The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1952
Page 14
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PAGE FOUWEBBJf BLYTHEV1LUC (AKK.) COUX1EK KJLWi TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1962 3 Chinese Thrusts Repulsed By UN on Korea's 'Old Baldy' By SAM SUMMEULIN' SEOUL, Korea m-U. H. infantrymen repulsed three light Cn >- nese thrusts against Allied de- Arkansas Group Meet Set to Seek Tax Cuts LITTLE ROCK W—The Arkan- KS Public Expenditure Council will meet in Scavcy Thursday to discuss Arkansas' highway system and methods to reduce slate taxes. John A. sudisill. council executive vice president, said yesterday the group would discuss methods of obtaining an adequate, economical highway system, plus more and better services tor the states tax dollar while still reducing-taxea. TRUMAN (Continued from Page 1) oont atomic battlefields. "Maybe the Republicans realize this, but tlie people who are on the spot in Europe know very well that talk of liberation under present circumstances Is war talk. That Is why these Republicans statements have caused 60 much concern among our friends In Europe. After all. our Allies there have signed up for combined defense of freedom. They have not signed up to join in a crusade for wnr. "I Am Convinred" "Now. I am perfectly convinced— and I hope our Allies will understand— that .the Republicans do not Intend by what they say to pledge this country to a frifihtful atomic war In order to rip back the Iron curtain by force. , "Yet, If they don't want war. why do they tell us they have some new and positive proposal to help people behind the iron curtain? If they don't mean war. what is It they do mean? Do they mean Insurrection by the satellite peoples? "Nothing could be worse than lo raise false hopes of this in Eastern Europe. Nothing could be worse than to incite uprisings that con only end by giving a new crop of victims to the Soviet executioners." "Frustration" Charged Truman charged that supporters of Taft — he did not mention Die latter by name — were frustrated hi trying to control the GOP convention. He called this group "Republican shollygostcrs." The president said this group has threatened Elsenhower with "sabotage from within unless he will Join In the wild and reckless rnntlnp of men who dont' care what happens to world peace if they can eel elected." And he added "there Have been some masterminds at hand, in the Republican councils, to show him how to be a hypocrite in a few easy lessons." lenses In the Old Bnldy a n d i iSunker-Slbcrla Hill sectors totiay! >n the Korean Western front, soldiers showed continuing interest In the battle-scarred [errain won ::: recent weeks by U. S. iroops In especially bitter fighting. Clouds cut Allied airraids over North Korea after the U. S. Nnvy's spectacular strikes yesterday near ;hc Manchurian and Siberian borders In which carrier planes blasted the Aoji refinery. Mus;m iron works rid the bis northeast port city of ChoneJin. The U. S. Fifth Air Force said thick clouds, which lifted yesterday, closed In this morning over most North Korean targeUs. Hut fiyhter-bombers cut through the mist and hit Red supply areas behind the Western Front. Twenty-two 1126 bombers last night smashed the East Coast city of Sinchang and bomber crews re- IKjrtcd 22 secondary explosions set oil by their bomb loads. Along the 155-mile battlefront there were brief but -sharp patrol clashes. The largest Chinese probe this Two Ministers Join Alliance BHS Chapel Speakers Committee Picked morning was by a platoon — about Oct. Commodity And Stock Markets— York Cotton Open High Low Close 3903 3955 2002 3055 3850 393 C 3889 3935 .... 3880 3D23 3873 302 ...... 3B60 3323 3873 332 May N«w Orleans Cotton Oct . Dec . Mar . May . 0 men—feeling out defenses of Old 3aldy Hill, lying west of Chorwon. t was driven oft In a flurry of unfiro. Eight Enlist At Recruiting Station Here Elet Mississippi Countlans — Including one woman — and a man from Little Rock enlisted at the Army nnd Air Force Recruiting Sta:Ion in City Hall here last month, M/Sgt. C. R. Barton said today. Seven men enlisted in the Air Force, one In the Regular Army and Miss Helen L. Martin of Hlytheville Joined the WAP—Women In the Air Force. Billy J. Cranford of Osccola en- llrtcd in the Regular Army. Enlisting In the Air Force were Larry D I.unsfnrd, Sterling Gordon, Harold C. Mlnnick, Norman o, Rambo. all EISENHOWER (Continued from Page 1) advance word from his regional campaign headquarters in New York that he would "pull no punches" on his Dixie trip. Some of his warmest ndmlrers had complained that Elsenhower's campaigning was too sort. The general's aides said, however, that he had planned deliberately not to fire his ammunition too Boon. Eisenhower named no names in his prepared text. He said the cost of the "Washington mess" was being taken out of every American through higher tuxes, higher prices and by "cutting down the value of every dolor niytheville; Edd H. Wllcox of | a r you have put away for the Luxora, James H. Heiulon of Dyess and E. B. Comer of Little Rock, STEVENSON (Continued from Page 11 Scjuave, in Detroit, where he denounced the Tart-Hartley Act as "biased and politically Inspired" nnd said it .should be written off lh<> books. He talked foreign policy in Grand Rstpids, home of the late Sen. Arthur Vandenberfj, chairman Open High Low Clos . 3902 3953 3901 395 . 3802 3033 3801 3929 3019 3003 3878 38«0 3022 3002 3818 38GO Soybeans Sep . Nov . J:tn . Mar . May . New 320'i SlOTi 312'i . 313 ',! 313 Two new Blylheville ministers jccnnic memhers of thc Blythcvllh Minlstorial Alliance at the group': Umchcon meeting held in the Hotel Noble hrre yesterday. Thc Rev. Bob McMii.sttrs of tlv Lake Street Methodist Church am the Rev. W. W. Peterson of \Vcslc> Memorial Methodist Church wen nducled In the alliance. Both havi recently assumed (heir pasts hcrt A committee lo Krlcc't speaker for chapel proj<rttrns to be conduct- rd at Blythevllle HlK" School during the comtng school term was named, with the Rev. Harvey Kidd, the Rev. E. C. mown ami the Rev, W. T, Ruinwatcr named to serve j with -school officials In .scheduling j the talks. | Again in Hnmlramck. a separate Bly hevme Y Secretary J. P Gar- is , nml . coimnillllly inside D ' etroiti roll, the Rev W J. Fit/Hugh am r wlth h pop- he Rev. G Miesslcr were ^pointed u , BlUm( thc ROVC rnor's subject was to a committee to work on a special forel relations Thanksgiving program. The Rev, Mr. FiUbneh presented a report on the revised edition of the Bible which Is to he made available to the public late this month. The group voted to sponsor a Joint meeting to he a tended by representatives of churches and local civic clubs who will hear the new version ami iUs Influence on Christianity explained. Thc meeting will be held at 8 p.m. Thursday in the Y auditorium In City Hall. The group also made preliminary jlnns to conduct a special obsprv- ince of the new edition.'to be held September 30. publication date of the text. A complete church directory la nearlng completion, the 308-!i 3CQ1- 308 York Stocks Stevenson 'Lays Egg' In Michigan Speech By JACK BEU, DETROIT H) — Gov. Atllai E. Stevenson's cnmpnigu in Michigan yesterday and, in the eyes of this ' reporter, failed by n country mile to equal President Trumnn's 1948 personal impression on many ol the same voters. No exnet comparisons can be drawn, but in retracing the Laboi Day route hy which the Presidem formally opened his campaign four years ago, lhc Illinois governor fcl far short of Truman's crowds anc their responsive enthusiasm. If there was any real display enthusiasm for the present part> nominee it was in the prcdomi nantly Democratic nnd Polish Is land of Hamtramck.within Detroil This was the birthplace of the sit down strike IS years ago. At Grand Rapids and Flint th crowds seemed curious to sec Sic venson. listened politely b«l foun no occasion to pound their hand? whoop nnd holler as they did fou years ago fbr Truman. Stevenson' speech nt Pontiac was rained out Crowd Is Small Even in Detroit's Cadillac Square where organized labor puts on it.s biggest shows, the crowd was small. A blazing midday stin, n tiresome a lontf Labor Day parade and television probably accounted for the empty -standing room in the streets. Few mm can ir.nich the cro'.vd A T and T mer Tobacco .. .. naconda Copper . clli Steel hryslei 1 . oca-Cola jeti Electric icn Motors . tontgomcry Ward Y Central nt Harvester C Penney epubllc Steel .... latllo locony Vacuum ... Stlldebaker Standard of N J .. 'exns Corp sears U S Steel 312M 313^ 308 ISD 5C 1-8 45 1-2 51 81 5-B 111 3-4 63 3-8 60 5-8 63 3-8 10 1-4 33 67 1-2 , 41 5-8 . 27 1-8 . 36 7-8 . 38 178 1-4 . 68 1-BJ . 58 1-2 . 40 Me took issue in HamUmck with Gen. Dwight Eisenhower's recent j speech in which the Republican candidate came out for a warning to the Soviet Union. 1 The Pontiac speech—If he had Riven it—would have dealt with labor and management. And the Flint speech* was a general discussion of Republicans versus Democrats; that is, his version of Iholr separate policies and wlmt the Democrats have done in the past 20 years. At the end of the long, wearing day, Stevenson told correspondents it was "all good." He said he was satisfied with thc si/.c of the crowds, their future.' "You pay for (he Incompetence, stupidity and corruption on the part of those who have been cnughl and those who have not b^een caught," Elsenhower sntd. He said newspapers reportcc that "we are getting two airfields In North Africa for the price oJ five" nnd that the papers carried countless other items concerning waste. The general asserted: "If you are as sick and tired all this as I am; If you are iired as I am of picking up your newspaper every morning and reading about a fresh government scandal, then let's get together and restore decency nnd honesty and integrity in the nation's capital." In his bid for Southern support, the Republican nominee said some Democratic spokesmen v/ere counting the votes of the South ahead of time along with the cem- >f th» "m«M" wwr* m«o> up at 'Washington wast* and extravagance *nd inefficiency; of Uicoin- >et*nc« In high places mid In low laces, of corruption such us makes is hang our heads In shame; of mngllng in our affairs at home; of fumbling in the life- and death matter of war and peace." Eisenhower said he was not predicting the outcome, of the election <Iov. 4, but lie pledged that, whatever his" future status, he would not rest until "the peddlers of prlv- lege and the destroyers of decency are banished from the nation's rouse." In assailing the administration in his speech here, the general promised to unleash still more artillery—and soon, He said: "Today and tomorrow, here In I the Southland, 1 shall Intensify my attack against corruption in government; against Die heedless policies that nullify our thrift nnd erase our savings by Inflation; against federal deficits nnd the failure lo live within our means; against waste of resources nnd our money; agnlust arbitrary usurpation and seizure of power; against disloyalty In the federal service; against the whole tangled aggregation of incompetence and expediency and bossdom." Eisenhower is due to visit Jacksonville and Miami, Fla., later today and Tampa, Fla.; Birmingham ! Ala., and Little Rock, Ark., to- orrow. 'Short 1 Count Alarm A short circuit In wiring »t the Dr. Peyper Bottling Company, 3L8 East Mnln, was the cause of > flr» alnrm last night. No properly damage resulted. Caudlt Called to Stand WASHINGTON (A— HOUS8 Investigator* called T.' Lamar Caudl* Into a closed-door session today to tell about his handling of tax cases before he was tired as an assistant attorney general last Nov. 16. HAYS'SUPER VALUES FOR group WM told, and will be nvnlnhlc j sponslvenoss IUU , the CO mments of for installation In train nnd bus 1 depots, cafes and local hotels when tnforrmitlon is r e.c c I v e d from churches remaining to nnswer. Truman Made His Own Decision on Running NEW YORK )— Margaret Truman said today neither she nor her mother had anything to do with President Truman's decision not to run for reelection. Asked ns she returned atx>ard the Hner United States from a twa- mouths tour of H European countries nnout reports that she and her mother influenced (he President's decision. Miss Truman replied: "That's absolutely untrue. It wns his decision and his alone. We had nothing to do with It." the people who accompanied him. On most of the air-and-automobile trip, Walter Reuther. president of the CIO United Auto Workers, Gov. G, Mennen Williams and Sen. Blair Moody of Michigan were with him. "I'm very well satisfied," Stevenson said. "People up there seemed pleased with what we did." Police estimated the Cadillac Square crowd yesterday nt about 15.000. Correspondents said Tru- Jvestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, !H. .^V-(USDA) — Hogs 14,500; tnwlc active; compared Friday's barrows and gilts steady to 10, spots Thailand General 'Studies' Korea SEOUL, Korea man drew nearly 50,000 people four years ago. Grand Rapids police gauged the crowd there M 10,000 although (he figure looked high to newsmen. They snid the President ultr acted double that many 19-18. Wilson WyaEt, campaign manager for Stevenson, snid he thoughl television mischt be the explsinatior for the .smaller crowds. Correspondents who covered the Truman trip four years ago anc the same ground yesterday were struck by the contrast. Stevenson's speeches were high ly literary in quality. But standing in the crowd, you detected a cer Op)—Air Commo- j tnin note of uncertainty among th 15 lower; sows steady to 25 higher, stags or boars; bulk choice IDO-230 Ifos imported for weight '21.00-10; popular price 21.00 [ to nil buying interests; top 21.15 sparingly; 230-250 Ibs '20.75-21.00; heavier hogs scarce, most lots 260300 Ibs 19.'J5-20.GO: smitll lots 310350 Ibs 17.25-18.25: choice 190-190 Ibs 20.25-75; 150-170 Ibs 18.25-20.00: 120-140 Ibs 15:25-17,50; sows 400 Ibs down nifiiifly 1(3.75-17.25; heavier kinds 14.50-1G.2:,; boars 11.50-15.00; few stags 13.00-15.00; good early clearance. Cattle 7.500, calves 1.800; limited number of sales steady on steers nnrt heifers; choice yearling type number of sales steady on steers j nntl heifers; choice yearling type ] .steers 32.00-3-1.00 with a few good 'dorc Prince Ransiyakorn Aphakorn, listeners. Eisenhower said he had been hearing "the wild exult nncc of the rebel yell." "They are hearing it in Washington, too." he said. "And thej don't like it. They like voters who follow orders." The GOP nominee said he himself likes rebel yells. "I heard them all the way from North Africa lo Central Germany,' said Eisenhower, the Allied war- ime commander in Europe. "Al long that road to victory, the. neant an end to Nazi tyranny. In his campaign, they mean- an enc the mess in Washington." Referring to Gov. Adlai E Stevenson of Illinois the Democrat presidential nominee, Eisenhow er said: "Even my distinguished oppo nent admits that his party ha produced a mess in Washington." (Stevenson told an Aug. 20 new conference that crime, corruptio and misconduct are "messy wherever they are, and they mus be eradicated. He also said th convictions for wrongdoing showe there had been a mess in Wash ington. "I intend to deal with co: ruption ruthlessly," he declarei "I always have. 11 ) Eisenhower said in his text t- day that President. Truman ha announced that the Democrat candidate "must rim on one iss\ —the record of the admintstr t!on." "On both these points I am hearty agreement with the opp sit ion," Eisenhower said, mea ing the "mess" and the admin tration record. The general held that ingredien 35 m.p.h Winds taor Northwcrd MIAMI, Fla. L-^—Packing winds 3 to 135 miles an hour, the seam's second tropical hurricane mrcd northwestward today in the road Atlantic about 1,100 miles ast southeast of Miami. Grady Norton, chiel storm fore- \ aster at the Miami weather bu- j ean, said the severe tropical dis- urbance "should continue Its pres- | nt course for several days far way from any land areas." ATALITIES (Continued from Page 1) j Rofe, Osccola Negro, died Sun- t iay of gunshot wounds received j Saturday nnd Leslie Doyle, St. Louis j ro, died In BlytnevilLe Saturday I ollowing a traffic accident at Luxa. Donald Barnes, 38, of Huntsville, Ark. died In ft Fayelteville hospital esterday of injuries suffered Saturday. He was found unconscious n a wrecked, car nbout five miles' vest of Hur.tsville on Highway 68. Yell County Sheriff Earle Ladd said George Wilson Neely, a 30- vear-old Ola, Ark. hunter, was shot death as he snt on a bank of :he Petit Jean River near Dnrdan- elle. Sheriff Ladd said the body was found by Neely's hunting companions. Mrs. Violet Bailey, county coroner, ruled that Neely died from n .22 caliber rifle shot from an undetermined source. Roy F. Larkin, 32, a Ft. Smith railway switchman, was killed in- | stnntly yesterday when he fell be-j neath the wheels of a empty coal' car as it was being switched in the Ft. Smith freight yards. Ed Lang.ston, the 71-year-old father of former Assistant Alty. Gen. j Carl Langston, died yesterday of injuries received in a truck - car collision near his Coal Hill home Sunday. deputy commnndin^ general of the Royal" Thailand Air" Force, is in Ko- hea studying Allied air Force said today Anhnkorn is responsible for establishing n tactical air force In Thailand nnd is getting information. Cordell Hull Remains On 'Critical' List WASHINGTON (>Tj—Cordell Hull remained on the critical list toda> at Lhc Bc-thseda (MtU Naval hospital. Officials s"iid he spent a good nii;ht ami that his condition listod ns unchanged. The BQ-yonr-nkl former sccretcm of stole entered the 1 , ., . ,. - hospital in the and •commor-ial steer and licifer | w .ir]iiiiR(on suburbs Friday (or at Kelleys like father... like son especially if you lead the lad to yearlings :: 1.00-28.50: cows mod emtely active to steady; utUHy and commercinl eow.s 17.50-20.0!): cnnners oiul cutters largely 13.0011.00- Man Pleads Innocent In 'Perfect Murder' BALTIMORE W - G, Edward ,"n-ye;ir-old New York j for cerebral thrombosis. A hospital bulletin today said: ••Corrtcll Hull continues to show slight imnrnvcmrnt. this tiutrnin^ !':•; condition, however, remains a-iticril." BOYS" SHO 495 to £95 r 1 Negro Deaths a president drn\v?, even a major 3 office mnn^cier. pk-ndcd innocent; aspirant for tbc job. Tlu-re is some- j today to chairs he boat his pretty : thing about an American ttonljwifc lo death nnd tried to make U 1 makes him want to sec a president | look likr nn automobile accident, in person, even if lie's looked him i A police • mnjTistratc ordered him over a hundred times on TV and j held in jnil until n prand jury con- in news reels. j Mdcr.s t ne evidence, probably to- Tnore is plain evidence thai Ste-1 morrow. rly talked over the who listened to venson dcliberat heads of many him in person. i Wilson WyaU. the governor's I campaign manager, said the De- j troit speech, which denlt wi'.h a proposed new law to supplant the Taft-Hartley Act, was beamed at national consumption through television, j It was an effort, WyaU said, to lay down in compact form the foundations for the labor issue the candidate vrttl touch upon time tmd : , again before November. An "Egg" In Michigan I But the more immediate problem for the Stevenson camp lies , in the curious fact that the high- ' level, philosophical type of speech which captivated crowds in New York and New Jersey last week laid: o political egg In Michigan. This state, with 20 important electoral votes, is regarded as something of a key to the Midwest. If the type oS political specking and 'campaigning which Stevenson used to v/in 1 he governovshtp of Illinois nnd has pursued thus far in the presidential drive isn't effective generally In the Midwest, i •omcthlng of a change In tacltca may be In order. Will Parr Fmirrcil services fnr "WIN Parr. r>8. who (lied of n heart nltack at his home in Joiner yesterday, were incomplete tottny pcnrtinK the arrival of relatives. Home Funeral Home is in charge. CORRECTION Boone Cleaners & W Cleaners moil styles, accotdir.g lo size ^y o chip off the old --j .ie our Acrobat boys' shoes o styleJ Ue dad's. Goodyear welt construction gives them lasliag good loots. Acrobal'i exclusive Bonded Solas are guaranteed for 3 months' wear ... or a new pair of shoes FREE. Priced lo fil any parent's pocketbootc—in wide range of sizes and widths. Corr.e soa Iriem today— you'll see your boy taVe o new interest in keeping his shoes sparkling. And that's something. OPFICIAOOY SCOUT SHOE £**&&. teal o( she Boy Seoul* of America. Corre In loday for |Kt* ofsidol iho« Irt —J QJT o!l i.zei and vsfdrhi. / . 7 J KELLEY'S "Your Friendly Shoe Store" (Wednesday Only) 3 Flavors ICE CREAM - qt. 29c 200 Size KLEENEX - box lOc For Meat & Veg. Pie, Reg. 79e KRI-PI - - special 49C Stokely's No. 2 Can CHERRIES-5 for $1 Large Calif. Wonders 11 Peppers 2 for 5c Fresh Meaty pare Ribs - ib. 29c Hell's Skinless FRANKS - - ib 49c ASSORTED LUNCH MEATS Pickle & Pimento Loot Liver Cheese Relish Loaf Lunch Meat Bologna Your Choice, Lb. Cannon Bath Towels Asst. 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