The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1952
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE (ARK.) COUKTER NT5WS Truman's Goodbye Gift To Congress Will Be Wasted Federal Budget WASHINGTON Wl — Prcnlrtonl Truman's goodbye pill to COHRTCRR will be a government bucipcl the elze of a big city phone book, Important sections of which sre likely to become waste pap^r wllhin three dnys. It isn't Truman's irton, A 1950 law requires him to give Congress a detailed esUmnte of federal Income and outgo wilhin 15 days flfter the opening of a regiihir ECS- slon. The new B3rd Congress, most of r hr>se membership will be rirtor- riilnnd in the November rleciirms, convenes next Jan. 3. 1\e budget raessnge must be ai the Capitol by Jan. 17. At hifih noon on Jan. 20 n new President tnkes his onlh and Truman becomes a private citi/cn. At the same moment, Ihc odds are heavy that key sections of the Truman budge! will start hearting for the' congressional wnsm baskets. Regardless of whn wins Hie presidency, it is unlikely he will agree 100 per cent with his predecessor's fiscal plrtn for the government accounting year which starts next July 1. Nor is there tiilm lietwcrn election and Inauguration dny to do jnuch about it. The Pre.^idr-nt-elert, ifter reco\'cring some of the oner- jy spent in his campnign. pi-esum- flblv will want to s(art putting together the inaugural address which will sound the keynnto for the beginning of his administration. The budget, moreover, is no simple document a mnn can spread out before him and say, We'll cut so much here, and add so much to this program. This particular financial estimate hns been under preparation by the Budget Bureau since last Mny. Long before that, each department was Instructed by Ihc White House to elate its needs for Ihc ftscn] 1!)54, as the next accounting period Is known. ! It contains literally hundreds of ] thousands of Items. By no means j all of these are likely to lie or even could be revised by (he new tenant ;of the White House, A vast number jot them represent continuum ap- I prouriMions for such items as the [public debt and statutory pro| grams approved by previous Con! stresses. However, !l's bi# appro print Ions mid nu t bar i/at ions for such mat- UTK rvs defense, foreign :\Srt nnd VPterans benefits that arid on (tip [ tup hiiHojxs and prompt tho Inkiest hprirllinns. Obviously il is them nnd if] similar fields thnt tin; Inrmnm^ 1 c htef exrcutivu would find the most fertile ground (or revision There fs nothing — oxrept pr>s| mble polftir-n) differences — (o pro! vent the new man from sittjnp | down with Truman nnd discussing I the nnrd fnr this HpjvopriaUon or \ ilic- rnnsnn briiind thai o.'-!i!n:iip, i But it soonis far morn likoiv ;lho Prrstfloni-Ptccl will v/nnt tn jfret bis way nioro slowly JIIH! itf.s- U'II^R tbe problems with his own advisprs. i ThJs ;ipi>rriis to pninl the w;\y lo i a soriRs of fiuppleinontrtl hmluri j rrfjup.slR Inter on. Thnt was tho j way (hn mnltor wns handlrrj wb | Frnnklin n. Rnosnvoll (noX n\' In 1!>3-1 fiom irerberL Hoover. Cnn- j pi-pss can bn asked to cnnsfdrr I nilhor upward or riownwnnl rcvi- j sinns in (lie osifniaU's. I While the bmi[;et«e tinisL ' and will br sunt lo Conuress, \\\r>r? is ciinsidcrnble doubt that Tru- niah will choose to deliver I lie usual Stiitc fit the Union flddrcss, although ho could if he so doslrrd. There bus been no commitment from tho While Housn on / i.s r point. It seems more probable now that the Bray-hatred Missouri rm will not attempt to !ity down tv pro- prnm for his Riiccpssor. THURSDAY, AUGUST 2g, 1957 LeTourneau To Take Back Errant Wife LOS AtfGEI.ER ^ — Virginia LftToHrnpaii's potion), ex-husband ArmnnrJ says he'll la>p hrr barX "for the Fake of our 10-year-old son." Virginia. 2fl, took a tO.OOr>-mllc tour wlrh n H-ycar-nJd iifichbor boy ( Jimmy .Sh^rv-'in, Thoy were ar- rrsteri in Ari/ona la^l month, Yesterday, in jnll, the woman kissed and made up with IXI'our- neau, 30, from whom flhf won an InferlofiHory divorce prior (o her Jove-flight. "K v P r vho ri y." yniii Arm and, "makes mi^rnhc.c." Virginia will stav hi jail, however, at lc;ist until Rppt. 10. Th;H's j I h e thi y >, h r's to hr so n t r n r f 1 d o n her plea of guilty of rontnlmttng to I the dellno, ir-ncy ol a minor. Explosion Hurls Girl Two Stories; She's Hurt Little Communist Refugee Spy Ring Said Operating in Montreal MONTREAL, Canada W) — The Montreal Gazette claimed today a Communist spy rins of apparent refusers from Iron Curtain countries Is operation In Montreal. Catherine secret information on defense '• industries. > The new simper's from-pnEc storv ! said (.'ovprnment officials were eiv- Ini,' serious consideration to the re- j poncd line hut first, official com-] mrnt denied knowledge of the re- j port, "It's the first I've heard o( l(." said Canadian Minister of ,lijsr:<« Stuart Oarson. "I riont know whether it's true or not." The minister added.' however, that if he m:l know, he would not disclose It, j The Oa/etlc. nuotcd two Infoim- anls as saying lied agents In Montreal had askc'i them to transmit Kprrel data on defense Industries in the ntn. The newspaper said Din : names of the Informants must hr kcnt serrci lo protect relatives still behind the Iron Curtain. Their story, as reported by the] newspaper, said: ., The snv rine was fonnerl three yrnrs ago. it.s mnin elements heine Communist, agents who posed as bona fide refucecs coming .through Germany. On arrival In Canada, the agents selllerf near defense Industries and received assignments from "key- men"— Russian-trained Communist party members in charue of cipher departments of consulates and other diplomatic establishments of Iron Curtain countries. The rln» In Montreal consisted of Iwo immigrants from Czechoslovakia, one from Poland and one from the Ukraine. Communists Banish Intellectual Group HONG KONO .W<—Independent press reports say' Communist authorities in Canton are shipping mrelleetua.s among their political prisoners to slave camps in the remote provinces of Northwest China. These reports say the Communists fear the Intellectuals' Influence over other prisoners in Canlon jails. | ALEXANDRIA, Vn. If—A 2-yoar old uhl. burled two floors and trapped for 3ft minutes under debris of an explosion - shattered apartment, escaped ycslrrday with nothing worse than sf ratrhes. Five other persons were injured, • nono seriously, when two ntid-af- i tenmon explosions ripped out the back wall of a four-story apartment house in the- huc-e Abint;rion r aparlmenl development. ' Cause of the l>ias(s was not determined, although it was reported they originated in a basement where, new oil burning equipment Wiir. boimr installed. The Rirl was Joan Hawkins, found under shaky wreckage by Rescue Squad Capt, I., w. Devcrs. Army Hints of Red Troubles at Koje SEOUL, Korea f/Fi — T)ip Army Indicated toriny Ihcre hnvc lippn fresh Her! prison of of \\nr Incidents or demonstrations In IT. N. POW camps since Sumlny. It sntd II would have an announcement tomorrow, The Army cnrllcr this week disclosed dclatls on two POW incidents In July nnd 10 between Aug. 11 and 24. H snid four jirlsoners were killed and 64 Injured In these. Asked today If there had been further Incidents ,a snokesrnnn for the U. N. Prisoner ol War Command said: " v 'p u-ill have another announce- ment tomorrow. Yon were covered through Aug. 24, ntul tomorrow's announcement will bring you up to dntc." Mnj. Gru. Hnytinn Jj. IViatncr chief of the command, sfild In a statement nt Pusan Hint: "Guarding enemy prisoners Is a daimerous business." he acitieti. "Wo have tried to uc firm nnri fair and operate our camps strictly In accordance with thn humanltarlnti principles of the Geneva Convention. "Since last June there has been Many Hours Lost In July Strikes WASHINGTON M'r' — The Lnbor Depnrtinent reported totlny that strike idleness in July cost la 1 ^ million mnn-dfl.vs \^ork, largely be- cnllse of Ibe steel strike. This wns the prenlest idleness i re[iorteti due to strikes for nny [month since. October. 1019, except j the 11 million man-days of Idleness In June, when the sleel strike wns in full swing. Tho number of workers ou'slrike durltiR July was 850,000, compared with one mlltton in June. no .slronj; attempts by the prisoners to mutiny or seize control in the compounds. Our personnel enter therti habitually." Tb fa of Every forty! t i Fiftb Kentutky's favorite straight Bourbon! Cnst a vote ffir Early Times, and make your party a success. EARLY TIMES Evety ounce a Man's whisky! KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY • K PROOF EARLY TIMES DISTILLERY COMPANY • LOUISVILLE 1, KENTDCKT You Have To See ft! ft Btfim Ttof mh o 3%M Wtrm Air Dvcf-SpfMi Yw Cm 6«f So Mvcfc Mere JUrtwafk Ctftferf You HOVB To SM How H Put* *Woit«d' Hoot To Ufftl Only a Coleman Automatic furnace, with the sensational new BLEND-AIR heat-distribution system, gives you such «v«i> temperature from floor to ceiling day and night. 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