The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 1, 1952
Page 5
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r MONDAY/SEPTEMBER 1, 1952 Revolt of Satellite Nations Could Pose Most Difficult Problem for United States BLTTHEVILIJE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS By ELTON C. FAY Military Reporter WASHINGTON Iff, - All armed revolt by a satellite nation against the Soviet Union could pose the most dangerous and difficult problem confronting the United States in all (lie years of the cold war. - America would have to decide quickly whether It should help the Satellite, and determine (lie extent and form of help. _ Any direct support by American armed forces- to the satellite presumably would mean engagement \\ith troops of the USSR and create the direct danger of setting off World War Iir. Conversely, failure lo help could injure American prestige Irreparably and discourage other Communist-conquered countries from seeking freedom. Kremlin Wouldn't Hesitate The possibility of an elaborate Moscow plan to start a war and place the apparent blame on the free world would have to be reckoned 'With. Ruthless Kremlin policy would not hesitate to foment a revolutionary move deliberately to set the stage for Intervention and world war. The U. S. and other Western nations would have to decide — and that quickly — whether an uprising was'genuine. Aid short of a full-scale expedi- i tionary force could be given a revolting satellite by Western nations but its value would'be determined by the extent to which Russia moved against the revolution and the" interpretation she might phob'se to place on the aid. i Arms immediately available In the area could be sent lo the satel- /• lite. Military advisory officers, like those us6d in present : military assistance programs with friendly nations, might be sent. But there would be no time for setting up « full-scale arms aid program. A step beyond this might be air support of the satellite's ground forces. But the difference between sending in .fighters and bombers and marching ground forces to the help of the revolutionists would be a matter of degree. In Washington, the prospect of an uprising by a satellite nation against Russia — as distinguished from Tito's bloodless defection from the Moscovy camp—is looked i upon as a possibility for the future Which must be considered, but which does riot appear imminent. There is no known move either within the U. S. government .or among political parlies here to in- cile a revolt in Czechoslovakia, Poland, "Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria or the Eastern Hemisphere Satellites.. Aside from the danger of- sparking 'a <war,- there is the possibility of failure. Ah unsuccessful revolt against Soviet Russia could bring grim retribution. Uprisings Are L'r^ed /The U. S. government is confining' its propaganda lo efforts short of urglngr uprising', it may and,does, in its Voice of America ' broadcasts, to Communist territory plant and foster the seeds of dissatisfaction but abstains fioin counseling armed revolt. In the national political conventions and in the speeches of candidates there has been talk of the eventual day when the captive nations will attain liberation. ' But the Democratic platform is careful In stating only that "we look forward to the day when the liberties" of the .Russian - conquered countries will be restored to them and they can again take their rightful place in the community of free nations." And the Republican platform predicts that the contagious, liberating influences inherent in freedom "will inevitably, set up strains and .slresses . within Hie captive world which will make the rulers impotent to continue their monstrous ways and mark the begin ning ol their end." ' 1 FUND RAISER - Beardsley Ruml, above, has been appointed by Gov. Adlai Slevenson as the new fund-raising chief for the Demccralie Party's 1952 campaign. In New-York, Buml says his goal is to have several Ihou- land coutribulors, each givins with a smile. Woman Held In Gas Death Of III Father NOHYVALK, Conn, m _ A 32- year-old woman is held in co'nnec- tlon with the gas death of her 72- ycar-otd father, who was critically ill with cancer. Detective Capt. George RisI said he ordered, a 24-hour police guard at the Norwalk Hospital bedside of Miss Lois Curtis, overcome by gas fumes which police said killed her father Saturday." Coroner . Edward E. Krentzman said he ordered the woman held afler what police described as a suicide note disclosed Miss Curtis may have killed her father by turn- Ing on all the. gas jets on a kitchen range, then remaining in the house In an attempt to take her own life. Risi said Miss Curtis is technically under arrest now on an open charge. Negro Solon Soys Civil Rights Is 'Decisive Issue' •/ . WASHINGTON UP) - Rep. Ada Claylon Powell Jr., Negro Democratic congressman from "New York said today the civil rights issue would be-declsive In the Nov 4 election In New York. Illinois. Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan He said It might also be a decisive issue In New Jersey and California. In a copyright interview in U S News and World Report, a weekly nesw magazine, Powell was asked"You think there Is a balance ol power In the Negrr. vote?" "Absolutely." he answered thl's 1 "" dld Truman make o«t In "TrTiman wouldn't be president today if he had -'not campaigned the way he did and won the Neero votes," Powell replied. 'Porgy and Bess' Are Married w, - Warfield and Leontyne Price Porgy" nnd "BessMn the current production of the George Gershwin folk opera were married here yesterday. It was a love story* that began early this summer when the two met while rehearsing the show And they will honeymoon with (he roupe. playing the leading roles In the "Porgy and Bess" opera n a European tour sponsored .by the State TJfpaj-lmemV" They \vere wed in Harlem's Abyssinian Baptist Church during * me ;fW r<!st between a road trip and the 'European trip. New. York Transit System Said Running in Red NEW YORK «-The board of transportation says- the city's trnn- r rtT ,!? WCnt * 24 ." 3 . 8 83"into the red In the fiscal year ended June , e b ° ftrd - I" » report yesterday, said the deficitMn the preceding- year amounted to $3,067,- Read Courier News Classified Ads. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. SION - TUBS " KING KONG' with Robert Armstrong Fay Wray, Bruce Cnhol WED. -THITRS. "AFRICAN TREASURE" with Johnny Sheffield LAST TL1JE TODAY "AFFAIR IN TRINIDAD" Rita Hayworfh Glenn Ford TUESDAY, SEPT. 2 The Original Version Of "Frankenstein" —Starring:— noRrs KARJ.OFF All Tickets 15c ,1 f-*MIMG ONIONS" — These are new-type napalm rockets called 'flaming onions" by Royal Australian Air Force men !ri Korea. Although only a fraction of the size of the napalm tanks used by UN fighters, they »re regarded as more economical sgalnrt , some targets. Slot Machine Helps in Yale's Hunger Studies in Laboratory By FRANK CARRY AP Science Reporter " WASHINGTON (/P, — A scientific version of. the familiar slot machine is helping new studies at Yale on hunger, the American Psychological Association was told today. And it pays out food — instead of nickels, dimes or quarters — when the rats bit the Jackpot. ment of the hunger-reducing effects of "stomach - stretching." The scientists, said they rigged tiny plastic tubes in the animals bodies so that fluids could be Injected; directly into the stomach through an opening in the neck. One tube was connected with an inflatable balloon in the rat's tum- ... my. When this was filled with a Just as human hopefuls pull on salt solution, the hunger of the a slot-machine handle in their, rate was reduced somewhat a? evi- ouest for easy money, the rals press I deuced by fewer pushes 'on on a bar attached to a machine con- taming milk. • But, Just like the human devotees, the rats get paid off only "at certain unpredictable limes.". The machine is pie-set that way. * Nevertheless, Yale psychologists Nearl E. Miller and Marion I,. Kessen told the Association's 60th annual meeting, the rals 1 bar-pressing activity constitutes a measurable index of how hungry they are. The psychologists said in a prepared report that the machine Is used in studies primarily designed to get a more accurate measure- "hunger' bar of the ''clot-machine." This verified that slomach dis- tentlon alone can reduce hunger. Another tube, without a balloon attachment, was later used to Inject milk directly into the stomach. In this case, hunger was reduced still mor—indicating that mere chemical action of food, aside from stomach-distention alone, plays a role In reducing the pangs of hunger. And such factors, the researcher's said, operate before the food has time to be digested arid absorbed. McCarthy to 'Free' Tampering Youths WASHINGTON 1 earthy (R-Wis) is : -"Sei^Mc- : | plate off the door," McCarthy said not .going: to press charges against three college youtlu he caught tampering with the door to his office. ' ; \ He accepted their explanation that they were Just pulling a prank — 'Only trying to-take my name- Soviets Claim 'Gains' in Coal e Russians say Iheir current coal production indicates a tolal output this year of 304 million metric Ions-, .22 million tons more -thart last year's production. ' A new five-year plan to be submitted lo the Communist Party Congress in October. calls for annual coal production of 313 million tons by the end of 1955. To reach (his goal, the Soviet output must increase 2.1 million tons a year for the next three years. In 19J5, Prime Minister Stalin set a coal quota of 600 million tons annually by the 1960s. U. S. coal production In 1951 was about 560 million metric tons. The metric ton generally used in Europe Is 2,204.6 pounds, as compared with the 2,000-pound short Ion used in U. S. measurement. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 LAST TIME TONIGHT "SKIRTS AHOY" with Esther Williams TUESDAY WKI). - THURS, SKI>TEMI!BR3-4 "BRONCO BUSTER" Color By Technicolor "Spider Woman Strikes Back" All Star Cast « WED. - THURS. "WHEN IN ROME" Vim Johnson ' 'Pan! Douglas McCarthy added he would have duplicate narnenlates made and sent •to each of the youth. "I think they've sweated enough for them," he said, referring to hours of que.stjoning the trio underwent at .police headquarters after McCarthy surprised them outside his office door Saturday afternoon in the Senate Office Building. All surrendered to him meekly while he summoned police. Washington police Identified the three as Arnold Rubin and Donald Aronson, 18-yenr-oM Harvard University students, both of Newton Cenler, Mass., and Robert I. Hammerman, 24, a Baltimore, Md. student • - •• Vets' Housing Is Under Fire Bribery, Conspiracy, Oihtr Irregularities Are Charged WASHINGTON (/P) _ Bribery conspiracy, favoritism nnd other nTPgulariiies on a wide scale have been charged agninst administration of the vast veterans' housing program afler months of Investiga- lion by a House committee. In a detailed report covering many sections of the countrv and made public over the week end (lie committee, headed by Rep. Teague D-Tex). said the Veterans Administration's own inspection and Investigation service had helped it uncover these Irregularities by v A loan guaranty personnel: "Acceptance of gifts and gratuities on a widespread basis. "Acceptance of bribes and participation in conspiracies by some loan guarantv officials. "Purchases of Homes" "Purchases of homes by some loan guaranty officials under questionable circumstances. "Favoritism to certain fee appraisers and fee compliance Inspectors In some offices. "Favoritism to certain builders hy expediting handling of their cases granting unjustified price Increases', and authorizing deviations and substitutions favoring the builder. "Interests In oulside activities such as real estate sales, construction and lending companies, when such activities tended to conflict with. the Interest of the government." Washington. D. C., was coupled with San Diego, Calif., in the report as among the worst offenders. The committee recommended removal of the loan guaranty officer of the Washington regional V, A. office and immediate reorganisation of his office. ' As to San Diego, the report said operations there "completely collapsed as n result of a widespread criminal conspiracy on the part of Ioan_ guaranty officials, Veterans Administration fee appraisers and Inspectors, officials of lending Institutions, and builders. Seventeen persons have been indicted by a grand jury and Im'fsUgHlions are continuing." PA'GfE Soviet Press Backs India's Stand on Non-Whites MOSCOW (/P)--The soviet press voiced strong support today for India's announcement that she would bring before the next United Nations Assembly the question of South Africa's treatment of her non-white population. "The racist terror of South African authorities arouses the wrath of the international public," said Fravda, the Communist party organ. ernment's racial policies. *V-w, i > -Ti^V At?>\ , ^ V- rA V^A> K£k\«* ' " f <*•$ %&•&& *'-?',.# fa.-*&•*" A"> ){ -;!: •-'* f **• & CALLED 'MOST EFFECTIVE FIGHTER IS WOKI.U' '— These are two views of the Gloster Javelin, Britain's new jet flying trlnriglc, which has been described officially as faster llian sound and "the most effective fighter in the world." The plane Is the .world's first twin- engined fighter of the delta, or triangle, wing 'deMRH. With Its complicated nular equipment It can opprato in any weather, day or night, It Is 57 feet' long and has a wing span of 52 feel. The tip or Its "tall stands 11 feet from the ground.' (A1 , wirophoto) Meat Plentiful j ButV/orldls Getting Less WASHINGTON IA>> - Peop!« throughout the world are getting k-s.i meat despite Increasing meat production, says the Agriculture Department. And few countries can wtnpct things to get better The reason: Meat output Isn't keenin? up with population The department said also that traditional exporlinfr countries have less to ship out and production has fallen off sharply In many European countries. Per caiilta consumption last year ns reported about the same as in ISoO but far below prewar years in lUD';t countries. People in several countries eat far more ment than the average American, whose per capita consumption was m uoimds In 1951. Uruguay led the list with 235 pounds and Greece was lowest with 23 Little Rock Woman Shows Police $75,000 after Robbery Denial ALBANY, Calif. (« — A dnrk- her he tad been paroled from a haired woman who denied any part In last week's *250.0QO Monolith, Calif., Post Office robbery willingly showed officers a cache of more than *75,COO worth of money order blanks, U. S. savings Ijonds and stamps yesterday. Postal Inspectors and police seized the cache In a molel room here, They arrested for investigation the woman, Mrs, Ada Belle Watson, 32, Little Hock. Ark., wife of one of two men who admitted the robbery. t The two, John E. Watson. 28. a Texas fugitive, and Jim Darwood Kennedy. 22. of Fairfax, okla,, were placed Iji the Kern County jail In Bakersfield, Calif., early today. They were charged with burglary. ' ' .They were arrested Friday night in Reno, where Sheriff George Lothrop said they admitted stealing cash, stamps, bonds and money order blanks with a potential value approaching $150,000. Mrs. Watson said she married Watson two years ago "hut I only 'IRVOU.i vnu Jttll* US" IJUl* L ullly Observers here consider It certain had about three weeks of real mar- that the Soviets will support India's ried life because he was In prison effort to secure Assembly condem- most of the time." However, she nation of the South African ga-f- added, he apirara; at her Little Rock home early In August and told RAYMOND ZACHRY INSURANCE announces new location 111 NORTH 1ST Ground Floor Texas prison Irom a burglary conviction. . Sheriff Lothrop said Watson ad- mlUed he escaped AUK. 5 from the Retrieve State Fn.rm In Texas, where Kennedy had been released after serving a forgery In June, term. Jewish Leader Sees No Conflict Sn Youth Loyalties NARROWSBURG. N. y. l!f, — A leader of American Jewish'youth says there is no conflict of national loynlllps In thr-ir concern for Israel Jewish youth share a loyalty to America and a pride In its Demo- crallc tradition "with every older culture group and with every other • citizen," says Rabbi Arthur J. Lelyveld. national director of the B'nal B'rJfh Hillol Foundations. The fcelii)B; towards Israel, he acids, is a personal and group Involvement it an idealistic adventure and stems from "a sense of kinship to Israel's destiny." Lelyveld spoke vesterday at a National Jewish Youth Conference sponsored by (he National Jewish Welfare Board. A regular nirlift for livestock h now In operation from Kangaroo ,Island to Adelaide, Australia, a run of 90 air miles. Phone -1021 — Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 — Sat.-Suri. 1:00 Always a Double Feature LAST TIME TODAY — 2 HITS «* flcsEMUjf DICIMP • TOMMY ivo CAHTOON antl' J J3HOKT SCrwiM, 'xm ncx, »3«f« ^r^. 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