Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 28, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 28, 1895
Page 5
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Birch, who has been seriously ill since Saturday, was not able to read bis report, but be had prepared it, and the Rev. W. D. Parr read It. It is feared that the writing of tbe report was the last official act of the Bev. Birch. C. King, W. D. Parr and C. E Disbrow, were appointed to draft resolu- tlons Of sympathy for the afflicted brother, and Elder John L. Smith took occasion to pay a glowing tribute to the excellence of the sick minister. - AFTRNOON MEETIS&. THURSDAY MORNING. MARCH 28 Smoke All Stock 5.sent cigari. MoKeen'e steam laundry—good work Thomas Keever and Ellen Kruder were yesterday licensed to wed. A lodge of the I. 0. 0. F. will be instituted tonight at Twelve Mll«. Mlaa Lottie Polk IB able to be about again after several weeks' Illness. CD A beautiful dress pattern with all trimmings for *5, at the Bee Hive. Jesse Harrison of Adamsboro, aged 28 years, died at H a. m. Tuesday of consumption. Elwood Wlnslow haa resumed his position at Brooks' barber shop after »six months' Illness. If you need money you can get It on personal or collateral security of E. B. Overshinor, 327 Fourth St. aThe Trade Palace is offering some fine bargains this week iu Easter dross goods; go and see them. Seo the new allks. The ball park la being prepared for gervloo. The first game of tho season will bo that with the Cleveland Jlfclonal league team April 12 ib. ^^Haye you ever noticed how your system seems to crave special assistance in the spring? Just tbe help required la given by Hood's Sarsaparilla. Oa tbe failure of the prosecuting witness, Robert Gordon, to appear against "Skinny" Welch, the latter was discharged. Welch was accuned by Gordon of stealing f 16 from him while he was drunk. The loilora Wiijr Commends Itself to the well Informed, to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest man, ner and disagreeably as well. To clennso the system and break up colds headahohes and fevers without unpleasant after effects, use the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. Awarded Honors—World's Fair. POWER MOST PERFECt MADE. A putt Grape Cream L ' Tartar Powder. Free from Ammonia, Alum ex \ny other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD, [CONTINTJKD FliOM 4th PAOH,] H. J. Morris and F. T. Simpson were relieved from the committee on general qualifications, and W. D, Parr of Kokomo and G. N. Eldrldge of Fort Wayne, were named In their places. M. S. Marble was placed on the list of stewards. The following conference officers were selected. Secretary, LJ Naftzger, of Richmond; assistant secretaries,LA Seeks, of Llgonler, and E T Gregg of Decatur. Statistical secretary, Tom C Neal, of Marlon; assistants, L Beeves of Harlan and F M Kemper of Marion. Railroad secretary, Joshua E Erwln. Treasurer, Jasper I McCoy, of Jonesboro; assistants, C White, of Upland; D H Gould of Marlon and W B Freeland. The following committee was appointed on tho A. B. Society on the suggestion of the district superintendent of the American Bible Society: W R Wonea Eli D^vie, W M Nelson, Charles Tinkham, A G McCarter and T F Freeh. C U Wade, M R Pierce, F M Stone, L M Kinder and S C Miller were ap. pointed on a committee on the nomination of standing committees, and they were Instructed not to place any man on two committees. They will be expected to report Friday. A committee was created to devise means for helping weak and struggling churches. It Is called the committee on the Suatentallon Fund, and will report ae soon as possible. It Is made up as follows: J M Halnes, J W Welch. F M Stone, H C Smith, A F Preston, J B Alleman. A resolution that provides that gov ernment pensions received by the recipients of conference funds be ig nored as means of Income of tuch recipients, was passed and the stewards were instructed accordingly. The Rev. E. W. Oaborn, .who has been at Bunker Hill for two years, was transferred to the Louisiana conference. ' Divided drafts were ordered turned Into the Chartered Fund, $25; and to the Book Concern, $1,798, • •Was the character of each preach, or examined?" The 13th disciplin ary interrogatory, was called. The Bishop stated that the Methodist church never sends a pastor without a clean record, to a congregation. The Richmond district was called, presiding Elder Mania was passed and read his report which showed that all tho charges in the district had had a good year. Thirteen hundred conversions were reported. An increase of 300 was made in tbe membership in full connection. Tne re are 61 Sunday schools in the district, with 1,000 officers and teachers, an-1 7,000 scholars. The Epworth League has a membership of nearly 40,090 young people. The elder deplored the lack of patronage of church publications Progress had been made iu church improvements. Collections for bener. Olence had not been very good. UNDERSTAND this otferls Choice of the Finest Suits. The lowest grades worth f 6, $7 and f 8 are R™ced to $3 98 For Men's Suits Yes Men's suits This offer is only in force for a : short time. The reader who has patronized OTTO KRAUS for his best Suit muat appreriate this remarkable offer 19.50, yes, $9.50 for suits worth $25.00 15,18,20 BUYS Choice of Any Suit in OTTO KRAUS' Store- Resent"s,Sacks,Cutaways. Prince AlbertSuits SDring and Fall Overcoats Silk Lined. Also Ulsters. man .preach. Great or small, the minister must live In God. A man cannot loaf all week and preach a Splendid sermon on Sunday. Two hours a day must be given to live, vigorous exercise. Do not forget there is a demand for better sermons." The congregation was then dismissed by the Rev. West. Dr. miorrlK of the Boston Theolonlcil Unlvemliy on "The Benuoui a Product.' The Rev. George K, Morris of Boe. ton had been announced to address the conference on a moat interesting subject, "The Sermon, a Product 1 ' The result was a large and intelligent assemblage of visiting mlnlstere, and many interested citizens of Logansport. The Rev. A. Greenman presided and introduced Dr. Morris, at present occupying the chair of practical theology in the Boston University. In part he said: ••Never in the world's history did man' advance more rapidly toward perfection than now. There is progress In every line. When this conference met here in 1873 no such high order of intelligence could have been seen in the gathering of ministers as is shown today. There is a cry that the dead might hear, for Improvement In our pulpit material. There is a lack of timber compared to several years ago, relative to the demand. Only the bright man can hold a congregation. There must ba better sermons tomorrow than yesterday; there must be better sermons next week than were ever heard before. There is the sermon as a product. There must be behind a sermon, a man of organization, of heart, of soul, of brain power, acd he must have good raw material, and the skill to uee it. The amount of reading done by the minister of thirty years ago would not do for the before breakfast work of tha modern minister. There was a time that a man could read only the Bible, and satisfy the pew. We must not give less of the Bible than our fathers did hut we must adapt ourselves to our time as they did to theirs. Thepeoplo are today living In their brains. They are alive at the top. The preachers who are mentally dull wllltalk'to empty pews. Turn on more power. Carry better grist to the mill. The mao-who Is careless in his reading, will find the product running thin, '•The successful minister must have eyes to see Into the invisible, aud be able to see its splendor. He must be able to talk to the heart, the brain of this time. The man who has read a flower, the product of God, can nevor again preach a dull sermon. He will have had a lesson in the hunger of the time for the beautiful Talk about elocution, you must have more tenderness, more sweetness in the soul. • 'A man who has listened to the song of the birds until his eyes have filled with tears, can never again preach the same kind of a sermon as before. • Sermons written in a quiet 'study,unconsciously adapted to empty space are very often read toemptj apace. "Don't try to make a sermon or deliver a sermon without having your heart with you, and haying sympathy with the hungry hearts of your hearer*. • 'K you are decided that you will not take physical exercise, you may decide that your dayi In the pulptt are numbered. God won'* help a lazy PROGRAM FOK TIIUKSDAY. 8:30 a, m.—Devotional services by Rev A L Beeke, Hartford City, Ind. 9:00 a m—Conference huslnees. 10:00 a m—Meeting of Preachers' Aid Society. 2:00 p m—Lecture, "Your Mother's Apron Strings." bf Chaplain J H Lozler, Mount Vernon, Iowa. Admission 25 cents. . 3:30 p m—Lecture. "The Sermon As An Instrument, "Rev G K Morris, DD. 4:30 p m—Meeting of CODfsrenee Temperance Organization. 7:30 pm—-Anniversary of "The Freedman's Aid and Southern Education," addressed bv Rev J H HartzslI, D D, 1 New Orleans, La. The Rev. J. H. Harwell of Richmond, is reporting the doings of the conference fortbeRlchmondlndepend- ent.Telegram, The Rev. Harwell is a young man who was last year trans, ferred from Harriman.Tenn., to Richmond, in this conference. He is a lecturer of growing prominence. ^^ NOTES. Prof Giffe aacg a solo very acceptably at the meeting last night. , Toe Rev. W. S. Blroh, P. E. was yesterday reported slightly better. The Bishop was busy with his assistants, yesterday, working on the appointments, The various committees, most of tha members of which were continued from last year's meeting, were bard at work yesterday afternoon. Today at 10 a. m., the Preacher's Aid society will hold its annual meet- Ing. Its report, however, will not be made until Moadvy morning. There will be no committee meetings this afternoon during the lecture of Chaplain Lozler, so all may have a chance to hear that famous speaker. I There have been five deaths In the j benefit association made up of ministers, eince the last annual meeting. The society proposes to pay each minister's widow $1,200. The treasurer of the conference, Rev. McCoy, who will handle something near $35,000 in cash during the week,, is located at the First National Bank on Fourth street. He Is a very busy man. An'hour was most pleasantly spent after the afternoon session yesterday In the lecture room of the Broadway ohuroh. Old friends met and conference acquaintances were engaged in the most pleasant of occupations, the shaking of the hands of those we love, and who love us. Eight hundred individual cups had been provided for the use of the con. ference in the administering of the Lord's suppor, but Bishop Warren would not permit their use. and in the customary way, tbe drinking vessel containing the consecrated wine, was passed from lip to lip. The feeling that great Care should be exercised and means adopted to provide that the standard of tbe incoming mlovators be elevated on account of the fact that the ^superannuated list ia growing rapidly and that the finan cial outlook is cot bright, was expressed la a resolution passed at yesterday morning's session. After the lecture by G. K. Morris, the Preachers' Mutual Insurance society. the object of which ia to form a fund from which the widows and dependents of deceased members may be assisted, was to meet, but the eeg sum was not held for some reason. The society is aside Issue, and its meetings are held each conference. The Be*. C. C. McCabu of New York, the great mlsiion worker, For Men's Shoes SEE OUR Spring Goods! Prices are advancing but we hold them down. WfVLKER 6c RfVUOH. 420 Broadway. whose famous appeal "A Million for, Missions," has been more than answered, end whose work has been wonderfully blessed, reached the city yesterday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. He is staying at the home of J. T Elliott on North street. He is one of ,the most notable of all the famous 'men in attendance at the conference. Chaplain Lozler of Ml. Vernon, Iowa, was in attendance at the meetings yesterday. HU lecture this afternoon will be a feature for tbe recreation of the body. An admission of 25 cents will be charged for the lecture, "Your Mother's Apron Strings." The famous chaplain Is an unique figure. Good humor bulges out all over him, and his lecture is described as one that bristles with eloquence, wit, satire, and music, for the chaplain is a sweet singer and a poet of acknowledged worth. Thos. C. Neal of Marion, conference statistician, who was rechosen by acclamation yasterday morning, is a hard worker and a competent man for tbe responsible position. Ha Is a practical printer, and his "Climax" cards for compiling statistics have been adopted by the conference. His work will soon be over. Ha is a hymn writer of some prominence, and has bocn invited by the famous song writer, Sankey, to contribute to his nexthjmnal. A cflng written for ibe occasion by the Rev. Neal was suag on the opening of tbe conference yesterday morning 1 . For ConmipiiveN. ALTOONA, Pa., ilay 20, JS'.M. The Bayt'r Medicine Co., Toledo, Oli.'o: Gentlemen:—Please eend me two dozen of your Dr. Bayer's German Cough Syrup. I have a lady customer who has been sick with a severe cough for 15 years. She has tried everything and received no relief. I sold her a bottle of your syrup, and it helped her at once. I can build up a large trade in jour article this coming winter, and will buy it In gross lots. Respectfully yours. GEO. ScaiMMiNGKR druggist. For sale at John M. Johnston's drug store. A Shut Down at Ibe <lu»rrle«. A shut down of the machinery at Kenneth quarries was made yesterday in order to make connections with a new grinding machine. Tbe shut down will last two days. liny LONO K John McGinley,employed In hauling- Ing stone from the cars to the site o5' tbe new St, Vincent school building; was Injured badly yesterday by a fall-- ing block of stone, which badly crushed a finger of his left hand. A sliver of stone was driven Into the finger,from the nail to the first joint, anc» Dr. Hollowoy, who attend him, atate&f that the first joint of the finger may have to be amputated. THE FINEST LINE J:OF SPRING SUITINGS To be Found in the City at W D CRAIG'S 428 BROADWAY 2od Floor. Justice Block- To be Burled Hera. The remains of Mrs. Lucy Annie, who died yeererday at her home in Toledo, Ohio, will reach this city at 3:48 p. m. today over tne Wabasb. The body will be taken from the station te Mi. Hope cemetery, where ihe Rev. W. R. Wones will conduct the burial services The deceased was the mother of Mrs. Wm. Rows of east EIgh street Death of Webster McMlllen. After a long struggle against pneumonia little Webster McMillen, son of Mrs. Jessie McMillen, died yesterday at 9 a. m. at Chicago. The remains arrived this morning and will be buried here. Though pure and slmp'e, and eo mild It might be used by any child, Yet SOZODONT Is BO swift and sure That mouth and teeth with wondrous speed From tartar and from taint are freed Till they become sweet, white and pure. NEW HARNESS SHOP. I have moved my. harness and saddlery shop to C2C Twelfth street, where I will turn out the best; ROOd&- for the least money. , GEO. W, FOSTER, > OMAN'S OPERA HOCSK. S. B. Patterson, Manager. D Thursday, March 28-. Wlieri eon yon UuO a play so fanny. THE NEW EOT BY ABTH17R LAW, Direction ofGusteve Frobraan. The King ol Comedies, Introducing Mr- BerteCocte, eorronndeu bj a superb Cast or Frobman's Select players. Its a rlp-roarlnj, Un-de-sleclc. Axe you going: to miss if? Not on jonr Hie! Seats on sale Tuesday morning. „,<, j 1st floor Jl.75c.50c. PRICES, D I OL.A.*!* OPKKA HOUSE. . S. B. PATTERSON, 1USAGEB. ONE WEEK COMME.VC1.X€J Monday April, 1st. —TEE— HUNTLEY-BIXBY COMEDY CGMAANY. In a Bepertolre of Popular Plan. Monday Xlsht the *re»t-t »« Comedy Hunted Down! OB THB G1A.VT. dunce o£ bill nighty. K«w a«d catcbr ipecial- UM. Moa<toj attaint, one ladj admitted IN*with e»ch 3ft; Udu*. Popular PrloaKlO, 3D urt » cent*.

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