The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1924 · Page 9
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The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1924
Page 9
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THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 1921 0 0 ' EXTOLLED LIFE OF ROBERT EMMET T9 CTTTT77 AT BANQUET OF JOHN MITCHELL CLUB R1C. U.S.PAT. Off. 1 s&L? ' 1 Your Baby's Carriage YOU can be sure of the proper carriage for baby by selecting one with A Quality Seal on Every Wheel. This Seal of Quality is a Red Hub Cap with the letters H - W in gold. You will find it on each wheel of genuine Heywood - Wakefield Baby Carriages. Ninety - eight designers in producing carriages built to fit your baby. Better dealers everywhere are showing many beautiful, new models so reasonably priced as to fit the purse of every mother. Ask your dealer about Hey. wood - Wakefield Reed and Fibre Furniture, Wood Chairs, Cocoa Brush Door Mats and other products - backed by 98 years of successful manufacturing experience. Look for A Quality Seal on Every Wheel The seal is a red hub cap with gold letters IS Built for Baby Bones fpHE tiny bones in your baby's body are just - forming. Think of this when you buy the carriage. Heywood - Waiefield Baby Carriages are scientifically correct. Ninety - eight years' experience backs every one of them. Come in and see the wide variety of Heywood - Wakefield Carriages we can offer you. Look for the quality seal on every wheel. It is for the protection of mothers and their little ones. GATELY & FITZGERALD 224 - 226 Wyoming Avenue nome Furnisners smce 1870" . MOUSJMT.O RAILROADS WANT TRAIN DEVICE ORDER MODIFIED WASHINGTON. March 4. Eighty - nine first class railroads asked the Interstate Commerce Commission today to modify Its order for installation of automatic train control devices. It was requested that a part of the requirements be set aside entirely and that the effective date of the others be Selayed. The Joint petition declared that automatic train control devices Intended to stop a train when It enters a danger sone are as yet imperfectly developed, and that the experimental operation of them does not Justify extensive utilisation. It was declared also that installation of such devices would re - quiy the railroads to spend "manv millions" without assurance of return, ana wnnout effectively increasing FOREST CITY FOREST CITY, March 4. The Lenten season will open in the various churches with special services on Wednesday morning. Services will be conducted every Wednesday, and Friday evening. The members of the Aid Society of the Congregational church have completed their plans for their annual supper and bazaar to be held in the church hall, Thursday, March 6. Supper will be served from 5 to 8 p m. Mrs. Philip Engle is In New York this week on business. Mrs. F. Weichel, of Scranton, Is spending a few days with her daughter Mrs. H. R. Horton. Miss Marion Taylor was a . recent guest of her sister, Mrs. Benjamin Wl"rw. at Shlckshlnney. Now is the Time! OUR stock is complete now you can sorely find just the Baby Carriage or Stroller or Sulky yon want if you come in now. Our Baby Carriages "Built to fit the Baby" are the product of the Hey wooa - Wakefield Company in our opinion the best made. Each has "A Quality Seal on Every Wheer - a seal that means 97 years of manufacturing experience. ZIMMER'S 121 - 123 N. Main Ave. Dealers In All Heywood - Wakefield Products MBS. THOMAS KUBPHY. VIKCEHT BBEJTHAJT. IRISHMEN HONOR MEMORTOF EMMET John Mitchel Club Observes Anniversary of Birth With Banquet BLEWITT IS TOASTMASTER ALIENS' RIGHTS IN MEXIXCO CURTAILED Supreme Court Decides That Foreign Ministry May Refuse , to Sanction Titles AFFECTS OUTSIDE CAPITAL Constitution Authorizes State to Make Decisions Regarding Investments Land and water rights in Mexico df foreigners are vitally affected by a recent supreme court decision Interpreting the famous Article 27 of the Mexi can Constitution of 1917, which played an important part In last summer's pre - recognltlon conference. The dlcislon, although it does not touch upon that part of Article 2T which nationalizes sub - soil petroleum righte, sets forth, broadly speaking,, the principle that although foreigners may comply fully with the provisions of the law affecting the acquisition of ,i lsnd and water rights In Mexico, it Is within the power of the ministry of foreign relations to refuse to sanction 'heir titles if such refusal is deemed ;o the national interest. It also places upon that ministry the immense responsibility of regulating In the interests of the republic the devel opment by foreign capital of the im mense sources of national wealth com ; inised within the term land and water rights, and 1 a measure regulating the Investment of foreign capital in i Mexico. j The courts finding, regarded as i being of superlative Importance to for eign interests in Mexico, especially since it is accepted as a possible indi cation of the bench s attitude toward foreign oil rights, came as a result of an appeal by the Bacis Gold and Sil ver Mining Co., . Ltd., of Durango, against acts of the ministry of foreign relations alleged to be in violation of Articles 14 and 27, Fraction 1, of the constitution. . The Company's Case, The company declared that in 1896 while the Bacis river was under the Jurisdiction of the Durango state gov ernment, it secured a concession to use the waters' of the river in operating a power plant, and when the Bacis passed under federal Jurisdiction it complied with all legal requirements to have the concession approved by the federal government. These Included the waiving of the company's right to appeal to the United States government for protection of Its in terests and an agreement to consider Itself a Mexican corporation Insofar as the water power concession was concerned. "When the foreign office refused to sanction the concession, appeal was had to the Supreme Court. The court held In effect, that: Foreigner's Bights Restricted. Mexican citizens, by birth or natur - alization, lhave the "right" to acquire land and water rights; but foreigners, under the court's interpretation of the state of mind which dominated the con stituent assembly in framing Article 27, have not this "right," even though they comply with 'every legal requirement. since the article authorizes the state, through the foreign office, to decide whether it is to the public Interest to sanction such land and water rights as may be petitioned by foreigners and to sanction such rights, not because; of sny mandatory feature of the article, but as a "faculty, act of favor or grace." AVOCA AVOCA, March 4 The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gibbons died on Sunday evening. Interment was made in St. Mary's cemetery. Miss Margaret Wilcox has accepted a position as accountant at Haskins' Art store. ' Born, to Mr and Mrs. Newman Clarke, a son. Gilbert Alexander has returned from a two weeks' trip to the South. Miss Mary Biga, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Biga, of Pittston avenue, and Peter Skovron, of Flint. Michigan, were married on Saturday morning at the home of the bride's aunt in Flint, last Saturday morning. Mr. Biga was present at the ceremony. They will reside in Flint. National Life Association Des Moines, Iowa ASK ABOUT THIS POLICY SU.30 fler $1,000 at Age 35. A. R. THOMAS, Agent, 524 Park St., Moosic. Bell Phone 146 - W. V. A. Brennan and Mrs. Thom as Murphy Deliver Principal Addresses Deeds of Robert Emmet, the Irish pa triot and martyr, and the achievements of his countrymen in their own land and in other nations of the earth, were extolled last aright at the banquet of the John Mitchell Club, In observance of the 146th anniversary of Emmet's birth. The affair was held at the Elks' club house, with nearly 100 in attendance. Honoring the memory of the young hero who gave his life that the prin ciples for which he fought might obtain, the Irish - Americans making ur the Membership of the Mitchell club pledged anew their support to Ireland in her efforts to achieve the independence for which he strove. In paying homage to Emmet and his fellow - martyrs, the banqueters also heard too oharacterot Irish ;vmanhood lauded, and the accomplishments of women of Irish birth and descent through centuries were tellingly cited. Bis witt Toastmaster Hon. Edward F. Blewitt acted as toastmaster, having been introduced by William Dawson, president of the John Mitoliel club and a prominent figure in the Clan - na - Gael here. Mr. Dawson referred to the purposes of the organ! zation, pointing out that it is not a religious body, but an association of men who claim either Irish blood or Irish ancestors. Mr. Blewitt, In prefacing his re marks, declared that while honoring the memory of a great Irishman, "we are here tonight neither to laugh nor to cry, but to givo expression to out reverence for the memory of a beautiful character, one of the Irishmen we are always proud to mention. Mis life and his deeds and his character have added much to the glory of Ireland." Vincent A. Brennan, responding to the toast. "Emmet the Patriot," brought his audience to a high pltcn of enthusiasm by an eloquent por trayal of the qualities of the man, his sacrifices and his efforts for the fur therance of his country's welfare. Emmet died as thousands upon thousands of other Irishmen have died; died because he believed that the principles of truth, and justice, and human liberty should prevail a true martyr to the cause Which he so ardently supported. He represented the finest type of Irish manhood, endowed with a physique that was perfection; endowed with an intellect that was mighty, and possessed of courage with whioh that of the Spartan soldier can be compared, he died as ho had lived. for the cause of his native land, Emmet's Dying1 Statement Mr. Brennan cited Emmet's dying statement, that "when my country takes her place among the nations of Jhe world then, and not until then. shall my epitaph be written," as a reflection of the character of the man "There Is need, there Is urgent need today for men of his type, in every nation of the earth; while men high in the world of finance are endeavoring to carry out their alms, while statesmen are Involved in great situations. the world needs men like Robert Em met. His life was based on the founda tion on which Irish character rests love of God. love of home, love of country. Without love of God, what nation can hope to long endure? The Irishman's love of home life, his re - SDect for the sanctity of the marri age contract, stands out today, when we see the great menace of the divorce evil, disrupting the very unit of society the home." He appealed for a renewed applica tion of the doctrines on whlcn 'fc,mmei based his life and his career, as a means of preserving the nome and the whole structure of civilization. THrs. Murphy's Address Mrs. Thomas Murpny, speaking on Irish Womanhood," recited the worn en of jreiana, ana me. muucin nf Trlsh blood, who have achieved em lnence. "No celebration in honor of Robert Emmet would bo complete without a reference to Sarah Curran, the beloved of Emmet, she said. Her memory is enshrined, weeping for him in the shadow of the scaftold ana ay - ine of heart - break in a far - off land. Nor must we forget Anne Devlin, Era met's faithful servant, helping in his preparation for insurrection, aiding his flight, shielding him in hiding, refus ing even when tortured to comprom ise her '.Master Robert' " She referred to the fact that women have taken their places In public life, in professional life, in the fields of art and literature, and in every sphere in which woman's activity has played a part. Rev. Dr. George J. Lucas, in a brier address, praised the present govern ment in Ireland today, while the Rev. Dr. J. J. B. Feeley, of South Scranton, also expressed himself as being in "favor of giving the Free - State every chance to demonstrate to, the world that Ireland can rule herself." The Rev. M. F. O'Rourke, who offered invocation in an address later urged adherence - to the ideals of Emmet's life. Other features of Program C. T. Boland spoke briefly and of fered a recitation, and W. J. Barris - cale and Mrs. M. J. Ruddy also deliv ered brief addresses. The musical program included solos by Mrs. Frank Gibbons and Mrs. J. J. Murphy, with Prof. D. J. Murphy at the piano, while the latter also gave a number of se lections Officers of the John Mitchel club are: President. William Dawson; vice - president, J. C. Gallagher; record ing secretary, Augustus McDade; finan cial secretary, A. F. Murphy; treasur er, C. T. Boland. Members of the re ception committee last night were: M. j lohr. C - - '. p - rc'n M"TC en - I i I i& vH HOW. E. F. BLEWITT. SPECIAL 1 na, Hugh A. Dawson, James Kelly, r.oDert uiilard, James Gillespie, Rich ard Grimes, James Connolly, A. J. Mulderig, P. A. McAndrew, P. Vesey, James Gner, James (McGrath, . John Halllgan, and P. Boland. Present At Sinner Those present were:' Mr. and Mrs. William Jawson. Hon. Ed - warji F. Blewitt, Rev. M. 1 O'Rourke, r. a, jicitnarew, itev. ueorye J. .Lucas, Rev. J. J. B. Feeley. C. T. Boland. V. A. Brennan, Mrs. Thomas F. Murphy. Hush A. Uawaon, J. C. Gallagher, lira. Michael jiuran, or., air. ana jura. A. .Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Murphy. Edward McDale, Miss Agnes Conway. Mr. and - irs. Auguwus i.viouacie, Air. and .;fs. if. VV. Gibbons, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick V. .Murray, Mr. ana LMrs. James J. Kel y, M, J. Jennings. Mr. and Airs. M .1 HnHiv P. M. Measit. P. J. Vesev John Hnlnh Mr. and Mrs. Michael MeNulty. Mr. anoi a. .1. jicnuuy. ar. ana Mrs. w. A. xuuer, r. ana Mrs. M. t Boland, Dr. and Mrs. T. OlMalley. Mrs. C. J. Boland, fe'ar., iPatrlck J. Boland. Mr. and Airs. C. J. Boland, Jr., W. J. Barrlscalo, Sr., W. J. Barriscale. Jr.. Robert finiarfl iir. and Mrs. W. II. Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. J jumes uniespie, .Mr. and Airs. William B. tionn. Mrs. G. A. Dowd. Mrs. Hueh A. Dawson, Miss iMadelino Larkin nr. - hardr J. Grimes, Mr. and Mrs. James K Connolly. Mr. and Mrs. J. MulderiK. Miss r lorence aiuiaerig. Leo iiiulderie, Mr. and airs. i - ranK Kaicniora, Mr. and Mr. Daniel Galvin. and Mr. mm lira .Tnhn fliurpny ana Mr. and Mrs. William Kellcy, of Olyphant. FRANCE ARRANGES FOR '24 OYLMPICS REGULAR 32c QUALITY DRESS GINGHAMS u A' considerable quantity 1 2,500 yards of the regular 32c quality, 32 - inch Dress Ginghams in Pretty Checks, Fancy Plaids and Neat Stripes in a splendid assortment of colors and wonderfully, pretty combinations, suitable for all manner of dresses for women' and children. 1(oHt . First quality, in full pieces just as many yards of any kind or, as many kinds as you wish, until the supply gives out. w - Maln Floor; No C. O. D., Mail or Telephone Orders JClf(iinu - 8inipnCo. 4 rB'i t1 1 'H"H"H Hill 1 1 1 1 i'l'i'lt - W - W - 'tTH Committee Does Not Look to Win But Place Prestige Higher Than Victory TO BENEFIT BY PRESENCE Believes Games Greatest Man ifestation of International Sport in Existence The French Olympic committee, di rectors of sportlnp federations, clubs and close followers ' of athletics In France In peneral are bending every effort toward making - a creditable show lnjr at the 1S24 Olympic frames, but are under no misapprehension as to the prospects of French athletes winning tine games. v hile not unduly pessimistic, they readily admit that France will not fin ish first, but find solace in the thoufrht tnat tne Olympic frames are the (treat - est manifestation of international sports in existence and that the vanauished ao not necessarily emerge from them With a Joss of prestige. i Expect Great Benefits "While we would much rather win the Olympic games than finish anions the also rans," said Frantz Relchel. general secretary of the French Com mittee, "we feel that great benefit will pbe derived for athletics In France by the mere presence and participation In all branchs of sport of the 4,000 or 5,000 athletes the best In their lines of endeavor In 62 countries. There Is one thing, however, that we may win and that is the acknowledgement of all interestea mat the 1924 Olympic Games were the best organized since their revival. This we will try to do. Tn the Winter snorts which are to be held at Chamonix from January 20 to February 5, the opinion was general that France would only place behind the Canadians, Scandinavians and Americans, in hockey, skiing, bob - sleigh, and curling. The are outclassed in speed skating and only hold out the hope of getting points in the figure skating where Mademoiselle ivonne courjcun, Incidentally is one of France's upper ten rackets in women's tennis, has more than an even chance of winning. French rugby experts were sanguine that the team representing Franca In this event had a good chance of win ning, especially if Great Britain maintains her present decision of not being represented. Stool Wo Show In association football every one admitted that France stood no show. England stands alone In this sport and the French team has been regularly defeated by the Belgians and Czechs, while the teams representing Italy, the Scandinavian countries and Spain have won more matches from France than they have lost to them in the international clashes of the past few years. With the advent of polo In June, teams from the United States Enrf jana ana even South Americans aH regarded hero as likely finalists France has no combination which' cal place any of the foregoing in dange In track and field events, the wit mng or winch was conceded by all t be the real aim of all countries ehtej ing tne Olympic games, France is nol expected to total up many points, JCENNETH M'ASKILl BURIED The funeral nf Kenneth f.i.vii oi ill yuiney avenue, who was kill wiien be leu frclm a window la h nome baiurnay, was bold yesterd: afternoon from purkin's unler.tajtli parlors. Adams avenue. Iinrl.i1' u. in Dunmore cemetery. i ii i ii i mi in: i! mmml 537 LINDEN STREET More Space Devoted to Office Furniture In order to serve you better, Deemer and Company has taken over the second floor above its present store. The entire new floor space will be devoted to Office Furniture. Come here to choose your Office Furniture, confident that we can exactly meet your requirements without delay. "Everything for Your Office" I "... ' - - ' The Apartments That Bloom In the Spring A good many people are looking out much more sharply for apartments these days than they are for the first flowers. And what's more they're keeping their eyes on the "Apartments for Rent" Column in the A - B - C Classified Section. There's the place for you to look, too, if you're at all interested in finding the most attractive apartments in the city at prices that share in the attractiveness as well. Turn to the Real Estate Columns on the Classified Page Today! a7

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