The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 27, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO COURIER NEW* Pro-Red Writers Reported Spreading 'Subtle' Propaganda by U. S. Radio By O. MILTON KELLT dfiice." KelJey added: WASHINGTON wi A Scnalo sub- " T rwpeclCuUy Rsk the stale- committee report said today that monls made by mo which somehow pro-Communist script writers are spreading "subtle" propaganda over the nation's radio awl television airwaves. "The thing Is subtle," the report of the Senate internal security subcommittee quoted script writer Hulh Adams Knight us testifying at closed door hearings. were omitted from the be made a part of thai record— nnmely, that I cnntiot fia yof my own knowledge that any member of the guild is a Communist. The report came oi> the fieoJs ol one the subcommittee released recently Aliening Communist infiltration of youth work in this country— Including the Boy Scouts — and Miss Knight, denouncing Com- _ munists anci communism, said pro- dropped a hint that the subcom. Communist script writers stop short of "laying down the parly line" in Ihefr prog-ram scripts, but skillfully weave imo them "a constant derision of Hie capitalistic By stem." They aim, she said, at "the simple people who listen to the radio, who would turn off outright Communist propaganda." In qiiesikm-and-ansu'er testimony quoted by the subcommittee Miss Knight and Welbourn E. Kelley <1e- nounceci Ira Marion, a one-time SL'rpt writer for Voice of America mittee also Is studyinf; "use of sex" in the Communist underground movement. It quoted a .statement by Richard Arens, the subcommittee's staff dl- j roctoi 1 , that the group planned "interrogation of the finest Ion of pu- Iroiiflgc 'job fUspfljism&.i, use of the hliu'klist noniust anti-Communists, use of sex." This was the only reference; to sex In the condensed transcript of testimony taken al closed hearings between April 7, 1951, ;md last April ]. Staff members said other anil-Communist propaganda Ijiond-1 P° rMfjns will be released Inter. t:: r;ts lie .n'jfl to Ii, Both s-vorej <l™Ung with a variety of phases In private life Marion is an itlenti- of Communist activity. • liable pro-Communist. The subcommittee in its findings, however, treated the Voice broadcasts cautiously. It paid The current report said that "In 19M, pursuant to orders from Alexander Trachtcnberg, a Communist leader, there began a sys- simply that members of the Radio I tematic infiltration of the field of Writers Guild, of which Marion is ] radio." a former president, "write for the This. It said, was done by get- Voice of America and the United . Nations radio section." and that the f;uttd "is controlled by (he pro- Communist faction." In Kew^ York, the Radio Writers Guild, part of the Authors League of America, Issued a statement saying it "has never aligned itself with or supported any communist or pro- Communits organization." The guild added that its officers. Ill compliance With the Taft-Harlley Act, signed non-Communist affidavits. At the r.arne time, Keiley released through the guild a copy of n letter he sent Sen. McCarran <D- Nev), the subcommittee chairman. Keiley said not, nil his statements before the group were published today, including "the premise on which my testimony was given." "Confidence" Expected KeJley said he used the term "pro-CommunlBt" only at the request of ihe subcommittee's counsel, "who Indicated, that all of my testimony would remain in confi- titig Red sympathizers into the Radio Writers Guild, whose 1.500 members, the report, said, write "r.n estimated DI) per cent of the words heFU'd over the national radio networks" and a big percentage of television entertainment scripts. "Although a large majority of the membership of the Radio Writers Guild is anli-Commiuiisl." the report said, "the council of the guild, which is the governing body. Is controlled by the pro-Communist faction which has aligned Ihe guild in support of Communist organizations and causes." The subcommittee named script writers Robert C. Lyon Jr., better known as Peter Lyon, and Milton Lninpcll, both prominent in (he radio world. a "hard-core Communists" and leaders of the guild. The report quoied testimony in which both men refused to say under ontb whether they were or had been Communists, and In which Lyon refused to say whether he ever had used Ihe pen name "Peter Ivy," widely billed by Communists In IBM as ihc pseudonym of a government worker helplngxlheir propaganda broadcast activities. Lyon in 1043 was employed by the Office of War Information. GOP'sDiscount Woo of Serious Break in Party NEW YORK f/Pi—Two Republican leaders discounted ye.s!erday the possibility of a "serious break" In the party and said they expect Sen. Ilobr-rt A. Taft will give full support to Gen. Dwiitht D. Eisenhower's campaign for the presidency. They were Sen. Styli-s Bridges of New Hampshire anci Hep. Joseph Martin of Massachusetts, House minority leader. Bridges and Marlin conferred with Eisenhower at his nev.-ly established New York headquarters in the Hotel Commodore. They xisid Ihe conference «'a.- devoted to the progress and problems of the campaign. Convention bitterness between the Taft and Eisenhower camps, they said, ts not likely to affect the general's chances of U'lmiin?. "I think Tuft's people, for the most part, arc supporting Eisenhower enthusiastically," Martin said, "I see no break lu Republican ranks as far na Elsenhower Is concerned. Any break will be nc=- liSible. "It's hardly necessary to ask, but I am certain Sen. Taft will be invited to Join the campaign and will do, everything he can." ««!.VKi:n HILL ni.ASTi;n_ A mushroom type cloud ri.<cs over Korea's "Bunker Hill' durine an assault by the U.S. First Marine Divi- Men. n, foreground arc two outpost Fire Marine observers who accord- in? to information accompanying the picture, have just called up air support for ground troops. UN troops today control the position despite biuc-r counter attacks by Communist troops. UP Wircpholo from US Lawrence Faces Murder Charge In Rape Slaying of Niece, 76 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2T, Extended Arkansas Weather Forecast Extended Arkansas forecast for Aug. 21-31): Temperatures will average 2 to 5 degrees nhove normal. Normal minimum C8 lo 75. Normal maximum 8<! lo 02. Little change, rrecipllallon il B hl. Widely scattered afternoon thunrtershowcrs occurring chiefly after Thursday. will file first degree miirdcr cnnrfies lortay ngnmst John Chnun- cey Lawrence 37. held i n ihe slay- lug of Kathryn Knoclcl. 10. Lawrence's niece. Rich said yesterday lie will nook a grand jury indictment ngainst Lawrence In niiotit tv.'o weeks. funeral services for the'battered and ravished girl were held yesterday at Rcdlnnds, but burial wns delayed to make sure officials have all the medical information they need. The.girl's body was found near Palm Springs earJy last Wednesday. Lawrence lias admitted hitting Knthryn on the.head with a rock but insists she was already dead and he was trying to make It look as if she had been run over by a jack handle as sh fix a tire. he helped him Baruch in New York NEW YORK W -Bernard Baruch returned to New York from San Francisco today, still declining to state his preference in the presidential race. Aspirin At Its Best StJoseph M *• ••*• w^« •.• ^ ASPIRIN WORLD'S LARGEST SKIER AT 100 SPECIAL PURCHASE GIRL'S 3.98 "' SCHOOL DRESSES mous The bright, colorful plnids we rate A-plus without batting an eyelash. 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GRABER'S 'AIM Mfctf CUnRflNTEED OR Pleven Hopeful For Armament Fr«neh Can Turn Out Necessary Items, Ht Thinks, for 1952 PARIS (if, - Dance's Defense Minister Rene Pleven says he thinks the Prench armament industry can turn out main items on its 1952 program even if the United States doesn't elve all the help the French would like. The French and Americans have oe«n negotiating for some weeks over how much arms the U. S. program from offshore aid will lake from French industry for European defense forces- Prance has said an order for 625 million dollars worth in the next three years is required to keep its industry operating at the necessary level. The United States says Congress won't let It make commitments that far ahead and 185 million dollars worth for this year Is all I' can promise. Pleven told a closed session of ihe National Assembly's Defense Committee last night that the French government would maintain Its orders from French plants for the most important military items through administrative economies and diversion of funds frotn Less essential items of the 1952 budget. Publication of Revised Bible Slated to Be Observed Here Bcrnorr MacFadden, 84, Plans New Chute Jump NEW YORK W — Dernarr Mae- Fadden. publisher and physical culturist. is Hying to Paris to make a parachute jump into the Seine River to celebrate his 84th brith- day. MacFadden, who was 84 Aug. 16, left here by plane yesterday. For the jump he look along red underwear, a life preserver and shoes with two-inch sponge soles. He told newsmen at Idlewild Airport that he would make the jump — his third in three years — to prove that "getting old is a bad habit." Publication of the new Revised Standard Version of the Bible will he observed In Blythcville and throughout the nation during Christian Education Week Sept. 8- Oct. 5. Selection of a committee to make plans for observance of Christian Kducatlon Week in Blytheville is now under way. The Rev. William J. Fitzhugh. priest in charge of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church here, is chairman. The observance will be a cllv- wide program with ail churches participating. It is during this week that sale of the new edition of the Bible will begin and the first public use made of it.. According to plans made by the National Council of the Churches of Christ, the eUmax of Christian Education Week will be the evening of Sept. 30, when simultaneous community services of dedication and thanksgiving ore scheduled lo be conducted throughout the nation. These services will mark the first public use of the new edition of Ihe Bible. The Revised standard Version ol the Bible, the first authorized revision in 51 years by the Protestant churches, is the result of 15 years work by the nation's leading theological scholars. It was undertaken in an effort to correct hundreds of errors and clarify words and phrases which have become obsolete or have changed their meaning In the 341 years since publica- tion of the King James version. The new version is described' b» scholars who revised it as a "simo. ter, more understandable, more ic curate version which will give th« people the real meaning of the Hol» Scriptures . while retaining thi classic beauty of the beloved King James version/' In ft teller to the Rev. Oerald E. Knoff, executive secretary of th» National Council, President Truman said publication of the revised Bible sives this year's observance of Christian Education Week "a special significance not only in the life of the churches but in th« life of the entire English-speaking world." With "The Word of Life In Llv- In? Language" as Its theme. Christian Education Week is scheduled to open Sunday, Sept. 28, with Rally Day Services In all churches and close Sunday. Ort. 5. with an ob- sei vance of World-Wide Commim- I ion. • line lor' flavoring vegetables India-Japan Ratify Pact NEW DELHI, India «p) — India and Japan formally ratified a peace treaty endim; their World War II hostilities today by an exclionge of diplomatic documents. NO MONTHLY CRAMPS . NOT EVEN ON FIRST DAY You may be suffering needlessly from the lunctionalh'-caused cramps, pain and weak, "no good" feelings due to menstruation! For —in actual tests by doctors —Lydia PInkham's Compound stopped or gave amazing relief of such distress In 3 out of -4 of tns j cases . . . even on the very first and worst day of the monthly period! Lydia t'lnfcham'steinotiern initsactlonl So get Lydla E. Pinkham'a VegctBbl* compound — or neto, improved Tab!«u with added lion. 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