The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION consecutive 20 MINUTE PHOTOSTATIO SERVICE. O'STEKN'S STUDIO. 115 W. MAIN. | !?,< ck If I ] R, B. ALIcjr— Mr conditioning refrlR-*; eriulcm jorvlre Pli 2478 102 E Mis- aoiut. Bljrtneillle. Ark 7,9 If For Sale, Misc. Dill/ rxt« f*r line Insertion: Minimum charge Me 1 lime per line 15c 2 tlmrt p*r line per day I?f 3 times prr line nor rt.\y 9c 6 tlmei per line per daj ., J c 12 timci prr line per day So Month per line $® c Count fir? nrcrssp wnM* fa the Hi!*. Ad ordered lor llirc^ or sit tJmrs antt rlopped before rxplrallon will toe chargeil for th<> number o[ dnios (tip jd appe.ireiJ and adjustment! of bill made. mltlert hj persons n-Mdlnir outside of the cllr must hr ^rrompanlcrt by rasl Files maj- h<« easily he mmpiilcd (rnr , DIP afcnr* table. t l " K-r^o'nl'taTo tfi* o'no tfrn* UlhlV Flrp-Hnrclir proof N'O rcsTionOTmilv he l^kcn fnr m'»K i my ri^o at factory prices >ct tnsrrllcm of any Ph. <W7. 1 Hoffman steam prcwin? niftrhlno, Chrap Oeorrtc L, Mulr. Tailor, 1020 Koith Hlwny 61. 8.28 pk 9,4 rirorrry FIOTP, Including lot, fonlM- ine, stock, fixtures nnd living quar- tpr-*. AO*J S. 21st, St. I5olne corxl husl- nws. 8;27 pk fl.27 ' Cash rcpl.Uer ftiui artdlnq machine rornbtiiHUon. Same AS new. Prlrrfi low. Write to Box D-3, % Courier News, 8,27 pk fl 3 nrdrooin sultP, living room suite, oil imputed (rnm Movp. 2 Iron brds. InnrrBprlni? mnl- •ss. 31 Main. WUron, Ark. 627 pk 3fl fev lhan one la All acts are rfs<rtrtr(t In lli<*lr jimi'd I Couilcr XMIS n>5i>m?s the ripht to edit • or reject an» ad. Apartment for Rent 2 rm, f'jrn. apt., flccirlf Close In. Ph, 3237, R 4 room furn. npt.. pr'p^le 1 ra^e I01I \V Ash, ph 2TM. e . $3000. RPIT tVH N. Krur VnuLl doors Freight paid. g 23 pk 9 23 AKr Rritl/lorpii OoJlle ;>»(>'' •ap. 1'f ilt»- nnd window fun 310*. B.VC* pk E>;H finv numnnt. Not eark- tos '\V. I'cry. Strcle, MO., 8 22 pk 3 22 \ Srril Imlry | f'l. «2 h!i. Jiti ! Used donrs and windows for *n1c. ' lien White and Soii.i, 633 W. Rtttn. pti. ' N'f.r fireproof finfe.v lmpo.=Mblp tn ! pirk thr lock. Wt. 225 Ihn Frdsrhi pnld price (75. Also Inrffer sizes I'h 4W7. '823 pk 94 ^r^^«^«,r: USED COMBINES MtfV;# f ™VK%>^ If you need a Rood used self- 837 u p r0 p e || c ,| combine . . . see us 5 room fiiTi'shiM located, call 2109. Three-room furnished Private bath. 320 N. 2nd. 2 room furnished" flpsrtnin"*' vntp cntrnnce arid bath cVi block Krog^is. 307 N. Flwt. pliO'i 8 2G pk 3 Prt- Fnrn. apt - un=tfllrA, privity rnt hot water. Couple only, re^onnh 1601 W. Ash, Phonp 29J9 8"25 pK £ Mcdctn cabins and apartments. Lost Boy Court. Phone P951, Connlc.i on 8 23 cfc 1 Nlccljr fnrn. apt,, pvt cnt.i refrigerator. Utilities. 100 VV , K?. 3 rm. unfurn, npt. pvl. buth. nv rnatlc hot wnter hcnt«r. Ph 3325 S'20 rV 9 30 3 unfurnished Cherry. ' apartments. J12 E 8;il p* 3 11 4 room unfurnished bath. Phone 8845, Mortefn 2 room fur, apt P)i: 2505 or 45S5 J:M ch tf Nfodcrn apt, 3 rooms and bath, new* ly rtecorated. (jootl furnttiiro. pnn equipment, Ph. 3373. P. Simon. 921 ck tf 2 room furnished npartment. Utilities furnished. Couple only. 1403 W Ash, g'2S pk 9^1 2 fum. rooms, adjoining bsth, hot- water. 210 W. Cherry. Ph. '01:13, 8 25' pk 31 Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per'week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf . Services ftaTe your "» utornr anrf f»irnnrr.5 clean and rearty for winter. Call Hnr- Ty Mfera 634G. BJI2 pk 9[12 EXPERT KEFRIGERATION . 11 EPA IR SERVICE »or quick, expert ecr?Lcc on ftlr con- «lttonlnK :elr]t;erntlon and nppHances . . . call fiffSfl or 6064, »HOFF REFRIGERATION co. B|4 tr Laundry in my home Ph. . , 7)15 Guaranteed j>1nno ttinlne nnd reT- P»lr. Call 2071 day, 2059 nights. 5 28 tl Watch and Jewelry Repair price. " PCr> PAT 0' BRYANT Main & Second Moving & Closed Van tnick... Sare-Dej^ndable SWT|a^^TO!S Plans-Estimates repairs F.HA OR n. I. LOANS *VO OSLIOATIO.V Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. propelled combine first. Choose from Alassoy- Harris, Intcriuilioiiiit Ilnrves- ter, John Dccre iind Case. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. I/iway 61 Photic ,?142 7|19-tf Save Money When Yon fiuy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 617 W. Ash Ph. 2552 K-3 ck tf . TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 1!J W. Walnut Thoilc 3381 Plenty of Parking Space Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. r will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms '£ clown, hatance in the fall. Formerly Arnold & C./iincs Ph. G357 4J17 ck tf ,yL ?,• sl "'. nl ' n proprrtr. S rooms nnd jalh. Doc-o lot. See Frnnk Mcrrltl. 11.13 V^. Ath. Ph. 2i;< e ., B P n 9;] I concli. 1 ens cookMore. 1 [nil nlzp mnplc brrt with' tprlnsn »nd mattrpM 1 brcnkfnat room suite. May he 1 pprn nt 701 Hardln Street. "8;26 pk 50 • CARS • TRUCKS '49 CHEV. . $1245 '47 FORD One of the fliii-sl tale muilrl used l-.irs vnu'll llnil! Deluxe Co.-ich, r.-ut/o,hfi :i(cr, Ijllie color. 26,000 milM! $395 '51 FORD $1595 A beauty (if a lale niodi-l rar! Tills Custom Club taupe Is e<|iil|i|icd «1lh hnOi r.ulio ami heater. See 11 lodaj! This 2 Ton Cab * Chassli Truck Is yours fnr Just SUDS. Come lo l'hilli|js' ... the Ford dealer In 111) Ihcville. '48 INT'NAL $495 Tills IM-Ton liiternalloiial (.'•nit A Chassis l.s » mighty good buy f or j us t SI95. Huy four truck now and jpai'e. '50 STUDE .. . $1295 '49 CHEV. . . $795 Here's x Infe innilrl rar you tlioiiW sre! I9.>0 Slnilcbaltcr Conim^ndcr ^-<loor \vit)i overdrive and henlcr. '47 NASH $595 A "l>(|0" :?-ilonr Snbn, Mils I!M7 Nash Is a fine buy at Sins. I.ols of extras, too. Sec It today. If you're trmldng for n Se- il.i n ll'-liviT.v, then come ilow n In rhllllps Motor Co. and see Mils I.Ue mmlrl. For a Good Deal — & a Good Deal More! 300 Broadway Phone 4453 for Rent or Lease FOR RENT OR LEASE Building located SO 1-503 West Main Slreel, now occupied by Liberty Cash Store, will be for rent Sept. 1st. For information see G. G. HUBBARD Hubbard Furniture Co. 8[5 ck <J|5 I For Sale, Real Estate I Modrrn 2 bcvlroom |urnl«lic<l home. Hh rnrport. IxicAtcd In Ixssan Artdl- DIV For mtormatlon. Phono R<sis tin.'Con 9 aticl 3 p.m. 8 2-ck P3 For So/e TII u e M""Ufi rlolng Rood biiBlnrss. u hcnltb rf!\son ror fiollLnf. Ellen gln. Manila. Ark. 8;29 pit n;l O. E. Klove S(IO.. [--Fhllco rc- ernlor SI30., 1— Word svashlnf; mo- chlne 150. Phone 678fi. B 29 pit 9 1 room lionap in. See owner 3H Wilson St. A Elmer Croft 8120 pk 9,9 ClruLiiet nad rlolln. Ph. G22-t. B-26 pk 0;2 1951 Piynwith 4lfWo!TT~two'"wh^el Irnller *40,00. Orocory nnd dry K oods. •Vnrrcn 6 tt. mcnt hot. 3 OIRM CR.XPS. •small stock G rnr c ry—200 Items, dry C[K nnd mlif-r things SUOO 4 houses nn two lout SVOfW will fiell t«-o honsr-s >n 1 lot $3500. -iVrnis J. 0. Hewlett. -303 Bollvtic St.. Stcple. Mo. B.23 |.)c fl 6 nm's Cafe 419 \V. Ash. -With trHTl ft week. Srlilns hcransr of hntl hc.iUh. Phnnr Pt>02, B 27 pfc 9 3 lllC 1 StlOp. 2 pTP,1Sf3. t fnr Tlllnc O'lorl hiiRtnoss. Price MOnKElS rt.KANF.RS PHONES 101 AND fil SrVATII, MO. 823 pV: 93 •irfiinr »'y>«nt ffir Mir, $3.00 per Co. 2751 Dflll. 8.20 tf Oroccry store with living . back. WIIJ sell hatli or srH fl Iciwe the uropcriy, Atrrady nii»ii(,cu Cnn he nniiiUcd with smal] tlown |my- nicnt, l/Jrrxietl to new hl"h school. Ph. B2QI, a'2fl pfc 09 REAL ESTATE Farms—Cily Property LOANS INSURANCE If Interested In Eujlng Noble Gil I Agency GlencoG Bldg. Ph. C8G8 for Ren* .1 room houre. h»th. hot water hpal- y. For delall« see Bon. A. Turner. 412 S. I61h Si. „> j 9 t 9 2 -ise 4 rooms anil bnth. Automatic, oil hurnliiB hotwater heater. Wired for plcntrln rnnce. Front nnd buck porch. Frncprt In hack j>ard. .107 K. Broartwny •'hojie. 4«2. , 3 jo pk 0 2 4 room house, rhone 6l4fl. a.28 pk 9,4 -- \ * room fi;rtilshe(] hovise and h.ith •p.s nn»t 1^32 N. 6th. Phone 433fi. 828 rk P'l •txjin, newly decorated nnd furn- K<nilp[]crt wllh gss heat. Near c Scliool. I'll. 4255. 8;27 ck S3 BIo(Iei-iir=-8 bcciroom house and balTTTiit 905" Pecan Avc J lard wood floors, floor furnace, 50 gal. elcc. liol water lieater. Extra large lot. This IIOIISG is in good condition. ?1SOO cash will handle an assumption of loan balance at $52.50 per month' Possession July 28, owner leaving town. Modern 4 room house and Iwlli at 2!>2f> Kirch, f.arjre kitchen with dinette booth, phis lots of extras. Newly decorated inside and out. .?!,000 cash — $-12 per month. Will' rent to couple only. JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd Phone 4111. Residence Phono 2506 8,2(1 ck tfi 6 ronm house for rent or sale. Phone SIM- 8.26 pfc 29 4 rooms and haih. 2015 Vine 8 22 pk 20 building Rea.innRbla rent Cnll 4612 7.19 c* tl .T mom house. Moriern rntiTP-nlencM. .let location t,. O. Thompson. 611 H r.ankUn, ph. 2IM., §37 ck tf Help DO YOU NEED CARH Rood money sMIlm; Annprlcn's ilnr nvJon Ftlps mid othrr Iln- KrrLr Jlrms, Full or pan time. Write Churls of Memphis, 401 mil-. Memphis, Tenn. 823 pk Help Wanted, Male Wnntrrt; Mnn to work In otftre nt rniton Kin. Nfc-d not hAvp cxperlrtice If j\ hxi.stter Wtit« T!ox XYz. r ' r Courier News. a 25 ck 11 FXprrJnircfl in All lo run and HTli;h nt cotton E)H. Gon<J pay nnii c?n put In lots of hours Plvihpvillf I r T in co. B 25 ck tr COUNTER IO5WS FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, !««,' - HOW ABOUT YOU ? Have You Seen The Gleaner Self-Propel led Combine? Jack Robinson Implement Co. Blytherille, Arkanaai _ Ph«n« 2371 Notice Come tonight 7:45 p.m. Come tonight 7:45 p.m. lo the special music program fit Calvary BapU&L Church, solo, Huets, Trios, Quartets, nireo.Uir: and, many fipuctitls will he tr&tut\t t 8 2U ck 3D Wanted I.«aviti r < for Sftti Antonio Tcxus Am*. :i<). WuuM like ihn-r i>nss,-n^Ts, help ] plcl<<!rs - IM «'i ' «J>or- if in ?"" y B " d coinralsslon. Hot IOX •/„ Courier News. 8'JI rlc 30 Cai|>fntry anr. pniutlng work c D Kf'imcy. I'h «327 7|30 pk 830 Flslirrrnni" V,'c tmve ixirkint-lt.i tnil <thrtmn. Luitrell's Mitt. ftQO Chick 81 ck. O'l Private Rooms VVonted to Buy "'" p:lr CASH ror '•» Rrrt room. Lartles only. Next to bath I ?.M nongnn. Phone 6JR2. s;27 pk 9,3 \ - IjArRp' front bedroom, hot water. Ph. 26^$. Bedroom, .south ftpt, ; xi to bath, 8.26 pic 9,2 I Jndlrs only, rnqnlre at \ 04 S 6th alter 5 pin. 1 8 22 pic 2U Bod roam convenient lo bath fill W ] Main. Ph. JJ^S a.20 ck 9.20 | Lar«e. conifQrtHble frniit liedroom f-'niiTti]le«lly locRted. Ph. 2514. Salesman Wanted Standard Cuttec. Co, hns oponliiRs In Ark. lor men Intrrostcrt in pprnian- pn t position with grow Lug Co. RontoR well PMabllshed. Auto -fiimlsbntl with opprntlns rost p.ilrf for full fn/orrrm- tlon. \Vritfi K. R. Vau?ht, 713 E ropier, PnrRROillct, Ark. g 23 nk 9,4 WoviM like to hear Irom nmn with cur who would like to sleji Into R httstTICKS ot his own In MlsM*- Ippl, County. No capital needed Cor- 1 i Crow. Arhansnit. clnsslfyltiR nbout ... weekly \Vrltc JlavclclKh's Dept- AKH-210-2t6A, Memphis, Teiin. THE ONLY GRAIN BIN WITH 6-PLY RIDS „ 1VERY 22"'A" OF HEIGHT FOR EXTRA STRENGTH EASIEST BIN OF ALL TO ERECT! •Stop in soon, while we sfill have famous -SIOUX- Steel grain bins! DISTRIBUTOR Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main—Blylheville Phonos 6S56 X 6857 CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up lo 36 In. Metal Culverts Sl/rs up |« 84 j n A. H. WEBB Artomalic Flood (>ate* Concrete i Metal Septic Tankl Sewer Tile Best Prices We |) f |i« r Highway 81 at State Line Phone 84U FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Inch t« 4* inch, plBin or reinforced. Alw C.ncrete R.ildinf BIscXi che»»- ;r lhari lumber f.r barm, chicken hnuse! pump housr.. Irnint KOUKI, fool she*,. w» < t |I»er. CiU M Tor r're« estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Stay Within The Law! Evcrj law-Ahidlnj- ciU 7 fn shudders nt (he prospect ot being arrcstrt! for sppeilmg. But. you'll never be sure unless yciu KNOW you're speedometer in accurate. \Vc give I itay service on speed- Dmcler repair for all makes of can and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler.rijmniith Dealer 121 E. Slain Phone 2122 Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY Day Phone: 2642 Night: 8858 No Exir» Charge For Night C*!l« FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE 110 S. 1st Blytheville Modern 2 bedroom homo w i t h carport & screened porch. Medium d o vv-n payment ami U>w monthly payments. Immeclmte possession For quick possession we have for sale a comfortahlo S room home located in fine residential section. Can lie fi- n;uicod by F.H.A- or G.I. loan. See or call MAX I.OGAN. Knnllor Lynch RW.q;. Ph. 203-1 Insurance ' Call 4553 For Complete Insurance! Protection W. |. Pollard Awncy Plannrd Proleclion OI.KNCOE HOTEL I2H W Ash St 4.3 ck II Lost A found *l*rk and white PoMnn bull trrrlpr. nnlr. Ani*Trs to P<vils. n^"-^Tf1, ci^ll ~5~2 nl\rr s p m R 35 py p 1 i Mnrk «nri .ellTpr Ph^frtT pen KOUTHKAST MISSOURI -^rio LANDS FOR RAI.K tiK-uv. 2 hsrii- I-\TTH eorxl can t)« sold hi two tracts, »rrr iKP ot crop?, v onp 12ft RCT* . This .\ per norMicast or n n $200 pel RCTP. r City on blacktop 28% to 40% Reductions On All Paints! Air Base Reactivation Forces Us To Move! Drive out lo ll, c Air B ;15C and i a kc swivanl^c of Ihc.c tre- mrndo,, s Mvillf » „„ p.,,,,^. Wc . rp hi(v|rg [o m[)ve ^^ ^^ lo rtccrr. 1s <. Ollr r , rscn i s(ock now Y,,,,,,, „„,, Trcnk , e ps|nlj <•« b« ftpul In hl.liHR. non-fadl,,, r, nrt <l,,r,Wli|y [„ all j „,. HoLslly advcrllscd br^n.l on the markcl. Come out t«Uj! TRENKLE PAINTS Co, INC. Hlytheville Air liase Phone 3S53 4^0 flrro^ B mites nptlh ol Slrplo. [m coorl crflvel road, 10 houses rlrdr id (nnri. rnK firm ran be sold In two trarts chip 3K) RPrp Irapt with 7 h< d CMP lft-1 arre trwrt with 3 hoiisps. For quirk ^ale. JIRS per arrp. S') ixcros 2 mile.* south and 1 mile east of onnKdjr Switch 3 homps vl I «nrt. ^"Ml ppr aprp. njit. «eu\a ne-.r Ki'Wimpe. N'p\v Madrid rounty. on tium-to-nmkpt TO us« In «,>od comi'.Mon. Til rlvrr-cj-pres^ l-lia.Vor qulPS sale. S2TO upi d buyfr »;r>ts l>its year's rptit which shmiM be J2?i or JSS ppr a<-rp. This 4M acres HUh*a? 67 runs throuch this farm npar Ponlir Blivfr Tvm ,i<" mlnprrl sprlru located on this fj-m. Sil ppr rent bcllom l.nd" «ni ately 123 ncips tn permanrni pastutp . 1 1 thp halnnce in row rrops, sjn, V\e »lso lure n »nT other (arms for MI,, for further InforniMlon .'all A. T. EARLS KEAI, KSTATK & LOAN 1 CO. Jusl off Hlgnvriv; f\ Jt s< Jnlersectlon HRytl. >tlsso»irt Office hovirs: 8 a.m. lo S p n; RATTI. MO. SIGHT THOSE -. KF.SNKTr A. T. Earls _ son; • — • - . *_.. 8,19 ck 30 v<-n- * 1 T Rcre is J nlne P rr«. .MO. . . PHONE 555 Ihe Peach Crop Is Short! It's Now Half Gathered We now have Freestone Peaches Wholesale or Retail BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main SI reel Hlyth«Tlll« Sullivan-Nelson Asks You: WHY PAY MORE? 1940 FORD V-8 Tudor Sednn. With a perfect motor, this car is one of (he besl 1941 NASH Ambassador 4-door Sedan. Motor overhauled. Two-tone color. Only 19:19 DODGE 4-door Sedan. It's nice, it's dean. Runs good — looks good. Only 1917 CHKVROLKT 3/4-Ton I'icknu Truck. In excellent condition, this (ruck is a buy 1950 CHKVROT.KT ^-Ton I'ickup Truck. / Come to (he big lot on Walnut Street 19-18 CHEVROLET '/,-Ton Pickup Truck. You'll make a better trade here 194ft FORD V-8 "4-Ton I'ickup Truck. We invite you to drive this clean truck 1946 FORD V-8 '/,-Ton Pickup Truck. The motor's overhauled, the tires look like new 1942 FORD V-8 1-Ton Truck with insulated body. Ideal /or hauling pickers $ 345 *289 145 S 795 ? 975 S 885 EAST GMAC PAYMENT PLAN S 295 Kemtmlitr, r** «an »lwa.r* makt a g*od <I*«l at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "Tht Bi 2 Us«^ Car L«t •* Waln«t Street" 301 W«t Walnut phone 4578 Suez Oil Shipments • Drop by 70 Per Cent SUEZ .(/!»)—Nortlibomid oil ship- nients tlmmgli the Suez Canal in 1951 fell olf 10 per cent." | Last year 42.m:i,ooo tons of oil passed through the vital waterway. In 1950 the total was 47,525.000 tons! Tliis drop was largely caused by the new trans-Arabian pipeline which moved 14 million tons nearly « (litmsniKi miles across the desert from Kiimli-Ambifl to Sidon on the c .™.L l .!!5-!'»" *«ITAI CAS AMD ' GIN KIPAItt • INO . HAIOWAII . 'MACHIMI BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3T42; Night 6153 FOR SALE NEW BRICK HOME Located 504 E. Hardin, This hoir.e has 2 bedrooms, ' J /i tile baths, knody pine den, large livinf; room dining room, ailractive Geneva kitchen, breczeway| altat-hed garage and storeroom. KqnippcdViLh Frig- iclaire air conditioner, centra) Lennox head'no- system, steel combination storm sash and screens. Lot 100 x 185, on paved street. Open for inspection Sundays from 2 to 5 p.m. Weekdays by appointment. SEE OR CALL JOHNNY MARR f Office Phone Const. Phone Res. Phone 4111 . 8341 2596 Your Truck Is Here 1951 CHEVROLET '/ 2 -Ton Pickup with dc- $-1 ftftr luxe cab. Has heater- See this low mileage trucklU"ij 1950 GMC 1-Ton pickup with a big bed. At Horner-Wi!son it's priced at only 1950 STUDEBAKER !i-Ton l>ickup_an unusually clean, city truck. Now only 1919 INTERNATIONAL 1 i/j-Ton LWR Truck SCftC with stake bed. Has good tires, too. Now just'v«rw 1916 KOK1) I'/.-Ton Truck with bed. pain job. Good (ires. A real buy at 19Ifi FORD '/,-Ton Pickup—for the buy of your life come NOW to Horncr-WHson "..... ? 495 ? 495 1949 CHEVROLET Here'j a gnod - looking '19 Chevrolet Flrclllne t-iloar Se- flan — the deluxe model. Radio, heater. At Horner-Wlson It'j priced at just $1195 1950 OLDSMOBILE Pnwcrcd hy the Ilnrkcl En- Jlnc, ihi-i Z-Tonc Green 4- Hnor Sedan has radio, heater, "yriramatlc Drive. Low mileage, too. $1795 HORNER-WlLSON EAST MAIN Rocket Oldsmobiie — GMC Trucks Phont 2056 Used,Car Lot _ Phone 6151

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