The Courier from Fairview, Kansas on June 21, 1895 · 4
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The Courier from Fairview, Kansas · 4

Fairview, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1895
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hoivhattan Department As tbe' readers of the Powhattan Post will learn when they receive this issue of the Courier we have concluded to consolidate the two papers and deyote this page of the Courier to the interests of the readers of the Post, every, one of whom we consider a personal friend Our position as editor of the Post . has, brought us in contact with the b.est people, (take them as a class and they all stand at the head) that it has ever been our good fortune to meet and if the town was large enough to justify us in staying we would never have thought of moving the Post. The patronage of the business men has been liberal and we have no kick on that scoie, only the facUhat there wasn't enough of' them.' Our readers have been apprecea-tive and have on many occasions, shown us that they considered the Post the only paper. .In consolidating the two papers we dont propose to slight our old friends : . . . , ;. CI even with that stcve tor purningi so much coal with so little return of heat and picked up the rest of it and pitched it out, "Sayinglet the tail go with the hide." . ' Be Fair, Brother, We think a good deal of the editor of the Powhatan Post and have often copied good things from from his paper. We were surprised that he would accuse .a county officer of doing something he did not do. The Post is entirely mistaken in sa)ing V; commissioner Fraser ever permitted $14 to be paid for a hammock. A bill was allowed for $14 for a jail hammock or specially constr ucted bed and and repairs to other hammocks and it was a just bill. We are assured that this is the truth by the sheriff and county clerk. Lft us have fair play all around. ' There is, nothing to he gained b v misrepresentation. Hiawatha World. ' Y ' That is a nice easy way you have of calling us a liar, Brother Herbert, but since you say that and we will make . the Powhattan you think a good deal of us we will department of the Courier as in- hide our blushes and not get mad teresting as ever the Post was. If there is any misrepentatiou This week we can't give it the yon are the guilty party. In the attention that we will in the future World of Jan. I8th 1895, a copy because '' we" v ha via Wn so" hiisv of which lies before us, in an moving our material and attending , article headed, "The commisioners, to other matters that could not be a session full of vim and a great put off. Those who have pa-id up on the Post will ' be given credit on the books of the Courier. We will be in Powhattan each week often enough to catch all the news and it appear in this paper. We desire to thank our readers for their deal of Business," and under bills allowed is one, "J. C. Kelsey, hammock for jail $14 ," Mr. Kelsey is a harness maker at Hiawatha and sells the common old lovers hammock which can- be seen in any gobd citizens j'ard who has a TV W. HOLCOMB, Restaurant and Lunch Counter. Fresh Bread, Pies and Cakes, cigars: tobacco, fruit- CONFE C I J ONE R Y. Fresh Bread always S it fa I, When at Morton, call and see . EBOURQUI N k Oli Math Waichmiker and Jeweler. Fine Repair Work a Special tT. , All Work Fully Warranted. Largest btock of Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Etc., Etc., In Brown County. West Front St Horttn, Kas. Headquarters for th Milwaukee BINDERS AND MOWERS. Hardware, GROCERIES, RUBBER GOODS And GENTS, UNDERWEAR. Canned Goods a Specialty. Butter and Eggs taken in exchange at the Highest Market Price for Goods. . I also handle the Celebrated McPherson Flour. I aho handle the John Deere Plotvs, Stalk Cutters, Listers, Drills ind Planters. Dr, 0. S. Carman, DKNTIST, Guaranteed Sets of Teeth Only $10.00. . Cheaper Sets U 00. . . Tth Extracted Without Paiii. Oflioe rer Steel Jc Fluht's Hardware Store. llorton, Kansns. ' . past favors and hope to merit their grown up daughter. He may continued good will and patronage. H. J. Calnan. S. T. Holcomb and wife left Monday for, a visit to friends in low. . J. fD. Clare went to Hiawatha on buisness last Monday, Thos. Brown and : daughtet went to Morton Wednesday. ' A. J. Mayor went to Hiawatha on legal buisness Tuesday. R."1 S. Fish is having a tussle with quinsy this week. The committee on amusements are making arangments for a balloon ascension and parachute leap on the 4th. Miss Effie Young will be in Powhattan the first of next week to organize a class in dress cutting. Quite a number of Powhattan people attended the picnic last Saturday at. Brown's Park south west of town and enjoyed themselves in the woods all day and until late at night. Everyone had a good time and came home happy and full of chiggers. have specially constructed . a leather bed for, the prisoners, but like the boy from Missouri," You can't tell Us, you'll have to show us' There are other bills equally unjust'passed at the same meetiftg which . we called attention to at the time and the figures are : those published in the World of that date. The figures show for themselves and Fraser, as one of the com-messioners allowed them and the taxpayer, "pays the freight." Mr . Fraser would make a good sheriff,-we don't think." C. R. WGGLE, Contractor and Builder. Plans, Specifications and Estimates Chetrt'ully Furnished. Notice. The young trotting bred coach stallion, Hylas Welkes, will make the season at Powhattan on Thursday of each. week. We invite tbe farmers to come and inspect this animal.. , He will be at the barn of Willis Reed, one mile southwest of Powhattan on Wed day and Thursday of each week. W. O. C. Wilson, owner, Fairview, Kansas. W. H. Smith, Blacksmith ami ' Hdrse'shocr. . First class work done in steel or iron. I have a disc sharpener that beats anv ever brought to this country and 1 know hew to ure it. Work done by a first class woik-man and satisfaction guaranteed in every branch of. work. Speciality of dfficult " horseshoeing. Prices are reasonable. . Come and see me and I can show' my work. Nellans & Powell. Dealers in W. H. Smith desires to inform tiie public that his engine always has steam on ready to do all kinds of polishing at a moments warning. Give him a call and he will do you good work. s DENTISTRY. , Somewhere between Powhattan and Fairview, not far fiom Uncle Billy Rife's corner, was found yesr terday morning a pile of scrap iron. It looked like a wreck Ir Don't forget that Dr. Thomas had been a stove, and many a Wl11 make 3'0U the best set of teeth j i . .. . i fnr $S nn. T?mftmhef the date. gooa suDscriDer ot trie Powhattan 7 , , :i a. t C p . , . lL " from the 10th to the 20th of each lost, dunnor the cold weather of montL Office with Dr. Mathewo last winter nan fracfjH hie chins I ...... v. f , vvuivu tl I J OIUUO Dry Goods, BOOTS AND SHOES We have a large general stock which we will sell at the lowest price. Call and see us. Nellans & Powell. and spit on that stove while burning up the editor's tobacco. Wednesday night we procured a team from Scouten Bros.', and taking Mr.J. Carter with us as a sort of all around comfort and joy, we drove to Powhattan to haul some of our extensive wardrobe to Fairview. We loaded up our effects and started back and when near the above mentioned corner we heard something "drap." Carter stopped the horses and discovered it was the top part of the stove. We saw a good chance to get HIAWATHA, -KANSAS. Dental Notice. Dr. II. M. Doyle, dentist, Hiawatha, Kansas. First class dentistry in all branches at reasonable prices. Teeth extracted without pain. Office in First National Bank block. Dr. McKee extracts teeth with out pain. Office over Franklin's grocery, Hiawatha, Kansas. Auctioneer.- I still cry sales IMy terms are reasonable. Satis-action guaranteed or no pay. Jack Mayor. S. T. Holcomb, Has the best line of MLNS BOYS and CHILDRENS Straw and Wool Hats, ever shown iu town and at bottom pricas. You can always find Dry Goods and Groceries, Boots and Shoes, over alls and shirts, Furniture and Car pets. Flour, Climax,' i-4 Gtld Rod 1.25 Gold Limks Jt.25 IV. C. PR INGLE, PAINTER- Graininr tnd paper bunging don in firat-clas linn. K.'tiinaUs furoishtd. 1 guarantee to liv latiifaction. J. H. KINNEAR, LUMBER, GOAL An D GRAIN. Highest Market Price Paid For GRAIN : and STOCK. Powhttan, Kansas. J, B; LITLE, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable. Reasonable ; Rates Commercial : Men. Powhattan,- Kaasas. HI i IMA, Dealers in pumps, Wind Mills, pmemg Etc. , Well Boring. G. 'ZIMMERMAN, Blacksmilhing and Horseshoeing m 7ob and Repair Work Carefully Executed. Plows, Harrows, Culti valors, euc, Sharpened. I have Macnine jtr nmrFemi,& Disc Harrows. Scientific Htrseshotins. Best if Work and Reasonable Prices. L. BENDER, -DEALER IN HARDWARE, Window Glass and Putty, All Sizes of Rope, Trunks and Valises. I also handle GOAL. G. H. VALENTINE, DEALER IN DRUGS, PAINTS, OILS, Stains and Varnishes. GLASSWARE, QUEENSWARE, TUTTY and WINDOW GLASS. Wall Taper and Stationery. Millinery Store. Mrs. F. A. Leidy. Having lately returned from St. Joseph where I purchased an entire new stock of the latest spring and summer goods. I am prepared with all the latest styles ol hats, bonnets nd all kind of millinery goods. Dressmaking done at short notice. Psttems cut fn the very best style of the tbe art.

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