The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1952
Page 7
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THURSDAY, SEPT. 4, 1DM EIATHEVTLI.E (AKK.) COUNTER NEWS PAGE SEVEN Communists Mount Major Offense to Block Iran Oil Move By JOHN M. IIIGHTOWUR WASHINGTON IB— The Communists have mounted a major propaganda offensive to try to defeat the Truman - Churchill proposals for a settlement of the Anglo- Iranian oil dispute. The voice of Soviet communism beamed into Iran is a clandestine "Azerbaijan democratic" radio station which officials here believe to be on Russian territory. A record of broadcasts from this station dur ing the past lew days has been circulated in the State Department and it shows a violent opposition to the oil deal offered Iran by the United States and Britain last Saturday. 3 Pulnl Plan The three-point plan, sent to Premier Mossadegh by President Truman and Prime Minister Churchill, is being denounced bj the Reds as "plundcrous propos als," a device for "American im- he Iranian people—in Communist parlance the Communists and their oltowers in Iran—to demonstrate and protest against this latest effort to settle the oil dispute. Truman and Churchill proposed Saturday that the World Court de termine compensation for British property in Iran which the Tehran government has nationalized, thai Britain's Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. ar range for sale of the Iranian oi in world markets, and that specific steps be taken lo end prompt!} the Iranian government's financia distress. The United States and Brilisr governments are deeply concerne lest Iran's continued lack o! o: revenues, cut' off for more ihnn ' year now, should throw the coun try Into Communist control. Mossadegh turned down the Tru man-Churchjl! proposals Sauirtia> simply snyitig they were "unncccp table." BUTTERING UP THE QUEEN-Sculptor Ross Butler, ot Woodstock. Ont., puts the finishing touches on his unique equestrian statue of Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth 11. It's a life-sized rep- .resentation done in butler, of \vhich he used more than 1500 pounds. On display at the Canadian National Exhibition at Toronto, the statue is kepi under glass at a temperature of 40 degrees to prevent melting. periallsts" to steal Iranian oil and! Officials here are hoping that! a plan put forth by the "deadly j when he makes a formal answer enemies" of the Iranian people. The same broadcasts blast v.'ith equal heat Truman and Churchill and Mossadegh despite the fact that Mossadegh has already turned dcAVn the Truman-Churchill plan. The Communists probably do not believe that Mossadegh's opposi- after the Iranian Parliament meets <m Sept. 10 he will leave the door open for further negotiating with the Western Powers. Officials pointed out that meanwhile the Communists, presumed to be acting under direct orders from Moscow, are doing everything tion to the plan will stand up in-Jin their posver to prevent any im- definltely and they are calling on provemcnt in the situation. Intercepted Private Letter to Be Big Evidence in McCarthy Case Sparkman Says Eisenhower 'Giv Away GOP Platform Every Day' WASHINGTON for Sen. .McCarthy — Attorneys <R-Wis> indi . cated today that an intercepted private letter will become major evidence in the senator's two million dollar libel-slander suit against Ben. Benton CD-Conn). But Edward B. Williams, one of McCarthy's lawyers, declined to tell newsmen, how he got a copy of a confidential note to Charles Stanley Allen, Benton's administrative assistant, Allen testified at a pre-trial hearing yesterday that the letter reached him in February from the Senate postoffice marked "Opened by mistake." One end had been snipped open, then stapled together he said. Robert Fleming, described as a political writer for the Milwaukee Journal, wrote the note asking Allen's help in getting material from the files of a Senate subcommittee investigating McCarthy's fitness to continue as a senator. Fleming suggested that the letter be destroyed. But Allen said he still had a copy ot it and said he thought he could produce it along with copies of other correspondence with Milwaukee Journal em- ployes which McCarthy's counsel hss subpoenaed. The hearing was adjourned in- definitely until Allen could collect this correspondence. He said it was somewhat voluminous and scat- lered. Williams read his lelter dramatically UN Assembly Asked to Vote Truce Negotiators Seek 'Confidence' LONDON W) — The United Nations General Assembly will be asked to give the U. N. truce negotia tors at Pannumjom a vote of confidence, informed diplomats said today. These sources said the 16 countries with troops In Korea will sponsor a resolution in the^Assembly. wh ic h ope ns Oct. 14 in New Yorfc. reaffirming U. N. support for the Korean War and for the truce talkers. The negotiators are all U. S. military men. Although the Soviet bloc will undoubtedly vote against the resolution, its sponsors hope to get the overwhelming backing of most other members as a demonstration of IT. N. solidarity. Diplomats here said the resolution is expected to ask !or a U. N. endorsement of the negotiators' refusal to return Red prisoners of war who don't want to go home. copy of the i at the end of a long hearing. Then he said to Theodore Kiendle, one of Benton's attorneys, "There goes your case." Fleming wrote he was "increas-' ingly distressed" by the attitude of a Senate rules subcommittee! headed by Sen. Gillette (D-Ia), which Is considering a resolution by Benton seeking McCarthy's expulsion from the Senate. In order to salvage "The Project", Fleming said, he was "wondering what happens to the com- nitlee's files if they do nothing on this case . . . Could (Senators) Hennings (D-Mo) or Monroney (D-Oklal be prodded into getting material, at least long enough for examination by an interested citizen from, for example, Milwaukee?" -• The Journal has- opposed McCarthy's bid for re.nornimi.Uan. Benton charged that McCarthy's campaign against Communists in government has been marked by fraud, perjury and calculated deceit. McCarthy then accused Benton of following a pro-Communist line while serving in the state department. The libel-slander suit arose from this and other phases of Benton's critical speeches. LONG BEACH, Calif. (F) — Sen, John J. Sparkman, heading east today after an intensive campaign tour in California, told Long Beach Democrats yesterday that Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower is "giving away the Republican platform at the rate of one issue a day." The Democratic nominee for vice president said Eisenhower is now plugging for better social security than exists under the Democratic administration. Sparkman added that, however, two years ago in Houston. Tex.. Eisenhower compared social security to enslavement. Speaking at a luncheon of Demo- of the I cra * S| ^ e Alabama senator referred to the appearance of the Repuhli- lanta, Ga., Tuesday. Sparkman said he "doubted there were 1,000 votes' for the GOP ticket among the 100,000 citizens who turned out, for the Eisenhower appearance. "We don't gel to see many five- star generals down south," saic Sparkman. "In fact, .we don't gei to see many Republicans." said he stands "exactly with Steven- said he stads "exactly with Stevenson this running mate) on civi rights matters," "That is,' he said, "that it is the responsibility of all levels of govern ment. to protect the basic rights o all citizens," He said that civil rights ar Strives For Hard Coal Pay Settlement Then He Can Focus Attention on Talks With Bigger Industry By NORMAN WALK Kit WASHINGTON M ~- John L Lewis was reported today striving for a quick hard coal agrcemeu so he can concentrate on ncgotia lions wihi the bigger and mon far-flung soft coal industry. Lewis has never publicly served demands on cither the anthracite (hard coal) or bituminous (soft coat) mine owners. But he Is reportedly aiming for a sizable boost in the hard coal welfare fund and .lore wages and share-the-work j revisions for soft cotil miners, Talks between the anthracite op- rators and Lewis' United Mine Vorkers union look on a hopeful lote, Thomas E. Kennedy, Ihe UMW's vice president, (.old news- nen ''some progress" was being nade. The talks, held previously in Mew York and Wilkcs-Barre, Pa., novcd here yesterday. The prog- •ess statement was made after a one hour session during which Lews, Kennedy and Edward G. Fox. president of the Philadelphia k Reading Coal and Iron Company and chief industry negotiator, huddled privately. he deficit themselves, paying $1 ssessmenls every two weeks. The >Uuminous welfare fund, by con- rast has a 100 million dollar sur- iHis. Lewis Is believed to be driving :iard for a bigger anthracite royally—perhaps ns much as 50 cents i ton, In the soft coal industry, Lewis ias talked informally—with Harry Moses, representing northern mines, and Joseph Moody, spoX nan for southern bituminous interests—on a shaic-the-work plan With some soft cdal miners working only two or three days a week ami others four or five days, Lewis wants some plan to level out the employment. A higher pay rate or penally, for all work done aftei three days n week has been men tioned. The miner's basic wage is $16,35 for an eight-hour day, part which includes travel lime and a lunch period. bound up economic welfar Farouk Broke? He Has About $25 Million CAIRO. Egypt fypi— The pro-Wat dist newspaper Al Misri quoted custodians of ex-King Fnronk's hold- Heroic Pomeranian >og to Be Honored With $2,000 Memorial CHICAGO (A 1 )—A "suitable" $2,>00 memorial was authorized yes- crday for a 12-pound Pomeranian dog that died fighting off a big bull ,crrier thai attacked a man, The' memorial and perpetual cemetery care was stipulated in the will of the dog's owner, Mrs. Ida L, Virtue, 75. who died Aug. 12. The courageous Pomeranian, Sonny Boy, was killed defending a relative of Mrs. Virtue, Oliver J. Edw a rd s, Mrs. Virtue, a widow, left an late of about $100.000. ings totlay saying the cxilert Egyptian monarch owns about nine million Egyptian pounds—$25,830,000 worth of property abroad and needs no financial aid from Egypt, The amount of cash Farouk may have on deposit outside Egypt is not known but it has cben estimated ns liifih as one imUon pound- ($2,870.000). The negotiations were scheduled I . Parouk told newsmen after he ar- lo resume today at the union's ! lvcd °! T llc , Ts e , of .p a P» to lK * in J his exile last July that he was a I comparatively poor man. He said he Kcntuckian to Plow Under Tobacco: No Polio Aid LEXINGTON. Ky. 0p r — Joe L. Cowart wanted lo be a good Samaritan — but the government wouldn't !el him, Cowart, who raises hurley tobacco on hi.s Fayette County farm, discovered that he over-planted his 5.9- acre allotment by one-fifth of an acre. He wanted to know if he could market the excess with the income going to the March of Dimes to aid polio sufferers. Sen. Russell \ Joins Swim 'To Asia' ISTANBUL. Turkey m^f- An American ambassador and a senator can tell the home folks they swam from Europe to Asia — but they can't, claim any distance record. They picked a spot on the Bos- porus Strait, where the continents arc a half mile apart. The currents (here are swift and rlcky, however. So It was some- thins of 3 feat for Ambassador George McOhce and Sen. Russell B. Long (D-La). Others paddling along were Mrs. McOliee. two McQhee children. Marcia, 12, arid George, 10, and Mrs. Martha Hunt of Washington, D. C., the ambassador's private secretary. A rowboat accompanied each swimmer. They made the crossing near McGhee's summer home. "TJntortinv narttncnt 01 Agriculture official. - - — So today he is going to p.ow it | ^^^SeVa^ SS Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry No longer be finnoyed or teel ll)-&t- ease because of loose, wobbly (flta« teeth FASTEETH. an Improved alkaline < uon -add > powder, sprinkled on your plate? liold.i them firmer so they feel more comfortable Soothing and cooling to gums made sote by exces- arrassment . FASTEETH today at any drug store headquarters. Both hard and soft coal operators now pay 30 cents R ton on all| coal production toward union wel-' fare funds to finance pension for ex-miners and other benefits. Hard coal miners produce only about a third as much tonnage as soft coal miners, and the: anlhra- ctle tonnage royalty has not been enough to pay the pensions. Hard coal miners have been making up had not taken a fortune out of E^ypt and had no fortune stored up outside his native land. can presidential nominee in At-' and that "when the country is prosperous as It is now, the basic differences arc not serious." FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT USE A KERATOLYTIC BECAUSE— It M.OUGIIS OFF (he tainted outer skin to expose huntil fungi flnrt kills 11 on coulntl. rjcl this STEIO.VG, ker^- tolylEc fiingLritlr, T-I-L, at any ilriiK sloro. If not plonsert IN' ONK UOUll, your -tOc hark. Now at Kir by llrus. FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. 11 / Sett That Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land Woods Drug Audrey Totter to Wed HOLLYWOOD f/Py—Actress Audrey Totter says she will be married "sometime late this month" to Dr. Leo Fred, West Los Angeles physician. WHAT'S THE BEST PEN TO BUY? c^SHEAFFER'S™ (Thin Model) a. FLASH Cameras for Rent Tike wonderful Indoor pictures wHh a flash camera from Barney's r>rus. Low rales. All kinds of camera supplies are available here. Barney's Drug CAMERA HEADQUARTERS 2W>6 W. Main Phone 3617 Whof is ihe only pen with sell-adjuitmg - innerjpring clip , . . me hardeil pen in ihe world lo lose? ' Sheaffer's TJj 1 I pen has exclu- liva "Touchdown" one straVe filling...filfi easier, loiier, with greater capacity? ^Sheoffer's j^'. Q. Which pen offer* new Irim, ilim jlyling, For, mal cMe J i beauty and writing eoss ? . Sheaffer's TU' hi. Whol pen glvei you fhe cylindrical ]4K gold point, individually ground io 1 6 /ft tt > fir* erf bnecmers L CL. Where ii the beil place fo ice SKcaffer'i TM " and compare feofure For Feature? <rl. (STORE NAME) Sheaffer's from $ 3 7M *7 U T IH;<I j.c;^ Taxei Exfra WOODS DRUG Blylhcville nil i i' - — ===-- " j vl/ejwrooh J =~ sss steo into Fall at FAMILY SHOE STORE ^ i ^r ^ iiiBw i an a i.... w . phone Black Stierle Brown Suede Bi-own Leather Black Suede Red Leather IRobinTloodss Black Suede 'with Nylon Mesh. 8.95 Black Suede with Nylon Mesh 7.95 soes Suedo Tan Leather Rust Suede Black • Leather Black Suede 5.95 Black Suede with Faille Trim

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