The Daily Item from Sunbury, Pennsylvania on November 28, 1995 · 6
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The Daily Item from Sunbury, Pennsylvania · 6

Sunbury, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1995
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! , J Pfl A6 The Dally Item Tuesday, November 28, 1995 NY STOCKS 7034 73m 30430 66m 847 21661 2863 NEW YORK lAP)-Monday's selected natural " prices lor New York Stock Exchange issues: Bate ttgh Lew QIOM Wig. 71 65 28m 27m 28i 27m 34 33m .56 1871 46i 28 27m 46i 45m 58m 57t 37m 37 81 w 90 4214 u56m 55m 4603 67t 66? 3188 16m 16m 1337 6i 67 605 ''Bits 60m 3458 109w 108i' 109m i 4196 44m , 43i 3625 64r 63m eeHSo$1 44 7025 387 -38m BetriStl 9981 14m 14i 2083 20i 20m 1840 88i 86m 7048 49m 49i 52m 51m AMR AT&T 1.32 Airqas AirTouch Alcan.60 AfcoSt s ADgPov.1.64 906 Aldsignl.78 10111 , AJcoa s .90 7437 AEIPw 2.40 2782 ' AHome 3.061 4469 Amerttch 2 Amoco 2.40 Am sco ' Armco ArmWI1.44 AHRjch5.50 Avnet.60 6ellAtl2.80 Brnwk 50 .CSX2.08t Chevron 2f Chrvslr 2 14248 Citicorp 1.20 12213 68i 67m VColQs 2115 41i 40m Comsat .78 1538 19va 18& ConEd2 04 2297 29i 287 ConsNQ1.94 1409 u437 43i Cornmgln.72 4493 28i 27m CurtWr 1 2 47t 47i DOES 1.20 2173 u29m 28m 7478 74w I 4960 1117 8459 3419 72m m 65m m 27m -w 28ia a 33m - 45m 46i 28 46 1 58i 3fM i 91 13 1 . 56i ; m ' 67ia i4 16ia -i 57 -i 607 43u m 64i t 38m ti 14i -t 20ia v 88 49i i -M 32m 32ia 25m 25m 71 70m 23i 22m 68i 67 32i 32i 70m 69m 79i 78m DeltaAir .20 DelEd 2.06 OalCp .64 DowCh3 Dressr .68 DuPont2.08 15965 EastEn1.48t 322 EKodak1.60 10828 Exxon 3 8745 Flntste 3.20 3052 135w 134m FordM 1.401 33167 29w 28m FoxMHIt 519 27 26i GTE 1.88 11867 u42is 41 7 GenElec 1.64 18562 66m 65i GnMill 1.88b 2708 GnMotr1.20 42751 GM E .527386 50i GPU 1.88 1559 1664 Gensco Gillette s 60 Gdrch 2.20 Goodyear 1 9157 GtAtPc .20 240 Heinz s 1.06 6168 HmeDep.20 20580 55m 55 49u 487 49 50i 31m 31 3m 3m 8038 u53w 52m 724 70m 70 43m 42m 21m 21 12 32m 31 1 447 437 51 7 67m i 41 M M ' 19l 7 29 i 43is m 277 -M 47m -m 29i M ' 74m ia 32m 25m -i 70m i .. 23m i 68 1 32m m 697 79 M 135 287 -M 26ia m 42 i 65m -m 55m tin 49 - 1m 31m t 3m i 53 M 70 M 42m -m 21 is -M 31 ii -M 443M 7 Dow sets another record NEW YORK (AP) The Dow industrial average vaulted to a record high today for the fourth straight session, buoyed by optimism that the Federal Reserve would soon lower interest rates. The Dow average was up over 30 points near the close, fueled, by a surge in a number of blue-chip stocks including Caterpillar, Procter & Gamble and AT&T. ' Broad market indexes were mixed. . ' . Stocks rallied at the open, latching on to a bond market rally that was spurred by a report showing a decline in October home buying. The National Association of Realtors reported sales of previously owned homes dropped 1.9 percent in .October, the first decline in six months despite falling mortgage rates. "EXPERT PAINTINCfl ) and DECORATING I IXTEKI83 PJUXTIXC CECCSATIXC Plaster Repair, Textured Ceilings. Color Coordination FREE ESTIMATES All workmanship FULLY GUARANTEED RIM Selinsgrow '743-7586 REED COAL SALES Premium Anthracite Good Service No Hauling Charge Reasonable Prices Northumberland, Snyder, Union Co. Moulnd 3 Humana in Cp 1.98 IBM t 1 , . IntPap 1 1 Kmart .48 Kroger LbtyASE 1.04a 952 LockhMn 1.40 2134 2512 11639 2788 21907. 12164 114591 1452 Loews 1 Lowes .201 Lukens 1 MIN .53 McDerl 1 Merck 1.361 MMM 1 88 Mobd 3.70 Mylans .16 NatFGSJ.62 Navistar NiaMPI.12 Nynex2.36 OrwEd1.50 OklaGE 2.66 PECO 1.741 PPG 1.201 PacEnt 1.36 PacGE1.96 PacTel2.18 Penney 1.92 Pennzol 1m PepsiC .80f PMPet 1.22 Polaroid .60 Praxiir 22 P'rctGm 1.601 7380 K't Nabs i 1.60 ReyMtl1.40f 3891 RoylD 5.46e 4473 SBCCom 1.65 7177 SCEcp 1 6276 SalmSBF1.54e1408 ScottPs .40 5690 Sears s .92 TCW .84 Tennco 1 .60 Texaco 3.20 Textron 1 .56 Trinova .72 UAL 583 697 7384 972 4741 4891 15252 8225 7769 3583 165 2213 8104 5289 1943 839 3075 2669 4207 6677 4243 5325 1181 8828 7835 2186 3776 11214 1046 7756 6539 2207 753 1987 USWests 2.1414095 USWMn USXMar .68 USXUSS 1 UCarb .75 Unisys UsairG Unocal .80 WalMart .20 WstgEI .20 Williams 1.08 WinDix1.80 Winnbg .40 Wolwth..15 Xerox 3 . ZenithE 18860 4225 5859 8259 5351 5681 5441 26732 29420 2679 215 330 5330 46m 24m 121m 97m 377 8m 34m 11 u73ia 1547 327 31m 6m 18m 587 64i 105m 22 , 32m 11m 9? 50m . 227 li40i 29m .; 457 2671 28m 30ia 47m 40m 54m 33m 45m 29i 88m 8787 58m 130ia 54m 16i u14 56 397 9 47m 72m u75 29m 197 u31m 18m 187 33m 41m 6m 12m 27m 25 u16m 42m 66 77 15m 2563 u140w 1482 7m 46 24m 119? 95& 37 7m 33m 10m 72m 153& 31 7 30 6e 17m 58ia 64, 104u 21m 31s 107 ' 9m 50i 22. 40t' 29 ' 45 26ia 27m 30m 467 397 53w 33 44ra 29 8&M 29m 57m 1297 53m 16i 13m 55ia 38s 87 46 71m 74,? 29i 1977 31 1 18 18ia 33i 40m 6m 12m 27i 24s 16i 41m 65 7m 15 138m 7i 46m m 24m t 1197 -1M 957 377 1m AREA STOCKS Nintendo unveils 64-bit game player 7m 33m 11 72m 1537 32m 31 m 6m . 18 58m 64m 104m 21m 31m. 10m 9m ' 50m 227 40m 29m 45m 26m 28 30m 47m 40 53m 33m 447 29m 87w 1m 29m 29m 58t M 130m 537 16m 137 56m 38m 9 46m 717 74m 29i2 -1 31m 18i 18m 33tfl 41m 1i 6m -tM 12i 27m 24m 16m 42 655 7m -m 15m m 139s 1i 7m m -M 1 M -M M ll M -I M ,M' M M -1 1K M M M -M 1 M 1 M 1 -M 414 46 -1 M M M -1 M (Liet furnished by Jenney Montgomery 8cott .Inc.) Yesterday' cloting price Acme 26 m American Brands 42 M American Greeting 28 American Home Foods 91 i AMP 39 Bass 21 CBS. 81 7 Community Banks ,28 Conrail " 69m Cooper Industries 36 ' Delmarva PW , . , , , 22 Dorsey i 1 6 M Dow Jones 38 du Pont . 67 7' Duquesne bght 29 w Fleetwood Enterprises . , 22 Fulton ' 21 m General Mills 55 t GTE 42 Harley Davidson 27 M Hershey Foods 61 w H.J. Heinz " 31 1 International Paper 37 M Keystone Financial 31 m Masco Corp. 31 Measurex 28 ta Merck 58e Meridian j . 45 1 Pennsylvania House . J 13 M PP&.L Res 25 Quaker State Oil 13 m Ralston Purina 63 s SchultJ 16 1 SUN Bancorp 23 ia 24 m Susquehanna Bancshares 29 1 Tandy Corp. s 46 M Textron 74 1 TRW 1 ' ' 74i UNP 66 t Wal-Mart i ' 24 m Walt Disney 62 r Weis Markets 28 Xerox 139 M -M 1 M M U.S. SAVINGS BONDS 'The slight drop in existing home sales made many investors believe there is further reason for Fed to cut interest rates," said Alan Ackerman, senior vice president at l ahnestock & Co. in New York. Investors have been banking on the Fed to cut interest rates at its policy-making meeting on Dec. 19. Lower rates would be a positive for the equities market because they would make stocks more attractive relative to fixed-return investments like bonds. Lower rates would also cut corporate financing costs and thus push earnings higher, analyst said. Speculation of a rate cut helped push ahead banking, brokerage and utility stocks, all of which' are interest rate sensitive. A surge in a number of blue-chip issues also secured the Dow industrials' record for the day. But Hugh Johnson, senior vice president at First Albany Corp. in Albany. N.Y., said that there was no clear, focus leading the broader market. "It's hard to discern a pattern," Johnson said. "You have very divergent markets" with the technology stocks working to a different beat than the rest of the market. It Works Wonders. American Heart Association By Jim Carlton From The Wall Street Journal CHIBA, Japan Nintendo Co. demonstrated its new game player. Ultra 64, for the first time, and appears to have delivered on its promise to technologically leapfrog its two major competitors in the hard-fought video-game wars. The player, unveiled at a trade show here over the weekend, basically uses a ' powerful .microprocessor and . new software from Silicon Graphics Inc. famous for the workstations used to create the animation in "Jurassic Park" to turbocharge an older cartridge-based ' technology with realistic 3-D imaging ability. The product represents a big gamble for Nintendo. To develop enough games for the new machine, Nintendo was forced to delay its market launch from the Christmas season until April Meanwhile, Sega Enterprises Ltd. and Sony Corp. are already offering advanced pjayers that use CD-ROM drives and disks. But many game developers and analysts at the show said Nintendo has won its technology bet and that the delays won't hurt the company. They ( say the Ultra 64, which processes information in 64-bit chunks, offers more horsepower and better 360-degree, 3-D effects and sound than Sega's Saturn and Sony's PlayStation, which are based on 32-bit technology. And because it uses the old cartridge format, the Ultra 64 will be priced at about $250 in stores, compared with about $300 for Saturn and PlayStation, Nintendo says. Angel Studios, a computer-animation firm in Carlsbad, Calif., which has already developed a game for Saturn, says it now plans to concentrate on a forthcoming Ultra 64 title, a "virtual" racing game called Buggie-Boogie. "Nothing can match the Nintendo machine, at least for a while,"i says Brad Hunt, chief technology officer for the firm, which produced special effects for the movie "Lawnmower Man." "We've been doing (special-effects) work , on $250.000 . SGI ' workstations," . . says Michael Limber, the firm's chief operating officer. "The Ultra 64 appears, almost exactly the same.". Adds Jim Willcox, senior editor at Twice, a trade magazine in New York: "Nintendo is delivering a better system at a lower price than competitive systems on ' the market." Nintendo could still trip up for reasons having little to do with technology. Sony's PlayStation, which gets high marks from game players, has already attracted a lot of game-developer support and is trouncing - Sega in sales. Japan's Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. is also about to climb into the ring, with a line of 64-bit players expected to be launched in the United States next year using advanced technology it licensed, from 3DO Co.. a Redwood City, Calif., company. Amid all this, many software developers have been abandoning the dated cartridge format for the CD-ROM technology used by Sony and Sega players, as well as personal-computer makers. CD,-ROM games cost less to make, ana can store more graphical material than cartridges. Potentially, developers could find larger markets and greater profits in the CD-ROM world. Without sufficient games, analysts say Ultra 64 sales would languish. Indeed, Nintendo's Virtual Boy, an advanced portable player, has gotten off to a shaky start because of what the company acknowledges was a dearth of compelling games at the launch last summer. But Nintendo is a grizzled veteran with a few tricks up ;its sleeve and a $4 billion cash trove to boot. It has hedged its bets by relying on its own game-making talent and forging alliances with big independent developers to make titles. Those developers include three major producers: Acclaim Entertainment Inc., WMS Industries Inc. and Electronic Arts Inc. "The developers would put their software on biscuits if biscuits were the . largest-selling," says Howard Lincoln, chairman of Nintendo's big Nintendo of America unit in Redmond, Wash. "This is a battle for us to win or lose based on quality." Nintendo is working on a new storage device for Ultra 64 to overcome the limit on the amount of information that can be crammed into a cartridge. The device is expected to be some kind of magnetic recording disk but won't be unveiled until perhaps late next year. And Nintendo officials say the cartridge games still run faster than CD-ROM games, which can bog down in tasks such as switching from one game level to the next. Silicon Graphics' hardware and software technology, moreover, appears to at least temporarily elevate the cartridge games to a level beyond the existing, competition. It allows players to zoom in and out of scenes without losing any image clarity, as now happens on the competing players. 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