And, Mitchell said, Stevenson Is a comparative new comer to the national scene, and is not as well known as General Eisenhower." As proof of its contention that Dewey has taken over the Eisenhower campaign, the publication noted that the general has switched his headquarters from Denver to New York, One of the reasons for this move, the publication said, "was the failure of midwest Republicans, most of whom supported Taft, to contribute to the Eiseuhoxver campaign fund." "Now that Eisenhower is in New York," it continued, "persons fan-l- ean er." When the crowd had pnouffh to allow attempt to give "rabble-rousing" speeches in Michigan, but was pursuing 1 his program of laying down formally his views on major Issues, He said Steven-son feels the people should have « chance to size up his program before the final phase of the campaign rolls around in October. "I think it would be an awfull. good thins to treat the American people as the adult A they are,' Wyatt said. Earlier today, Stevenson supporters [fled to drive a wedge between Eisenhower and Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio In the GOP rnnks. They cited the defrciion of Col. Robert R. McCormick, editor mid publisher of Ihe Chicago Tribune a'» an asset In their effort to capture the vital Midwest in the presidential race. MrGVirmick has advised Repub Means to Ignore both party canrli dispersed i tl(ltcs &nti concentrate on * third Nicholson Discusses Improvements In School System at Rotary Meet W. B. Nicholson, superintendent • tional department. got Chester Eakes Dies of Illness Services for Chester Arthur i York," it continued, "persons fam- Eakes, 512 Locust Street, will "be iliar with GOP campaign fund . conducted at 2 p.m. Sunday in Cobbj problems believe that he is re- 1 Funeral Home Chapel by the Rev. ce iving funds from the same rich! J \?l ^,A" S °"u „, J; _ J .._. I -sources that financed Dewey in his | unsuccessful attempts to win \ teacher-sponsor. The contest closes Oct. 31. The subject for the first teacher contest essav is "W h at T Can Do To Become A Better Teacher": In (his contest, which closes on Nov. 30 three teacher winners will he chosen, each to receive o S1.200 scholarship for advanced education, • During t h is VPFI r's schola rshin ,orogram there will be a series nf four contests for students and two contests for teachers. Awards • will be the same in. earn contest, ac- cordng to C. R. Olson, director of SEOUL, Korea W*i — The U. S. Fifth Air Force said U. S- Sabre jet. pilots today rolled up n record j score for one day against Communist MIG jets — 12 destroyed and three crippled. The best single day performance bv the fast Sabres was last July 4, when buiH jets, damped seven and probably destroyed one. A big force of Sabres swept across linrk in thp pray convertible ninn- nect by members of the reception Ro-k's t'''' .>nd «'?« rirr'fn in .1 oro-es-iou down M- ! n Ftrcnt. «-h»re party In 1956. largo numbers or workers nnrt shoppers waved to the GOP nominee. Tkr acknowledged the cheers as he did liiai oauicd * ti» laat- umy i, - , ... , they destroyed 13 Riisslnn- ] throughout the rtm-. with n U-o- or not the crowd \vill carry their enthusiasm for Elsenhower into the ha Hot, boxes is a matter for conjecture, but it was evident, that insofar R* Eisenhower the man was concerned—they likeci him. , nread-nrin prcRtine token ! rrmrn'tfnn. Just in front of the car ; in whkh he nrio. n flnt-bcrt truck North Korea nnd destroyed the ; carried nn«'srrpl and still cnmern- - MIGs in a series of blazing dog- who i^nto«rnnhM the Hshts. Tliey flew cover for swarms' dale dur"" Hi" trips from nnd back of fighter "bombers which struck j to the nir field. Communist-frontline positions. Al-' It nas n We rfnv for Arkansas lied losses. If any. will be reported: Republicans, and for inanv others in a weekly summary. i who turned out for n wholehearted — I endorsement of Ike. As one sea-snn- There is evidence that Ihere '.vas ; ed observer re-narked. "lot.s of them commerce between Ecypt and Crete are out ^ere nu-t nut of curiosity— more than 6,01)0 ye'ar.s n»o. i they won't vote that way." Whether the fund. terday in Blytheville Hospital Eifter I Personal To Women With Nagging Backache of schools. yesterday discussed changes in Blythcville's school dLs- rict with members of the Kiwanls chib nt the weekly meeting of the club in Hotel Noble. Mr. Nicholson told the Kiwnn- ians of the district's vast improvement profjTam which vas carried during the past months and explained the school's plans for the j coming year. I He said that this year there will be 17 operative schools in the district which Is one more thrui In 1951, The addition Is the school for handicapped children which is he- Ing mlded to the system. He said Central Grade School has been renovated us much as possible, and that new furniture has been Installed throughout. Twelve members of the Blythe- vilte High School faculty and five members nf the Stntc Deportment of Education were guests at the meeting. -The state department members attending were A. D. Wcnthcrlng- ton, director of finance; John Trice, director of Instruction; Hoyt R Pyle, executive secretary; Ur. C. M Clark, director of certification nnri teacher training and J. Marion Adams, of the vocational cduen- Other guest.s were Joe Burnett of Kansas City, Mo.; and Owen Preaton, a visiting Klwanian from Ca- ruthers\-llle. Mo. Arms Delivery At New Peak Defense Production Figures Released WASHINGTON W)—The government reported today that deliveries of planes, tanks, guns, and ammunition for defense reached a new peak In July. Without glvEn? a figure, for July, Actinp Defense Mobilteer John R. Stcelrnnn said total deliveries of military hnrd goods during tho month represented a slight Increase over the two billion dollnrs worth produced In June. He said this comparison covered 140 major nnd "problem" Items, th» heart of the military program. TVie A?/>res were culled the Isles of the Hawks by early English sailors, from the Portuguese word scores meaning hawks. r the presidency." The publication noted that at the outset of the GOP campaign, two R short illness. Born in Mississippi he operated a grocery store here. Survivors Include his wife. Mrs. Eveline Eakes: three sons. Edward j Taft backers—Sens. Everett Dirk-i Lamarr Eakes of Blytheville. Percy J sen of Illinois and Karl Munat of: Eakes of Frigid. Ala., and Chester] South Dakota—were given major Eakes of Mississippi: four daueh- | POSTS in the party "high com- Urs. Mrs. Vester Jenkins. Mrs. Ola J maud." Anthony, Mrs. Bertha Robbins and Mrs. V/illard Pearson, all of MisRifsippi: and one sister. Mrs. Anslc Cn^ford of Mississippi. Burial will be in Maple Grove 1 | n Critical Condition Cemetery. WASHINGTON (*P> — No chance ns repnrted today in the condition The Soviet Union, with EO other O f Cordell Hull. I nations, signed ihe current Geneva; Tha former secretary of state is Convfntion of I9i3. which \VEIS a , still nn the critical list at the Navy revision of nn rarlier Convention, i Hospital. Brthsedn, Md of kidney functio say (rood i Cordell Hull Remains . Virlncy function is very important to go health. Wlienforne everyday co rid ition. suc us itrtss ami htmio. causes this imporViuit function toslowrfown.niany folks BUiTernsK- BiriS backnchc— feel mis.crB.bte, Minor b!p.-t- ticrirritntinn^ d'jr- ti cold <i r wronr riict may ca'i^crcltin^iiTi n^pht3or[^c^lIcrltp.•\.i^!iB^5. Don't Tieslcct your kiilnryn it lhe.;c conditions bother you. Trr Doan'n ri!]?-a mild diuretic. IL'cd successfully by millionB fur ovf-rSfi yonrs. It'sflmaiinB hoiv m.-t ny timt-s Doaii's give haT>py rcliot Ilf m th^at ilvsf oirn- lorta-hclp the 15 mUeaof kidney tulicsandni- tcrs fli^h out waste. G«t Doan's 1'ills today! When fhs gang gets together... No other drink picks you up like Or. Pepper The special sparkle of Dr. Pepper adds to everybody's fun, everywhere you go. Enjoy it in the six-bottle carton or the I2-bottIe carton; buy it by the case . . . and . look for il at soda fountains •nd vending machines, too. your once a year chance to *avel Your complexion can h« silkier, softer, lovelier wilh Tus*y Rich Cream.This fain. Ions heanly formula helpi banish dry-skin flaUncss, counteracts aging linejl Smooth it on.-.uie it lavish* ly Let its rich emollients re- ymirMin all night.,, eicry night. Limited timo only Woods Drug BlythevilU Stop in Today for a Free Copy of Wards New Sale Book In Montgomery Wards big new Fall Sale Book you'll find page aftor page of high-quality merchandise, v;Hh prices so low you can't aSiord to miss them. II you don't have our new Sale Book, phone or stop in lor your fre« copy today. Prices have been cut on clothing, «lectncal appliances, furniture aud automobile accessories. These are just a few ol Ihe savings ollered—and remember, we guarantee complete satisfaction on everything you buy. 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