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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 30
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 30

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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30 THE; OTTAWA UOURN AC Saturday, November 1942. 11 ii i 41 1 1 1 I 1 1 I rv I MICKEY MOUSE The Crow A Coo-Coo! 'C-'- By: Wj DUncy i Longer lUaw skepsH By Walt Disney For C-S-1 Approved Treasury Board Also Extends; Staggered Hours Treasury Board has con-. eluded its studv of reicom mendations to 1 "sireamSline" the Dominion Civil! Service in a way that inake a maximum contribution to Canada's war effort, it was learned on Friday evening. Certain suggestions! made by the Civil Service Cpmmiision and high officials the public -service were ratified Others were discarded either on grounds of too great disruption of the existing civil secyice, or of (the feeling on the paA of certain Cabinet- that! "the erv-ice" Is" doing a gbpdjjob and it would not be wis jto overload its workers. Recommendations approved by Treasury Board will be referred back to C.

H. Bland, Chairman of the Civil Service Commission on Monday, when he rqturns rom Western Canada. It if said j-they will go into effect after a short period which will be allowed (government workers to alter theiii way of life to conform to aiew condi tions, New Herniations. New regulations governing the operation of the Civil Service are aid to be as follows: (1) Putting into ffect pf a seven-and-a-half hour day foV all non-war departments, and other branches not already working these hours. (2) Operation of a system of staggered whereby workers in 'one zone Government buildings will report' for work at 8.40 o'clock in the morning; in a second zone at 9 o'clock, and in a third zone! at (Street, car and bus schedules will be altered conform to these new hours.) 6' (3) A uniform grant throughout the entire serviie of one dollar, a night, orj.

half-dayf for any overtime worked by an lem-ploye in excess of the, seven-and-a-half hour schedule. The dol-lar will not be regarded as dver-time pay, but as supper money and carfare. No regular overtime pay will be granted, land, overtime in all departments will be pared to a minimum. 1 (4) Transfer of. certain fem-ployes of non'-warf departments to war departments vfhen feasible.

The transfers, It is said, will not be carried tot extremes, but departments kept! operating with. reduced staffs, sd as to be in a position to resumi activities In the post-war period Backed By, Ilsfcy. It is claimed thai! Finance Minister Ilsley was ope of the staunchest defenders of Icivil servants at Treasury Board sessions. He is believed to have taken the attitude that the vast majority of Government workers are not only doing 1 their jbest but giving exceptionally efficient wartime service. I The Finance Ministers attitude Is said to have been identical With the position he took in jthe House of Commons in July this year, when he said: "Wei refused permission to a great mjany trivil sen-ants to enlist.

We have kept H. it a 1 esmption Opticians Tour Doctor's Prescriptions accurately filled In our owi factory on the premises. I I For eye troubles, always 89 SPARKS ST. consult your jje 2-0804 2000jTOLEOO F. W.

ARGUE Limited I FUEL MERCHANTS Cor. Bank and Lisgat ONE OF 'EM TOOK Ik PCIZE Tr-V I CAJsIT 0UU.9tK38 AMC? TO SLOW UP ViY 1 them in the Civil Service and we work them to death or nearly to death in many cases, and we load on their backs various taxes be? we are asking them to make sacrifices. "But they see across the way their former associates with a' uniform on, and now we are asked; to take the taxes off the latter altogether. "Thousands of civil servants enlisted. In a' great many cases they are doing non-combattant work, although theyare members of the active forces.

They are accountants, auditors and so forth. For the most part, their pay and allowances are considerably larger than, they were in the Civil Service. I had a list prepared by one department showing the very large increases in pay." The majority of Mr. Ilsley's colleagues of the Cabinet are said to have swung around to his viewpoint on the matter of regulations governing the Civil Service. It is also pointed out Prime Minister himself a former Civil Servant and Deputy Minister, has expressed his gratification repeatedly during the war years, over the industry and willingness of Government workers to put forth a maximum effort Costa Rican Guards 'Repulse'.

U-Boat Seeking Food SAN JOSE, Costa. Rica, Nov. 13. (P) A German submarine prowling close to the Panama Canal was "repulsed" in a sharp exchange of gunfire with Costa Rican coastal defences in an apparent attempt to put ashore crewmen to forage for desperately needed food and supplies, was announced today. The U-boat made two attacks with its deck guns firing at an unspecified point on the coast Costa Rican military forces re plied with gun fire immediately, and said they "repulsed" the at tack.

Two of the submarine crew were reported wounded. One Costa Rican soldier was wound ed slightly. This was the third announced enemy attempt to obtain food for submarines in Costa Rica. Military and naval authorities have increased their land and sea patrols hr the past few weeks. 3,400 Parents Visit Public Schools More than 3,400 parents visited public schools in Ottawa through out Education Week which concluded on Friday, Dr.

McGregor Easson, Chief Inspector of Public Schools, said on Friday nigHt, "We have been very pleased with the attendance of the he said, "both as to the number who came and the general attitude to the class work. They seemed deeply interested with what they say and. many of them remained after classes were dismissed to dis cuss with the teachers pertinent phases of teaching. I think it was decided success." Yesterday was the final day for visiting and between 130 and 275 parents were present at classes in each school. The schools open for inspection were Mutchmor, Osgoode street, Kent street and Devonshire schools.

PANAMA GETS IN LINE. PANAMA, Nov. 13: Panama announced tonight it has broken relations with the Vichy regime because of the Axis occupation of France. Nelms Z7 "PRINTweigh is the RIGHTweigh" Our Toledo Automatic Scale THE ONLY ONE IN, OTTAWA assures you of correct weight and full coal value for your It automatlrally prints th weight of Ui track, (Ira empty, tht loaded, tile difference ai enowm being the set weight of the coal you receive. Phone 2-5777 Resigns Post With Gov't Firm The Munitions Department last night announced the resignation of H.

J. Carmlchael, 51, as president and director of War Supplies, the Canadian Government-owned company charged with implementing the Hyde Park agreement, and the appointment of V. W. T. Scully, 42, as its president and a director succeeding Mr.

Carmlchael. Under the Hyde Park agreement negotiated between Prime Minister King and President Roosevelt, Canada is able to' pay for her imports from -the United States in kind rather than in dollars, and is thus free to meet war costs without resorting to borrowing abroad. The Department said Mr. Carmlchael has resigned because of the pressure of his duties as co ordinator of production and chair man of the Munition Department Production Board. In assuming the presidency of War Supplies, Mr.

Scully will retain his present post as its treasurer. He was born in "Ballymahon, County Longford, Ireland, and served in the First Great War with the 28th Battalion, London Regiment (Artists Rifles). From 1919 to 1922 he was with the Royal Irish The announcement said J. B. CarswelL director-general of the Munitions Department's Washington office, would remain as vice-president and director of War Supplies, and that E.

J. Brunning, director-general of the ammunition and gun production branch, would also retain his directorship in War Supplies, Ltd. i 520 Ration Boards Across Canada The project vof local ration boards across Canada is "90 per cent the ration ad ministration of the Wartime Prices and Trade Board reports. The number of boards, originally estimated at about S00, has reached S20, and a majority of the boards have held their organiza tion meetings. In the Ottawa district, some changes have been made in the locations of local, boards as tentatively planned.

An office will not be opened at Lanark, which hat-been combined with the Perth board; Eganville goes in with Renfrew, and Barry's Bay has been divided, with part going to Pembroke and the remainder to Killaloe Station. Renfrew board will serve 'the townships' of Gratten, SebastopoL Griffith, Matawachen, Denbigh, and Abinger. The board for Pontiac County, Quebec, will be at Campbell's Bay, under chairmanship of Mayor E. Lawn, MXi.A. Mayor Leon J.

of Maniwakl has accepted the chairmanship of the local board at that centre. C.LO. RE-ELECTS MURRAY, BOSTON, Nov. J3 The Cl.O. annual convention unanimously chose Philip Murray today for another term as president.

Prime Minister King Confirm Safety of Famous Relic Knows Secret Hiding Place ofiHistoric Stone of Destiny' Prime Minister King confirmed Friday that since early in the war he has been one of the. custodians of secret plans showing the location of the historic "Coronation Stone" which was removed from Westminster Abbey to prevent any chance of its destruction under enemy air attack. The fact Mr. King held this secret came to light when a report of a speech delivered in Dublin by the Dean of Westminster was printed in an editorial in The Journal of Friday. The Dean, said this valuable relic had been "hidden away in a spot known to very including the Canadian Prime Minister.

'It was from fear. that those in Britain, who knew the secret hiding place might be. killed by bombs that one, at least from a distant and presumably safe country, was asked to share -the secret WAIl LOAi Take no ebanees. Pat your Victory Loan Bond and War Saying Certificates in a aaf depot boxt year up. TORONTO GENERAL TRUSTS OOBFOBATIOK Eli Biuau Bra.

Ottawa irig Rated R.A.F.'s Third Most Destructive Ace LONDON, Nov. 13. KB Ait force officials tonight credited PO. George death-dealing Verdun, fighter pilot, with being the third most destructive ace among those still in trie RAJ. Considerable discrepancy ap peared between official figures at the last count and unofficial totals of enemy aircraft the first five aces have destroyed.

Here are the last omciai figures: Wins Cmdr. AdolDh Ma- Ian 32: Sarin. Ldr. H. Lacev 23: Beurling 24; Wing Cmdr.

Frank Carey 23; Sqdn. Ldr. Don KingaDy 18. Anlhoritinc caM. however, that these unofficial figures probably are correct: Carey 40, Malan 35, Beurling 29, Lacey and Mlngaby 25 each.

1 v. Among pilots now out of action the late Wing Cmdr. Paddy Finucane was tops with a credit of 32. Sqdn. Ldr.

R. C. Fumerton of Fort Coulonge, was credited officially -with seven and unofficially, with 12. U.S. CHes Instances Of Axis Espionage In Argentina BUENOS AIRES, Nov.

13. VP) The Argentine Government announced tonight that the United States had presented' to it three memoranda charging the existence of Narl espionage in Argentina. -The Foreign Office said the memoranda were presented by United-States Ambassador Norman Armour and that they were an answer to an Argentine request to Washington to give evidence in support of charges that Nazi agents were using Argentina and Chile as bases for Under Secretary of State Sumner Welles, in an address at Boston October 8, made the assertion that two South American states were tolerating the operation of Axis agents. He did not name Argentina or Chile, but both these countries, which still maintain diplomatic relations with Germany and Italy, took President Juan Antonio Rios of Chile cancelled a proposed visit to the United States, and Argentina issued a statement strongly rejecting Welles1 charges. It made a request for evidence, and the memoranda delivered, today presumably gave specific information in the hands of the United States Government Drives in Air Raid Ajarm, Fined $100 SAINT JOHN, Nov.

13. OCR) Gerald Farren. of West Saint John, was fined $100 today by Magistrate G. Earle Logan on a charge of driving his motor car after an air raid test alarm had been sounded here the night of No- ember 2. Drivers are re- quired to stop their cars at the side of the street wheja the alarm sounds.

Mr. King said the plans and in structions came to him by mail early in the war and had been placed in "safe keeping" for the duration. What place Mr. King chose to keep the plans and whether he also shares the knowledge of hid ing-places for other British objects of historic value which have been removed from the danger of bombs, remains a secret V-V Biblical Origin. According to tradition, the Coronation Stone, built into the Coronation Throne in Westminster Abbey, was used by Jacob as a pillow at Bethel, It is supposed to have been removed-; to Ireland where, as the stone of destiny, it was the coronation seat of the kings of Munster.

says it was thence removed to Scotland where it was the coronation seat for Scottish kings, latterly at the Abbey of Scone where it remained for four centuries. In. 1296 it was carried off to London by King Edward after he had temporarily subjugated Scot land, -and placed in the chair of St Edward in which British kings sat for -their coronation, Since then the stone has figured in every coronation ceremony, in Westminster Mitchell in New York Returning Here Today NEW, YORK, Nov. 13 CP- Canada's Labor Minister, Hum phrey Mitchell, arrived here to day after a visit of several weeks in. Britain.

The Minister, who made the Atlantic crossing by ship, expects to leave for Ot tawa tomorrow. Also in the party were Bryce M. Stewart, Deputy Min ister, oeorge Greene, secretary to the Minister, and Campbell Moody. Dress liaison nffirer in Canada House, London. said the British people were adriinir th he was "amazed with the industry of -the people, particularly me women SON CONGRESSMAN.

GLENVILLE: Vq i Edward Rohrbough, held for alleged, violation of Canadian defense resulatfnn th Congressman-elect' E. G. Rohr- oougn, or ine third West Virginia District. i A From the Pliofilm Aprons 49c Pllofllm -tea and fun alz apron Including pllofllm make-up capes, shower helmets, shoe bass and many other items. Shoe Bag Specials Heavy fabric shoe bags in popular Hour or six-pair size.

Easily attached to clothes closet wall or door, shoes neatjy kept out of the way .1. Smart Umbrellas 2.95 This is the season you need umbrellas. Be wise and choose a smart one from this group of twelve-rib styles. Solid colors, plaids and checks in wide variety, all with attractive novelty handles. ffr-irdr IBM 3M l.ka planes5 at lane cn windov'or den- wo.

fr 1. r.m Men's Warmly Lined ILeatlieir Well cut brown, black or in dome fastener style with Pair grey warm Flax Seed Storage Relieved By U.S. Purchases Timely United States purchases of 'Canadian flaxseed have relieved serious congestion on shipping and storage facilities for this product' "Trade 'Minister MacKinnon said Friday r- No quotas were established on the "delivery of flaxseed in the West this year, and the Minister said heavy supplies had been accumulating at the head of the lakes. The recent sales would permit this congestion to be relieved and most of the flax would be moved before the close of navigation. 1 LAC.

PROULX OVERSEAS, LAC E. A. Proiilx, son of Mr. and Mrs, Ossie Proulx- of Aylmer has arrived overseas according to a cable received by his parents. Well known in the Ottawa district tAC." Proulx is in the R.aAJVi an airplane mttrhanlr 1 i A ST Knitting Bags 1.89 Washable, simulated leath- er knlttinc bags in cenerous lie to keep all your knitting needs handy and in one place.

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Pair i 'Some Good Hunting Still Left In North Africa', Montgomery t- '3 i 1 1 1 I 8th Army Leader Says Axis Armies in Egypt Completely Smashed Save Prisoners i CAIRO, Nov. 13. VP) German and Italian armies which faced the British 8th Army in Egypt have been "completely General Bernard L. Montgomery said in an order pf the day issued i- ')J i In three weeks, the order said, the enemy was "completely crippled" as result of the losses of guns and equipment No Germans or Italians remain on Egyptian 'soil "except as 1 1 i j- The text of the General's I "When we began! the battle of Egypt on October 23 I said that together we would hit the Germans and Italians 'for six') (a. cricket term) right out of North Africa.

"We have made! a very good start and today there are no German or Italian soldiers on Egyptian territory except as prisoners, "In weeks we have completely smashed the German and Italian army and pushed the fleeing remnants out of i Egypt hawing advanced ourselves, nearly 300 miles up to and beyond the frontier f.j.j i- if "The following- enemy formations have ceased to exist as effective fighting formations: "Panzer army The ij 15th Panzer Division, 21st Division, 00th Light Division, 164th 1 Light Division; i if i "The 10th Italian Army Corps-Brescia Division, Pavia Division, Folgore Divisian; i it I A I JE THIRD i Si Make cure you get. just the right; doll, by 'selecting early from this large display of famous "Reliable- Dolls, Baby Bunting -Baby Precious 2-50 Baby Marilyn 2175 Baby fifC( Lovurai I'll lioo Mi Darling dolls so dear to little girls-hearts, all beautifully, pro portioned and exquisitely dressed. Included are many ataffedj animal, i ij i Vbrft Tojrland, Bryson Graham's great Joylaad fer kiddie. gasaes and books fer children et all age. Early selection will atop a lot ef Saata't werrlaa lip kill! Curtains for your bathroom windows and your.

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White shifts to None Left There "The 20th iUUan Corps Aricte Armored Division, Littorio Armored Division, Trieste Division; "The 21st Italian Corpe Trent Division, Bologna "The prisoners captured number 30,000 including nine general. "The amount of tanks, artillery, anti-tank guns, transport, aircraft destroyed or captured is so great the enemy is completely crippled. I "This is a very fine performance and I want first to thank you all In the way you responded to my call to rally to the task. i "I feel our great victory has been brought about by the good fighting qualities of the soldiers of the Empire rather than by anything I may have been able to do myself. "Secondly, I know you will all realize how greatly we were helped in our task by the Allied Air Forces." "We could not have done ft without their splendid help and co-operation.

I i "I have thanked the Allied Air Forces warmly on your behalf. I "Our task is not finished yet "The Germans are out of Egypt, but there still are some left in North Africa. There is some good hunting to be had further to the west la Libya and our leading troops are now in Libya ready to begin. I "On with the task and good hunting to you all i i "As in all pursuits some have to remain behind to start with but shall be in it before we finish." Company, Limited FLOOR i' apaDinm sanndl lp spienqia weignt on siix irr Curtaining OL modestly priced. Loo i wear anywhert.


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