The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on October 6, 1942 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 7

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1942
Page 7
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TUESDAY. OCTOBER 6, 1942. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL' 13 Missing Three Killed j In R.C.A.F. List The Royal Canadian Air f orce la ftj 378th casualty' list of tha war Monday reported three men ' killed on active service overseas. four missing and believed killed after overseas air operations, and Bine missing after overseas air operations. The overseas section, of Mon day's list also contained the . names of two men previously missing and now for official purposes presumed dead, two prisoners of war, two seriously ill as a result . of injuries suffered on activeser-ice, and one seriously ill. ' Two men were listed as killed on active service in Canada, one as seriously ill as a result of in Juries suffered -on active service in Canada, and two as seriously ill In Canada. ; One Canadian serving overseas In the Royal Air Force a wing commander was lifted as missing ' and believed killed during . air operations,. Following is the latest list of - casualties with official numbers and next of kin; Overseas. Killed active serrtee: Carman, Earle Yincenf. PO, J8364. E. V. German (father), 6? Kingston Row, Winnipeg. . Jft right, Thomas Lindsay, FO, J7077, C. M. Wright (father ),R.R. Ka 9 fiejewwg4 Anf Stilin. Albert, Sgt . R90771. John Stain (father). 287 Beverley St, Sault Ste. Marie. Ont Missing, believed killed during air operations: Hart, Gerald '. Charles, PO, JX3720, Mrs. C W. Hart (mother), Boa 174, Neepawa, Man. Cassidy. Frederick William, Sgt, R74701, Mrs. Dorothy Bradley (mother), 1056 14th venue, W, Vancouver. Roberts, George William, Sgt, R88301, -J. H. Roberts (father), 240 UdelL Donald. Sgt. R88267. G, .W.UdeU (father). 6 Smith ave nue, St Thomas, Ont Missing after air operations: TeiUet Jean Baptiste Roger Joseph Camilla, PO, J7218, Mrs. J. B. R. J. C Teillet (wife), 160 'SMarion street, St Boniface. Man. ouiwr, sasu, u, K00223, Herbert Butler (father), 761 Ontario avenue, Niagara Falls, Ont Krause, Joseph Anthony, Fit Sgt. R38132,' Francis Krause (father). 191 Sherbrooke street Winnipeg. Blenkarn, Ronald James, Sgt, R10556B, P. W. Blenkarn (father), ei 109th street Edmonton. Colter,- James Cecil, ! Sgt, R95411, H. C. Colter (father), crystal City, Man. . . KlneaM. Jehn . Joseph, Srt, RSS7Z9. Mrs. J. J. Klncsld (wUe), 2tl Beaserer street, Ottawa. , Roberts. Harry Edward, Sgt, R77384. Mrs. H. E. Roberta (wife). az Wueroel street Montreal. HU'tt, Stanley Allen, Sgt, llt J. S. WUaoa (father). MerrlckvUle. Ont ' Woolrich. George Dean. Si RS3149. W. R. Woolrich (father); iw Texas avenue. Austin. Tex. -Prisoners of war: MulUns. Neal Douglas PO. J1S440. Mrs. T. B. Mullins - (mother), Sawyerville. Que. ' Bridgeman, Philip James, Sgt, RS2999. J. N. Bridgeman (father). it ota avenue s.w, Calgary. rrarUesiy reported missing, new far efaeial purposes presumed dead: Braun, William' Thomas, Sgt, R61 110. Mrs. Clifford Braun BACKACHE OFTEN WARNlilG eWaetas smt le Ike am aim of Deaty ' .Mk aw ym Ucfe aoW, Im l past aiaaiya, Osat Ml la bead saw wa be a b insaaorteaL Takaanae actios saeswart laeWso. area teas a. At site ai Backache asm mf iau at Deoa'e fcjsaa Nk W twee asa a carter the 1 V - " - j - 19 Dodd's Kidney Pills Lowest Prleee la OtUwa QUALITY FURNITURE CECIL LEACH & CO. lit SomtnM strMt Pkm S-lstS IS1S-ISM MviUaitM SlrM B-SSM HELP the Ottawa Community Chests Campaign Sept. 28 Oct. 3. DO NOT DELA Y Pkea. 2.1533 N BaoBee totalis. 4ipkaH aiasiM. kHt M.ul Wars - lpm frmaauataia J.R.DOUGLAS " : mil HI tat slatci am rrr Tour Electrical Servant REDDY KILOWATT OTTAWA MART MEAT POWU COM? AMI LIMITCB y M letfca av s-4Mi . at 1 XW. G. : MULLIGAN, former mayor of Aylmer, whose death occurred Monday ; following lengthy illness. He was In his 87th year. ... (mother). Suite 24. Biltmore Apts, 953 Thurlow street Vancouver. Nies, Robert' Edgar, Sgt, R60375, Mrs. G. I Nies (mother), 1617 14th avenue west. Calgary. Seriously 111 as result of Injuries sustained ea active service: Murray, Douglas Gray, Sgt, R101150, Miss Ur- R. Murray (sister), 2773 42nd avenue west Vancouver. Wright Douglas - Arthur, Sgt, R93359, Mrs. A. V. Wright (mother. R.R, No. 2, Uxbridge, Ont Seriously Ul: . Mark, Henry Raymond, WO. R58825. J. H. Mark (father). Suite G, Osborne River Apts, Winnipeg. Canada: Killed ea active service: Smith, David, PO,. J11977, Mrs. David Smith (wife), 400 Spadina avenue. Toronto.' . ' . McKinnon, John, LAC, RI33870, Mrs. John McKinnon (wife), 13 Dilworth Crescent Toronto. (PO. Smith and LAC. McKinnon were skilled October 1 in a 'plane crash eight miles J southeast of Aylmer, Ont) v-y f -. ' Seriously III as result of Injuries sustained en active service: .- Doucette. Francis Leo Gregory, AC2, R133202, Mrs. J. B. Doucette (mother), Middleton, N3. Seriously IB: Preston. George Keith Robert Fit Lt, C4792. Mrs. G. H. Preston (mother), 3081 - Stanley street Niagara Falls, Ont . - Backhouse. David Simpson, LAC. RAF1S75063. E.CS. Back house (father), Maxstoke Castle, ColeshlU. Warwickshire, Eng. t Canadian ta the Royal Air Force Overseas: Missing, believed killed daring air operations: Walsh. Archibald Philip, DI.C. AJ.C, Wing Cmdr, RAF43421. F. Walsh (father), 549 Waterloo street London, Ont " Sgt. Pilot Kincaid Reported Missing Sgt-Pilot- John Joseph -Kincaid. of Ottawa, has been reported missing after air operations, according to the latest R.OAJ. casualty list issued Monday. His wife, the former Mabel Smith, ,'and two- year-old son reside at 281 Besserer street . - Sgt Kincaid, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Kincaid, of 456 Arlington avenue, was born and edu cated' In Ottawa. He attended Separate , school, the Technical school and St. Patrick's College, playing rugby with the two last named, and also with the Gladstones. Prior to his enlistment In March. 1941, he worked seVtm years at Lake Shore Mines, Kirk- land Lake. Sgt Kincaid took bis training at Toronto, Stanley, Ni, Vlctoria-ville. Que, and Moncton, and went overseas six. months after he enlisted. . .-; Three other Kincaid brothers are la uniform, Hugh,- James and Alex. Your Indiviclua I Horoscope ' - By FRANCES DRAKE. V ', j';; Look in the section your birthday comes In and find what your outlook is, according to tne stars, March tl te April 29 (Aries) Especially favored this healthy (if you are rightly active) day: Hand ling 'emergencies, capably; the U.S. and Allied Air Forces; mili tary manoeuvres generally; ln vesting in Government stamps and bonds to - assure your own and your country' future welfare. April 21 te May 49 (Taurus) If you maintain poise,, don't get over-excited or overworked, you should be able to get along well this advantageous period. . Per sonal and general business activi ties receive benefits. t May 21 to Jane 21 (Gemini) There are various ways in which you can improve, your own status and help associates and your community to do a better Job all round. Yours is a keen brain, and you have 'able hands and other assets to assist you in carrying out duties. . -' , June 22 te July 22 (Cancer) Among many - favored this good dsy: Designers, geologists, mathematicians, technicians, officers of the armed forces, also of Govern ment and state departments, work on airplanes and ships; statisticians, doctors, nurses. July 24 to August 22. (Leo) Whatever is your schedule, attend to it quietly, -efficiently and with cheerfulness and you'll be sur prised at the better than average results you pull out of this day. Help destroy rumors. August 23 to September 23 (Virgo) Don't neglect business for personal matters and be not thoughtless of your private affairs while striving after business achievement- An evenly balanced day is the secret to true success. Many benefits shown now. . , September 24 to October 23 (Libra) Here's a day for un usual accomplishment in one way or another. Maybe results won't forthcoming immediate but, Dies After, Fall On Circular Saw . Antolne . Quinn, . 70 - year - old Aylmer service station owner, died in Sacred . Heart ' Hospital, Hull,' at 1.40 ajn. today after halving his right leg almost severed from his body when be fell on a circular saw he was operating at 49 Front street Aylmer, shortly after 9 pjn. Monday. Mr. Quinn was with bis son, Bernard, using the gasoline powered saw at the home of William Howard. The gasoline tank suddenly exploded, the force. of the blast throwing Mr. Quinn backwards against the spinning blade. The son rushed him to hospital where he was attended by Dr. J. L. Lamy. More than two dozen stitches were required to close the wound, which was across the back of the leg close to the body.,, It was, believed the bone had been severed. ' " The funeral will be held on Thursday morning from his late residence. Main street Aylmer, at 7 JO o'clock to St Paul's Church for requiem high mass at 7.43 o'clock. Interment will be in the parish cemetery. Born and educated In Aylmer, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Quinn, he had lived there all his life. In 1906 he married Melina Souliere, by-whom he is survived. Also left to mourn his loss are I two sons,' Wilfrid and Bernard, 'of Aylmer; a daughter, Maria, at home; two brothers, Clement of Wrightville, and Elie, of Sudbury; sister. Miss Louisa tjuinn, of Ottawa, and three grandchildren, j Lf. Hugh 0. Carson Dies in Hospital Lieut Hugh O. Carson, R.C.O.C son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Car son, 307 Monmouth avenue, town of Mount Royal, died on Sunday at the Rideau Military Hospital following an ' illness of several weeks.- He was 23. - Bom in 1 the town of Mount Royal, Hugh Carson received his early education there and later attended the : General - Motors School of Technology at - Flint Mich, where he graduated in Oc tober of last year. ' : Two months ; later be enlisted with the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, and was stationed in Ot tawa at tha time he became UL He was married in May to Miss Paulino A. Johnson, of Flint Mich, who survives him. Robert Carson, or Montreal, la a brother. The funeral ' will take place Wednesday afternoon In Montreal with full military honors. Inter ment will be in Mount Royal cemetery. i - ' ".. . :t "..s. Fire Razes Mess Hall Af Alfa. Prison Gamp CALGARY, Oct 5.-?Danv age unofficially estimated at $30,-000 was done tonight in a -spectacular . blaze, which razed the main - mess hall . at- a . new prisoner-of-war xamp somewhere in Southern Alberta and threatened to set the whole $1,730,000 establishment ablaze.. There were no prisoners in the camp. The tire . of unknown origin broke, out at 10 JO pjn, MJ5.T. (12.30 aja, EJ.T, Tuesday) and waa so far advanced in the frame structure by -.the .'time firemen from a nearby centre reached the location that chemical extinguish. era were useless. It was reported no aupply of water was available tol fight tha blaze. The firemen, however, stood guard over other buildings in the camp compound, stamping ' out menacing sparks. ... - for waoaeoaay, oetooer 7. the effort expended now wOl be a source of satisfaction soon. October 24 to November 22 (Scorpio) Friendly, but there's plenty of competition today many people are working the right way for the right causes, but Scorpio can top many ' records, too, when it really tries. Where's your spirit good friend? i November 23 to December .23 (Sagittarius) Excellent indications of a happily productive turn-out . Influences should give you added zip and lnlative. Sing at your work, smile all the time. Go after the best and you'll go far. December 23 ) to January 21 (Capricorn) What " the other fellow can do Isn't always good or right for you. Think first before you accept propositions or before you dissent at either orders or suggestions. Be prompt January 22 to February 29 (Aquarius) Much good you do today, will put tomorrow more quickly into the winning column. New, valuable contacts, keeping up. worth while acquaintances, seeking favors are among the many things favored, j February 21 to March 31 (Pisces) Detail work, building, experimenting with important useful substitutes and devices, handling materials, economizing, carpentry, .doing odd . but very helpful chores all are on this day's must list and due for gains. Eat properly; enjoy free hours : with loved ones. - 1 ' A child bora on this days Able, consistent as a general rule, generous (sometimes to a fault), but inclined to be gullible to flattery and want too much pleasure. Will work hard, but for this very reason should have "sufficient, rest even during recreation periods. - Birth anniversary of James Whltcomb Riley, noted poet: Vlce- Admlrai Adolphus Andrews. : SGT.-FILOT JOHN JOSEPH KINCAID, of Ottawa, who ts reported missing after air operations according . to the! latest R.CAJ casualty list , . . . Play Reading Group ' Plans First Meeting Drama enthusiasts have - been invited to the first open meeting of the newly organized Flay Reading Group of the; Civil Servants' Recreational j Association' which win be' held on Sunday at ' 8410 pjn. in the association- headquarters, 54 Rldeau street It is planned to read two one- act plays, "Menace and Massacre", by John Burrows, . and "Four Women in On Home", by Edith Cromwell. Auditions for the next play reading will br open to all who attend. ' - .r .:;-'- Taking part in the readings are Ann Baker, Winnifred Harvey, Leith MaeDonald, Bunty Tate, Nora Skinner, Mary WithaU, Gordon WithaU, Stewart Mason, Marty Holllnger, Leslie MacFar-lane, William Kelly, Ed. Parker and Ross MaeDonald. wmi Aylmer Ex-Mayor! W. 6. Mulligan ' Dies in 87th Year !-': t ! William George Mulligan, ex-mayor of Aylmer and a lifelong resident of the town, died at'a local hospital on Monday in bis 87th year. Formerly a well known figure In the town's political circles, he bad been living in retire-, ment during tne past 12 years. He suffered a long illness. He was bom in Aylmer, son of the late James Mulligan and his wife, Margaret Catherine Ker-naghan. His father was one of the first mayors of Aylmer. . Mr. Mulligan married the former Mary Irwin McDermott of Egan-ville la 190 and they made their home in Aylmer. For some years he was interested in the lumber business and also was active in cattle dealing In Wright County. He - dealt - considerably in real estate, was owner of several farm properties in the district and did some market gardening himself over a period of years. , He was mayor of the town' for 10 terms. ' He also was president of WrigEt County Liberal Association for a! number of years. He worshipped at St" .Paul's Church, took grea Interest in parochial eventsand was a former warden of the church. At one. time be was active in the Knights of Columbus. . -. . i " Mr. Mulligan is survived by three 'daughters, Mrs. John Ritchie, of Toronto; Mrs. Bernard O'Neii, of Ottawa, and. Mrs. F. O. Middle-ton, of Montreal; a sister, Mrs. Mary E. Moussette, of Aylmer; two brothers, ; John .Mulligan, of Aylmer, and Dr. Edward Mulligan, of Maniwaki, and four grandchildren. S ' The body is resting at the Mc-Evoy Brothers Funeral Home, 235 Kent street Funeral service will be held at St Theresa's Church at 8 a.m. Wednesday. Interment will be in St Paul's cemetery, Aylmer. How easy it b wnen conrVonted witri a . personal responsibility to dodge the issue , with ''Oh, let George do it to ease one s conscience with thr thought that someone will do it it will get done somehow. . Right now there is an opportunity and obligation for everyone to do his part in bur supreme war effort. Many are in the armed forces, risking their alltheir lives that Canada may survive as a free land. Those at home have their responsibility to suppV everything our fighting forces need , to give themselves an even break with the enemy. Every dollar invested in Victory Bonds does its bit Last Respects Paid James Raitt " Many friends and relatives were present yesterday afternoon to pay their last respects to James Raitt, of 148 Percy street who died Friday at his residence in his 87th year. ' : "." T: . . i ' The funeral was held at bis residence with Very Rev. Dr. J. Wood-side, of Chalmers United Church, officiating. Interment was In Beecbwood cemetery. ' j : Cblef mourners were bis wife, the former Christina' McPherson; one son, George H. Raitt, of Berkley, Cal; two daughters, Helena G, of Port Arthur, and Jean M, of the Auditor General's Department Ottawa; two grandchildren, and one brother, Thomas, of Perth. Scotland. , . . Among the many floral offerings were those from the Collegiate Institute Board and Vocational Committee; tthe principal and staff of the Port Arthur Collegiate Institute; the Engineering Department! the iMachinists, Carpenters and Pipefitters, the Tissue and Bag Department and Millrlghts and Riggers, ail of E. B. Eddy Co.: Sons of Scotland; St .Andrew Society; W. H. Casselman and staff; Friends in the Elizabeth Tudor Chapter, and General Convener and Poppy Workers of Ottawa. ; ' 1 WILLIAM COCHRANE. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon of : William Cochrane, 870 Gladstone avenue, who died on Friday at bis home. In bis 92nd year. Rev. W. H. Cramm officiated at the service which was held in the chapel of Hulse and Playfair, Limited, 313 McLeod street Interment was in Beech-wood cemetery. I: r". Surviving is his son, William R. Cochrane, of Ottawa, ' There were many private floral offerings. Mrs. Fred Fenton Dies at Brantford CAR P, Oct 8. (Special.) Friends here were shocked last evening to learn, of the death of Mrs. Fred Fenton, of Brantford, a former resident of Carp, whose death occurred suddenly at the Brantford hospital. . - . , . Mrs. Fenton was formerly Helen Schonnop, .daughter of E. K. Schonnop and the late Mrs. Schonnop, of Carp, and was In her 38th year. She spent most of ner life in this district being a registered nurse a graduate of Montreal hospital.' - Two years ago, she married Fred Fenton and Jest year moved to Brantford. . y . She was a former member of St Paul's United Church and an active worker of its organizations. Before leaving Carp, she was an ardent Red Cross worker. . - She leaves to mourn, besides ber husband - and ner father, E. K. Schonnop, of Carp, two . sisters, Mrs. William Johnston, Pembroke, and Miss Ruth Schonnop, of Ottawa, one brother, Desmond, Ontario West ; - --- - -- The body will arrive here on Wednesday morning and tne funeral is expected to leave She residence of her father on Thursday at 2 JO p m. for service in St Paul's Church and interment in -the Presbyterian cemetery, Third line of Huntley,:...' - ; - - . : . I Mother lot to Blame for the Children's Colds Despite all the mother can do tha ldddtas win ran eat of doors not propedy wrapped op: bare oa too much clothing; get overheated and cool off too suddenly; get their feat wet; kick off the bed clothes, and -do a dosen thinca the nxAhtr cannot kk Half the battle ia treting children's colds is to give them something thev will like: something they wvQ Uka irithout any fus, mod this tha Dothv will 'find in Dr. Wood's Norway Pine Syrup, a remedy need by f-" mothers, for the peat 48 yearn. - . - ,Phae S5o a bottle; tha large family aise, about 8 timea as modi, 60c, at all- drug oountats. Tkm T. Cttarm Q, Umi4, T Oat. .. ;.in the lire and death struggTe for Victoryr-cmd without victory nothing matters. We, on the home front, can. serve by saving by putting every . possible dollar into Victory Bonds. Any self-denial we make is more than a duty it b a privilege. , People (n axis and occupied countries have. no - choice in the matter whereas we loan the money at a fair rate of interest , and on tlie -soundest security in'tfie world. .WORK-SAVE and LEND to tit. tnit e( your, ability. Don't wait for George to do it he may be waiting for you. ' Get ready to buy the new Victory Bonds I ; w. . , Mrs. Edith Rowe Dies in Toronto Many friends la Ottawa learned with sorrow of the death of Mrs. Edith Rowe, which occurred at the - v 3 ' r Samuel Reed, of Toronto, Monday afternoon. Her husband, James Rowe, died ia'l928. Mrs. Rowe was in her 83th year. ; Bora In Norfolk,- England, she came to Canada ta 1893. She waa a well-known "resident of Ottawa for many years and a member of BeU Street United Church. She was in good health up to four months of her death and had knitted socks and other comforts for the troops. The body is due to arrive at the funeral parlors of George B. Burney and Sons, 338 -Somerset street west on Tuesday.' Left to mournare, three sees, Arthur and Frank Rowe,. of Toronto; James, of Perth; three daughters, Mrs. Thomas Gaw, Weatboro; Mrs. Robert White, Ottawa, and Mrs. Samuel Reed. Toronto. v The funeral, will be held from the parlors of George B. Burney and Sons,' Wednesday, at 2 pan, with Rev. F. J. Vowles officiating. Interment wOl be at Beecbwood ftmfrv

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