The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1952
Page 5
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"fIRJMBAY, KEPT. '4, 1981 PA'CfE Ft VI J. Howard McGrath to Be Next Star Witness in Justice Probe By HARRV V. SNYDKR WASHINGTON W> — A House Investigation of the Justice Department had en open date today but Chairman Chelf (D-Ky) announced Its next, star witness will be former Atty. Gen. J, Howard McGrath. McGrath, who was fired by President Truman shortly after his first appearance before the committee last spring, Is slated to appear on Sept. 15 in public session. Meanwhile, the committee planned to continue a closed-door session with T. Lamar Caudle, ousted by Truman from his post as assistant attorney general last' November. The next huddle with the Wades- fouro, N. C., lawyer who once headed the government's criminal and tax prosecuting agencies will take place tomorrow, Caudle indicated in an executive session on Tuesday Hint lie- has a lot of information to pass on lo the probers. And it is expected he win he quizzed abmit ihn committee's latest exposure: the of a government attorney getting a "felift" of §750 from a law firm in 1947 after a government CJLSC was j dropped against ihe Carnation Milk | Co.. Buffalo. N. Y, Caudle was chief of the Criminal Division at the time. James A. MuNnlly, whose resignation came quickly last month fifier hft \vss suspended from his I Criminal Division post, testified lie * received SfoQ from Gordon L. EaKle, a. former departmental colleague who quit in 1916 to enter private practice. It wasn't a fee and it wasn't compensation "because I did nothing to earn it," Mullally told the committee. He said tbe whole tiling Rtartod with a telephone call from John Acker, counsel for Carnation, who once had been a government lawyer. Mullally snid Acker asked him about a case the Food and Drug Administration brought against his concern in Buffalo because two shipments of evaporated milk didn't contain as much vitamin D as their labels claimed. Mullally snid lie knew nothing about the case. But he did "mention" to Acker that their old mutual friend, Eakle, was in private practice here and that an associate, Irvin Goldstein, formerly worked in the food and drug section. It developed that Carnation retained Eakle's law firm and within a short time the Justice Department signaled the U. S. attorney nl Buffalo to drop the criminal prosecution and send the concern a warning letter instead. In April, 1347, Eakle collected a $3,000 fee from Carnation, And, as both Multally and Eakle testified, Mullally received $750, less two or three hundred dollars which represented a debt he owed Eakle. Eakle told the committee that Mullally "needed the money so I 1 gave it to him." Each testified he did not con- sider It a fee, and saw nothing wrong with It. But MuMally Raid he wouldn't repeat it if he had it to do again, Vincent A, Kleinfeld. the Justice Department Iriwyer who was in "harge of food and drug cases, estified a recommendation that he criminal prosecution should be dropped was reached by him and James E. Mclnerny, who then was laudle's first assistant. Veteran Waits For Charge in Death of Gift LAWRENCE, 111. M'l _ A 25-j-ear- old partially deaf Army veteran Ml to be formally charged today In the school-room flavins Mecfics I/sing Plastic Lenses To Replace Lost Human 'Eyes' B>- ALTON L, BLAKERLER .Associated Press Science Editor. CHICAGO LW — Little plastic lenses are being put Into human eyes, replacing eye lenses lost through cataracts. Dr. Harold Ridley of London, England, reported this new. step today to the International College of Surgeons. Cataracts are a cloudiness over the eye lens. They reduce vision, or blind. The eye specialist takes out the clouded lens, and substitutes a little disc of a clear, pure plastic. The lightweight plastic almost floats in the eye. find the patient doesn't feel it (here. It is held in place by the iris, which i.s :i muscle, and a membrane in back ot tbe normal lens. The plastic lens docs the same job. There is no distortion In vision, his ex-sweetheart after calmly tell-'and no need for thick catnrnc\ ing police Authorities hew he fired ! spectacles that magnify hlphty. Dr. said seven bullris inio her body. Sheriff Carrel Burgoon Charles Petrach of Gary. In< latcd ihp fatft] shoot ing while officers took down his a sion on a-wire recorder. The victim in the tragedy ended a campus romance was Muss Gcorgine Lyon of near Madison, Ind.. n librarian at the- Lawrence- viPe Hiah Schnol. The c^hootin? occurred in a classroom where the youner couple were nloiie. Some 700 suidenls v;cve al- tendinp cla.-^cs in nearby ronius but none apparently heard the show. Ridley said- The patient can move sheaih. 'iis eyes to sen things nt his side. he cnn sec through the plastic lens soon as bnndatfcs nre removed In three years, Dr. Ridley has done G5 of Die Ions substitutions, nnd other doctors elsewhere have done fjome, Describing VT of his patients, Dr Ridley said 13 have normal vision, and 26 others neiu-]y normal vi sion, Vision is under in tlu other emht. Tin r-o persons have plastic li'iisos hi both f?\'cs. Plastic tubes run soinolimi.-.Ti sub- sliliiTP for p;u-[ of tht' human cso phaciis or tiiillot dnrnftKrd by ran cer 01 other disease, said Dr. Kd Bar F. Herman of Ml. Sinai Ilos- pilttj. Ji;itUninnv .Strips iif aibinii four to IIIHR inches loim have bridged sections of fliscuM'd "ullius removed in oprrmions on 30 persons m thr last Uvo ymr.s. he snid. The plastic tubr* mnv ivnunn m prrnvuicnily, or be removed niter bcinj; sui 1 - rouncled by j;ro\Mh of a fibrous McKeldin Gives Back Cash Gifts Check Is Mailed After Criticism Of Dinner Pcrty BALTIMORE «1 — Maryland's CJov. Theodore R, McKeldin hns returned the cash gifts tjiven him by some "old friends" at a dinner puny recently. He said last night that lie has mulled a check to B. Hcihert Urown, the Baltimore Ho publican who nmni£[?d the dinner, and has asked Brown to distribute the money. The Rovermir's accep-umce of ihe purse hns been Hie turret of •eral highly critical stJUemrnis ue;i by former Bon. Mi Hard Ty- dmi;s. who says the n mount involved is $7,000. McKeldin would not say how much he received nor \vonld he name the donors as TycUngs demanded. Senat e Group Soys Labor Union 'Untier Control of Kremlin ; Parents of Boby Kidnapped 22 Years Ago Wait Today fo meet Daughter, 24 CHICAGO ',?—The parents of n baby kidnaped 22 yenrs Rf>o waited anxiously today to meet the ! ti{ir-ation is California housewife reportedly j i)antics in identified as (heir long missing child. Mrs. Mary Beck MtClelland, 24, of San Pablo. Calif., arrived licre last night lo meet with Mr, and KNOWS HER OATS—Bunny Yeager, Miami, Fla., mode), shows off, among other things, a hat made out of sea oats and a Bikini bathing suit inspired by colorful designs created by Seminole Indians. Acheson Hints S He Will Defend Foreign Policy WASHINGTON (rtV Secretary of State Ache.*on indicated today he will speak out formally in reply to Republican criticism of administration foreign policy. At. a news conference. Achesoi: made it plain in answering questions that- he disagrees with Republicans who claim the U. S. foroigr policy is mainly one of "containment" of Rusia with nothing positive to back it up. Asked whether this reply might be delivered in Kansas City, where he is scheduled for an address next Tuesday, Acheson said that it might hut, at present it was just an ambition of his. minht be tlio Kicinrrp virl Polirr 1 Mud the pnvitor type nnrl to-'ih and members family. The ne* sc-irtuists in fi -.l TydhifjK, n Don UK-i at who lost his Snmp seat in IflnO. pomtrd out | union alsn balked us thru the governor has brrn OUR of; ^ th( - v ni ' c or ( ' VO] ' the most vncul critics o! mo of President Tnunnirs stuff By JOHN CtlAttWICK WASHINGTON W* — Senate in- vesllgfltoi'B described a labor union todfty ns "under the control of ngenta of the Kremlin" nnri urged the Justice Department to consider perjury notion npainst its officers who signed nmvCommunist af£L- davlla. A tightening of the law to prevent Communists from holding union jobs or offices also was recommended by the Senate's Internal security subcommittee in a report on 1(3 investigation of the Distributive, Process ing and Office I Workers of America (DPOWA), nn independent union, The subcommittee made public sworn testimony in which the president of the unlnn, Arthur Osman nf Brooklyn. N. Y., and n number of nt her top off kin is were identified as Communists. Osman refused to mis we r when asked if he over hurl linen a Com munist. invoking h:.i cc;r,^li;;;i;rrr.«\i prlvHcMe against possible .self-inch minnt ion. Otlier officers of the iiyinp; wheth- r-re members - fi \ of the Communist party. .I'hnj The DPOWA. with some 115.000 The hearings showed that Osman and others Identified in the testimony as Communists had signed the non-Communist, affidavits required by the Taft-Hartley Law to make the unlnn eligible for certification *a & bargaining agent by t h c National Labor Relations Board. The subcommittee recommended that a copy of Us hearings, conducted mostly behind closed doors, be ttnm-ri over to the attorney general -so that he could determina whether prosecution of these officers for perjury would bo warranted. IMS called on ites in an jit- Mrs. Michael Aloronoy. parents of [ tempt to determine whether Mrs. Mary Agnes Mororiey, who wn.s s McC!r-ll;«m1 really is the missing 2-years-olri when she was kidnaped ' ' " " in Chicago in 1930. 78 Operation Human Luna Is 'Promising' I will tell her whether Mrs. McCicl- | Dr. MemUirw (tcclinod. on elhlcril rculo?is rni-j land really is her daughter. TIic ] grounds, to niinie the child's pa- Police still list the case as unsolved, the oldest unsolved case in the files of the Chicago Missing Mrs. Moroney she hoped her CHICAGO '.'P' —Tilben crations that cut nut onlv the .pick j Moroneys have seven other daueh- pnrts of humnn lunss look orcm!*-] ter^s and sons, four of whom live two U. S, Navy surgeons said Persons Bureau. The Oakland Bait! yesterday that Health v nvirts of the lunar are saved, and there is lUrle loss nf lung [ techniques have Tribune scientific identified Mis. function. Capt. Clifford F. Store j McClelland as the missing Moroney nnd Lt. Bruce F, Rothmann of the child. The Tribune and the Chicago U. S. Na^-al Kosoital, St. Alhans, Daily Nows last February N. Y., told the International Col- r!i i ?C rj the pnssibility that she I&CP of Surtrenn?:. They rrpnrtrd the partial-removal operation? on 87 pMienls durinp; the la=t four ypnrs. Of 59 cJisdiarEeri frnrn the ho>nit- al, r?8 are back at work and another Ifi are nmiarentlv well pnouch to take jobs .^non. they said. Another | 25 ptill ?re in the hopnital. but are] apparently well. A few have died. ni-'-rplp<l deep Iree/ers nnd mink , coiits ns presents. ! MrKr-lrim paid Iho wif's were i or. Ml'.'iv'd c i!!'.- 'mm "old triend-s" and that, "no •i'r prints, blnnrt i strings were atlaclu'd-" lie «nul if Mrs. McCl<»]l»nrl j some had inriicnteci that at least of the Moroney j Part of the money should be used j /<iv enmpaitfii purposes ntirl others thought the. governor should buy needed items for the government bouse. McKeldin said he haihi'l rleiilried how the money was lo be us.ccl, but took noto of the law winch si;»i.o- t.h^i sources of ramp:* »n contributions must be niac'c public. "It might contravene the spiv it. if not the letter, of the law if the 'campaign • donation:, were macie m my nnnie," tJie Roverimr wrote in a letter to Brown, rents. "There wjis certainly nothing The Mnmncv child was kidnaped i to justify criticism allhou^h It is on May 15, J930, by n well-dressed j perhaps ton much to expect that members, WHS lo fined in Oe lower, 1050. When Ostnan \v'as asked if tneptin^s If ad inn lo it^s ortr.i ni/a- took place in Communist party titular* or.s, he declined to a ri- ch i Id j threw, Calif., wM to womanlinori. ini LT . Dv. E. VJ . M prri- .physk-iim »l ^iortlnc?!. ri he had arranged for the adopt ton of Mrs. McClelland 40. -said last nipht | in 1027 nnrl ih;U .she ticfmitoly wns mother's instinct I not the Xuinnprii Mnroney child. ycjnii!» ii'oinan pnsmif fis a social worker. v.ho tnnk the rhilri to buy hov soiiv clothes. Mvs. Mmonry was told the next day by n woman telephone falJer her daughter \vns l)oin*r in ken to California mid would be returned In two months. RITZ THEATRE, Manila, Ark. LAST TIME TONITE "AFRICAN TREASURE" with Johnny Sheffield FRIDAY "Gal Who Took The West' Yvonne DC Carlo Scott lirady Deportment Head Quits at U, of A. LITTLE ROCK f.-P.i — Resignation of Dr. Edwin Rnshia as head nf the department of anesthPKiology at the University of Arkansas Medical School was announced yesterday. Arkansas Paid Averace State Tax of $54.14 LITTLE ROCK OP)—The average state tax paid by Arknnsan.s for the last fiscal year \vas 554.14—5.6 per cent of the total Income for 1951, tbe Associated Industries of Arkansas, Inc., sairi yesterday. The avcr- j ape for the U. S. ts 4.1 per cent of j totfil income. I The stnte collected approximately I 300 million dollars in taxes, the AIOA said. Royal Wedding Set in Japan ?.led Japanese newspapers. TOKYO «.<TV— Princes YorJ. third daughter of Emperor Hirohito. will be married on Oct. 10 to Tnkmmsa Ikeda, F^OII of a former mam/iir* wha^e Kiicestovs were the feudal lords of Oknyama Fmyince. Tlie princess is 21. The nrooni. who is a gentleman fanner man- aplntr his father's estate, is 26. Tlie Emperor and Empress ant! all other members of Uie iniucrial family ivill attend the weddins with the escrption of crown Prince Ahmito, 18 No reason was piven for the crown prince's absence, which puz- Dixie Belles Lead in 'Miss America' someone wrjmld not take (if the opportunity lo make riema- sogi-c capital out of U," he Boat Ride Brinqs Cupid to Couple NEW YORK Wr-Punl Roberts lift, and Mary V/Mts. 65. met on n boat ride snousovert by a <Uy center last month. Ifo sa m plod a brisket lunch she had prepared, and found It "delirious." up.^lay they '.vent on R city welfare depnrtinent bont ride—a.s hoii- eymooncrs. IOSCEOU YOUR FRIENDtY THEATRE AMI-CONDITIONED UY nKFUlGKHATION I,.AST TIMF, TONITE sr:i'TK.MHBR 3 - ,1 "BRONCO BUSTER" Color By Technicolor Phone -1621 — Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 — Sat.-Sun. 1:00 Always a Double Featur* inne Fitcli of \Vn.shlnctorj Uil - VJ > «' J ;!lt . « fientence me junge Mis District ot Colunthin.j M lI P ™ f ^!'; — Forrest City twicf. I hart lots of fun Btirl I believe I got my money's worth." ATLANTIC CITY, N J. ^Ti-TA<i j brlles front below the MJIFOM-Dixie j L.inp and n chatnicr frnin California: tori n par rule of pulchritude toward j thr Miss Amrrira 1*153 title today. ! Iris D. C.. Owen Harmon of Miss California, won aU-irmiortant! pi'chminnry rontrsts last night. ! • The lEJ-ycar-iild capital queen '. scniTd in the niTnins talent prelim' with her soprano icrulilion of "With a Sony it\ Mv Heart." ' Kiirlicr. iVfi^s Harmon. 19. Mt?s Shores, 20. tifd utr lirRt in the swim suit preliminaries Judge Decrees Family Help Man in Fishing HALTIMORC Wj— A 33-year-r»W man punched his w ife when she stnvcd away from home to go fishing. The Jwlpp cILscoi-ercMl thai hoth hiislKind and wife like (o fish. Nmv every time hubby ^'oe.s fishing fnr the ur\t \fl mouths he, take v.'iiey alone. If he does n't he'll have to serve 30 days in jiil, n sentence the Jutige THURS.-FRI. 2 FEATURES Cartoon & Lano Comedy and Read Courier News Classified Dcsn Haydpn C. Nichol?on said [ At least three other states, Okla- | Dr. Rui=hia, who came to Arkan- home, 7 per cent; Mississippi, 65; ?as from the University of Iowa in per crtit and Louisiana. 3 per cent.! 1949, will enter private practice at] topped Arkansas' tax lead, the asso- : Atlanta. ciation reporled. No successor has been selected.' Nicholson said. Workers Reject- Garment Union MAGNOLIA. Ark. Wi — Workers at the W, Shnnonse Sons. Inc., gar- ament factory here yesterday rejected union representation by n vote of 19-17. Th«? election wa? held by the National Labor Relations Board. Rejected was the CIO Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union. Another election cannot be held for at least a year. SATURDAY "MASKED RAIDERS" Tim Hnll Richard Martin 'Pure Scotch' Hot So Pure GLASGOW. Scotland OT'i — A Fh v :ddrr rinjilrd through the courtroom vrMcrrijiy uhrn a prosecutor tnld what Joseph M'N'elis had been selling ns "pure Scotch." Ti-.p rrcipp: one part re^l hiszh- lanrt dew, two parts French brandy, three part^,Danish whiskry. The jurisje fined the errant liquor rioter 320 pounds ($896). Arkfinsns ritx-s l^ad the. natlnn In the ratio nf state to Incnl taxes. thoiiBh. the AIOA .=aiti. Acrording to ; en-en by the AIOA, 73.8 re r cent of the total state-local tax collections were in state taxes. Wynne Candidate Spent only $110 LITTLE ROCK liFi — Carroll Durhnm of Wynne reported yester- rtay that hp spent only Slid—$05 of \vhich u;is hb filing fee—in his un- succc?stul race for stale senator. In his rxpeme report to Secretary of Stale C. O, Hall, Durham wrote: "I didn't have A car and T hitchhiker! to West Memphis once anti Have You a Musical Child? Give them the advantage of study with trained specialists in Piano-Organ—Voice Fall Registration Begins Sat., Sept. 6 FOWLSTON SCHOOL OF MUSIC Members, of: National Guild of Piano Teachers and the National Association of Teachers of Sinning. TKACiyiUS ACCREDITED BY ARKANSAS DKl'T OF EDUCATION. 815 Chickasawba Phone 2049 Afr Conditioned By Refrigeration 'Your Community Confer" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. I'hone 58 LAST TIMES TONITE "WHEN IN ROME" Van Johnson Paul Douglas FRIDAY "YELLOW RIBBON" John \Vavnc SATURDAY "CATTLE QUEEN" .Maria Hart Drake Smith a foucn You'll find it at Zellner's OnretHM Masterfully tailored liv M A II R I C B in 100 '.' woiil Nnvclly Check. Kimi^e Ireal- nicnt nl (he high scini- »injf colliir with Cossack split cuffs nnd full sleeves. Styled with insulated linings for \varmlh without wciuhl. Si?.es: 7-17 nr S-IS. 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