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The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania • Page 9

The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania • Page 9

The Mercuryi
Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 1363 POTTSTOWN MERCURY, POTTSTOWN, FA. DIAL FA 3.3000 FACE NINB SEWER STUDY Time-Honored Recipes IS ENDORSED IN TOWNSHIP From on?) (Cnntlnuptf From .167 High street, when I have Mime free time I always use some of the ipes in the book." Two of her favorites are recipes for shoo fly pie and Apie cake, a couple of good old Penn- agree that the township will not sylvania Dutch and Pottstown attempt to build its own sewer standards, system and plant. David L. Weiss, a county com- FOUND that these are munity planner, pointed out the best recipes around for shoo- various possibilities on solving flv Apie cake," Mrs. Whit- the sewer problem. said. cakes so hard go PRACTICALLY all the cooks, the floor if you drop who contributed to the strictly whitacre Pottstown book would be familiar to persons who lived here since 1920 Many of these gifted cooks are Shoo-Fly Rie Is Favorite The shoo-fly pie recipe la attributed to Mrs. Carrie E. Fenstermacher, a known figure in First Methodist church circles, according to persons who were ishioners 40 years ago. She lived in the same neighborhood where Mrs. Whitacre lives today. still living, and some reside in in treat. Mrs. Pottstown. Mrs. Alice K. Yarnall, widow of Frank H. Yarnall, 9.14 High street, contributed a recipe for clam soup. BOYERTOWN ASKED FOR COOPERATION (Cnntlnurtf From cup molasses, heat fU Wll logother, add two cup, lh" boiling uatrr and bod. put in a onr hraping Iraaponnfnl or bl- 1 capped by the Orchard Mills an Mrs. Charles F. favorite recipes from her 40 year old Recipes" cookbook, ITiis one for shoo flv pie re- Whitacre assures readers: loned town meeting attended by nearly 100 citizens at which time borough officials reviewed 1 2 Thrnnas Rnucher, Civil Defense director with Stahl, reported that has been allocated in 1001 In provide morr adequate air raid warning. set-up a Cl) control center. train CD workers and additional auxiliary police and and man metering stations to test for radiation. "II thus had done be- met the fore the Cuban crwis. everyone rarli month Meeting Date Change Okayed The Iaowcr Potts grove Optimists club met Tuesday night and approved a change of meeting date for its boaid of directors sessions. Starting Frh .1, the directors will mrct the first Tut of every month. During the past mx months the direc- fourth Tuesday Weiss, is helping in an exten- are plain, old fashion- who moved from here to Ly- oyster omelet recipr sive study of Lower Pottsgrove 0(1 b8sic recipes. It is none of kens. since the time the Mrs. Earl O. Lloyd. Harmony townshp. said he felt that town- stuff Apie book was published, ship would be most receptive 1 uiviinm mm would have ridiculed its," Siahl Following a brief business Mrs. L. May Kenney, widow v.mcsar nexation year and the wW. muting attended by 14 persons The Apie cake recipe is at- of J. Howard Kenney, of 360 an( dishes wih failure of the township to oMain Clark, chairman of the Blossom Mirant, tributed to Mrs. Gerald L. Clay, Walnut street, submitted her AU sewage or watet the sewer authority year, Optimists wont to a uid; take five cups of flour, to which add one teaspoonful of to any overtures from Upper Tottsgrove on a comprehensive sewer plan at this time. Theis said thr planning commission a a decide what Is the best method of obtaining a sewer system for the township. it if if if if Old-fashion Pepper Pot Is Favorite ville road. North Coventry, gave ami two cups of towiMhip began completed by July her very special formula for anfl constructing a $18 million rilE PLANT is whipping up a delicious batch butter to make crumbs short, of potato fritters. Put crumbs in liquid and bake IZ i Cont hr "I'd say Philadelphia Pepper stance. I fixed a pheasant from "This is why we want the Pot was my favorite recipe in the freezer for my son. Some- feasibility he said, that particular said Mrs. one else mentioned a prefer- we can have a better un- Bernarr M. Anderson, Perkio- ence for meatloaf, so that was demanding of the township Rn Thpn 1 whipped together Mrs. Anderson started The some cookies and a bowl full of Mercury's cookbook series tapioca pudding." said Mrs. Another township commissions and (hp of a vo)ump pntitIrd derson. supervisors. "The Standard Book of Recipes, what do you think and from ended up eating? Hot JOHN F. PROUT. supervisor hcr kitchpn coMoction secretary who attended the book familv Are homemakers of to- favorite for voars 1 ve tor get ting how to cook with pudding witK rS 25 diffpront kind, of b.sic mgred.cnts’ Are Ihry along with the planning com- modern supermarket AMONG a a ab familiar process for canned string beans. Dutch fare: Mrs. Marv Pearce. 77 Mt. cups flour, one cup Vernon street, offered a recipe brown sugar, three fourths cup mission's recommendations once cookbooks, but the plans on a project are ironed we joyed the most. Kach time out. OTHER cooks who world of "boxcakes? have departed Pottstown or are "No. I really think they now decrased are: Mrs. R. To solve the reported that it entirely pos basknhal! came Colebrookdale and Douglans s'ble" that thr system will be The Feb meeting hr at thr home President now 2 fi prr Charlea S. awl i nupemaom plan some action on rrnment paying one-third. ln water pnitdnn. inssddy Ibr n' Polio- chi. Resell Millrr, MRS. SARA UMSTEAD, wl- iiwdallation of water lines that bcrn installed Thirty of- ihr township first fulltimo dow UmMrad. of 315 Ttif for cake, Wllh lhr Chestnut street, submitted her that familiar Pennsylvania ny.Hlem a l.iier date. must eontinur workinx on this problem." Stahl point- rd out. "It is of vital importance with the polluted wells and thf ronstniction of Route 100 through New Berlin- vllle." "We get the linen in before the road is constructed," he cxHVuntied. "whether we go with Boycrtown or go it Typical of Boyertown'a Stahl was tbe request that a $3 pi'r capita tax he levied on the township so they can join in the area recreation and park program. "I WAS NEVER invited to mi in on he continued "All for boiled mayonnaisr dressing. Mrs. Helen B. Eppehimer, wife of C. Raymond Eppehimer, High street, contributed a recipe for a delicious-sounding butterscotch pie. Mrs. Ora H. Sands, wife of Ernest H. Sands. 1120 Belleview avenue, offered her formula for "pineapple a gelatine lard, one half teaspoonful cream of tartar, one teaspoonful baking soda dissolved in vinegar, three fourths cup milk: mix a dough and roll ADDITIONAL BUS SERVICE IS SCHEDULED ii tt been purchast I and policrman, reported automo- six condemnation proceedings accidcnts last yrar rrsulting in IB injuries and one death. 1 STAHL SAID it was the first rownship S-cretary Henry 1 7 time that all the citirens have Werst er reported that the popu- 4 brrn invited to a year end rr- ation is now over the view by the township officials. On a show of hands, the re i- history taking place dur irrx the past decade. Daniel Boyer vice chairman of the planning commission, reported a professional consultant has been hired at a cost of $XM00. with the Federal gov- Atfmllirmrnl dents to have such a town meeting at the end of each year. "We wanted the people to have a better understanding of what is happening in thrir township, he explained. Advrrt larmrnt will be glad to get some con crcte proposals on the sewage Theis said the planners were thinking about a rezoning ordinance (R20 to R40) to temporarily alleviate the saturation problem. Theis said the planners will hold off the proposal until the Route 100 bv-pass is opened to see what effect, if any. it has on the zoning. husband would tell me to send it into The Mercury because it seemed so are. They may try these ready cIwif- the decisions were made behind I think the supemsor, think Maohl most of them find much we juM going to give more rewarding and interesting The discussion of the water evenings noon to 9 p. m. daily to frtday PHILADELPHIA P- PER POT. Put two pound of tripe and four calves feet into a soup pot and add a red pepper. Roil until the feet have become tender. Take out the meat, skim and stir the liquid and cut the tripe into small pieces. Flavor with half a teaspoonful of sweet am, sweet basil, and thyme, two sliced onions, sliced potatoes and salt. When these have boiled until almost tender, add a piece of butter rolled in flour, drop in some egg balls, boil 15 minutes more. Serve hot. to make pie crusts and bread arrive in the M1 on their 00 ai End eight minutes later, 10 min-, SyKtem and the need for coopera- youngsters to go to First Meth- utes brfore the hour rach Uon oW MRS ANDERSON bakes fresh and will return to Hi'gh street, bread three times a week. Cook- Als0, Anna vanSkite, su- patrons at High and ing to her is a full time job. She pcrintendent of the hildren streets at 7 p. m.t 8 cooking when she was 11 division at the church manv 9 m. years old. years and a local school teach-, street service will be cut "I like to feel what goes on Mrs. C. P. (Simmy) Knauor, the table is something I actually Leonard Prescoln. wife of an(j wjjj the night with made. 1 like to feel that my a University of Pennsylvania hourjy funs t0 own she said. professor. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday The first book or recipes Elizabeth K. "Miss aIMj Saturday nights, she remembers was in an Ware, who moved to Lykens 11 srmr 1 Don't Ncglcct Slipping rile TOdlire FALSE TEETH Soothed in Few Minutes Do falMP drop. or when you talk. mt. laugh or Act flow for fist fthtf ffOHft of Don't be annoyed and embnmwatd Don't wait another day. Apply StkSlSTe Nterson i Ointment it once This coaling. on your platrn. fulM SOOthinj, istfmQcnt lOffllull more flrmlv net onHdent feel- relief to thOUMndj tor 40 quickly. All drugflisfs, Oft FAHTEFTH toduy druf bOI 60c. Of ippllCltOr tube 8Sc. Peter- ten Ointmtnt deligMi or money beck. Sales Days SPECIALS! BENTZ old Methodist hymnal her mother used. "Mother would write down recipes she borrowed from someone in the neighborhood and pasted them in the hymnal right over the ARTHUR DIETRICH CL, Mgr. DRUG STORE 241 HIQH ST. BERNARR ANDERSON is Sat a.m.-5:3# p.m. with Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Clay; Mrs. W. H. Ford, wife of Dr. William H. Ford, once a pastor of First Methodist church and later a district superintendent; and M. Effie Starrett, another school teacher familiar to the last generation. If readers know of the identity of some of the following contributors, let The Mercury know: Mrs. W. W. Mintzer, Mrs. Phone FA (-UN I Ml. W. Of IU. THE TREASURED book she loaned to The Mercury was employed in the engineering de- prjntPd in 1901. partment of Air Products and And j-m reaiiy looking for( hemical company in Allen- ward to what people will bring town. Janet, 20. and William, she said. 16. a Junior at Schwenksville ft too long ago that Mary A. Schmearer. Mrs. J. N. High school, complete the An- the only way you learned to Rinewalt, Mrs. J. H. derson family which takes cook was running around the Mrs. Clinton Sands, Mrs. Maur- delight in Mrs. cook- kitchen listening to di- ice Simmons, Mrs. E. E. Yo- ing. rections. The original collection com, Mrs. Thomas Dearolf, you wonder of recipes just be too Mrs. Rena Bewley. in- Take tonight for AT BOTH OREAT STORES ZESWITZ READING TEMPLE 40 PAY NOTHING DOWN 116 SELECTION OF FAMOUS MIKES 9 FLOOR MODELS TRADE-INS DEMONSTRATORS PAY NOTHING DOWN EASY TERMS READING 812 Ptnn St. OPEN TILL P.M. Downtown Parkers New Two Tier Lot 8 fh ir Cherry Sts TEMPLE 5th St. Highway NOON TO DAILY tat. tiSO to Ruses will run every 2(1 minutes until p. m. nn Mondav and Friday nights, then will break into the hourly schedule after 9:30 m. Brile pointed out that it will not affect the buses running to the Firestone plant, however. DISCONTINUING the school tickets, according to Henry Brile. was a move designed to "bring a little more equity to our fare setup. original idea of the reduced school fares was to provide inexpensive transportation to children who had to use public service to get to school and to get home, of course feel that by allowing the use of the tickets until 6 p. m. on weekdays, give everybody going home a chance to use them. no limit on how early in the morning they start. Also, the children go to school on the CONTEMPLATING service to South Pottstown and Lower Pottsgrove township north of the borough, Brile said he would like letters from residents of those areas who can use bus trnsportation. people want it. give it to them. If they inter, it r. 1 ested, nothing lost in And Mrs. H. J. Pruer Io" L. Uchm.n. which Guest, Mrs. E. Kupp Emm. th, Poltstown ld 1 Transit company a ago, Elizabeth Connor, Mrs. dot, own a fran(lli operate scheduled runs in South Pottstown and North Coventry,, John Gr.ler, but wiM for H.rry Sh.nehouse Mrs A.ithe exhibii desire Rath, Mrs. Daniel Fritz, Mrs. servjCP The South Pottstov.n run would take in much of Laurelwood road, including Kline 25c LADIES' RAIN BONNETS SI NYLON COMB BRUSH SET CUFF LINK TIE BAR SET 10 pe. Also Mrs. W. H. Longacre, Mrs. Harry Barlow, Mrs. G. W. Sands, Mrs. I. E. Swinehart, Mrs. M. M. Ellis, Mrs. M. H. Hemmings, Mrs C. A. Yocom, Mrs. George H. Baer, Mrs. Valeria Geiger, Mrs. W. H. Ford, Ellie E. Rigg. Mrs. S. Rcitmeyer, Mrs. Mary Shenk. And Mrs. George Hahn, Mrs. John Kutz, Sarah E. Henricks, Mrs. J. A. Merril, Mrs. Frank B. Leighton, Mrs. R. Robinson, Mrs. W. J. Roos, Mrs. Harry McCurdy, Mrs. Flora Keller, Mrs. Frazer Keen, Mrs. A. Lawrence, Mrs. J. H. Carey, Mrs. George Reihl, Mrs. Harry F. Antrim, Mrs. Ivan Shelly, Mrs. Wallace Keyser. CHARBERT THEE I SING" AFTER SHAVE Sc KLEENEX POCKET TISSUES 3 ror L. Hallman. Mrs. Sarah Woodward, Mrs. C. H. Gauss. Mrs. H. W. Shellenberger and Mrs. Florence Nagle. GEOLOGY PARALLELS The geological history of Australia roughly parallels that of Africa. Your Super Markets at 367 HIGH SI. and 1500 HIGH ST. Pottstown, Pa. Thurs. 'Til 9 Ml FRIDAY NIQHT Untii P. M. place and the Laurel Locks development area. The other run would go out North Keim street and include Hilltop road and Valley road, circling hack into town by Buchert road, street, Woodland drive and the North End. Clubmen Meet The Pottstown Clubmens association held its monthly meeting at St. Falcon Athletic club Tuesday night. President Floyd E. Seeders was in charge. Eighteen delegates ing eleven clubs attended. business was trans- acted. The next meeting will be Feb. at the Empire Hook and Ladder company. Human interest wins money If you telephone good story material to The Mercury. Oil 1 DEPENDABLE TOO TRANSISTOR BATTERIES 25e RUBBER TIPPED BOBBY PINS 11 Card of 60 Sr H.F.ERft Bubblt CHEWING GUM Pack of 4 5 4c 4 I.ADV CLAIRE Cold Craam or Cleansing Craam COLGATE VETO DEODORANT 00 AAf Value 29 COLGATE'S SHAMPOO Pints 29c 4 for $1 BALL POINT PENS 7 for 25 1511 LITIF.N Ltl.ONK DEODORANT STICK 39c or 3 tor 2.00 COTY PERFUME Emeraude Paris 1.00 ZIPPO TYPE LIGHTER HELENA Rt niNSTKIN COLOGNE RAl'ER nLACR ADHESIVE TAPE 25c, 'a inch hy yds. I ELECTRIC DOUBLE BLANKET 1.0« ASST. LIPSTICKS 19c nr 3 tor $1 HR VI.CRKAM HAIR DRESSING 39c 3 tor 10c MEN'S III.AC POCKET COMB 2 $14.95 WRIST METAL EXPANSION BAND 95 $15.99 WRIST 95 PASTEL BAND 35r LADIES PROFESSIONAL TEASING COMB 1.00 FOLLOW ME TOILET WATER 1.75 PROFESSIONAL AQUANET HAIR SPRAY lOOO ASPIRIN GR. 19r Pint ISOPROPHYL ALCOHOL 8 35c COLGATE BANDOLINE 2 COLGATE FLUORIDE TOOTH PASTE 1 00 SlI.VIKRIN SHAMPOO 39c or 3 tor $1 FRIENDSHIP GARDEN HAND LOTION metal pump 09 G.E. PI SH RUTTON HEAT PAD 3 Speed SI .00 TL'SSY CREAM ROLL-ON STICK DEODORANT SI 00 NYLON SEAMLESS STOCKINGS Lifetime ALL METAL COMB CASE PLASTIC 5217J TABLE CLOTH 5e COCOANUT CREAM EASTER EGGS Box 24 79 169c 3 $1.77 BLACK PEPPER Full Pound 39c WHISKO SHAVE BOMB 19c 25c BOOK MATCHES box of SO 9 -TRI-COUNTY FUEL DEALERS, INC. Complolo IX Sorvico 2 logiitorod Pharmacists It Sana Van al Irkas Tkat Ara Fair Is Ysa WE ARE NEVER UNDERSOLD!

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