The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1952
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTflEVTLLB '(ARK.) COURIER MEWS 1UBSUAY, SWTEMliKR t, 1WS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION rally rate p« tine per etmieculive Minimum chiTgB ..........., ; We 1 lime per line i >* c 2 Htnrj per line por day ** r 3 times per line per day 9c £ limes re/ line l' cr da!r •••** I 12 times per line p?r day *** Month per line • • • * vc Count fire nTcra^e words to ihr Iliir- Ad ordeird (or thrr* 1 or *' x tlmfi anil tlopprd bi-rore expiration will be charted for the number ol timr-i the | id appe.ircd and adjustments of DILI , r made. I t All fHs?[fipd aflrprltslns cop* iub- | p ml t ted by persons residing nut side "I t»e fit? must 1>c ireompa tiled hy ra*ti- Rates niAjr be easily be computed (mm ^A^rirsfn^nrdi-red for trrre-ilar In- lerllini lake HIP nnc tt>ne I able. N'o responsibility he taken lor mure than one incorrect Inst'iii'in of any All rid* are remlrtetl to triHr proper rlu&lflration. style and tvpe. The Cniuler Nrws rr'Oirves the riRht to *"« or rrjfct HHT Art. JO MINUTE PHOTOSTATIO BERV- | ICE OSTOS'S STUDIO, 115 W. MAIN ' 11,4 cfc I! Plans-Estimates for no* construction, remodeling 01 CP r,H A OR O. 1. LOANS NO OBLIGATION plione 2064 Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. For Sale, Misc. \ nc-w AVi-stincliou^p stove $110., rrdu-Tfitor $150; WnrrJ wash**/-, iwiirr imvlnp town. 517 -S W, y, [til. V1F.G. 9.2 pH 5 , ] Ho If man strain rh-nnp Ocurrf L. North Hiw:iy 61 Mnlr, Tailor, 1<»20 828 p'« 0^1 More. Including lot, ti \turps nnd Hvln:; 2lHt St. J~JotnK KOorl Courlc-r New for Rent Central school. 2 [urn ftol- ^ l! Coup 1 -? only. 1403 \V, A^h, proof /af rt'iiy prlr rl/'v nny smonnt, Not sruk: Jitnirs W, Fcry. StrolP. M« . B 22 jik 0 22 I U'.rci (Jtxirs rtml ! Ren N\ r hlip nnrt Son: JSII2. 'LnrtO'A's for . 633 W. Minn, 2 ronm fTirn urn. Ph. 2.S32 2 rm. furn. kitchen. 103 W, Four room mo decorated, Phr»n< npt. Olo*< 2 nn. furn. npt N'r-wly (If 2525. No-,',' I Iff proof s-.ifp'i. Impossible lo ' pjrk the- lock. Wl. 225 ]l«. KrcU'Iit paid ' nilr-e iT5. AUo lartccr fit/.cs Ph. -JHflT. PK a j ' ' ' g'lDpltO'ltt ^ r 'jUSED~COMBINES rt'ii 1C you need ;i xoud used self- ph j propcllcf] comlnne . . . see us 3 modern room nnd linili JCewly drrorntcd. Phone 3l9fl 92 ]>k 5 urn. Apt- or 6125. 5 2 pk fl 4 room Turn, apt , private hMh. ?i- UF.CJ iOii W Ash. ph. TiM, B2fl pV. 9$ rm. unfurn. npt . hntli. wntor r. jriOOO. Rear 801 N. Frnnklln. . ptc Thrre-room turnlshrd Private bath, 320 N. 2nd. apnrtmcnt, 8-27 pk ^ Morlern cabins Rn^t ap-irlniTit" fx>st Boy Court. Phonp 9951. Couples only, fl 23 rk 10 23 Nkcly furn. (int., pvt. t-ntrnnco. Now efrkEernlor, Utllltirs. IfVO W Ky 3 79 p!t & 19 3 rm, nnlurn. apt. pvt. bnlh. automatic hot water hcivtpr. Ph 33?5 / S;20 ck D20 3 unfurnished Cherrj. npartmenli 112 4 room unfurnished ' bftth. Phone 8845. Modern 2 room fur. apt Ph . 2A95 or |H c* (f Modern apt. 3 rooms Rnd brvih. t\r ly decorated >goo« furnltnro, gns rqulp- i ment. Ph. 3373. F. Simon. 921 cle 4 room turn. flpt. AclnU* only. 621 XValnut, ph. 2MO. 9 1 pk 8 2 rm, house partly fum. brUh. S7.M per week, utim 411 S. Lilly St. Phone 4054. 'lth 1m If u-a <»rn. 3:1 pk 4 first. Choose from Massey- Hnrri.s, Intcrnaliorinl Harvester, John Deere an<l Case. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Iliway 01 Phono 2M2 7|H) If Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GLIN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2S52 8-2 ck t[ TYPEWRITERS" DON EDWARDS CO. 113 W. WRlmrt' I'hon* 3^52 Plenty of Parking Space 5 room Jurn. apt. Well Inratptl. Phnne 1100. ' fl;i [ik 8 partmrnt. 0,1 pk 4 Small, private, furnished 512 W. Ash. ph. 867B. • CARS • • TRUCKS '49 CHEV. . . $1245 '47 FORD One ol llie finest Ute moilM us«l curs you'll find! Deluxe Coach, r:ulio,hc :itcr, blue color. 20,000 milts! '51 FORD $1595 A beauty of a l;i(« rmxJel c;ir! This Custrim Club Cniipe Is rqiilpprd with botlJ rnrllo :unl healer. See It today! . $395 This 2 Ton Cab & Chassli Truck Is ynurs for just $39S. i\n»K !» l : li[|]l|is f . . . Die Kr.rd Jcalrr la Hlylhevllle. '48 INT'NAL. $495 Tliis J I/J-TOM International Cab A Chassis IB a might? gnnil buy for just $495, Buy tour (ruck now and save. '50 STUDE . . . $1295 '49 CHEV. Hero's a laic mmlol rnr you should scrj Ifl.lfl Stmlchalier Commanilcr 2-rtoor «ilh overdrive anil hrafrr. $795 FT you're Jnoklnff for a Sedan Delivery, then come down lo PhH)i[is Mntnr Co. and see this late model. '47 NASH $595 A "(500" 2-ilnor Sedan. Mils 1911 Nasli Is ii flue liny at SS95. Tols of cxtrus, [OIK See It today. For a Good Deal— & a Good Deal Morel 300 Broadway onipanij Phone 4453 HOW ABOUT YOU ? Have You Seen The Gleaner Self-Propel led Combine? Jack Robinson Implement Co. BIytheriMe, ArkanMi — Phane 2371 Private Rooms tiedrooi Hod roo, well fum. convenient to bftih. s. Ptione 3198 or 6122. 9.2 i»k 9 Hetlroom MMn. I'D, J nly. Nexi to hath. Jba. 8,27 pV 'J.3 onvcnlenl to baih 611 W S . 8JW1 cfc fl.'W cimforlable fcoiU ly locales!. Ph. 11 . 82 pk !0|2 Salesman Wanted time For Safe, ReaJ Estate For Safe of Trade Mcrlcni 2 rircltoom furnished home, Vlth carport. I,ociuefl In Losnn Addt- For information Phone fin]5 bc*- cii 0 mid 5 p,m, H 2-cfc 3.3 Grocery store with living <nmrters In ick- Will 5ell both or -soil fixtures nud rise the propeily. Already flnami-cl. an be hnixllc'd with siunH clown (iny- ivnt Lciciilctl rinse lo new liMih •school, Th 8231, aZtfpk'O.D 13 hc<5ronm hr n, Recently rcr Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms S4 up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Services Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. i Trade your old furniture j for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms down, balance in the fall. Former! v Arnold & Gaines. Ph. G357 '\\\1 ck tf Edwards Rarbecuo, Slock, fixtures. Cash. Ph. 210, Ma- locnted Rl ratcd. A n, V.I ck t/ rr — KjO RurrK o[ K^Ofl hi tulUvRtlun. <3oocl . 1 :. 2 hnriiR, :i trncu>rs ultunriit. School bus r. Cionil nil wcnllifr ro^d. til]'* to tlrnth of hllKbantl. Mrs. iWlULnni Holland, HI. 2, BrnK B CHy. Mo. 9,2 |>k 16 lp ><y ow P.iul, nil farm nnd nil fnrn to (ront LET'S SWAP—Have prBcllcnlly <IBW. nll-typp rhpped combine. Will B-.vnp* r FmR]J car. See Ernest Halspll at Dlsle PlB. 9,2 ck 8 jDpimrninHy for IiiH or part rmslnr-Kfi In part of Dlythevltlp. Giipply- IJT,' cousmners wllK Rawlplgh pro- durlR. No cajiUa) nr-rded. Also other IWHlltlivi avstlaWe. Write RitwMish'B. Dept. AKI-210-216, MemphlB. Tflin. 9 2 pk 3 German Soldiers Reburied By Cemetery Group NI rjKOGKN. Ocrr-nny IIP, -Tlic l:ist nf the Oonn:ni Weliriimchl World War II fiUIou soldlci-.s linvp IimiHl Ihciv fiiinl restliiB plnce lilt s-ven yrars. They hnd been lyiiiK in trmporary graves liasllly dug durlni' tile desperate biiMle.s of early 194. [ i by (he retrcallnit Germans. The German War Dead Cemctcr Organization has now moved then to new cemeteries In (he nlilnrlan One of these Is Hie larRcst nillKnr cemetery In Western Germany. I lies In Hie Hiii'rtgon Forest— slie o one of Ihe war's bloodiest battles The bwlles of tlie Allied soltlier kiHed In the "peviVs Forest" as i was called by the American Ol' were moved to large military ccinc terles In Belgium and ljUxcmlMiir! alter the end of hostilities. The Huertgen cemetery will b dedicated In a solemn ceremon Inle In August. Three thousain Oe Wanted S or 6 cotton pickers. I im. housp urn. Ph. 4l\'A. s;27 pit 9,3 THE ONLY GRAIN BIN WITH 6-PLY RIBS EVERY22.', OF HEIGHT FOTIXTRA STRENGTH -^ 1 EASIEST BIN OF AIL TO ERECT! •Stop in soon, while we still have famous -SIOUX- Steel grain bins J DISTRIBUTOR For Rent 4 room house fuid hath. I^rge front room. Hard wood floors. Cabinet In each room. Storm windows. Double hlnk. tile bath. Strictly modorn. Newly decorated at 2224 Birch St. PJi. 4007. 4 room house. Ptione CMS. 8,23 ok B|4 •4 room, urwly ileroratcd uncl Inni- lishfitl. Eiiulppccl with RRK Near Lange School. Ph. 4255. 8 27 ck 9 3 BEythcviile Soybean Corp. Soimnns are interred there. Their j graves are marked by white stone ISOO West Main—Rlvthevill GS57 crosses. But one Ihivd of the 3.000 graves are filled by urfknown sol- Phones 6856 hllrtr/m In hnmp Thcne R. Holland. 9|l pk 15 Will keep 8407. Mrs. J. Hove , your oil stoves and furnaces and ready for winter Call Hurry Myers 6345. 8,J2 pK SJJI2, KXPEKT REFRIGERATION REPAIR SERVICE For quick, expert tcrrlcc r.r. ?.\ r . con- GltlonlnR mfrli^orRtlon nntl RppUances . . . cull 63Efi or C154. BTIOFF REFRrGERATION CO Laundry In my home Ph. 6147 71,15 p Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Dtr tcrvirt on Jcwcirr—3 (i»r» on wstchcs and clocks. Gunrantcert work done by exprrt repairmen Lowest "PAT 0'BRYANT Main & Second • nila. <V2 pk Ifi Baby hprt and hl-;h chtvlr. Excellent j conrtUlon. Ph. B92S.' 92 ]ik 9 Jlodcrn 3 bedroom house and batli at !)0o Ppcan Ave Hardwood floors, floor furnace, BO gal. elec. hot water healer. Extra large lot. This house is in good condition. ?1800 cash will handle an assumption of loan balance at ?52.f>_0. per monUv Possession Jtii.y—28, owner leaving For Sale One set—nook of Kn Junior Mich Pupils. Very Phone -9652 rrnsnimble. KM pk 9 R 4 room E<tfxte oil heatlnc stove 2 nnrrel nrk. Would trade for roil CTOVO. Phone 4SM 8 30 pk 0 c 2 tlsert 6 fcwtl nil slnss dlsplny filiow- cnpe.s. <T*trf»i'K Stlltllo. 115 W. Mnln, »|t eH 4 Six room hoiiRe 311 Wilson St A bargiln. 5i i o OT.-nei F.lmer Ciott. ft 26 pic P 9 Movinp & Ilaulhig Clorcct Van trurK'! HAfe—Urpcndahlc ^xrorienr?ri liclp W W Hrrkhnrn 4Ifl N. Stconti. PI.nnc Z^2H. 7^ [i)t 95 Guaranteed plnno tunlnc nnd re- pilr. Civil 2&7J any. 2033 nlphts 52^ tr we buy u«d furniture Crt mor. SO-'TS "ov riilllne MDnrr's Sm-r ?OS Fn-.t .Msta. mvlhovillr R v» rk 1D51 Plymouth JlfOO.. 1 two wheel trailer Jin 00. Cirnrery anrl drypoorts. Wnrren 6 It. ment hoi. 3 Gins* ca. 1 Smnl! stock Grocery—2no Ucms. dry pooflp and other lhlnt:s SllfHl 4 houses on two lots iTArin tt'lll sell two houses on 1 lot <3nOO Terms ,1. C. Hewlett. 403 BeilYUP St . Sleelp Mo a 2^ pk 0 G Tom's Cftfc ^lf for a wrck Sdllr hrnlth. Phone PC02 OnocI rquip::icnt rrn-ou for -n'lllns; < Ash With lrln.1 because ol ha<! 3 27 pk 9 ,1 c .intl ill hrnltli Mi business Price i\iociern -I room \\O\\KC aiul jiLh at 2225 Birch. Lurpc Ifitclion w i Lh (Unotte booth, phis lots of exlrns. Newly decorated inside and out. $l r 000 c«i*h — $42 pm- moi>t\i Will ront to couple only. JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2iul Phone 41U Residence Phone 2596 g'2(5 ck 1 f T7\i\D FOR SALE son ncies of colion, corn Rnd brsn Lnnrt. with hrtck riomn. big barn and t nn lit limi.'ir. 27^ ncrrs "In row crop of rot t (in TIIK! hrnns The hnl^rico Is cutovor pasture. This form Is all frrllio miKlc soli. Crops will coinpnrc with iOiir crops In Mlsslwtppl ComHy. Prlcctl . at Siid 000 with trnns I hn.v« Arvrrtxl j o-.lior tTiicts nf this sl/o I\TH! small IT <ie ra ullrtlng Mam. 320» »rj. r«ftt In main Ileasonable cen» Call 45U. 1129 ct II room hous«. Modern conTenlencw, qtilet location L. O. Thompson, o21 N nnklln. ph. 115«. For Rent or Lease FOR RENT OR LEASE Building located 501-503 West Main Street, now occupied by Liberty Casli Store, will he for rent Sept. 1st. For inforniHlion see G. G. HUBBARD Ilubbard Furniture Co. 8:5 ck 05 Female Help Wonted WAITRESS WANTED 2 ATTRACTIVE GIKI.S WANTED NO EXPERIENCE NECKSSARY CHATTERBOX N'lTE CLUB MunrnrsnoRO. ILLINOIS PHONE -162 B 30pX fl 6 -NOTICE- We want to loan you a Garber Power Seeder to sow your Fall cover crop seed,.if you buy your seed from us at competitive prices. Yes, We Can Handle Your Government Loan Paper. For Further Information Call A. A. HARDY 705 Clear Lake Ave. 7 Aif Cleaner 8 . Coil checke 9. Head tightened 0 Distributor checked , , Manifolds HflM.ri.d 6. . 17 Fan Bell edited ,8 Va«.«m Control ««««•» 19. Tap Chevrolet Cars & Trucks Only ory sp d, ond ..u- itions, using pepi ^ n t You'i' notice new M ^ ! lpmC : .^olnn oerformance a ^ er pe comein SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West W»lnut — Phone 4578 JOE/ATKINS MACHINE WORKS CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes op to 36 In. Corrugated Meta! Culrerts Sizes np U 84 In. A. H. WEBB Artnmjllc Flood Gate* Concrete A Metal Septic Tanks Sewrt Tile Btsl Triers We Deliier Hifhwav 61 it Slate Line I'hone 8114 FOR SALE Concrete cttlierls. la Inch to *S inch, plain or rcenforccd. 'Atso Concrete Building OlwcKs chcap- *r than lvml>er far b;irns. chick- CB H0HSCS, pamp houses, tenant houses, tool shtds. We deliver. Call as for frte estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. COMPLITI SHUT MITAL (HOP »r»ucru«*i mn. • o*» AN* IUCTKK WILDIMO • GIN MFAIII • UACKtMtTH- (HO • HARDWARE • MACHIHf I[PAI» BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 DO YOU NEED CASH ake sooti nion*«y celllnK AmTlra'fi Mixndlnr, nylon sl\\it P.urt olhrr Lln- Lr Itrins. Full nr pirn ilmr. Wrltr rls of Memphis, 401 Fa!I<; BUI5,. ^|ll^ls. Tcnn, S 28 pk B/l ;ic( = , MOII^RN Cl K -\NKtiS PMONKS 101 AND 01 SENATII. MO, . ______ for i^lc. S3, 00 pr s Oln Co. 27.S4 DplL R 29 tf mfNts. on . Ci\n be h li^vf" 2-10 nr mllc.= trom hlphwfty fit C'pn 2flD:i or sre R M. Brondway. lllylhrvllle, Arfc. ork. ^01 N 8'30 pk 9 6 Television & Radios RFPAIRED S V IU « /^\ I I V L. UX Any Make or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERViCE 24 HOURS A DAY Day Phone: 2642 Night: 8858 No Exlr» Charge For Night Calls FRED CALL1HAN RADIO SERVICE llo S. 1st Blyth«vill« i REAL ESTATE Farms- Citv Proocvly LOANS INSl IRA.NCF tf Intp-tsttd In Tiuylnj |Noble Gill Agency Glcucoc Hld(f. Ph. fiSfi« 3 BEDROOMS 55 x 320 Foot Lot Help Wonted ! CADDIES NF.EDED n'. Country Club ' \Vliltp tuid colorpri Fpcs hixve brr-n lftt:;f<l to S'J W per 18 for Klni; Cotton loimiument Itil.s week. 9 1 ck :t A good salesman to pell International trucks and farmalt tractors. Al?o a good experienced mechanic to work on twtli trucks and tractors. Contact r!cn F. Butler Co in Osceola. 02 ck n Help Wanted. Male Wnntrn Mnr work In 01 XY7. T.orAlr.l on Xoith KvftnkUtx, in -side rHv Ltmlls on r«r»irr lot. a<c ftO-vcsioR sldtnc. «'lly vMcr. th :uicl kltchc-n with clrrlrlr ^trr lu-airr ChlrV-'n hntis.- niul t ,e r.cln niAkr '.IHs n really Roort ri hrttcr hsirry Rnt! r«H. E. M. TERRY Vhoiie 2381 - 2131 92 Wanted to Buy nnd n n tl nlrr hoi fnsurance 28% to 40% Reductions On Ail Paints! Air Base Reactivation Forces Us To Move! Drlvf out lo Ihe Air Base and t.ike advxntife of Ihcse tre- mtnrioitx suvinjrs on paints. We're hiving to move and wan* to decrease onr present sloek now You'll find Trenkle I'airiti to be eqwal tn hlrUnst. non-farting and diiTnrtiUly to any n»- ttnnally adverUscd brand on the market. Come out today! TRENKLE PAINTS Co. INC Hlylheville Air Kase Phone 3853 W* will PAT CASH for ymir old Ko- ilaXs rariirras nnd Irnrrs for parU | O'STEF.N'S STUDIO. ItS West M«1n l^ 4 ct If Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. 1. Pollard Aarncy Planner! Protection Gl.KNTOF. HOTK1. W A«h SI FOR SALE NEW BRICK HOME J.ocafed 504 E. Hardin. This home has 2 bedrooms, T/i lile baths, knotty pine den, lar^e living room, dining room, attractive Geneva kitchen, breozeway, attached garage and storeroom. Equipped with E^rig- idiiiie air conditioner, central Lennox healing system, steel combination storm sash and screens. Lot 100 x 185, on paved street. Open for inspection. Sundays from 2 to 5 p.m. Weekdays by appointment. CALL JOHNNY MARR SEE OR Office Phone 4111 Const. Phone 8341 Res. Phone 2596 Check This List ! 1951 CHEVROLET '/;-Ton Pidsup with dc- $1f>QC luxe cub. Has heater' See this low mileage truck' U«f3 1950 GJ!C 1-Ton I'ickup with a big bed. At Horner- Wilson it's priced at only 1942 CMC long -syheelbase I'/j-Ton Truck. S1QE Good, motor, good tires. A mighty good price! 1 30 1919 INTERNATIONAL 1 '/2-Ton LWB Truck ?CQC with stake bed. Has good tires, too. Now just 383 FOHD 1'A-Ton Truck with lied. New paint job. Good tiros. A real buy ,il ? 495 1946 FORD '/z-Ton Pickup—for the buy O f your life come NOW to Horner-Wilson . ACTOS, & This prnprrl IJprfrnom Homo hnt^i, fif-trptirri tn fron Priced (or quick sell. * thl«. In so rs anct rl'r<U' {Iftorntc- 1 ! thronphon Moriprn f. brdroom. ^Klc* fnn, roupUnn hUnd. 1 -. ens floor fnrnftcr ill; 1 i-.K. stairs, beautiful hardwood lloors. H p;»*o n a bly prlrcrt, $1200 po,iitty. Kemp \Yliipcnhunt, Uoallor Phono 3-109 »• ^ Ihe Peach Crop Is Shorl! Hal ^ Gathered We now hav« Freestone Peaches Wholesale or Retail BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Sired 1949 CHEVROLET Here's » rood - Looking '49 Chevrolet Flrcilinr 2-rlnnr Se- flin — the deluxe model. KA- dio, heater. At Homer-Wilson It's priced At just $1195 1946 PONTIAC If you're lonl,in c ( or a rc a hnt hny on ^ uwit car. (his Ponti.ic Is il! KicM-rylimler Z-tlfior Sert^n. Radio, hca(er. Clean! Priced at only $695 HORNER-WlLSON EAST — MAIN Rocket Oldsmobile — G.Mt Trucks Phone 2856 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151

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