The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1952
Page 3
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, ATTCftTST », Arkansas News Briefs— 70-Year-Old Man to Serve Five Years in Slaying of Landlord By The Associated Press POWHATAN — A 10-year-old is tc^ serve fire years In prison for the fatal shooting of his landlord. Joe TJIIth, was round guilty of second degree murder in the death of 53-year-old Cecil McDuffee by a Lawrence County circuit Jury here. Ulith pleaded self defense in the July 3 shooting, claiming that Mc- Duffce pieviously had tried to kill him. Cherry Officially Beat McMath 98,396 Votes MTTLE ROCK - The official tally of the Aug. !2th Democratic run-off primary shows that Chancellor Francis Cherry defeated Gov. Sid McMath by 88.396 votes, i Frank Newell, secretary of the rjemocratic state Committee, said' that of the official 3V6 votes cast, Cherry received 237 446- McMath 139,062. Top Negro Democrat Won't Seek Re-Election LITTLE ROCK - The 71-year-old president of ..he Arkansas Negro Democratic Association says he .will not seek re-election to the post at the grain's meeting here today. Dr. j. M. Robinson, who first was elected president of the ANDA when the group organized in 1923, said last night: "I'm tired. Twenty-five years in the harness is enough lor anyone." Ex-Gimbel Director Buys Batik of Bentonyille BENTONVILLE _ A former New York Department store manager has purchased controlling interest of the Bank of Bentonville because he believes "Northwest Arkansas has a great future." Arthur P. Smith, president of the bank, announced sale of the stock yesterday to H. Cornell Smith, former assistant managing director and active head of Gimbel Brothers in New York. Little Rock Bus Drivers Get 4-Cent Pay Hike LITTLE ROCK - A 3-man arbitration board yesterday -ranted a 4-cent-an-hour wage increase to union bus drivers of the Capitol EleJ^p",', 011 ' DIVi5 '° n 7 ° 4 °' lhC Ama| S smatcd Association of Street Electric Ha. way and Motor Coach Employes of America AFL, had ask- ea a 20-cent-an-hour boost. ^ Coast Guard Me Soldier Home in SALEM. Mass. W) _ A Coast Guard mercy plane today plucked R soldier off a troop transport in the Atlantic to help speed him to his tragedy-filled Nebraska home. The two-engine seaplane — the second to attempt the mission — flew three hours and 45 minutes to the side of the Navy transport Gen Alexander •• Patch, about 500 miles northeast of New York, and about an hour later began its return flight to the Coast Guard Air station at Salem, Mass." Heavy Atlantic waves yeslerday crippled an Air Force plane sent to pick up T.Sgt. Charles R. Bu=iry and fly him to his Winneba°go Neb., home. There one of his two children was dead of polio, his other child lay ill of the, same disease, anci his wife—her back broken—faced critical surgery. The first mercy plane landed sucessfully 6n the water near the transport but collided with a lifeboat lowered from the ship to re- cure a line between the two craft. The plane's' propeller was dam- rcy Plane Takes Sea Mission aged. • ' Buggy, a World War n veteran who enlisted in the Army early this year, has been stationed In Germany. His 4-year-old son Charles Jr died two days ago at a Sioux City la., hospital. His 6-year-old daughter Kathleen is still a polio patient at the same hospital. Her condition was listed as good. And sujrgepns said .they hesitated to operate on his wife unless he was at her bedside. 16 Tobacco Workers Die In Turkish Factory Panic IZMIR, Turkey wi _ A panicky stampede from a tobacco factory fire last night killed Ifi women workers and severely injured 37 others. About 100 workers were hurt less seriously. Stairs and walls that collapsed in the crush accounted for most of the casualties. TKIBCJ WURIBH Father Breaks, Sobs at Grave Of Slain Girl MIAMI, Fla. &>>—Eighteen-year- old Adcla Moskal was buried yesterday after a life of constant pain. Her father, who had killed her to end her years oj suffering, sobbed at her grave. John Moskal sent his wife on a shopping errand Monday, then led An'ela into the bathroom and plunged a butcher knife into her heart. The gir! had shown only little development since birth. The father and mother stood dry- eyed white a priest read the burial service for children. But when a friend raised her voice in a Braver in Polish. Moskal wept and seized Adda's body in his arms He Is free In $5,000 bond on a charge of murder. Austrian Law Rejected by Bs'g 4 VIENNA, Austria ffpi _ The Ble Tour powers have unanimously vo- ocd an Austrian law which would have permitted pre-war "arvanl z : ers to lav their hand, for a se-ond un'rf-r 0n HU!cr ISh Pr " P:>ll> ' ttay Kalned The rare agreement between Rus- 3 h 3 "? , (he W " stern P°«« «™ Lf n? ,£ y f ' he Execl '"ve Committee of the four-power Allied Control Council for Austria, it was announced today. The vetoed law was one of set-en recent Austrian statutes which have come i,,, d( , r fire from niucn of lhe worlds press, the II. S. Slate Department and Jewish leaders. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Negro Carried To Court after Severe Burning BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (* _ A 39-year-old Negro was carried Into court yesterday to testify nl the arraignment of two while men accused of selling fire to his gasoline-saturated overalls. The Incident occurred June 14 nt a feed mill where Joe Simmons said the men — James Chaffln. 30. and James Cherry, 25 — grabbed his arms and saturated his trouser legs wllh gasoline. Simmons said Cliaffin Irjen applied his lighter to the overalls Burned severely about both legs, Simmons has spent almost six weeks in a hospital. He could give no reason [or the Incident. Chaffin and Cherry told police It was ontj' a prank and didn't mean to hurt Simmons. Dublin Papers To Publish Again DUBLIN. Ireland if, _ Dublin's i seven newspapers are expected to resume publication tomorrow after a seven-week shutdown resulting from a slrike by 5,000 workers for higher wages. A settlement ending (he city-wide strike was reached .vesterdav. Union leaders accepted a "Labor Court's recommendation for weekly increases of 16 shillings (S2.28) for .skilled workers, 12 shillings anrl one penny (88 cents) for transport workers and three shillings ami sixpence (50 cents) for women Sparkman Skips Civil Rights Issue in Opening His Campaign By KK1TII PULLER MENDJSNHALL, Miss. If, _ Sen John Sparkman skipped the touchy civil rights issue In opening his vice presidential campaign before a deep South audience last night. The Alabama senator's blanket defense of the Democratic platform was the nearest he came to the subject. The parly platform that has caused strife among many Southern Democrats contains a proposed Fair Employment Practice Commission, anti-lynch ana anti- poll tax planks. "I realize there may be things in the Democratic platform that all of us cannot agree upon." he told an audience estimated at between 3,000 and 5.000 In the Mendenhall High School football stadium. "But remember that this party of ours is made up of free people from all walks of Ufe with ninnv divergent beliefs." Sparkman recently was called "a traitor to the South" for his support of the platform. His critics, dissatisfied Mississippi Democrats, formed a Democrats-for-Eisenhower movement and bolted the regular party. Sparkman devoted most of his speech to "what the Democratic party has done for the people of this nation." But he took the time for a few swings at the Flepubli- cans. "About the only Issue the Republicans can raise is their cry that It's time for "a change," he said. "But you people can ask them — you will ask them - a chamre from what (o what?" The senator then listed benefits ne said the Democratic pa'rty has given the country. Sparkman also defended the United Nations in Korea. "Gen. Douglas MacArthur and even Gen. Eisenhower, who certainly could not be considered supporters of our party, have said that we could not have upheld our honor and stayed out of Korea " he nsserled. "Despite gloomy reports you hear, our foreign policy is making progress," declared the Alabama senator. He .called-it a bi-partlssn policy and named Dwight Eisenhower the GOP presidential nominee, as one of many Republicans who have contributed to it. X ORDINANCE NO. 529 AN ORDINANCE TO BE ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING THE INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE OF TRAFFIC AM) PARKING SIGNS DESIGNATING THE LOCATION THEREOF PROVIDING FOR THE ENFORCEMENT THEREOF AND PROVDING PENALTY FOR VIOLATING ANI} FOR OTHER PURPOSES." BE IT OHBAINED BY THE onr COUNCIL OP THE crrr or ARKANSAS: . m i , lze d to install and maintain stop sign,, «|g ns deslgnat- !, *nw i t " 1 P" rkl "S areas. ,|gns ?. ro !i lng " arkln8 Bntl ° th « *' <? 8 ± " 8 , the> PRrk1n "' !la " dm * stopping of motor vehicles on the streets and alleys In the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. SECTION 2. From and after the Passage and npprovnl of this ordinance It shall be unlawful for any motorist or driver of any motor vehicle fail to heed the dlroctlon of any traffic or parking 6 lgn erected maintained and designated a.s here- Inafter provided In this ordinance. SECTION 3. stop signs shall be placed at the following designated street Intmertlons anri the Chief of Police of the City of nlylheville. directed lo enforce this Ordinance with reference thereto, to wit: • At the northeast corner of Main and Holland Streets. At the northeast corner of Mntn and Walker Blvd. At the northeast corner of Mnln and Ruddle Rond. At the southeast corner of Ash and Lilly streets. At the northwest comer of Ash and Lilly Streets. At the southeast corner of Ash and Holland Streets. At the northwest corner of northwest Parkway and Hr.1- Ifcnd Streets. At the southeast corner of northeast Parkway and Rudrlle Road. southeast corner of Drive and Walker At the Parkway Blvd. At the Parkway Blvd. At the northwest corner of Drive and Walker southeast corner of southeast Parkway and Ruddle Road. At the southwest comer of Holland and Cherry Streets. At the southwest corner of Walker Blvd. nnd Cherry Street. At the southwest corner of Cherry anri Ruddle Road. At the northeast corner of Park and Sixty Streets. At the southwest corner of Park nnd Sixth Streets. At the fmithcast, cnrner of Tenth and Moullrle Drive. At the northwest corner of Tenth and Moultric Drive. At the southwest corner of Holly and North Division Streets. At the northwest corner of Holly and North Division Streets. At the southeast- corner of Holly and Tenth Streets. At the northwest corner of Holly and Tenth Streets. At the southwest corner of Twenty - First and Kenwood Drive. At the southwest corner of Twenty - First and Edwards Street. At ths northeast corner of Twenty-First and West Rose Street. At the southeast corner of Twenty-FirA and West Hose ' Streets. At the southeast corner of Center and Birch Streets. SECTION 4. At the northeast corner of Division and Chickasaw- bti Street nnd the southeast corner of Division and Chlckasawba Streets. There shall he ereclf d signs reading as follows, lowit: "Stop Here For Corner Clearance." SECTIONS. The-following designated places are hereby restricted from ihe parking of motor vehicles at any time and appropriate signs shall be erected and maintained giving notice of such re- FalVs Headline Footnotes Ruby Red Calf, trimmed in Black suede. New Baby Louis Heel Medium Brown Calf trimmed in Black suede- High Heel Brown Suerie wilh Ombre Brown Calf trim. High Heel Exciting new High Heel Black suede sandal ... Just Arrived to Step You Smartly / into the New Season Fall's nc«e?l footwe»r fashions .. . yours to wear and enjoy in beautifully Biting Puradise Shoe* ... the name yoo se« so often in learling fashion magarines- Do, come in soon .,. tod See them herel i 6*. SON S X SHOESI Good Shoe* £ Hosier* tfrfcMon wid no vehlols shun b« parked permitted to be parked in such places, towlt: On the south sltte of Chlcka- sawbn Streets from the Intersection of Division street a distance of thirty-five feet. SECTION 6. The driver of any vehicle violating any ol the provisions of this ordinance shall he deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall he fined In «ny Bum not exceeding »I6.00. SECTION 1. This ordinance shall be construed as being mmulatlve and supplemental to Ordinance No. 496 and no In conflict therewith. SECTION 8. The City Clerk shall certify the passage nnd approval ol this ordinance nnd cause the same to be published in a local newspaper. SECTION 8. Tills ordinance (s hereby declared to be an emergency PACT 1HRE1 measure, the necesulty therefor bo- ing the Immediate preservation of the peace, health and safety of th« citizens of the City of Blylheville. Arkansas, and shall take effect and be In full force from and after It* passage and approval. Approves: Dan, Blodgett, Mayor ntlCSt '. W. I. Malin. Clerk Date'J: Aug. 5, 1953. You can't afford to keep worn out! fires at these LOOKI If the tires you're driving on now are trcad- ;bare or close to It, then ithey're worth more to ui jthnn they are to you. You cnn be riding on first-line Gulf Tires wilhin the hour 'after you come In and get our top trade-In offer. Tf you need tires, don't pass up this deal. 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