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Enterprise Eagle from Enterprise, Kansas • Page 1

Enterprise Eagle from Enterprise, Kansas • Page 1

Enterprise Eaglei
Enterprise, Kansas
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bUlJ lllui'i beauty ERPRISE OUR ENT NA JJ. VOLUME VI. NUMBER 6. ENTERPRISE, DICKINSON COUNTY, KANSAS, SEPTEMBER 12, 1895. A TALK FOR IRRIGATION. WELL! PLAI BALL! I in A A TEN THE mnw Sice MILLERS DAY'S OUT ON CRUISE. Florence and McPherson Objective You buy Is that of buying groceries. balls off Wagner Eyler 1. Errors, Enterprise Florence 5. Umpire Moore until last half eighth inning, Dr. Gillam remainder of game. NOTES. McMullin played a great infield and made three safe hits. Hansford successfully closed in on a hard fly after a great run. Ash made some phenomenal catches, automatic and certain. Koch made a handsome catch of a foul fly and pinched a man on home. Summers pitched winning ball in PointsFlorence In the Mill and Ground to Powder the Second Game Wagner to the Front. from a dealer who keeps the largest variety and the best quality of goods, and that is natural. Poister is just that kind of a grocer. He has everything and all goods absolutely fresh. Call on POISTER. Burton Discusses the Subject Because It flakes Him Friends. One of the leading addresses made before the association of real estate men in Salina last week was by J. R. Burton, of Abilene, and in it he dwelt upon a subject of much interest to himself as well as to every farmer located in the western half of the state. Mr. Burton is making his campaign for the United States senate just now and in dwelling upon this subject of general interest and advocating the aid of the government in placing water on the Kansas plains, he is making many votes. Mr. Burton remarked that the real estate men did not want to tell the purchasers that western Kansas does not need irrigation, because it does The ball boys started on their most extended tour of the season via the Santa Fe, Saturday night. The team has been materially strengthened by the addition of Mc- He is Exclusive agent for the celebrated Silver Leaf Tea. Mullin and Ash and well played games may be the expected result of every bout. Arnold Ersham who has heretofore accompanied as umpire, the first game, allowing Florence only three hits. Doc was a stone wall behind the bat, not allowing single pass ball and successfully throwing out a man on second. IN THE TEMPLE OF JUSTICE. not being available, Ralph Hoffman was substiuted, as he thoroughly understands the game the team will suffer no loss in the change. need it and would pay in the long run to say so. Irrigation was the principal subject of the address and Mr. Burton emphasized the idea that of not guilty. Hon. E. C. Little is to be congratulated upon his succes in clearing his client of the more serious charge. As it is Engle will But two games will be played with Wagner covered himself with glory by pitching six innings with but one safe hit. He had the game well under control and always did the right thing to a Florence man caught get only a jail sentence. Florence as the McPherson games are to be called the 11th, with a second and third the 12 and 13. Three Jointists Go FreeThe Grand Jury in Session. Court is in session again this week and at the present rate the jury will be occupied till the middle of next, while the court itself may be entertained for the full week. attempting to steal home from third. it would pay the national government to use the money which is now being spent for building dykes along the lower Mississippi to prevent floods overflowing the adjoining lands, in building reservoirs on the The remaining part of Monday was taken up in instructing the grand jury and the argument in the Forlund vs. Hafner case. Tnis is an It is anticipated that they will be The umpire, Moore, in the second able to fill in and play the sixth game on tneir return somewhere along game at Florence, was retired by the howl of Florence at the beginning of last half of the eighth inning, when the route. argument questioning the legality of the law of garnishments touching life insurance policies. This is the first to come up since the passage of Monday's game western plains and thus storing the water which now runs off down the Mississippi. The speaker eulogized Kansas in high terms, and urged the necessity of never misrepresenting; the state in any way. was interfered with by the rain and the attendance was small. The score the law exempting such to widows, children, beneficiaries and assigns stood 6 to 2 in favor of Florence, with but few errors recorded. Harvey xne arguments were submitted on brief and the judge has taken the Staatz was delayed in Emporia by the HUflPHREY'S ACCEPTANCE. Dr. Gillam took the thankless job and lost the game to the Millers on his first decision. THE MCPHERSON GAME though hotly contested resulted in a victory for McPherson, the score standing 7 to 11 in their favor. Our boys are playing in hard luck but we still have faith in them and believe that the other end will be better. Batteries, Summers and Staatz, Cantwell and Dawson. rain and Btorm and not able to take matter under The re suit will be watched with interest. The grand jury ordered by Judge part in the game and was held up in the second to support Summers in the third. Battery Summers and Wagner and Harlow and Woodcock. Position: Humphrey as required by the petition, convened Monday at 1 :30 p. Judge Humphrey in his instructions cautioned them particularly to ob But little difficulty has been found in getting a jury this term as no matters of any great public notoriety has come up for hearing. The iirst day was spent in setting the docket, the jury not being called until Wednesday morning. Dr. I. E. Layton charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill was first called up and it appeared to the satisfaction of the court that the weapon was not a deadly weapon and that the complaining witness had continually liarrassed and tormented the doctor with every devilish ingenuity, till as the court said, he would have been justified in giving the boy a good thrashing. Dr. Layton was fined fifty cents and cost. The State vs. Shook, jointist, one from the batch indicted and carried over from the February grand jury, was called early in the session and the jury after hearing the evidence retired to their room but failing to agree were discharged by His Honor. In this case the jury stood eight for conviction and four for acquittal. Barret, of Solomon, was called next and the states witness failing to serve silence regarding their actions while on the jury and informed them that, as the only violation of law complained of in the petition was the ENTERPRISE FLORENCE Carpenter lb alters H. Wagner. Koch 3b Boylan McMullin s. Price Hansford Walter Ash Stealy jTRruxrinjxruinnjj The Judge's Letter Accepting the-Non-partisan Nomination. Judge Aumphrey has addressed to George Burroughs, chairman, and Messrs. George P. Morehouse and R. McClune, members of the committee, the following letter under date of September 3, accepting the nonpartisan nomination for judge of the Eighth judicial district. The letter is: I beg to tender to you and the convention for whom you notify me of my nomination on the 31st ult. for reelection to the office of judge of the Eighth judicial district of this state, my grateful acknowledgement of the distinguished honor conferred by the action of that convention. To strive by faithful endeavor and violation of the prohibitory law, they should devote themselves particu IT larly to investigating all infractions of that law. His instructions were brief, covering about twenty minutes, Van Xordstrand. .1 O'Brian Summers Harlow F. Wagner Woodcock Score: alter wnicn tne jurors commenced work in the rooms upstairs in the Florence 202 2 0000 6 WILL LEAK OUT Hodge block. Twelve out of the fifteen members 020000 0 0 02 Summary: Earned runs, Enter must agree, to draw up an indictment prise Florence 0. Struck out by Squire Davidson is foreman of the jury. Harlow Summers 3. Base on balls Enterprise 0 Florence 0. Time 1 A5 Balph Hoffman umpire. THE SECOND GAME remember anything certain and definite the jury was out a short time in When anyone finds a certain store is giving particularly good values in anything. Walter E. Smith, who was on the original venire, had moved from the county and was not eligible. James Karr and A. S. Saylor were excused as one was sick and the other was acquitting. The county attorney felt sure of a was a history maker. Never before has such ball been played. It is an occurrence worthy of comment when conviction in the case of the State vs. become pretty known that well- It has Frank Sias, but it seemed that the busy with farm work. The court ap pointed J. T. Hornaday. W. H. Hoon "pilly-wig" that he was alleged to have been selling affects the memory and A. S. Davidson to fill the vacan a game is prolonged into the eleventh inning but when it requires thirteen to decide the contest a new chapter must be added and the work ceases cies. of the drinker more than the physi Serafford Bros. A Son of England. cal condition. The jury after about an hours deliberation brought in a verdict of not guilty. It is a current rumor that no more hold the edge over all competition for correct goods at the lowest price. of the liquor cases will be prosecuted lne judges instructions in every instance has been broader than the precedents. Warren Tobey. of Herington, was granted the custody of his child. Lewis Boughner, a young boy of Abilene, was tried for picking the Just now we are making a special effort in the line of SHOES AND CLOTHING. Our line of school shoes are the best to be had. upright conduct in official station for public approbation is an ambition that should be cherished and encouraged, and the bestowal of a second term to the incumbent of the office implies a general recognition of such endeavor, and supplies a strong stim-ulous to well-doing. The justice as well as the usefulness of this principle as a means of improving the public service has rendered the practice of granting second terms to faithful incumbents of general application. When called nearly four years ago by the suffrages of my citizens to take upon myself the solemn functions of judge of this district I did not flatter myself that my official conduct would be free from mistake or error, nor yet that I should escape criticism for some things which were neither mistaken nor erroneous. This would be an immunity which the wisest and best of judges have never enjoyed. There are always two opposing parties to law suits, each of whom believes he has the right on his side, and it is not in human nature to always accept an adverse decision with meek submission. Appellate courts have found it necessary to revise the judgments of the most learned on the judicial bench. While the triumph of justice among men is the aim and purpose of the law, the law itself is not infallible, and it must find manifestation through fallible instrumentality. It should, however, be the earnest desire of those clothed with judicial functions, by earnest inquiry and thought, to ascertain the law and to apply it with impartial fidelity. To this end, if called by the suffrages of my fellow citizens to continue for another term to exercise these functions, I pledge my utmost endeavors. Very Truly Yours, James Humphrey. Mrs. Jessup Dead. Mrs. Rachel Jessup died on Friday at her home in Here, of typhoid fever. She had been sick for some time. Interment in the Hope ceme- Have of just received a big line "NEVER RIP" boys school suits. Mother England will looking around for her son, Keir Hardie, one of these days and find him missing Hardie is an anarchist recently from England and burdened with the importance of telling the American people how to govern themselves, began his tirade and abuse before he had been here three days. He found a a few cranks that were fool enough to applaud him and listen to his har-rangue. Then when the Methodist clergy of Chicago invited him to address them, thinking that such a wise man, who boasted more knowledge than the founders and administrators of this government would be broad enough to lay aside his socialistic tendencies and give them some common sense. But when he began to uphold anarchy and denounce religion, the patriotic preachers rose as one man and cast him out of the temple. Patience ceases to be a virtue, even with the ministers of the gospel. Wichita Again. After four days spent in an effort to get a jury to try the case against the officers of the Citizen's Social club at Wichita for violations of the prohibitory liquor law the case was dismissed by the assistant to be amateur and becomes strictly professional. Although the boys suffered defeat it was a defeat in which there was no disgrace and a victory void of glory. Wagner brothers were the battery for Enterprise andEylerand Woodcock for Florence Wagner as a pitcher was a decided success, finding some new and peculiar curves that the Florence boys had never though of and proceeeing to shut them out for five straight innings and never granting them more than one score in a single inning. The game score was 3 to 4. Positions as follows. ENTERPRISE FLORENCE Carpenter. lb Harlow Summers 2b Stingly McMullin 3b Klein Shaw 8 Price Koch alters Hansford If O'Brian Ash Boylan H. WTagner Eyler F. Wagner Woodcock Enterprise. 0 02000001000 0-3 Florence. ..0 100000110Q01-4 Summary: Earned runs, Enterprise Forence 1. Two base hits, Stingly, Walters. Stolen bases, Enterprise Florence 2. Strike outs, Eyler Wagner 2. Double plays, Price, Stingly, Harlow. Base on -o pockets of one Phelie H. Crabb. He was convicted of pocket-picking and will be sent to the reform school. This with the arguing of a few motions was the burden of the work of last week until the Engle burglary and larceny case was taken up on Saturday morning. The case was called early Saturday morning, no difficulty was experienced in getting a jury and the case was begun, Cranston and Little for the defense and Smith for the state. At 11:20 when the court adjourned the defense was not qnite through with their argument and was resumed again Monday morning. Engle pleaded guilty to the charge of petty larceny but not to burglary. The case was peculiarly difficult and the distinction very fine in regard to what constitutes burglarly, constructive breaking, the jury returned a verdict Our CLOTHING is all new goods and it will be worth your while to see our new stock before you make your selections. DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, SHOES, NOTIONS AND Ontd FnrniQhind fndd I tery on the following day. crtrutimrmjvmixumjiAnAJTXiArui

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