The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1931
Page 3
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3. 1031 Augusta Baron, Now 75, Made Sound Pictures in 1898 RAOR F IK ES11 R<W)r>mhon Is Sou</!il (ov Aupusle Rnron Whose Wcrl; Rrous'hl Nolhiuo. I!Y MIN'OTT SAi:MM-:i!S N'KA Scrvico V/ritrr P.Mtlo—The original inventor of I'l!-::!!,. pi> tuiv* raiinul ;-.•>(> oi'.e bo- '"•I'v lie is blind, :iu<l cnnnot hrar :''.o iiri-aiiie he liam'l rot tlie price Thi'. is the fate of Auo.usto Ba;."'>!. '•'. fine old tna.'i of 75 wlm Is Mil;; JKTI' in i hciiY 1 for !hr riis- ''•ilrd i;i<>i-. Ills ':!•; Irlva came to lim 35 years a-^.i when the. innvinv; i ilrlwp li' was an Industrial j lane on tin- bottle, and now he (>i!s n (he dark. !i'.<™im: io fanlastic a??.s of whn! h-is been achieved rom his instiiraMon. 31 »:irs A so In IBOfi, W!KM the Lumiere Bi'o- hevs brian I? nroduce their ''nni- n\r.-r! iniai'os." vague mo'.-cn:?nts Ik.v: as tro arrival cf a train, Ihe iirst French movii i: picture. Au- ?uste flsicn. engineer, 'musician, lainter and a trm'ns at !i'4l'.tin^ •ffects, was working in n IMrls .l'.?n'.er as nn adviser on stage di- I'ce.tlnt). T!i« "'.heater hail jus', installed in .lie lobby v.-hai became known irl 'he slot macl;ine. whereby 'one 'C'lld insert a coin, sec a series of 'tiirucgrajihs nnd hrai- accompany- ] :nt< tuioc. Bnrou had teen thinking about :he wort of the Liimlcrc Brothers •hen r>ue '.li'lit he casually put 10 c.'itimes in the slot machine and ad a look. There was tio syn- hroriization. only the simple put- ing tow?ther of an image and otind movement. Bi-r Idea Mnrn Bui ihis stirred the imagination f tlie inventor. He concluded that I lie fnirlt '.vith Ihis new moving licturc idea was lhat it had no oimd effect to make it realistic. ) he went to woi>:. In Ihe followirg vonr. April 3. 3ai-on took out his first patent on system of synchronizing move-1 mt nnd neeompanyin* sound. On ; letobcr 8. 18D3. he got a German latent and on August .28. 1000, an Vi-ierican patent good for 20 years. .Vith his own resources he built, la ParLs suburb, what would now ITKIIOWII as c studio. His rigging had, placed above he movie camera, n cupoia which ontained hir/hly sensitive micro-; Itones of grain-carbons. A feeble in-rent modulated by these micro- j hones was amplified by three suc- c-isive relays leading to tl-c sound abin lit O'.ie sitSe. Sound was reg- ; .tered on an old-fashioned wax' ylinder. such as used by Edison j :i liis first phonographs, so that it mrhronized perfectly with the ac- cn oi tl?.? movie. Baron, now biimi at 75. hete is shown with the apparatus with which he prc-Jucecl the Iirst lalX- ii--' IIIOMCS. moa- Ilisii u quark-i- of a cenuiry IIMO'.-J they were uVv:-lcpixl tor r.c-.'tr has seen, or even heard, a modern --talkie." tosnniercinl purposes. If? Globe Trollinff Tuiincvs Return TODAY IS THE- ANPERS jo.vcriiiiinnt Will Bcpccl Mrtiiufjicturci's !o Operate, for Reasonable Return. Sally Into Matrimony UKI.RIAX l.AUOH NOTE On June 3, ID11. an inpinoi-aiKium presi'iit'Jd to Hie United b'.nlrs goveninirnl by M. de earlier, the HcXirm Mlii'slcr at Wastiiti^ton. \vns maiJc public. It .suiinnarized (he facts of German rule in Oeliiilun und e.'iplnin- ed the enlorccd iJleness of Belgian workingnien. The mcmornndum said li\ part: "Tile depressed condition of Bflgtan industry is not n cas? of accident caused by the fores of extianeous circumstances unconnected with the action of the German authorities; Ihcs? au- thnritirs are. oi\ the contrary, personally responsible. "Since the occupation of Bel- ^ii:m tiie Gciinun authorities... ha\e put into etfect the plan worked out In August. 1914, at Berlin, by Dr. W. Uathenau. for the systematic exploitation of i\H the economic resources of occupied ccuutiies to the profit, of the war organization, of the empire." I'S NOTK: This N tin- si-c-iinil of n si-rlivs '<if M-V-ITI! ;.!»- tlrs liy llmlru-y Duti-lirr on h.:w the I'lillrJ States plans to nin- lilllvr ll\ nun jiuui-r anil Imlus- Iry In tin. unit of ulinthrr «.tr. HV HODN'KY IHITCIIKIt NI.'A Snvlif Wriltr WASIlisciroN.—For the pa-it serernl ye.irs of peacetime the \V:ir Dcparinu-in has been brlnjlni; to the attention of various industries tlicir -,\.utime responsibilities und SlvhiB tin-in estimates c f [he wnr- tlme demands ot t!ir iiriny an:l navy on theii plants. Apiirosimalely "|S,C-00 tui-RC facilities l:uve b:.'en su: \eycd. necordins Io the iiimy'.s war'pinns as submU- (ed to the War Policies Commission. Urfmile tasks for emergency Imvc Ijccn assigned to each selected plant. In order not to upset national production more thnn neces- Jiry and to in.ilniain normal r-om- ncrclnl conlacls on n reduced bas, such tasks do not Involve more mil 50 per cent of a plant's nor- lal capacity. Under tlic National Defense Act. !;e Wnr Dcparlineiit iwlnls oul, the overnmuiil can |,lacc compulsory rders \\llli any inrtory and Is em- wwcrcd to A'qnisltion such plums ; mn.v refuse ;c> accipl tlietn. t'lau AiIvLsory -Cuimell Tlie \var plans call for an "Ad- Isory War Council" to assist the ircsldeut in carrying on the con- ilcl. Besk'rs tlie scci-claries of war ltd navy, this council would in- Incie a Director of Selective Ser'.cc. Director of War Industry, Di- cctor ot Public Relations and Ad- nlnlstrntor of Labor. This Is part of u general pinn | Depnrtmcnt-'i will base, their-pro- vhlch. according to General Doug- jcurcment plans on allocation. Unas MacArtinir, chief of staff, Is dcr tills system plants arc able to jased on a great Imprqvcment on. make some preparation for their Here are the Tunnoys, Polly anil CUT.?, back in N'cw York after an extended trip through Europe and the Near East. They posed smilingly on the deck- of their liner, and the former heavyweight champion In principle his system wns verv I _ .. _ . , . . ..,, , .. , , , , ,. tucli like that ricvelooed with I r '5tictiflcr lie was still "in splendid shnpo nnd feeimg .simply licit Etarllin? success n qnarler of; prcat." The two German police c!o;s were bDtisht abroad and cenlury later. j become yuardir.ns of the Tunr.cys' country place. A Ccnimcrcijil Failure i ' ' Baron's first talking films -.vcrc reduced in 1893 and could run four minutes. He upcut about 10,000 on lliir, work and could not he support required to finnnce ::;porimer.ts. He qtiicklv co: Hayti Society—Personal tccted their cy?s against the harsh Mr. tfarold Bmress of Chicago arrived Tuesday morning for t-.vo weeks visit with his mother Mrs. Mablc Bnrress. ,Mr. ar.d -Mrs Wolf Khourie hai r.i their guests Sunday and Monday. Mr. and Mrs. John Haddock enough for her lo i, ave kuowll |«"U so". Albert, of BpyntonOWti. these happy hours wlicn he was ittire in the talking film. Like so any ir?n of science, he was not RCOd business man and was quite intent when lie astonished his •lends by showing them what mid be done. Eleven of his machines arc now lights of the .studio. Baron refused to wear glasses. Ten years a?o his I succeeding with his work. "But I sight besan to fall and shortly. hope, that my son will never to- lce i aftf-n'-ards he became completely: corr.e nn inventor." she added. ' n ~' blir.d. ' | Baron's fiiends are now trying The Academy of Sciences grant-' I0 _ n;uc !l ' ]n dccoiiUecl with the Lesion ct Honor and to pain for him souv? recognition from the government. and Mr.. cd him a pension of about $75 i yearly and. without olhor resources, h? was forced to outer n charily home. His wife, still proud of (f his achievements, cares for him] lovingly and helps him as much ns i . exhibition in the Conwrvntoirc she cnn b >' giving piano lessons. '~, Arts et Metiers. • Baron .still smiles cordially and In 1501 Baron turned his alien- i llas 11Q grievance against his tale. |nn to the development of an au-' ^-t lie at times becomes tnelnn- niatic camera, which he called > choly when he b tolcl about the ;;e "Multirama." an.1 which could ' g !r ' l t tinr.nctal success of the tnlfc- attnri/Hl to a balloon and op- j »<? picture, atccl in such a way as to photo-! "Alas, it is too lat-- to talk of Aunt" Lizzie Floyd Dies After Long Hiness Khotirte and son "Aunt" Lizzie Floyd, negrcss. who was well kno'.rti throughout tile city, died last night alter an illness ol a year. Since coming (o BIytheville many years ago the aged had . ranii ICO l;i!omctors of ground ; me." he says sadly. When remind- i worked lor a number of prominent |iiiinut change of film. During the' ed Hint brain xvas in advance families. She was mare titan 70 t -his did nnir.rat service when | of the and tiut h? has r,t ytar. olci bill tiid not rrcMI the ?>:- j Texas whrri ••!(! by airplanes by taking' ii-ast lived to know tliat his crcat act date of hi-r birth. She was t]:cl s |^r r w ho I •CMrcs of enemy positions. An-; idea was successful. !-o only ndds: ' wife of John Floyd. •her of his piiolop-apliic achieve- ! "I am Infinitely touched, tint I can : lents was a camera capable of'only repeat that it is teo late to! A portable plant capable of de- iiE a 360-dcgrec panorama pic- ' talk nf me. I am pelting old and : ve!oplnjr l.COO.COO volts of elcc- I ask nothing except when I die tricity hns been constructed for Ernest, of Fulton, Ky. Gcr.ild Yatc-s of Stcele. Nfu visited Mr. and Mrs. W. E Gat cher. Sunday. Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Mmtaiigl mo!orrd to Arbyrd Sunday fcr visit vith Dr. Limbaugh's parents .Mrs w. E. Catcher and 501 transactid business in BIytlitville Monday. Miss Ernestine 'Llles is visiting Mrs. L. R. Roland of Ntllier lands and Mrs. Eula nnbi ail' children of Hayti hnve Tetnrnrx lioine from a visit to Jamestown. Mo., where they were celled on account of the illness of ineir mother. ma 1 .? tht? co.ilr&ttOT' 1 ; profit Is reduced and there Is no temptation to pad costs its there was .with the oia cost-plus system; Aliont HMO re.wrve officers will Itc )'.?r<l«l In n major war to carry out Hie army-navy procurement lirosii'am and to date Rome 2300 have liecn selected from umong expcrl- i-nccd liuslncss msii nnd commissioned. 'I'lie War Department has no definite program lor wartime price cunlrol. but It Is on record as oj>- ixislnn "jjilce-ficezing" plans such us that prajHisod I othe War Policies Commission by Bernard M, Haiuch. I'lami Hums In Air SALT LAKE CITY, Wall, (UP) — V. M. Oiiymon, United States imirlnc corps aviator, who visited his parents In Still Lnhe recently, dcfcrilitd how his plane suddenly liurst Into names as lie *as scouting Sandinistas In Nicaragua. He imimiBCd to bring the craft to'the mound without serious Injury to himself. ' , . . Kally Philips, cl iiiovleland, shown above in her latest portrait, ntr.l lidicdlct C!lmbel v Jr.. hell- to n ilcpnrtniciii-store fortune, have declared Hint they were "just i;ood friends." Imt insistent nimor Ims U llml their eiiKaaemeut will tw announced soon. The screen star, whose real name I:; Byrncce Bcntlei-. ivctully was dmfted from the movies to appear oi\ a Broadway itajc. vitally about Issue. essential list now comprises 4000 articles complete for Cut !>own Coniiietltlun Instead of throwing open their ] materials wnild hasten production in ani later emergency. The army also has widespread plans to govern handling of nnv Ort I'alm l.f»f Books CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina, (U!>»—Three East Indian sacred bcoks written on strips of palm .eaves hnv: been presented to.the University of North Carolina's library collection by Dr. W.'. P. Jacocks. of Colombo, Ceylon, a native of North Carolina. The -looks arc \\rillcn In (.1)15 Singhalese Inngunce. procurement necessities to competitive bidding, Uie War and Navy -ur 1911 position In that besides the kclelonized framework of a clli- en army capable of rapidly aborting tile nation's man power, the' limy now maintains intimate con- act with the industrial structure inder a program which will enabb American Industry promptly to afo- iorb our wnr requirements. Delay ui procurement o[ nece.s- lary" munitions and supplies, gurss- vork nbout the ninounts of supplies iceclcd which rcsulls in wasteful overproduction and serious shortages, improper distribution of the var production load along with congestion of transportation faclll- ics, inefficient use of resources, un- co-oidimitcd purchases and unequal distributions of war burdens nre some of the tilings which the War Department, profiting from lessons of (he last war. «-lll seek to avoid In any big future conflict. The army's shopping list included, about 100.000 dlllerent items In the World War, but tile so-calljd tasks, prices can belter be determined by negotiation and through definite rsjignments oxacl pre-ar- rangemcnt for production of munitions can be obtained. Many articles required In war arc not ordinarily produced In this country, so the Wnr Department has assembled a great, collection of complete drawings and specification for delivery to manufacturers who would otherwise have no prior knowledge of applicable production methods. To develop tills form of war preparation constant experimentation and actual production Is In progress at government arsenals and laboratories. The War Depiirt- rncnt now seeks money from Congress for placing "educational orders" with factories, use of which PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM, lu oo»{»Ui=Jn 5.$!.-.^ i !m r-iin BJ ImpaiUCcloraml llciuly .n wartime, especially those not readily produced In this country. .Among its designs for reduction of wartime profiteering la an adjusted compensation contract, ap- l.licubie to large construction pro- and procurement of noncommercial items. Tentative cost .schedules would be agreed ujxm which, might cc revised from time to 'line. The Government would audit nil accounts as (hey arose and pay all approved costs of pcrform- r.uci!, plus n rate of six per cent u year on Uic value of the p.lant In- vlived.In the c&ndacl. " C'riiitraclur I'rt'tcctf il . ' It the umipnny doc? the job at « llinn the revised estimate of O'E tlte £uu-n ment pays him some added comin'mr.iJoii. Hence, .oucli ll^e pn Hi would be small co::lr.-clor Is Eiinrantecd against lax. If i!u> cost e.accds the esti- Scollnnd is operating Its first plant for'the production of motor fuels from shnle oils, and adrtl-' tlonal units will be built this year. AFTER WEAKENING SICKNESS If you nro rim down, or «atfer from a weakened condition,—take Cardui, a meillclno used by womea for in-i-r (Ifly jvnrn. An your hcallli Improve* yon will nlinro llio' rmhuM- t\s:n at tliouKLiuls of nlhcrit wlio liav« prnlncil L'.irdul for the benefit! thty liavo rclt nflcr taklnr II. • ' ' "1 lirul n iipell o( itglinc-aa which left nit! vary run-down nnJ WL-ak" wrllro Mrs. I>. ],. Ucckncr, of Elll»- ton, \'u. -i was noi nl,lo to do my IwuK-wark. 1 iidicil nil uver my body. My back nml slilcn g:iv o mo u lot of Iroublo. A trlcml ot mlno toll! me to try CarOul, I took it for several nxjnllu urn! I gol stroiiB uniS well." - Sold at all good drug stores. „.,, CARDUI Helps Women RADIO REPAIRS Phone 121-122 I-ouis Green -''.Jufius Shide Menus to Fit the Pocketbook N'c-.v Completely Blind that my wife will t: looked after." '. testing the effect of |But. although his employes pro- And she in her turn says it is • overhead transmission Where 500 Lives Were Saved at Sea lighting lines. on Mr. Ccril Brannum renrncd Sat} unlay rnornir*,; from Sin Antonio, ? he has ixcn with Ins s quilc ill Mrs. L. S. Graves' o.' Huntingdon. Tcnn., s visiting hrr sister. Mrs. C. D. Stanfil nnd timlly. Mr. Charley Monan and dntigh- ter, -Alir.a Jeai\ viited friends at Mrs Cecil Braihinn. who is attending Teachers'College at Cape Giranlean, Mo., spent last weekend here with ?lr. Brnnnnm. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dandy and son, Bobby. Ic-'t Friday for two weeks vacation at Nashville. Tcnn. Mr. and Mrs n. M. Morgan and children and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Austin o! SenVr.olc. Okla., returned to their hone Monday after a two weeks visl with relatives here. Hurl DC? Causrs Panic BRISTOL. Virgin!;!. lUP) — A small doj maddened with pain after being jtnick by a car. dashed into a bulging here, precipitating ths cry o/ "mnd dog." Women frtintel ai:^ rushed for cover. Oi-.c wont.'n returned with n revjl- vcr but the Injured do? had returned to sanity nnd tho scare was wcr. Tl« dog was allowld Io go unharmid. I It^w :•*- • '••.aririo-.i'fi ship, the S. S. Harvard, might have teen the watery tomb of 600 Memorial Day it had not been for a prompt rescue effected in a foggy sea near Santa Barbara, 111!, by crms of government mine sweepers. Note the rope laoiers by which the passengers deluded when the ship went on the rocks. It was near this point that seven navy destroyers .piled up on Ihft rocks in 19 J3 mtn a loss of 22 live*. 1'ccrts Ilrlis Polsin MESA. Arizona. (UPI j— C. J. Wood, superintendent of i the University of Arizona cxpeiiiicnt, farm, was forced to Issue a puilic warning that free wrasshopir poison must not be used to} chicken feed alter a Mesa wonan killed her nock, of hends by folding them arsc-nlc treated bran am molasses obtained from the University farm Courlfr p»y, Sister M.-iry How nlioiit your fcnti budget? Arc yen nollinK the maximum return from vmir investmcnl in three mc;»ls ;i tiny? Housewives who read SISTEIt SIAFIY'S KITCHKN for advice in (he prc|i;iriition of moats arc getting the licnclil of a practical course in kitchen economy. Sister Mary shows how wholesome, nourishing meals, pleasinp;' in (heir variety, can be prepared at niudcst cost. A daily menu, practical discussions of foods, food values and kitchen economies—these arc the things every housewife, young and old, can appreciate, hook for them daily in SISTKK MARY'S KITCHEN in "the Courier News. The Ladies Love It! This palatial mountain resort— 8000 feet up in the cool Jemez Mountains ot New Mexico— Every comfort that women enjoy— 5800,000 has been invested in this Little Switzerland to make it Ultra-modern in its accommodations with luxurious appointments— Food for the Epicurean— Every known sport s:\d entertainment— Reason — May 1 to T/.anksgiving Day. at fcrnez Springs, New Mexico Write (or full infatuation tc • 155 EAST SUPERIOR STR«?

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