The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1952
Page 3
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THURSDAY, SEPT. 4, 1952 BLTTHETTLLE (AKK/J COURIER NKWS PAGE THRB8 HAL BOYLE COLUMN— Psychiatrist Is Little Help to Trellis Mae as His Wife Also Likes Ike HOMETOWN. U. 5. A. (M — Trellis Mae Pecble, America's nv- pi'age wife, felt a little uneasy as she entered the office of Dr. Al- phrmse Cortex, (he celebrated psychiatrist. Nervously she snt in the waiting room studying !\ faded photo of a football team hung on one wall. Dr. Cortex had put it there for a reason. He felt his new patients had more confidence in him if they knew he had played left tackle for good old Psychosomatic University. "The doctor will see you now," Mrs. Feeble," the nurse said : her professionally cheery voice. Treliis Mae hesitantly entered (he other room—nnd Dr. Cortex immediately took command of the bit nation. •'i'ou Arc In Tension" ''You ai'e in tension, madam," boomed the distinguished mind explorer. "Lie down on the coucl' and relax, please, while I go oiii and dictate a few notes to my nurse." Trellis Mae lay down, took of her shoes, sighed gratefully and fell asleep. She always fell asleep when she removed her shoes, mutter where she was. She dozed for a few moments but when Dr. Cortex returned sh was idly scribbling on a piece o paper. He quickly plucked it fron t her hand, and read: "Hamburger, one pound, hefl lettuce, pepper, two cans corn frozen strawberries. What Is th meaning of this?" "I just thought I'd make out m grocery list," explained Trell Mae. The psychiatrist looked annoyet "Just what is your trouble?" h asked brusquely. "Me?" said Trellis Mae, inclfff nantly, sitting up. "There's iiothir wrong with me. It's my husbam Wilbur, I came to see you about. "Your husband? This is rathi unusual. What's wrong with you husband?" "He moans and shouts in h Bleep." "H-m-m-ni-m-m. Have you ha any, any,—er, er—shall we aritnl difficulties?" "I'm glad you brought that up," .id Trellis Mae, as she arose i\nd ut on her shoes. "Hut it'^ a long ory, doctor, bo you want to lie own and rest while I tell you?" "No, thank you," said the psy- hiairist, blushing. "Just give me )id Summer Rest Stir Your Drive To Make Money? Federal, State Local Tax Officials All Hope It's So H.V SAM DAWSON' NEW YOIiK tfv-Bnck from the tast of the sumnior trips full of vim and eagerness 10 make n lot ie main facts, please." "Well, T used to be a Republican .it now I'm for Adlai Stevenson/ 1 aid Trellis Mae. "And Wilbur scd to vote the Democratic ticket ut now he's all out for Eisen owe i 1 ." "AVhat noes ITe Shout?" What does he shout in hi leep?" "Oh, he shouts things like Attaboy, Ike! Give it to 'em, Ikef when I shake him awake an ry to argue with him, he says aw, let me alone,' and Iheii starts nor ing. It is maddening." You wish me to cure him of alklng in his sleep?" inquired the mental healer. "Either that," said Trellis Mae, 'or 1 want, to find a way to make \:m siart saying, 'Hurrah for Adai,' in his sleep. That would be even better." Dr. Cortex looked troubled. "You know, it's just the other way around in my family," he re- narked. "I have been a lifelong Democrat, and still am. But my wife recently switched to Eisenhower. I am really quite worried' about her. "You know, Id like to have you :hat with her—give her the woman's viewpoint on Stevenson." Trellis Mae -stared at the psychiatrist. "You menu I came Uere to get you to help me get Wilbur's mind off Ike, and now you want me to help you get your wife's mind off Ike?" "Well—" began the doctor. "Let me out of here," said Trellis Mae. "I'm wasting my money." of money? The National Geographic Society says msvtty of the Portuguese who settled in New England fishing cities catne from the Azores. Federal, state and local tax col- cent a moi lectors hope so. They plan to fake even more from you this yem 1 i» taxes-—dl reel and hidden—than ever. They hope you make lots of money— some for you and some for them The Census Bureau estimates 1952 federal, state and local taxes al 80 billion dollars. But the National Industrial Con fercncc hoard thinks that figuri is too low. It estimates today lha in the fiscal year lhat ended Juni 30 the federal, state and local tax take came to a record 861,2 blllioi dollars. $16 Billion More This \v,.uld ije 1G billion mor than in the previous year and 2 per cent higher than in the fisca yenr that closed as the Korean War was starting. The Guaranty Trust Co. of New York, looking only at ihe federal government's tax hite, says that m - ' - ' •-. r ----- 1 T-r><-r S ([VOltl the end of World War II until the _' i ul lax burden was 3C8 billion dollars. This was 50 billion dollars more th?n in the entire orevious Wslory of the country. However, it Tell short by n billions of meeting federal cxp"»ri s tii!--? t '. AVehrc Does II Go? Where does the money go? Well, ihe greater part of the federal take goes for defense and for pay- ii 1 " for past wars. Federal, state and local government expenditures ace now running at a total annual rate of billion dollars, the Department of Commerce estimates. The U. S. Internal Revenue Bureau thinks its total tax collections this year from all sources, including social security contributions, should run 10 billion dollars more than last fiscal year when it look in 65 billion. Plain Fear' jiven Blame •or Inflation PHILADELPHIA W 1 )—"Just plain car" has caused more inflation nan anything else, according to Roger L. I'utiiaw, administrator of he Economic Stabilization Agency. In an address before the 22nd annual CIO International Oi! Workers Union Convention, Putnam said 'scare buying" after (he start c-f the Korean War pushed pi-ices up.n But in the 18 months since price controls have been in effect, he iddcd, the cost of living "1ms risen only about one-quarter of 1 per .nstead of at the rale of 1 per cent R month as it was doing before." Mississippi Ike Backers Map Campaign JACKSON, MLss. f/P)-Presidential I campaigning is usually something Missslsipplans read about, but the IraditSpnnlly one-party state nns lieeu promised a county-by-county fight between supporters of Gen. DwEglit Eisenhower and Gov, Adlai Stevenson. However, the state is still almost entirely Democratic. 'Hie backers of both presidential nominees are all Democrats. Democrats - for - Eisenhower have announced" they would back the GOP nominee with a campaign in each of the 82 counties and orprm- \7.c j"st as they would for a gubernatorial candidate right down to a precinct level. Democrats backing Stevenson faid they have similar plans for the j Democratic nominee. State headquarters for both groups wiH be in Jackson and each will have a pool o[ speakers to stump for the candidates. Wood Replaces Sfeef NORTH BAY, Canada tJT) — The steel shortage didn't worry contractors on a new bank building here. To support the floor they used beams made of glued pieces of British Columbia fir, 9 by Ifi Indies and 20 feet long with similar but longer beams for the roof. Orsifus Presents for tlie First Time Combination -^—-H ' ,V®,' - .Your Choice of Shades in: , Red, Green: IN TV COMPLETELY / AUTOMATIC 1-' Wake-Vp-to-Musk^ n FEATURE X -..„ _^ GUARANTEED by manufacturer to perform 1 ex«ctly as dfaimed o^ n ' afc '« . C *° 0n " 0« i 9 ' 00 ' ; " ^C" ""*• £".*: ; '--':.f ; -^'rS;' ^§?fs5? MAIL THIS COUPON NOW BBEFL'S Meet Drift in , . . Wear Diamonds Drcifus Jewelry Co, Blylhcvillc, Ark. Plfraw »r>d me fte Cfoefe—RotJio— Lamp wmbTnatfon as odverHied . . . ,$ 31.95 j n Brown I will pay .weekly. Vame Address ' New Accounts Fill In Bclrtw Employed by How long Accounts al , U5c Charce for Shipping) * 4 * STAR * STORES * FOUR OF YOUR HOME-OWNED GROCERY STORES RED POTATOES Red Triumphs U. S. No. 1 10 LBS. ISCUI Famous Bollard Biscuits ... A Real Saving CAN Eberdt's GATEWAY STORE 2101 Hose Street Cecil Lowe's GRO. & MKT. 532 No. (ith Street Luttrell's GRO. & MKT. (Hh & Chickasawba Pickard's GRO. & MKT. 10-14 Chickasawba ALL MEAT BOLOGNA LIVER CHEESE P1MIENTO LOAF LB. 6 EVERY ITEM ADVERTISED HERE IS No. 1 QUALITY • GUARANTEED By PICKARD'S,LUTTRELL'S, LOWE'S EBERDT'S CHECK THESE BARGAINS Save Tliis Wcck-Kml At The 4-Slur Stores fi , T HORTHERN BEANS ' 2 ., .. ., , . ,.,„ „. 12 o/,. Pkg., Quick-Frozen LIEBY'S GREEK PEAS 220 12 ox. 1'kif., Delicious Tasting . .,, .. hf T - ...„ sj - .„. LIBBY'S FROZEH PEACHB 250 FRESH LEMMS „«„, 310 Nationally-Famous Quality ]( . tolton (j^,, Wrapped PARKAY MARGARINE lb . 270 BACON SQUARES ,„ 250 Pocket a Ravings Now On SPIC&SPAN o* 230 TOMATO'SOUP ,„ 100 ii'soAr:' __ 250 St'ii S\vell Rave Now! Cliarmin iMTEDTUNA**« 0*190 TOILET TISSUE 12 Ior 100 Medium Size, Healthful ,,,, „„„ o- ., SUNSYHEET 080 PBUNES 210 KLEENEX 2 B C S 350 SPECIAL! COTTON PICK SACKS-9 FT. - $2.49 * 4 * STAR * STORES * FOUR OF YOUR HOME-OWNED GROCERY STORES FRUIT Pasco Juice Specially Priced This Weekend! 6 OZ. CAN KIM MIL Try This New Evaporated Skimmed Milk 2 FOR : * Eberdt's ! I GATEWAY STORE I • 2101 Rose SI reel * Cecil Lowe's GRO. & MKT. 532- No. 61 h. Slrcct 6 t * Luttrell's GRO. & MKT. filh. & Chick asawha * Pickard's GRO. & MKT. I 10-11 Chickasawba I

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