Daily News from New York, New York on April 9, 1979 · 278
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Daily News from New York, New York · 278

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, April 9, 1979
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WESTCHESTER ? (Uan ro. f-' PHIL PEPE Second generation "In our house, everybody has responsibilities. Everybody makes his awn bed. If I'm driving the kids to school and I see a light on in their room, I stop the car, they get out and they have to go back in the house and turn it off. They do their chores and they listen. Kids are something else. When I'm away in training camp, that's the toughest time. I miss them. I call them every nighty My little girls always want to know if Daddy's feelin' fine, if he's OK. But the son just wants to know who Daddy punched in the nose." Joe Frazier The son is a young man now, a fighter like the father, a chip off the old block. The son is a fine young man. courteous and respectful as any son of Joe Frazier would have to be. Marvis Frazier comes from good stock. The genes are right. He can hardly miss being a great fighter and a great human being. "If he has his father's heart,' says Scott LeDoux, " he'll be the heavyweight champion of the world." "It won't be necessary for my kids to be fighters," Joe Frazier once said. "You know, in my father's time and my time, things were a lot tougher. But today, my kids can become lawyers, doctors, or something like that. I don't want them to get their heads banged around like their father's doing. What kind of life is that?" "My father never wanted me to be a fighter," says' Marvis Frazier. "He tried to discourage me, until he realized that's what I wanted to do." Once the father was convinced that the son had his heart set on boxing, he helped him in the best way he could. He turned him ovr to Georgie Benton, the great trainer. Georgie Benton taught him and Marvis learned his lessons well. He has had 30 fights as an amateur and has won them all. 17 by knockout. He is the national Golden Gloves champion. He is only 18. "I played football and basketball and I wrestled." Marvis Frazier said, "and I love them all, especially football. I was a running back. When I was in ninth grade, Duke and Temple talked to me about going there. But I fell so much in love with boxing. I gave up the other sports. Once I get into a sport. I dedicate myself to it. I don't believe in concentrating on more than one thing." Right now, Marvis Frazier is concentrating on the Pan American trials and the Pan Am games. After that, he will shoot for the Olympics. "That's my goal," he says. And after the Olympics? "I'm not thinking that far ahead." he says. "Turning pro is not in my mind. One thing at a time, remember? My father has things set aside for me. I have a brain. After I graduate from high school (Plymouth Whitemarsh in suburban Philadelphia), I'll take a year off and concentrate on the Olympics. After that, I plan to go to Pierce Junior College." The father would like that. "He's very tough on' gradess," says Marvis. - It isn't easy to follow in the footsteps of a famous rather, unless the famous father helps make it easy. Joe Frazier has. by example. Marvis Frazier's upbringing tells you that. "At first it was a problem." Marvis admits. "But I've" adjusted to it. It's part of life. No matter how I feel about it. people are going to make comparisons, so I just have to live with it." He is bigger than his famous father, but the resemblance is striking, theame facial expressions, the same soft way of speaking. The resemblance ends in the ring. I'm more of stand-up fighter," Marvis says. "But when I have to slug, I can slug." They are close, Joe Frazier and his son, closer now : that Marvis is older and that they share a common love -Jfsf boxing. It wasn't always easy. "When I was younger," Marvis says, "I didn't like it -; when he was away from home so much. Now I . understand it's his job and he has to do it to take care of ' his family. But when he's home, he's home. We do things : together. Anything we do, we're together. Cleaning up " the yard, working on the cars, the CB radio, riding motorcycles, playing pool." They are something else, the games of pool between father and son. "I'm better than he is." Marvis says. "Becaue he's not home and I'm always on the table. I let him win sometimes. With him. you let him win all he wants." jp He is not a big boxing fan, Marvis said, but I ' wondered if he had a favorite fighter. "My pop," he said proudly. You just knew it could not be anybody else. Not because he is Joe Frazier's son, because Joe Frazier is his father. Experience counts. -. ,,..,- -it k 3S bbbbbbp-Bi w J - - - Worn parts returned upon request. Only services you authorize. performed at prices you ok d. Written warranties on all warranted products and service. Servicing America's cars since 1926 FRONT END ALIGNMENT 66 Only "Amcr. cars K hevcttes extra' We'll set raster, camber and toe-in to manufacturers original specifications. No extra chaise fur cars with factory air or torsion liar.-. Parts extra, if nettled. Call for your appointment now! . 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Sunriso Highoray 516 378-0402 Hampitvctd 2 14 N Moin 516481-7320 5200 Sunriso Highway 516 799-1303 BSvorhood Rotno58 RivonSood Shopp hbj Ccwitot 516.727-6190 . . . 1076 ou S 16 484.9 0)4 24llS Yonkors Dovonshiro Tiro 390 Rivordalo Avo, 914 969 3939 Elmsford Dovonshiro Tiro 199 Sow Mill Rivor td. 914 592-6103 Ml Vornon Mavis Tiro Supply 23 1 W First Snoot 914 664-4440 Yonkors Dovonshiro Tiro 779 Control Avonuo 9 14 476-4559 Fastchostor Mavis Tiro Supply 345 Whito Plains Rd. 914961-7110 PookskiH Mavis Tiro Supply Rto 6-2085 E. Main St. 914 737-9100 Ossining Mavis Tiro Supply 170 No Highland Av. 914 762-1070 No.Torrytown Mavis Tiro Supply - 357 No. Broadway 914 631-2374 Yorktown Heights Mavis Tiro Supply 344 Koar St 914 631-3171 Now Roc hollo 3 16 Huguonot St. 914 632-2360 Rockland Tollman Movis Tiro Supply 1 14 Routo 59 9 14 356-8655 Nanuot Movis Tiro Supply Rout 59 Middlotown Rd. 914 623 7573 PUTNAM Browstor Browstor Tiro No. Browstor Rd. 914 279-6197 Mahopoc Movis Tiro Supply Routo 6 & Miliar Road 914 628 2050 DUTCHESS Nowburgh Mid Volloy Moll 9 14-562 3700 NEW JERSEY Asbury Park 1000 Asbury Avonuo 201 775 8700 BorkoloyHoights 292 Sproigliold Avonuo 201 775-6220 Bricktown Konnody Mall Shopping Contor 20 1 477-4600 C. Orango 610 William Stroot 20 1 573-4600 Orango 610 William Stroot 201673-4600 H, rofa.tr, 41 S Broad Stroot 201 355-1150 Fiiioi on 544 Kindorkamock Road 201 261-1010 Froohold Route 9 Froohold Shopping Contoi 201 462-1350 Hackonsock 54 I Rrvor Stroot 201487-7023 locey Township 82 Rl 9. Locoy Moll ionoka Hot bar 609 693-3143 Lrvingstort 79 8. MR Ploasont Avo. 20 1 994-3242 Monk. Pork 70 Porsonogo Road 201 548-8034 Monte loir 232 Bloomhold Avonuo 20 1 744-7600 Morristown Soring and Morris Stroot 201 539-3366 Newark 444 Control Avonuo 201 622-6423 Nevtor Big "N" Plaza Route 20tt 201 383-2139 N Plo.nliolo 90 Sommerset Shroo 20 1 756-8700 Orong 185 Central Avenue 201 677-9494 Red Bans White I Mapio Stroett 20 1 747-5700 Soringliola 66 1 Morris Turnpike 20 1 397-6O60 Tronsor 60 W. Hanover St. 609 695-6345 Trontor 2645 S Broaa Stroot (Hamilton Tpke.) 609 8S8-1615 W Caldwell 1005 Btoomfiold Ave. 201 227-4496 CONNECTICUT Bridgeport 300 John Street 203 333-6188 Brookfield Route 7 203 775-1295 Oanburv Roilrood Ploce 203 748-3576 Minora 1063 Boston Post Road 203 878-6859 Norwolk 152 Westoort Avonuo 203 847-4567 Stamford Moin 8 Rivor Streets 203 327-2930 Fairfield 750 Kings Highway .203367-3674 . II

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