The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1952
Page 3
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THURSDAY/ AUGUST 28, 1952 Texas Governor Hints Ike's Name May Be on Ticket Democratic Slate May Include GOP, . Stevenson Elsewhere AUSTIN, Tex. UP) — Texans had » hint from their governor today that Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower's pJiHtno might IK placed on the state • Democratic party's ticket as a presidential nominee. Oov. Allan Shivers Indicated such a possibility in a radio address last night In which he said twelands oil was not the only issue on which he based a decision not to vote personally for Goi'. Adlat Stevenson, Democratic nominee. Shivers repeated previous attacks o" what he called "Trumanlsm." He said he thought Stevenson "a better man than Truman" and would if elected give a better administration. "Vet his views on Texas tidelands are an indication that he would continue to hold the views and countenance the policies that Truman and people around Truman have established," Shivers said. Same Package "Oscar Giving (federal social security administrator) and his views on socialized medicine are rolled up In the same package, along with a continuation of a stalemated foreign Policy, a continuation of the highest, spending and highest taxation In the history of this nation and ** continuation of central govern- «(f.ient powers concentrated In Washl ington," Shivers said. "Those who have seized the great Democratic party," the governor continued, "have misused it. absorbed it and changed Its history, its policies and its traditions. He asked Texans to. tell him what they want to do as citizens. 'How* do you want to vote?" he asked. State Ally. Gen. Price Daniel, Democratic nominee for U. S. Senate to succeed Sen. Tom Connally. Is among many Texas Democrats who have recently written Shivers asking for a double set of Democratic presidential electors. One group would be those pledged to Stevenson. Shivers predicted the Slate Democratic Convention in Amarillo Sept, 8 would "make such arrangements as you people of Texas desire to be made." He hinted that Eisenhower's name might be put on the Texas Democratic ticket with Stevenson's name on the national party ticket. Choice Is a Right "Their right to vote for the candidate of their choice is a basic vfreeclom of the people," he said V, Shivers first expressed opposition to the Stevenson candidacy Jast week when the Illinois governor declared himself agr.iust any blanket cession" of tidelands oil to the states. Stevenson at the time said he favored some sort of compromise solution to break the present stalemate. Eisenhower has said he would (avor legislation by Congress giving the states control over their submerged oil riches. Oldes. Married Man in Arkansas Dies at Age of 91 POCAHONTAS, Ark,.W)-Joshua B. Kellett. 91. once described as the oldest married man in Arkansas, died at the home of a daughter near Ravenden Springs Tuesday night. |u He and Mrs. Kellett. 90, observed Wfheu- 73rd wedding anniversary last Jan. 5. Two years ago. they were named Arkansas' longest married couple by the state Forestry Department. The couple had lived in the same \ house for the past 50 years, : Kellett had 93 survivors, "includ- ; ing the widow, two sons and two j daughters, i) Funeral and burial services wilt .' he held today near Ravenden :. Springs. LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Vapor Fumigates Hopeful Burglar WACO. T,-x. if, _ A n-ould-bc bur-lar was fnminntert rlnht out of M« Vatire Offetfs house Mrs. Offett was steeping on the front porch while her hmt«e was scaled up with rumMting vapors She left her key in the front door. She woke up during the night to see a man open Ihc front door and walk in. she didn't have lime to decide Miat to do. The man came jjmt mighty fast and ran awav If "I iied and cheated, but I loved the Baroness said. "I am an adulteress. I lied and cheated, htit I experienced a truly !ove."Thisishershock- ingstoryand the story of the sensitive young woman who came to help her write her lurid memoirs and stayed to bs nearly destroyed herself. Don't miss this gripping, complete novel in the new September Ladies' Home Journal.Getyour copy today I Fines, Taxes Put Donkey Cart Owners in 'Dumps' ofSomaliland By A. I. GOLDBERG UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (/]>) — The donkey cart owners of somali- and are down In the dumps and up .n arms over new taxes and fines imposed by city officials. They want U. N. headquarters to do something about it. They complain that there's many a day they don't earn a single brown cent, and tiow come these new (axes? The complaint was handed over .0 the three-member U. N. Advisory Council for Somalilaud by Ossoble Omar Ibrhaim, Siad Omar Araleh and Omar Isnian Oebri), "all residing in the village of Wardiglcv, Mogadishu, on behalf of the Somali and Arab cart - drawn-by-donkey owners." The advisory council sent the complaint on to the U. N. for examination by the U. N. Trusteeship Council, which keeps tabs on the trustee administration of Italy, in Somaliland. "\Ve Patiently Walt" The three complainants say they pay their yearly tax on time for the kind of goods carrying work "that we patiently await, day after day, and sometimes weeks and weeks, to earn our daily bread." On top of that, they say, the village officers are always levying fines on them, chiefly on the grounds they can't produce their tax license*. "We would like to point out that, owing to the large size of the licenses, one cannot carry it with him," the complainers plead, "especially if one has to earn his living looking after a cart, drawn by rt donkey, because such a license will inevitably go astray or become dirty. "Further, when one finds a load, he has to take up on his shoulders to the cart the goods, and this is not an easy task, permitting him to take care of the license. The shopkeepers have always ready their license when requested, and we know that. But it must be considered also the fact that shopkeepers do annend their licenses on the walls of their .shops, even though their business is n sedentary one. Cart Owner's Troubles "It would be needless to say that today this trust territory lacks from commercial activity, sinre this fact Is well known to you. However, we wish to draw your kind attention fo fact that, once there is no commercial activity, for the owner of cart, Is not an easy thing to find trade as the only source of possible finding goods for transportation is the Somali maize and millet mar- ket. "Prom there, one cannot rely on finding his daily bread, so far as the arrival of such goods in the market is not frequent. "The same case applies also to buyers. And thus, one goes back to home In the evening without having earned a single-brown cent while his numerous family were expecting something [ o . eal. This may continue for days after days." Now the complaint goes on, the city is imposing a daily tax in addi- tltm to the yearly license fees and the fines. The pleaders say that the police arrest and beat any grouu of four that gathers'. At least two cart- drawn-by-donkcy leaders have been arrested and their release was asked Afl-Time High Death Record Is Seen for Holiday CHICAGO la') — The coming three-day Labor Day week end probably will bring an all-time high in traffic deaths for that holiday the National Safety Council said today. t The council estimated that this year's toll may reach 480, Previous high wus 461 last year. "Forty million cars will be on the move this week end," Ned H. Dearborn, council president, said in a statement. "The summer's last holiday, plus the back-to-school rush from vacation spots, is expected to bring a new record lor travel over a Labor Day week end." Russia Names Zorin to UN UNITED NATIONS. N. Y. tjVi — Soviet Russia has named 'Di-pulv Foreign Minister Valerian z. Zorili. who staged the Red coup in Czechoslovakia, as her chief delegate to the United Nations. Jacob A. Malik the present delegate, is going home for "rest and reassignment,." U. N. officials announced last night that the Soviet government told them of the forthcoming change in a note addressed to the International organi/ation's Secretariat. Zorin is expected to arrive by Sept. 15, just a month before the General Assembly opens its annual lall session. Japan's Premier Makes Fast Move To Save 'Party' Dissolution of Lower House Forced as Rivals Seek to Unseat Him TOKYO WJ-in a lightning move to save his political strength pro- U. S. Prime Minister Silvern Yo- shirta today forced dissolution of the lover house of the Japanese Dirt (Parliament) and set the first past- occupation general election for Oct. 1. -, The date Is at least a month or 45 days before rivals felt they would be ready to defeat the diminutive 74-year-old Premier. A dramatic noontime government announcement said the lower house would be dissolved at once. Then the speaker read a rescrint from Emperor Hirohito dissolving the house. That automatically shut down the upper chamber — (he House of Councilors — unless an emergency arises. It is only advisory. The Emperor's" rescript was countersigned by Yoshiila. who must have worked fast and secretly to catch his opposition olf Riiard. It takes a day or more to prepare an imnerial rescriot. Yoshida, .sometimes called by his opposition an "American punnet" because he co-operated strongly with Allied occiinatkm authorities, left yesterd.iv for s rest In the mountains 80 miles southwest of Tokyo. He rushed back lodav to .s!am through the dissolution, in a manner some observers called a stroke of political genius. Yoshida's influence is threatened by his predecessor as leader of the dominant Liberal party, ailing Ichiro Hatoyama, 70. Both are considered nro-Westorn but Hatoyama Js reenrded as more nationalistic and more indifferent than the Prime Minister toward rearming Japan. Legations to Embassies WASHINGTON W — The State Department announced today that' U. S. legations in Lebanon. Syria and Hashcmite Jordan are being raised to full-fledged embassies. Valve Traps Youth's Finger; Holds Him in Pain for 3 Hours BELL1NC.HAM. Wash. MV-Duane Parllow's elderly automobile grabbed the end of Parllow's finger and it took firemen, mechanics and doctors three hours to induce It to let go. The 17-yoar-old amateur mechanic was working on the engine of his 1037 model car in the back yard of his home rturiiut I he noon hour A friend was turning the engine with a crank while Partlow held his finger under n valve lifter Snap. The valve came down on the fmger. Grease nor tears would loose i'. and city firemen were, called, nicy couldn't budeo the I stubborn valve, A physician was called and he administered sedatives to the trapped youth as professional mechanics tolled without avail. Then, with the youth sitting on the frame and his finger still in the viselikc bite, the automobile was towed to a repair shop in downtown Bellingham. There, throe hours after the valve snapped down on the finger, the motor's camshaft was brokejj before Partlow'could be freed. Hospital officials said later he probably will lose the end of his finger. There's Still Room to Improve Labor's Status, Truman Says WASHINGTON (/!>, — Dcspils tabor's gains. President Truman says there is silll room for improvement. In a Labor Day statement hd said: "Many of our citizens many of our working men and women—need more ttdeqimlc protection against the great financial hazards of sickness, disability, unemployment mid old age. "We need more and better housing for our growing population. We mast build up our schools In many areas. We must end the discrimination which has cast shadows on some parts of our great record of freedom. We must Improve our system of collective bargaining to promote industrial peace and productivity. "We must safeguard our national prosperity mid keep our economy growing. We must safeguard our heritage of feredom against the attacks of totalitarian ideologies, both left and right. We must safeguard our national security, by uulldlnK strong defenses at home and by worknig with other nation* to keep peace in the world." Trmnan paid tribute to the nrmiy 1G million Americans organized iii unions, saying: "Their record h .1 tribute to the American system oi free collective bargaining, which responsible trade unionism hns developed to replace the old law of the jungle in our Industrial relations." The most Important furs of Canada are first muskrat, second braver. ^ Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort PASTEETH, n pleasant alkaline (non- iii'lti) powrler. holds false imh more ftrtnly. To *nt ami tulh In more com- lort. Just sprinkle a little PASTEETH on your plrUes. No gummy, gooey pnsty tnste or feeling. Chocks "plate otlor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at Riiy druB store. GOP, Demos Play To Spend Three Million on Radio, WASHINGTON — Republicans und Democrats plan to spend more than 3!i million dollars to put their national candidates on radio and television. Robert Humphreys, publicity <ft- rector of the Republican National Committee, said yesterday up to two million dollars will lie sepnl by the OOP. The Democratic National Committee has contracted for more than 1(2 million dollars. Goodrich Signs CIO Agreement CINCINNATI (,n _ The B. P. Ciomii ic>> Co., last holdout of the "HlB Four" rubber companies, last night reached an agreement with the CIO United Rubber Workers which would end its 11-day strike. Already in the fold were Firestone. Goortyear and United states Rubber. So were General Rubber and Seiberllng. Kidney Slow-Down May Bring ' Restless Nights When kidney function slows dowti, many folks complain of naKKiTis backache. hJJaJ- iic-hos, diitiiu-is mill hiss n[ pm mil! energy. Don't EufltT rt-aUc-ia iiiiHiLs with these ills- comfort* if rtdirceil kMney function is g«U tinti you iiown-dijc to lucfi common causes unto lo col.!. MJnor'Mruhli-r ^rrhnlin'n^uie totoM or wruiiB ilivt may cnuse jEctlin« up nlcnts or fr^tiiiciil |>a FRO ires. Don't iivslvct your Utlru-ys if these camll- Uonn hotter y»m. Try I>o rt n'» Fifl*-i» ,ml,l diuretic. Use.! M:ircea* fully l.y million* fur ovcr&Oy.iam. ti's nniniin K liovv many U/m-s lean's t:Ue |iai»|jy rclk-f f nmi those iliscnm- r<Jtto-hv!|>thul5K)i!4>nnr kidney tuhciuncl fitter* fluahom waste. l!et Dcnu'ar.Ua toilayl PACME IflJIJU -— • • I !!• Hunt Continues * For B-29 Cr«w EGLIN AIW TOnCf BA8B, T*. Wl—A search continued today tat stx mlMlnis B17 c.rcw member* whose plane vita Bhot down by mis- lake Into the Oulf or Mexico by on« of Die Air JTorce's new F6W Jet fighters. ' Two mcmberj of Hi* cr»w, S. Sgt. Charles D. Jones of Meridian, Miss., ruid Airman 2C Peter D. Rosing of Inplrsidc. III., were fished from stormy gulf waters after floating 24 hours on a life raft. Now! Anyone Can Have HOT WATER QUICK! $095 HEW pocurr-sin PORTWU WATER HESTER COSTS LESS THAN ».!» Merely pi»«, . p or t«ble PAST-WAY W«lef lUalcr ma rcccptaclocuDlaiDlnz water Plu»In ncaiul locket... K ot HOT WATER QU1CKI Thousands Lao lor bathing, •crubbirjr, vaablaz clrao.nK crram .parator.. milk car,,, p.iu. .£ Ifnauamall qu.nililn v*ry la.t. Speed o|k«,r, lni£ larKC'LuanUMMdejvnrLioDlhcquantity Compare wilb utia. N n Urea to build—oo hot'ir*t»r locarry-nt> runnlnnup and down ,talr«. No iStrl. Hi mur.5, no lop heavy luel bilta. Elaodyl Incipooiivc! Head dlrectlona before uilm. [ollow. NowcostJ kMlhao 13.00. ForMleby — HUBBARD HARDWARE 213 West Main Leading Hardware and Klcclrioa] Sforos Everywhere Two beavers recently built a dam 18 feet long ami 6 feet wide near Walpole, Mass., in three weeks. 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