The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1952
Page 1
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XLVHI—NO- 139 Blytheville Courier Blyihcvllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Heraia BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1952 EIGHTEEN PAGES SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS (Pleased After 2- Stevenson Plans Five Major Talks, Will Reply to GOP SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) — : Gov. Adlai E. Stevertson laid ou.t today a piogiam ot five major speeches btuhnt* a reply in Deivjj Jt's time for a Revised Bible Observance Group to Meet Members,or a committee appointed to plan a Blytheville observance of the introduction of the new Revised Standard Version o! the Bible will meet nt 3 o'clock tonight in the Y rooms in City Hall. The committee is composed of representatives of Blytheville churches, the Y, Parent-Teachers Associations, civic clubs, Blytheville Council of Church Women and schools. 'The', group will plan observance of Christian Educaton Week, Sept. 28-Oct. 5, and a community-wide service to be conducted Sept. 30. At this service, the new edition of the Bible will be used for the first time. BIythcville is one of 40 cities In Arkansas and one of 3.000 in the nation selected to hold this observ- 1 auce. Backed by the National Council of Churches of Christ, the revision was done by a, group of 51 scholars. It is the first revision since the English Revised Version of 18H5 and will include an easier-to-read style and corrections of earlier translation errors. The Rev, William J. Fitzhueh, chairman of the observance committee, said tonight's meeting will be open to any who wish to attend. (Courier News Plioto) GOODBYE, IKE—Part of crowd which overflowed MacArthur Park Bandshell waves a goodbye as Eisenhower procession leaves park. Ibt just completed 30-niinute address in which he charged that the Soutll is "not a captive precinct" for the Democratic Party. # # * *-**.# Ike's Airborne 'Whistle-Stop' Trip Big Event for State GOP LITTLE-ROCK — The General camef to Arkansas yesterday Republican I residr-ntnl Nominee Dwight D. The tial nominee announced through hif campaign manager, Wilson Wyatt that in the five speeches .he* will deal with the independent vole OOP "catch phrases" and In'y, do\\.i a farm program, in Kasson, Minn., Saturday. Wyatt said that at Seattle, Sept. 8, the Illinois governor. will give his views on conservation and public power. Sievenson -will speak Sept. 9 in San Francisco on foreign policy. The top for a fifth major speech in Los Angeles, Sept. 11, has not been finally fixed, Wyatt said. Continuing a policy of ignoring the activities of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Republican presidential nominee, Wyatt declined to comment on charges Eisenhower has levelled at the Democrats in the southern trip 'the GOP nominee just completed. Stevenson's manager was asked if the governor's camp was "worried" by the interest and large crowds Eisenhower had had in the South. "It was interesting but it hasn't SCB STEVENSON' on Page 11 Public Health Nurse Resumes Osceolc Duties Sill Bond Forfeited .For Drunk Driving One person- forfeited bond and ric.irin? for another wns continued in Municipal Court this morning, on charges of driving while under the influence of lifftior. Robert Allen Ellis forfeited a bond of $111.25 anrt hearing for RoVrt Ware on charges of driving \vh^e under the influence of Hquor nnd leaving Hie scene of an accident was continued until Saturday. A car in which Ware was rldirie strvck another vehicle which xvns parked in the 600 btork on Wnhnil last night. of his chartered Eastern Airlinet plane fit 2:55 after having been preceded by several campaign offl- •l&l t ^ paused .sevtnil-k&ontfs while iripTtfaJpliotogrnpliers popped away at presidential candidate to J visit the stair during a modem campaign. Then, nt the behest of Brey-suittu Ki'senhower stepped out j the cameramen, he backed up sev- i eral steps and started back riov n | This lime Little Rock GOP Mayor Pratt Remtnel met'Eisenhower on the ramp with an oversized "key to the city" iuid welcomed the candidate on behalf of Arkansas. After meeting state Republican dignitaries, Ike was hustler! into an | open-top sedan and whisked away to MacArthur Park Bandshell with n lull-honors police escort. Another | airliner with 60 of the country's top newsmen had landed minutes before Eisenhower's plane and the full press complement was waiting at the park to spread the highlights of the General's last south-4- cvn campaign speech of the trip j to all corners of the country. Ike will nuke another Southern swing prior to the election. Introduced by Speck 74,378,000 Bales of '52 Cotton Seen ia n in Dixie ! '2-FisfecTGenera! I Leaves Arkansas i With Hew Smile Southern Invasion Wipes Out Jitters In Republican Camp By tlON WlllTEIIEAD NEW YORK (AP) _ Dwight D. Eisenhower formally opens li i s presidential drive in Philadelphia tonight with a brand new fighting personality won in two days o£ campaigning below the Mason-Dixie Line. The Southern Invasion wiped out the Jitters In the Eisenhower camp. It put smiles back on (he faces of Elsenhower lieutenants. And it set the stage for (lie next phase of tile big push with tha OOP nominee now In (lie vole of a two-fisted fighter. . Gov. Sherman Adams of New Hampshire, one of Eisenhower's lop advisers, told Reporters: "From this moment on, the campaign will be as hard-hittins and. vigorous as any campaign ever waged in your memory or mine." Eisenhower himself apparently was well pleased with the results of the Southern tour — the first concerted Dixieland stumping ever done by a OOP presidential nom- "Dicl You Make a Drait"? ' Do you ihink you made a dent In the Solid South?" a newsman asked as Elsenhower stepped from his plane here last night and flung up his hands In a gesture of happiness. "I made a lot of friends," the general replied with ii smile. A short time later, Eisenhower told photographers outside' his good smile, Bott late yesterday, 1 issue briefly. Repeating what he had said In Tampa, Fin., earlier in the day, he pointedly reminded the audience that the Declaration of Independence snys. "All men arc created count." -Eisenhower also said the founding fathers made no mention of color of skin. Eisenhower to!d his Little Rock Sec POLITICS on I'age 11 OSOEOLA — Mrs. Harry Milter Jr.. resumed her duties at the South ! MUsissippi County Health Unit in' Osccc-olfl on Monday, aftor a year's! absence. Mrs. Miller studied public | health nursing nt George Peabody College and passed the merit sys- i tc-m examination, which now makes i her officially classed as a public; health nur.-e. • The Mississippi County Health j Unit was opened in Osceola by Mrs. Miller in 1937 to take care of [ the refugees who poured into the! to^n during the flood of that vcar. [ Mrs. Miller stated that notices of: clinics will be posted i throitchout South Mississippi County on or before Oct. 1. Orvis Brothers and Co., New York cotton brokers, today estimated tlie nation's 19;>2 cotton crop at 14,373,000 bales, a reduction of 1,200,000 bales below the firm's estimate of a month ago. Arkansas' anticipated yield from the curernt crop was set at 1.145,000 bales—50,000 bales less than last month's estimate. The firm's crop estimate was included in a telegram received from Orvis Brothers this morning by the Courier News. The estimate was made as of the enti of August. Texas continued to lead the list, with a ciirtut estimated crop of 3.860,000 bales. For Missouri, the estimate was 410.000, an increase of 20.000 bales over the previous month's figure. * Estimates for oilier states listed included: California. 1.870,000: Mis.slsippl, 1.495.000; Arizona. 1,060.000: Alabama. 195.000: Louisiana. 670,000; Oporsia, 695.000; Siutli Carolina, *>50,00ft; Tennessee. 530.000; North Carolina. nl'i.OOO; Oklahoma, 345.000: New Mexico. 200,000: Virginia, !!>,000; Florida and others, 33.000. HELLO, IKE—Republican Presidential Candidate Dwight Eisenhower is grcetc-d by cortepe of GOP state officials as he steps off chartered plrtnc at Little Rock's Adnms Field yesterday afternoon. Re- publican Mnynr Hnitt Remme], Little Rock's first GO!' Mayor since rcron.sfruction days, guides Eis- cnhosvcr as hi> introciurcs the General to party officials. (Courier News I'holo) At the park; Ike visited the MacArthur museum briefly before mounting the speaking platform to the strains of "Hail to the Chief," a salute usually reserved for Presidents. Arkansas Republican Nation- 1 | al Cornmittceman Wallace Town- j .-•end of Little Rock then introriuc- j ed MKsiFFiopi County's Jefferson ' Sec EISENHOWER on Paffe Jl Paroles Weather . Arkansas forecast: Fair an< j a lu- tle warmer, this afternoon, tonight ami Friday. Missouri forecast: P.iir and warmer tonight and Friday; low tonight 50-55 southeast to 60-65 northwest: hieh Friday middle 80s southeast to around 53 northwest. Minimum this morning—63. Maximum yesterday—81, Sims-pt today—«:25. S-inri^n tomorrow- -5:TM Vrecipitalton 24 hours' to 1 a.m. — none. School to Begin Here Tomorrow Four Mi--si5^lppt County convicts wore among the 40 .slate penitentiary inmates granted paroles yesterday by the St.ite Parole Board. MiFMssippt Cotmtian.s paroled were: Willalm Felhouser. sentenced to. _. one year April 11, on a charge of grand larceny; Allen Garey, sen- [ , tcnccd to five years Oct. 28, 1949, j ^ on a charge of forgery and utter-' 'King Cotton 7 Days Are Sst Annual Promotion To Be Held Oct. 1-4 Kmt* Cotton Days, an annual merchants' promotion honoring the National Cotton Picking Contest, will be held Octohcr 1-4, Chamber of Commerce manager Worth D. Holder said today. Mr.-. Eunice Youne is now securing Judge*: who will conduct the window display contest, an annual ; feature if the event, Mr. Holder i said. The contest will be Judged on ] throe points; originality, theme j f cotton promotion!, and neatness. ! effort and arrangement. Prizes will i ho awarded on October 2. Mr. Hold- Flrst pnw is * 25 ° nd 33 Men Leave For Draft Tests Next Call Sept. 9 For Re-Examination ! Of 40 Classed 4-F The Mississippi County Draft Board this morning .sent 33 men to Little Rock to take prc-induction examinations. Today's call \\-AS for 35 men of which 29 reported, five tailed to report anrt one ivns transferred to another board. Three men who failed to report to a previous call reported Ihis morning nlonp \vtth one who was transferred from another board. Tlie cocnty's next- call will he Sept. 9 for 40 men previously cla.s- clficd ns 4-F to be re-examined for possible re-classification. Ijcaving today were.' Whites- Clyde .Junior Deal, Yy- ronza; Donnld Lorrn/o Lour. Lo panto; Roy Kylcs, Daniel Smith, i Etowah; Dal ton Thotn. Oonal I Thorn, Leachvilie: Gary Elmo Mar' tin, Conran, Mo,; Taylor Edward Duncan. James Paul Fusritt, John Junior Smith, t-uxora: Wilford Donald Hnye-s, Osceola; Hollfcc Johnson. Baker Earl Wallace, Jerr> Donald Bunch, Thomas Eugene Heath. William Everett L o 11 Charles Eugene Frankum. Blythe- villc; and Johnny Taylor, Karlc. Demos Charge Dewey Running Ike's Drive Four Ordained As Deacons of Baptist Church Garrott Abbott, Harry Ray Brooks. Jamr.s Gardner and Darrell Swancr were ordained as deacons or the First Baptist Church here at tm evening prayer service held in (he church sanctuary last night. Thfi Ordination Council composed WASHINGTON Wi — Demociatic loaders averted loci ay that ° f ' nicmbErs ot tllc boarcj of <*ca\ cor.s. conducted the ceremony The forces led by Gov. Thomas E. DeAvey of New York have snatched con- j r>ev_ E. C Brown .served as council trrjl of n-A'LisM IX Eisenhower's presidential campaign, j moderator, and C- M. Smart acted This was the lc;-.d story in "The Democrat," a Democratic National aR 'secretary. The Rev. Mr. Brown Committee publication sent out to thrnif-.itnd.s of Democratic party te.*tiers ' rieiji-f. r ed (he' f '° Tt ^r^-"^ 11 and warkcrs. . , o! j Evans led the ordination prayer. ^n f Active deacons of the church, in „.' " ,,.. . „ ^ .1 • addition to tho-e ordained last Stephen A. Milcnell, Democratic j The] 11 Dewcy had tic-, (enled forces led by Sen. Robert A. Tuft of Ohio in a tuu-of-war I national chairman wrote 'or control of the Eisenhower cam-'I Srr DKMOCl'ATri <m 1*; afed three year. 1 ; a^o by the Fir ; -t Although it wont be a full day In I t!? E ^wni^^Rccd^s^nUnccd 1 to'onn' Nafiona l TJanfe - Scc <>"d prlr* Is $15. most cases, tomorrow will mark the 1 . 1 ^^ third. S10. Prize ccrtificatc.s first back-to-school riay lor stu-1 >'car _April U for -grand larceny; j wiu Uc dents in the Blytheville District. \™ d Claude Smithvvtck, sentenced to It also will be registration day j five Doc. 18, I9M1. on a charge for students in Erie first through j of obtainini; money under fal.^e eichth grades. | pretence. Most of the .session-; \\ill involve! or:Miii?inj? classe*. drawing books j "" and equipment—ond a Httle home-l —. . D . . LA . , work in prcparAtion for the full- i t-nesi OQara to Meet Total precipitation since January! fledged beginning of the new term I 1—30.20. ! Monday. , The Community Clipst Board of Mean temperature (midway be- j Despite repeated announcement. I the Chamber of Commerce will meet tv.Ten hieh and low^—67, ; some confusion was still reported tomorrow at 2 p.m. in the Chamber Xnnval rr^aa tempernture for iodav «' in fhc opening of schools o f firo in City irop. \^ ! nrlh I). Hold- Be ptemoer—74 2, | n,'s tomorrow, I er, manager, said today, Lee Rllcy, Richard Hearn .Stokes, Willie Lee Jackson, Goorpc Robert McClan, Henry Mnlonr, VVillif* Jenkins, Earnest Junior Wells, B^thr.vlllc: James Rrrti. Leonard FMier, Lu.xora: Clnrrnro Mitrholi. Armorel: V/ardell Jotic<=. Driirr; Robert be! Jordan. Manila ftnd William HolU "We arc a^kinc all stores to feature cotton merchandise during the Kint? Cotton Days program." Mr. Holdnr *-aid. Merchants will L'i\on dctrnl.s on 1 hr \vinrto',v-<lts- ' day, Wilson, pl.iy .soon, he acldf-d. j F.'Nilin^ In rrpc-rl UxUtv \\viv Members of the King Cotton i Whites — Eel ward Txe Atulf-i.son. Dajs committee planning the event j Huntsvillc, Ala.: and Juan Vaiidcr [ arc A. O. Hud .son. Paul Human, Calegio, Muscantinc. la, : Mrs. W. E Cherry, A. H. Boyd, Mrs. Negroes — Frank Junior Hill. ; E-jnirp YnunK, T. A. BftH, J. 1.. French man's Bayou; Rirhard T^nii • ".v f'-iTioh. .Snnford RhoHon. BLC-K-' Rirks. Osrmla anil Jarrr.s lion jbcit Jkdul and John Lane. | Davis, BlythcvillP, nddifion to nlcht., are Charles Ray Nowcomb, - chairman: K'iy.s Sullivan, C. M. j Smart, F. E. ;\'.kin.=on Russell j Bau.ih. Kcnrinll O^rry. \V. E. Bn- chitnan, Atvin H'tHmnn, Jr.. George ru^nim. Tom Jackson, Clarence Johnson. Herbert Joyner. C. S. Lemons, K. D. Miirr, John Mayes, Claude Rowland. Arthur Rtishing. Chris Tompkinv-. W. M. Williams WIN IX FINAL HVI) F.VF.X 1—Bobb. N»rtlicutl of Blyttievllle. Ht 1, »•:-.•! v. iiiuiT <il ih< ; !"]) »"i!i urr/e in the Mini HMIieville Vnlw [)»y draw- Jil:.' io:.diirli'd (ill Mulll Hifel y<..-tiu(i;iy ;< ffcTHix>n VVliinrrF ol S10 pn;,".s wne llattii- Waluni-, Jamos Htmni Mrs. Huth Davis, and 55 winners «i:re Violet Minn, iiotihic Vickcry, James Van Ribbri an.1 D. O. Warrini;tr>n Above, winner? Van Ilibber anrt Warrington congratulate fach oth-:i while O. E. Kmidscn. picsirient of Merchant's Division of the Chamber of Commerce, BVD spoiirors, looks on. tt'onrifr Nt-us Vlmlo\ Inside Today's Courier News . . . Clilcks ailil Millintton. Tenn.. to Er : d slate . . . sports . . . I'.ne 10. . . . Society . . . Pa?r I. . . . Markets . . . Page It. LIT.TLE LIZ— You often heor o mon complain about riis memory-but never about his judgment f *t«

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