The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1952
Page 9
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FRIDAY, AUGUST M, 1958 OUK tOARDING HOUSI — with M.j., StTTBETTLLB (ARK.) COURIER WKW9 "?M AlhJ '" r FOOL D1& V£RE FILLY MO MORE, MlSTAI-l MAJOR/ *- <3HE FOOMD CUT TH 1 5L>rJ f?l5ES IM TH' MAVslrJlsT '• AM' THA65 ' 6M6 ALA6,ARMlSTice.' roo^i tROE.'t WAS AMAZED VlHEU -SUE LAGGED, A BAD LAST TODAY * BUI I SHOULDN'T HAVe UBS TRP.|KilMG,tV\RTWG s UED=- AsjD THERE " ' ' SPEECHES The Geneva Convention of 1949 says prisoners must be given decent housing, nourishing food and the right to communicate with their families. For a little thine: like your regular |rreas« and oil change . . or for a major engine overhaul, rou'll Rnd that T. I. Seay Motor Co. win gire j-oa jervice you'll like. If you don't like the service you're jetting now—change it! T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chryifcr-Flywvtli D**kr 1»1 I. Mate rk«x 21ZZ Pictures Of Your Vacation RENT A CAMERA All Trrtif ~f Cameru »»4 Slppliei at BarneVi Barney's Drug CAMCRA HEADQUARTERS ZMt W. Main NOTICE Your best investment on today's market is a wcll- huilf, well-located home. Johnny Morr Realtor & Builder 112 So. 2nd ' Phone 4111 "I haven't decided who to vote for, but I do know I'm not going to let you sneak in any fat chops again while you're talking fast!" PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell Tkat Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land - PLANTERS EXPERT SPRAY PAINTING • Metal Rpofs • Houses • Farm Buildings Experienced! Reasonable! Call or Writ* For Free Estimates Phone 215W ROYAL WEAVER Steele Mo. For Your Convenience I WE FINANCE AUTO AND TRUCK REPAIRS Blytheville Motor Co. First & Walnut Phone 4422 vm gTKVE, Laurie and her father had gone fishing. Louis French had left his daughter nnd Sieve to fish up the river beside an old log. Steve sat with his hat tilted over his face and his head resting • gainst the enormous trunk of an old sycamore tree. "You know, Steve," Laurie said thoughtfully, "there's more to you than any man I've ever known. You're—so different somehow." "I'll miss you. Laurie," Sieve taid. "You'll be leaving before Ion" now I suppose." She looked a» him. reclining against the tree trunk, orobably half asleep under that old hat and neither knowing or caring what turn the conversation took. "You won't miss me," she said tonelessly. "Yes I will. Laurie," he insisted. "There's more to you too than I ever dreamed. This summer has been wonderful. It's going to bo downright boring witho- t you around.** "You didn't mean those things you said that night, did you?" "What things? 1 " Ab . ou . 1 , m >; b=mg a spoiled brat, and that I should go :ack to my own kind. Whal did you mean— 'my own kind 1 ?" "Oh I don't know. Laurie I've thought about that night a lot of times since, anci I'm sorry I talked to you that way. If jf s nol too late, I apologize." He tilled his hat back and grinned at h«r. "Do you remember the way you ki?sed me?" * 3 Steve's.grin taded. He got up suddenly and went over and began to reel in the Une of his fishing pole. "Yes," he saio: after n moment. "I remember thai too " "Oh. Steve!" sho cried. He turned around to look at her. She had picked up a slick and was marking in the soft moist fand. He stared at the Ihree words "LAURIE LOVES STEVE" By Irene Cmttart CHE had marked the words in the sand with the stick, ft was a childish thing lo ha«e done, "Laurie!" • Steve stood looking down at her. shaking his heatl, but there was a look in his eyes lhal brought Laurie scrambling to her feet and into his arms. Somewhere in the sycamore tree a bird flung out a few bright arpeggios of song. Steve let her go. His face twisted a little, "It's all wrong, Laurie. You mustn't lei yourself imagine—" "That I'm In love with you?" she asked incredulously. "The whole thing's just impossible." "What's impossible about it? Sieve, I know now that you're the reason I came here Ihis summer. I just had to come and couldn't marry Fletcher. I was crazy about you that summer—that other summer—" "You were sweet then, too, Lauiie. And I want you lo know lhal this summer has meant a lol lo me, except that I've realized lhat I was beginning to think too much of you. That's why I went on lhat canoe trip—to get myself squared away." "Sieve I don't understand what you're trying to say." "Just this Laurie." His voice turned grim suddenly. "It would he wrong for us to care too much about each'othor. It would never work. I'm older than you for one Ihing—10 years, and that's too much. Besides, your world and mine are two different places," •Take me into your world," she whispered. She felt frightened at Steve's earnestness. "My world wouldn't be enough for you, I^aurie. I couldn't give you any of the things you're used lo, like mink coals, anc servants, and Irips to Europe—" "I don't need those Ihinss Slc\c." "ilaybe you think you don't, but they're an Ingrained part of yo» You've never had :r> do without anything." It was fantastic that she ^nd Steve should be standing here saying these things to each other when all she wanted was for him to hold her. to feel his lips against hers, his arms about her. "You'd teller go back to New York, Laurie." He ,?id it heavily. "You said once you didn't want to make a mistake like your mother did. Don't you realize this would be exactly the same sort of - mistake?" It came over her like thunder. Tie really wanted her to go back to New York. He didn't really love her. She had thrown hersell at him. and he felt terribly, terribly sorry lor her because he was the sort of a person who would He was good and kind and tender and he hated to hurt her. 'You see, Laurie." Steve went on. gently now. "Once you're back in New York this will all seem like a dream to you—a summer drcnm." 'No.- The word fell like a wounded bird between them. The sun went under a cloud and the world seemed dark, " r PHIS Is something you'H get over, Laurie. It's a craz.y unreasonable thing. You know It as well as I do." He took his forefinger and lipped up her chin and got out his handkerchief and daubed at her brimming; eyes. Crazy or unreasonable, mayb*, she thought, but she wouldn'l ever get over it. "If you though! anything at all of me, Steve, yo« couldn't send me away." He was patient with her, as h« would have been with one of his pupils in school. "Our marriage would be wonderful for a while, but then it would start going to pieces." After a long, long silence she gave him a wavery smile. So she'd made a fool of herself. She'd better pull herself together now. "Okay. If that's really the way you feel about it." She reached out the toe of » small yellow sandal and scratched out Ihc words she had wrillen in Vhe sand. (T* rV Television- Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis, Channel 4 FRIDAY NIGHT, AIJCHJST 29 6:OC Curtain Call 6:30 We the People 1:00 Big Story 7:30 My Hh'a] Is A Piddle 8:00 Sportsrecl 8:30 Bill Day 8:45 Film Featurette 9:00 Guess What Happened 9:30 Playhouse of Stars 10:00 Lights out 10:30 News 10:40 Ask Me Another 11:10 Weather 11:15 Film Featurette 11:30 News 11:40 Sign Off SATURDAY, AUGUST 30 8:45 News 8:55 Morning Meditation 9:00 The Little Revue 9:30 Smllin Ed 10:00 Big Top 11:00 Western 12:00 News 12:15 Nature of Tilings 12:30 Super Circus 1:30 Big Picture 2:00 Charlie chnn 3:00 Western 4:00 Roolie Kazootle 4:30 Kukla ,Fran fc oille 5:00 TV Teen Club 5:30 r,one"Kaiiger ~ 6:00 All Star Revue 7:00 Dance Party 8:30 Hit Parade 9:00 Juniper Junction , 9:30 Wrestling 10:30 News 10:« C. A. Prevue 10:45 Film Featurette 11:10 Weather 11:15 Film Feafurette 11:30 News 11:45 Sign Off COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given thai the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chicka.snwba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 15t)i day of August, 1952, wherein Mound Cly Finance Company, Inc. was Plaintiff, No. 12,098. n nd Stanley Kubiak was Defendant, will sell 'at public auction to the highest and best bidder, for cash, on a credit of three (3) months, at the East door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law. In the City of Blytheville. Arkansas, on the 9lh day of September. 1952, the following personal property: One (1) Used 1951 Model Ford Tudor Automobile, Motor No HIMP-100441 SAID sale will be had to satisfy said decree In the sum of S1.5M.05, uith six per cent interest from August 15, 19S2. THE purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment or the purchase money, ami a lien will be retained upon said property as additional security for the payment of such purchase money. WITNESS my hand and the seal of said Court, on this, the 28th day of August, 1952. Harvey Morris. Commissioner In Chancery Reid & Roy, nltys. Read Courier Sews Classified Ads Back-To-School COMPLETE '* SHOE 5 *- REPAIR H-fl LTCRS fUQLITY SHOC SHOP OUT OUR WAY By J. R. DON'T -lOU DARE THROW THAT OUT N THE WINDOW.' HOW VtXJ EVER. <30T PROMOTED TO MACHINIST BOSS, WH£N VDU CAN'T TURK) A HEY ON A CAS) — 1 DON'T KNOW HOW YOU kEEP AH Airrp THE. ROAP; •„, <T.C?.WiLtlOM £> THE A\ASTER MECHANIC Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VHAT CLOCKING tOUHEAX IS THE ANNUAL. *J Sue ts RIGHT? w&Ve SOT TO OO SOMETUIMS- ABOUr THE SLOPPY MANNERS OF OUR. PLAYMATES.' GATHER -, AROUND/ PLEASE! I'M NOT A SNOOP I Bur, LIH... AU6HT TAKE THEA1 TU'ITTCR TO IXNOIV HOW OUC LOVE ARE 6E5TTIN6 ALON6, .1*011.66? OVER IT. _ Cnan, i soy you A CUP OF COFFEE. THE/ LOOK REAL cozy) WOVV 1/TTEEl.y ROMANTIC] C'MON... UIUW/TIIEAIO'ST PDWEKFUL CHEiVllCAl- KOCK.ET I NEED FIVE DOLLARS, DEAR! - 1 MUNICIPAL ^-~ IMPROVEMENT'S! RID YOU SEE THAT TRAFFIC LIGHT- ELM STREET? WHY, IT'S THE MICE SUV HACK WAS FUNCHINS AKOLW/X3UALL KKSHT? °^1^?T5 U - LEVELW1TH H I WN"T KNOW A : TT Af?E i Vrx i KAOV T'AA 1 -n ,*..,-, •-, _ -/ HAC7 /VieSSEf UP THOSE j THaN ONE SOOP LOOKS OF -.CURS.) PUNCH TO GfVt THIS TflCS A LIFT/ VOU,'-Nvic H.IWT.PKI- ANYMOWfV VATE BYE. .iJwTKyiNG ACT LIKE I TO A COB .-/WHO KNOCKED FKENC7 ORK1N AW CAN x VOU HOME f , LIKE TO HELP MDU. 'HIS PAD l£ ATA CRITICAL STAGE """"' FIGHT FOR REHftBIL-. »7V%ii-' V *-WE HIM TO KNOW /u?^lc U ISi. WE ' 1 ' 6 FAIL EP WITH THE BOV! - .^7- He •&EEM& TO KESPKT NOTHING BUT 'MAG'He ME WORKIN'^J/THEKE^ToRTV^g WITH PASTY SLIGHTER:/ SRMJD IH THEIR SURE, I'LL USE CATHY TO 5APEi WE'LL BE G6TIAE IN TH-KISGS' IU ClOVER' HOUSE 60 I CAW CASE IT FOR TH' JOB! --, — - .EBBE HE MEl MATTER, JOE? WAS NOTHING... ONE Op THOSE Y'SEE. I'M OM PAROLE-. AMP THEY'RE WATCH1M 1 WE PR6TTV CLOSE. fD KATE TO RISK PULLIW A SMALL JOB NOW FOE CWCKEU FEED! L'«A BROKE, TOO, PASTY. BUT IAAYBB 1 CAX) GET 5OME POUGH TONISHT. I'LL SEEWVGAWO WHILE- AW CASH, KIP? i'W -v> I WOWOtR Vr VOOP OO tAt (S TfWOW MSO V*.t\vyAV!> ^v\ TO VXYXOtfS \S>\.f\r«> ? HIXONS ISLAND — »->,* -vji'^-^;^ 1 'FW

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