The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1952
Page 14
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.>'• PAGE FOURTEEN (ARK.) COOKIE* NEWS Plans-Estimates Tor new construction, remodeling »r rep*!/* P.H A OK O. I, LOANS NO OHUCJATION Phone 20M Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. i-3«-tf 20 MINUTE PHOTOSTATIO HKHV- tCE- OSTEEN S STUDIO, 115 W MAIN 13.< rk tf For Sale, Misc. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Hally rate per lint pet consecutive Insertion: Minimum charj* Me 1 time per line I5c 2 limes ;»rr line per <*ay I2c a times per line per day 9c £ limes pei line per <Jaj 7c 12 times per Hue per day 3r Month ppr lin« Me Count live avmse words to ihr I In*. Ad ordered for llue** or sii tlmos and i(opjic a before expSraljnn will be charged for thp number of time* the Ed appeared and adjust Jmnts of I'll' made. , — All classified adr'rtMnc rop» sub- : i^ h p. rofrlperntlon contlenslnR milled by persons reFtrSInc OIL (side of unit. (75, (tie e-tljr must >ir irrompanled by rasli. Both in sood condition. Rates may b<* easily be computed from Pepsi-Cola HotUIng Co,, ph 200V the ahovp tft\,\f. g 24 ok 29 Adrertisinc ordered for Jmeulnr In - Vo rrFttoneililHlT h«* laken Inr more . thin on<* fncorrert InscrtEnn ol any I - cl-iieslfirrl ad, Flrr-Hm All flits atfi rrsfrirtrd to ttiHr propel L any *U"e « rMss1firai'r>n, Mvlc unit ivpe. Thr • Ph, 1037. CfMirlrr N-iv* rcsrrve.s the riplit (o edit ( -- - ... or reject any *d. , CmnpletP hoiitri I fel! at once. Am icavinR luydipviii** | — . — j next v.Y-rk. For Information oil rerunl i jo.' l!3tsep and. tTins on furniture, ph. ' fnr Pprtt • R;tS2 flr "* r fi I'" 1 • or * oe nil( l Rl Sh«*r» : ror rceni , wln -wtHinin* co. 82 3 ,>* 27 ; $95. hp. rcfrlKor:U1on conclcnuirg unit, Good Jersey milch cow. S I. 1216 -S. Franklin, a i;: pic lar proof sn/ea. Vault iloors ] factory prices. Freight pnld. j fl 23 pk. 9 2."1 urnlmrc. Must I ' 2 room f \irnlslifrt mianm*" 1 ^ Prl- viur entrant c nnrl hath ' tie-h*1f block KrofTcrs, 307 N. First. P 1 •-•«* 46M. 8 26 pk fl ? fmn. Furn ftni np-suiirs. pr hot watnr. Couple nnlj* 1W1 w. Ash. Phdnn 2fl*<). . , ft ?fl pk !> y' bifh, r* i a t nmlit<* 625 pV. O'l 2 rm. furn. apt. Clo*** !n. lir'Ntl^ furn, Ph, 2.W2. E 25 pX 2fl Motion! r.ih'ns urn! np^rtments. l/)<tt Boy Conn. Phone PWI. Cot'n'rK onl? fi23 ck 1023 Nlcoly fnni. «pt,, prL ontmnre. New refrlgpnitor, utilities. 100 W. Kv. R 22 pk 2fl 1 A K-fJ, RrtrUtprrd Collie pyp* F,abk- , and white. I'M, 3706. R 23 }>k 30 fifed barley, any nmotint. Not *xrk~ fd. 12 hn. James W, Pery, Kirrlc, Mo.. ! ph I7F2 • 822 pk 022 , ThoroM^hhrcd Poland China Piffs. 1 [*nj»?rs lurnlshed. tiullts 525, mule J2U. j Wntn Kut'cne Cahle, Iilyiticvlllc,- Ark ; Pliont R^45. 8 22 pk 29 43" nttlc fun, window fun, pin-OS of ! cnrpf-llrj-.;, nlfio '/j In. elcc. drill. 632 K. 3 rm. unfurn. apt. close to Sndburv ichool. Ph, 3fi65. 822 pic 20 3 rm. imlnrn. aot. r-vl, bsrh, axito- mntlc hot wntor hentor. Ph ^2fi £20 clc 9'20 Now llreprooT eafm, Jmiiosslble plfh the lock. Wt. 22,S Ibs Freight pi price IT5. Alxo Ifiiyer t>\zcs. Ph 4097. S l9 Oflr furnished upstairs apt. with pna etovc A; private hath, hot wntor. One. xinTnrnlshcd upBlalrs nnt One rtown RtftJrs apt. furnished. Will rent any or all to onn parly. 710 We.=t A*h St. Ph. C325, ft 20 pX 27 >lodern 3 brdroom home lorated 314 H. 13th St- Ilent 46500, Call 2^65 B1J3 tf 3 iindirnlshcrt npnrtmrnts 112 E Cherr>-. 8|U pic f)|ll •1 room nnlnrnlshcd «pt, with private bath. Phone S&4S. ft;? ck If Modern 2 room fur. npt Ph. 3S55 or *5* 5 ' 2;M cK If Modern npL. S rooms nnd bath nrw- ly dcrnr.itprt. poort furniture, rns erjnlp- mcnt. Ph. 3373. r, Simon. 9,21 ck tf 2 room furnished npnttinnnt. Utilities j urn! shed. Couple only. 1409 W. Ash. . B25 pk 9l 2 'furn. rooms, ndjolnlnp bath, hot water, 210 w. Cherry. Ph. nv.'-n. • __ 8,25 pk 31 Small Apartments; fnrnishr ed. ^8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf •Services Have your oil stoves anrl furnaces e.tan and ready tor winter. Call Hnr- ry Myers 6345. 8 | 12 pk 0||2 EXPERT BEFRfGEJRATIOiV KTCPA1K SBRVICE . l^or milck. expert service on nlr con- CitlonlnK rpfrIteration ond nnnltnnccA . . . calt 6335 or <W6t. BROFF REFHrOERATiON CO _ ' g|4 U Laundry In my hnrnc Ph. 6147 1115 pk 8il5 P alr - Call 2071 day. 205ft nights. 5|2fl tf Watch and Jewelry Repair r« PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second J0,'3c>: tf Moving & Haulit)f» Closed Vnn truck!. SrHc-Drprrulnfcl EspfrJcnrcrt help. w. \V Hprfc]i»m, .| >.. Scctmd. Phone S023. 7,9 pi i USED COMBINES! If you need a good used self- propelled combine . . . see us first. Choose from Miissey- Ilarris, Inlcrnalio'nnl Harvester, John Deere nnd Case. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Hiway 61 Phone 21-12 7|Ifl tf You Get QUALITY & PRICE Here! '47 FORD $545 '49 CHEV. . $1245 On« of the ft/ipsl l«f« mndri ti.^d cars you'll fiinl! I>elu\e Conch. railln.liR atfr. blue rol- •r. 26,000 mllesi This 2 Tun Cull A Chassis Truck Is yours for just $515. e:nme li> Phillips' . . . th« Ford dealer in KlythcrllTe, '51 FORD $1595 '48 INT'NAL $495 A bpAMty uf a ];ile morip] carl This Cutlnm Club Coupe is equipped wlin bulb rajlo iinil Keater. See It loday! This If/j-'I'Dn Inlrrnnlinnal Cab K Chassis Is a mlghly gioml liuy /or just $3J5. Buj jour Iruc'k now and save. '50STUDE...$1295 '47 CHEV $695 Here's a l;i[e nuidc] cur you fhouhl seel l!)r»fl Slurlcbnker Cumniandcr 2-tlf>or wilh nvcr^ drive anil Letter. Hie "A-J" |iir)iii|) yau're look- I"S for Is this black, >,4-Tn»i ]nb. Only $C!)5 at rhillips in Blytlieville. '47 NASH $645 '49 CHEV. A "SOO" 2-i|,,or Strtiin, this I!"t7 Nnsh Is n fine buy a! fli15. tuts of extras, loo. See U lo- $845 If you'rr. liioklnf for a Ke- ilan l)clh-ery, then romp iln-'vn lo I'lilllips Motor Co. and sc« (Ills late morfcl. Save Stonoy When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2552 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 111 W. Wftlnut Fhone 3SH — ... »n.»i.. rii4>ne i.ioa Plenty of Parking Space Lucian Gaines ". Furnilnre Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also bin* your old furniture. Farmers' Inrms Vz down, balance in (he fall. Formerly Arnold & Oaines Ph. 6357 h S; sh "" rln or A' ?"" S W. Ash. Ph. 2124 J-OIICh, I C a« ni«i>le hrcl «-|.h . J£" st 1 ' onn) «" nl 701 Hnrrtln Strrrt. •1|17 ck tf -S r<Mmt anrt B la pk 91 •ookstove, i [uH Fl?. P prlncB Rtid mattrpfis. R76 pV: 50 8 ft. Krlslrlnlre doiiblr rtutr m(Wt ca5e ^-llh plnltcrF. KcalB rest ^ wr^n- plnc hoirris. {7!fl.o^. 20 ciiblrr It. Prlsirlnlre rc»rti-ln re- frlwrator. S419OT. BMtlp crcfk Eicrow ejrrclstr—Mnkc us *n offer Adams Appllnnc« Co. 621 ck 2B For Sofe •use. .111 WiiKin St. A ?r Crolt. R 2fi pic 9 9 Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Moke or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY Day Phone: 2642 Nighr: 8858 No Extra Charge For Night Call* FRED CALLIHAN RAD|0 SERVICE 110 S, 1st Blylhevillt 300 Broadway oniponi) Phone 4453 ffTJESDAY, ATTGTJST 2f, WE ARE HAPPY To Accept MPA Purchase Orders On HAIRY VETCH Jack obinsen BlytheriHe, Arkinmji — mplement Co. I Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protect ion W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection GLENOOK HOTKL BUILDJNQ 121 W Anh St. 8 ck t( Notice Carpentry nur. painting work 0 D - . Ki-nnpy. Pli 83!7. 7;30 pk 8;30 Flshprnli-u! We have porkmf.] t3 i,nd shrimp. Luttrell'i Mkl wo Chick 8;i ckc 9;l Private Rooms Wanted White woman between ages of 30 ^rid 40, no family. Ahrahnm Tourist Cmilt ; 8;25 cX 9 I Man to work In cotton Bin office xperlenre helpful. Reply to Box X6 <" n Courier News. S7 ck tf I.arftc fjont bi-tlioom. Next to bath ater. I'd. 2630. , apt. f-s only OtSi afte B.aa pk 92 Inquire at r 5 p rn. S 22 pk 29 Bpdroom convenient to bath fin w Main. Ph. J325. 8 .21} ck 920 Lar^e. corafortahle front bedroom : Conveniently located. Ph. 2514 I ^ 4,3 pk 9 ? Salesman Wanted For So/e, Real Estate Grocery FIOIR with 11%-lnR qnai melt. Will ^ell both or Bell flxui' oise Ihe property, Alrcndy fli Cnn lie handlo<l wltri Kiunll MOV, nient. Lnnucti close to HEM, RCtiool. Ph. 8291. a-'if: . anced pk 0,3 $29.75 and down payment buys this 2 licflroom home, with extrn InrRp llv- Inp room, nlrc Jot on pavt-rf strert 4 hlot'Vis from posto/(Ice. Quick POMPS"' E. M. TERRY Plums 3381-2134 NMce Duplex, J rooms a 11 d bath on each side- Now renting for ?50 each side. Ideal location on llcnrn. Price 511,500. Can he financed. F. B. JOYNER H. C- CAJIPBELL Ph. 4446 - 3205 - 8G56 8;2G ck 29 Modern H bedroom house ami hatjj at !)05 I'ecan Ave. Hardwood floors, floor ftivn- :ice, no 'gal. elcc. hot watei- licater, lixlra lar>,'o lot. This house is in good condition 91800 cash will handle an assumption of loan balance al ?S2.. r ]0 per month- Possession July 28, owner leaving (own. Modern •1 room house and 1-arge l)iith at 2225 Mirch. kitchen wit hdinotte booth plus lots of extras. Newly decorated inside nnd out. ?!,000 cash — $42 per month. Will rent to couple only. 8:2(5 rk If 'REAL ESTATE Farms—City Property ' LOANS INSURANCE If Interested In or »ellltis nee Ul BflllEIg RL'g Noble Gill Agency Opportunity lor full or paiv time buslines la city of Dlytlu'vHle. pup- plying consumers with 'lt!\v.lHuh Pm- ituctB. No capltnl ncrdej. Also otJier locitlitfos iivnll.ible. Wrllif R^v/lclsh's. Dcpt. AKI-210-216. Mcm]>hls. Tt'nn. 8 26 p'rt 27 Wanted to Buy NayyBuilds Mathematica Man Known as-'Homi' SAN DIEGO, Calif. I/PI — There has boon talk of mechnnlcal men and robots—but now Ihe, Navy Is building H mathematical man. The work is being done by scien- . lists at the Naval Electronics'Lab- oratory here aidocl by a -.ittcry of electronic computer* — .so-called electric brains. When completed the fellow wil have no arms, lens, eyes or cars. He will be a Navy man without n nnllorm. Formally, he's known as Human Operator- Mark I —Homi, .(or short. John M. Slrond. research psychologist at .the electronics laboratory and otie of rlomi's designers, savs i that Ilomi has saved lives by anti- \ cipating human errors before they were committed. Machines have been redesigned when the model showed that a human being would react In a dangerous way to the machine's controls or performance. "Homl." Slroud says, "Is the nearest thing lo a general purpose mathemtiiical model of a ntan now in existence as far as we know." VVa will pay CASH for your old Ko- rir.Xs, cameras and lenses for pans O'STEEN-3 STUDIO. 115 SVest Mnln. 12^ ck II Glencoe Bldg. Ph. 686^ l;30 Ck tl Modern 2 bedroom home wiIh carport & screened porch. Medium down payment and low monthly payments. Immediate possession. For quick possession we have for sale a comfortable 5 room home located in fine residential section. Can be financed by F.H.A- or G.I. loan. Sec or call MAX LOGAN, Realtor Lynch Bldg. Ph. 20*) 8J23 ck 30 For Rent or Lease FOR RENT OR LEASE Building located 501-503 West Main Street, now occupied by Liberty Cash Store, will be for rent Sept. 1st. For informntion see G. G. HUBBARD Hubbard Furni'liirc Co. 8;5 ck 9'5 For Rent i house Tor rent or THE ONLY GRAIN BIN WITH 6-PLY RIBS EVERYll'Y OF HEIGHT FOR EXTRA STRINGTH EASBEST BIN OF ALL TO ERECT! •Stop in soon, while we still have famous •SIOUX- Steel grain bins! DISTRIBUTOR BlytheviUe Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main—BlytheviUe Phones 6856 A RS57 FOR SALE Concrete cnlrerts, 1J inch t« M inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Kuililin- Rlflcks chi-ap- :r than lumber for barm, chicken houses. p«m|i hsiise*. ten&nt hoMses, tool shfds. We dellrer. CaU « far free estimate. OSCEOLA TiLEt CULVERT CO. rh.rir ftl Stay Within The Law! Every law-nlmlinr. citizen shnrl- der* at (he prosptet of bein£ arrested for specdinj;. But, you'll never he sure unless you KNOW rou're speedometer is accurate. We give 1 ilny service on speedometer repair for all makes of cars and trucks. T.!. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrrsler-Plymnmtli Dealer 121 K. Main Ph»ne 2IZ2 Modern 3 bedroom house &' ;!li ;it 905 Pecan Ave. Iliinl-! wood flours, floor furnace, GO sal. dec. hot water hrater. Kxlra large lot. Thi.i house is i in good condition. $1800 cash' will handle nnd assumption of loan balance at $52.50 per month. I'o.sscvtfion July 28th, owner leaving town. Air. G.I. —I have a 4 rm. house & bath, screened in hack porch, SO g a |. hot water liPsUcr. Close in on Vine St. Price f5250. Closing cost about ?I(JO. Sre or call JOHNNY MARR Ixealtor m So. 2nd Phone Jill Residence Phone 2505 7:24 tf s^lf, Phonr S 36 pk 29 T,Vs"F;)' rE ' Rosr ' «W pt 9 n _ « ro fert In mAl CATI 46L2 3 room house. Modern fonrrnlrncep ulrt location I,. O. Thnnipsnn. d21 N ,. F.snklln. ph. J154. Female Help Wanted I-nilles. «z<: 2t to M.^urTtafrTTrT h.ilh house, ordinal Sprlncs Oka .^ ^ B 2 ., p .. 2 Help Wanted fil paint spray man don't apply Ph. ,?:^n R :i! f not . nrtrr pk 33 Male to For «,w> tiv owtirr, mr horn? ^ Aith On IflrR* lot PO x (go 1 NPWT roof And pAlnt, floor unrt ptaMrrrct n-.ilJ* Tt-r-fntlr rprton- 1 <> rooms 7 full haths Om heat; kllrhrn hn.s 'mo'irrn r:\blnru ftnrt hrcnkf»sl bar connrc- llons Tor ftntomaUc wftithrr. Drnprit In- •nudffl, Th!^ pl^rc easily converted \ \ito duplex will *cl1 furniture Cull I. T Atoorp «l 23GG. 821 p'' ^ Twin OnWf!*, cafp nnd rtrlve-ln C^sh nnd p.irt irrm.^. Osccola. Arfc Phnn*- 162 or M3 R21 pH 2fl '3S72 \V;uilrc1: NTAn to work In nj/] r p nt i-otlon t;ln Nrr<l not lirivf f\j • rii-nrr If n limt!rr, WrUe Hox XVZ, '. Conr- ior New*. 8 2;i ck u Fvprrlrnrrri tnali to run prr.^ unri wr Ich fit cotton >;!n. (;<>O(1 P .T V an/! r^n put In tots of hours. RhDirvMlc r - n Co - fia.S rk tf rr orlyln rrrncc... oprrat- farm ir»c" nl Sprinss. Ofcawvlil*. m ,1 35 nK J7 Lost A Found cocki-r jp-l-vi ,|oi An- rr Ph. 6«U, A » wrhh 826 ck 92 28% to 40% Reductions On All Paints! Air Base Reactivation Forces Us To Move! Drive oul (o Ihc Air Base anr! lake arlvnnt.i Ke of fhfse tre- mrnrtous savings on paints. We're Irvine !„ move and wart to rlrcrrase our prrscnl stock now. You'll find Trenkle P»lnli in >c n|,ir,l I,, l,|,lin s , hon-fAdlni anil rlurablllfv lo an.r rii- Honally advcrlbcrl on the market. Cnme out today! TRENKLE PAINTS Co. INC. Hlyfheville Air Base Phone 3853 A Special Message For Truck Owners In a few more weeks harvest time will b* upon us. Day and night. You'll be as busy li)as a tat on a tin roof—and you won't want any delays. That's why this letter. We i'nvit« you to look ahead and have your trucks Rnd ears inspected now before the fall season has everybody in a stew. Now we have time to in- spect your trucks taking every care not to miss anything. Regular Inspection is sensible any- time—but right now it's even more important because of the busy season ahead. There is never any charge for inspection. Come in. Let i ls help you get ready for harvest time in the Delta. Sulfivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co. • U. S. Shipbuilders 5th NEW YORK (/P) -- The United est builder of ships with & total of , ;L^ sseIs ™' the wa y s - tolling ,„ J,' 4 :!,' 500 Bl ' oss to » s . says the Ship- States held Ils place as fifth l R rB ? ullders Council of America. This *" ' ls 9- 1 P« cent of the world total. JOE ATKINS MACHINE WORKS M MARVWAM • MAONNI IIPAIM BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS , PHONES: Day 3142; FOR SALE NEW BRICK HOME Located 504 E. Hardin. This home has 2 bedrooms, 1/2 tile haths, knotty pine den, large living room, d'mng room, atlractive Geneva kitchen, breemvay ' altached garage and storeroom. Equipped with Frig- idair* air conditioner, central Lennox heating svs- tem, steel combination storm sash and screens. Lot 100 * 185, on paved street. Open for inspection. Sundays from 2 to 5 p.m. Weekdays by appointment. SEE OR CALL JOHNNY MARR Office Phon. Const Phone R es . Phone 4111 8341 2596 1 and TvtiUp no^To An<=ncr5 If) Boots, cr 5 p.m. hull tr-rrlc oil 9 1 Rlvthpvlile. 2 | can bo u*ou to Beautiful New : is onr nt thr lif^t t (mm . , A hoiirv I'lciuy OL Ulio l.iv;r TV c\ |:istvr pavrcl ^1 be:t.v hon.or In Ul\ u ir nUht. I'tlrc $24 AM. Hrick ir lifst pt^nnecl lionifp that L - 2 Inths 14 N ] fi lu.otly P ; lor-lyd Air conditioned of i -l.i Rr. c. \-.-:iy. nnrrti;i» And nULtv u . MO fr>,u tot hra.nunUy m-ichra • c olfe.,1 lor sale tod.AV. ,Sho«n h v •rrn built rM, u-hich Kemp 3 IOD . kcaltor the Peach Crop Is Short! It's Now Half Gathered We now have Freestone Peaches Wholesale or Retail BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Street Blythfville Your Truck Is Here 1051 CHEVROLET '/ 2 -Ton Pickup wilh de- .$ luxe cab. Has heafer- See this low'mileage truck 1050 CMC 1-Ton Pickup wifh a big bed. At Horner-WiJson it's priced at only S 995 1950 STUDEBAKER «,i-Ton Pickup—an un- $«|\r usually clean, city truck. Now only .......... O3?) 1919 INTERNATIONAL 1 VJ-Ton LWli Truck ?Cnr wilh slake bed. Has good tires, too. Now just vvv FORD J 'A -Ton Truck with be,i. \ cw s*ftC pain job. Good tires. A real buy at ....... 493 19 16 FORD '/ 2 -Ton Pickup—for the buy of your life come NOW to Homer- Wilson ". 1949 CHEVROLET Here's a foorl - looking '49 Chevrolet Fleelline 2-rloor Sedan — Ihe rtelnxe model. R>- rlio, healer. At Horner^VHson It's prkcri at Jnst $1195 1950 OLDSMOBILE rowcroil bj- the Rocket'En- tinp, Ihts 2-Tone r.rncn 4- rtwr Scrtan has radio hcnlcr, H.viiraraallr. Brtve. J, ow m!lc . aje, ton. $1795 HORNER-WlLSON EAST — MAIN Rocket Oldsmohile — GMC Trucks Phon« 2956 UsH Cur Lot — Phone 6151

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