The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 1, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Bally r*t« yet Nu p+t t«BMcull*e ttalMUH chan* We tlBM per 11 KC »... 14r tlliei jwr line per d»y ..,....,,. 12r ttM** p*r line iv* r day >c f !•»*• ptr line JUT dav « ir 1 U»*i p*r lint ptt day 3r •••tk per liBf Nc Count fir* airragp word* to the Itnr. A* »rdered lor l>ire^ or sli linjra an J r»»»*4 before rxplraHon will *e •ltt«d fcjr pertOBi rriitfinc out side if ir cHy muir be trromjunl^H hr r**h. *IM may fcc taillr br romjvulM from AdffrtJilm CiTtirifA for lrircul.ii In- Mttoftt takf the one time table. No TeirtenifMlltr be taken fnr mnr' i» ote incertfct Insertion of an? AH ad* are Fttlrlrted to IHrlr pioper Unification, sty! i- and Itrir, The r r*Je*t anr ad. - Afmrtmtnt ror Kent 3 Tm, ftirn. apt., elrctrlc IcHrhrn. lOM In. Ph. 3237. R 20 pX S 2 4 room fxirn. npt primal* bruti «at*. 1011 W. Ash, ph 27M. 82fl pV 9-1 S rm. unEurn. *j>t... b;uh, \vnter heat. fSQ.OO. Rear 801 N, Franfcltn. B 2B pk fl'4 Thre«-room furnished apai'menl rtTAt* bath 320 K. 2nd. 6-17 pk 3 Modern cablna and apartments. I/vst oy Court. Phone flflSl. Oouplea onlv S23 ck 1023 Jtte*lf Turn, apt., pvt entranr«. ti*v> ifrl^reratw. UtH)rl*s, JOO W. Kv A 20 pk 9 19 3 rm. unfnrn. »pt. pvt. halh, AUIO- K2Q ck 92fl 3 unfurnished apartment*. 112 E. h*riy. s;il pV 9,11 4 room unfurnished apt. with mLvntc kth. Phone 8843, ' 87 etc If lfoa*m * room fur. upt Ph. 2505 or « J;H ck if •nt, JPh.'.1373. f. Simon. 9 Zl ck I/ aJnut, ph. 3140. 9 ; 1 p* 8 3 rm. nouM partly 'Turn. v\it\ half 1 S, Lilly "U, phone 40(H. fl;i pk 4 S room fiim, apt. Well loftotttt. rimne ••'. . ' 9|1 pic 6 Small Apartments, furnish- 1. $8 up per week. Bedrooms i up single. 114 West Ash h. 2fl33. 8-4 9k tf Services 1 " ,,-V ffil! kwp children In home rh^ne 17. Mi*. J. B. Holland. ri pk.15 *n and Ve*dy. for winter. (,'nll Hnr- V EXPERT ' For Safe, A4itc. 1 Hoffman steam pressing machine. Chpap, (iffifff. U MiHr, Tailor 1020 Norlti HLw*y «l . g ; 7H pk 9,4 Grocery More, JnrJiidlnjf loi, buJId- hiR. slock, flu Hi res and llvin? <juar- T^rs. SOS S. 2tAt St. Doing ROOC! busl- iic.w. 8 27 nk 9,27 Ca*h refjlsier and adding rnarhliie c-ointjlnBtloit, Same «s new. 1'i-lccd low. WjLl« lo Hm D-i, % CiHirti-j News. H '2< t'k 3 3 nre-fliirnlir |ntw>f fc»ff«. Vault (IfKirh any si/c ai factory prtcra. Frcifilu paid Ph, 403?. 8,23 pk 9 2Lt Oooc! bedroom enlte and window Ian Seed ha/Icy Htly Rinount. Not F»C);*-d. »2 hu. Jamrs w. I'ery. Strrle, Mo.. ph. 17F2 82i pk » 32 Used doors and window* for »»!<». Drn \VhHt ami Sons. 633 W. MMn. ph. 8112. S23 Ck K Sew flT?prcx)f safes, impossible to plrV. llie loi'lc. Wl. 225 Ibs. Prrlsht paid price (75. AKo iRrger «Ues rii 1007. 8'l9plc9 19 USED COMBINES If you nocd a (fooil tisc-d sclf- projJclJfHi coinlKiie . . . sec us first. CliooHC from Musscy- Ifarn's, Infcrnatiunnl Ilni'vcs- tcr, .lolin Dooi'c and Case. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Hiwuy 61 - Phone 2142 7|19 tf Save Money When You lluy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GLIN HARRISON & SON FUKNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. ?r>52 t-l ck ll TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. Plenty of Parkirig Space r /" Lucian ,Ga!ues Furijitiire Co. Trnrie,,.y'onr old furriiture for i)f,\\; I will nlso huy your o|d'furiiilure. : Farmers terms ,V(!own, btilaiice in the fall. Formerly Arnold & fiiii'iipi Ph. film? -1117 ck if For Sals ~n^, 1 — n — Z • • CARS • '49 CHEV/. . $1245 One ot lh« flnfsl lain mnile uwd cars you'll (Iml! Deluxe, t!«»cli, rnillu.hc .ilcr, blue rol- pr. 26,000 mill's! '51 FORD $1595 A beauty uf a !ale inndtl car! Tills Custom Club (.'aupe Is fqnt|i|)tii »llli Iwtli nitljo and llolnr. See 11 linlnj! '50STUDE ... $1295 H«r*\ a la IP rnnflcl r;ir vmi ilmulil .seel 10.50 Sdiitplj.iher Commander 2-iloor u'ilh overdrive and healer. '47 NASH $595 A "MO" 2-ilo^r Snlnn, II, is 1047'Nnsh Is a Jlnc Ijnv at $.595. l.nts or extras, ton. Sec II to' day. Philligsfl . 300 Broad Way i Modern 3 bedroom liouse ami batli at 905 fVciin Ave lliirdvvoud J'looi-n, fluor I'm-ii- ace, 5U gal. elcc. hoi waloi- hcatur. KxLra liirjfe lul. This house is in K«od condilinn. ?I800 cash will handle an assumption ot loan balance at $52.50 per month- Poshes sion-July 28, owner leaving [own. iMiidern 4 room mid Jiilh at, 2225 Hircli. LBI-KC iildien with dinpltc luioth, plus lots of cxlras. Newly lecoraled insiflp nn/i nnf -ti ^.^ S 9\V^ 1pS • TRUCKS • * r< '47 FORD . . . $395 f t This ZTon Cah 4 Ch'.ssl, TriH-k is yours for jast $395. - Coinp lu l'lillli|is- . . . th« Ford '• ilcalrr in Mflhevlllt. H '48 INT'NAL .$495 » 'I'lils IM-Toti Itilernallunal iF <':'J> .t- Chassis' fs » mfxhl? « 1 1'")' /"r jusl $li)5. Buy your Intck HUH- a/id AHVC. •• '49 CHEV $795 i* If unifrr. Irjoklnjr tar a Se- ilan Delivery, (lien conlr ilnun b 1" IMiillips Motor Co. and see Uils lale jnuilcl. q r For a Good Deal — • ', & a Good Deal Morel f >^ ' ^ 2^0 oriiompanii 1 HJAtliJmsU;* "^ e Phone 4453 C B H Demote Help Wonted I X A-J"1'JMCTIVK C,lf!l.<i WAN'CBU ' MJ.E, ; J 1 ' i!llIENUI ' : NKCKHSAHT N MUllri if ' VITK ul ' u " cc I'HONE 4fi2 ' 111 8 riOplt 0 6 DO YOU NEED CASH mil • H? 0< "' lno " 1:s ' >"l»ng Arnfric.Ts oiit-slntirilrte; nylon slips and oth(-j ii/i- rh'« ""!"' F "" or ""^ """• Wrlle CBnrls of Memphis, 401 Fall* Bli! s Mcn>,,hl>, Twin. 8 23 pk 9,1 Private Rooms 2v'"o'of?°i'"' ';"'""•' '""*'• Neit (D l>a1 "- I-ifa>: limit iK-flrooni. .Vcxt lo (nil,. (ARK.) COUHIEU MQNPAT, SEPTEMBER 1, 19 52 v HOW ABOUT YOU ?, Have You Seen The Gleaner Self-Propeiled Combine? Jack Robinson Implement Co. For Rent 4 room home Hjid bmh IAIUQ Jronl room. Hurdwood Crxfrs. cnhlnet In room. Slorra Windows. Double filnk, tile halh, Slrlclly modern News' decorated al 2224 Bitch St. Pli 4IW7 91 pk 3 room house, halh. hot wiutr hcat- for il^iKllJi see ixjjj. A Tin tier 4li S. 16lh SI. si .j pj; 9V House 4 rooms und iMlh. Autotnallc oil biir/iliiK holwaltr hr»i f r. Wired for :l/lc rai, K c. from and bark porch, nrett In buck yr.r<l. 307 N. nroiulwnv. 4 room, ut-wly tl.-torFH.-d vhrd. Kqulpprd i*liti «a» ht'nl N.Mr Unite McJwol. Ph. 42S5. 827 cfc 6 3 416 Ka building t Main, wn* Rfa.'Ormbla . feet, tn mrvln t Call 4fil2 7,59 c< II . . . tliere were pchhles In the soup . . . the cheese BrK j J H))1 ww , e wnt on tlie sjiine plale, were mixed up anil Inedible , . . one day when (liinss were b;id. thumb Inc'ks were In Hie vc|>etiil)lcs." ^/ ,.„,<• < '• ' * TUNE-UP /if TH|ONI.Y GRAIN BIN WITH 6-PLY RIBS 3 room tionse. Modern roi]Trn1encp«, quid locution I,, o. Thompson ,ai H r.«nv»n, P h. j]5<. ,n ck ,i Rector Dislikes Wedding Frills in Australia AiiAlntlin M>/ — Arth- 'ncon V. K. TwlBB. CllliiTli or KIIK- lld rector oJ Griffjlli. Now South V/ales, said he ureters weddings uithoul: Confetti — "U makeis unneceR.saiy vvork." B»lliidi>"Cronniiix rtetnict.s from the solemnity pf Hie servicp." Flower girls— "Tlicy took bewildered Biul upset, Lhe bride." Communist FooJ ' Brings Out Gripes VIENNA m-i — 111 ConiuiuiiLst Hniignry'g nnlinnall/.cd inrtustrics. workers complain tlicy rinri thumb lacks in vcj-clnbles served in lac- lory canteens. The Budapest ncwsunper S/abad fV recently pnWHillcd a series ot JlliplallH.s from uorkci-s. Some of Ine gripos were; "I found wire In mj . vegetables FOR EXTRA STRENGTH IASIEST BIN Of All TO ERECT! •Stop in soon, while we st/ll have famous -SIOUX- Steel grain bins! DISTRIBUTOR Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 Wesl Main—Blytheville Phones 6856 & 6857 REFRIGERATION REPAIR SERVIGR •quick. Mpfrt «erTln« on air con; l 5f.SJ r S"JSM? " 1 " ""i" 1 """" co: Rji it Knowledge, like rn my horn*. Mi, 8147' ' Watch and Jewelry Repair 1_T\__ L__ - ' . ' . ' ry—a rtivyji on C1tiArniUei<il work PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second Moving & Hauling tH V»n tniekR. SjvTc—JlPncndsbJ Pjrl en c M h.lp w. W Beckh,mr*l . Second. Phone B92S. 79 px 8 Plans-Estimates' ^h. neW " >n " tnl<: "''n. KiuoiiriliK o \ r.H.A 6B O. J. I,CANS NO OBMQV[TON Phono 3OM Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. , . n, 1IlnB »'oore'» Sloro. n, Blylheylllt. S3oJ room ?Ma(e oil Jirntliip n t i'H rack. Would tnul« for rnn] )iic 4fi60 810 cash •— $42 per month, 1 rent to couple only. e/Irooin convenient to Mali). Ph. J325 - 3 tisnit 6 root nil m M , oispiny s |,ow- «»c«. O-Rtctn's sturtlo. 115 w. Mntn 91 ck 4 —0: E. Slore II10,. 1_Pbllco rc- BCl-ator JIM,. l_ «-|>rrt w»«iUi> B machine t50. Phone 678S. R : J!) nk 9.2 Sir room house UH Wilson n. Sett ovvurr Klmrr Crntl. 3t A bath 611 W R20 ck 920 Clnihtrt mill violin .M10 tsurl, •m t<=u.n H -).(i pk 3 -2 "f rr HIM riynmiith J1COO.. i i wo wh(-<~! i iniul^' soil on illpr 3-!unO- Oiowry unrT ijrj ^,n,,7 n J onr i-rops tn Ml rrpn « ft. mrnl hot. :i O!nw cn.iiirs. | at S.iO.Offli with 312 So. 2nd " Phone 4111 Residence Phone 2596 , _ • , . 8;^G ck If I-AMD KOR SALK tini's or fiitt nrpc, cotnfortwble front Coiirctltc-Htly locatntl Ph. 75 So/esman Wanted Would Jlko ID hc:\r from MIAH with rnr wlio would HVc to sicp mio B of hta ow-:i In Central Mlsls- apital eMed . . .i.-.. alncfc Grocery—2(K] Itrruit rtry unrt ntlirr thlnsj.t 5lin(i 4 h'oiiM>.s on two lots (lOnn, Will Fell twn houses nn t ]nt 43500. Trrms J. C. Hrwlclt. 4n,t Bc-tlvue St.. StfPlc, Mo 82^ pk Dfi in nnd limn Sfi t,i.i,^ hi r(tw ( . m] , Ijj'ana, 'Hi,- huhiiin- )t I Ills fniiu H utl l#ttliK ^P 1 " vOlt ioinp:n f with •*lp|U Cnmiiy. PJ|<-CI! Cor- rkaiiKiva. cUs.^fylnK about . WrLlp nftwip| R Vs D^ni . Mt-inphls. -iviui. 91 I.K'2 1 1:0. In n) UK hi . otrirr trnct5 at thl.s sl?<- and RiunMir w-lth court Iniprovenipni.i. on Rood rortrts. und plrrtrlcUy, ^t\n he nought —worth Iljp i"^nny. I linvn 24(> acres ti^ Pomterot Co-i: r . 16 jnl|« from 71ly- Uk. tor men lnlrr»Meil hi V" ••'>--"•- -ut [M.-,lUr.n \\-lt.h growing tVi Hoinrri . t-LI c.s(iil)ll>hhtl. Aiim Ininl.she*! wllli i|K-rjilhiR rjt^l paid fnr (nil lnfnrm:i- ion. \VriI.' K. It VntiKlit, 7).t'K. Pnj>- nr. rnmcoiiltl, Ark. a •_>« »k 91 He/p Wonted Tom' tor n ... health. P) On re 4 in w hri-nus* of hud I « 27 t>fc 9 3 Goo<l rn ?oii fo ; shop, 2 nnil 111 MOI1KRN CI.RANKRS PHONKS tni AND ei SFNATH, MO. -. L'Sfl.l or >c<« R. M. Berk Ml N BrondviMv. niytrirvtltc. Aik. fl ^fl pX Dfi Chancellor "'h hu. \Vhlsllr Olit For Sa/e, flJ for snle. 1-100 prr Co. 3754 Hrl]. 8,29 tf fstafe Modern 3 bedroom Turn Ishpd homr. With carport. Lornlrd !n I-ORRn Addition. For mfot million, fhnnp R915 bc- tn-ren 9 ftnd 5 pen. 8 2-t*. 93 ith niiiutei* In I Hxiurrs BIK( uiy flnnncrd nil* down pay- npw hls;h a ^6 pk S9 Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Moke or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY Doy Phone: 2642 Night: 8858 No Ex(r» Ch»rg:« For Night C»IW FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE 1st ' Bljlherille Farms — Citv Proncrly LOANS INSURANCE Inttrntpd In Noble Gi ! Gloncoe Agency Ph. Insurance Call 4553 For Comiilole Insnrniifo I'rolccfion \V. I. Pollard Aorncy iw.ol thR InrR^t In - llin world ha riitlc.iis In llils «pc rcrrntlv of thr Mat* l iii'fils jiirti flnrl wonifn In work fn s luiKH-illntc localUv. \vniutiTful ioi in till v for those who <|iinll(y. If fiii- ftmbidtxis. ur«[ «»,< hiirlll- . . . ti',M Mi.hi Ht , t. -NOTICE- We want to loan you a Garber Power Seeder to sow your Fall cover crop seed, if you buy your seed from us at competitive prices. Yes, We Can Handle Your Government Loan Paper. For Further Information Call A. A. HARDY 705 Clear-Lake Ave. JOE ATKINS MACHINE WORKS IIFJUCI BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS - P -" ONES: Day 3142; Night 6153~ OIRn NRRDKD mid colored. to ??.r)f> per m ^iiicnt this \vcok n' CoilliLry Clllli PPCS hnv'e ti-eti for Kltij; Cotton Wonted to Buy We n-ll! r>n;'CAKll tot ymi't olrT Ko OSTEE.VS Sl'UDIO. 115 «>..t°Muln" 13 4 ck t Wanted J or f! rniron plrkn furn. Pti. ^ll:^. rm. holisr « 27 pfc 9 3 : tt For Ren< or Lease FOR RENT OR LEASE located 501-503 j \\Vst Main StTOa^. now occu- picd by l.iherty Cash Store. H*/p Wonted. Male Wanted: MA» io work In offlr^ n t Will bfi for VOIll Sept. Ifil. Koi r»jifrlpnrpd TTJATI lo run wr1?h si rolton Rln Onm mi. pin in Iftts of hours nin co. n',"AVz"r r r™,™ inf "'•'"!«'in" seo j G. G. HUBBARDj I hi board Furiiiturp (Y>. i . tf .ST MISSOl'KI I'AKM l.AXDS FOK SAI.K trl.'Ur. 2 rnrnt ran ha soUl In I ts. on'- SO on •1 load. 5 h •c of rrop^ n<* 120 Rfn 28% to 40% Reductions On All Paints! Air Base Reactivation Forces Us To Move? tr«- rlrr o,,l tn <!„ .Mr B»« »,,rl .nk e A,l v:ln t : ,« of th«« rnrlOMS Mv i n .« or, ri ,inU. n» r h^inj | n mov< .. , nH rtr fre »« our vcescnl Mork now. Yo.n, find Trenk|e , W fnl; .,| !„ h ,,ll,, r , non-fadinit =,nrl dur.hilily to ,nv onallj jflvtrtiscd br.,nrl or, the m.rkct. Come out tod*,! TRENKLE PAINTS Co., INC. «.^V° H rr r^, S " lUrs n ° Tth fll * lr ^r- °" 2'^'i «"vM mart. 10 limiM* HrnrlrllT ' ™1™^^^ iWrlTn'rtT-So I " llri< " n " th a " rt l m "* M(tt ° f CRtl ^5" Switch 2 hou«« Terr • ^ ' j n "" n """"* W* 1 3l,^o Ijavff r,,any older fsiius f,ir ,*,>ic I'ur tvnthrr LiUotiiixUs A. T. KARLS RKAI. KSTATK & ],OAN CO. Just oft Hlsh^-dv fil ,V R^ Intpr.tri-tlon Ha.vt). Missouri Of/Ice liovirs: R a.m. [o r> p r >i MCtKT I'MONK -- KhNNKfT ' A, T. Earli — «!j>n7 -~ - 8W ck H'.VI'I. Mo PHO.N£ i}J the Peach Crop Is Short! It's Now Half Gathered We now hav« Freestone Peaches Wholesale or Retail BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Mam Slreel Blylherill* »f« i* ],.Corbor«lor odiuite* 2. Timing adiustet^ 3 Condenser checked 4 Spark PK-9' cleaned •t^;ir^a r< 7. Air Cleaner cleaned 8. Coil checked •). Head lighlened 0. Distributor checVe<J 11 Manifolds tightened • . 1 2 '. Vollage Control tested 13. Cooling Syslem checked U. Heat Control tested 15 Generator Brushes impeded 1 6. Compression checked 17 Fan Belt adjusted 1 8. Vacuum Control tested 19. Tappets adjusted Chevrolet Cars & Trucks Only , v done by Chevrolet-trained specialists. All work ,s done by ^ chevro | e t- a pproved TO factory specitica ^ ^^ ^^.^ new pepi you SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut — Phone 4578 CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Slr«s up tf 36 in. - Corrugated Metal Cukerts Sires ip t> (H In. . A. H. WEBB ' Aeltmitlc FJMrf'Gatn CmcrtU A Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Mew W e |) t li T er HIjhwi.T SI at state Lin Phone 84U ' FOR SALE Conirele culrrrlv U Inch to 411 inch, plain.»r reenforced. Also C«»eret« Binding ni.cfc, chop- =r thin limber {.r hams, chlck- e^ h.«srs, pump holism, tenant K«ise>, tool sheds. We deliter CiJI «s for (re« 'estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. FOR SALE N'EW BRICK HOME L f " )we has 2 _ , knotty pine den, larjre li djmng room, adradive Geneva ki.c^n, room • 1 »,r coml, turner, ct.tlral I.onnox ,cali,, K S vs(10 VlS l '"" lW " a ! i0 " S "" ni « ls " »"«l scrccnl lot 300 x ISa, on paved street. Open for ins-icdim, Sun- 1av.v from 2 (« 5 p . m . Weekdays l,y Rppojnlmenl. SEE OR CALL JOHNNY MARR Office Phon« 4111 Const Phone 8341 Res. Phone 2596 Check This List! 1951 CHEVROLET Vj-Ton Pickup wilh ,| e - S< Aftr luxe cab. Has heater- See this 1< )W niilea K e (nickl095 1950 CMC 1-Ton Pickup with a big bed. At $ Anr Homer-Wilson il's priced ut only • "95 1W2 G.MC iong wheclbase I 1 /,-Ton 'IVuck ' Good, motor, good tires. A mighty good price! 1949 INTERNATIONA!, I'/.-Ton LWH Truck .1 with slake bed. Has good tires, too. Now j us i' 1946 FORD I'/i-Tori Truck with bed. New ? paml job. Good tires. A real buy at ..... 19(6 FORD '/,-Ton Pickup—for the buy of J your life come NOW to Horner-Wilson ' 495 495 1949 CHEVROLET Rfre'l > ,ou<l . lookint H9 Chcvrolrl Clrrlllne 2-Hour Sedan — (he deluxe modrl. R*- rtio, hf«lfr. Al Hnrncr-Wihrnn ll'i ftlcfi at just $1195 ,.1946 PONTIAC hoi buy on a use/car" ihfc Zrti> WC S Kl >hi-<-vllnr:er $695 HORNER-WlLSON EAST MAIN Rockei OMsmobile — CMC Trucks 2t5« Us«d Cur Lot — Phone S151 . - J.

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