The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWi TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1952 Society, A/ew<i Pat Mullins, Society Editor 9 Phone 4461 3 Circles Meet In Members' Homes Mrs. Abbott is Hostess to WSCS Mrs. Hultta Mnrknam was a guest of the 19 members of Women's So- j clety of Christian Service of the I u, lnw | by Mrs. Tom Smalley at her Yarbro Methodist Church last nisht i nor;1(li when Mrs. Carol Prultt of- Jlrs. Bits of News y ]- e Coming Events American Legion Auxiliary has regular semi-monthly meeting at American I.eglon Hut. Mrs. J. M. McHarfey Ls hostess at .7:30 p.m. to members or the Y. M. Mr. ami Mrs. Harold Davis a»- i lilrthday Club. •conri 1 Tlirop circles of the Women's Mts- [ fial prayer, sionary Union of Calvary Baptist Church met yesterday in the homes of rnfjnbcrs. nounce the Mr n or their scconrt Countr chlb , 6CB|le , Dupll . clnld, a daughter, today at 9.15 { > a.m., at Walls Hospital. She lias one and Six cnU-r- , i Mrs. A. D. Pnwt was hostess to been named Terry Louise. They have a _ ml lMrs Davis )s lhe Weight Lifter Sought BLOOMINGTON, Ind. Mt — Th« American Olympic team might havs fared even better In the weight lifting classes last summer n Bloomington police had caught a certnn thief. Authorities are seeking The wire who resents her mother-, of knowing that I can write a Ictl.'r! 'he man who took a ''-Bound in-law might get a new slant on meant only for them. I know mvjlencth o, pipe and a JOO-potind the si tuati on; sons' wives come first, and expect.[ manhol« easting from city property, from this moth- them to. but doesn't a mother have j Mother's Rights Sometimes Wrong If Demands and Wails Are Overdone members of Circle Five, at her home, former Miss Betty Jean Hill, on South Franklin. Mrs._J.n, Gean Ml . nrl() Mrs p,. e< j Edwards and) " ! family. Mr. anrt Mrs. Lloyd Edwards and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Lee began the program by offering [ cr. In a business srsslon pre Labor Us Together with Cod" | program and devotional was] and Mrs \ v A. Edwards and lain- i I the business session, anrt Mrs. Ony; was the title of a responsive reariini; [ p e( ,p| es was j n charge of (he pro-'Riven by Mrs. Bob Coleman a n rt' IJy. read by Mrs. El?a Wheeler niter-j Briimp .. Ollr Tithes anrt OfferliiRs." j those taking a part were Mrs. R. V., ',\i r . and Mrs. L. E. Gay hjirt as nately with the group. Mrs. Johnny [ A ( | cv ntio!ial was given by Mrs.' Gean, Mrs. Voucll, and Mrs. Priest,, iheir week end euests Mr. and Mrs. Johnson was In chflrpe of the pro- i Pru j,i anr i those who assisted with | who closed Ihe infetmK witli prayer fj OD Dawson of Memphis. Mrs. Troy Mayo. Mrs. Ji:n Fowler, Mrs, Ada Laura Kimbrel and daughter Ginger Gail spent yesterday in Memphis as gucHs of Mr. and Mrs Jack Johnson and son Jackie. They were there e^periilly for tbe binliday party oiven for gram which included a devotional , hp program were Mrs Alph Jones,! before she soncd refreshments In given by Mrs. Jaek Pollard. Mis. Hyrum, Mrs. Smatley. and Mrs, i the sociril hour. 'Ahich v,;ts .spent in An attraction of the evening was p reslr ,n Thorn, who led the dismis-1 Informal er.-.erlalmnent. little Michael Baughman, who sang| . "Pence In the Valley." The three- [ irttaV™'bU'"™"«rr±.| pro Sram / Business Session, Tea Held ^'Affcr ^business Cession v:is con-! Motors of the Women's Society tation, was givm by Mrs. OCOJ-RC ' Jackie on his ninth birthclny. dueled, Mrs. Carl Burton disrn er-in-law's tetter: ju.=t a few rights of her own?" Mf'tnbrrs of the Wornm'.s Society , (1( l cif Christian Service of the Firsl i PyJe.5. On prnsram, with pi-aver and pie a In mode «:is Church mfttypstcrdav nl) talks, including Mr*. served with coftee > 3 ! " n ' flt lhpir church fr)r a b " sl ' ' Mrs. Abbott, wlio every year liasi' ww sc-sslon and progiiim mretiiiB. an abundance of many kinds of j Mrs, William Wyatt, preMrlciit, blossoms grow iiip in her pardon, | picsidnci over the business so.s.slon j used at intervals in hf?r rnti'rtmn- j nnt | reports of various officers. She! ing rooms low bowls of rose-colored 1 anno unreel thai, Mrs. H. C. Bush] asters and rose buds. Family Reunion Given at Home A family reunion was held at the home oJ Mr. nnd Mrs. Will Cavashere Rt 2117 Carolyn Street- Sunday, for the first, complete reunion In 10 years. Those attending were Mr. ard Mrs. A. E. Cavasherc, and son. Jack of Hawthorne, Calif.. Mr. and Mrs. Harrell Cavashere and son, Jlmmie. tnd daughter, Audrey, ol Bethalto, 111., Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kctt- ner of Elgin, 111., Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cavashcre of Elgin, III., Mr. nnd Mrs. Bill Cavashcre and son, Rob. of Blythevllle and the host anri hostess, Mr. nnd Mrs. Will Cavashere. .Wonderfully Tailored [had been appointed m-v district j secretary or Missionary Kducation. | Mrs. Roy I. Bagley led the program. "O Tell Ye The Story." "The World ot Reconciliation," a medi- three made j MIS. I.. M. Burnett has a 1 , her K? Ferguson,! guests.' her son, Joe O. Burnett and Mrs. Mildred Bunch, and Mrs. W. Mrs Burnett at Kansas City, Mo. F. Brewer. ' Mr and Mrs. Don Elites and ; hostess. Mrs. ,1. n. filcveiison. accom|>ni>- d-mahti'r nonna. of Psulucali. sprat I PTA School of Information is to led by Mrs. John Cnudill at the , hp week ta ,\ with Mr. and Mis. L. I he held al Fust Mcthr.dist Church piano, .sans a solo. ' E oay and family. at 9 " In Alter prayer, the ainup adjourned . 'j, tr " al i,i Mrs A. Havborl of Orala. Saturday to the social room for a tea. Mrs. ; Fl!1 ' Br( , Visitim? their daughter, [' Duplicate has afternoon game at Wyatt, Mrs. C. A. Cunningham pre-j M ^ s ' ^ p Hubener. Dr. Hubener sided at- the tea table. They were ! ' an ^ j am i|y They were accompanied assisted in entertaining by Mrs. 1 hflr(1 ' hv Carol Hubener. who bad Club Dance at 9 p.m. at Hotel •Idge League R; Alpha Alpha Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi meets with Mrs. Elmer Norman. Mrs. Blake Polly is co-hostess, Wednesday Miss Betty Black entertains mom- ma Phi executive board meets a home ot Mrs. T. A, Folger at 1:30 p.m. Duplicate Bridge League plays at the Hotel Nnhle. i them help me. [ (he tnothcr-in-law lo interfere. Mrs. Eugene Brown is hostess to I "My daughters-in-law seem tore-! fj 0 wife should resent her Ims- Thumlay Rook Club. | sent my asking for any kind of j band's love for his mother nor make help or advice. 1 it difficult for him to visit her. "They think my sons should not j And yet Ihere are mothers who work so hard on their sons' sympathy, the wives have to cope wiih the unhappy results of each meet- the First' Presbyterian church has 2:30 p.m. meeting with Mrs. C. M. Gray at 1028 Main. Mrs. J. P. Pride Is co- "I feel my two of course she does, daughters - In - No wife should resent a mother's law have the! asking (or a son's help if she really wrong Idea about j needs it. The . question lor the their ' r i R h ts .' mother, however, should always be: When my hus-1 "Do I honestly 1 need the help or am band was living li I leaning on my sons in order lo had no reason toi keep them close to me?" ask a n y t h i n g 1 N O wife, of course, should open from my sons.j | lcr husband's mail no matter who But now, alone and living by my-; n j s from. But that Is a matter for often necessary to havejiji R s ons to handle, not reason for Friday Dorcus Class of First. Baptist,, , Church Is entertained at 2:30 p.m.! come lo fee n ' e ° ft!>n ' so sometime by Mrs. T. H. Haynes at home of Mrs. Russell C. Farr. Hean Bible Class of it is months before I sre them I dm not able to travel. "They do not think I have any !aim at all on my sons. "They even open my letters to my ons. denying me even the privilege t them. j the Hotel Noble. Hosts anrt hostesses for University asssted in enertanng y rs. . h , r- n rol Huhener who ha u ae a .m. M. S. Edwards. Mrs. Allan Pickard. t h > cr vac;u ion with her grand- ] Noble are Mr. and Mrs. R H Farr Mrs. Caudlll and Nf]-s. R. L. Galnes. Osceola Couple Exchanges Vows In Hernando Auxiliary Has Program Meeting Mr. and Mrs. MeU'in Hnlsell, and ""["'and Mrs. Ed Dwons of Peoria, j Mr. and Mrs. R, E. Or«n ill., visited over the week end with! ntunestiiiy. hepi. I" 111., visited over me WCCK i-mi «»•• ,-,„,..„..... r.,,.:,,,,.. n r ^ ^rM^MuS C M» W -* -«« -t H, other relatives ta Knytl, Mo. The nt 1« »••»; Delphian :otel Noble Downs are former Blytheville rcsi- Mrs. W. J. Fitzhuah was hostess j d™ 1 *last, night at St. Stephen's Episco- [ Announcement is pal Parish House to members of the Memphis to visit other relatives. 8662 32-46 By Sue Burnett To insure a smooth foundntin tinder your nicest frocks — a sli end pantie combination that Is tal lored to perfection. A touch of lac adds a soft, feminine note. Pattern No. 8662 is a scw-rite per forated pattern in sizes 32, 34, 3 pcncer jacket. Her accessories were f chalk white and she pinned a orsage. of gardenias at her shoul- cr. The young couple will make their ome in Osccola where Mr.,Morse i connected with Home Oil Co. The ride attended Osceola High School he groom, who was a grarivmie ol he 1050 clrts-s In Osceola, attended Arkansas State College. Edwards Reunion Held at Park • The family of Mr. and Mrs. w. A Edwards gathered at Walker Park Sunday for a family reunion, when 62 members of the family attended. Guests were from points In Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Louisana. Kentucky, and Illinois. Mr. Edsvards is the oldest living relative, and was guest of honor. Trinity Women Conduct Meetings The three circles of Trinity Baptist Church attended meetings yesterday and last night. Circles One and Two of the Women's Missionary Union met at the church for n business session led by Mrs, R. W. Wooten and election of new circle chairmen. Including Mrs. John Nelson and Mrs. Arnh Speck. Mrs. Wooten led lhe watchword and prayer was led by Mrs. Knth- erine Campbell. Fifteen members and one visitor attended. Members of the Business N home of Mrs. Idell Lowe with members nnd one guest at- Yarbro PTA Has First Meeting Members of the K x e c, u 11 v e. Board of Parent Teacher Association of Yarbro .School met at the school yesterday to plan for the coming year. Officers who took their positions were Mrs. James GUI, president; Mrs. Clyde Gaines, vice president; Mrs. J. L. Plunkctt, secretary; Mrs. Milton Bunch, treasurer; Mrs. Tommy Botran, budget ant! finance: Mrs. Glenn Bunch, program chairman; Mrs. W. H. Wyatt. social; Mrs. Victor Mallory membership; Mrs. Aubrey Bruce, magazine. Mrj.JJ3.ill discussed, the special projects which will be decided up on nt the general meeting the third Wednesday in September. Mrs. Gill urged each member to attend the PTA School of Information nt the First Methodist Church. Business Meet Held By Methodist WSCS ..... and Mrs. John O'Slmy of Talullah. La., spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A Edwards. Mr. and Mrs. Will LnFerncy returned from Washington, D. C. aft- | er R 11-day vacation. They were the: guests of their daughter and fam- 1 ily. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Caraway and j children. ! Airman Second Class and Mrs. James E Wimbcrly, of Biloxi. spent the week end with their families. Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Wlmberly, and Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hipp. They were j accompanied home by Miss AUene Wimbcrly. who will spent a week. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Morse have as their guest. Mrs. Harold Holt Peel of Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. T. I. Seay and daughter, Ann. returned last night; from Stuttgart, Ark., where they' were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Scay and family of Memphis on their houseboat on White River. They also attended the annual Lnyne, Ark., Labor Day picnic held on the banks of the river. Sgt. and Mrs. B. W. Crvldwell returned to San Angelo. Tex, where s they now make their home, after a two-\veek'r vacation with their parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. E. Ci. Lflvcll and Mr. and Mrs. Allan Barrett. Mrs. W. R. Crawiord and chil- Blytheviile. Arlen E. Lott and Miss Mack! Nell Cooper, both of Blytheville. Bernard A mother does have riahts but she should be careful not to misuse Open 1:00 p.m. Shou Starts at Dusk. 2 S'lovvs Every .Vight TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY DOLLAR NITES! Bring a Carload for $1 ftiree Girls' Pasts Hide the Same Reckless Mis-step! ELEANOR-PARKER-PATRICIA NEAIRUTH ROMAN 7T«-u^,.,„,««,.. «,„.„.„„, „„„..Mi,,,,,»B ROBERT WISE^UR) A UNITED STATES PICTURES PROD.-"-"S WARNER BROS.W Box Office Opens 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 p.m. Admission 9c & 3Uc At All Times TUKS - \VKO - THURS I'nl Nights 2 Ad mil led For The Price of 1 i DOUm,E I'EATUKE. • KIRH etBctiifeStory Plus • O Men of God." Mrs. Cecil Lusk, president, presided over a business session. She gave n talk on the meeting she attended at Joiner Friday nnrl emphasized the coals to be reached by each officer. Ench officer respond- Martin Cotton Co. Marriage Licenses 38. 40. 42. 44.46. Size 34. slip. 2« | tcnrti yards of 39-inch; panties. !>•; yards, i JIiss Brlniro overman opened For this pattern, sond 30c. in lhe m( , elinE wltll prayer, anrt Mrs. COINS, your name, address. fUe Milx Kormcr taught the lesson, desired, and the PATTKn.N NU.M- I Mrs Lmv( , W11S ln (- h , rKC „[ busl- BER to Sue Burnett.. Courier News, 375 Quivic.y St., Ch'.csio 6, 111. Ready for you now—Basic FASHION' for '52. Fall anrt Winter. This; new issue is filled wish ideas for j smart, practical sewing for a new season; crift pattern printed inside i the book. 25c. I ness, devotional, and led the closing prayer. Refreshments were served in social periods following both ineet- The following couples Saturday ibtHinert a mama^e. license In the After the meeting was closed by ! office of the County Court Clerk, Mrs. W. L. Green, refreshments ] Mrs. Elizabeth Blythe Parker: were served. I Thomas Edward Vmson ot St. Read Courier News Classified Arts. Lovely Home For Sale CARTOON & COMEDY FOR BOYS AND GIRLS! School Days Located on a rhoirc lot, this nntif-uallr nttrarHv* home CAR he bonf[ht for only S2100.00 i)ou-n. with balance on liberal FIT A terms. One of the two bedrooms Is pine panelled with hull I-In hook shelve*. Nice oak floors, comfortable screened porch off living room, and nf lop FHA construction throughout. SU(\wn by appointment only. E.M. TERRY Phone 2381 or 2134 AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY COU1MBIA PICTURES presents •& A £' f CALIFORNIA CONQUEST IK* r«MDH • RWBtt 1GIESIM *• €-~_^L^COiO^i r * * * * * *~~^—</ 'rilM IW It* !««« \n IMStHI t. KEKT • ProJuceJ b, UK MTZVSN • DirtctH t, If* UKDE Shorts: "Snooze Reel"; "West Point Today" RtTZ GUESTS Miss Cliffie Overman Mr. and Mrs. \V. K. Hodges and family Mr. and Mrs. Harold 1,. Hood Jlr- and Mrs. (!cnc Ellis MotheVf . . . 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